Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: 05 September 22

05 Sep

I was perusing the latest forum stuff and saw a new response to a post where a member was asking if swallowing cum was (a) about the taste and (b) whether it made a difference if the top came quickly… and I was reminded of how so many of us who suck dick are just utterly fascinated with cum and, as I’ve found myself doing in these moments, trying to figure out why we are and why it… makes sense to swallow a guy’s load when it’s permissible to (a) spit it out or (b) don’t let him do it in your mouth.

I’m already sighing on this one because I don’t know the answer to this even though I do swallow. It… doesn’t make sense not to because if you’re going to be bold and daring enough to suck a guy’s dick, ya might as well take it to the limit. So many of us talk about “the reward” to be received after putting in the work to get him off and the submissive cocksuckers, man, do they ever get into how submissive it makes them feel to have serviced him so well that he feeds them his seed as a reward.

Yeah, I’m not of that school of thought but I recognize it as just a part of this part of the dynamic. I have learned that “most” guys don’t get hooked on sucking dick if they never wind up with cum in their mouth – and whether they wanted it in there or not but by this, I’m not taking about them being “forced” to take it but the many guys who suck dick and, I dunno, I guess they either don’t know (and when younger) or just forget that if you suck a guy’s dick long enough and in just the right way, guess what’s gonna happen?

I’m laughing to myself because I can’t get it out of my mind regarding that video of homey getting chipmunk cheeks and the look on his face that clearly said he got totally surprised by the load spurting into his mouth. Okay – I’m okay now. But yeah – what did he think was gonna happen?

There is probably no worse feeling than to spend x-amount of time sucking a guy’s dick and… he doesn’t cum. It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether you wanted to swallow it or not, but it is so frustrating and something that can get you kicking your own ass because if he didn’t cum, fuck – it had to be because of something you did or didn’t do and, yeah, been there quite a few times myself but instead of kicking my own ass, I wanted to know why it didn’t happen and… I learned some shit about that.

But what I’ve never been able to do is figure out why getting his cum is so damned important. There’s that great sense of accomplishment that can be felt but I’ve never been able to get away from the thought that there’s more to this swallowing thing than feeling proud that you got him to cum. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s been talk about some rather spiritual meaning behind doing it and I wouldn’t say that it’s not valid because I’ve taken a guy’s load in my mouth and have thought, rather irreverently, that I just swallow sperm that won’t get a chance to make a baby. These days, I’ve seen a lot of stuff that suggests that when you suck a guy off and take his cum, you’re stealing his soul… and there just might be something to that.

I had re-read all of the prior comments for the post and a lot of guys said it was all about the taste, some said it was the taste and feel and they were “carrying on” along these lines but in this, I have always felt that the most important thing about being able to taste and swallow a guy’s cum is… getting him to do it and if he does it before he wanted to, well, okay – he did what I wanted him to do and I have felt… somewhat evil every time I’ve gotten a guy to give it up quickly and, yeah, I had a few girls teach me the trick they use to get a guy to spill now rather than later – and a trick they use because, sometimes, they really didn’t want to suck him in the first place so let’s get this done and over with PDQ.

There is, apparently, power in making a guy cum and swallowing it. I’ve heard so much talk these days about this being all about him and those submissive guys talking about how glorious it is to let him use their mouth and in anyway they care to and… I ain’t feeling that even though, in my many experiences, I’ve run into guys who really believe that they’re in charge of what I’m about to do to them even though it’s clear to me that the moment I put my mouth on them, I am the one running the show and they are, in fact, at my mercy and not the other way around.

There’s… power in hearing a guy begging to make them cum. And denying it to them when I’m feeling nice and evil. Or them saying that this is gonna take a while and, well, challenge accepted homey… and you might want to hold onto something and don’t blink because this’ll be over before you know it. At the end of this is… his cum. A little or a lot. Thick or thin. Taste is, well, it is what it is and it’s better to have good tasting cum in your mouth than cum that tastes “raunchy” but that just calls for swallowing it quickly and before your tongue notices how yucky his shit tastes…

Or a very good reason to spit it all out. I’ve had guys get totally pissed at me because I spit it out or, because I wanted to see them cum – and don’t even think about asking me why because I don’t know – I’ve sucked them to the edge and used my hand to shove them over it. Why did they get pissed? Because I was supposed to (a) let them cum in my mouth and (b) swallow all of it. It’s the expectation that I’ve been aware of for pretty much all of my life. From where I sat in this, it seemed to me that it became an expectation because a lot of girls/women didn’t mind sucking a guy’s dick… but they sure as fuck didn’t want cum in their mouth or, as one girl told me, “It belongs in my pussy, not in my mouth!”

Which is one of the reasons why guys turn to other guys for a blowjob because it’s a given that a guy is going to do it and finish it and he’s gonna swallow every creamy, spunky drop of it. Or, as guy had told me so very long ago, “We do what women won’t do.” And… he wasn’t wrong about that and, yep, I learned some shit about why women can be so leery or put-off by having a nut busted in their mouth.

And how it is perceived to be… unmanly to not take a guy’s nut down the hatch and no matter how it tastes or how much is in the offering. It’s about sucking dick and gulping down his cum… and I’ll be dipped in very stinky shit if I know why this means so damned much to those of us who suck and swallow. Rewarding? I suppose so. That sense of accomplishment because sucking a guy’s dick can be hard and difficult work? I guess so. I’ve been asked so many times why I swallow that “nasty shit” and my answer is usually along the lines of, “I like swallowing it!” but also knowing that there’s something else going on with this and understanding that I love sucking dick so much that it’s rare that I won’t suck a guy off and, no, I have – and never will – look at it as being fed by a feeder and like a lot of guys see this.

More sighing. Chances are very good that I – and so many other men – are just overthinking the whole swallowing thing but I know how I’ve felt when I’ve sucked a guy and didn’t get his cum for some reason or another. Shit, I know that I’ve wanted it “so bad” that if I can’t suck it out of him, he gets invited to stick it in my ass and give it to me that way, you know, if he’s not going to shit himself over doing this and I’ve said to some guys, “Do you wanna cum or what?”

Because I have never felt right not getting a guy’s cum… and I don’t know why. It… just makes sense to take it and swallow it and, at a very high level of thought, a lot of other men feel the same way about it. I’ve had to learn to not get pissed if (a) he doesn’t cum or (b) he cums before even I’m ready for him to and I can damned well remember how I felt one day when a guy unloaded his balls… and all I did was start out by sucking his nuts. One part of me was cackling evilly and another part was totally pissed that all that cum got away from me but, that was okay, because I did get what little he had left and kept sucking him until he “did it the way he was fucking supposed to.”

And why I – and so many other men – get like this is something I will probably not live long enough to figure it all out. And I’ve purposely left out those guys who (a) are afraid to cum in a guy’s mouth and (b) those guys who are afraid to take it in their mouth. I understand why they are the way they are about it but, ah, I’m not talking about them. I am talking about myself and the untold number of men who feel and firmly believe that if we suck your dick, you’d damned well better cum in our mouths so we can swallow it. And face our “wrath” if you don’t. Snatching the dick away from us and jacking off so you can cum anywhere other than in the warm wetness of our mouth? Yeah, some guys are into that and I’m definitely not one of them and it’s going to suck to be you if you even think about doing that.

Because that’s not why I’m sucking your dick. I’m not doing it to appease your facial fantasies or whatever; I’m doing it because the “whole purpose” is to swallow your cum. It’s very similar to why I will go down on a woman and stay there for as long as it takes her to cum and if she’s a squirter, yeah, baby – give it all to me and whether it’s a little or I need to wear foul weather gear the next time I eat you. It’s just… not as satisfying if no cum or toe-curling orgasm never happens. It’s disappointing. Frustrating. Even when I know a lot about why it doesn’t happen, I still have to bite down feeling disappointed, and just 200% pissed off about myself and totally frustrated when it doesn’t make sense to feel this way since – and I’ll go out on a limb and say usually – the other person was enjoying what I was doing to them just the same and the truth that I was enjoying it even more than they were.

But yeah. Cum. Gotta have it. It’s not “right” without feeling it being pumped into my mouth and those spurts spurting wherever it’s gonna spurt so I can gather it up and swallow it down and even if I wind up “paying for it” later because some guys’ cum is so… alkaline that it’ll upset the water balance in my gut and… the runs. Yuck and ugh. But damned worth this bit of misery… and I fucking do not know why it is, again, so goddamned important to those of us who swallow cum.

For those who use the disease card – and, yeah, now I’m talking about them – as a reason to avoid a guy’s cum, it makes sense, but they don’t really understand how “rare” it is to catch an STD and it’s not the, ah, final product that can cause problems and more so if their mouth isn’t all that healthy to begin with. In this, the moment you take his dick in your mouth and he starts oozing “pre-cum,” the damage, if any, is already done but, yeah, a lot of guys don’t know that…. but I do.

So much fear has been imposed onto getting cum in your mouth and, well, I get it but for me, if there’s a problem with your dick – and even if I think there is – guess what ain’t gonna happen and no matter how much I wanted it to? This is how I’ve been able to suck hundreds of guys off and not get anything bad in my mouth other than some yucky tasting spunk.

An avid and even voracious cocksucker… but never a stupid one. Have I had guys say that they didn’t want to cum? Sure, I have and I’ve learned that for many of them, their reason is… The Specter of Gayness. A lot of guys have said to me that, sure, I can blow them but don’t make them cum because if they do, it’s going to make them gay… and I wish that I was kidding about that but I’m not. Only to have them do it anyway and I didn’t even get started on them. Yeah, that silly notion that if there’s no cum, it can’t be gay. Well, you came in my mouth even though you didn’t want to… and do you really feel gay?

And I can only remember one guy saying that he felt very gay but, eh, he got over that pretty quick since I saw him later that day for more of the same only this time, he was determined to suck me off and I wasn’t going to do or say anything to stop him, either. While a lot of guys seem to be all about being on the receiving end of a nut – and that’s fine – I’m about receiving and giving because, um, I’m a guy and I like busting a nut, too. And if you don’t swallow, I’m not going to be mad at you…

Because I understand. Given how funny some guys can be about sucking dick, I very much appreciate you doing it and I know that you didn’t have to at all. I still give “The Warning” because it’s just polite to give it but I had to learn to not get pissed with guys who didn’t give it because, um, it was what I was doing to him that prevented him from giving it. Occupational hazard. My bad. Nah, not really, because you did what I wanted you to do.

And there’s some kind of power in it that makes swallowing a guy’s cum… a must. An expectation that makes all the sense in the world even though finishing him off is optional but doing it anyway because it still doesn’t make sense not to. Overthinking it? Perhaps. I’d be the first to admit that but if I’m overthinking it, so is just about every male cocksucker I have ever known and the ones I know now. Is it really about the taste? Does it taste any difference when a guy cums quickly or it takes him a few?

I personally don’t think so. It’s that he does it. Period. A little or a lot, sooner instead of later. I know guys are into edging these days and even when giving head and, well, hmm, I know how to keep a guy from cumming but that kinda… defeats the purpose but, then again, I don’t suck dick just to make the other guy happy and never will. Just give up the nut and we’ll be fine.

Fuck if I know why. I get that there are people who don’t understand why guys suck each other off just as I understand why people think it’s a very gay thing to do which makes them overlook the fact that you do not have to be gay to suck a guy off: You just gotta want to do it. It’s not really a sexuality thing because I’ve sucked off straight guys and I’ve been sucked off by them. Sure, it… technically makes them bi if you wanna look at it like that and that’s fine – but bi isn’t gay.

Only the blowjob is because it is 100% homosexual – but the act doesn’t define the person. I’m not gay but if you’re okay with me, I will suck you off and swallow your cum… because why not? It’s… the way it’s supposed to be and nothing more than that? Probably. I dunno.

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