Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: 26 August 22

26 Aug

I awoke today and not because my traitorous bladder decided to interrupt my sleep. Nope – I woke up because I felt hot and sticky and thinking that the people who claimed that our memory foam mattress would also keep us nice and cool were full of shit. I’m kinda tossing and turning as I’m waking up and like my body is looking for a cool spot and whenever I moved, I could feel the heat from the previous spot and that’s about the time my bladder decided to join in and bring me to full awareness and right along with an immediate need to take a shower.

Once I made my bladder happy and getting stuff together to shower, that’s about the time when the asshole that lives in my head decided that I needed to recall a hot summer night from my youth and being awakened in the dead of night because I was hot… and on top of the heat of the night.

It was the first night of a planned weekend sleepover with a kinda new friend. We’d known each other for a while but scheduling the expected sleepover took a while to coordinate between the parents and much to our dismay but things fell into place nicely and I was exciting to be able to spend this time with him because, well, he was cool and all that. And as it turned out, it was the last weekend before it was time to go back to school and neither of us were looking forward to it so it was upon us to make the most and best of this moment.

Once I got there, it was the two of us trying to cram in as much fun as we could and to the point where we were commanded to get our dusty and sweaty backsides in the shower before dinner; we’d gone to his room and stripped down and spent a couple of “second” ogling each other’s nakedness before busting out in giggles. We didn’t shower together but there was that moment when we were very naked before each other before getting dressed in clean clothes and heading down for dinner, which was really good, by the way.

After dinner, I played Monopoly with him and his family and he had warned them that I was really good playing it and, well, they found out that they should have listened to him as I cleaned them all out in short order and wiped them all out again when a rematch was demanded. It was a lot of fun but, oh, around 8pm, we were ordered to his room to get ready for bed and told that we’d better be asleep no later than 9pm. We dutifully acknowledged the instructions given to us while knowing that we were going to ignore them but, of course, his parents knew that, too.

It’s PJ time. We strip down to our underwear and I kinda blinked when he stepped out of his underwear before putting on his PJ bottoms. I guess he realized that I was staring at him and he kinda shrugged and said that he never slept in his underwear while wearing PJs and I kinda shrugged and in a “who does that?” kind of way but, okay – I stepped out of mine as well and we took note of the fact that we had the same PJs right up to their powder blue color. We dive into his bed, laughing and acting like a couple of idiots and even did a bit of rassling which got his father’s attention since he decided to pay us a visit to tell us to cut out the horseplaying, turn out the light, and go to sleep.

Yeah, like we were gonna do that but that’s what we wound up doing after a few more minutes of talking about how much we didn’t like going to school.

As I recall, the home didn’t have air conditioning, but it had been rather cool in his room and his bedroom window was open and letting in the cool night air but, at some point, I was… hot. Not quite to the point where I would start sweating but I was hot and I knew that I was even though I was asleep. Not only that but I was having the weirdest dream of having sex with someone and the thing that I remember about that moment was kinda being aware of both things but not being able to wake up but also not wanting to wake up because I was dreaming about someone sucking my dick and making it feel really, really good.

And it started feeling “too good.” I’m kinda awake or, at least, my body seemed to be awake but the rest of me hadn’t caught up yet but there was that… pressure in my balls that, awake or not, I knew meant that I was about to shoot and there was nothing I could do about it unless I could wake up and with a bit of mental effort, I “forced” myself to wake up…

To find my friend quietly and gently sucking on my dick. That just made the pressure in my balls increase and, shit, I’m gonna shoot and I can see that he had no idea that I’m awake and looking at him – and I can see why I was feeling so hot because he’s draped over the middle of my body as he sucked on me and he doesn’t know that I’m awake because he can’t see me. I was in what I would later learn to be a Catch-22; I could let him know that I was awake by telling him I was gonna shoot but if I did that, that might startle him and he’d stop sucking me and I didn’t want that to happen because, jeez, he was making it feel really good and…

It was like that bomb went off, not only in my head but my whole body as I shot my jizz. I heard him moan and I could feel him sucking a little harder and like he was drinking from a straw, and I had the thought that if I wasn’t in the middle of shooting my stuff, I would have been laughing about silly that “image” was in my head. I must’ve moaned – or I’m sure I did but not really sure – because he finished swallowing my stuff, raised up and turned to look in my direction to find me just now being able to open my eyes to look back at him.

“Oh, you’re awake!” he whispered into the night.

“I was hot and thought I was dreaming,” I whispered back.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it,” he said. “When I saw you naked, I knew that I had to. Are you mad at me? You must think I’m some kind of a freak.”

“No, I’m not mad and I don’t think you’re a freak but I wish you had told me that you liked doing that so, um, so I could do it to you, too,” I said.

“Really?” he asked and that got us revealing that we both liked doing it to girls… and boys, too. Which was the perfect excuse and reason for me to help him out of his PJ bottom so I could suck his dick and it was heavenly. He had his pillow over his face to muffle his moaning and that told me that he liked what i was doing and that I should keep doing it and more; he was fucking into my mouth and moving around so much that I had a moment of fear thinking that it could be enough noise to get one of his parents coming in to see if we were all right – and then almost laughing (with all of his dick in my mouth) because I was pretty sure we were both all right.

A few minutes later – and minutes that felt much longer than that – he shot his stuff into my mouth and I moaned as I started to swallow it because (a) there was a lot of it and (b) man, his stuff really tasted good! I’m all hot and bothered and… hot. I’m sweating like a fiend and the breeze that had been blowing in through his window was still coming in but not doing anything about how hot I was on top of being hot and bothered and then feeling… something to have learned that we were more alike than we had previously known or thought.

“Oh, that was very nice,” he said. I knew that he had whispered that but it sounded really loud to me. “Um, uh, do you fuck?”

“Yeah,” I said and because there was nothing else to say. His smile, even in the darkness of his room, seemed to light things up.

“Hang on for a moment,” he said. He slipped out of the bed and went to his dresser, rummaged around in a drawer for a moment, and returned to bed with… a jar of Vaseline and telling me that his parents didn’t know he had swiped this from them and all I could do was smile because I was sure that they did know and the probably knew why he had swiped it… but they might not have known what we were about to do with it.

“Hurry up and put it in me,” he whispered, and I hurried up as much as I could to slather us both up and the moment I got done putting some between his butt cheeks – and putting some in his hole, he flipped over onto his back and opened his legs “high and wide” and urged me again to hurry up and put it in him and I did.

My “greasy” dick slid right into him; it made both of us gasp. He wrapped his legs around me and then he wrapped his arms around me and pulling me tight to him. He kept whispering in my ear a litany I’d heard so many times: “Do it to me, do it to me, do it to me…” And I did it to him and it was so good and not just because my dick felt good inside of him but I was liking how he was moaning and grinding back against me and just like some girls would do when I screwed them.

I don’t know how long I was screwing him but seemed to be “forever” before he whispered for me to shoot my jizz into him, his breath hot against my face and ear and just adding to how hot and sweaty and sticky I was already feeling. He kept saying, “Do it…” over and over and something inside of me obeyed him and… I shot my stuff into him, and I felt like someone was beating me with a baseball bat.

He moaned. He groaned. He bucked against me and was using his hands on my ass to pull me tighter to him and I had a funny moment of thinking that I wasn’t going to get any farther in him than I already was and almost giggled at the thought of him shoving the rest of my body into him – but I didn’t… but maybe I did because he was giggling in my ear. God, this was so good and despite being uncomfortably hot and bothered and hot and sweaty, I knew I wanted him to do it to me and told him as much.

“Your turn to fuck me,” I whispered in his ear. We got separated so fast that if I hadn’t known that I was between his legs and still in his ass, I would have sworn I never was. He got us slathered and I stayed on my belly since (a) I was already lying like that and (b) he didn’t try to turn me over. I felt him on top of me and, a moment later, gasped to feel his prick dive into me in one movement and, god, it felt so good!

“Do it to me,” I whispered to him and the night air. Man, his dick felt good moving in and out of me and I felt my body pushing up against his and hearing our sweaty bodies smacking against each other and the sound seemed to be loud enough for everyone in the world to hear but I didn’t care one bit – all I cared about was his dick in my ass and him screwing me and I could wait for him to shoot his stuff into me and…

He did. I could feel his dick pumping in me as well as his whole body shuddering against mine and like he was being electrocuted. It felt good. It felt very nasty. I didn’t want him to stop putting his stuff in me but I knew that, at some point, he’d be finished, and he would pull out of me and when he did, I felt good but… empty. It wasn’t the first time I’d had this feeling and I didn’t understand it now and no more than I understood it the first time I felt this way. I wanted him back inside of me because maybe that would make this empty feeling go away but “reason” returned to tell me that it’s gonna be few minutes or so before he’d be able to fuck me again. But first, we both had some serious cleaning up to do.

Needless to say, we didn’t get any more sleep that first night. We sucked each other off. We fucked each other. Got cleaned up and talked (and giggled like girls) in between doing it all over again. I remember him telling me at some point that he liked having sex with boys but he hadn’t had a single thought about having sex with me before we wound up naked together in his room prior to showering. He had said that he felt bad about sneaking me like he did but he couldn’t resist sucking me and he even mentioned that it felt weird because he wanted me to wake up and “catch him in the act” but he hoped I would stay asleep at the same time and… I understood what he was saying but, yeah, I was wishing we had been able to talk about this before anything happened… but what’s done is done and what made all of it okay, at least for me, was that we were good at having sex with each other.

Somewhere around 7:30 or so, we both were awake to hear the tapping on his door and his mom telling us to “get our lazy behinds out the bed and cleaned up for breakfast” and we both hid some giggling behind our hands because, um, if we were anything, it wasn’t lazy. Yeah, we both agreed that his mom came to wake us up a half an hour after we got done sucking each other off one more time and, yeah, if she had showed up ten minutes sooner, we might have been in serious trouble… and that gave us another case of the giggles despite how very serious that would have been.

We get to the table to eat and his dad asks us, “Did you guys sleep okay? It was kinda hot last night, wasn’t it?”

Uh oh! Was this his way of him telling us that he knew what we’d been doing all night long? I had to fight that incredible urge to run to the bathroom, but I heard him telling his wife that maybe they should invest in a couple of those new air conditioner things because, during the summer and at night, the house tended to be warmer than it was during the day. I know that I breathed a sigh of relief and I snuck a peek at my friend to see if he was doing the same thing and… he’s eating pancakes and like he didn’t have a care in the world or maybe he didn’t hear his dad but he did hear him because he said – and like I had – that he’d slept just fine but, yeah, it was kinda hot. Yeah, we lied our asses off about sleeping but it wasn’t like we were going to tell him that we didn’t sleep because we had spent the night creating even more heat.

The rest of the weekend was… more of the same. His parents had tossed us out of the house and he took me to the place he would go with his friends in the neighborhood so that they could have all the sex they wanted to and without risking getting caught. We got there and, to my surprise, some of his friends were already there and doing it to each other. They saw us, greeted us and he introduced me to them and let them know that I was not only okay but really okay which made them relax and go right back to what they were doing and, well, let’s say that things… devolved pretty quickly and probably because his friends wanted to find out what it was like to do it to me and for me to do it to them and, man, let’s see:

We got tossed out just after 8:00am; we got to his secret place around 8:15 or so and, let’s say, by 8:30 or so, the “orgy” got started and didn’t break up until maybe 11:00 and only then because we all had to get back to where we belonged for lunch. And… off to get showered and this time, we showered together. No sex but we had fun rubbing our soapy bodies against each other and especially the erections we were both sporting (and he had a very nice one, by the way and he had complimented me on my boner). We got fussed at for getting water all over the the bathroom floor and our lunch was delayed because we had to clean it up but we did that, had lunch, and right back to his secret place and found that we were the only ones there.

We were doing it like neither of us had ever done it before. We admitted that we wish we had known this about each other when we first met because we could have been doing this way before now, but we were doing it now and it was so good. We talked about how… right it felt to like boys and girls and, as I recall, he got… introduced a couple of months after I’d been introduced – and we were the same age – and that made things… special. We… bonded at a level that just felt right and we spend a long time silently thinking about all of this before I felt it was time to empty his balls again. We spent, oh, maybe a couple of hours alone in his secret place before leaving there and kinda wandering around and talking about this and that but also talking about how good it was going to be once it was bedtime and we both laughed when he said, “Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some sleep tonight!”

In the here and now, I’m in the shower and adjusting the water temp down to be cooler and thinking that the thing that made this memory so… memorable was me waking up at some point because I felt hot and sticky and seeing that I felt that way because my friend was snuggled up to me – really kinda draped on me, to be honest – and… it was okay and I went back to sleep. I woke up later because the sun was cooking my face and I went to move but couldn’t because he was still… holding onto me and when I tried to move, he pulled me tighter to hm. I remember being moved by this moment and being “bothered” by it because it felt like I might be in love with him but that was silly – boys can have sex with each other but falling in love? Preposterous! I do remember wanting to make love to him so bad that it kinda hurt but I also knew that if I did, that would be right about the time one of his parents arrived to roust us out of bed.

It was a great weekend and I felt some kind of way about having to head back home. I knew we’d see each other again and especially when school started up again in a few days but… I missed him and not just because we’d shared a lot of sex and other things with each other. We never spent the night or weekend with each other again but we would hang out with each other and I even took him to one of my secret places since he had shared his with me and, well, you know what we spent our time doing. But as these things tended to go, well, it wasn’t like I moved away or he did because we still saw each other in school and all that but I would say that girls got more of our attention but we kinda… grew apart. That kinda bothered me and so much that my mom had asked me why I was being a Sad Sack and while I didn’t tell her exactly why I was being one, I told her about my friend and how we were kinda not friends but we were and she explained to me that as we grow and experience different things and meet new people, things like this just happen and it doesn’t feel good but that’s what memories are for.

Her words of wisdom made me feel better and I had good memories of the two of us hanging out and having sex and, well, they’d have to serve me as I continued to grow and learn about the world around me and, yeah, doing homework and school shit but being able to share some stuff with a guy who was very much like me but also so very different.

I’m done showering and in the process of drying off (so I can put some lotion on me before I start getting ashy) and I can feel myself smiling at this memory of a time where I was hot and sweaty and sticky because I had a friend who took it upon himself to do something to make me feel that way… and even better. So much better and it wasn’t us having mad crazy sex that made me feel that way but also what I learned about myself and my feelings as well as kinda/sorta accepting that I could have “deep feelings” for a guy but at the same time, nah, because that was something gay guys were into and I wasn’t gay.

Which served to remind me, just for a moment, about really falling in love with a guy. The impossible made possible and, I’d say, confirming to me that guys can fall in love with each other and being bi or gay or even straight doesn’t mean a whole lot but, yeah, we’re still guys and we just get weird about stuff like this but knowing that, yep, we feel what we feel and it’s not always lust.

I’m walking around nice and naked and thinking about how glad I am to have had the experiences I did when I was younger and being able to absorb everything and having the wherewithal to put it all into perspective so that my bisexuality wasn’t… two different thing and as I’ve heard so many bisexuals say: It’s all one thing because I’m not two different people – just one person with dual interests in people.

I’m sighing a happy sigh today. Who know what tomorrow will bring?

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