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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oh, This is A Good One…!

After banging out “Seeing Red,” I was about to close out Chrome after invading my baby’s personal space with a very nice hug (she’s so cuddly) when I saw this Top Searches thing:  “What do women think about a bisexuals sissy man.”

Yeah… what do women think about this kind of guy?  If you were on Tumblr and, like maybe a lot of folks there, are being bombarded by sex and sexuality every time you visit Tumblr, then you might see, as I’ve been seeing, a lot of pro-sissy posts and a lot of them are “about” women who’d just love to literally and figuratively make a man (or their man) her bitch, from cuckolding him (and maybe D/s-ing him into bisexuality) up to and including dressing him up as a girl and even aiding in his partial transformation into a woman by insisting that he gets a nice rack of boobs installed, locking his dick in a cage, and teasing him with the pussy.

Apparently, there’s a faction on Tumblr who want us to believe that there are a lot of women who’d be down with a sissified man to play with while a “real man” takes over the job of knocking her pussy out of shape and into the next zip code (and if that real man happens to be a Black dude with a stupidly big dick, so much the better).  Now, I honestly can’t say that there aren’t women who just live to sissify a man because I’ve met a couple of them in my travels; I can’t even say that a woman wouldn’t have a reason to sissify a man, given what some men have a tendency to subject women to so, yeah, they could easily think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if “Ralph” were to find out what it’s like to be a woman?”

If you were to see some of the shit I see on Tumblr about sissies – and I’ve said a little about this before – holy shit!  I mean, there’s a credo or manifesto for being a sissy; someone – or a bunch of someones – have taken the time to explain in exacting detail what it means to be a sissy and all the duties that are mandatory to be a sissy which, again, includes becoming transsexual if you wanna be a real, dyed-in-the-wool, authentic, genuine sissy boy.  Now – oh, my lawd – this… mantra or whatever doesn’t seem to be all about effeminate gay men; I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t get the sense that this is what being a sissy in 2015 means although, when I was growing up, a sissy was a guy who was made to behave like a gal (and even dressed up like a girl)  – but he was usually gay, or made to be gay, or even on his way to being gay to begin with.  Nah… this seems to be about a woman taking a masculine man and literally turning him into her bitch…

And there are, in fact, men who want to be a sissy for his woman (or any woman) and then they’re ready, willing, and able to assume their “rightful” role as a woman’s woman and a plaything for that woman’s lovers.  I know what I think about this – imagine me sitting here with my mouth hanging open like a Venus flytrap… but what do women think about this?  For the record, if a man want to be a sissy, well, go for it, homey but, ah, no, uh-uh, I’m not going there ever even if I am bisexual and, in fact, knows what it’s like to be “the girl” in a sexual situation – and I’m still very damned masculine despite all I’ve done to date with men and women.

Any of you ladies reading this care to offer up some thoughts on this?  Does it sound like your idea of fun?  Does it make you want to have your last meal pay you an unexpected visit?  Shit, while I’m at it, do any of the fellas reading this have any thoughts about being a sissy – do you love your woman enough to allow her to literally and figuratively make you her bitch – and would you be ready to find out some shit that she already knows about men that, um, you previously never wanted to know?  And, yeah, if you need some “reference materials,” go check out Tumblr and do a search for sissies so you can (a) see this for yourself and (b) know that I’m seriously not pulling your legs on this one.

C’mon… holla at your boy… it’ll be fun, trust me!


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Sissified

Yeah, I’m revisiting this topic thanks to something else I saw on Tumblr last night.  Apparently, from what I read, a sissy can be any man – straight, bi, gay – who has a “desire” to be treated like a woman and, oh, yeah, willing to have his dick caged in various – and nonremovable by him – devices so that he can suffer some small penis humiliation (SPH) while his woman treats him like he’s her bitch.

I saw some different stuff last night, like “suggestions” that a good sissy should take the hormones, grow out their hair, get breasts and then give in to their desire to dress up like a woman, suck dick, and give up their  ass to be fucked (by her or by a Black dude with a dick that would shame an elephant) and do it as a matter of course.  It showed pictures of real women and had captions that said shit like, “You know you want to be just like her…” and a few showed tips for applying makeup as well as women saying stuff like, “Do your nails and then come over here so I can put on your makeup!” – and that wasn’t all.  There were a couple of pics with captions that had a woman smiling victoriously and saying, “I won the bet – so you have to wear what I’m wearing!”

The one that “got” me was a picture of a sissy all dressed up, ass in the air, and a caption that was like, “That’s right you faggot sissy – be a real woman and take that dick in your ass so you’ll know what it means to be a real woman!” – and I  was like, “Really?”  A few more things had my eyebrows crawling up my forehead because, apparently, if you’re a guy and you like to suck dick or get fucked in the ass – or are feminized and ordered to do so – then you’re a sissy… and I thought, “Well, that’s not true…” because yours truly loves to suck dick and used to love getting fucked… but I’m no sissy.

Now, back in the day (at least my version of back in the day) a sissy was a guy who displayed any feminine behaviors and, no, the guy might not have been gay… but they usually were.  And while the gay men I knew of back then were often quite flamboyant in their gayness, um, nope – never saw them dressed as a woman in public or privately.  There were transvestites who had real breasts and a dick (I guess they’d be called transgender today) and cross dressers without breasts but with falsies or lots of tissue paper stuffed into their bra… but I never heard these folks tagged as being a sissy – “faggot” was the most operative word back then.

As I scrolled through the Tumblr offerings I discovered – and I couldn’t help it; it was “train wreck” time, I was feeling some kind of way because I never had a reason to see my sexual behavior with men as being “womanly,” for lack of a better word right now.  It occurred to me that it could be given that we just assume that the only people who suck dick and get fucked are, in fact, women – but we know that this isn’t the real truth and that not all men who do suck dick and get fucked have any thoughts about being womanly; they can do these things and still feel damned masculine… but, yeah, apparently, there are guys who are male by day, woman by night either because they want to be… or their woman has somehow gotten them to turn to the girl side.

It kinda made me shudder to see so many pictures of men with their dicks caged and then see words written and “spoken” by their woman that suggested that since his dick was obviously so small and of no real use to her, he might as well dress up like the bitch he is.  It also made me wonder how many of the men who are fans of SPH – and the “Love Small Penis” blog came to mind (and I just saw that the blog is no longer available and deleted by the author) – consider themselves to be sissified and even cuckolded.  I saw, thanks to the Tumblr “blog,” that guys being sissies wasn’t limited to those unfortunate men with below average dicks; there were quite a few pictures of big-dicked guys all decked out as women and I would have called them transgender – some of them did have interesting racks on them – I wouldn’t have thought of them as sissies; I didn’t even think of them as being gay, truth be told since I know that a transgender can be straight or bisexual – I just don’t think the word “gay” applies to men who change themselves into women (and even if they keep their equipment).

I once again saw references to “white bois” being owned and used by their Black “masters” and wording that strongly suggested that they give into their sissy-ness and let their Black bull wreck their “boi pussy” – and I found myself laughing at the phrase and because it’s just funnier than “man pussy.”  In fact, a lot of those references seemed to imply that the sole purpose of majorly hung Black men is to make sissies into better sissies… and I muttered, “What the fuck…?”  Of course, it’s just fetish-related propaganda because as a Black man, I have no desire or sense of purpose to sissify any man.  If the man happens to be gay, well, he’s just a gay man even if he’s effeminate – I just don’t think of these men as being sissies but that’s probably because my version of being open-minded doesn’t work that way.

I guess that it’s one thing to know that there are men who either desire to or are otherwise “coerced” into being a woman… and it’s something else to see this advertised and hyped to the nth degree and in the way I’ve seen it recently.  I thought – and while laughing – that while I love breasts, um, I wouldn’t want to have my own tits; I also thought – and without laughter – that there isn’t a woman on the planet who could convince me to be a sissy (in this context); I’m not wearing her clothes, not even gonna let my dick (which isn’t so little) to be caged, or anything else associated with this thing.  Okay, sure – I suck dick and even if it’s just my own personal perspective, that doesn’t make me feel womanly… and I already know that I tend to react very badly toward any man who tries to treat me in such a manner.  Hey, if being a sissy floats a guy’s boat, that’s all well and good as far as I’m concerned… I just know I couldn’t be one just as I know that I kinda take umbrage over this Black man thing I’ve seen; I know it happens but not only does it add to the stereotype that Black men have to deal with, it’s conflicting since it’s also stereotypical that all Black men are pathologically and violently homophobic.

I stopped looking at the sissy stuff when I saw a picture of a guy all dolled up, his caged dick dangling between his legs while he was on his knees, ass jutting up into the air, and the caption said – as a huge, erect, Black dick was at the edge of the picture, “Prepare to receive your god, sissy…”  I was done and too through at this point… but I had to write about this before I forgot what I was thinking about the matter.


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