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I’ve seen some crazy shit in my time, from martial law enforced after Dr. King was assassinated to the day 9/11 happened as well as the many times people lost their mind every time the weather weenies said was gonna snow.

This coronavirus shit tops it all. We’ve had Ebola outbreaks, avian flu, SARS, MERS, even bad cases of the flu… and no one reacted to these things like they have been over the last week or so. States of emergency being declared across the country. The NBA and NHL has suspended their seasons… and with their respective playoffs coming up. March Madness, well, there’s a new March Madness going on that has nothing to do with NCAA basketball.

On Facebook, a lot of folks are having fun with the insane run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer… while others are getting all biblical and talking about Judgement Day and quoting the Book of Revelations, conspiracy theories going to bed and airlines actually slashing prices to get people to fly when a lot of people are quarantining themselves and before their local government does it. And the media, gods, they must be in heaven with all the reports about COVID-19; you know that this shot has gotten really crazy when The Weather Channel is talking about this virus and parts of the country getting whacked by tornadoes seem to be a secondary concern.

What the fuck is going on? And why? Went shopping today; the market usually has a Purel sheet dispenser as you come into the market but today? They had two… and one of them was very empty. The trash can for used sheets was overflowing onto the floor and people were still trying to stuff their used sheet in it – and the floor was littered with used sheets. We looked to the right… and all of the checkout lanes were jammed packed with people and I saw some of them with hand sanitizer, Lysol, huge packs of paper towels… and we saw one guy with an armful of frozen pizzas.

COVID-19 has arrived in my home state… and it’s insane. I’ve been getting emails from places I deal with online assuring me that they’re doing everything they can to fight the spread of the virus and our governor has declared a state of emergency – but only to activate special services and to activate the National Guard. So far, no schools,businesses, and state offices have been ordered closed but I’m wondering if this step is going to be the next one that’ll be announced.

The federal government seems to be running around like headless chickens; the current POTUS is on Twitter talking about fake news and, from what I’ve seen, just talking out of his ass and in the totally clueless fashion he’s displayed throughout his administration. I have no idea what the CDC is doing, oh, like figuring out a way to make this shit go away and you know the shit is bad when it’s now being reported that doctors and nurses are testing positive for the coronavirus.

Wall Street is shitting its pants and I saw something about Washington authorizing a shitload of money to help Wall Street through their downward tumble… and I’m wondering if it crossed anyone’s mind in DC that this money would be put to better use developing something to keep more people from dying from this virus and to help those who are sick – clearly, their priorities are a bit fucked up.

And I’m fairly sure that during this… financial crisis, somebody’s getting rich or richer because the market is drowning. I saw a question on Twitter asking if the election was gonna be canceled, making me wonder if we’ve ever had a national election canceled before. The political crazies are having a field day, from blaming Trump to blaming every Democrat they can point a finger at.

Insanity… and like I’ve never seen before.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Political Animals

I rarely get involved in political discussions. I’m a life-long registered Democrat and have not missed a chance to do my civic duty and vote and, yeah, sometimes, the best candidate – in my mind – is sometimes a Republican, not because of their party affiliation but they have the best “credentials” for the job at hand.

I was checking Facebook last night and my feed is overflowing with discussions about Trump’s impeachment… and some of the stuff I saw was pretty vicious and I’ve seen a side of some of those Facebook friends I actually know that, wow, I mean, who knew that they could go from being really cool to rabid, foaming at the mouth, political animals?

Okay, this is what I know: Presidents of the United States often do some shit they shouldn’t do or, at the very least, is legally questionable. Famously – or, rather, infamously – Bill Clinton got impeached for getting his dick sucked by someone who wasn’t his wife. He didn’t get removed from office but, okay, Congress felt he did something wrong enough to be impeached.

The system, believe it or not, worked the way it’s supposed to. Enter Donald Trump…

You know, I thought that the second George Bush to sit in the Oval Office was one of the “worst” presidents ever and, well, my mind has been changed about that one given how our current president has been behaving and in light of the things he’s being accused of doing that Congress has deemed to be illegal and, hmm, for only the third time in our history, a sitting POTUS has been impeached and is facing removal from office.

Not going to be impeached – has been impeached. Republicans are having the expected hissy fit and pointing the finger at Democrats and saying all kinds of shit – but there’s nothing really new about this factional in-fighting, is there? Those really rabid and foaming at the mouth Republicans that are, wow, friends of mine on Facebook are losing their minds, flinging shit at Democrats and standing by someone who, according to Congress and, specifically, the House of Representatives, has fucked up big time and has been called onto the carpet.

They impeached him – the system continues to work the way it was designed to. The House is a mixture of political parties although, okay, sure – the Speaker of the House is a Democrat and a much despised one but as a body, they voted to impeach the president. Now the Senate has the duty to put him on trial and, holy shit… the Republicans, who apparently control the Senate, are doing everything they can to throw wrenches in the proceedings which, I guess, makes sense given that the president – who has been impeached – is a fellow Republican. Evidence is being excluded, potential witnesses being bullied, all sorts of not-so-cool shit and, oh, yeah, this president is on social media and behaving in ways that reminds me of the many hood rats I see on social media – and this is not a good thing seeing the leader of the free world ranting and raving like he’s lost his mind.

One of the foaming at the mouth Republicans on Facebook is someone I know very well and, yeah – I had biblical and very carnal knowledge of her. She is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met as well as one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met and when I see what she has to say about what’s going on, well, I’m shocked but, then again, not so much because I do happen to know how passionate she can be about things.

It is really something to sit back and watch how people are reacting to these events. Late last year, my mother almost lost her life and had to undergo some very serious surgery to keep her here with us. Her husband, who was understandably upset over what was going on with her, got to ranting and raving over the way the hospital staff was dealing with my mom… and blaming Donald Trump for her plight and that the surgeon in charge of her case was deliberately mishandling her care because, “obviously,” the doctor was following Trump’s orders and, you know, like this doctor – who saved my mother’s life when she should have died – is a Republican and knew my mom is a Democrat and one who had to be “eliminated.”

I’m not kidding about this at all. That my step-father would get to foaming at the mouth in this way – and because Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office – just blew me away because, frankly, I’d never seen him behave in this manner. At one point, I asked him what the hell did Donald Trump have to do with Mom’s dissected aorta… and he looked at me like I was the one who didn’t understand Trump’s involvement in this.

Even my protege and friend has been going off the deep end over Trump’s presidency and I’ve seen some foam on his mouth, too… and I’m just dumbfounded over his reactions and to the point that, during his last rant about Trump, I actually told him I didn’t want to hear anymore about it and that’s not something I normally do.

Politics have always brought out the worst sides of people but what’s going on now has me slack-jawed and wondering what the fuck is going on. From the beginning, the Trump presidency has been… suspect and all manners of foul play has been thrown out there and more so since it’s not all that often that someone running for the office gets their ass kicked in the popular vote… but wins the election anyway.

The last time that happened, um, the person who won was a Republican. Sure, some shady shit was suspected and an investigation was kicked off and, okay, yeah, some shady shit seemed to have happened but nothing was done about it and even some proposed reforms in the Electoral College were put on the table but never enacted. Still, President Bush didn’t get called on the carpet before Congress, even when it was proven that he lied to Congress so he could start a war in the Middle East.

Democrats were shitting their pants over that and the Republicans were like, “Nothing to see here – he didn’t do anything wrong!” But what the current president is reported to have done makes what Bush did seem like a traffic violation (although lying to Congress is a very, very bad thing) and, well, yeah – he’s got to answer for it and as our laws say he has to. Republicans are up in arms and claiming that Democrats are just hating on this president who has done so much good for the country and has done nothing wrong or illegal.

I’m thinking that if this was true, hmm, what’s going on right now wouldn’t be going on at all, would it? It’s being reported that no POTUS that has been impeached has been removed from office and some talking head even brought up Richard Nixon who was told to, “Resign or be prosecuted…” and “Tricky Dick” chose to resign rather than to be impeached and removed from office. Why? Because he did some illegal shit and got caught.

Bill Clinton did some… immoral shit and got caught. It’s being bandied about that Barack Obama did some illegal shit, too… except if he did, um, he didn’t get caught doing it and Congress didn’t even start riffing about impeaching him (that I know of).

Mr. Trump? Yep – he allegedly has done some illegal shit that even include obstruction of justice and Congress is doing their job for a change and calling him on the carpet to answer for it. His impeachment is now a foregone conclusion – it’s happened even if the foaming at the mouth Republicans believe it should have never happened. The Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, appears to be cock-blocking like never before. They can’t stop the trial from happening – the law says that since Trump has been impeached, the trial has to happen and it’s already being said that the end result will be that Trump will not be removed from office even if, again, the other two presidents were impeached but not removed.

I’ve never seen such polarizing political behavior before in my life. I’m seeing, again, people I know personally on social media showing me a side of them I wasn’t aware of… and it all makes me wonder what the fuck is going on and kinda worried about the fate of the United States of America since the whole fucking world is watching this debacle.

What do I think? I think the system is working like it’s supposed to and if there is enough evidence for the House of Representatives to impeach a sitting president, yeah, that’s some fucked up shit for this to happen and, yes, I’d say the same thing if the sitting president was a Democrat. Did I think Clinton should have been impeached for getting a blow job? No… but Congress did and he got impeached.

The system worked to perfection. The system is working in this current political cluster fuck, too. The people – and in the form of the House of Representatives – has called for action to be taken against this president and after the expected hemming and hawing and political in-fighting, action was taken. How this turns out is anyone’s guess but I’m just wondering why all the people losing their minds over this just doesn’t settle down and let the system work the way it’s supposed to.

It’s wishful thinking on my part, I know but I sleep easier at night because I trust the system more than I trust either political party so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what happens next. Will the Senate trial determine that he has to be removed from office or will they, as they’ve done two other times, not remove an impeached president?

News at 11, I guess.


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KDaddy’s General Observation: What I Really Need

I have two of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the world today – an iPad and an iPhone. I am, admittedly, the guy who once said that I’d never own anything that Apple made… until I got my first (and only) iPod and given what it could do, yeah, I got my mind changed to a point.

iTunes is still the worst program I’ve ever had to work with although I understand the necessity for it but this isn’t what I’m riffing about. Here, hold my beer…

I subscribe to Apple Music, first out of curiosity – is it really as good or bad as I’ve been hearing? – then because $9.99 isn’t that bad of a price to get music I’m not gonna mind listening to and music that can go along with all the music I possess on my computer and, um, a shitload of CDs and some with music not available on Apple Music.

Streaming music is the thing now; why clog up your device of choice with stuff when you can stream whatever you wanna hear from the cloud? Oh, that’s right – some of the music I wanna hear ain’t in the cloud and may never be. But, okay: When I signed up for Apple Music, it took a week’s worth of music – that’s listening to it for a week and not hear the same song twice – and shuffled it into the cloud and freeing up gigabytes of precious space on my devices… but I’m stuck with Apple’s crappy player/interface and I still gotta sync both to insure peak performance and all that.

I had a couple of really good player apps that let me listen to my music in the way I wanted to; I could customize the sound I hear and based on earbud/headphone “protocols,” EQ setting based and optimized for a boatload of listening tools and they looked great, sounded even better and I was happy.

Until Apple made sure that those apps couldn’t access Apple Music or any music I may have bought from them prior to Apple Music. I’d be listening to a playlist that included and one such piece of music and, what the fuck? I know it’s in the playlist – why didn’t it play? Then I found out why and, believe it or not, I wasn’t pissed about it – all I gotta do is to find a player that Apple has allowed to access, in this case, Apple Music.

And I found one and only one appropriately named “Listen.” And it sucks. The interface is gesture based, can’t see any of my playlists and, wow, has a radio function that I don’t fucking want or need. I’ve looked at a shitload of apps in the App Store and they’re most,y for streaming music and, often, not the music I’d be remotely interested in, oh, like offering “stations” like hip-hop and country, both of which I have no desire to listen to. Or it an app can access my music that now resides in Apple’s cloud, I can’t do much about the way it sounds in my ears, let alone my built-in speakers.

And most won’t or can’t access certain audiobooks that, before this stuff came into being, I could do easily enough. Some offer podcasting… like I care about that; I’m offered lists of music or stations of music that I’d have to listen to god knows how ,any songs before I might hear something I might like but because the way the “music player” is built um, nope – can’t listen to my own music unless I do the unthinkable and physically put back gigabytes of music from my thousands of CDs – and then hope the “music player” can access the music I’ve actually paid for.

The default player for Apple, such as it is, isn’t that horrible but I am wondering how a song from a jazz “album” can be classified as R&B. Oh, I can change that… but that means going into iTunes and no matter what they e done to “improve” it, iTunes still sucks donkey dick and there’s no guarantee that changes I make to my music library is going to stay changed to my preferences… and if I even see them at all.

Why not go Android? Because they don’t make a device that can handle the amount of music I’d want to put on it, that’s why. SD card, you say? Well, hmm, Android devices are funny about what can go on an SD card and I know because I also have an Android tablet. I could get Apple Music on Android… but that’s an unnecessary duplication since, uh, I have two devices that’s already sharing all of that music to begin with and, oh, yeah, my Samsung table, as nice as it is, loves running out of both space and memory, likes to crash, have stuff just stop working for unknown and inexplicable reasons.

Use Spotify or some other service? I could do that but I have Spotify; I had it look for some songs I either already owned or obtained via Apple Music and, nope, on,ya found one of them… but it does have plenty of music I’m not interested in listening to.

I just want to listen to the music I want to listen to and the way I wanna hear it. My JetAudio app used to do that and, oh, yeah, now it can’t because all of my music is in Apple’s cloud so I can open the app… and it sees nothing. Well, let me be precise and not overly exaggerate things: It sees and plays the music that was physically on the device but is now in the cloud – still won’t play anything I bought or downloaded via Apple Music. I know that’s because that music doesn’t have Apple’s DRM protocols attached but, damn it, I want a comprehensive player that will play all of my music no matter where or who I got it from and one I can set up the way I want to listen to my music and without “bells and whistles” like “radio stations” I have no interest in.

It’s not so much the service i have issue with – I’ve come to like Apple Music but, yeah, hate the stock player because I can’t customize the sounds I hear to my liking.

Okay, yeah – I’m not only funny about the music I listen to, I’m funny about how i actually hear it. The built-in EQ for Apple’s player ain’t bad but cannot be tweaked or fine-tuned. I’m a life-long musician and when I listen to a song, I want to be able to hear every instrument and some default EQ setting, bleh, cut out the midrange stuff, too much treble, not enough bass – you get the picture.

Apple has revamped iOS in some very good ways – except this one. The player is… merely adequate and this ain’t good enough for me… and the many apps available leave much to be desired. Apple touts the iPhone as being great for taking pictures and videos and streaming content… but not listening to it, that and I didn’t get it to take pictures with anyway. The new iPads are supposed to replace laptops… but the music program on my laptop and desktop can be made to sound the way I want it to – and both my iPhone and iPad both costs more than my computer does.

Go figure. I know I’m just riffing… because I felt like riffing.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Amazing… or A Potential Problem?

If you click on the above link, you’ll see Jenny’s blog about sex dolls, what she has to say about them, and even some pictures (and she even provides a link to a site for them).

About the time she published this, someone on Twitter posted – and in reference to this – that men will fuck anything with a hole which is, um, yeah, a guy thing… but we’re guys and if I have to explain that to you, don’t hold your breath. Anyway…

I was impressed at how life-like this new crop of sex dolls look and, according to Jenny, if you can think of a woman you like, there’s a doll that’ll match your thoughts. Jenny regaled readers with five reasons she thinks sex dolls are amazing and I’ll admit that her reasoning makes sense… but that was the second thought that popped into my head when I was reading what she wrote.

The first thing was, “Would women be okay with their guy getting a sex doll… or would unimaginable hell break out? Hmm, I wonder what other women think about this?”

Jenny’s positivity about these dolls notwithstanding, my first thought is I’m thinking women aren’t gonna be all that positive about it… then I started thinking about in what ways all holy hell would break out… and I started getting a headache.

As men, we kinda/sorta know how women can be about sex; we know that if we’re even thinking about having sex with another woman, eh, that’s not going to go over well with her if she’s aware that we are or even suspects that we are – and even if we aren’t but that is what it is. My headache producing thought were along the lines of maybe women would not be fond of being replaced by an inanimate object and especially one that could be crafted to look in every way that the real woman isn’t.

Jenny said that this, in her mind, isn’t cheating… and I’m wondering if it could, in fact, be seen as cheating even though the gal homey is having sex with isn’t alive. Man… I’m still thinking that a guy who buys one of these is, first, gonna have a hard time hiding it from his woman and when she finds it – not if she does – well, it’s gonna suck to be him and that’s being nice about it.

It’s funny. Women like that we want to screw them… and don’t like that we want to. In a relationship thing, well, if girlfriend ain’t of a mind to give up the booty, you just ain’t getting any and don’t you even think about getting it from some other homewrecking bitch! Which begs the question of whether one of these new-fangled sex dolls can potentially be a homewrecker?

Yeah, my gut feeling is that it could be. I can hear knives being sharpened to think, “Well, what guy wouldn’t love to have a “woman” who would never say no to sex… and because she can’t talk… because while she may be anatomically correct, she’s not a living, breathing, woman. I can almost feel men cringing as they read that last sentence as they think, sure, that would work… but knowing that their ass would most certainly be grass if they were foolish enough to buy one.

I’m thinking single guys would have an easier time of it except, hmm, if they bring a real woman home for sex, he’d better have his doll buried somewhere it can’t be found without tearing the whole place apart.

My aching head said, “Stop thinking about this clusterfuck and accept that chances are some dude in a relationship buying one of these dolls will get his ass shredded like confetti when his lady found out that she’s been “replaced” as the object of his lust.”

But the reality is I don’t know how women would react to such a thing. Would they be… relieved that homeboy has found another outlet for his non-stop lust… or would they get totally bent out of shape and if so, why would they get bent out of shape?

Well, that last one is almost too easy to figure out and it’s possible (albeit very damned unlikely) that a woman would be relieved that her guy isn’t hounding her 24/7 for some pussy and especially when she’s not feeling it. I mean, some men get a lot of grief from their ladies because they masturbate so I can imagine that among those kinds of ladies, yeah, they’re really not gonna be happy about their guy masturbating with a doll and let alone one that just might look “better” or different than they look.

Oh, yeah – I can hear it now when a guy’s sex doll gets discovered, girlfriend gets a good look at it, and she’s asking him, “I’m not good enough for you? You don’t – and never, apparently – like the way I look?” “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” will, I think, get seriously redefined and not in good ways.

I remember reading an article about the sex dolls that can be found in Japan; the Japanese have a way with things robotic that is downright scary and there was a lot of fuss about those very life-like sex toys winding up in the United States and more so if the Japanese figured out a way to make them not be prohibitively expensive and as they were at the time the article was written. I read another article not too long after that first one where a guy with the financial means didn’t just buy one toy – he bought several of them and, when looking at the picture of his, ah, acquisitions, you’d have to look closely to tell that the women he had sitting with him weren’t real, living, breathing women.

Yeah… the Japanese have mad skills like that. As I recall, the pushback was immediate and homey was getting hate mail by the truckload and being told how morally bankrupt and low he was for buying sex dolls and with the clear intent to replace the real thing in his bed… and, yeah, most of the grief he got was from women.

As I also recall, the poor dude tried to defend himself and his choices and while I didn’t see anything else written about this guy, I’m thinking that trying to defend his reasoning didn’t pass muster.

Yet another article came out trying to put a positive spin on it by saying that chances are good that the number of sex crimes against women would either go down or just go away if men were to be able to avail themselves of such a doll, that women would feel less pressure to “put out,” wouldn’t be overly concerned about accidental pregnancies, STDs, and other things that women worry about when it comes to sex and, if I remember correctly, the article even said that women who aren’t fans of oral and/or anal sex might have their minds and feelings eased if their guy could avail himself of these highly sought after sex acts… and she wasn’t involved or being pressured to do them.

Probably more like wishful thinking and, again, I don’t really know – maybe some women would see this as a good thing for them but I’m thinking those gals would be very much in the minority and, yeah, other women would think there’s something very wrong with them that they’d allow their man to even think about getting one.

With guys basically being guys, yeah, I can easily imagine homey spending more time banging his hi-tech and very life-like sex doll more than he would the real thing. I think the “reality” is that these dolls “just facilitate” another way for men to masturbate… I’m just also thinking that some women wouldn’t see it this way and would be highly offended.

I had a friend who went through a very ugly divorce because – get this – his wife caught him jerking off one day. He said that she said that he had no reason whatsoever to be jerking off even though, in his defense – and such as it was – he said that he told her that he was jerking off because she never wanted to have sex when he wanted to and other means of avoiding sex with him.

I’m listening to this and thought, “That’s insane…” but, yeah, some women are like that and just as some men lose their minds to find out that their woman is getting herself off – and without him being involved. I thought about this poor slob and thought, holy shit, if he had one of these new sex dolls and his wife knew about it or caught him screwing it, shit, he might not have lived to wind up in divorce court.

Yeah, kinda extreme but methinks you might get the gist of this. We masturbate and not always because we have to – we just want to because, hmm, it feels good and, yup, we even do it when we’re getting all the pussy we want because, um, it still feels good. We can go old-school and use our hands but even guys have toys they can use to masturbate with, like the Fleshlight, or the “pocket pussy,” a fake vagina with just enough substance to hold most cocks and the sticky contents of his nuts when busted. I’ve seen sex toys for guys where they can buy just, um, the bottom half that contains a butt and a coochie but maybe key thing is it’s faceless.

And now there’s a new thing on the block: Dolls that are not only anatomically correct but come in whatever way a guy would want it to look and feel. Holy shit.

Holy. Shit. Am I the only one who thinks this could be more of a bad thing than a good one and given the ongoing war between men and women over sex?

You decide and you’re all invited to read Jenny’s writing and chime in with your thoughts and feelings about it.

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KDaddy’s General Observations: Victimized by WordPress… Again

Yesterday, I wrote a dazzling piece being bi and married and how sexuality really doesn’t make a difference in this. I poured myself into the writing and when I was done, I went to click “Publish…”

And WordPress was stuck in an autosave mode. I couldn’t copy what I’d written and save it but, okay, maybe shit is just kinda hung up – I’ll leave it on the screen and see if it gets done autosaving so I could post it.

Get up today, wake my computer up… and that insightful scribble I wrote is still on the screen and still autosaving. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Damned editor and its asshole buddy, autosave, has butt-fucked me again and, hell, no, it wasn’t in a good way!

Do I even want to grab my iPad and see if the web version actually did save it? No… fuck it; I shouldn’t have to do that. Should I let them know? Fuck them – they were no help the last time a magnificent scribble I wrote got all jacked up because their shit wasn’t working right. Could I re-create it?

Sadly, no; yep, it was one of those writings where you, again, open yourself wide open and put all of yourself into the writing and with great passion and conviction and once you do that, you’re empty so remembering it ain’t ever gonna happen.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame

This isn’t really a movie review but more of a vehicle to get to the main thing. If you’ve seen both movies, wow! I’m no stranger to Thanos, having read more comics books than “a little bit” in my day and in my opinion, Josh Brolin’s portrayal of this insane Titan is just epic, not to mention the CGI magic they used to make the Thanos you see on the screen look like Josh, facial expressions and all.

In Infinity War, Thanos and his army mows through the Avengers to get the Mind Stone and, well, they got their asses handed to them – it did make me wonder how Thanos would have fared against a pissed-off Superman – but I kinda digress.

He does “The Snap” and, as promised, wiped half of all life out of existence and for me, that “tear-jerking” moment was the scene where Peter Parker/Spiderman was going away and Tony Stark/Iron Man could do nothing but watch it happen.

Yeah… that sucked… because I really like Spiderman. But you know this wasn’t going to end like this so when Endgame was being advertised, I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t wait to see how the endgame plays out.

Opening scenes of Endgame; Hawkeye is teaching his daughter how to shoot while the rest of the family enjoys a picnic; at one point, he turns around to say something to his daughter… and she’s gone and so’s the rest of his family, victims of The Snap.

Well, the movie goes on and it’s on and, well, fat Thor was just too funny but I understood why – he had a chance to end Thanos but instead of “going for the head” – and as Thanos told him – he buried Stormbringer into Thanos’ chest and in that moment, I had said to myself, “That was a mistake…” so, yeah, even a god can feel the effects of having really and seriously fucked up.

Some good shit in this movie, some funny moments, time travel and after the Time Heist, Professor Hulk dons the new Infinity Gauntlet and does “The Snap” to bring back everyone that got snapped out of existence by Thanos.

Tear-jerking moment: Going after the Soul Stone and once again seeing the Red Skull; those familiar with the Captain America comics knows who this is and when I saw him in Infinity War, I said, “Oh… so that’s what happened to him!” Anyway, a soul for a soul… and I almost cried when Clint/Hawkeye was gonna sacrifice himself – but Natasha/Black Widow wasn’t hearing any of it and she does sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Yeah…that sucked.

Eventually we get to the final battle; Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are pretty much getting their asses kicked – again – by Thanos; he beats Cap down, says he’s gonna enjoy destroying our stubborn little planet but instead of staying down, Cap gets up and looks left… to see portals opening up all over the place – the calvary, led by Dr. Strange, has arrived and I liked the look on Thanos’ face; apparently – and I guess – he never gave any thought about his Snap – or the one he did in another time – had gotten undone or, as I said to myself at that moment, “Where the fuck did all these Indians come from?”

“Avengers… assemble!” And it’s on after Dr. Strange asks, “Is this everyone?” and the guy says, “What? You wanted more?”

Ass-kicking all over the place; the Scarlet Witch – a woman very seriously scorned – has Thanos in her grasp, he calls to rain fire – devastation all over the place; Captain Marvel shows up; the Infinity Gauntlet is being passed around like a hot potato but, yeah, Thanos finally gets his hands on it, uses the Power Stone to bitch-slap Captain Marvel – and he had to because girlfriend was getting ready to end him.

Dr. Strange looks at Tony, holds up one finger… and I thought, “Oh, shit… no.” Okay, in the comics, Tony Stark does die but you see the moment when Tony realizes what that one finger means. Grabs the gauntlet, gets bitch-slapped and Thanos says, “I am inevitable…” – a line he stole from his future self, by the way, you know, the one who lost his head to Thor – snaps his fingers… and I loved the look on his face when nothing happens… then the look on his face to see Tony sporting all six stones.

Now, YouTube post-movie shit revealed that Robert Downy, Jr., did not want to do that “I am Iron Man…” scene and had to be convinced to do it but, if you remember the first Iron Man movie, that’s what he said after that press conference and, well, it was fitting even if some folks – and RDJ – didn’t think so.

Tony snaps… and Thanos’ army ceases to exist and Thanos just kinda sits down with that, “Damn!” look on his face before he, too, ceases to exist. About damned time… but the cost had me all choked up; Tony is dying and, really he was dead the moment he took the stones; Friday says, “Life signs critical…” and now we finally get to the thing that made me write this: The music played as I watched Tony Stark die – again, because I’ve watched this movie four times so far:

“The Real Hero.” Alan Silvestri, an award-winning composer and who did the soundtrack for Infinity Wars, returns to do the soundtrack for this movie but this piece had that lump in my throat, eyes starting to water because it is such a beautiful piece of music… and the musician/songwriter in me sat in awe at how Silvestri came up with this piece; I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have written it.

So you know I went on Apple Music and downloaded “The Real Hero” and spent quite a bit of time listening to it over and over. Of the entire soundtrack, it’s the best song and some reviews I managed to find for the soundtrack says pretty much the same thing. It is powerful, sad but hopeful at the same time and, well, just a brilliant piece of music written by Silvestri and performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra.

I sat and listened to every nuance of the song and I could even imagine myself in the orchestra and feeling the power of the song as “we” performed it and it is a very moving piece of music and one that, if I read it correctly, is up for some awards at some point.

Sometimes, it’s not the movie that is – or can be – the highlight of things; sometimes, it’s one song. How’s the rest of the soundtrack? I dunno… didn’t listen to it except to “spot check” certain songs to find the one I really wanted to hear.

One “funny” thing about this. One review of the entire soundtrack I read said that “The Real Hero” was the rat… and I thought, “What rat?” – then remembered the mentioned rat was the one in Scott Lang’s/Ant Man’s van, which somehow wound up in a storage facility. The rat’s inside the van, crawls across the control panel and activates it, bringing back Scott from the quantum realm so, okay, I guess that rat was kinda heroic in that sense since, um, had it not did what it did, nothing seen in Endgame would have happened.

But I think that “The Real Hero” – Tony Stark – is more appropriate as someone who realizes that in order to save lives – the entire universe, as it turns out – he must give up his own – the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one. The rat? Okay, he did good but my hero in this movie is the guy who gave up everything and didn’t hesitate to do it.

Another funny thing. In yet more YouTube armchair quarterbacking, pundits were asking, “What happened to Tony’s body? Is he really and truly dead?” Some asked why the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet didn’t kill those heroes who were handling it while trying to keep it away from Thanos and my thought was that they weren’t trying to use it so it didn’t get reactivated with all that awesome power.

Some were saying that this was RDJ’s graceful exit from the Marvel Comic Universe but, yeah, anyone familiar with the MCU knows that things aren’t always as they appear to be. Me, I’m thinking that if Professor Hulk was right about the stones being mostly gamma radiation – and said radiation almost killed Thanos and the Hulk and Thor, a god with lightning running through his veins, wasn’t fit to do the snap – um, a “mere mortal” like Tony Stark wasn’t going to survive – and he didn’t.

Or did he? Maybe… probably not… but I still very much love “The Real Hero” as a piece of music.

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KDaddy’s General Observations: Probably Jinxing Myself

I think I might be because it seems as if the spammers are either on vacation or have taken the summer off. I’ve gotten used to checking for comments and seeing that spam item in single or, sometimes, double digits but for the last month or so – nada.

No spam. I laughed to myself – when I noticed the absence of spam – when I thought that with either the heatwaves or flash floods that have been bitch-slapping the US, maybe they’re too overheated – or too busy treading water – to be stupidly spamming a blogging site.

When you get into a routine, things that alter that routine tend to get your attention and in these spam-free moments, I tend to feel like I’ve forgotten something when I’m shutting WordPress down and going on about my day. Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy that they’re taking a break and it’s my fervent wish that they all take a very extended break for the next decade or so.

The thing that gets me is how/why spammers try to trick people into clicking on links that will, most likely, give them lots of grief, expose themselves to all kinds of mischief – stuff like that. Some spammers are disingenuous in that they don’t even try to disguise their spam as something that might be legit… while others do try to make bloggers think that a legit comment has somehow been “misfiled” as spam on their blog.

Then again, I have an advantage that most people don’t – my sub-speciality in my career was antivirus, antispam, and malware and how to prevent the users in the company from clicking on something that, at the least, would get them a very stern talking to by some folks they don’t really want to talk to.

Yet, a lot of people fall victim to spammers and while you don’t have to be a trained expert in this stuff there are some things you can do like, with your email, be aware of who would be sending you an email about something; if you see an email from someone you don’t know, don’t open it. Some email programs will not only show you the sender’s name but their email address – and if you don’t have an email program that’ll show you this, get one that does. I get a lot of “notices” from “Amazon…” and the first indication that it’s spam is it shows up in an email account that’s not connected to my Amazon account. My Outlook mail program shows me the sender’s name and email address and, well, since I know what Amazon’s email addresses look like, it’s easy as pie to send the spam to junk mail.

Or sometimes I’ll get an email from someone I know… but I’m not expecting them to be emailing me for anything or any reason. One look at the body of the unexpected email usually reveals a bunch of links that, just by looking at them, tells me this ain’t a legit email – and it gets deleted or if there’s a bogus name@domain in place, off to junk mail it goes.

About Outlook for a moment, if I may. It’s a program I’ve been using ever since Microsoft created it and in it’s current incarnation, it’s not only on my computer but on my iPhone and iPad; what the version on my computer knows, the apps also know. I can tag something as spam on my iPad… and the version on my computer knows it, too; there are items we call whitelists and blacklists; whitelists are approved things, blacklists are, well, unapproved and the apps share both of the lists that are on my computer. That means I don’t have to bother with creating different lists for my devices and I only have one email program to be concerned with – I don’t use the built-in mail app that Apple provides… because I don’t trust it.

While there are a ton of email programs out there and some good ones, I stick with the one I know the best and one I’ve worked with personally and professionally for a very long time. To that end, use what works best for you and Outlook is just the one that, after checking out a slew of other programs and apps, is the one that works best for me.

Here on WordPress, we all rely on their Askimet program to handle spam and by and large, it does a good job even though it really doesn’t stop the spam from winding up in your Spam bin and it, like so many other programs, doesn’t always get it right; I’ve had comments from legit WordPress users wind up in the spam folder but, okay, I expect this because no one has come up with a 100% foolproof way of keeping spam out of your sight.

I’m thinking that as the weather starts to cool down and kinda/sorta stay that way as fall approaches, the spammers will be back; the counter on my spam folder will get back to work and report those single and double digit instances of spam and my daily WordPress routine will get back to normal, as weird as that might sound. I’ll see how much spam I’ve accumulated and shake my head at how much of a waste of time it is – don’t spammers have anything better to do? It’s like they don’t know how spam filters work or they think they’re smart and crafty enough to fool a spam filter when, um, no, not really.

They’ll be back and like I said, I’ve probably jinxed myself by writing about those annoying spammers…

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KDaddy’s General Observations: An Update

So I retyped the blog written on my iPad and I’m glad I did – I’m ashamed at how many typos and other errors I made so I got to correct them (although I did see one I missed).

I contacted support and I’m waiting to hear back from them on this matter… and that post is still trying to get back into draft status and the update keep failing. I might have to uninstall the app and reinstall it – that usually works when apps have a bad hair day.

We’ll see. The post is now available for your viewing pleasure…

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KDaddy’s General Observations: I Am Pissed!

The other day, I wrote what I thought was a damned good scribble using WordPress on my iPad. When I went to do my categories and tags, hmm, where are they? This thing ain’t acting as expected but, okay, I gotta write this before it evaporates from my conscious thoughts.

So I’m pecking away on the virtual keyboard and it’s not making me happy – it never does – because it can’t keep up with how fast I can type and that damned autocorrect function is making shit harder than it has to be and, by the way, turning it off just makes it worse. The thoughts are flowing from my brain to my fingers and I get my head emptied about what I wanted to write about… but I still have those housekeeping things to do… and I can’t do them.

Shit. Fuck.

So I save the draft and go to my computer to bring up WordPress and do what I gotta do – and something I’ve done a few times… except, the saved draft isn’t showing up – it’s like I never wrote it and I’m thinking something is very wrong. I go get my iPad, open the app, look in drafts and, yep, there it is, just sitting there waiting to be published but it’s not reflected in the WordPress that’s open in my browser.

What the fuck is going on? Now, I gotta reach out to the support people; I don’t know if what I’m seeing is an app error or, perhaps, something screwy going on with my iPad but I really need to find out why the post I wrote is “saved” on my iPad but my web thingy doesn’t know about it.

And I just hate this shit. It seriously fucks up the way I tend to scribble because the things that are on my mind at the time I’m ready to write them might not hang around for too long and, yeah, I do expect the fucking app to behave as it’s been behaving – and like it’s supposed to.

I’m going to get my iPad and look to make sure the draft is still there… and I won’t be surprised if it’s vanished from there as well… and I will be even more pissed than I am right now.

Stay tuned.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Crop Tops for Men

Into my daily routine on the computer, open my browser after checking email and scan my MSN home page for anything of interest when, scrolling down, I see a picture of a guy (and a Black guy, specifically) modeling a black tube-top looking thingy, sleeveless and airing out his navel… and I had to check this out to see why someone was saying that this is now a cool thing for men.

I click on the link and, apparently, some company called ASOS is (again?) trying to make things that you’d normally see women wear vogue and cool for men to wear; the article included Twitter comments and by the tone of those comments, um, there were some very unhappy folks who had this get their attention.

Here’s the URL for the article:—-and-were-not-sure-how-to-feel/ar-AAC9AIn

I guess it was like a year or so ago when I saw an article (or something) about dresses for men and they were being modeled by – again – Black men and I recall the explosion of comments on Facebook and Twitter about this and none of it was what I’d call nice.

And, apparently, this crop top thing falls into the not-so-nice comment area as well. The author wrote that back in the 1980s, male joggers were running around wearing crop tops and shorts that were so short that if they weren’t wearing underwear or a jock under them, it could be a rather embarrassing run; I thought back to the 80s and said, yep, I remember those short shorts… don’t quite remember ever seeing male joggers wearing crop tops – but I guess that depended on where you lived.

I’m sitting here, looking at the pictures of this guy modeling various crop tops and I recalled quite a few moments where I’d seen effeminate gay men wearing such articles of clothing and reveling in being able to shamelessly show everyone their belly button and, hopefully, their crafted six-pack abs so, no, it’s not like guys didn’t wear them but I wouldn’t call it a thing… unless you wanna consider that it was a thing for some gay men. It started to get a little confusing at this point in my mind and more so since I’m sitting here reading this article… wearing a “wife-beater” T-shirt (I dislike that term, by the way) that exposes the tats I have on my arms but my navel is under cover.

I asked myself if I could see myself wearing such a piece of clothing or any of the others illustrated in the article… and I couldn’t see it any more than I could see myself wearing one of those “stylish” dresses I mentioned earlier in this scribble. I’m not gonna say that they don’t look comfortable – or wouldn’t be comfortable on some really hot and steamy days that are on the way in my part of the country but, nope, I’m thinking that if I wanted everyone to see my navel, I’d just take my shirt off.

I wouldn’t even be so “macho” as to say men shouldn’t wear stuff like that because if a dude wants to, he’s got a right to effect any style he cares to and just because I wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done… but I also think that some guys who get into sporting these crop tops might find themselves defending their sexuality since, as mentioned, I can remember a lot of very gay men wearing them.

What doesn’t make much sense to me since I’m not a clothes horse or a “slave” to trendy clothing is why this ASOS company is pushing this to be a thing. I don’t know about anywhere else in the country, but here in the East, there are a lot of establishments and other places where local law says it’s illegal to be there and sagging – having your pants down so far and showing everyone your underwear, a style a lot of guys are into…

Even when they find out what the origin of that style was and what it signified, namely, a sign/signal created in a prison somewhere that told the other guys that the dude with the sagging pants was available to have sex with and, um, the sexuality of the guy with the sagging pants was, let’s say, undeniably obvious. Yet, I don’t think I can go anywhere and not see guys of all ages and races going around sagging and it seems to me that the longer this trend has been around, the lower those pants seem to get and to the point where I’ve seen guys sagging so much I wonder why they bothered to put pants on in the first place.

In any of this, to each his own. Will these crop top thingies become all the rage in men’s wear? If I go out the next time and I see guys sporting them, I’ll let you know but I think that like those male dresses that made such a fuss some time ago, I don’t think guys are gonna do a wholesale jump on this particular bandwagon and I hope that ASOS hasn’t sunk a lot of money into trying to get this trend to be trendy.

I did try to imagine myself wearing a crop top… and my brain waved papers threatening legal action at me – then shut down for a moment in protest. Hell, I can remember what it took for me to wear the T-shirt I have on now; the “wife-beater” doesn’t have the most sterling of origins, you know, given the name commonly used for them. Still, here in the East and in the summer, the heat and humidity can convince you that wearing a T-shirt with a crew neck and sleeves might not literally be the coolest thing you could wear on a hot, steamy day, that and, um, jeez, you just never seem to be able to keep the underarms of those T-shirts nice and pristine between sweat stains and those impossible to remove deodorant spots that turns a nice soft material into razor blades under your arms, let alone how embarrassing it is to remove your shirt, say, at the doctor’s office and see how ineffective your laundry detergent is… or how persistent the anti-wetness part of your deodorant really is.

Still, I could go outside right now wearing this T-shirt (which is a pretty blue, by the way) and no one would give me a second look… but I’m thinking that if I went outside wearing one of those crop tops, I’d probably get a lot of attention that I’m sure I wouldn’t want. Don’t get me wrong; when it comes to modesty, I don’t have a whole lot of it, to be truthful; I’d go outside without my T-shirt and not give a fuck what anyone thought or said but, no, not doing the crop top thing and fashion be damned.

I might not look silly to others but I’d feel pretty silly wearing something that, historically, has been something more suited for and even appropriate for women – and there you have the rub, huh? Image, after all, is everything, even for old dudes like me.


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