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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Plight of the Bear

We see them all the time, men we’d describe as chubby, chunky, husky, stocky, overweight, fat and obese.  They are men who, as far as their personalities are concerned, are decent and friendly guys but some are the kind of men a woman wouldn’t pay much attention to, let alone agree to have sex with them – and not even if they were paid to do it – because the sight of such a man, as naked as the day he was born, is often seen as revolting, unappetizing, unappealing and definitely unattractive… and Lord help them if they had all of these undesirable things and they had just the nub of a dick, a pitiful piece of manly equipment that, when erect, isn’t longer than a finger, let alone able to poke out past their more than ample bellies.

We see them as being lazy and slovenly because of their physical build; we think of them as being sloppy and unkempt even though they keep themselves as clean and neat as anyone else; it’s just the image that their… portliness puts into our heads, we the members of a society that have been forever brainwashed to believe that skinny is sexy, that the man with the biggest dick or the woman with the biggest tits and ass are the only ones allowed to have the most sexual fun… which leaves the men also known as bears out of the picture where “normal” boy/girl sex is concerned, giving them few choices:  Masturbate for their sexual relief and release… or turn to men who are just like them or other guys who aren’t put off by their girth and weight.

I’ve met these guys in my travels; I’ve sucked and fucked them, have first-hand felt their sense of desperation and a sense that’s been hidden under the veneer of sexual pleasure.  Most of these men, these bears, live to be taken for another man’s pleasure, to suck cock and then take that hardness in the cushy comfort of their ass.  Indeed, a lot of these ursine-like men are submissive out of necessity; the only way they’re going to have any sex is to just give themselves up willingly and to whatever the other guy wants and/or likes to do.  Some, if not most, like it rough and, indeed, their bodies seem tailor made to be manhandled, their anuses designed to be ruthlessly hammered by the biggest, thickest, cocks that are owned by men who feel it’s their divine right to treat a bear or the men known as bear cubs in less than a manly fashion.  And they endure it and learn to love being taken and used in this fashion and if they had any thoughts about what it would be like to lie with a woman, they’ve had them shoved aside in favor of cocks and balls and the taste and feel of a man’s seminal offerings.

I’ve met the more aggressive version of the bear, men whose body type, often covered with thick mats of hair that really do resemble a real bear’s furry coat, is seen as a more manly, more powerful physique, one that is better suited for being the one to do the taking, to make lesser men and bear cubs cower and do their bidding – and all because to them, the bear resembles strength and power, aggression and cunning as displayed by the way they often stalk other men for sex.  I’ve met these guys, felt the strength of their personality, have watched them look at me as if I were easy prey… but they learned that they’re not the only apex predator in the room and that if anyone is going to submit to sex, it will always be them.  Even when I’ve had them, you just can’t take anything away from them; they are fiercely focused cock suckers, willing to suck the longest and thickest cock right down to the root and as easily as one might stick their little finger into their mouth.  They will go about eating ass with great passion and desire and the kind that’s so familiar to me because they’ll eat ass like I eat pussy – and that’s something I can get my head around easily enough.  And, as can be expected, they have zero qualms about taking a hard dick in the ass and, hah, most guys probably don’t have a cock big or thick enough to give them any sense of worry because, again and perhaps oddly, their bodies are built to be fucked.

I see these men and I wonder why they are the way they are; what tortures did they endure in their youth from their parents, their peers, and others in their environment?  As a man, I know what it’s like to be rejected out of hand by a woman and for the tiniest of things… but what levels of rejection did these chubby, chunky guys have to go through and endure.  I’ve seen what verbal and physical abuse can be handed down who, for whatever reason, isn’t all stick-thin and up to our society’s standard of beauty and sensuality… and it’s so cruel as to border on the inhumane and more so if the person in question is more submissive than aggressive because, after all, you can run a great many risks when you anger a bear.

Of those I have met, I’ve asked them many questions about their sexual preferences, taking note of how similar their answers were from being so rudely rejected by women to even suffering sexual abuse at the hands or, really, cocks of others who could never see the good person they were – all they saw was easy prey to take and conquer.  Such tales always served to remind me of the nature of what we really are, that even when it comes to this we are, in turn, predator and prey and, sometimes, all it takes is to be very different from everyone else, to not be all svelte and stunningly handsome to wind up being the object of another man’s sexual attention.

I’ve often sat and watched men go on what can only be called a bear hunt, looking for the young cubs or the older, more experience ursines; I’ve watched their eyes roam over their perspective “victim’s” body, from the twin bulges under the prey’s shirt that so very much hint at womanly breasts, to peering intently at the prey’s crotch as if they could see through clothing and underclothing as see what kind of meat the prey is packing; once, I saw a guy actually drool gazing at a chubby guy’s ass and I thought, wow, this guy has it bad… but that other guy does seem to have a rather nice ass if I must say so myself.  I’ve seen the reverse, too; I’ve watched guys who no one would pay much attention to look intently at other men, some who are built like themselves and men who are, say, built as I am; even though they might prefer to “be with their own kind,” these nearly invisible men will, more often than not, take any cock that they can get.  Hell, I’ve watched them watching me; I’ve felt their hunger as their eyes roam over me and doing that undressing thing that makes most women get offended.  The more submissive bears may lack that “aggression” that some of their counterparts have… but they know what they want and need just as much as any other man does so despite their submissive nature, they’re just as much a predator as they are prey.

There are bears and cubs all around us; we see them but, then again, we pay little attention to them except maybe to make a snide remark about how they need to lose weight and stop being a lazy son-of-a-bitch.  They are among us but, by and large, they are invisible due to their lack of attractiveness or lack of good, overall healthiness.  He could be that burly guy next door who works at a construction company, the big, beefy guy delivering that heavy box to you and a box that he handled all by himself… but you need help to move.  He could be that really friends chubby guy who’s really fun to be around; hell, he could even be related to you, a cousin or an uncle, someone you feel you have free reign to poke and jab them with those, “Your ass is so big…!” jokes, someone that you might even pity and all because they’re not exactly what anyone would call averaged-sized and since being so, ah, overweight is deemed as wholly unattractive, you may even pity them because you know that no woman in her right mind would ever want to be with them for love or money so they’d never, ever get laid.

And you’d probably be dead wrong about that last thing…

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Let’s Go On a Bear Hunt!

So it’s 0231 and I’m about to hit the sack and I’m going through my iPad stuff one last time… and I get to the Tumblr app and the first thing I see is this really heavyset and hairy dude with a really small dick with a younger, kinda chubby dude with his mouth just about on the really small dick along with the comment, “That nice bear is about to feed his cub…”

And I thought, “Okay… bears and cubs…  Now, I’ve had sex twice with a guy who’d be considered a bear, although I’ll also admit that my mind wasn’t thinking in those terms; indeed, I wasn’t aware there was a term for this kind of guy until quite a few years later.

What I wondered then was why was this really nice guy – and one not so hard on the eyes despite his build (and all that hair) – lying between my legs sucking my dick like it was the best thing he ever had in his mouth?  So after fucking him, I asked him even though I did think that either his body type or the fact that he was kinda hairy would turn some women off so much that he has no choice but to turn to men for his sexual pleasure.

Come to find out that what I had thought was exactly why we were lying together and talking while he fondled my balls… and I felt kinda sorry for him because despite his, ah, physical attributes, he was truly a nice, soft-spoken guy.  He told me that his lack of dick size also added to his inability to get women – he was maybe five inches fully erect – and I had to agree with him that some women would take one look at his dick and laughingly kick him to the curb.

So I was scrolling through a lot of bear pics, some with cubs, some without, and plenty of bear-on-bear pics… and there was something oddly erotic about looking as these heavyset and, sometimes, furry men, some with good-sized dicks, some with dicks that were, um, hard to see.  It made me think of the couple of gay men who were “super sized” but their lack of body hair might not qualify them as a bear or a cub… and it reminded me of just how many men there are who fit this physical description that probably couldn’t get a woman to tell him what time it was, let alone give him some pussy – so it’s like they had “no choice” but to turn to men for sex and, interestingly, the big guys I knew were all bottoms.

I closed down Tumblr and thought about these men and while I know there are guys who’d cream their pants to get with a bear or to be a cub, all I see are other men, some attractive, some not so much.  I laughed to myself to remember chatting with a guy who was into older bears and hi telling me that if I were a lot more hairy and didn’t weigh a mere 195 (at the time), he’d want to be my cub… and I really didn’t know what to say in reply to that.

I see something like I did on Tumblr and just wonder about certain preferences when it comes to guys doing guys…


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