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Whoa… Creepy is Okay Now?

I’m not sure what to make of this article; in fact, I actually had to find out what a “panopticon prison scenario” was before I could understand just what the article was about.  So, one of my new pet peeves is people getting on Facebook and putting their entire lives out there for all to see, several times a day, every day.  I dunno… maybe because I understand how Facebook links people together but if I know I can type something in my status and all 800+ friends I have can see it (because of my security settings), then, duh, I’m not going to say anything in that forum that I don’t want people to see.

The concept of the panopticon prison system was developed way back in the day as a way for prisoners to be watched without knowing they were being watched; I guess it didn’t work out because even if the prisoners didn’t know when they were being watched, it could easily be assumed that they were and, as such, modify their behavior accordingly.

Likewise with Facebook, then; even if you think you’re not being watched in some way on Facebook, you can easily assume that someone might be scoping you out and you modify your behavior, oh, like not talking about your baby-mama-drama, for instance.

It’s kinda weird because people talk about some of the damnedest things on Facebook and there aren’t too many days when I’m on Facebook and I’ll see someone say something that, even as bold as I am, makes me say, “I wouldn’t have done that…”

Because, yeah, whether you know it or not, you are being watched.  Now, if that creeps you out, here’s a possible solution:  Don’t use Facebook.  Simple, huh?

Speaking of the devil, I need to check out my ranch…


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I Got Da Facebook Blues

After a lot of thought – and not without a bit of curiosity, I became a member of Facebook almost, um, I guess, three years ago.  I’d been hearing about this game being played and my curiosity finally got the best of me and I started playing and it was fun.  I also learned that a lot of my family members are on Facebook and, wow, it was good that I could now easily reach out to them and all that.

The games are fun to play… well, they were, uh, some of them are okay – it’s confusing.  Now it’s not as if I don’t like playing the games – some of the are so cool – but I find I have issues that I just can’t overlook, like how the game designers do certain things to make you play the game a certain way and so that if you want to excel at it, give us your credit card number and we can make you a better player so you can buy all the stuff you need to be a winner in the game.  God, I can’t stand that and more so since they want you to pay for certain things and the game is listed as a beta, which really means you’re paying to play an imperfect product and that because it’s forever in a beta mode, well, they’re just not all that responsible for shit that goes wrong – and a lot of shit goes wrong.

One of the cool things is that you can get people to play along with you and, in some games, you can interact with them by visiting their part of the game and doing this or that.  But then they started putting goals into some of the games and, most of the time, failure to complete a goal won’t allow you to continue playing as you want to because you need a certain thing… and sometimes, you can only get it from someone you’re playing the game with.  Ah, man, now it’s “Keith Sweat time” and for those of you who are scratching their heads about this, Keith was the bomb shit back in the day as an R&B performer… but everyone seemed to agree that while Luther would convince you to love him and to let him love you in return, Keith was begging for love and affection like a starving man – it was funny as hell.

Not only do you have a ton of goals to complete and, yeah, some of them, you’re kinda enticed to pay for extra credits so you can do whatever the goal needs you to do; that or put on your Keith Sweat suit and start begging your friends for help.  This all by itself can give you grief because some friends help, some don’t, and the reasons vary too much for you to lose sleep over them – but it does get to be that pain in the ass when you need a friend to do something so you can continue to play the game – and they either can’t or won’t help.

I find that nowadays, I spend more time managing my games than I do actually playing them.  In-game gifts, requests for help, and even requests to play some of the other games – there’s just not enough hours in the day if you’re playing a lot of games (as I do).  One day, I logged into Facebook and took a look at the counter that tells me how many gift requests I had – and I had 700+ requests!  I was stunned but when I looked, ah, shit, I could see I was getting gifts from one game in particular and from just one person… and I had over two hundred of the exact same gift and that it had happened with more than one friend/player!

I’m a computer geek so I immediately know that it’s a glitch between the game and Facebook – but not Facebook’s doing and even though a lot of people have complained about this, the game designed has yet to fix it; this, along with some other game stuff that could use a little improvement, makes managing this game a royal pain in my ass.

One of the things that give me the blues is how the whole in-game gift thing works.  You’re playing a game and want to send out a gift; that person gets a notification about it, click on it, get the gift, go on about their business.  But enter Facebook!  They found that the number of requests going back and forth over their network was making their servers berserk, so they made the game designers do more to handle game requests within the game – makes sense, right.  Ah, but it gets better!

Ideally – and I know this – if you get the gift outside of the game, that gift request should disappear with in the game; likewise, if you accept a give within the game, the external request should also vanish… and sometimes, this ain’t what happens – the gift is still in two places and, sometimes, you can get it twice, which isn’t bad in some cases.  But – and you knew this was coming – sometimes, you click on the in-game gift and an error crops up and that makes the game freeze up and you’re now frustrated as hell.

Or, you’re actually playing the game, right in the middle of a good run… then the game suffers a communications failure of some kind… and all that work you just did has vanished into the ether.  And, you can pitch a bitch with some game designers but, ah-ha, because it’s a beta, oops, sorry about that – we’ll try to fix it.  And then it keeps happening and it’s not Facebook’s problem even though they often get blasted for stuff like this.

I get to a point where I like being on Facebook and it’s part of my daily routine but, damn, man, there are times like right now when I get so fed up with the games, I don’t want to be bothered with them!  At the same time, there are some games I play with people who are loyal and die-hard players and I don’t want to let them down because we really do work hard to help each other… but, Jeez!

What’s supposed to be fun and relaxing winds up being a pain in the ass, gives me a headache, and makes me stressed out and frustrated, something I’m supposed to avoid unless I want to have another stroke, right?  But if I play, then this helps me to stay relaxed and, most important, focused; if I’m playing, I’m not thinking about my pain – you feel me, right?

It’s maddening!  And because I understand the computer side of this, man, either these people are totally incompetent or their systems are completely overwhelmed and they need to do some serious upgrading of their networking components, hardware and software, so that my Facebook experience – along with my game playing one – is a good and easy one.  One situation I know about saw a player – my baby – unable to access a game; it would get to a certain point during its load… and stop.  Someone would try to access her part of the game and, oops, their browser crashes or gets hung up.  It was reported to the game designers by my baby and all the other people this was happening to and, from what I could find out, it’s been happening since February this year… and they still haven’t fixed the problem.

All they keep doing is saying that they’re aware of it and are working on it or suggesting that you perform certain tasks that you already know doesn’t work and they know it isn’t working, too.  It’s now May… and it’s still not fixed!  I know, having done customer support and all that, that they have no idea what’s wrong and since they don’t know what’s wrong, they don’t know how to fix it… and they won’t admit that they don’t know or can’t fix the game.  Oh, yeah, it’s a beta – they don’t have to go all out to fix it because it’s always in a test mode!

I know, of course, that major errors are logged and looked at but since this really isn’t the production/final version of the game, well, if we get it fixed, fine; if we don’t, too bad – you have our apologies.  It’s just another thing about playing games on Facebook that drives me bat shit and makes me feel like it’s too much work than it is fun.  These idiots aren’t around when I get pissed over shit, nor are they here when their apparent ineptitude upsets my baby and now I gotta help her forget this and be happy again.

I wish they’d stop spending all their time trying to get us – or make us – open our wallets to play what turns out to be a crappy game.  If you wanted it to be pay-for-play, you should have charged us from the beginning and I’m betting no one would want to play if it was like that.  And if they did, well, damn it, you’d better be giving us the best version of the game and if it fucks up – and since I’m paying for this – you’d better damn sight get it fixed PDQ and not treat me like I’m an idiot when I tell you your shit is whacked!

I guess I’m done beefing about this and I’m damned sure done with Facebook for the day.  At times, I just can’t get hyped up to go there knowing the aggravation that awaits me…

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