Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Plumbing the Depths – Part 2

10 Nov

The deeper I dropped into the rabbit hole, the more I got to see what humans are capable of when it came to taking care of their need to have sex. Some of it was amazing and proof that my bisexuality wasn’t really as unique as I felt it was and to that end, seeing this made me feel a bit silly to have thought that I was the only one who was like this when, um, I’d been having sex with my male friends and other guys all along.

The angst and prohibition was always present and while the rabbit hole proved that there were a lot of people who just didn’t give a fuck about all that drama and were, for the most part, unaffected by it, there were other who’d fallen into the rabbit hole – or purposely jumped into – who didn’t have what I’d call pleasant experiences. There were many more who’d stand at the edge of the abyss, wanting to jump in but very afraid to and from how deep I’d be in this place, I knew what they were afraid of and, given the collective mindset, rightfully so because being gay was “the ultimate sexual sin” and the worst thing a person could be… and bisexuals are part straight and part gay and, as such, guilty by association at the very least even though – and way back then – people were loathe to understand that bisexuality isn’t homosexuality, well, not in total.

The rabbit hole showed me just how stupid we are about sex. It not only exposed the lie everyone believes, it also exposed our hypocrisy and in the many times I’d hear guys being pretty vicious in their opinion of anyone who wasn’t gay but privately? They were all about getting their rocks of with other guys as long as no one else knew that they were. It exposed the guilt and shame that’s been forced on everyone and even in something as normal as masturbating, something a lot of people saw as a sin but, as I would learn, they were wrong about that. I’d grown up being told to never touch myself down there which was too little and way too late since I’d found that touching myself down there felt pretty damned good and even better the day one of my friends showed me how to make myself cum by moving my hand up and down on my erection.

For me, it was one of the final pieces of the puzzle, something else to be discovered after falling into the rabbit hole and just as finding out that putting your mouth on a girl’s pussy wasn’t as horrible and immoral as I’d been told. As I fell deeper into the hole, I was seeing why we were the way we were about sex: Leery. Fearful. More worried and afraid of what others would say about us as well as being very fearful of God’s wrath for disobeying His word to never have sex with someone who is physically like you. Hypocritical. Prejudiced. Too willing to murder anyone who wasn’t heterosexual and then feeling justified for doing it and then invoking God’s name as the basis of that justification.

The rabbit hole was – is – filled with both pleasures and dangers and I was learning that only the most “bravest” of us dared to jump in and experience all that was possible and for the purpose of taking care of that normal and hard-wired need to have sex and, importantly, without the inhibitions that I learned a lot of people had or were made to carry with them. I would see so many men and women struggling either before they took that step into the abyss or after they did and, yeah, sometimes, they’d either get pushed in or, as what would happen a lot, they’d be going on about the business of being straight and would just fall into the rabbit hole and it would be quite terrifying and more so when they didn’t know or believe that the rabbit hole existed.

Or if they did, they had no idea that once you fall into it, there’s no getting out of it unless it happens that they could grab the edge and pull themselves out. Some could do just that but many would lose their grip and would fall helplessly into the depths, not knowing what to expect but being exposed to what could happen in these very murky and scary depth. Sex. Prohibited sex. Immoral sex. I felt that I was one of the few people who bothered to really look at what the rabbit hole was about and why it existed in the first place. It was one thing to fall into the hole, blindly or not, but something else to really look around to see what was going on and why it was. If nothing else, I was understanding how… depraved humans can be when it comes to having sex but to also gain some appreciation of our hedonistic and willingness to partake of the debauchery that could be experienced and especially how creative and imaginative we could be about it.

Yeah… we’ll do whatever we have to do and for the sake of sex and being able to orgasm and/or ejaculate with others who are of a mind to fall into the abyss together for that mutually satisfying pleasure and experience. As I fell, I’d pass those who had reason to find purchase on the many ledges lining the hole and understood that they could and had to find purchase because they could fall that far but it was just too “dangerous” for them to keep falling. Even I got to a point where I’d reach out and grab a ledge because I was learning that the abyss that is this rabbit hole wasn’t a “straight” fall; there were… intersections, other lanes, to put it that way, that would lead to even greater depths and more examples of human depravity and debauchery. I found that one could, if they wanted to, explore these side roads and one could find themselves backing out of these “way stations” and get back to the main parts of the abyss… or they’d find themselves continuing to fall and sometimes, they didn’t want to.

I’d find myself grabbing a ledge to “take a breather” and whenever I did, I’d look around to see what could be seen or to contemplate what I’d learned during my fall… and it was enlightening as much as it was pretty scary. Things like sucking a man’s cock or feeling it invading my ass were par for the course and just like being with women and slaking my great lust upon them was even though I’d learned that the rabbit hole also contained a great deal of self-induced drama over such things. I saw that I had fallen deep enough to see a lot of the truth about sex and seeing the things that were, indeed, very scary to those who had not fallen as deep as I had or they would find themselves at the precipice of the rabbit hole and very fearful to find themselves there and afraid of both the wrath of God as well as the wrath of public opinion. I knew why they were afraid but, at the same time, couldn’t understand why they were so fearful.

Falling down the rabbit hole is, in fact, a great departure from that which we consider both normal and moral. It exposes how… immature we are about sex. It exposed the “true” nature of the beast in that we will do whatever we have to do in order to have sex and not be of a mind of how our pursuit can and will harm others and, as such, I found that to keep falling down the hole required an ability to not only avoid those more perilous side roads but to understand why they existed in the first place. I’d be on a ledge to “rest” and think about being with a guy who “abused” my body and made the sex less pleasurable than it should have been and understanding – and sometimes reluctantly so – that the pleasure was there but I’d only realize that after the fact because my own sensibilities were too busy being “offended” and I was being foolish to believe that just because I was falling down the rabbit hole in a particular way, that didn’t mean that there would always be others who were falling but along a different path or way.

I learned that such trips weren’t so much of a side road as I had thought but a great part of the whole and more like “curves” on a road that one would have to navigate before the road straightened again and now it was just a matter of taking the curves and as “safely” as possible. You couldn’t really avoid these curves but the abyss did provide “rest stops” so that, if nothing else, you could give yourself a chance to either figure out how to take the curve with little difficulty or just stay right there and, in a sense, explore the area you decided to take a rest in. Yet and still, no matter how far you fell into the rabbit hole or where you decided to not fall any deeper, there were always great pleasures and “dangers” all along the way so you’d have to really watch your step because the rabbit hole had more holes than one – and I – could imagine.

I found that those who failed to learn what the rabbit hole was teaching are the ones who have the most problems taking the fall but those who learned – like myself – learned to accept that falling down this hall is just a part of what it means to be human and the social animal we really albeit one that carried a lot of moral baggage with us that’s supposed to either keep us from falling into the rabbit hole or not allow us to fall all that deeply into it in a big picture kind of way. The thing I had to deal with was my… enjoying falling into the depths, not only for the sexual pleasures to be had but to “flirt” with the “dangers” and to learn because falling into the abyss blindly, well, that was not a good thing.

I fell. I experienced. I learned. Not just about myself but about the many others who had fallen. And the most important thing: We could step into the abyss if we wanted or needed to and the rules that said to always avoid it were more idealistic than realistic. I understood that the homosexuals had it wrong when they said that they had no choice about what they were, well, actually, they weren’t completely right about that and just like they were partially right about their position that they were born this way. Falling down the rabbit hole taught me that, yes, we are all actually born this way and with the potential to be and of the sexuals but the thing that divides us is not only the directives that exist to control our sexual behaviors but it is about choice… because you do have to choose to act on those sexual feeling or not.

And I learned how… stupid we are about any of this. I learned that even with the highly sexual nature of the rabbit hole, morality, such as it is or is supposed to be, wasn’t totally thrown away because one could learn – and I had learned – that there are some curves in the road that should be avoided, not that everyone would choose to avoid them. I would often find myself wondering and laughing to see how moral we can be… while doing something that is still and to this very day considered to be sinfully immoral.

And that a whole lot of us just didn’t give a fuck about it. Let’s get naked and have sex. Doesn’t much matter if you’re male or female and it doesn’t matter if you’re male but believe yourself to be female or female and feeling very manly. We can, if you want to and you don’t have much in the way of personal objections – and you should have some just on general principles so you can be morally immoral – let’s get naked and do what we can to give and receive sexual pleasure because that’s what we were designed to do and whether you want to cite nature itself for this or your deity of choice. We can do this if you’re not all that afraid to fall deeper into the rabbit hole and more so when you have little or no fear of finding out exactly what you’re capable of where enjoying sexual pleasures is concerned.

There are those who see this rabbit hole as a dark and evil place… and they’re not totally wrong about that but the rabbit hole is a place of light, too. You fall… and you learn – one way or the other – to stay in the light as much as possible so as to avoid the darkness that exists. You fall… and you see the best of the nature of the beast as well as the worst we can be. And you understand why the rules exist… because they need to and that not everyone is of a mind to obey them… and you fall deeper – or as far as you’re willing/able to and, if you’re like me, you understand what this sex thing is about and what we can be willing to do in the pursuit and enjoyment that can be had.

Sucking cock. Eating pussy. Fucking and being fucked. Doesn’t really matter if you’re male and doing these thing or you’re female and doing them as you fall deeper into the abyss. That hard-wired need for intimacy as well as that sense of belonging that some other rules have been put into place that mandates that you can, indeed, enjoy this intimacy and have that sense of belonging… as long as you don’t allow anyone else to be a part of all of this. Still, you fall and, if you’re like me, you see the reason for this and you see that the reason is, for the most part, bullshit and of the idealistic kind because if you learn nothing as you fall, you understand that there are large parts of our morality about sex that cannot stand up to the reality of things or, why settle for less when you could settle for more or all you can handle?

And as you fall – and if you’re like me – you learn that you can handle a lot more than the flawed morality says you should and can like sex with multiple partners and not always in the more preferred one-on-one way. Yeah, that. Morally reprehensible but so deliciously pleasurable and more so when it doesn’t matter the actual sex of the person or persons who are falling down the hole with you or, bluntly, getting some dick and pussy is just what the doctor ordered and knowing that even for some who fall down into the abyss, there is still that element of fear of both the religious and social angst.

But if you don’t mind, it never matters. Falling down the rabbit hole teaches you this and you do have a choice: You can embraces\ the lessons to be learned… or you grab onto a ledge and just stay there. I learned so much about myself as I fell – and continue to fall – into the depths; my curiosity made me look at the good and bad because I had a terribly impulsive need to answer a questions:

Why does something that everyone says is so bad feels so good? I’ve been chasing the answer to this question for the entirety of my life. Falling into this rabbit hole gave me the answer early on: It feels good because it’s supposed to. I had a problem: I got the answer to my question but it also gave birth to even more questions and the only way to find them was to keep falling and plumbing the depths to see just how far the hole went and, holy shit – it does appear to be bottomless. I did, indeed, learn why one should not find themselves falling into the abyss, that our morality does make sense in that we should not fall carelessly into the depths but the religious edicts have no real meaning because it serves only to suppress us and our need for sex and intimacy and proposes that these things can only be gained and enjoyed in a very singular and restrictive way.

Our morality is very wrong about that and depending on how far you fall, you see this. You understand it. You either fear it or our don’t. You learn that idealism is all well and good but the reality is… real. I would often find myself beneath or atop a man, his cock buried deep in that forbidden place that the hole taught me isn’t all that forbidden… and wondering why I was there because I knew I shouldn’t be and the answer was always because I could be there and, yes, I wanted to because it felt good. It felt right, normal and natural. I would feel… some kind of way to be inseminated and falling down the hole had taught me that not only women could be inseminated and now whether or not one felt the joy of it or not mattered to the individual and why they were falling into the abyss. Or, conversely, I would find myself fucking a guy and knowing what was eventually going to happen while understanding more and more of why I was on the verge of inseminating him and as I would do with a woman: Because it could be done. It is well and truly a part of the nature of the beast we really are but are in abject denial of and, yes, we have our morality to “thank” for this fearful behavior so many of us have.

It feels good because it’s supposed to. Going against morality even makes having sex this way even more enjoyable. Sucking a man until he spills his seed into my mouth so I can consume it is, as I like to say, deliciously nasty and just as it is when I am going to spill my seed into another man’s mouth. Because it feels good… and it’s supposed to feel good because if the rabbit hole teaches you nothing as you fall into its depths, at the root of any of this is… sex. Orgasms and ejaculation. Wanting them for both the purpose of procreation and very much a recreational things. The rules are what they are but the flaw that gets exposed is that our morality tells us or implies that this rabbit hole doesn’t and can’t exist but as I fell, I understood that our morality exists because the people who created it knew that this rabbit hole existed and decided for all of us that falling into it – and experiencing and exploring its depths – wasn’t in our best interests…

And for many of us across all this time, falling into the rabbit hole and seeing how deep it was is, as it turns out, very much in our best interests and, yes, when we perish and if we should find that the hell we are promised to be in for our disobedience is real, well, did we not have a good time before the fact? I have said that if I’m gonna go to hell for the way I love to have sex, the good part is that I’m not going to be the only one spending eternity there. Indeed, many of us choose to fall into the rabbit hole knowing this and, well, okay. This is worth spending eternity in damnation and, as such, it “makes sense” to fall deeper into the abyss and enjoy the many pleasures that can be found and where the boundaries our morality put into place gets… erased. Ignored. Deem to be of no real consequence. Let’s get naked and have sex with each other and no matter if we’re both male or female because it feels good to do it; it’s in our nature to do it.

We were born to do it. Designed by nature to do it. Prohibited by man and the social construct of religion to not engage in any sex that isn’t just boy/girl and then to never have sex that is not relationship sex and invoking the sin of fornication and all of which was designed to control us and our sexual behaviors and, well, how’s that really worked and in the whole of things?

Not all that much. We fornicate like it’s nobody’s business. Men have sex with men and women have sex with women… and some of us live to have sex with both, with or without the relationship stipulation. It’s bad because it’s said to be bad but damn if it doesn’t feel good being bad. Falling into the rabbit hole taught me this. Showed me the truth of what we are and how we can be in the pursuit of sex and the pleasures that can be found as well as the dangers that are just a part of the whole and teaches that the bad – and the very bad – should be avoided at all costs… but it doesn’t mean that there are those of us who find succor being “very bad” in that sense and find that succor in things BDSM and things even I find scary and don’t pretend to really understand except that we will do whatever has to be done for that sexual pleasure even if it causes us pain.

A lot of people are fearful of the rabbit hole and not without reason… because there is reason to be afraid. In fact, you should be afraid, not for your immortal soul but for that which makes you who you are, that great sense of self that we all learn is the most important thing about this thing we call life. Falling down the hole can make you lose that sense of self… or find it… or change it and that’s much more scary than the moral punishments we all cower under. You fall… and you either find your sexual purpose in this life… or you become fearful of that purpose but one way or the other, falling into the abysmal rabbit hole will not only teach you some stuff about yourself, you will most definitely learn some shit about the many others who are falling right along with you.

And you’re either going to be afraid… or you’re going to embrace it and even more if you happen to be bisexual… and like me. Why does something that everyone says is so bad but feels so goddamned good? Because the rabbit hole teaches you – and if you’re willing and unafraid to learn – that it feels good because it’s supposed to and, yes, fuck the rules. Feels pretty good to be bad. Falling, as it turns out, isn’t always a good thing because anything that involves humans is subject to some fucked up shit and you learn that you can choose to take the good while doing your best to avoid the bad… and sometimes you can’t and the bad is not only not going to go and stay away because it’s always there and this, too, is a part of the nature of the beasts we well and truly are.

Now it’s all about falling and being able to latch on to a ledge upon which will allow you to enjoy more of the sexual pleasures and not the as much as of the unpleasant things but, importantly, I think, the fact that our morality that binds and always seeks to control our sexual behaviors is, at best, incorrect because as a man, there is much pleasure to be found having sex with other men and no less pleasurable than it is to have sex with a woman… because it’s sex. It’s supposed to be pleasurable but, yeah, we are human and we do just fuck this up for each other… and the rabbit hole teaches that we’re not all of the same mind about how these pleasure are supposed to be like.

The best and only way to avoid the depths of the rabbit hole and the unknowns that really do exist in those depths is to not have sex at all. With anyone. And some people do just that either for moral or more personal reasons. Their choice. But for the rest of us? The “bravest” of us? Hell, yeah – take that step into the abyss and it really is gonna be a lulu and now it’s up to you to not only enjoy the pleasures that can be found but to, if you can, why things are the way they are because the rabbit hole exists. Some don’t care about that aspect; they don’t need to know the “details” and, well, yeah, I’m not one of those people; it’s “not enough” to do a thing but I gotta understand why we are and can be so eager to ignore or set aside moral and social norms for the hedonistic pleasures of have sex and in a way that our morality stringently prohibits.

Um, because that shit is way too much fun not to indulge in. It means too much to our sense of self not to take the plunge into the abyss and have as much of a good time falling as we can manage to have. The dangers of the depths are very damned real and some of them are unavoidable and, as such, some of us “survive” them and some of us can’t or don’t. But the “bravest” of us experience this… and continue to fall and plumb the depths and to the best of our ability to do so for the pleasure and, yes, the knowledge that can be had and that despite what our morality says or implies, yep – being bad feels very good… because it’s supposed to.

There will be those who might read all of this and greatly disagree and/or be greatly opposed to such things… because their grip on our morality pretty much insist that we argue against it but I have and will always questions why those who firmly believe in our morality are so willing to believe something that isn’t the whole truth of things… and they know it isn’t because, like it or not, they are surround by the proof that what they believe doesn’t have shit to do with the reality of things, that a man sucking another man’s cock until he spills his seed (and in some way including on the ground) is only a horrible thing if you believe it to be. Or that two women pleasuring each other isn’t really a thing of them eschewing men for this pleasure but just one aspect and reason for falling into the rabbit hole in the first place:

It’s because they can. Because they wanted or needed to. Found themselves falling into a place they were sure they would not enjoy and discovering just how truly enjoyable it can be. Falling on purpose or having been “pushed” off the edge and made to fall. Combating our ever-present fear of the unknown and either ridding ourselves of that fear or, yes, sadly, being consumed by those fears.

This bisexual thing is some very real shit. It thumbs its nose not only at our morality but the insidious and immature notion that people are either straight or gay and nothing more than that. And those who believe this – and because our morality insists and implies that this is the truth of what we are… well, they’re wrong. Misinformed. There are, in fact, those of us who find great pleasure and personal comforts with dick and pussy. Both. All up in the grey area that the rabbit hole taught me but an area that many do not believe really exists and, as such, are of a mind to put on display another aspect of human behavior that doesn’t make us look as good as we erroneously think we are. That fear of the other and that ingrained thing that says if you’re not like us, you’re against us…

And bisexuals, as it is turning out, is against both side of the coin. They don’t understand – or want to understand – that by falling into this rabbit hole has taught us – and those of us who’ve been paying attention during the fall – that there is no two-sided coin and there never was one… until we invented one. Not men or women but men and women. Dick and pussy. Both are just as much good as they can be bad… and the bad can always be found no matter what you believe about your chosen orientation because, well, we are human after all. But if you don’t mind, it never matters. This, too, is what falling down this particular rabbit hole teaches those who chose to learn as they fall.

Morally immoral. Quite hedonistic and capable of enjoying the debauchery that goes along with it. Because the morality, and such as it is, only serves to suppress and limit the means of such pleasures and our morality, again, isn’t telling the whole truth about the reality of it all. Plumbing the depths in search of the truth is not for the weak of heart and as I’ve learned along the way; there has been good times and bad times and, well, that is really life just as having sex is a part of what it means to be human and alive. Plumbing the depths has shown that, yeah, buddy – we love having sex. We will do anything we can get away with in order to have it. Morality can kiss our ass, literally or metaphorically and some of us take great pleasure to, again, thumb our noses at morality and our black and white thinking to have the utter gall, nerve, and audacity to have sex with both men and women.

Because it sure as fuck feels damned good to have sex like that but all of this also can serve to answer the question of who we are and why are we here and what the fuck are we supposed to do or, better yet, what the fuck can we do given the rules that, in fact, tells us something that we eventually find out really isn’t the whole truth of things. Men have sex with each other. So do women. Some of us have sex with both – so what and if you have a point, what is it? Oh, that’s right – morality is your point and those of us who have fallen deep into the depths and have plumbed them tend to laugh – and sometimes literally – at how much sexuality immaturity our morality has forced onto so many people.

Getting some dick is good… and bad because humans can make it that way. So is getting some pussy. You plumb the depth and find out that the differences we have create in these things are both unnecessary – because people are always going to do whatever they need to to – and yet another part of what it means to be human and, yeah, putting our inherent insanity on display when we keep insisting that the things bisexuals – specifically – do aren’t supposed to be done… and are you fucking kidding me? Open your eyes. See the truth of it. Accept it or reject it but it remains the truth just the same. Forever and ever, there are people like me who, when it comes to sex, doesn’t “care” whether it’s with a man or a woman because, um, it’s sex. That bad thing that also feels very damned good and totally against our morality and those other things we don’t believe, like, again, that nonsense that people are either straight or gay.

Um, no, we aren’t. I’ve fallen very deep to do some plumbing and to learn this. I know the reality. I accept it for, hah, better or worse. It’s sex and our morality doesn’t like the way we might go about it but, as I’ve learned, can do nothing for those who want to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes and on purpose and, yes, some wind up falling in and finding out that falling in ain’t as bad as everyone said it is. It can be – we are still human – but it really isn’t all that horrible or even prohibited because if we really aren’t supposed to be fucking around in the rabbit hole, we wouldn’t be able to do it and would, theoretically, be impossible to do.

And that has never been the case. Plumbing the depths and learning what I have learns reveals that our morality does, in fact, have a useful and sensible purpose for those who are willing to follow it… but not everyone does and it sure as fuck is true that some of us who don’t follow the way it’s supposed to be aren’t gay. We are, in fact, both… but not exclusively one or the other. No grey area really exists and, um, there’s a lot of sexual pleasure to be found in the grey if you’re brave enough to plumb the depth and to learn from falling into the abyss.

The truth is that we all fall into the rabbit hole and it’s just a matter of how far we’re willing to fall and, yes, if at all. I’m still falling and learning and, you betcha, having fun because I got tossed into the rabbit hole to ask and answer a question that everyone should ask… then find the answer to and one that isn’t, “Because I/God said so.” Hmm. Why does something that everyone says is so bad but feels so good? The answer comes when you fall into the rabbit hole and plumb its depths and I can tell you the answer… but it’s always better to find out for yourself instead of believing a standard of behavior that is stopping you from finding out what it really means to be human and a very sex-positive creature.

The beauty of it is that you can plumb the depths… or not. The choice to take the plunge or, in effect, stay on the porch has always been yours to make even though, again and forever, our morality and social norms would prefer – and demand – that you not find out what I and so many others have found: Our morality means well but is more idealistic than realistic. Not the whole truth. A standard of behavior that, really, wasn’t handed down by some deity and as we are to believe it. I get that, too, and learned about it as I fell into the depths. And to that effect, I do believe in God… but I don’t believe that He actually spoke to those who wrote about what we know to be religion. Man did that and for a reason. Not going to get all into that other than we were made to believe and abide something that the stark reality of the rabbit hole prove is… bullshit. Not the whole truth of this sex thing. Not just boy/girl, boy/boy, or girl/girl – it’s all of the above if you’re brave and daring to plumb the depths instead of staying in the shallows and being fearful of what can be and because, bluntly, you were made to be fearful. Wrath of God stuff. Social indignation and prejudice borne out of religious beliefs.

The rabbit hole goes deep. Really deep. Probably bottomless and way beyond our ability to discern. About as real as shit can be and for better or worse. But if you don’t jump in, you’ll never know these things; you won’t see the bigger picture and, as such, accepting bisexuality as a real thing will be hard to swallow – and the pun is intended big time. We are what we are. We found ourselves falling into the rabbit hole and some of us got pushed in and flailed and floundered until we figured out how to fall with some modicum of control… and had fun while others, eh, not so much. Life – and sex – is like that. Falling reveals and exposes some shit that makes some very uncomfortable… or very damned curious to find out just how deep the hole goes and how much we can endure and what lines we have to draw for ourselves that we will not cross as we fall. You just gotta find and know your limits and this, too, is part of the deal.

It’s just that some of us – those of us who are bisexual – aren’t of a mind to accept the limits that have been imposed on us and by religious decree. If you’re agreeable and I am, um, let’s get naked and gain some very carnal knowledge of each other and whether you’re male or female makes no difference on the whole of things. Why? Because we can. Born and designed for this. Morality inhibits us but we, as humans, found ways around it or just refused to obey because if there is a purpose to this thing called life, it’s to enjoy it while we can and when it comes to sex, the only real rules are those we create for ourselves… and bisexuals, well, we operate under a very different set of rules that say you can fall down the rabbit hole and enjoy “everyone” who is also falling and in their own way, you know, if they want to and if they do, it ain’t as bad as everyone – and our morality – says it is.

All of this isn’t just my opinion. It’s not stuff that I made up. Bisexuality is some very real shit and I – and so many others – are living proof that speaks to how deep the rabbit hole can be as well as the reality that says being willing and able to get dick and/or pussy to satisfy one’s sexual needs and pleasures, well, it feels good…

Because it’s supposed to feel good. And being insane enough to plumb the depths as I have done, well, that’s fun, too, but exposes our gross and collective immaturity and fears when it comes to…cumming, to be all up in your grill about it.

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So, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself hard, I have spanked others even harder! I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the hot steamy bits, and plenty of spanking still to be had! But this time I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one...

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Sporadic randomness from a disheveled mind.

Miss D

My BDSM adventures and accounts as a kinky sadomasochist

The Middle-Aged Bisexual

Struggling with my bisexuality in a heterosexual relationship

Porn Girl

BDSM, Femdom, D/s, sex and life in general


Musings & Interests of a Bisexual Man

A journey into surrender

Finding Strength in my Submission

Mature audience only, 18+ NSFW...kinky sex & spankings ahead!

Acquiescent Soul

Internal Perspective

Katya Evangeline

From Missionary to Sex Preacher and Loving It!

Domestic Discipline, Jenny style!

Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment.


by Hannah

Hopeful Heartache

Ramblings about life, relationships, anxiety, depression, and questions.

SeXXy Julie

Sordid Sex Stories & Erotica of a Cougar

Temperature's Rising

Still hot. (It just comes in flashes now.)


Random thoughts from a random mind


Writing about recovery.

Wake Up- Get Up- Stand up

"We the People" need to stand together.

The Watering Hole

Where everyone comes to quench their thirst for insight to life's challenging questions.


Parts Of My Life

Date A Bisexual

Love the one you love


The Wise Serpent

a worried whimsy

bouncing between happy and anxious

The Self-Actualized Life

Have a fulfilling life sexually and every other way!

Larry Archer's World (

------ Erotica from the dirty mind of Larry Archer


is there a path to a successful open marriage?


The silent inside of an anonymous Indian rebelling against society

The (Bi)te

The uninteresting world of a young bisexual girl


What Perspective Matters Most Depends on Your Perception


Just my random thoughts and meanderings... I'll try to keep you entertained


when and why size matters


I write when the choice is to die if I don't

My SEXuality

Why am I afraid to tell you who I'am?

Confessions of a Cheating Housewife

...because love just isn't enough ;)

Apparently I Don't Exist

The Many Adventures of a Bisexual Genderqueer

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