Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Day 19

19 Jan

Do y’all remember me saying how funny guys can be? One of the membership, I’d suppose, is working on dedicating himself to be a total bottom and as such, he asks a lot of interesting questions. I admire the work he’s putting in to get all the information he can so he can be a better bottom. He recently posted a question – and I’m gonna paraphrase the shit out of this – about whether tops are all that concerned to be fucking a bottom and the bottom’s dick isn’t hard. He seemed to be very concerned about this.

The membership chimed in and, hoo-boy – did they ever go off the reservation. Some said that if the bottom’s dick isn’t hard, it’s something to be concerned about; some got to talking about ED, and others went off in different directions about what they prefer and being pegged by women. No one really answered his question and, well, you know that I did. I said that expecting your dick to be hard while being screwed might be nice but unless a hand is used, you’re probably not going to get hard just from being boned. Some guys can be hard before penetration and stay hard but most guys can’t… because of how the nerves in da butt tend to work.

Bluntly, it’s not fond of anything bucking traffic since it’s designed to keep stuff in. I’ve been rock hard and the moment homey sticks it in, I’ve gone immediately soft. Did I think something was wrong? Did the guy topping me have any concerns? No and no… and I’ll be damned if I know why this is a thing to be concerned about but I think I know a probable cause.

Porn. You see guys getting boned and their dicks are harder than steel and, sometimes, you see them getting pounded and they’re ejaculating but, um, most of the time? The guy being boned is soft until either he starts stroking himself or the other guy gives him the time-honored “reach around.” What viewers of porn don’t see is the editing being done so that viewers see only what the people who made the porn wants them to see, oh, like the bottom guy being fluffed before the scene is shot or, with the more amateur offerings, whoever’s editing it just cuts out the part where the bottom’s dick isn’t hard.

It’s not impossible. It just doesn’t happen all that much without manual intervention. I’ve topped guys, they were soft and even when they were jerking themselves, they never got hard. I’ve noticed it but, again, I know a little something about it so it’s no big deal. I’m thinking that the member who asked this question is concerned that if a top sees that he’s not hard, the top is going to think that what he’s doing isn’t being enjoyed.

And if a top is thinking that, well, hmm. I know – I’m just one of those people who aren’t content to just know how to do something; I have to know why stuff works the way it does and I had reason to find out why a guy’s dick either goes soft or doesn’t get hard when he’s being screwed (including myself, of course) and, again, the nerves involved can act like a cut-off switch when something is going in and, yep, when something else is coming out. Yeah… TMI. What is speaks to, in part, is how a lot of guys don’t know how their body works.

Along with having some… unreasonable expectations. Really… if you’re topping a guy and you really want to know if it’s feeling good to him, uh, um, ask him. If you’re expecting him to be hard – and just because you’re deep in him – to be an indication of his enjoyment, chances are really good that you will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong: It does feel good having a dick in you and even more so if you’re in the right position – and he has the right angle – to mess with your prostate and that might cause an erection and… it might not. Everyone is different and I’m not just being Captain Obvious about that; some guys can be hard before the fact and remain hard during the act because of how aroused he is and that part of his brain “ignored” the cut-off switch signal da butt is sending.

One hundred percent normal not to be hard while being boned. I’m not even sure if there’s something a guy could do to get hard while being boned without the aforementioned manual intervention; I’ve never bothered to find out if it’s possible because it doesn’t matter. I’m of a mind that it shouldn’t matter but, yep, that’s me.

A guy boned me nicely and I had a few intense orgasms as he was bumping into my prostate. He came (that felt really good), pulled out, looked at me and said, “You didn’t cum.” I’m looking at him like he’s lost his mind or something, glanced down to my very soft dick, and said, “Um, no, I didn’t.”

“Why not?” he asked and I had a sense that he was unhappy with me or maybe himself.

“Um, because I wasn’t hard?” I asked. “You do know that you have to be hard to a certain degree in order to ejaculate, don’t you?”

His blank look told me that he didn’t know that. I wasn’t sure why he even expected it and I spent “way too much time” trying to convince him that I was happy with what he’d done. I’m sure he wasn’t as convinced as he said he was; the words that came out of his mouth didn’t match his body language and definitely not the look he had on his face. Okay, because he was beating up my prostate, I was leaking seminal fluid but, nope – didn’t ejaculate. I tried to tell him that when I orgasmed, it felt like I had ejaculated but I knew I hadn’t and I wouldn’t… because my dick was soft the whole time. Indeed, because he had sucked me, I was very damned hard until he mounted me and started shoving his dick in me and the moment the head of his dick started going in, I went instantly soft… but it wasn’t something I thought was unusual but, then again, I knew how ejaculation worked.

If you’re excited/aroused enough, that can “bypass” the cut-off switch signal but if a bottom – or a top – expects this to happen as a matter of course, well, both will be greatly disappointed and if that’s desired, lend a hand.

Guys can be so… weird. That guy I just mentioned? He told me that men can’t orgasm and only women can do that. I asked him if he had ever had sex, felt like he had busted a nut, but realized that he hadn’t and he reluctantly admitted that it had happened. “That’s an orgasm,” I had said. “It doesn’t just always and only happens when we ejaculate.”

How did I know this shit? Uh, because I made it my business to know since there were so many times I’d have sex, just knew I had busted my nuts all over the place and… nope. Not yet but it sure as hell felt like it. In anal sex, stimulating the pudenal nerve has a lot to do with it feeling good in both men and women… but in men, it may or may not allow a guy to be hard while being boned and, again, without manual (or oral) intervention. The, ah, bottom line is some guys can stay hard being boned; most guys can’t even if they wanted to be.

It shouldn’t matter but, again and apparently, it does. Men…

For now, this is all I had on my mind on Day 19 of 2022.

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