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KDaddy’s General Observations: “What’s It Doing?”

Of the last four scribbles posted, I had problems with three of them that I don’t think were of my doing. As my fingers flew over the keyboard, occasionally, I’d see the “autosave” thingy start blinking and, sometimes, I’d see “Update failed,” which told me that autosave didn’t do it’s job – but, no biggie.

With those three posts, the autosave indicator flashed… and kept flashing for a very long time, like, with one post I’d actually finished, I left WordPress open on the scribble overnight and when I woke my computer up the next morning, it was still flashing!

A quick check of my browser revealed that it was communicating properly with other sites and after confirming that, I smartly copied the text of the scribble into Wordpad and with the thought that I could shut everything down, go back into it, and finally get it published. Except…

When I got back into it, a lot of what I’d written wasn’t there and because the autosave got stuck on stupid so I’m thinking it’s just a matter of extracting the portions that were missing from the saved Wordpad document and pasting it back in… except the new editor does things in blocks and it became an unreadable mess. So I had to switch back to the classic editor, pasted in what needed to be pasted, and did quite a bit of cleanup since the classic editor wanted to include the hypertext markings from the new editor (and markings I’m thinking you wouldn’t normally see).

I got it fixed and posted and went on to write two more scribbles… only to have the same thing happen; the autosave indicator is happily flashing away in the upper right hand corner and I asked the cat, who was watching me like she was learning how to do this, “What is it doing? And why is it doing it?”

I once more questioned the wisdom of WordPress’s brain trust in changing from the reliable and easy to use classic editor to the new one and while I can see how some bloggers might have a need to do things in blocks and invoking different levels of formatting, bleh, I’m not a fan and I’m really not a fan when the editor does a save function and gets stuck.

I’m still miffed that they took away the ability to format text with full justification and I did raise the issue with them and was told, “Live without it.” These “jagged edges” just annoy the Certified Word Processor in me and while achieving this educational distinction, one of the things I had to learn and master was formatting; full text justification looks nice and neat… but that’s minor when compared to what just happened.


I was writing this in the new editor with one eye on the area where the autosave indicator appears and, sure enough, it started flashing… and kept flashing:  It’s stuck.  So I opened a side menu and changed to the classic editor… and it gave me a blank page; I had to hit the back arrow on my browser to find the partially completed post… with stuff missing.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned to dislike, it’s rework and I dislike it even more when I’m not the reason why something has to be reworked and as soon as I find the proper link, WordPress is going to get bitched out about this…


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Book Report: “Veracity” Followup

I’m a bit late with this followup but the gist of it is that the villain of the story, a female psychopath, was behind the attempt to not only off the inventor of the technology but was planning to give the technology to the Chinese so that their power-hungry leader could subjugate his people… and take over the world.

It turns out that she was able to beat the perfect lie detector despite being a psychopath: She reprogrammed the software to ignore the fact that she was lying and had been all along. But the hero of the story figured it out and exposed her plot and made a deal with her: Help him rescue his father, who’d been snatched by Chinese operatives, and he’d let her go free and with a promise not to hunt her down like the mad dog she apparently was.

The rescue was messy but successful and as the hero was taking the villain to a vehicle to complete his end of the bargain, his wife – who, let’s say, via a lie of omission – double-tapped the hussy and, as she told her husband and psychopathic bad girl, everyone else agreed to let her go… but she didn’t and couldn’t.

Throughout the rest of the story, it was debated heavily about whether the world was ready for this technology – should it be released or suppressed? They decided to release it to the whole world at once so that no one country could have an advantage, make it affordable to everyone, all that good stuff… and life goes on.

The author had a lot of interesting stuff at the end of the book; he likes to explain what’s fiction and what’s reality and that, all by itself, makes for some interesting reading given how much of what he wrote is based on factual data.


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Book Report: “Veracity”

This book, written by Douglas E. Richards, is about a tech genius inventing a technology that would eliminate lying and, of course, there are some folks who’d prefer this technology to never be revealed. The book is pretty good so far but the thing that got my attention are the early chapters – and before the expected violence – where our, um, hero’s father was explaining – and in mind-numbing detail – what led him to invent the perfect lie detector and one that even the best psychopaths couldn’t fool.

Mr. Richards, via his character in the book, gives a pretty damned accurate picture and accounting of how humans behave and why, up to an including how (and why) the media and politicians behave when it comes to, ah, not really telling the truth and the impact it has on us.

I won’t even try to provide an example due to the sheer content of the hero’s father’s rather extensive dissertation; even the hero was wondering when his father was gonna get to the point and as I read, yeah, I was wondering about that myself. Still, it was fascinating and while the book is more of a techno-thriller (that’s pretty thrilling so far), I think the “history of lying” makes this book worth reading all by itself, both the pros and cons of this behavior, you know, if you ever wondered about it.

Mr. Richards even cites notable and real experts in this – I looked one such reference up and, yup, the guy was for real and did say what was written in the book so it’s not all creative license.

I’ll let you know how the rest of the book turns out but suffice it to say that, at the point I’m at, it’s not going well for the good guys. I got the book using my Kindle Unlimited subscription – it’s free for me to read (but costs $9.99/month to subscribe) and this is one of the books that makes spending my $9.99 worth the expense and more so given how much I read and I read a lot and that’s being nice about it.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Two Songs

I’ve been a musician since I was seven, formally trained and all that, even spent a lot of years being in bands in school and not even school related and, as such, when I listen to music, some songs are just nice while others are like, wow – talk about being moved by either the lyrics or the musicality of the song itself.

For the last, oh, month or so, two songs have seriously gotten my attention which, overall, isn’t all that unusual by itself except, well, let’s say that it’s a good thing that you can’t wear out a song file all that easily.

The first song is one by a collaboration of musicians that until I heard this song, I never heard of them – except for their drummer. Vinny Valentino, Baron Browne, and drummer Joel Rosenblatt has a song on their album, “Double B Double V,” entitled, “Shake Me” and it’s a spirited, jazzy kind of song although Apple Music classifies the song in the R&B genre. The lyrics are cool and sassy with vocals provided by Chrissi Poland, who seems to also be their resident keyboardist and one of my favorite part of the lyrics is when she says, “Being with me is better than being alone…”

Joel Rosenblatt, formerly the drummer for my favorite jazz group, Spyro Gyra, well, that dude is just fucking amazing with his technique and beats and is one of those drummers who, even when I see him kicking it, makes me wonder, “How does he do that?” He’s just so fluid when he plays and makes the most intricate patterns sound amazing but looks effortless. It takes some, ah, interesting coordination to be able to play drums, getting your hands and feet to pretty much operate on their own but in a coordinated way and, sure, the better your kit is, the better you’re gonna sound… but Joel’s coordination is almost otherworldly as he flows over his kit.

I know that on some songs, some parts are “tricks” of recording, being able to lay down an initial track then go back and add additional tracks, something that’s pretty common but when you hear Joel play, what you hear is what he’s actually doing and it just amazes me how much stuff he can “cram” into a measure of music. Listening to him play – and seeing him perform when he was with Spyro Gyra – has influenced the way I play, just as the late, great Buddy Rich got me interested in playing the drums.

The second song that I’ve been wearing out comes from a smooth jazz artist that, again, I’d never heard of before I stumbled across the song. Steven “Euge Groove” Grove, I found, was a saxophonist for Tower of Power back in the day and, to be honest, not only did I not know this – and ToP is one of my favorite groups – I don’t remember how I found this song. The album is “Got 2 Be Groovin'” and the song is “In Love With You,” with Chanel Haynes providing the haunting, soulful vocals – and before hearing this song, I’d never heard of her, either but a bit of research revealed her gospel roots.

I’m taken with the lyrics and Chanel’s voice; you can hear how happy and joyous she feels about being in love and combined with the song’s score, wow, it just reaches out and touches the right places in me. There’s nothing… flashy about the music itself but the composition is magical and, as mentioned, haunting. The musician in me can listen to the individual parts of the song, a trick that, honestly, I don’t know how I do it although I’m sure that during my training, well, I learned how to do it and it’s something I just do without having to think about it. The drum track is simple but sweet, the bass line is also uncomplicated but in a way that just grabs me but, oddly, one of the things I don’t quite like about the song is Euge’s sax interludes and, for me, I think he’s playing the wrong sax; my ears tells me he’s playing the alto sax when, maybe, the soprano sax would have been a better sound choice… but that doesn’t mean much since I didn’t compose the song.

There’s a… breathiness in the way he plays on this song that doesn’t sound… clean to me; I’m not sure I can explain that except that while the sax parts are nicely woven into the song as a whole, they just don’t seem to really belong there, like the song would be just as good without the saxophone but, again, that’s just my opinion and doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely love this song.

Musically, the meter of the song is… off just a tad and I can hear it in the keyboard parts of the song and that’s one of the things that makes the song so interesting to me as a keyboardist and, indeed, it was the first thing I noticed about the song when I first listened to it; my keyboardist brain said, “Hmm, that’s just a bit off… but I like it!” In music, timing is everything and in another weird way, I can see how this was written in my mind to be just a tad bit off from the 4/4 flow of the song itself.

I stick my earbuds in, open the special playlist I created just for these two songs… and I listen; I get lost in them. One gets me energized, the other gets me feeling the mood of the song and carried away by the flow of it. Both are musically and vocally engaging.

I do question Apple Music’s classification of “Shake Me,” though. Like I said, it’s in the R&B genre when it’s clear to me that it’s more of a jazz composition than an R&B one but, again, that’s just my own opinion but, hey, if you want to, you can give it a listen and make your own determination on the genre of the song. If you don’t have Apple Music or some other service, you can hear both songs on YouTube.

I listen to a lot of music; most of the space on my iPhone and iPad is taken up by music more than apps and I keep telling myself that I need to get in there and clean things up and to remove music that I haven’t listened to in a while… except, there’s no telling when a particular song is going to pop into my head and needs to be listened to again.

Oh, well.


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General Observations: That Evil Porn!

I was on the Reader the other day at the bottom of someone’s blog I’d just finished reading, I saw an… excerpt? – of a blog that got my attention because of the picture of Chris Rock and then the excerpt that said – and I’m paraphrasing here – that he’s one of a bunch of celebrities who are against porn and, I dunno, suggesting that people don’t watch it.

The bad part is that by the time I realized I should have read it, I had left the page and couldn’t find it when I went back to look for it. Mea culpa. But it did get me thinking about it and while porn is once more high on the list of evil things people can indulge in.

We know that porn has been around since like forever and as evidenced by a lot of art that comes from some of the oldest cultures and I’m sure there are a lot of people who are familiar with the Kama Sutra which is up there in the rankings of “best books ever written” but is also a good candidate for being porn since, um, it tells you and even illustrates how to put A into B, C, and D.

History shows that the Victorian Age, a point in time where there was a major shift in things sexual, was rife with porn despite a rather prudish mindset about sex or a totally fucked up mindset, depending on how you care to look at it. Even the more modern sexual revolution of the mid-to-late 1960s, where the watchword was, “If it feels good, do it!” was also flush with porn aka “dirty books” and stuff that many in my generation were very familiar with because they were probably our first, real exposure to sex and not just always in the preferred method.

We have always had a love/hate relationship with porn and there’s been an uproar about porn these days and one driven by women who feel that porn objectifies them even more than they’re already objectified and, ladies, don’t get me wrong here but it’s a point of view I happen to agree with given that it portrays women in a light that my own experiences with y’all says is a bunch of fantasy-laden bullshit interlaced with a lot of truth because, yeah, like it or not, some women do love having sex that way… and maybe it’s also because porn suggests – or heavily suggests – that this is the way they’re supposed to have sex.

What gets overlooked is how men are also objectified and stereotyped, something that as a Black man, I am all too familiar with and something that even I find both amusing and irritating at turns but, yeah, it is what it’s always been.

I’d never say that porn doesn’t cause problems – it has always caused problems because just like we have a love/hate relationship with porn, we’ve always had one about sex – period. We know that people have sex and some of my favorite people are those who have sex… and go out of their way to deny that they do even though, um, some of them have a house full of children. We’ve always been… prudish about sex; it’s private and personal and it’s considered to be in very poor taste to even talk about sex… and that includes talking about it with the person you’re having sex with.

We do it but we don’t wanna talk about it and we sure as shit don’t want to see other people having sex while, at the same time, uh, um, well, what’s it gonna hurt to take a peek? It’s like that terrible, multi-vehicle accident: You don’t want to look at the carnage but you can’t stop yourself from looking just the same.

I’ve seen a lot of stuff written about the evils of porn from both men and women, read stuff about how many people are addicted to it and its ruinous effects and impacts on “normal” sexual behaviors but it’s like I said: These objections have always been around since the first complaint about porn was issued and, again, I can’t think of a time since I’ve been around that porn wasn’t vilified. One of the usual complaints come from women who can’t understand why their guy has to spend any time looking at it and yanking on their dick or, worst, those guys who get an eyeful of some staged sexual act and get it into their heads that they should try what they’ve viewed on their woman and a woman who is, by her very nature, not that big of a fan of sex in the first place – and, no, I’m not talking about those gals who’d eagerly say, “Sure – let’s try that!” and y’all know who you are.

I actually read something the other day where a guy was writing about how his wife digs in his ass about his watching porn and masturbating (and a lot, I assume) and saying that he had no reason at all to masturbate because it was her job to provide him sex… except that’s not what she was doing or not doing to his satisfaction. It’s not really porn’s fault that guys masturbate to it – it’s just a medium that provides us with a level of visualization that makes masturbating… more pleasurable and more so if we can see other folks having sex in ways that we’ve never had it or our imaginative fantasies are “made real” and in high definition.

With or without porn, um, guys have always liked getting themselves off but, yep, it’s been documented and even admitted to by some men that masturbating to porn has ruined them for “regular and normal” sex and it makes sense given porn’s ability to take sex and crank it up to near unimaginable levels. You’ve probably seen me write many times that porn is art trying to imitate life but in a very exaggerated way. It’s staged, scripted, edited and, to the dismay of many, very real since, you know, you can see people doing shit that, as an individual, you may find exciting or disgusting.

One of my pet peeves is gay porn and how so many bisexual men look at it, not wholly because of that “men are visually sexual” way but using it as a primer to learn how to deal with a dick. It causes a disconnect for a lot of guys because, on the one hand, if you can see a thing being done, you can do that thing but tends to bypass some obvious stuff, like, is it really that easy to walk into a room, make a guy bend over, and shove a ten-inch cock into his ass?

No, it isn’t… but porn will make you believe that it is. Do you really believe that women in general are head over heels to have, say, three enormously endowed Black men laying the pipe to them and in every orifice they have? I hope not but porn will make you believe that this is every woman’s dream when, in fact, it’s a nightmare for the average woman. Sure, girlfriend might think about it… but would never do it just because it looks like fun.

Still not talking about those ladies who happen to know that it’s fun. But it begs a question, doesn’t it? If porn is once again being vilified and some of our cherished celebrities are speaking out against it, the question is why. A lot of blame is placed on the Internet, which has made all kinds of porn available with one click of a mouse (or a tap with a finger if ya got a touchscreen device); back in my day, the only way you could get your hands on a dirty book was to steal them from your parents and, get this: Ya might wanna blame Dad for having such a stockpile of porn (and you’d be right about that) but, um, ya gotta know he wasn’t the only parent with a secret stash of stuff that could be considered as porn, like all those “romance” novels that many women love to read, even today.

There are those who say and suggest that if we were more open to having sex with each other, it would greatly diminish the need for things pornographic to exist. Others says that were we, as a species, of a mind to not be so parochial and even immature about sex, bleh, porn just might find itself on a shelf gathering a lot of dust. The reality is that stuff like this ain’t likely to happen any time soon; women aren’t going to stop feeling wrongfully objectified and men, well, shit, we’re not gonna stop choking our chicken even if porn gets abolished for all time.

And you gotta know how people are: If you tell them, implore them, and even demand that they not partake of anything that remotely resembles pornography, it’s gonna get partaken of… just because society says not to. Porn was more of a DL kind of thing; you knew it existed but access to it was limited and even illegal in some places – not to mention religiously immoral to read, watch, or hear of people having all kinds of mad, crazy sex… and just because it’s mad, crazy sex.

Indeed, many of the forms of sex we “normally” enjoy are, in fact, legally illegal, from sodomy to oral sex – and even between married folks. Many of these laws are still on the books but are also deemed to be unenforceable unless, um, you and the little lady are on the side of the road and going at each other lustily and hungrily and a police officer happens to tap on your steamed up windows and catches you in the act. Otherwise, we hold true that what one does in the privacy of their own home (or some other private place) is nobody’s business; that nosy and prudish neighbor might call the cops because she heard your man yelling, “Yeah, suck my dick, baby! Suck it!” or she’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “Eat/fuck your pussy, baby! Tear it up!”

And the cops can’t do shit about it other than to knock on your door and tell you to keep the noise down. I know… you’re thinking or saying to yourself, “That’s different!” Except, um, having sex is, in and of itself, pornographic, if you really think about it – you just don’t have a million XTube viewers watching you go at each other.

Whether porn is a good or bad thing is something best left to individual points of view. A lot of people are very much aware that porn is just some improbable, corny, and predictable bullshit but, um, sure, it’s still kinda in our nature to want to see other people having sex even if it’s sex we’d not do and I’ve heard of people watching it so that they’re informed of whatever it is they’re not gonna do or, I guess like many people actually do, they’re looking at the kinds of sex that they have reason not to ever engage in. It can be problematic and porn sends all kinds of bad messages, invokes way too many stereotypes, so on and so forth.

It does a number on women, impacting their self-esteem and makes them as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs because porn paints a target on them as sexual objects and, again, ladies, I don’t disagree with this but at the risk of pissing y’all off, you were always sexual objects and specifically designed to be one but, sure, even as a man, I get it: You want to be wanted for more than sex or, perhaps, really, you don’t mind being wanted for sex as long as it’s not the first (and only) thing on the list… and porn takes your sensibilities about things sexual and just trashes them.

I don’t know what Chris Rock and any other celebrities hope to accomplish by speaking out against porn. They can speak out against it because they can speak out against it but at the end of the day, money talks; the porn industry is like a multi-billion dollar industry that employs a shitload of people, from the “models” who are either stimulating or disgusting you to the people behind the scenes who make it possible for you to point and click and even make some money because ya wanna point and click.

Legal entities are cracking down on porn and doing their best to regulate it and in as many ways possible including what kinds of porn is legal to watch – and I think we all know what kind is very illegal. Those legal entities could, if they get enough votes, make all of it illegal while levying heavy-duty fines and terms of imprisonment but given the capitalistic nature of things, well, that’s a lot of money to turn their backs on in terms of taxation, operating fees, etc..

And they know that even if such legislation passed, porn will just go back underground… and just as it has in the past.


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The 2018 NFL Playoffs

I’ve been a fan of the Miami Dolphins since 1969, through their heyday and despite that um, they’ve not been playing good football for a long time and haven’t made the playoffs as consistently as they once did.

I have other teams I like to see play, like the Rams, who I liked because of their helmets, believe it or not. All in all, if the NFL is playing I’m watching… because it’s football. Locally, there are three teams many root for: The Washington Redskins (often called the Deadskins), the Balitmore Ravens (who were once the Cleveland Browns) and the current and defending SuperBowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles who were, more often than not, called the “Slegles” because if they didn’t have a shitty season, they’d choke in big games and play like they were a high school football team.

Last night, the defending champs played the Chicago Bears and despite the Bears having the #1 defense, it was a missed – or now, officially – field goal that allowed the champs to continue in the playoffs and ended the Bears’ season and, expectedly, vilifying their kicker… and a guy who once played for the Eagles and was released because, um, he kept missing field goals at critical times and losing games.

Now, I’m not an Eagles fan, not like I am a fan of the Rams who’ll be playing this coming weekend… but they’re one of the local teams and many football fans will keep an eye on their local team even if not a real fan. I also like Kansas City’s chances; they’ve been playing lights-out football with an amazing QB and coached, by the way, by the same guy who once coached the Eagles and made them into a division powerhouse if not, sadly, Super Bowl champions.

But the Eagles, led once again by the guy they call Saint Nick – QB Nick Foles – pulled out a win when everything was pointing to the fact that their usual late-game heroics weren’t gonna save them this time.

And as he’s proven he can do, Saint Nick pulled another “miracle” out of his pack with a fourth down, this is the game and season – touchdown to Golden Tate but leaving time in the clock for Chicago and their QB, Mitch Trubinsky – to stage a comeback of their own.

And I was t surprised that the Eagles’ defense, which is usually pretty good, just failed to stop the Bears from getting into field goal range which set up the thrilling scenario a lot of football fans live for.

It’s fourth down, ten seconds left on the clock, and Chicago is setting up to kick the game winning field goal which is well within their kicker’s range. As expected, the Eagles call their last time out to freeze the kicker, a game tactic that, in most cases, doesn’t work. The time out is called at just the right moment, the whistle blows to stop play but the Bears’ kicker goes ahead and kicks the ball anyway – and the kick was good.

I don’t know about anyone else watching the game and in that moment, but I got a sense of what was gonna happen before it did… because Mr. Murphy is also a fan of football, it seems, that and game commentators have a long history of jinxing kickers by talking about their current record and how they’ve not missed kicks from distances that are well inside their range.

Time’s back in and I’m nowhere near Soldier’s Field, not a true Eagles fans in that sense – or a Bears’ fan – but I cold feel the tension and suspense at the long snapper did his job, the holder grabs it and spins the ball so that the laces face away from the kicker, who is already into his kicking motion.

Now it’s an exercise in… geometry? Not really sure what science is involved but as the kicker makes contact – and there are bodies flying all over the place – if you could mentally track the ball’s vector, you knew it was gonna hit the goalpost before it actually hit it. But, as these things can go, it deflected downward after hitting the goalpost and how many times have we’ve seen a ball whack the goalpost and bounce over the crossbar and go through?

My eyes tracked the ball from the moment the kicker made contact, knew it was gonna hit the goalpost, watched it bounce off the crossbar… and back into the field of play.

And I said, “Holy shit… they won. Again.” I also knew that the poor kicker was gonna get crucified and the network dutifully showed this same guy missing game winning field goals earlier in the season and, how about that – some of them got doinked in the exact same way this season ending kick did.

The Eagles dodged yet another bullet; Bears fans are looking for some rope to string the kicker up but, wait just a moment! Seems that the NFL had a reason to take a really close, frame by frame look at the kick and it appears that an Eagles’ defender got just enough of a finger on the ball to affect its trajectory and cause it to go more left than intended.

So… homey didn’t get frozen by the timeout and choke – his missed for a reason. Still, disgusted Bears fans probably ain’t gonna care that their kicker missed because the ball got tipped by the merest of fractions of space – he still missed, the hopes to advance deeper into the playoffs is gone and the Bears will be looking for a new kicker next season.

Then there’s the Ravens’ game against the Colts. If you watched that game, you know that Baltimore lost a close game… but it’s how they lost it that, I think, will stir up some shit in the offseason, like the head coach’s decision to stick with his rookie QB who wasn’t getting anything done until late in the fourth quarter while keeping their more experienced and Super Bowl winning QB on the bench… and more so when said rookie fumbled away the Ravens’ chance to pull out a last minute save.

Coach Harbaugh will be second-guessed for this by a lot of armchair, Monday morning coaches as well as the experts in the game; the coach – and even the players and owner will defend the decision because, as one of the commentators of the same brought to the viewers’ attention – and as said to some fans by a Ravens’ player, “We got here with number 8 so show him some love and stop being fair weather fans!”

That maybe so… but number 8 did cost them the game, didn’t he? His inability to move the offense just made the Colts’ defense look really damned good and, perhaps, better than they usually are and before the end of the first half, even the commentators were of a mind that a QB change was coming because, clearly, this kid just flat out sucked and as his -2 yards of passing indicated.

But they change never came and by the time the third quarter was half over, the fans were screaming at Harbaugh it put Joe Flacco into the game… and the expert commentators were wondering why Harbaugh wasn’t listening and doing what, statistically, makes sense: If the guy playing ain’t getting it done, put the guy in who can, oh, like the guy who has led the team to many playoffs by winning the divisions and, oh, yeah, won the damned Super Bowl.

Besides, how much worse could things get given that things were already quite fucked up? The cameras kept showing Flacco sitting on the bench and showing shots of Harbaugh studiously ignoring the very loud chants to get Flacco into the game and with the hopes that he can turn the game around so they could extend their season.

And we’ll never know if Flacco could have done just that. The Colts now have a date with the Kansas City Chiefs and while Colts QB Andrew Luck played brilliantly as dis the Colts’ defense, um, wow… have you seen KC’s offense with Patrick Mahomes at QB? Their defense hasn’t been… consistently outstanding but, um, when your offense can put up 50 and make it look magically easy…

Just wanted to share this with y’all because I’m still sitting so,what amazed that the Eagles keep finding ways to win games that they should have lost.

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What the…?

Going through the daily computer routine; got the expected Windows 10 updates going; checked the bi guy forum for anything new; opened WordPress to check the reader to see what the peeps I’m following has to say today.

Opened My Sites and in preparation to hit my Dashboard; clicked on Comments to see if any spam had to be expunged; before scrolling down to WP Admin to open the Dashboard, caught a glimpse of that stats graph for today…

Three hundred seventy views.  Wait, what?  Did I see that correctly?  Scrolled back up to the graph for a moment and that orange bar is almost at the top of the graph.  What the…?

Normally, I don’t pay that graphic a lot of attention; I figure people are either gonna read my blog – if they can find it – or they’re not so I’m not about chasing numbers… but today it got my attention.  Three hundred seventy views, even for me, is pretty unusual… but I’m a bit baffled because all the daily stats thingy can tell me is that those 370 views came from the United States which, you know, is a pretty big place with a whole lot of people.

Even as I’m typing this, I opened another window and accessed the stats again just so I could see that orange bar again and one of the things that seeing it again brought to mind is that WordPress is good at telling you stuff like this… but not necessarily who is viewing your site; for all I know, those 370 views could have popped up because some bot is trolling websites but if it doesn’t do anything else, it most certainly piques my curiosity and to the point where I actually stopped writing this just so I could take a look at what all those stats are really trying to tell me.

The jury is still out on that one… but 370 views today.  Wow.

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Posted by on 13 November 2018 in KDaddy's General Observations

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