KDaddy’s General Observations: 2021

31 Dec

I don’t know what to say about 2021. Early in the year, we were still battling COVID-19 and pharma companies were rushing to come up with some kind of vaccine and that they were doing this got a lot of people losing their minds and being very concerned about the government using vaccines as an excuse to microchip every who’d get it and then standing on their right to refuse to be vaccinated.

What a fucking mess. We’re still going through some shit about the 6th of January and I never thought that I would see a day – or the day – when not only did some people try to overthrow the government, the President, who was on his way out of office was encouraging them to do so… because he believed that the election was fraudulent and, as I thought, was still fiddling like Nero as Rome burned. I’m still stuck on stupid about the number of people who believe that the election was stolen from Trump and further disturbed to have read some stuff that said – or maybe rumored or something since you can’t trust the news – that if Trump doesn’t win the next election, his very armed supporters will fire the first shots to begin a second civil war.

I don’t pretend to understand this and more so when the allegations of voter fraud were proven to be false. Now, I’ve been aware that every outgoing president “leaves a mess” for the next president to clean up and, surprisingly, the only president I didn’t think did this – or as much as I’ve seen it done – was Barak Obama. Comparatively speaking, he left office and left the country in pretty good shape… then the shit hit the fan… and it’s still hitting the fan. Most of the country breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Biden took office… and I get a bit of a kick watching people on social media giving him da bizness like nobody’s, well, business but I understand that a lot of them don’t know Joe like I know Joe… since he’s from where I live. I’ve met the man; during his many Senate campaigns, I’ve talked to him face to face and he served us well as a US Senator even though, yeah, he does tend to say some shit that pisses people off… and he’s usually right about what he says if not, um, politically correct in the saying.

He’s got the biggest mess to clean up that I’ve ever seen one president leave another to deal with. 2021 has been the most fucked up year I’ve ever lived through short of the riots that took place when Dr. King was assassinated and that was the first and last time I’ve actually been afraid of something; even Vietnam didn’t scare me all that much during my very short visit there as the war was ending. As far as this stuff is concerned, I’ve been wondering if the people who are supporting Trump and his ideas and plans for this country realize or understand that the moment our enemies see us coming apart at the seams, this just might be the moment they carry out their many threats to attack and destroy us… or that they’re laughing their asses off because they know they don’t have to lift a finger to destroy us… because we are well on our way of doing that to ourselves?

Fuck. Anyway…

On the eve of the new year, well, I’m still here and doing my best to keep my head above water and the wolves away from my door although, admittedly, those very ghetto squirrels running around like they own the place might fuck those wolves up – those squirrels are no joke and some bold motherfuckers. It’s always been a matter of taking one day at a time and handling the stuff that can be handled and not worrying a whole lot about the stuff I can’t do anything about. At this very personal level, my biggest concerns is… what’s for dinner? Okay, there is the issue with my kidneys and doing whatever I can do to avoid dialysis or having to depend on a transplant to save what’s left of my life but I’ve been reliably told that there’s not a whole lot that can be done at this point in things except to keep drinking lots of water.

2021 saw the death of my son-in-law and that was a great shock to my system to have gotten that call from my daughter. It still kinda fucks with me because I had been talking to him a few hours before he died and he sounded like his usual self and said that he’d holla at me when he got back home after picking his daughter up from work. That would be the last thing he said to me so, yeah, to wake up to that phone call was more of a shock than the phone call I got when my mother died last year. I knew she would and that there was nothing the doctors could do and she had known this and had prepared me and my sister for the inevitable. It’s just different when a family member dies suddenly and unexpectedly and as my son-in-law did… and worse to find out that he died from a heart attack due to his uncontrolled high blood pressure and, well, shit – we all knew that he didn’t have any “love” for doctors or going to the hospital.

And life just keeps going on no matter what. Year after year, you just do your best to shake things off and keep moving forward. You find that every day is a chance to really celebrate things; one of the things I learned from a seminar we had to go to at work was that we should always celebrate our successes and no matter how big or small they are but to learn from our failures so that we fail less often. Good stuff.

Yep: This is one of the few scribbles I’ve written that hasn’t been about bisexuality. My more recent thoughts about this were about someone asking me how I can be so cool and comfortable being bisexual and more so when there’s a lot of riffing and shade being thrown against it… and my answer was that I’m cool and comfortable with it because it doesn’t make any sense not to be and, um, I’m not someone who’s new to this: This is just how I’ve always been. I’ve seen the best of it and the worst; I understand it in a way some people can’t or don’t. All this riffing means nothing to me because, well, I know some stuff about this and the thing I know – and despite all the bullshit – is that if someone chooses to be bisexual, there’s not a whole lot anyone can do to stop them from being the way they want or need to be. Shit can be said and attempted by those who object and it can cause a lot of strife for a lot of people… but the bottom line is that all of that crap changes nothing because I also learned that no matter what anyone has said to me about this, it has never changed the fact that I am – and still – very much bisexual.

And that’s all I’m going to say about this at this time. The biggest change that 2021 brought to me was that I am now officially retired according to the letter Social Security sent me as they switched me out of Social Security Disability. I had to laugh because the letter actually congratulated me for being retired and, yeah, I had a good laugh about it but it’s one of those landmark moments in one’s life and I’m just very happy that I’m still here to laugh about being told that I’m now officially retired. They didn’t mess with my money so no worries about that and life, such as it is these days, still goes on.

I debated with myself over whether or not I was going to scribble some end of the year stuff… and I started not to, but scribbling is what I do pretty much every day so to not scribble something wasn’t really going to work all that much so, um, here it is and for what it’s worth.

Here’s wishing all those who read this a happy and prosperous 2022! Do what you gotta do and don’t sweat the small stuff or the dumb shit.


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6 responses to “KDaddy’s General Observations: 2021

  1. Mrs Fever

    31 December 2021 at 17:39

    Here’s hoping the coming year is better than the last two… 🍸


  2. kdaddy23

    31 December 2021 at 18:12

    I will most definitely drink to that!


  3. naughty nora

    31 December 2021 at 20:28

    So sorry to hear about the death of your son-in-law, kdaddy! I will be hoping that this is a better year for you, and for the world in general. Happy new year XOXO


    • kdaddy23

      1 January 2022 at 15:56

      Thank you and I’m hoping for a 2022 that’ll be better than 2021 was.

      Liked by 1 person


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