KDaddy’s General Observations: 100 Questions (65 Through 80)

31 Jul

65. What age should people be allowed to vote? Should children and teenagers be allowed to vote?

When I was growing up, you had to be 21 to vote because that’s the age you had to be to be a legal adult – then they changed the law to make 18 being the legal age of adulthood and being able to vote. As to the questions of children and teens who aren’t 18 being allowed to vote? Um, shit. I’d not say that some youngsters aren’t astute enough to be able to make what has always been considered to be an adult decision and even then based upon a presumed understanding of the clusterfuck we call politics but clearly 18 is stil being a teenager but makes one a legal adult (unless local laws mandate being 21) but, no – lowering the voting age even lower might not be a good thing.

66. How do you feel about the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’?

Well, for one, it’s not an idea and no more than ‘turning the other cheek’ is an idea – they’re things that we believe to be the way we’re supposed to behave. You do me dirty and, on the one hand, I should do you dirty but on the other, I shouldn’t because when you’re thinking about revenge, first, dig two graves and it’s a dish that is best served cold but, nope, that’s not the way to be. I feel that if you don’t fuck with my “eye,” you won’t have a reason to worry about yours.

67. What’s the worst thing a person can be?

Someone who has no regard for life, theirs or anyone else’s.

68. How do you feel about monogamy?

It sucks because it is inherently flawed and more so when it doesn’t have any room for people to change one way or the other and, well, it sucks.

69. Can you be in love with someone and still fall in love with someone else?

Yes, and that’s why monogamy sucks because it implies that you cannot love more than one person at a time.

70. What is the tragedy of your life?”

Knowing that nothing is forever, and that death comes for us all.

71. Would your life make a good play?”

Sure, if ya didn’t mind how, um, XXX-rated it could be.

72. Should people be prosecuted for crimes that weren’t considered crimes at the time?

Um, nope – how is that considered to be justice? Like, it’s a crime to not wear your seat belt when you drive but I grew up and had learned to drive before this law existed so, what, I’m going to be prosecuted for not wearing a seat belt because there was no law that said I had to? That’s a minor and maybe even exaggerated example but it doesn’t make sense to be prosecuted now for something that wasn’t a crime at the time it was committed. Something that’s not a crime right now becomes one and because it’s a crime so from that point forward, if you commit the new crime, you should be prosecuted for it – but not because you did something that wasn’t a crime before it was.

73. Would you fight for your country? Do you feel a sense of loyalty to your nation?

I have fought for my country, and I do feel a sense of loyalty to it.

74. Do you believe in gender equality in every aspect?

I believe that men and women shouldn’t be treated differently in anything.

75. Do we have a moral obligation to care for others? To what extent?

Yes, we do and to whatever extent we’re capable of.

76. Do you crave approval and/or praise?

These days? Not so much but there was a time where I did… but that’s not unusual because I think we all do. Pat us on the head (or on the butt) when we do good and if we don’t, well, let’s not say anything about that because even the best constructive criticism is not easy to hear or accept. If you don’t approve of something I’ve said or done, well, too bad. If you praise me for something, eh, let’s not make that big of a deal out of it, okay? We all want to be… wanted. We need approval from those we want it from and because it’s critical to our sense of self and tells us if we’re doing things right or not so much. “Crave” is an interesting word in this context because it can imply an obsession and making one an attention seeker which isn’t a good thing.

77. Is there comedy in all tragedy and tragedy in all comedy?

If you believe, have read, and understand William Shakespeare, yes, there is. That dude had an interesting way of looking at life and such as it was back then.

78. Are you ever going to be satisfied?


79. When you are sad, do you listen to music that conveys your emotions or music that makes you happy?

Both. Depends on what made me feel sad and I’ve learned there is music that goes well to make me feel the sadness while lifting me up at the same time.

80. Is your music organized by mood or sensation or do you listen to everything at any time?

Yeah, my music is organized like that, but I also listen to whatever I want to listen to and regardless to my mood or whatever. Indeed, a lot of my organized music is done in a way to reflect any mood or sensation I might be experiencing from making me contemplative to having me jumping up and dancing and singing and from one song to the next.

Almost at the end of the 100 questions. I think the questions are more interesting than my answers…


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2 responses to “KDaddy’s General Observations: 100 Questions (65 Through 80)

  1. Mrs Fever

    31 July 2022 at 20:13

    Re: #72 — crimes

    I agree that back-prosecution does not make a lot of sense, in that the law is the law only from the date the law is made, forward. I find it appalling though that some things were never prosecuted at crimes because they *weren’t* against the law at the time. Less than a century ago, if a man killed someone when he was drunk (with his fists, with a revolver, or with his car), drunkenness was an acceptable defense; yes, it might go to trial (depending on who was involved and where it took place), but entering a plea of not guilty for reason of drunkenness was an acceptable thing, and those crimes often went unpunished.

    And to turn the question around… If a person is in jail, convicted of an offence that was a crime at the time it was committed but that is no longer against the law… What’s to be done? (Case in point: possession charges in narcotics cases involving marijuana. It’s legal in a lot of places now. The STATE runs the stores that sell it, FFS.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • kdaddy23

      31 July 2022 at 23:24

      Excellent points. If you were convicted of a crime that wound up being taken off the books, the conviction stands unless a case can be made to set the conviction aside.



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