Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: 26 May 22

26 May

I guess it was, oh, a couple of years ago when I was in the living room, probably playing a game on my Xbox, when I thought I heard a sound close to the patio door; it was loud enough that I got up to peek through the “blinds” to see what was up. I started to turn on the patio light but decided not to; it would light up the patio but not much beyond that and the light reflecting off the patio doors would turn them into a mirror – so, no light.

I peeked through the blinds and saw two figures by the tree that’s out back, dressed in dark clothing and, yep – they have my attention. Why are they out there? What are they up to? Well, I got the answer a few seconds later as one guy leaned against the tree while the other guy knelt down, pulled the leaner’s dick out, and started going to town on it. I’ll admit having watched this for a couple of minutes and idly noting (1) the length of the leaner’s dick and (2) the techniques the kneeler was employing and even gave him a couple of Brownie points for being able to repeatedly take the leaner’s dick all the way down.

The kneeler was obviously in a hurry; the leaner was looking around for anyone who might spot and catch them; he would glance down every now and then to watch what the kneeler was doing and with the “obligatory” one hand on the kneeler’s head. Since the two of them weren’t a threat to break into the apartment, I was about to turn away and let them finish their business in peace when I actually heard the leaner say, “Shit! Shit!” and a moment later, his body was moving in a way that told me that he was cumming in the kneeler’s mouth, who was siphoning off every drop.

I thought that they were going to switch places but, no; the leaner stuffed his dick back into his pants and the kneeler was still kneeling but appeared to be jerking himself off – and may have been doing so all the while because I heard him grunt and, a moment later, he stood up, stuffed his dick back in his pants as well. The two of the were looking around to make sure there, ah, act of public lewdness went unobserved and called themselves sneaking away and had me kinda laughing because they were making enough noise to get someone’s attention.

One of the things I say about sucking dick is that it can be done almost anywhere… and these two guys proved this and in what I would call a “time-honored way;” anywhere you can go where you think – and hope – that you won’t be seen is a good place… although, given some of the porn clips I can often see on Twitter, I guess some of those horny motherfuckers don’t much care if anyone sees them doing this given the many wide-open locations and doing it on buses and subways and it’s obvious there are other people.

Some pretty bold shit. I can actually understand the rush of it; you don’t want to get caught in the act but if you’re “out in the open,” yeah, there’s a chance that you could be seen as well as someone seeing you – but you can’t see them – and they call the cops. Indeed, in the younger days, it wasn’t unusual to be walking with a friend and, man, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked… and the two of us would duck into one of the many alleyways and dicks would get sucked and, in a hurry, too.

It was exciting enough to suck a guy’s dick but the mere thought of getting caught doing it was a rush that I know I enjoyed but not all guys were that… adventurous. Even with the many abandoned apartment buildings we would use as “clubhouses” and dens of youthful debauchery, there was always a chance of getting caught; you never knew who else might be in the place or if some of the other guys would arrive to do their dirt or some other situation.

I remember being on a road trip with a friend and his family and we had the backseat of the car all to ourselves. On the way back, it was quite late and dark outside when my friend leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna suck your cock, okay?” And before I could offer up a single word, he had me out and was sucking on me and I was thinking, “Oh shit!” because all his dad had to do was look in the rearview mirror and notice there was only one head to be seen or his mom could turn around and see what was going on. I almost shit myself because she did turn around, saw him with his head in my lap, and said, “Oh… he must be pretty tired, huh?”

“Yes, ma’am, I guess so,” I said – and he had the sense to stop what he was doing to play his part in the illusion. He got me off and, honestly, I don’t know how his parents didn’t suspect that something… untoward was going on in the backseat because I was thinking that they had to smell the scent of sex… because I could and I’m cumming and trying to remain quiet and make my body be still.

My friend sat up and acted like he’d just woke up and asked his dad, “Are we home yet?”

Man, the balls some guys had on them! I was “bold and daring” but not to this extent but later, when we got back to his home and I accepted their invitation to stay the night – and I got to have my way with him – I had to admit that what he’d done in the backseat was… scarily exciting.

I’m a member of the Mile High Club and I very much remember being on pins and needles as a guy blew me in the lavatory; I was pretty paranoid thinking that none of the other passengers and cabin crew really missed two guys trying to look casual heading for the lavatory but there wasn’t one of us waiting outside to use it. And, yes, I’ve done that with women, too; on one late-night flight home, the woman sitting next to me gave me one hell of a blowjob and we never left our seats.

Anywhere, anytime.

You might wonder – and you probably really wouldn’t – why anyone would take such risks and all I can say about that is, again, it is one hell of a rush to be sucking dick or fucking and there’s a good chance you can get busted. Common sense says that if that’s what you want to do, wait until you can be somewhere that affords a lot of privacy… and common sense doesn’t have much to do with things sometimes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve spent the night/weekend with a guy and we’re in his room and going for it big time and with the sure knowledge and understanding that someone could barge into the room at any moment and catch us in flagrante delicto and also understanding that the punishments would be severe and, back in the day, handed out twice: Once by the adult who caught us and then being taken home, ratted out, and beaten again.

Yet, it would still happen. I think back to those days and, Christ Almighty… we were some insane motherfuckers, but I would learn that me and the Band of Horny Brothers weren’t the only such “band” around; if you could find or steal five or ten minutes, any old place could serve to get dicks hard and make them soft again.

I remember taking the trash to the dumpster on bright and sunny day and upon approaching the dumpster, I heard some noise coming from behind the dumpster, which is surrounded by a wooden fence on three sides. I take a look – carefully – and, okay; there’s two guys back there and one guy is fucking the other. They both looked at me, gave me the up-nod greeting, and the guy doing the fucking said, “You know how it is, right?” And kept right on fucking the other guy.

I just nodded, put the trash in the dumpster, and went on about my business… because I do know how it is. One of the bugaboos today is… hosting and not being able to. Hotels/motels aren’t that expensive, but it almost doesn’t make sense to plunk down the price of a room for a night when you’re not going to be there that long – usually – and in the area I live in, I honestly don’t know if there’s any hotels/motels around and even if there was, you still gotta be able to get there and if no one has a car, well, I would guess that trying to walk to one is out of the question and more so when you want to do whatever right now and putting it off, while the sensible and smart thing to do, is just out of the question.

Cityman sent me a clip of a bunch of guys in a men’s room who were pretty much having an orgy in there… and I had that look on my face trying to figure out how the hell those guys were getting away with this and someone not coming in there and seeing them. I thought that, okay, some men’s rooms have doors that can be locked but, um, I would think that somewhere along the line, some guy would have to hit the men’s room, find the door locked, and get to knocking on it and maybe think that the door got accidentally locked and they’d let someone know that the door is locked and no one was answering it when knocked on.

“I’m bold but I’m not that bold,” I had said to Cityman and he had agreed that this is a level of boldness and daring that is just crazy… but I reminded him that one of the highlights of sucking dick is being able to do it almost anywhere.

I know, back again in the early days, that if me and some guy were getting it on and we heard the tiniest of sounds close to us, whatever we were doing would come to a screeching halt because, again, the last thing you wanted to happen was to be having sex… and with another guy. There’s a sense of great paranoia that can be felt; I know in my own head, I would be thinking that we shouldn’t be doing it [wherever we happened to be] but, at the same time, yes – I wanted to be doing whatever we were doing and understanding that trying to get somewhere that afforded a lot more privacy and greatly lessened the chance of getting caught, well, that’s not what happened.

I remain both surprised and fortunate that I’ve only been caught in the act having sex with a guy once… and that was enough.

When needs must and there’s nowhere “safe” to go, any old place will do. I would say that, ideally and when dicks are to be sucked, being able to take all the time you want to do get it done just works and especially if there’s no chance of being caught in flagrante delicto or trying to act like nothing “funny” was going on but in this situation, time definitely isn’t your friend and some of the fastest – and best – blowjobs I’ve ever given and gotten have come in places where the risk of getting caught was great because no hiding place is really safe from observation or intrusion.

What I would often notice is how people could actually see something going on… and just keep on moving and like they didn’t see it. Sure, someone could see something happening and drop a dime to the cops about it but, I think, in many such places, by the time the cops arrived, there would be nothing for them to see and no one to arrest. I mean, I’ve done just that myself but, yeah, having been in that situation more times than I care to admit to, I get it and, like I said, reporting it wouldn’t do any good.

You see it happening, shake your head, and keep going on about your business. Whatever those dudes are doing has nothing to do with you. In the teen years, I accidently caught two guys going at it… and they invited me to join them… and I did because, why the hell not? The area was kinda secluded but still “out in the open” and, um, one guy was fucking me while the other sucked my dick and it was amazingly good… but in the back of my mind, Paranoia was running wild in there. The three of us had the time to sandwich each other and, again, it was so good but as we started to go on our separate ways, the one guy said, “I’m surprised we didn’t get caught!”

I remember sharing this with Cityman and all he said, “You are one nasty critter!”

Well, yeah, I am. I remember clearly that once the three of us walked way, I was thinking about how fucking crazy that was; Common Sense was chastising me big time, reminding me that I knew better than to take such a risk and what I should have done when I stumbled across those guys was to just keep on walking but, nah, that’s not what I did and I should have been ashamed of myself and for various reasons.

The cold and logical part of my mind said, “Yeah, you’re right… but that’s not what we did, and the sex was very damned good so go on somewhere with that polite shit!” Although, that part of my mind did mention that it was a pretty dumb thing to do just the same.

I would say that while a lot of blowjobs are planned and with a lot of care, a whole lot more of them are spontaneous. I’ve been in the company of guys or, sometimes, in the right place at the right time and a guy would say, “If we weren’t here, we could do something!” and I’ve looked around and said, “We still could.” Or I’ve been of a mind that, yes, I’d love to blow you a few times if we could go somewhere private and the other guy says that right here (or close enough for government work) would be just fine and dandy – why wait when you can do it right now? Common Sense says to not go through with anything but, yeah, sometimes, when it comes to giving and getting some head, a gag order gets issued on Common Sense and, besides, in most of such situations, it’s not going to take a whole lot of time to do it.

But it sure as fuck can seem like it’s taking forever. I have no shame in admitting that in those situations, guys (and a few gals) have sucked me off in less than five minutes… but those five minutes felt like a half an hour; I’ve gotten guys off as fast as under a minute but have felt that, again, it took a lot longer than that. When it was fucking, that always seemed to take a hell of a lot longer than it actually did – and provided that nuts didn’t get busted before the dick got fully in there and sometimes that was what happened; even though only a few seconds actually passed, it didn’t feel that way.

Then you meander out of the erstwhile “hiding place” and acting like nothing happened… but having the feeling that if anyone saw you walking away, they knew what you just got finished doing. Paranoia would be having a serious meltdown and Common Sense would be having one as well, but it was always like, well, we did it and didn’t get caught so what’s the problem?

Anywhere. Anytime. You just have to have a huge set of brass balls to give/get head in places that such things shouldn’t be happening. I remember my cross-country bus ride from Utah to Philadelphia and the guy I was hanging with… and we were having sex in the back of a crowded bus and like we were the only ones on the bus… and we were totally ignored, well, until a couple of women figured out what we were up to and wanted to join in the fun. Shit, I still remember the look the bus driver gave me when we stopped for a break; he knew what had been going on back there and, for a moment, I thought he was going to throw me off the bus but he didn’t; he did, however, give me a chiding look that said that I should know better.

And he was right – I did know better but, well, um. When my “road partner” said that he wanted to suck my dick, I should have said no… but that’s not what I said despite knowing that any of the other passengers could complain and both of us could wind up either stranded or, yeah, explaining to the nice policemen why we were in public on a bus and having sex with each other.

I can think of many times where I’d be with a friend – male or female – and the offering of sex was on the table and in a place that, well, it shouldn’t be happening. I’ve asked, “What if we get caught?” and be told a version of, “If we get caught, we get caught – do you wanna do it or not?” The bad part for me was that, say, nine out of ten times, I most certainly wanted to do it and it would get done and while Paranoia and Common Sense would be melting down like ice on a hot stove, I would find that I felt no shame over it. None. But that was because I had learned, early on, that I had to deal with the consequences of my actions and if the consequence was getting caught in the act, well, shit happens, and it would have to be dealt with one way or the other.

Was it worth it? Yes. Was it a dumb thing to do? Yes. In such situations, there’s a rush and thrill in it that is… incredibly scary but lends itself to a greater sense of satisfaction, plus that “smug” thing that can join the party because you just had sex somewhere (and with someone) you had no business having sex… and you got away with it. Maybe someone would suspect what was going on, but you can suspect all you want to… but can you prove it? And I’ll plead the Fifth every time and insist that I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Now, I’m not likely to do some shit like that today, well, I like to believe that I wouldn’t but, yeah, that sense of adventure really hasn’t gone anywhere. I recognize it in myself so when I see others being that adventurous, yeah, I do know what it’s like and that sometimes, the only place you can do it can be anywhere that sex, politely, shouldn’t be done. I would think that, at least for guys, having that sense of… immediacy made sense because finding yourself with a case of blue balls is something you’d not wish on your worst enemy and taking care of it now is way better than waiting to take care of it later.

Outside of that, um, some folks are just that bold. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we were to do it right here and now and somebody might catch us? It sure would be! Again, Common Sense gets to poking you and yelling at you to not do anything now; go somewhere that’s private and less risky; Paranoia is waking up and having a fit, but the Thrill Seeker is saying, “Go for it and we’ll worry about it if we get caught!”

Getting caught is… embarrassing. Oh, I remember being in the bathroom and jerking off – and just for the fun of it – and getting done with that and leaving the bathroom and my mom said, “If you’re gonna do that, do it in your room – and stop using up all the damned toilet paper!”

I didn’t exactly get caught doing it, but she knew what I was in there doing other than actually going to the bathroom and it was quite embarrassing and me acting like I had no idea what she was talking about, well, I knew not to do that and the only thing I could do was be embarrassed and look contrite but, yeah, while I was happily beating my meat? I knew I could get caught doing it; my mom had no qualms about barging into the bathroom and for whatever reason she felt she had to and that was… quite the rush and one that made busting a nut even more pleasurable.

It’s a pretty insane thing to do and I wish that I had a rock-solid explanation for it, but I don’t. Needs always must and sometimes they must right now. You could wait until a more private setting can be found and still do it… but it wouldn’t be the same as doing it right here, right now. I’ve always known about the rush and thrill of getting caught having sex in places that, again, sex should not ever be done, oh, like the time a woman blew me while I was at a concert… and there were a whole lot of people right there as she did it. And those who didn’t choose to watch her get me off… ignored it. It was… delightfully scary and that’s hard to explain unless, of course, you, too, happen to know what I’m talking about.

It defies common sense. You do, in fact, know better and you know that you could get arrested for it if the cops happen to catch you at it… and you do it anyway. I got to understand early on that I could literally have sex anywhere and at any time as long as there was x-amount of time available to not be discovered in some way, like, yeah, you haven’t lived until you’re having sex with someone… and somebody’s looking for you and you know that they are because you’re close enough to hear them asking other people if they’ve seen you. When it was sucking dicks, you just needed a few scant minutes to get the quickie in and that time dilation thing, well, that’s some weird shit all by itself.

Hey, let’s duck in here so I can suck your dick and, hopefully, no one will see us doing it. Um, no, we shouldn’t do that but, fuck it – why not? Well, “why not” is because you could get into a world of trouble if ya get caught but until you do… why not? I “caught” those guys out back and sneaking in a blowjob and probably because they had no other place they could do it. Same with the guys behind the dumpster; I’m sure they would have preferred to be on a bed in a room that gave them some privacy… but that’s not how it went down and it did in the only way it could… and it had to.

What a rush.

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