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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Hooked

I was just on the bi guy forum and saw an old post where the OP said that he was worried that if he sucked a dick, he’d find that he liked it and would want to do it again.  When we think about the reasons why a lot of guys hesitate to throw down with another dude, there’s a bunch of “standard” reasons that I won’t bother to repeat here because if you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve seen them hundreds of times… but the one you don’t hear so much about is a guy is eager to suck cock but hasn’t…

Because he knows he’s gonna like it and get hooked on doing it and that seems to present a problem for some guys.  I know why it’s problematic and it’s not unusual for a guy to get his first taste of cock and experiencing a mad rush to suck every and any cock he can get his mouth around.  In my own experiences, jeez, it’s so heart-warming to have a guy stop sucking me and he’s got this mystified look on his face and asks, “Why didn’t I do this before now?” or “I thought it was gonna be bad… but it wasn’t!”  I’ve seen guys go through a kind of transition, from being anxious to do it while being quite leery, which is understandable because it’s one thing to have someone suck your cock or to watch it via porn or whatever… and something very different when, literally, there’s a cock inches from your face just waiting to be sucked.

I’ve seen guys have that “Fuck it…” moment and they’re off and running and now they’re trying to figure out what to do; again, just because you’ve seen dicks being sucked doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to do it.  I’ve felt that moment of, “What the fuck am I doing?” just as I’ve felt that… shift in their thinking as they realize that sucking dick isn’t as bad as they may have heard.  It’s my habit of talking to guys before anything happens so that they understand what it is they’re about to get into and, yes, we talk about that acquired taste he’s heard about.  Some guys seem to think that if you suck cock, swallowing the spunk has to be done and I assure them that they don’t.  Politeness says that if someone’s sucking your cock for the first time you warn them before you cut loose – and even if you’ve had this conversation before the fact.

Some guys heed the warning and stop… and some guys don’t; some guys handle it as if they’re old hands at it and, well, some guys don’t and, sometimes, in spectacular fashion.  Some guys will do it once and never have or feel the need to experience it again; some guys don’t really know if they liked doing it or not and actually go for it a second time just to figure out if they liked – or disliked – the first time.  And some guys just flat-out get hooked on doing it right out of the gate.  I think there are a lot of guys who can’t foresee how things will go for them should they suck cock for the first time and get hooked on it.  Many are quite paranoid about the whole world finding out that he gave a dude a blow job and I’ve had to tell guys that, um, the only way someone is gonna find out that you did this is if you tell them you did and if anyone asks me, I have no idea what they’re talking about, okay?

What does it feel like to be hooked on sucking cock?  It’s kinda crazy, kinda comforting and satisfying and a whole lot of other things I’ve never been able to put into words.  It can be one hell of an ego trip, depending on how your mind works; some guys get hooked on it and it makes them feel delightfully submissive while some guys are just the opposite – those are the guys who’ll go down on you and there’s no question about who’s in charge here.  You might think that as the guy being blown, you’re running the show but, um, no – not really.  Some guys worry about technique but that can be learned every time you get your cock sucking fix; I’ve found that guys who get hooked on this will make it a main goal to be very good at it, not so much because it means the other guy will experience a fantastic blow job but because it winds up meaning a whole lot for their own satisfaction in doing this.

I go on the forum and read guys sharing their first time giving head and you can see it in the way they write that they’re hooked, that and they all say that they can’t wait to do it again.  And again.  And again.  I do tell them that along the way, um, they’re gonna find out why some women aren’t real fans of giving blow jobs – let’s face it, some guys are just assholes about it and, at least in my opinion, they don’t know shit about getting their dick sucked and I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s had to suffer through a bad blow job has done so because the other guy has been watching too much porn; fucking someone’s face isn’t the same as getting a blow job.  But that’s an occupational hazard and most guys who get hooked learn from such experiences and, importantly, don’t let a bad experience steal their newly found joy of sucking cock.

All in all, getting hooked on this isn’t a bad thing – it can only be bad if you entertain any thoughts in that direction.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Spit or Swallow?

Man, these guys…

So the title of this scribble is also the title of a thread on the bi guy forum that’s been gathering a lot of steam the last couple of days and a couple of things (or, really, maybe more than a couple) stand out to me and the first being all the guys who have yet to suck a cock establishing a preference to swallow and the other (for now) are the couple of experienced guys who say, for safety’s sake, they don’t swallow or otherwise allow semen in their mouth.  Let me talk about these guys first…

Unless you’re giving a blow job and the other guy is wearing a condom, whether you know it or not, you’re ingesting his seminal fluid – aka pre-cum – and if there’s any unhealthiness in his body, um, guess where it’s gonna show up?  One guy said he never swallows his lover’s cum because he doesn’t trust him – but he always tastes his pre-cum and I thought, “Uh, so if you are so worried about catching something doing this, you probably don’t know that as much as you suck this guy’s cock, you’ve always been taking that risk…”

Now, it is possible to catch something performing oral on anyone, male or female and I’ve always found it somewhat amusing to hear about people insisting on condom use in the spirit of safe sex… but when it comes to giving head, um, er, ah, shit, that practice isn’t always followed.  This, however, really isn’t the point but I often wonder if anyone really understands what happens when they put pretty much anything in their mouth and, specifically, how our bodies go about digesting things.

It begins with saliva; not only does it keep your mouth moist, it contains bacteria and enzymes that are designed to start breaking down stuff and while there are some things that can survive this destructive environment, the next step takes place when you swallow something and it hits your stomach, which contains even more powerful bacteria, enzymes and, oh, yeah, hydrochloric acid, which is really, really good at destroying things – except cellulose; this is why you can eat certain veggies – like corn or peas – hit the bathroom and, well, you probably know what you’re gonna see, right?  Outside of this, not too many things can hit your stomach and survive the experience and that includes seminal fluid and sperm.

The problem with catching something via oral is really about how healthy one’s mouth is; things like cavities and gum disease can be an entry point for something bad and get there before your saliva can get to it; likewise for having any kind of abrasion inside your mouth or on your tongue.  I recall reading some articles about HIV/AIDS and wondered why they were talking more about vaginal and anal intercourse than oral and when they did mention this, they also pointed to the rather destructive environment of the mouth and stomach as the least likely entry points; the bad shit, like syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea become a problem orally when the mouth isn’t as healthy as it can be.  It’s the reason why they say that you can’t contract HIV/AIDS by kissing someone because saliva and the forces at work in your stomach are, again, very good at destroying stuff – but a lot of that also depends on how strong your immune system is, whether you suffer from dry mouth, or your digestive system is somehow out of balance.

So, yeah, when I see a guy say that he won’t swallow because he doesn’t want to catch anything – but they suck cock without using protection, yeah, it’s an eye-roller and more proof that some of us really don’t know how our bodies work nor are they thinking about the fact that in order to catch something, the guy you’re sucking has to have whatever it is you don’t want to catch; some guys believe that if you suck a guy’s dick, you’re automatically gonna catch something nasty (and a lot of people actually do believe this).  Otherwise, at the least, swallowing that nut can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth and it can upset your stomach and even upset the water balance in your gut enough to give you the runs.  That doesn’t mean that guys shouldn’t get tested or, if the other guy is questionable, insist that he get tested and, yes, if you’re really and seriously worried about this, never, ever, suck a cock without a condom.

Now, to the other guys!

I get that those fellas who’ve yet to get that first taste of dick and sperm tend to fantasize about it but, um, there’s a reason why they call it an acquired taste.  One of the downsides of watching porn stars swallow sperm is that while you can see them doing it, you can’t get an idea of what sperm might taste like although, if you look closely, you can see a porn stars facial expression when they know their scene includes swallowing some spunk or otherwise getting it into their mouth… but I’m thinking most guys aren’t paying attention to such things.  What I feel some guys don’t know (or pay any attention to) is that seminal fluid is a cocktail of substances that are designed as a delivery vehicle and environment for sperm to survive long enough to reach a woman’s egg and fertilize it.  A woman’s vagina is an acidic environment while seminal fluid is alkaline to counteract the acidity and give sperm a chance to “do its job” before that acidic environment destroys them – and, yes, it’s a similar kind of destruction to what happens in your stomach, if you were wondering.

And it’s seminal fluid that carries those, um, extra flavors that can make taking a nut in the mouth a potentially distasteful experience.  But like so many other things, it’s one thing to know the chemistry of this and a different thing to actually taste it – and even if you’ve heard from others that sometimes, that shit just tastes nasty… and I’m not gonna bullshit you about that because, yup, sometimes it does.  But what gets me about these guys is that, on the one hand, they want to suck a guy off so very badly… but they’re also “afraid” of that taste and, bluntly, something that they’ve actually not tasted…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Catching That Nut

Another day of going through my various apps on my devices and when I eventually get to Tumblr, yep, there’s a shitload of “people wanting to follow me” and all of them are ads for porn websites; as I’m blocking them, I’m wondering where people find the damned time to bother people with all this “hot teens for hot sex” bullshit and crap promising that if you click on the link, you can get laid in a matter of minutes by hot wives looking for extramarital excitement.

Yeah, right… sure.

That done and, once again, the first thing presented is one of two guys at some point in a blowjob; the guy being blown (and hiding his face, which cracks me the hell up every time) is palming the other guy’s head, quickly thrusting into the kneeling dude’s mouth and you can see the moment when Mr. You Can’t See My Face blows his load just as you can see Kneeling Dude’s reaction, his cheeks puffing out, his throat working to deal with the inflow of sperm and that really heady sight of that dick pulsing strongly while trapped inside that mouth.

I thought, “Hmm, that’s a nice clip…” and better than most I’ve seen lately as you see the guy doing the sucking letting the “spilt milk” just ooze out from between his lips, which are still fully encircling that dick before eventually letting go of it.  I then thought, “Man, how many times have I been on the receiving end of that?” then followed by a few stray thoughts about what’s the “best part” of giving a guy a blow job – doing the work to get him to cum or the moment when he does?  I don’t know about others who like/love giving head but both parts are fun and those of you who’ve been following me for a while knows that I’m of a mind that if I’m gonna subject myself to giving a blow job, I want the creamy reward at the end.

I let my thoughts go to the moment when you know he’s seconds away from cutting loose; he might be pawing at your head, unable to resist the urge to fuck into your mouth, cursing, calling for divine intervention. You might even be able to feel a series of tremors racing along his shaft and, depending on the guy, ya might also feel the moment when his cock swells – a little or a lot – followed by that initial spurt which is followed by whatever else he’s got to offer in that moment.  I know my thoughts in those scant seconds have run the gamut from, “Yes!” to “Damn… it’s about fucking time!” as the other guy’s whole body is involved in his release and now it’s about what you wanna do with the nut you just caught:  Swallow it, let it ooze out, or just gather it all in your mouth and spit it all out.

There’s something quite primal in those seconds that you can feel his cock pumping sperm into your mouth and as I’m watching the clip, I could see the change that came over the guy’s face, which had gone from being a bit frowned up in concentration to almost totally relaxed and I thought, “Yeah, dude, I know how you’re feeling right about now…”  In a time where such porn clips tend to feature more, ah, violent blow jobs, I actually thought this was one of the better ones that have come along because the guy getting blown wasn’t trying to ram his dick down the other guy’s throat, didn’t snatch it away to give the dude a facial, wasn’t slapping the guy all in the face and head while he was trying to suck that dick nor was he being choked while trying to give head; nope, he just gave into the moment and let his nut get sucked out of him.  Even though the guy doing the sucking did have that concentrating look, he wasn’t stressed at all as homey palmed his head and quickly – but gently – fucked into his mouth until he exploded.

Y’all know that I’m not really a fan of what porn likes to portray and that goes for giving head as well.  These days, it’s overly demonstrative and exaggerated and, I think, unnecessarily violent with all the face slapping, deliberate gagging, choking, and other shit that, at least in my opinion, isn’t my idea of a fun good time.  I tend to believe that there’s some “confusion” about what’s a blow job and fucking the hell out of someone’s mouth and I also understand that just because I’d probably hospitalize a guy who did that to my mouth, yeah, there are some dudes who live to have their mouth violated to this extent.  It’s the difference between “providing a service” and being used in a seemingly uncaring way.

But, I digress.  I just wanted to get this thought out of my head and write it down before I forgot it…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  That Certain Look

I went into Tumblr to clean out the numerous purveyors of crappy porn that likes to schlep their wares in the form of following folks and while I’m happy to say that the number of, ah, purveyors have decreased, some still manage to slip in.  That done, I turned my attention to the first posting and what really got my attention was the shade of blue of the shirt is guy was wearing.

Now that my attention had been grabbed, now I’m looking at what Mr. Blue Shirt was doing.  He’s in a field and, um, okay, he’s got a hard dick in his hand; he’s looking around kinda nervously, looks at the owner of the hard dick who’s holding the phone (I guess) and gives him a slight smile along with a certain look I’ve seen before that says, “I don’t believe I’m getting ready to do this!” before he first starts working his hand on the boner and with another little smile, lowers his head and sucks on the cock knob for a moment or two.

The guy lifts his head and while still jerking the unseen guy, gets this look on his face that, at least to me, said, “Hey… this cock sucking thing ain’t as bad as I thought it was!”  He goes down on the guy – his friend? – again but with a bit more gusto but there are moments as his head is bobbing up and down where you can see his eyes flicking from left to right because, um, after all, he does appear to be out in the open, in a field, and sucking cock.

He raises his head again, looks around again, smiles at the guy he’s blowing, and goes back to work and he’s really kinda getting into it now and now I’m wondering if this is gonna end in a facial or this blue-shirted, somewhat nervous guy is gonna get a mouthful of spunk…

Alas, the clip loops back to the beginning… but that look he had on his face!  I happen to think that look is quite precious, to see a guy being in that moment and, perhaps, not so sure he wants to suck that dick, let alone doing it out in an open, maybe public, place.  I’ve watched guys blow me for their first time and I’ve seen those looks that runs from nervous uncertainty, to “Okay, I’ve committed myself to doing this…” to “Hey, this ain’t bad at all!”

I don’t know if other dudes pay attention to moments like this but I do…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Getting Buffed

Nope, not talking about hitting the gym and not really talking about polishing something into dazzling, blinding brilliance.  This is a scribble about sucking dick but it’s not a “how-to” either.  I was cleaning out the bullshit from my Tumblr account and one of the first things I saw was a Tumblr thread that I do subscribe to and a clip of two guys outside somewhere, a hard dick being produced by one guy and the second guy kneeling to, um, buff that dome.  I watched with my usual clinical detachment, not really paying attention to the provider’s technique or anything like that but I was thinking about the entry point for bisexual men.

Some guys, when they’ve been bitten by the bisexual bug, have some choices to make, namely, what does he want to experience and what form this first experience should take.  A newbie can start with mutual masturbation which can take two forms:  Getting together with a guy and they jerk off in front of each other or they can pull each other’s pud.  Then, of course, there’s the topic of this scribble, the blow job, which I’ll come (no pun yet) back to in a moment so I can mention anal sex and it’s two forms of giving and receiving.

Getting that knob polished can appear to be a “simple” thing to do… and I can assure you that it isn’t.  A lot of guys are used to having a woman buffing that dome… but when the person doing it isn’t female, yup, that can be a bit of a shock to the system.  Likewise, if you’re the guy doing the sucking, well, I’ve seen guys have a “Fuck it…” moment and just dive in, just as I’ve seen guys experience a moment where what they might have thought about sucking a dick isn’t quite matching the reality that’s literally right in their face.

As I watched the clip, I was thinking about why a lot of guys chose this as an entry point and I thought about how many times I’ve heard guys wonder what it would be like to have another guy blow them and what it would be like to be the one doing the sucking.  Okay, um, that men are really hyped to get their dick sucked shouldn’t surprise anyone, right?  What crossed my mind – and as I headed toward my computer to start scribbling – is the perception that having a guy giving you head is somehow different from having “Judy” doing it in the backseat of the car.  There are differences and beginning with the obvious one – that’s not a woman chowing down on your stuff… but when a guy says that it would be different, I’ll admit to not always being clear about how he’s defining “different,” like different as in not the traditionally accept version, different as in thumbing one’s nose at the taboo attached to this… but I’ll also admit that my perception of this is skewed because other than the person doing it and whatever skills they apply, a blow job is a blow job.

There’s a bit of trepidation taking place with that first blow job, whether you’re getting it or giving it; what’s it gonna feel like, what does it taste like, is he gonna cum in my mouth and/or am I gonna be able to cum and, hell, yeah, if I cum, is he gonna spit it out or swallow it and, of course, if he cums in my mouth, what am I gonna do with it?  Am I gonna gag?  Wait, is he gonna throw up on me if he gags?  But before any of those things come (still no pun yet) up, there’s the biggest consideration of all:  Can I let another man suck my dick and can I really suck another man’s dick?

See, if there are some folks who think that two bi guys get together and go for the gusto without giving it a single thought, I’m here today to correct your perception of this because there is a lot of thinking and even concern going on before zippers ever get pulled down and for newbies, it’s some fairly scary shit because as familiar as it might be to have your dick sucked, you somehow don’t know what’s gonna happen (yeah, sounds crazy but it’s very real) and if the act is going to be as enjoyable as one might think.  I’ve seen guys chicken out at the last moment, have seen them not chicken out but struggle with being sick to their stomach as well as losing that particular battle; like I said, I’ve watched them have that “Fuck it…” moment and just frigging go for it and with varying results from being a “natural” and, yeah,  getting barfed on… and, once or twice, getting barfed on while I was the one doing the sucking.

It’s not that a guy experiencing sucking and being sucked doesn’t think about these things (and some other stuff) because some dudes give themselves headaches thinking about this.  On the bi guy forum, wow, there are so many men who are looking for that first experience and many of those men prefer the entry point of giving and receiving head.  Many of them write that while they are so totally hyped to experience this, they’re not sure how it’s all gonna turn out and since there’s no real way for them to know this without actually experiencing it, it makes them hesitant but that also amps up their desire to suck/be sucked even more.  Some guys write that they wanna do the oral thing with another guy but because they’re probably over thinking the whole thing, they say they’ll opt to start with some mutual masturbation because, again, having a man’s mouth working your dick over and/or being the one doing the work can be quite intimidating.

In my opinion, fellatio is almost a “common sense” entry point and, also in my opinion, porn does a pretty good job of putting cock sucking in a very enticing light… but, there are times when I wonder if the guys watching cock sucking via porn connect with the fact that the people they’re watching on the screen are not only “professionals” but they’re also following a script of sort and doing stuff like purposely gagging someone, doing some really furious face fucking, getting slapped in the face with the dick as well as winding up getting sperm in their eyes and other places one might not want to be spermy – go ask a woman about getting that stuff out of her hair.  To this end, I still think that porn’s presentation of this can establish some bad habits in men being sucked by a guy for the first time as well as for the first-time cock sucker and since I’ve seen guys on the forum write about how much they’d love to fuck a guy’s face really hard and fast or have their mouth and throat treated like it’s a pussy, well, it kinda makes my case a little and mostly because such extreme oral play can have the reverse effect:  Instead of making a guy a real fan of M2M oral sex, it can totally fuck up their perceptions of this and make it more of a mistake than the pleasure it can be.

Those of us who are fans of giving and getting head know how pleasing and intimate it can be.  Skill and technique brings much to the table, as does the matter of swallowing or not doing that. In mind, the most important aspect to this particular entry point is desire; how badly do you want to experience getting buffed and how badly do you want to enjoy doing some buffing?  As I’ve written so many times, the real difference is the difference between liking it and loving it and I maintain the stance that if you’re not gonna love it, why bother doing it?

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  In the Midnight Hour

It was a dark and stormy night.  No, really, it was!  It started out as an interesting Saturday morning because during the break between band practice and our home game starting, um, me and one of the girls snuck off for a different kind of break and it wasn’t the first time we’d had such a break.

We got done and returned to the band room to get into our uniforms so we could take the field for pre-game and the national anthem.  The game was going our way; we were well on our way to our second undefeated football season, we had a great halftime show and even the visitor’s band kicked it nicely.  Game’s over, another stunning shutout for us, a final reminder of rehearsals for Monday, and an hour later, I’m at home relaxing…

Until one of my fellow band mates called and asked if I could come by and help walk him through a piece of music we were to perform in jazz band.  I wasn’t doing anything so I went over and we spent hours going over his piece of the song.  In marching band and orchestra I played trumpet but for jazz band this week I was the drummer and while ya might think I couldn’t help him with his sax piece, he was having an issue with the timing through one set of riffs we were to perform.

At one point, we almost jumped out of our skins when a huge bolt of lightning flashed, followed by a blast of thunder that seemed to shake the whole house and I said that maybe I should try to head home… but his parents said it would be best if I stayed put because it was raining so badly that all you could see out of the windows was a lot of rain, like, you couldn’t see cars parked at the curb kind of rain,

A call home to advise my mom I’d be staying put until the storm passed and the two of us spent the intervening time talking music, gossiping, stuff like that.  After a nice dinner, the storm was still raging anditmwas decided that I’d spent the night just to be safe, that and the street he lived on was underwater thanks to backed up drains.  He was elated, saying he’d been wanting to ask if I could do a sleepover with him; I’d just shrugged, smiled, and said something about being a captive audience.  The thing I’d noticed, though, is that he went from being kinda laid back to being just a little weird or, honestly, not acting like the guy I knew from school.

The storm isn’t showing any intent to ease up and with nothing else to do, we went to his room and got ready for bed.  He’d offered me a set of PJs to sleep in but, um, when I tried them on, well, I was too tall for them and we both spent some time laughing at how ridiculous I looked.  So, clad in only my T-shirt and underwear, we climbed into bed and, I swear, if you didn’t know we were boys, you’d swear we were a couple of very chatty girls!

If you think girls can gossip, whew, you probably haven’t heard guys do it…

After a while, we ran out of stuff to talk about around 11 or so, right about the time we were told to stop yapping and go to sleep. So I’m sleeping and, wow, I’m having one hell of a dream and one that was feeling really good, if ya know what I mean.  I’m not sure what made me open my eyes but when I did, uh, nope – that really good feeling wasn’t because I’d been dreaming – it was because my band mate wasn’t happily sucking on my dick!

Okay, didn’t see this coming… or maybe I did when I noted the change in his mood but dismissed it, forgot it, whatever.  He’s kinda draped across me with is back to me and he’s sucking me as slowly and as gently as he could so as to not awaken me except, of course, he didn’t know I was wide awake now and watching him.  For a moment, I played with the thought of saying – and very loudly – “Hey!  What are you doing?’

I decided against it though because, duh, it was pretty damned obvious what he was doing.  Do y’all know how hard it is to fake like you’re asleep when something like this is going on?  I was trying very hard to keep myself still, resisting that natural urge to fuck his mouth, squirm, blurt out an obscenity, and other such stuff that was made even more difficult because, oh, shit, he’s gonna make me cum!

I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping as I shot my load into his mouth; likewise, I couldn’t do a damn thing about how my body was reacting to my release but despite those things, he continued to assume I was sound asleep as he gave me a couple of parting sucks, rolled over, and settled down himself.  I thought that had he turned and faced me, he would have found me staring back at him and that would have probably made things more interesting because I was more than motivated to return the favor.

But I didn’t; I just faked like I was turning over in my sleep (in case he was still awake) and really went back to sleep, all the while thinking that just when you think you know someone, you learn that you really don’t.

The next morning after breakfast, I’m ready to head home and he volunteered to walk me halfway, not that I had far to go to begin with.  We’re walking along when he stops, looks at me, and says, “I, um, I’ve got something to tell you.”

I played dumb; wasn’t hard to figure out what that something was so I asked, “What’s that?”

“Um, ah, shit, while you were asleep, I gave you a blowjob,” he said, his face coloring.

“I know,” I said, seeing no reason to mess with him about it.  “I thought I was dreaming but when I woke up…”

“You were awake?” he asked.

“Yeah, and you don’t know how bad I wanted to do the same thing to you,” I said.  “It was really good, too.”

He was smiling and, I guess, feeling relieved over my response and when we reached the halfway point,,we,agreed that we should spend the night together again and soon.

And we did two weeks later and let’s just say neither of us got any sleep that night…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Blow Job

The room reeked of males caught in the throes of sexual excitement, all hot, musky, pungent, and heavily dosed with pheromones as “Ryan” and I sucked on each other, both of us intent on making the other cum while holding back our respective loads for as long as possible.

As usual for me, as I happily sucked Ryan’s nuts, I’d found myself thinking about how the two of us had wound up in this moment, almost laughing despite now having my mouth full of Ryan’s short but fat dick.  I thought that I wouldn’t say that our beingnhere like this started out innocently; nope, I’d known for almost a month that Ryan had something to tell me and, if I was right, something he wanted to ask me.

As much as I had wanted to know, I was usually patient and willing to wait until Ryan finally said something.  Three days ago, as we sat in a nearby park eating the subs we opted to have for lunch – and after deeming that the cafeteria’s offering didn’t exactly qualify as human consumable food – Ryan finally got around to haltingly talking about sucking dick and asking the usual questions, like, had I ever done it or thought about doing it and if a guy wanted to blow me, would I let him do it.

My patience had long since expired so instead of answering his questions, I suggested – with emphasis- that he stop beating around the bush and ask me what we both knew he wanted to ask.  With his face as red as a proverbial beet, he told me he really liked me and if I’d let him blow me, that would make him happy.  Now, at this point I could have teased and played with him but, nah; I’d already decided that if he wanted to do what I thought he did, well, okay, i wasn’t gonna say no.  So, I said, “Sure, why not?” and we made a plan to hook up over the weekend.

It almost didn’t happen.  I’d been on my way to Ryan’s crib when this fine neighborhood honey finally decided, after months of chasing her, to let me in her panties; a hastily made call to him revealed that I’d have time to screw the girl and get cleaned up because Ryan’s parents hadn’t left yet.  After taking care of the business with the girl and rushing home to get cleaned up again, I found myself knocking on Ryan’s door, being let in, and led straight to his bedroom where we got undressed and got right to the business at hand after exchanging pleasantries.

We lay down beside each other into that more comfortable sixty-nine position and when Ryan closed his mouth around me, well, I almost laughed when I heard and felt his moan – I was sure he could taste and smell the pussy on me despite washing up; there was, after all, a reason why a blow jib was also known as a hummer.  It fueled his lust and he took it out on my dick which, of course, prompted me to take my soaring lust out on his.

As I’ve mentioned, Ryan’s cock was short but fat and it had taken me a bit of time to convince him (while we were plotting for the weekend) that it didn’t matter to me if his dick wasn’t long and that for blow jobs, shorter was easier to suck.  I grinned inwardly, as I sucked on his knob before taking all of him in, thinking that if he didn’t believe me when I told him, he’s probably a believer now.

He was such a pleasure to suck and his ability to give head wasn’t anything to sneer at.  We were both getting close; I could feel those little tremors racing along his shaft, could taste all that pre-cum oozing into my mouth and, damn it, I wanted to get him off and taste his cum… but I also didn’t want him to cum so I could keep sucking his cock.  Still, I felt Ryan stiffen, felt him groaning with my dick in his mouth, and felt and tasted the sperm jetting out of him, just a scant second or two before I flooded his mouth with spunk.

It was a little “difficult” but we kept sucking at each other until we began to soften; then we kinda pulled away from each other and spent a few moments getting the kinks out before looking at each other and grinning like idiots.  We were both hot and sweaty and his bedroom was humming with the fresh scent of sex and we both kinda stretched out on our backs but stayed close enough so we could fondle each other, while extolling how good that was and complimenting each other on both skill and desire.  And, yes, he even mentioned that smelling and tasting pussy on me had really turned him on just as I had thought.

Neither of us had to ask if there was gonna be a round two – that somehow was an unspoken given – so we took some time to raid the fridge for food and drink before returning to the bedroom and starting the long process of making each other cum again.  I thought about how easy it was doing this with Ryan, not because for me his cock was perfect for sucking but we weren’t trying to impress each other or make each other exceed their ability to suck dick.

We just lay there side by side, licking and sucking and massaging each other’s butt cheeks until after what seemed to take forever, I came, followed by Ryan just moments later.  He made me laugh when he shyly apologized for not producing a lot of cum; instead, I just smiled and asked, “You came didn’t you?”

And, as it turned out, not a moment too soon.  We were both very much aware of how musky and funky Ryan’s room was now and we’d opened the windows and he even turned on a box fan he had in his closet to air the room out… and before his parents had returned from wherever they’d been.  I’d not met them so Ryan introduced us – they were very pleasant – and they evennthanked me for coming over to keep Ryan company while they were out, not that he wasn’t old enough to be home alone and look after himself.

I politely turned down an invitation to stay for dinner, told Ryan that I’d see him in school on Monday, and went home a very happy camper.

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