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Signs of the Times

It’s just past the middle of May; half of the year hasn’t arrived yet.  In the city of my birth, just twenty miles north and a bit east of where I’m sitting, eighty-five people have been shot and/or killed so far and there’s no sign that there will be an end in sight any time soon and I feel that as the weather gets hotter, aggression will escalate and more people will be shot and/or killed.

The police are in way over their heads and have been for the longest time; they’ve been so busy trying to enact community policing policies that consistently prove that said policies aren’t helping communities very much.  Even with the addition of technology that can detect gunshots and direct officers to the area, it’s like closing the barn door after the cows have already split.  Manpower issues keeps the police in a reactive mode and prevents them from being more proactive; an article referencing the latest shooting/murder said that people in the city are too afraid of reprisal if they say something about these shooting and an older resident said that there was a time in the city where there were cops actually and literally walking a beat on the city streets with the occasional car rolling through to reinforce the police presence.  Another resident said that until this latest shooting occurred, they hadn’t seen the police in the area for the longest time.

Even the various religious groups in the city seem to have given up trying to call for a permanent cease-fire and rallying city residents to take back their streets and take back the city from those who would rather this didn’t happen.  The local media reports on these activities, interviews city leaders and it’s pretty much lip service:  They know this is a problem of epidemic proportions without the CDC making that official and they keep talking about what needs to be done but they’re so busy squabbling over less important issues to actually do some of the shit they say needs to be done to keep the city residents safe which, by the way, is their sworn duty when they got elected.

The last two or three mayors were former police officers and one would think that such a person would be able to make a big difference because they, better than any other elected official, would know exactly what the police need to get the job done… but, no; the last mayor/former police office didn’t do a damned thing except get bent out of shape when Fox released news about a made-for-TV series based on the city that would expound on the city’s bid to become the murder capital of the United States.  It hasn’t quite gotten there yet… but they’re high up on the list of most dangerous places to be and live.  The current mayor fired the chief of police in a move that surprised a lot of people; that poor worthy hadn’t had the job for very long before he found himself replaced by a former chief of police from Chicago.  I guess the thought was that if this guy managed to keep the number of shootings and killings down in the Windy City (and the numbers say that he did), he should be able to do this in a city that’s way smaller than Chicago.  Whether or not the new chief is making an impact on anything since he took the job remains to be seen and until he can start doing whatever he can do, the number of shootings/killings are ramping up and almost as if the city doesn’t have a police department.

This constant siege is having an impact on the city’s ability to make money as tax paying residents and business literally get the hell out of Dodge; the city council has already voted to raise taxes while cutting back the city’s fire department which, as I recall, is the only fire department in the state that gets paid to keep the city from burning to the ground – all the others are volunteer fire companies.  There was talk about having units of the state and county police join the city’s forces to increase presence and response but even the state and county police departments are suffering from their own number of available officers and the academy can’t seem to graduate new officers fast enough… or convince those who may be eligible to become police officers to sign up to put their lives on the line.

Like the state trooper that was murdered a short time ago, gunned down in the line of duty while investigating a suspicious vehicle call.  That killing made the national news and more so when the man who killed the trooper, after holing up in his parents’ home, decided – or realized – that he’d rather go out in a “blaze of glory” and commit an act of “suicide by cop” because he had to know that killing a police officer in this state is an automatic death sentence… and the state just recently voted to reinstate the death penalty.

I am a bit surprised that city officials haven’t imposed curfews; not quite martial law but a stop-gap method to attempt to control night-time movement on the streets during the times these shootings seem to occur… but they haven’t even considered that as far as anyone can tell.  Maybe they have and the hapless people running the city can’t agree to do this and I can probably think of a couple of reasons why they aren’t, like, it would get in the way of their attempt to revive the waterfront district of the city and an efforts that’s being greatly affected because, um, people and businesses aren’t going to want to move into an area of the city that, technically, isn’t safe.

On Mother’s Day, when my baby sister and I visited with our mother, as we were leaving to head home, my sister said, “Okay, let me get to my car and get outta here before they decide to start shooting!”  Linda and I were in full agreement with that assessment because, as I’ve mentioned before, my mother lives in a very bad part of the city and a part, until recent years, wasn’t a bad place to live.

People have cited the lack of jobs and other community services that used to exist as a source for this senseless violence; the escalation of drug use and trafficking has finally enveloped the city like a foul-smelling, moldy blanket and there’s little to be done about stemming the influx of crack and heroin coming in from the north and south of the state.  Yeah, it’s a big money business and I suspect that the local major dealers are raking in more money than the city is.  The state voted to decriminalize marijuana and, recently, tested a vote to legalize marijuana like Colorado and other states have done because, in my opinion, they’re late to the party and late in realizing that if we do what Colorado has done, the revenue generated could be a near unimaginable windfall.  Whether that vote actually succeeds or not remains to be seen and while legalizing and controlling the sale of marijuana will put a serious dent in the operation of those who make their money selling it on the street, it’s not going to do much for the sale of crack and heroin but maybe, just maybe, some of the city’s growing OK Corral behavior will slack off because some local weed dealing ain’t trying to blow someone away over the price of a dime bag anymore.  Maybe it’ll push these particular dealers somewhere other than here, somewhere where their black market sales haven’t been cut by legalization of their product… or it just might get them to abandon this venture and make them move up to crack and heroin sales; even they’re smart enough to know that if the state legalizes and controls marijuana sales, they’re not gonna be able to compete with the variety and quality of the weed a state-controlled operation would insist upon.

But all of this is somewhere down the line and the police need to get to doing more to put an end (or some reasonable facsimile) to these shootings, even if it means they stop merely rolling through an area in their black and whites and actually get back to walking the streets in force and let the people they’re tasked to protect see them doing some protecting and serving.

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Planned Obsolescence 

I read this about the ransomware outbreak that has crippled hospitals and other places that are running older versions of Windows –

One of the things that has always bothered me about Windows is how Microsoft will bring out an operating system, it spreads worldwide and then, after a few years, just stop supporting it; no more automatic updates and if your computer running an unsupported version of Windows has a problem, you’re faced with either paying Microsoft a lot of money to fix it up or pony up the money to buy a new computer that will support the latest version of Windows.

The article asks if Microsoft’s program of planned obsolescence is at blame and I kinda agree with that, plus I know all too well how fussy it is trying to get enterprise-level software current with updates; because of the number of computer systems involved – from servers to laptops, desktops, etc., just upgrading from say, Windows XP to Windows 7 can be a massive and expensive venture and even when such a project is approved, it takes time to implement… and that’s after a boatload of compatibility testing like you just wouldn’t believe.

I’ve been a part of too many of those upgrade projects and I can tell you that they’re no picnic.  But because they’re so expensive in money and man-hours, a lot of businesses running enterprise-level versions of Windows take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with it” approach and that usually doesn’t help them to keep running systems that are really inadequate to keep up with how quickly the technology changes… and that’s even if something like this ransomware hack isn’t happening.

And, please, don’t get me started on how many people don’t keep their devices updated when updates are available or how many businesses are running inadequate versions of anti-malware software… and if they’re even running it at all.  Even the anti-malware software I use on our computers, Malwarebytes, says that if you’re running the free version, your computer isn’t safe – just the folks running premium version of the software are safe from this hack.

The cyberwar is escalating and no one is safe because the companies that writes the software our many devices use really do think more about their bottom lines and how they can keep their product lines making them money and, sadly, continuing support for older software version takes huge bites out of their profits because they’d rather you replace your “outdated” hardware and software.  The result, as you’ve probably been hearing about, is that a lot of people have been affected, from home users to hospitals and, here in the US, FedEx.

The costs to replace not only the affected systems and loss of data is staggering and I shudder to think of how those hospitals affected could be causing life or death situations for patients because they have no access to their computerized data and processes.  The biggest and yet to be answered question is why would someone do this in the first place?

Because they can.  Do the people who launched this attack have an agenda or some point they’re trying to make, some change in the world they’re trying to make happen by force?  If they do,  haven’t seen anything written about it but what’s really on my mind is whether or not device and software creators safe now going to see the folly of their planned obsolescence behavior.  We are deeply invested in this electronic age and many of us have our whole lives on various devices and, sadly, devices that may or may not be immune to being hacked and held captive for money or some other unknown reason… or just for the hell of it and because it can be done.

Microsoft has developed the bad habit of releasing buggy software then relying on users to report problems so they can be fixed and it’s because it’s cheaper for them to do this than to pay a team of people to close up all the holes and make the software bulletproof before it goes gold and released to the public.  Such an effort takes time and it’s proven to be a very shoddy way to do things; it might save them millions of dollars along the line… but the cost to users who get affected by these exploits has a price tag that goes beyond mere money.

Just my opinion but there has to be a better and more concerted effort by the companies involved to make damned sure that when we buy their products, we can use them without having to worry about being subject to a cyber attack.  It seems to me that if they cannot provide a quality product, it might convince folks to not buy said products going forward and I do wonder if anyone has given any thought to what will happen to their corporate bottom lines if/when people decides it’s better to be safe than sorry and stop buying their stuff…

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Interesting Reads

As I peruse my Dashboard, I often find myself re-reading things I’ve written that Dashboard says someone has looked at because, um, sometimes, I’ve forgotten that I even wrote it and I guess that’s because I write so much – and have written so much since becoming a member here, there’s no way I can remember everything I’ve written.  So, I’ll look at the list of things that have been recently read, peep the title, and ask myself, “What did I write?” and, uh, no – the title doesn’t always make me remember what I scribbled… so I click on the link.

Sometimes, I’ll read something and say to myself, “Wow… I wrote that?”  Sometimes, I’ll look at something I wrote a while ago and it makes me frown and mutter, “You could have done a better job of writing that!” but that’s easy to say retrospectively.  Every now and then, I’ll re-read something and actually groan and now the question is, “What the hell were you thinking about?”  Well, duh, it’s kinda obvious what I was thinking about because I wrote it but, yeah, sure, there are times when I’ll write something, have a chance to re-read it, and then see that while it might have made sense while I was writing it, seeing it again reveals that, um, well, let’s just say that if I had to write it again, I probably wouldn’t write it at all.


One time, I went all the way back to the first post I ever wrote here and started reading… but eventually gave up on that project because, wow, it was a lot of stuff to read.  I had intended to go through everything I wrote and correct any spelling errors I managed to miss but I felt that because I’m hammering at the keyboard about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time, leaving the spelling errors uncorrected – and I’m talking about the ones I managed to miss – was a truer indication of not only what was on my mind but how my mind was actually processing stuff at the time.  Still, sometimes I fix a thing to preserve context and sometimes I’ll just kick myself for not seeing the error and just leave it alone.

Other than some after-the-fact proofreading, I get a kick out of re-reading the stuff I’ve already written.  I don’t make a habit of it but, yeah, there are times when I’ll see part of my Dashboard and ask myself, “What was that about?”  I particularly like some of the rants I’ve gone on and, after the fact, sometimes I find them hilarious even though I know that I was quite serious – and pissed off – when I wrote it.

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For the last two days, my blog has been getting spammed like crazy!  I lost count after yesterday’s spam storm of 90 spam and there’s no end in sight yet…


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I’ve been drinking coffee for years and, offhand, I can’t remember all the varieties I’ve tasted but some of my more memorable cups were Hawaiian Kona coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain; in Japan, there are vending machines almost everywhere that for one Yen (about $1US), you can get a honest to goodness hot can of coffee and, wow, did I fall in love with it!   The scent of fresh coffee, whether from freshly ground beans or opening a brand new can of coffee is intoxicating.

And I’ve come to love hazelnut flavored coffee. I’ve always taken my coffee with cream and sugar; I tried drinking it black in the early days but, nope, couldn’t acquire the taste for black coffee although, years ago at a bowling banquet, I had a coffee that was delicious black; adding anything to it just spoiled it.  When trying a new brand of coffee, yeah, I’ll take a sip of it black to see how it’s flavors will explode into my tongue and when my doctor suggested that I give up cream and sugar and drink my coffee black, well, that ain’t ever gonna happen.

I’m reminded of something a character in a book I read said after his friend said that coffee wasn’t needed to wake up in the morning:  “If I didn’t drink coffee, I wouldn’t need mornings…”

A friend of mine back in the day and I put some money together and bought ourselves a huge jar of Maxwell House instant coffee that would last most coffee drinkers a couple of weeks (at best)… and drank it all up in a couple of hours as we sat and talked.  Man, I was so buzzed it wasn’t funny and until about a year ago, I’d never drank another cup of Maxwell House.

Worst coffee ever was a cup of Starbucks coffee.  I’d been hearing about how good this coffee was and a new store had opened up innthe shopping center across my my job so I took a break to go check it out… and wished I hadn’t.  The coffee smelled burnt, like coffee that got made and just sat in the pot and on the heating element and had been there for hours.  I took one whiff and that burnt aroma made my eyes water so much I almost floated my contacts out.

I asked the barista if this coffee was fresh and she swore that it had just finished brewing a minute or so before I came in. I remember shrugging and, honestly, not believing her while adding sugar and cream to the cup, tasting it as I went along.  If I were to guess, I added what would amount to a half cup of sugar and cream and it still tasted as if I hadn’t added a thing to it.

I grimaced and threw the horrid brew away, really pissed that I’d just thrown $2.50 (at the time) into a trash can.  But, I had to try it again because, well, girlfriend could have lied to me and poured me a cup from a pot that had really been heating for an hour or more.  I paid a visit to another Starbucks location and was asked if I minded waiting for a fresh pot to brew so I did.

And got another cup of the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted.  I’ve drank those tiny cups of espresso and even Turkish coffee and as strong as they were, they tasted way better than this supposedly fresh cup of Starbucks’ highly touted coffee.  To me, their coffee tasted as if when the beans were roasted, they were very badly burned; then they got ground up and packaged for the stores where, before brewing, a barista further cremated the already incinerated coffee to achieve that very horrible taste and aroma.

Yet, I know some folks who feel that Starbucks’ coffee is the bomb shit.  I’m not a coffee snob but I know what tastes good to me… and that muck Starbucks calls coffee doesn’t even come close.  Fast forward a few years and, oh, maybe a couple of years ago, I think, when I saw a commercial for Starbucks and they were announcing a lighter coffee blend because, “Some folks can’t get used to our regular blend of coffee…” or something to that effect and I remember snorting derisively and saying that if I was a fan of having their coffee eat away the lining of my stomach, intestines, kidneys and bladder, I’d drink their rotgut coffee all of the time.

No, not really.  Not even if you paid me to drink something that smells and tastes like it can polish dull metal to a brilliant, blinding shine…

I’ve had dark roasted coffees and some of them are no joke when it comes to intense coffee flavor but I have no problems drinking them because it tastes like coffee and smells like coffee and not like they’re a burnt sacrifice being offered up or used as fuel for NHRA dragsters and the space shuttles before they all got grounded and mothballed…


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29 February 2012, a leap year day and the day I underwent what would be my first abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery and the one thing that scared me more than having a stroke did.  While having untreated high blood pressure has been described as a ticking time bomb, having an AAA is a bone fide, very real and literal bomb and one that may go off… or just sit there.  Maybe it’s not a bad thing if you don’t know it’s there but these things fall into that category of what you don’t know can not only hurt you, it can kill you, a point I was reminded of when that actor who played “Tommy” on “Martin” died because his AAA ruptured. I know, from experience, that knowing it’s there and understanding the danger is even more nerve-wracking and as I said when I first talked about this, they couldn’t schedule the surgery fast enough; in fact, when the doctor who told me about the AAA sat with me and explained the situation, I was preparing myself mentally to wind up on a table that night.

The repair was made, follow-up checks kept religiously and everything kept looking good but in the back of my mind – and after having read up more on this problem, the trepidation was still there because given the way it was repaired, eh, there were still some risks but mostly being around very powerful magnets or being subjected to blunt force trauma, like getting hit in the abdomen by a car.

15 November 2016… time for the yearly ultrasound… and I knew something wasn’t right when the ultrasound tech not only did the scan a second time but called someone else in to look at it as well.  I could see what they were looking at but I couldn’t see what had them what I’d call “concerned,” for lack of a better word.  After seeing my doctor and being told that a CAT scan was needed, I knew something was amiss – but I still didn’t know what and my doctor isn’t the kind of guy who’d give me information without it being confirmed first; he said he needed a more detailed scan so he could be sure of what he was looking at.  As I stood at the checkout desk, I’m thinking there’s something wrong with my implant… but, hmm, if it was something wrong and seriously wrong, I wouldn’t be standing here getting scheduled for a CAT scan and thinking about what he’d said:  “Once they scan you, you have to stay there while I look at the film so I can decide if another scan with contrast is needed…”

I learned, from an earlier yearly exam that he prefers I get scanned with contrast (he had a hissy fit when the radiology people mistakenly gave me contrast for a scan) so while I’m not worried, yeah, he’s got my attention.  I get home and I’m talking to Linda about this and we both agree that he – my doctor – wouldn’t order this unless he suspected something wasn’t right but, as he told us, not an emergency situation.

29 November 2016… and time for the scan from hell.  First, upon checking in, the radiology department said they didn’t have me scheduled for any scans even though the script I gave them had the time and date for the scan and when it was made.  Eventually, they found it but I was under the impression they weren’t happy about how the appointment was made – not my problem, though; I’m here to get scanned and, hopefully, once and find out what my doctor wanted a better view of.

On the table and, wow, just being in the area where there are machines with superconducting magnets still make me nervous since I know these are the kinds of magnets that can affect titanium – but I also know that as long as I’m not standing next to one that’s operating in a specific range  there’s no danger of my implant being made to move by these powerful magnetic forces.  These people are professional, they have my chart, and it’s not like they’ve never had to scan someone with an implanted endograft before.

First scan is done; why do they always seem to tell me to hold my breath while I’m in the middle of exhaling?  My doctor had ordered that I remain on the table until he could pull up the scan from his office but I went back to the waiting room, hoping this won’t have to be repeated… but no such luck:  Time for the contrast scan.


I get taken back to another area so they can check my kidney function; they know I have polycystic kidney disease (the bad version) and while it’s not giving any issues, the radioactive iodine might cause an issue so I gotta be tested to make sure there won’t be a problem.  The test only takes a minute using a device that reminded me of how diabetics check their blood sugar levels – and we’re good to go.  The tech puts an IV line in, attached a syringe of contrast to a port, and in it goes… and I’m back on the table being scanned and told to hold my breath… while I’m exhaling again.

Now it’s off to my doctor’s office and it’s a bit of a hike from where I got scanned and it’s been a long day but we get there, check in and, before my butt even settled onto the chair, I get called back.  Blood pressure and temp gets checked and logged and a few minutes later, my doctor arrives… with another doctor… and now I know something is wrong and I’m about to find out exactly what’s wrong.

The short explanation was my implant was leaking, causing blood to flow back into what was left of the aneurysm sac and, as such, not allowing it to shrink as it should.  Not life threatening, he assures me… but this needs to be fixed but in a way that doesn’t cause some blood flow issues, like cutting off the flow of blood to my colon (very, very bad) or cuttingn the flow to my buttocks and giving me some pain similar to having peripheral artery disease – which I don’t have, thank God.

I love this guy and the way he explains things to me; he says, simply, that he needs to make the legs of my “pants” longer and I know what he means because the implant does look like a pair of shorts that can have legs attached.  So… I need surgery again and he cracks me up because he tells me this like I’m gonna tell him I don’t want it done; sure, I’m gonna diss what’s really life-saving surgery.  He’s funny in an annoying way but as a vascular surgeon, he knows his shit and I’ve already trusted him with my life once and have no reason not to trust him again.

Back at home and absorbing all of this and awaiting phone calls to confirm my surgery date but also wondering what he’s gonna do that it’s only gonna take a couple of hours to do it and maybe a day or two in the hospital.  No, I didn’t forget to ask – it was just that he said he had to think of a way to do this without giving me any problems so, okay, I trust that he’ll figure it out… but I’m still curious about this since, when I first got implanted, it took like six hours to do it and I spent three days in the hospital.

07 December 2016… it’s Pearl Harbor Day, the date Delaware ratified the Constitution, and it’s also my baby’s birthday.  I hadn’t wanted to get operated on this date but we were sure the doctor wanted this done before Christmas and, later, we learned that this was the first available date that the special operating room they’d need would be available.  In at the crack of dawn, signed in, prepped for surgery, operated on, spent a very miserable night in the hospital thanks to the out-of-control roommate I got stuck with.

It’s been almost three months since the surgery and I’ve already been scanned to insure everything is okay… but I was confused because like a week after the surgery, I get a thank you card from Preoperative Services thanking me for letting them take care of me (a really nice touch, I might add) as well as a card that has information about… and endograft device that’s different from the one I’ve been carrying since 2012?  Wait… what did he do?  Did he remove my original implant and replace it with another?  Yes, I knew they could be removed but, um, if it took six hours to put it in, how come it only took two hours to remove it and replace it?

Okay, I had to remember to ask him how he managed this magic trick but, in the meantime, I wanted to know why I had a different implant and, after some searching, I found that the way an endoleak is fixed is to implant the device so that the leak is stopped.  Okay, makes sense – he made the legs on my pants longer but with a different – and, perhaps, better device… still wanna know how he did it, though and I admit to being seriously impressed.

Come to find out that he didn’t remove my original device:  He added a second device inside the original one!  Still impressive given the precision this had to require.  The endoleak has been stopped, I’ll have to undergo more frequent checks… and the trepidation remains.  From what I read, the chances of another leak are slim but possible and I find myself hoping this doesn’t happen because it’ll most likely mean an extensive surgical session to remove the implants and effect a traditional repair… and that bothers me more than it probably should.  If it had to be done, well, I trust my doctor to get it done but, shit, I wouldn’t be looking forward to not only having my abdomen opened but also the inside of my thighs – I suspect that my longer pants legs now extend a bit further down into my femoral arteries.

I know, at this moment, I have nothing to worry about but I’m not quite sure why I’m worried about a possibility that wouldn’t be made apparent until my next scan in July…


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An Update, of Sorts

I had my followup exam after my last surgical procedure and things are looking good but I was impressed because I learned that instead of having my original device removed and replaced, a second device was added and because I had what’s known as an endoleak, a condition that doesn’t happen very often with endograft devices but when they do, it can be minor – no intervention just monitoring – or enough to warrant a fix, you know, just to be on the safe side and the fix can be either a traditional AAA repair or the placement of a second endograft device to reinforce the original device and stop an endoleak.

Not saying that changes in the structure of my arteries wouldn’t happen and cause another leak but the proactive thing is to check me again in six months to confirm no leaks, proper placement and, importantly, that the second device isn’t blocking or restricting blood flow to other areas.  Hopefully, I won’t spring another leak; I’m thinking if I do, I’d be looking at a traditional repair that’s gonna be very invasive and lay me up in the hospital for a week rather than a day or so… a prospect I’m not exactly looking forward to but since I’ve got this urge to keep living, if we gotta go there, we’re going there and judiciously take advantage of the marvelous pain medications available in the hospital.

Getting opened up isn’t my biggest dread – a week of hospital food is and the possibility that I’ll wind up with another troubled roommate like I did the last time and one that’ll deprive me of much needed healing sleep; I won’t get into the details but trust when I say that my last hospital stay was anything but pleasant.

So how am I feeling?  I actually don’t feel any different from when I had the first device implanted outside of my usual aches and pains, like hurting the top of my bad right foot and it taking almost two weeks to heal up on its own and straining a few muscles fixing the new damage that fucking squirrel caused.  My doctor did tell me that this repair might make my butt hurt when I walk and stop hurting when I stopped walking – similar to having peripheral artery disease but I don’t actually have it; the repair was extended downward enough that it was possible but, nah, my butt is just fine when I walk.  I did have an issue with the right-side incision; where it was made caused it to rub and get inflamed like a boil but that’s gotten better over time – it was more annoying than a major problem.

So there you have it!  Yeah, I feel kinda weird knowing I’m sporting two endografts and while I understand the necessity of having two, I gotta remember to ask my doctor when I see him in July just how he managed to get the second device inside the first; obviously, it can be done but the details kinda fascinates me – yup, I’m just nerdy like that.

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Highs and Lows of My Weight Loss Journey


when and why size matters


I write when the choice is to die if I don't

My SEXuality

Why am I afraid to tell you who I'am?

Confessions of a Cheating Housewife

...because love just isn't enough ;)

Apparently I Don't Exist

The Many Adventures of a Bisexual Genderqueer


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