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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Again, Top Searches…

Bisexual men on fellatio” caught my eye as I exited my Dashboard.

First thought:  Duh!

Second thought:  Weren’t there some guys talking about this on the forum the other day?

Third thought:  Ha, I bet someone thinks that all bi guys suck dick, huh?

Would anyone be surprised to know that not all bi guys suck dick?  But, thinking about the discussion I kinda remembered on the forum, the guy who started the thread asked what guys liked about sucking dick.  What got me was the number of responses that, in my opinion, didn’t have anything to do with the question asked; many guys launched into impassioned descriptions of what kind of dick excited them, which nut sacks got them rip-roaring hard, the sexiness of six-pack abs, booty size and shape, etc..

A few guys actually answered the question, commenting about taste and feel of dick in their mouth hard or soft, how their senses are greatly inflamed to take a dick all the way down to its root and getting a huge snoot full of male musk, or that moment when the other guy begins to shoot his load.

What really got my attention was how many guys who chimed in… and haven’t even sucked dick yet… and their comments weren’t along the lines of, “I haven’t sucked cock yet but I just know I’d like it!”  Never discount the power of the human imagination and, yep, there’s enough porn going around depicting dicks being sucked to provide great visuals. Smoke wrote at length about how much they’d love it if they ever got a chance to and, well, I thought it was inspiring to see them being so passionate about something they’ve yet to experience… and you probably know what I’m gonna write in the next paragraph, don’t you?

That first time sucking a dick might not go as well as one can imagine.  Now, I’m not trying to scare off anyone who wants to do this but I am the guy who will point out the obvious, ya know, just in case someone isn’t giving this all the thought that should be given. I’ve seen guys get totally traumatized by it and as much as I’ve seen guys take to it like a duck to water.  Some of it is a… resistance and of a kind that I’ve never been able to figure out where it comes from, natural or a conditioned response; it’s an urge to gag and maybe even barf even thought mouth hasn’t met dick yet – just getting your head down there can produce some unpleasant results.

Yep, some guys are able to easily ignore all those red alerts going off inside their head, a testimony to how determined they are to suck the dick hovering before them; some guys, well, it takes a bit of work to shunt the revulsion aside but I’ve always thought that if you can eat pussy, which can invoke those same feelings the first time you do that, meh, wrapping your mouth around the head of some guy’s prick shouldn’t be all that difficult… but, yup, it can be – the mind just works in some very weird ways because a guy may not have had a distressful moment that first time he put his face between a girl’s legs… but his last meal might want to come back and visit him when it’s a dick they’re up close and personal with.

Contrary to popular belief, fellatio isn’t all about making the guy bust a nut but if you want him to, okay.  A lot of guys absolutely love sucking dick… just don’t you think about giving him that cream filling.  Indeed, a lot of guys enjoy getting the other dude right to the edge and shove him over but taking his load in the face or anywhere other than in his mouth.

And some men find that it’s way easier to take a dick in their mouth than to have one shoved in their butt.  As usual, I wonder what the person searching for this was thinking about…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Swallowing

I’d have to say that the first time I swallowed sperm, it was more out of self-defense than a desire to do so.  Those of you who have been following and reading for a while know how I got put onto the path but I can easily recall the feel of the man’s erection in my mouth, gliding across my tongue and I can also readily remember how damned good it felt and, much later, how it seemed to awaken me, bombarding my young mind with sensations it couldn’t comprehend.

I can sit here and replay that moment in my mind, this older version more than able to pick out all the signs that he was gonna cum in my mouth but, at the time, one moment he’s gently fucking my mouth, I was happily obeying his instructions to suck on the head of his dick and to lick it with my tongue… and I was so lost in doing this that the next thing I knew, there was something shooting into my mouth… and a lot of it.  I know now that my body automatically reacted and made a decision:  To keep from choking on whatever this was, swallow it and do it now!

I didn’t manage to swallow all of it but I did manage to swallow enough of it to remove the threat to my ability to breathe.  I do remember feeling his dick pulsing in my mouth, just as I remember thinking that, hey, this must be that baby-making stuff I’d been hearing about and, indeed, it was some time later when I remembered what it tasted like and, oddly, that was the next time someone shot a load into my mouth, which made my brain think, “This doesn’t taste the same as the first time…”

That first swallowed load was sweet – I later learned it was sweet tasting because of the booze he drank on a regular basis – and the more dick I sucked, the more, um, flavor profiles were being developed in my mind and I don’t know how many dicks I sucked off before I heard that swallowing sperm was an acquired taste – and what ‘acquired taste’ meant.

I just knew I liked swallowing the stuff even as my mind “dutifully” recorded things like quantity, consistency, and taste, things that I’d compare and examine later on when I learned to do this bit of mental exercising.  I’d later learn (in weeks, not years) some stuff didn’t taste so good, some was thin and watery, some was really thick and that sometimes there was a lot of it, sometimes not even when sucking the same dick more than once.  I’d swallow it, nasty tasting or not, because the other guy liked it, I love the sensations of having sperm shot into my mouth, and I didn’t know that spitting it out was okay.

It was what it was.

One day, a girl was sucking my dick when she stopped, looked at me very seriously, and warned me not to shoot “that stuff” in her mouth and when I asked her why (and I don’t know why I asked), she said she didn’t like the way it tasted so I needed to put it where it belonged, which I did… but now that very curious part of my mind wanted to know what was in that stuff that would, indeed, make it taste good at times and very bad at other times so off to the library I went to read about the baby-making stuff, learning things that would still take some time for me to understand but, okay, I could understand some of what I read but, honestly, I didn’t really understand it until I got to junior high school and got into one of my favorite science classes – biology.

Still, if a guy wanted to cum in my mouth, I was fine with that and if he didn’t want to cum in my mouth, well, it was fun to make him do it anyway; while I’d learned how to edit out the different tastes and didn’t feel bad about letting him cum in my mouth but not swallow it, there was still the very head sensations of feeling those tremors running along his dick that would tell me he was getting close and spur me to keep sucking and licking and yanking on his dick until I could feel it swell (some a little, some holy shit that’s bigger now) followed by that first spurt and then those delicious pulses that,not this very day, feels good happening as the guy gave up his spunk.

It just never occurred to me to not swallow even after learning that it was okay to spit it out and that if I wanted to watch him busting a nut, I didn’t have to let him do it in my mouth.  Yeah, some guys weren’t happy whenever I decided not to swallow or let him bust in my mouth but they’d get over it because, after all, I did make them cum.

Along the way, I’d learned that while there were lots of guys and gals who liked/loved to suck dick, there were many who hadn’t acquired the taste or they had… but the guy delivering the load found a way to make them not like it or want it to happen.  Indeed, I even learned to not be happy with those guys who, if they knew I was coming to blow them, would jerk off before I got there so they could be sucked longer before busting… if they busted at all.  I realized, at one point, that I was becoming a snob about it and getting rather pissy of a guy didn’t deliver a nice load of spunk, the payoff to all of my hard work.  I recognized that I was letting some really petty shit take me away from the reasons why I loved to suck dick and that the quantity of spunk didn’t matter but the fact that he was giving me something to swallow did matter.

Examining those early days on the path, yeah, I was a cum whore and a cock-sucking maniac; even though I did enjoy getting fucked, man, there just wasn’t anything that could compare to sucking on a dick until its owner exploded… except, of course, eating pussy; if you’ve never had a woman hose your down with splashes of pussy juice when you’re eating her, you haven’t lived…

But I digress and happily so.

It did not escape my attention that I was getting to suck a lot of dick and because, by default, I’d swallow the results and, yeah, sometimes because a woman wasn’t gonna do that (sorry ladies but you know how y’all can be about this).  By this time, swallowing was literally just gravy while sucking on a dick was the main course, you know, that thing that makes me say that if you don’t suck dick or don’t like doing it, you’re really missing out on something really sensual or you’re too worried about dealing with that nut getting busted so much that ya can’t take any pleasure from the act of sucking dick.

Before I started writing this, I was on the bi guy forum and reading a thread about swallowing and the majority of men chiming in said that swallowing was the thing to do while some said they preferred to suck a dick, get the guy right to the edge, and then get shot gunned in the face or all over their bodies; some guys said they’d rather lick it off the other guy rather than have it directly injected in.  A couple of guys even admitted to a love of creampies; there’s something quite wicked and delicious about dumping a load into a woman and then licking that pussy clean.

What I found odd (nah, not really) is that some guys said they like to swallow… but they’d never tasted their own spunk and wouldn’t want to.  I’ve tasted mine (I taste pretty good) and, um, yeah, I was once flexible enough to give myself a blowjob or two or three (actually quite a few more than that)… and I can’t begin to tell you how weird that felt… or how familiar and good it felt.

To me, swallowing is just a part of sucking that dick and I’ve long since learned that I don’t do it because the other guy wants or expects it – I do it because I like doing it, that I want that literal icing on the cake, that reward for whatever work it took to make it happen.  It’s not without its downsides; semen is alkaline by design – it neutralizes the acidity of a woman’s vagina and gives sperm a chance to play tag with her egg; conception is a matter of timing but it’s also a matter of sperm being able to survive in that acidic environment (and that why pussy has a tangy taste, by the way).

Alkalines taste bitter but seminal fluid can taste differently depending on what the guy is putting into his body (and seminal fluid by itself is an interesting chemical stew) but the alkalinity is still there and can cause sore throats, compromise your immune system enough to make you catch a cold, and can even upset your digestive tract enough to make things, um, watery, if you catch my drift.  Still, if you love to suck dick and swallow, you just kinda accept this as an occupational hazard.

I’ve had folks ask, “If you know all of this, why swallow it?”  It just makes sense, which isn’t easy to explain.  It’s the taste of it, the consistency, but not really even though these two things can play into my decision to swallow or not but,mat least for me, it’s about that moment when he cuts loose, the swelling of his cock, the way it pulses as the payload is being delivered and, yeah, there’s… something about knowing how my stomach acids are gonna totally annihilate all those sperms he just shot into my mouth as well as always being aware of the taboo that says a man shouldn’t be using my mouth to bust a nut in the first place.

There’s just something very satisfying about swallowing it, that seriously ego boosting thing of making him give up that nut or, if you will, taking it from him – those of you who suck and swallow know exactly what I’m talking about and why things like taste, consistency, and even quantity isn’t a serious main concern.  At least for me, swallowing is very intimate and just as intimate as inducing him to spill his seed into my mouth and, as I’ve said many times, it’s not about his pleasure first and foremost; I do it because I love doing it and he’s gonna benefit because I do.

Guys (and a few gals) ask me what the trick is to dealing with a mouthful of sperm and the taste and while there are tips and tricks to this, I usually respond by saying, “Don’t think about it – just swallow it.”  I am very much aware of the taste, consistency, and quantity; again, my mind just automatically records this but I don’t consciously think about swallowing it any more than I think about swallowing water.  Some compare it to eating raw oysters – don’t chew it, just swallow it; eating raw oysters is more of an acquired taste than swallowing sperm is…

Still tastes good, though…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Persistent or Just a Royal Pain

Sometimes, you can run into someone you can either admire for their persistence or be quite irritated because they’ve become a royal pain and in places you’d rather not feel said pain.

I ran into “Derrick” (obviously not his real name) during a long morning of playing basketball.  The usual characters were there, some serious ballers, some not so serious, and some just hanging out because there wasn’t anything else constructive to do at eight in the morning, on a Saturday, and a day promising to be very damned hot and also promising thunderstorms to cool everything off later in the evening.

When there were enough guys, a debate jumped off – should we run four on four half court or five on five full court?  The question always came up because there was always some guys there that the usual suspects didn’t know having never played with them.  Still, we had ten guys, all willing to play, so full court it was; teams were selected via the time honored free throw method, decisions made about who would guard whom when on defense as well as who’d fill the roles of ball handling guards and the board crashing, shot-blocking positions of forward and center.

As expected, the center position was mine even though I wasn’t the tallest guy on the court… but I had serious ups, had a knack for blocking shots and rebounding and I wasn’t a slouch shooting the ball either or taking someone to the hole.  My team made the important “who gets the ball first” fouls shot from the top of the key and the game was on and as we came down court, the defenders picked up their assignments and Derrick moved toward me.

He was about my height and build but I’d never seen him on our courts before so I didn’t know if he had game but, nah, I wasn’t worried.  The game was going back and forth and, um, predictably physical especially between me and Derrick; he was stronger than I had expected but slower and couldn’t out jump me; I’d already rejected every shot he attempted and on offense, I’d already dunked on his several times.  Down low, I had a good hook shot and I’d back Derrick into the post and he’d body-up on me and quite a few times, I could feel the hardness of his dick as my backside and his front side made contact – but I didn’t pay it much attention – no one did in this situation.

We played to 32 and we won 32-28 and as we moved to the shade of the sidelines to cool off before going again, we all said it was a great game.  I was hot and sweaty, my mind on a couple of things:  The next game and spending a long time in the shower later.  Derrick and I were talking about our battle in the middle and it didn’t escape my attention that he was sitting awfully close to me, just a bit inside my personal space.  We ran it back and we won game two 32-16… but Derrick was talking to me the entire game about wanting to suck my dick.

At first, I didn’t pay any attention to what he was saying; it’s a common tactic to talk shit during a game to get inside a guy’s head and throw him off his game and that never worked on me.  It wasn’t until I was posting Derrick up for a short jumper when he just grabbed me from behind – to the others watching, he was deliberately fouling me to keep me from shooting but what no one else saw was that he had one arm wrapped around my very sweaty chest and a handful of my dick, the grab being shielded from sight by our respective bodies.

I looked at him and he just smiled as the ball was taken out on the side and he said, “I’ve been telling you I wanna suck that dick and now I know you have a nice one!”

Oddly, I just wasn’t interested.  I was hot, tired, funky as hell, thirsty despite all the water I’d been drinking, and ravenously hungry; all I wanted to do was get home, get naked, and get squeaky clean and, oh, yeah, check out all the places where I’d been scratched and elbowed; I wanted to inhale several gallons of water and violate the contents of the cabinets and refrigerator.

I just did not want to be bothered with getting my dick sucked any more than I was interested in getting a look/taste of Derrick’s dick; I’d been feeling it against me through two basketball games, knew it was a good size but even my libido was too tired to entertain the thought of playing with it.  As I headed across the street to my house, Derrick was right behind me, talking about nothing but making it clear that he wouldn’t mind if I let him use my bathroom before he went about his business and that he wouldn’t mind a cold drink of water either.  He was being a pain in the ass and I was too tired to be rude; I’d let him use the bathroom, give him some water, then show him out so I could get clean again; I really couldn’t stand myself… and a nap didn’t sound like a bad idea either.

Once inside, I told him where the bathroom was; as he bounded up the stairs, I went to the kitchen and got water for both of us and took a seat in the living room, listening for the sound of the toilet flushing, which I heard a moment later, followed by the sound of water running in the sink, which was then followed by the sounds of his footsteps on the very creaky steps.  I was looking at a small scrape on my knee when I sensed Derrick looking at me so I looked up…

To see him standing in front of me and as naked as the day he was born and “face to face” with his crotch and his slightly above average dick that was standing at attention.  My libido woke up enough to tell me that his dick was a nice one and that sucking it would be child’s play; the part of me that didn’t even want to be bothered started to protest but Derrick made it clear that he wasn’t leaving until he had my dick and that I’d have to throw him out onto the street naked.

What he didn’t know or probably didn’t care about was I was thinking about doing just that, the tactical part of my mind already mapping out how to painfully remove him from the premises but, ah, damn, I also thought it would be just my luck that the moment I tossed him out wearing his birthday suit, the police – who had a high presence in the area – would see it and then I’d find myself trying to explain why I was throwing a naked man out of my home and, with my luck, I’d be explaining it in handcuffs.

While I’m thinking things out, Derrick was pleading his case in what I’d call a very empassioned way, telling me how sexy he thought I was, how good it felt to him whenever our bodies came together on the court, that he loved the way I smelled – that made me frown – and that it had been a long time since he felt the urge to suck dick… and all while being rock hard and so hard that I could see his dick moving in time with his pulse, which was racing.  My libido was getting interested but the part that didn’t want to be bothered was still coming up with reasons why this wasn’t a good idea but even I knew that my arguments were losing steam… and he knew it, too.

I sighed and sat back… and Derrick pounced quickly; his sudden movement caught me off-guard long enough for him to yank down my shorts and bury his face into my crotch in what appeared to me to be one smooth motion and, damn it to hell, my dick was responding, now trapped within his mouth.  The tactical part of my brain, before it decided to go offline, thought of six ways I could make him cease and desist but not without a bit of damage in the process and, well, um, shit, it was feeling very good and the active parts of my mind said, “Fuck it…” and shut down as Derrick did his best to suck the black off of my dick.

Somewhere along the line – and I’m not gonna lie and tell you I know when – I wound up on the floor with Derrick’s dick in my mouth; he suspiciously smelled like the soap I used, something I noticed just before he flooded my mouth with cum.  A part of me was unhappy that he’d shot his load before I could really enjoy having him in my mouth but it happened and it had the effect of making Derrick suck me even faster than he had been, quickly shoving me from, “this feels really good” to “oh shit I’m gonna cum” in the space of a few seconds… or a few minutes… I really couldn’t tell since I was still swallowing the last of his load while he was inducing me to give up mine.

I was happy and not happy at all as the parts of my brain that abandoned me returned and reminded me that I hadn’t wanted to do this in the first place and chiding me for allowing him to get the drop on me; Tactical reminded everyone that all I did was sit back and a response would have resulted in getting bitten.  All of this was going on in my head as Derrick was giggling gleefully and saying something about knowing he’d made the right choice and some other stuff I couldn’t pay attention to because he was fondling my balls and asking me if I could handle a second sucking.

I heard my voice say, “Give me a moment…” – who authorized that response? – and while Motor Control was trying to reboot so I could move, I guess Derrick didn’t want to wait much longer before he started sucking me again, gently at first and adroitly avoiding my very sensitive head; I was sure that I wasn’t going to get hard again any time soon but he demonstrated more of his persistence and his obvious skill and talent to get me hard again.  I don’t know why I was surprised that he was already hard again but I was; I mentally shrugged and went to work on him and it took some time before we could erupt in each other’s mouth again.

I was beyond spent, even more exhausted than I was an hour ago – wait, an hour ago? – and Derrick was giggling again as I contemplated how his persistence, how his being a royal pain, had gotten me to fold like a house of cards and, well, that didn’t make me happy but I couldn’t fault either of us; he just took advantage of the situation I gave him by merely sitting back.  Oh well, nothing to be done for it now; he wanted it badly enough to exercise bold initiative and I had to grudgingly admit being impressed by that and even after I unloaded my balls in his ass when we showered together and I even laughed when he said, as he got dressed to leave, that getting dicked wasn’t on his agenda at all, wasn’t his favorite thing to do and that he surprised himself by saying he wasn’t leaving until I screwed him.

Later, I sat watching TV and pondering my day and time spent with Derrick.  I was still pissed with myself, cursing my body’s automatic response and overriding my conscious thought and decision against having sex with Derrick but once again saw that his persistence and being a royal pain was admirable and, um, really worth being upset with myself.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Only Thing Better…

…than sucking dick is eating pussy.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times:  I have no idea – and perhaps no one does – what two humans discovered/invented oral sex but I, for one, am grateful that they did.  Likewise, history doesn’t mention, because it wasn’t recorded or it was and was conveniently made to disappear, what two human males decided that sucking in each other’s dicks was a fun way to achieve ejaculation but I’m just as grateful for those two forgotten men.

Like my last post, it’s visceral but primal, an act that for the sake of morality has, historically, been a woman’s thing to do but, legally, an unenforceable law since making a man cum like this is an act on contraception and impermissible under some aspects of religious dogma… which never stopped it from happening between men and women… or between men.

There is nothing that looks so… wrong but feels so damned familiar than to have your dick sucked and the person doing it is male; likewise, it doesn’t seem to be right when you’re the guy sucking the other guy but, again, only eating pussy can be more orally satisfying.  As I’ve also said a thousand times, those of you who don’t suck dick, well, you’re missing out on something.

Our morality says that if you’re gonna get your dick sucked, find a woman willing to do it; we believe this edict, abide by it, and even have it in our minds that having a man sucking on your dick is different from a woman doing it and while even I can admit that there are some subliminal things going on that there are no words for in any language, um, there’s no real difference, not at the core of it, but we all know that the notion of men sucking each other is one of the big no-no’s, that there is no reason why “Adam” and “Steve” would ever want to lie down with each other and initiate an orally induced release of sperm.

Yeah, right… sure there isn’t.  There is the one reason we’d rather turn a blind eye to because it reveals the lie we’ve been told and believe:  That shit just fucking feels good, giving and/or receiving, well, once you get past that initial moment of revulsion and a moment caused due to the moral lie, that men just are not to do this thing.

Ever.  It’s inexcusable and patently immoral to take a man’s flaccid penis into your mouth and, using various techniques, get him erect and then continuing the process of getting him to ejaculate – in your mouth, somewhere else on your body, whatever your particular preference happens to be… and then for you to lie back so he can do the same thing to you.

I won’t lie about it; there are times when I’ve had a mouthful of dick and have heard the voice of morality in my head asking, “What are you doing?  This is forbidden!” – and I’ve silently replied, “I’m sucking dick and loving it – now, go away and leave me alone so I can make him cum in my mouth…”

I have opened my eyes and have looked down to see a man happily devouring my dick and that same moral inner voice will remind me that this isn’t the way this is supposed to work… and I’ve told it that I’ll be happy to debate the matter in full later, well after he induces me to bust a nut.  Now, go away and let me enjoy this, will ya?

I have heard guys say to me, as they’re sucking me, “We shouldn’t be doing this…” and something that I know all too well but, ah, he’s still doing it and those of your who do not, cannot, suck dick might to understand why the two of us would continue to do something that we both know we shouldn’t be doing at all.

That shit just feels so damned good, giving and receiving – what other reason is needed?

Yes, yes… we could get all into things like who sucks dick better, men or women, the pros and cons of technique, the etiquette of spitting versus swallowing, the pros and cons of bigger versus smaller and we do – well, those of us who suck dick – let these things influence us and can make us overlook the obvious which is noted in the last paragraph.

There is a… delight that can be experienced when a guy sucks dick (or gets sucked by a guy) for the first time and realizes that it wasn’t as bad or as nasty as he’d been led to believe.  Of course, that all depends on the other guy who can make the experience a joy… or the worst nightmare imaginable.

For those of us who do suck cock, let me say this in closing:  If you look at sucking dick as a chore, you’re looking at it the wrong way.  You shouldn’t ever allow past “bad” experiences steal whatever joy and pleasure you can experience when mouth meets cock.

The only thing better than sucking dick is eating pussy… and I might write about that (again) later…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  “Well, Why Not?”

Every so often I like to come back and reexamine something near and dear to my heart:  Sucking dick.  It’s actually number three on my list of things to do that are fun and behind screwing women and eating pussy (and not necessarily in that order).  Lord only knows how many times in my life I’ve been asked why I do it and how many times I’ve actually uttered the title of this writing in response… and how many times I’ve been told that I’m not supposed to do it, let alone love doing it.

Let me get this right:  It’s okay for a woman to suck cock… but if a man has a fondness for this, that’s a bad thing?  Well, yeah, seeing as how it’s all taboo and verboten but the question I’ve asked – and never got an answer to – is why is it okay for a babe to suck my dick?  I’ve heard some “answers” like that’s just the way it’s supposed to be or that’s the way it’s always been (that’s a lie, by the way), or it’s immoral, which again doesn’t explain why it’s moral for women to do it.

I’ve even heard that for women, it’s an expression of love… and there’s some truth to this… but that doesn’t explain a woman polishing the dome and she ain’t in love with you, does it, and why a lot of men enjoy having their sausage eaten by another guy.  It’s just that sometimes, the simplest answer is the best one and, um, having been on both sides of this deal, er… the answer to the question of why is, “Because it feels good to do it and have it done.”

What cracks me up in these moments is how someone can agree with the simple logic employed – and still insist that making a guy cum in my mouth (or me in his) is still a bad thing to do.  And, indeed, if it is good for the gander, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with a goose finding out how good it can be.  Instead, what guys like me tend to hear is how bad such a thing is and how nasty it is… like it’s any nastier than doing a faceplant in a woman’s coochie?  Yep, there are folks who even think this is a bad thing to do… but I think a whole lot of us – both men and women – will say otherwise and emphatically so.

 Yeah, as usual, there’s the whole acquired taste thing, blah, blah, blah, and the emphasis on masterful and flawless technique; important issues but they kinda pale by in importance when compared to either having a hard or even soft cock in your mouth and that heady moment when you feel a mouth close around your cock.  And, as usual, those who suck cock knows exactly what I’m talking about and while making a guy’s prick blow chunks is always nice icing on the cake – and, yes, the pun is intentional – you don’t always have to suck a guy off in order to enjoy sucking him – he’d like it very much if you did get him off like that, though.

Just another stray thought that floated through my brain…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  And Then, There’s This…

As nice as it can be to have a hard, throbbing cock in your ass and being in that primal moment when you feel him releasing into you, I maintain that there’s nothing more intimate and satisfying than to have that cock in your mouth and you should know what I’m gonna say next:  Those of you who have never sucked dick – and those of you who aren’t a fan of it – are missing out on something.  I freely admit that I’m quite jaded and even selfish; I don’t suck cock because of the guy it’s attached to, I do it because it makes me feel very good and very alive.  Yeah, yeah, I do want him to cum away from the experience (the pun is very much intentional) knowing that he got his dick sucked as well as humanly possible and if he doesn’t cum – and that does happen sometimes, um, it wouldn’t be due to a lack of trying on my part.

I don’t want his spunk on my face; I don’t particularly care for being mouth-fucked, either.  I’m so jaded and, yes, even selfish, that all I need for him to do is to lie still and let me suck that dick and for however long it takes for him to give up the contents of his balls.  If he does that quickly, fine; if it takes a while, that’s fine, too; if he can’t (again, it happens), that’s okay as well because sucking a man’s cock isn’t about the creamy surprise at the end – it’s about how it makes you feel while you’re doing it.  Having the skill and techniques involved is all well and good but if you don’t have the desire and the passion to blow him, you don’t have anything; as you’ve seen me write, if you don’t love it, you’ve missed the boat by a wide margin.

It can be hard work (no pun this time) and if you think of this as a chore, well, why do it at all?  If you spend more time thinking about how past experiences with this have gone badly, well, your head is in the wrong place (again, no pun); hell, if you don’t think it’s a manly thing to do, guess again; it takes some intestinal fortitude to put another man’s cock in your mouth and the same kind needed in order to put your mouth on a woman’s pussy for the very first time; those of you who have never tasted pussy, well, my heart bleeds for you – it really does.

I’ve learned, over the decades,  that what can make sucking dick a bad thing is the guy attached to it; some dudes just do not know how to get their dick sucked and as strange as it may sound, the best way is to be as still as you can be.  Yeah, at some point, your body is just going to respond by fucking into that nice mouth and that’s fine but that whole “slam the dick in there until they gag and vomit” thing isn’t cool at all and, yes, I’ve also learned that the guys who like doing this have never had someone do it to them; otherwise, they’d think twice about doing it to the person sucking them.  This is supposed to be a pleasure and not an exercise in torture…

I have never gone into a blowjob thinking that I’m going to make this good for him; my thoughts are about how it’s gonna make me feel once I close my mouth around him, what he’s gonna taste and feel like; I’m not really thinking about technique even though I’ve learned them all over the years; I’m not even thinking about how he might have said about how he likes to be sucked – but if he did, okay, so noted but this isn’t really about you.  You want to be made to cum and I do get that but this is all about the experience of doing one of those taboo things that can make other men soil themselves and can make women resentful.  It really comes down to who is really using whom in this; he thinks he’s using me for this illicit pleasure and I know I’m using him to satisfy my own lusts when it comes to this.

And my lust for oral sex is very strong; I live to eat pussy and suck dick because it’s just too much fun to do and to be a part of.  It’s so intimate and if I could personally thank the people who “invented” oral sex, I would gladly bow down – and go down – on them.  Given that men aren’t supposed to be sucking cock in the first place just makes doing it that much better; I’ve had cock in my mouth and the thought in my head that I’m not supposed to be doing this, let alone enjoying it and it’s never a deterrent but, at least for me, something to always look forward to.

Some might say that sucking a man’s dick – and you’re a man is nasty and of course it is!  And therein lies the rush of it all that lies outside of satisfying one’s oral fixation; it’s doing something that we’ve been taught shouldn’t ever be done between men.  But unlike when I first got started, the mindset is changing as more men find that they can, at the least, get into a 69 with another guy and suck each other silly and without any ill effects on their sense of manliness; nowadays, your manhood can be called into question if you don’t partake of some dick and, at least from my perspective, this is an interesting reversal of the stigma I’ve lived most of my life with.  There was a time that being called a cock sucker was a bad thing if you were a dude; back in the day, I learned how to use that insult as a weapon of my own.  Call me a cocksucker and I’d ask, “Is that an offer?” Then I’d laugh at their reaction, which was usually beyond being precious.

Still, I never let the ancient prejudices steal my joy of sucking cock.  Yep, one must do so with a great deal of care these days but, then again, sex has always been risky business, as Adam and Eve would eventually discover when God commanded them to “go ye forth and multiply;” some other folks would discover that doing it without multiplying was just fun to do and if you could do it outside the prescribed and preferred method, wow, it’s just as much fun and satisfying, so sinfully delicious, nasty, and delightful to be able to use your mouth to make someone else orgasm and release!  I could suck cock and eat pussy every single day if I could because it’s such a joy to do and a very intimate thing to be a part of and the only reason for doing it is simply because it can be done.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Caught in Another Moment

He had his left forearm under the small of my back to hold up most of my 195 pounds off the bed; his right hand was alternating between cupping my nuts and fingering my butt hole and all in concert as he furiously sucked my dick.  As I was watching him blow me, he’d look up at me, our eyes locking and so many things were being said in this rather intimate form of nonverbal communication.

Minutes ago, I had done pretty much the same thing to him; I could still taste him in my mouth and on my lips, just as I could remember the tactile sensations left behind when his dick was in my mouth.  It felt so good… and his cock had that fresh, clean taste that I loved so much; his spunk, which was now being taken apart in my stomach, was a lot sweet with just a tang of sourness and there was a lot of it, too.

He broke the connection we had with our eyes to focus on what he was doing and that was fine with me, not that I didn’t want to know if he was truly enjoying himself – I could see and feel that easily enough.  I was enjoying what he was doing although some of the things he did – like fucking my ass with his fingertip – wasn’t going to make me cum any time soon; it was more of a distraction than anything else but, damn, I was impressed by the strength of his left arm as he effortlessly kept my ass from touching the bed.  I was also impressed at his ability to eat my cock right down to my pubic bone and more so because he had told me, way back before any of this got started, that he had problems doing the deep throat thing and the same thing he was doing right at this moment.

I could feel his teeth gently against the base of my cock; I could feel his tongue moving around, tantalizing me as he strove to keep it out of his way lest he gag again; he was sucking me so good at this point that I had already made up my mind that when he got finished with me, I was going to do him again.  But until he got done, I was very much into what he was doing as he now sucked with varying pressures on my knob, which was so sensitized that it felt numb… but not so much that I  couldn’t feel his tongue as it worked against my crown, the sensations threatening to make me a little nuts.  I had both of my hands on his head, not forcing any of the action but because I didn’t have anything else to do with them; I had, at one point, hoped that he’d position himself so that I could at least fondle his balls… but I think he was holding me the way he was so I couldn’t really move – hard to use your legs for this when they were draped over the other guy’s shoulders.

He was working on my dick faster; I actually heard myself say, “Make me cum…” albeit distantly and those were the most intelligent words that I’d been able to say once he got started on me… and the closest I’d gotten to a complete sentence with, “Oh, fuck…” being the next closest.  I was lost in this moment but the part of my mind that was tasked to pay attention to every little thing was hard at work doing its job, like reviewing how much I loved having  my dick sucked, the fact that even though I didn’t know everything about this man, I agreed with him rather quickly when he said I should come over to his place so that we could explore the possibilities.  That part of my mind was paying close attention to everything he was doing, analyzing things, making copious notes on his level of enthusiasm, his techniques, the amount of saliva he was using to sloppily keep me wet, right along with how many breaths per minute he was taking and, oh, yeah, I was holding his head in such a way that I had my fingers on the pulse points just in front of his ears so I would know how fast his heart was beating.

He stopped playing with my ass and balls, slipped his right arm under me and after sucking in a lot of air through his nose, lifted me even higher; he let my dick fall from his mouth – it landed on my belly with a wet, plopping sound – and I groaned as I felt his tongue sliding between my ass cheeks… and cursed rather loudly when I felt it playing against my butt hole.  I’m not a huge fan of analingus even though I had made sure that my ass was as clean as I could get it without going through the hassle of giving myself an enema… and he was taking advantage of my thoughtfulness, working his mouth and tongue on my ass as if he were eating pussy.  I wanted him to go back to sucking me because, damn it to hell, I was getting close to cumming… but, holy fuck, his mouth and tongue felt good down there and the part of me that was enjoying the sheer nastiness of this didn’t want him to stop.

“I gotta cum…” I managed to say; my mouth was so damned dry!  I had started out breathing through my nose but, fuck, yeah, he turned me into a mouth breather pretty quickly and now I was paying for that, trying to say shit to him when my mouth and throat were feeling as if a desert had been created, leaving my throat scratchy and parched.  But he heard me even though I had my thighs pressed against his head and, reluctantly, gave my back door a few more deep probings with his tongue before he made his way back to my dick – but he did stop along the way to suck my balls gently, and I did very much appreciate that gesture.

His mouth covered me again; he took me deep over and over, going as fast as he could; the attentive part of my mind noted that he wasn’t breathing and I let go of his head because, fuck, I really didn’t know what to do with my hands at this point.  I could feel the little tremors that had been racing up and down my shaft turn into really big spasms and, oh, my God… I was gonna cum and I wanted to… and I didn’t want to…

But I did it anyway.  I cursed loud enough for his next door neighbors to hear me; I grabbed his head and held it right where I wanted it to be as my dick pumped sperm into his mouth.  Oh, what a heavenly feeling it was to feel his tongue working to gather up my goo and to feel his mouth and throat working to swallow my stuff!  I was thrusting into his mouth as best I could given the position I was in but, again, that part of my mind that wasn’t being affected by my orgasm/release was making sure that I didn’t ram my dick down his throat – that would have been quite rude and even dangerous for him.

I finished making my creamy delivery, my body shuddering, goosebumps appearing all over me and in such a way that they were actually tickling me and I was trying not to laugh hysterically as he gently milked my cock, taking care to stay away from my knob which was now insanely sensitive.  He finally released me and my very limp noodle slipped from his lips and fell onto my still-heaving belly.  I managed to lift my head – it felt as if it weighed a ton – and looked at him looking at me and with such a beatific smile on his face.  He sucked my shit good but the thing that made me give his big time props and Brownie points was him asking me, “Are you okay?”

I told him that I was even though we both knew that I wasn’t as evidenced by the way my body was still involuntarily twitching like someone was giving me little electric shocks… and I would kill for about a gallon of water right about now.  While I was thinking about how fucking thirsty I was, he disengaged from me and stretched out beside me; I could hear his joints popping at he stretched and almost laughed at the way he was groaning as he got the kinks out of his body.  It was now both a good and bad thing; good that he had stretched out in a way that put his dick within my reach and bad for him because I had my mouth on him again and if he thought I meant business the first time I sucked him, well, he had another thought about to bitch slap him.

I was physically and emotionally spent and what I really wanted to do was take a quick nap… but I was determined to suck his cock again so I banished that tired feeling and ate his dick as if my life depended on it.  He tried to fight me off but his attempts to dislodge me were feeble, not that I thought he was seriously trying to remove me; anyone who could hold my weight the way he did shouldn’t have a problem making me stop.  The analytical part of my brain suggested that he had a really long refraction period that prevented him from wanting to be sucked again – but it revised it suggestion because he was, indeed, beginning to get hard again.

That was good… and bad.  I wanted him hard again but I was enjoying sucking his prick while it was flaccid, too.  I heard him say, “Oh, no… not again… please… I can’t…” and I let my mouth convince that he could… and he would.  His cock was perfect for sucking; his girth and length made things comfortable and easy for me; I could take a nine-inch dick  all the way down with little effort so, no,his six and half inches wasn’t going to cause me any difficulties.

God… he tasted so good… his renewed erection felt just as good in my mouth; I used my tongue to trace the veins that bulged along his shaft, making him moan in appreciation.  I could hear him mumbling about how good it was, how good it felt and he even managed to say that it had been a long time since he’d had someone suck his dick this good… and I realized that if he could say this, I wasn’t getting the job done correctly… so I picked up the pace and tapped into the raving beast within me…

I don’t remember much after the energy of my beast enveloped me; I kinda remember having two fingers in his ass at some point; I also dimly remember eating his ass, too… and I only remember that because I could really get my tongue in his tight hole.  I know I went back to devouring his prick because he was fucking my face, slamming his pubic bone against my nose – that shit hurt, too, but I wasn’t letting that discomfort dissuade me from what had to be done to him.  He was mine to do with as I pleased… and I did what I pleased despite his howls of protest against being made to cum again.

Like I was gonna listen to his pleas to begin with.  My heart was racing, my pulse pounding loudly in my ears, pulling in deep breaths of air in through my nose as I gently bit down on the base of his cock and applied a great deal of suction against his erection so I could hold him in place.  I could feel the tremors racing along his shaft; they were telling me that he was getting close.  I had his rather large nut sack in my hand so I knew his balls were tightening up and preparing to deliver their payload.  That part of my mind that always pays attention no matter what was amused that he was loudly protesting my treatment of his dick and maybe because I was taking him somewhere he’d never been before… or hadn’t been in a long time… and I actually shrugged and thought, “Too bad…” and sucked down harder on him.

I felt his cock swell… and my beast screamed in glorious victory as he began to spill into my mouth – and I didn’t bother to back off like I did the first time; no, I kept all of his dick trapped in my mouth as he came and, lord, how he cursed me!  A part me of wanted to laugh at him but it decided to pay attention to what was going on so I wouldn’t fuck up and have sperm shooting out of my nose – that really didn’t feel good.  He fucked against my mouth as I siphoned off his seed; I could feel rivers of perspiration cascading down my face, some of it getting into my eyes and stinging the hell out of me but I tightened my focus so I could ignore the burning so I could take every drop of spunk he had to offer.

I could feel him getting soft in my mouth but I wasn’t ready to let go him, no, not just yet.  I stayed away from his knob but I kept on sucking him even though he had given up all that he had… and just because his dick felt good in my mouth despite being hammered into softness… again.  My head was swimming dizzily as I now fought to normalize my breathing and heart rate before I hyperventilated; it would be quite embarrassing to pass out at this point, ya know?  With a rather loud groan, I let go of his dick and slowly sat up, feeling as if the room was spinning around for a moment or two before things settled down.  I looked at him with a mixture of feelings, none of which I think I could describe even if there were words for what was going on in my head.

He was trashed… and my beast was so pleased to see him lying where I had left him, unable to move, his eyes rolling up at times as so much that I was a little concerned about his well-being although if he somehow passed out, shit, there would be no talking to my beast.  But he was thankfully okay – my beast was a little pissed but was happy just the same.  He opened his eyes and, for a moment, he looked at me as if I just tried to kill him… and that wasn’t all that far from the truth… and I smiled at him… and he shuddered again and, honestly, I’m not sure what kind of smile I had on my face but he was visibly bothered by it and he even said as much:  “Why are you smiling at me like I’m something good to eat?”

“Because you are something good to eat,” I said, licking my lips.  “Now…are you ready to do this again?  Because I am…”

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