Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Focal Point

02 Dec

I was reading the latest comments to a very old and popular post that asks how old you were when you sucked your first dick. The latest comment not only bashed the fact that this topic gets rehashed a lot but pointed out that there are no topics about when and how old you were when you first ate pussy. Indeed, when we have discussions on the forum about male bisexuality, it’s not that we don’t talk about having sex with women because we do… just not a whole lot because the focal point is very much on having sex with men.

Even I’m guilty of this when I write about it and Collaredmichael rightfully called me out on that a while back because, really, if you’re going to talk about being a male bisexual, not talking about the sex we have with women doesn’t speak to the whole picture all that much but it’s understandable that this doesn’t happen because chowing down on a pussy, well, that’s “old news” for those of us who eat pussy and it’s something we know about and understand which makes it a “common” kind of thing that, because of the focus, makes it a “non-issue…” but it’s all about men and dicks that a lot of bi guys want to find out about.

So, in response to the comment I read, I created a post asking the membership how old they were when they first ate a pussy and asked them to give up the tea on that important moment in our sexual lives. I’ve said here time and time again that I ate my first pussy when I was ten… and after I had my first dick the year before. I’ve mentioned that my father, for some reason, told me to never do it and, well, he shouldn’t have done that because since he didn’t tell me why I shouldn’t do it, that just spurred me to find out and as luck would have it, I found out maybe an hour after he told me to never do it. It was an… interesting experience and one that almost had me throwing up all over the girl – and I’ve never figured that sense of revulsion out but I got over it and, hmm, sucking and licking her “little man in the boat” was not only fun but produced the most interesting results in and for her and more so when it was the first time she’d been eaten – but her girlfriends had been talking about it.

I never found out why my father saw fit to warn me not to do it – and I did ask him later on in life – but, um, yeah, putting my mouth on a woman’s pussy is some seriously good shit although there are reasons not to and more so when I would learn what’s going on with pussies that aren’t exactly, um, nice and I’m not talking about a woman’s monthly visit by the cardinal. There are reasons not to eat a pussy but it’s just too much fun to do and more so if you happen to be as orally fixated as I am.

Indeed, I found out something that (1) my father never mentioned but (2) what the word on the street was saying: If you didn’t eat pussy, chances were that you weren’t gonna get a girlfriend and you sure wasn’t going to be able to keep her and no matter how good you could fuck or how big your dick was. Even the girls I’d be trying to fuck would make it clear that I had to lick it before I could stick it and, um, fortunately for them, I loved to lick it… and more often than not, more than they were willing to be licked down there. Girls/women would complain loudly about guys giving them “a few licks” and going right to fucking them… and they seriously did not like that so I had to listen to them telling me that if I wasn’t going to spend some time down there, I wasn’t going to get to fuck them.

Little did they know that if they wanted me to go and stay down on them, I was going to be there for a while so she’d better pack a lunch or I hoped she didn’t have anything else she needed to do for a very long time. You want me to eat you until you cum? Hold onto something because I’m going to eat you until you cum and keep right on going until you make me stop. What’s that you say? Guys can’t get you to cum like that? Lemme give it a try and let’s see what happens.

I didn’t get unmercifully teased about eating pussy when I was in high school for nothing. I’ve mentioned in the past that back then, I had a patch on my Wrangler jacket of my zodiac sign – Libra – and instead of the scales, it depicted a woman sitting on a man’s face and, man, I caught all kinds of shit about that from guys and earned the nickname, “Taster’s Choice.” The guys would talk about how they’d never eat a pussy and other such things and, again, they were on my case about it like a bad habit but, um, I’d also tell them that because I ate pussy, I was getting more than they were since girls would see that patch, ask me if I “did that” and when I said that I did, I was often invited to prove it and if what I said was true, I’d be allowed to fuck them if I could do it long enough for them.

I had some good pussy-eating teachers including the first girl I went down on. I paid close attention to what they’d tell me to do while I was eating them and, yeah, learned early on that what works on one woman might not work on another… and it might not work again on the same woman. As such, those guys who were giving me shit about being a carpet muncher would get to feeling some kind of way to find out that I was, in fact and in deed, getting more pussy than they were because I ate pussy and girls were finding out that I was good at it… but what they didn’t know is that one of the reasons why I was good at it was because I sucked dick, too. Even then, it wasn’t enough to just get my dick in her and hope that she gets off because maybe she would and maybe she wouldn’t… but I didn’t have to be as smart as I was to know that if I ate that pussy – and took all the time in the world to do it and with all the “dirty tricks” I learned from the girls I honed my newly found skills – yep, that was the ticket and more so when I’d do too good of a job of eating them that I didn’t get to fuck them.

No bragging here. Just a matter of fact in my many pussy-eating experiences. I’ve failed to please and I hate failing at anything but, okay; when you fail, you learn how not to fail so much the next time and a “bottom line” thing is that even if I failed to get her off the way she wanted to, I got to eat that pussy just the same.

They say that if you go down on a woman and when it’s all said and done she’s not looking at you like you tried to kill her, you didn’t do it right. I’ve gotten that look a lot and, yep, not gotten it. In terms of my bisexuality, the day I learned why I should put my mouth on a girl’s pussy completed my “basic sexual training” as it were. Fucking them wasn’t enough and as one girl told me, anyone can fuck… but not every guy has what it takes to eat a pussy until the woman is trying to escape. The more I failed, the more I learned how not to fail all that much and, in my head, eating pussy wasn’t “all that different” than sucking dick and in the early goings, if I didn’t know anything else, I knew how to suck a dick.

One woman I ate until she tapped out asked me why I was so goddamned good at it and I had replied, “Um, it might be because I suck dick, too…” I expected her to lose her mind but after a moment to process my confession, all she said was, “That would explain it. Now, get back down there and do it again!” And, no, I didn’t get to fuck her because, um, she went to sleep.

Another woman told me, “You’re dangerous.” I didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing and when I asked her about that, she said, “Both. You’re intense and I don’t know how to deal with that since I’ve never had a guy spend that much time and effort to make me cum this way.”

I just blinked hearing that because, to me, it didn’t make sense to spend all the time necessary to get a woman to cum this way and, believe me, it’s often hard to do – and sometimes incredibly so – so one of the things I had to learn was to be… persistent. Get it into my head that I’m going to eat that pussy until one of us quits… and I’m not going to be the first one to quit. Yeah, um, sometimes I was the first to tap out; eating pussy is hard on the face and even on the body and depending on the position the pussy is being eaten in. Some women went out of their way to make it “impossible” to please them this way – and they even had the nerve to tell me after I’d spent an hour or more eating them. I’d ask if they had an orgasm and they’d admit that they did but they just weren’t going to make it easy for me to get them to have one or more. I didn’t pretend to understand that and I still don’t today but, okay. I still got to eat that pussy even if you were playing games with me about it.

On the forum, eh, we don’t talk about such things and in this way. The focus gets us to… comparing shit. What’s better – eating pussy or sucking dick? Which do you prefer to do? Stuff like that and while guys admit to eating pussy – and why wouldn’t they? – the focus makes them put more emphasis on sucking cock or topping/bottoming if anal sex is part of your thing to do. There were no posts that I knew of about that first pussy eating experience… so I wrote one and because we just don’t talk about stuff like that. The focal point almost doesn’t “allow” such discussions, not because it’s forbidden but the sex we have with women is seen as a given but, as I would find out, the two things aren’t all that dissimilar at a high level of thought since a lot of the things one can do to a woman can be done to a man, too, physical differences accounted for and notwithstanding.

I do go about sucking dick the same way I go about eating pussy – with great glee and “evil” intent to keep at it until the receiver cums or they can’t take any more of what I’m doing or, rarely, I just wear myself out trying to knock them into the next county with my mouth, tongue, and fingers. That’s just not bisexual – that’s being sexual… period. I just flat-out love eating pussy. I love it more than I do sucking dick. It excites the living daylight about of me and has to the point where I’ve ejaculated while eating pussy. Embarrassing but, yeah – it’s like that for me.

On the forum, we just don’t talk about this part of our bisexuality outside of “general” stuff because, again, the focal part is on the dick. It’s the “thing” that we don’t “know” a whole lot about or it’s a lot more… socially disturbing than getting into the dirty details of having sex with a woman. Some guys do write about it, but they don’t get much in the way of comments as compared to the flood of comments they’d get if they were talking about getting some dick unless the member is writing about how he got some pussy and dick at the same time.

A lot of guys have responded to that post and shared when they first got exposed to sucking dick and depending on how old they were and other factors, there’s a lot of discussion back and forth and, oddly, it includes guys who have yet to suck a dick. Yeah, they might mention having fooled around with a girl but it’s more in passing than anything else. Even at a higher level, it has never escaped my notice that the people who bitch about us having sex with men also overlook the fact that we have sex with women… unless they’re talking about how we’re just automatically giving women STDs and HIV/AIDS. Otherwise, their focal point is the same as the one the forum has:

It’s all about the dick. Sucking them. Taking them in the ass. Returning the favor. Debates about whether it’s better to give than received. Perhaps not really making the connection that sex with men and women really isn’t all that different other than, again, the obvious physical differences. If you can go down on a woman, you can go down on a man; her clit is just a smaller version of our dick and clits comes in different sizes, too. If you can fuck a woman, you can fuck a man even though we only have one place to stick a dick. These days, you can be fucked by a woman and with man-made cocks that you might not ever see on a human being. Some guys talk about that but, again, the focal point isn’t so much about having sex with her as it is being pegged and then wondering what it would be like to get the real thing in them.

I’ve had women put a vibrator in me and turn it on high. Holy shit. I’ve had women finger-fuck me and my first wife had a stupidly big dildo that she had no qualms about using on me at times and when she got a strap-on, well, that was interesting to be fucked by her even though she said it wasn’t as easy to do as she thought – but it was fun for her to fuck me for a very long time and until she eventually got tired… another “holy shit” moment and one that maybe some guys looking to be pegged don’t take into consideration all that much. They talk about this but the woman isn’t the focal point; it’s taking that fake dick in the ass and some guys opt for this because getting the real thing in them is too… scary or whatever.

On the forum, we should speak more about how sex with women ties into having sex with men and not in the afterthought way we tend to do so. As Collaredmicheal accurately pointed out, I don’t write a whole lot about my sexcapades with women or how sex with the ladies also helped to define my bisexuality and, yes, very much so when I ate my first pussy when I did. That was scarier than sucking dick was and today I just laugh at myself over what it took for me to not only get my face down there but to put my mouth on it and getting my tongue involved. “Weird” tastes and smells. Made her go through a lot of stuff from moaning and groaning to giggling and me down there trying to figure out what’s going on because I’m sucking on her clit… and it’s twitching just like a guy’s dick would when he’d shoot a load of cum in my mouth.

Hmm. Ain’t that interesting? I thought so and it occurred to me that the whole “trick” to doing this is to get her clit to do what even my dick would do when I came. Not “all that different” than sucking dick. Who knew it could make you feel so damned good to eat pussy? I didn’t know… but I found out and I’d learn that it made my bisexuality more… complete. Yeah… you can do the same thing to a girl that you can do to a guy – just different… but not all that much so. Pussy tastes better. Feels better to do it. Not as easy as sucking a guy off can be. Women are… funny about having their pussy eaten… but guys can be just as funny about having their dick sucked, too.

I didn’t know this before I ate my first pussy but because I ate one, I learned some stuff that later on I realized was more related than I had thought because the focal point should be on sex and not so much about who we’re having it with but, nope, on the forum? The focal point is dick… and I think I’m going to do something about that and here on my blog as well so I can practice what I preach.

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