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Top Searches: Japanese Porn

Wow, it’s actually been a while since I’ve seen anything in the Top Searches portion of my Dashboard and what do I see?

Something about Japanese mom/son porn! Which got me thinking about Japanese porn in general and, um, the Japanese are funny about it; they don’t mind showing nudity but loves to blur out genitals at the same and “most” of the time… and I kinda remember the first piece of this porn I saw where this “poor” girl was hog-tied and spread wide open and at least five or sex men, armed with all kinds of vibrators and other toys were doing a number on her.

And I thought, “What the fuck is this?” Who knew the polite Japanese could be so freaky? To me, it was like watching a train wreck in progress as the men used toys on her and she was looking like she wanted to be anywhere other than where she was. They were taking turns feed her their dicks – and I noted that a few of them needed a serious trimming but the poor woman was artfully trimmed; there was a round of her being made to eat dicks… then they started fucking her.

A guy slid on in there and in “amazing jackrabbit style,” started wailing away inside of her and I’m kinda laughing at that but looking at her and she’s still looking, well, like a victim which I didn’t think was cool at all but I also knew that when you’re watching porn, not everything is as it appears to be but I was fascinated just the same. That guy unloaded in her and pulled out and the camera catches a moment of his cum oozing out of her – but just for a moment because the next guy dives right on in and I’m thinking, “Holy shit -they’re gangbanging the shit out of her!”

My Japanese at the time was… not all that fluent but I’m picking up bits and pieces of her saying, “No, no, I don’t want to do this anymore…” or otherwise begging and pleading for them to cease and desist which they had nothing to say in response because they were too busy filling her up with dick and cum and to the point where I lost count of how many men had been in her. This one guy gets finished unloading into her and this had been going on for so long that it took me a moment to realize that they were finished with her and…

She smiling like she stole something or like she just won a big lottery prize, and I don’t know what to think about what I’d just watched.

I watched another one at another time and it was “mom/son” porn and I’m thinking, “Okay, they’re even kinkier than I could have ever imagined!” and it was… weird because “mom” was clearly putting a move on her “son” and, again, my pitiful Japanese was picking up that the husband had died and she was lonely but not of a mind to do anything about it and, well, there’s her “son” who I’d say was a “young stud of a guy.” She makes some ridiculous advances and he’s acting like he has no idea what she’s doing – then he realizes it and he’s trying to get away from her and saying that we shouldn’t do this and all that.

But once she got his dick out and went down on him, he changes his tune at the speed of light. Now, as a cocksucker myself, I’m checking her out for technique and all that and, well, she’s “not that good” at it but, then again, this could be just part of the script. Then it got… weird again. The roles switch; “mom” goes from being the aggressor to – wait for it – becoming the victim! It’s like she had a big change of heart about needing to get laid and… she’s begging him to stop, telling him that this cannot go on and he should think about his dead father and I’m laughing my ass off as she’s trying to fight him off.

He gets her legs open to reveal a rather beautiful pussy that is artfully trimmed, too. He goes down on her and, as a practitioner of the art of cunnilingus, I’m checking him out for technique and, okay, he’s eating her like her pussy is going to bite him which had me howling with laughter because, when I was growing up, I heard a lot of guys saying that Oriental women’s pussies had a horizontal slit and that was because it was really a mouth and it had teeth.

He doesn’t spend a lot of time timidly eating her which her reaction was like, “I don’t wanna do this but it sure feels good!” as she fought against being brought to orgasm and, I guess, that happened a few times if the look on her face at times was any indication. But he gets his head from between her legs and he’s about to spear her and… the victim returns. More begging and pleading and the “son” obviously ain’t hearing or having any of it and after a few seconds of rubbing his knob against her clit, he plunges into her up to the hilt and cranks the speed up to 100 and I’m thinking, “Do all Japanese men fuck like this or is this just for show?”

He’s speed-hammering her and her voice is sounding like a victim but her body isn’t so much and I found this to be kinda odd; she’s not exactly just lying there and taking the dick but she’s not “into it” either because the look on her face was almost identical to the woman I mentioned in the first flick – she looks like she would rather be fed to the sharks or to, gasp, commit seppuku than to be having her pussy pounded by her “son” – and keep in mind that she started this. She’s going on and on with the “we can’t be doing this” stuff and all I heard from him were grunts and.. he cums.

She’s acting like he just injected her with a lethal poison; he’s grunting and the most excellent camera work is showing his cock pumping cum into her – and the cameraman/director got Brownie points from me for this. He finally pulls out and a “river” of cum flows out of her; the camera pans up to her face and… she’s smiling and grinning at him and like he was the greatest thing since fried rice.

And I thought, “Japanese porn is weird but interesting!” I’ve seen too many flicks that are along the same lines; the woman is either being gangbanged (with some sex toys I’d never seen or heard of before) or being subjected to bukkake – and, man, did those dudes make a mess of her or what – or is playing the reluctant victim role and, okay, they’re just weird about the way they portray having sex and it most definitely wasn’t like the real-life sex I’d had with a native Japanese woman and, hmm, if there was a “victim,” that would have been me as she handed my head to me in a way that at the time, had never been done before. And all that shyness you might see in their porn? Yeah, that wasn’t her at all but, then again, I’ve always thought that porn doesn’t just imitate life, it exaggerates it to make it more sensational.

Finally, I saw a flick starring a Japanese woman… and a Black guy with the usual and expected seriously big dick and I thought, “This should be interesting!” because while it’s not true that all Orientals have tiny dicks, any of the Japanese men I’d seen in various porn flick would have looked tiny compare to this brother. And… reluctant victim time. She went from having that “I’m about to get laid” look on her face to “I don’t want to do this!” and in a damned hurry.

Homey is stuffing his dick into her mouth and, clearly, she’s having a major problem sucking on him and she’s got two hands on his dick and can’t close her hands around it but I’m looking at her eyes and, as an actress of sorts, she’s really good because she really looks… scared and even more reluctant to be doing what she, herself, had asked for and started.

Homey goes down on her and I give him a C- for eating pussy but give her a B+ for the way she was trying to get away from him and the expected “we can’t be doing this” stuff and literally a few seconds later, he stops licking her and “tussles” with her to get her legs open wider and… he impales her on his dick and right down to the hilt and, of course, she’s reacting like she just got stabbed in the heart and…

Homey is doing a number on her and at one point, I could tell that she was really having second thoughts about doing this film with this guy and that just made her try to resist him even more realistic. The usual “every position in the book” stuff and I’m laughing because she’s saying, “No, no…” but climbing on his dick anyway and, well, this is entertaining if nothing else. But then it gets seriously real as homey’s got her in the doggy position again, pulls out and presses his knob against her asshole – and the protests gets turned up to 200 and the great camera work shows him slowly and carefully burying his bone in her backside and after he waits maybe a couple of seconds, he gets to wailing away in her ass.

More and greater protests… but she’s fucking back against him the whole time. He spends “a few moments” in her ass, pulls out, and slams his dick into her nice and deep and, the protests are still being uttered but it’s like she’s finally given into the inevitable and, moments later, the camera zooms in to show his long, thick dick pumping her full of cum and, wow, dude, he must’ve been “saving it up” or something because he’s pumping for quite a bit of time before he finally pulls out and when he does, when I say that a river of cum flowed out of her, I’m not exaggerating.

The camera pans up her body to her face and… that grin that I got used to seeing that says she got fucked and well fucked and all that reluctant victim shit was, indeed, just an act. It seemed to me to be a theme that probably really is a part of the Japanese culture or it’s just simply how they use porn to reflect the way sex is “supposed to be” given the very well-known thing about Japanese women being totally submissive (not the whole truth) and, yeah, reluctant to fulfill their “mandatory” role of allowing a man – or a bunch of men – have their way with her and she’d rather eat shit and die than to be ravaged and subjected to a man’s lust and…

Japanese porn is weird.

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Top Searches: “Brojob Blogs”

Ah… my “favorite” Top Searches thing has made an appearance after a long and conspicuous absence! With the way things are happening around the world, I’m not surprised that it has resurfaced again.

If there was such a blog, I’d sign up to read it. For me, this Top Search ties in nicely with what Cityman and I were talking about recently about how some guys behave when they wanna have sex… but resources/outlets are limited or nonexistent.

I’m not even gonna get into how this bro job thing only happens between straight guys – it doesn’t. All it takes is for a guy to be at odds for some reason or just be ball-achingly horny and in need of immediate relief – and being with a guy who, for his own reasons, will agree that giving each other head – at the very least – sounds like a great idea.

They’ll tell themselves and maybe each other – and as an odd form of confirmation – that it’s not really gay (ah, but it is!) and with the time-honored caveat that I won’t tell if you won’t. And if both parties agree, dicks will get sucked and those aching balls relieved – no harm, no foul, thanks, bro!

It’s not a sexuality kind of issue. “Bro job” is really more of a catch-all phrase since a literal blow job may or may not happen. Some guys will agree to jerk each other off because it’s deemed to be “less gay” than putting mouth to cock and definitely “less gay” than putting cock to ass.

Growing up, my friends and I had a lot of sex with each other because we were bored out of our minds and we couldn’t think of anything else to do and more so if we were confined to our immediate neighborhood or told to “be where I can see you!”

I long since lost count of the number of times I’d been hanging with a friend – even a new one – and the “have you ever done it with a boy” question would come up. Or, sometimes, the guy I was hanging with – or, sometimes, “stuck” with – would just up and ask, “Can I suck your dick?” Sometimes it wasn’t really about being horny; some guys just had some shit bothering them enough to put them in a funky mood and enough where it just seemed that the “solution” was to, at the least, suck a dick… and even if one or both guys had never done or thought about it before.

Strange how that works. It kinda makes sense that when you’re really tight with a guy – you’ve know each other for quite a bit of time and, as a result, know a great deal about each other – that at the right time and moment, a bro job will be put on the table. It’s rarely about being attracted to your bro; it’s not “being in love” or otherwise infatuated with him but he’s more than just a friend. I’ve had guys tell me that they’ve found themselves hanging with their bro and, out of the blue, they have a sudden and intense desire to suck his cock – where the fuck did that come from?

Or get shocked when the bro they thought they knew “everything” about comes out of left field and inquires about the possibility of them sucking each other off. Some guys won’t pop the question and if they do, sometimes the offer is rejected… and sometimes it’s on big time because the situation calls for it.

Oh, like being subjected to social distancing and severely limiting the people you can be around. If social distancing has cut a guy off from being able to go on a trim hunt – or, if he has a lady and she doesn’t live with him and is on the other side of town – but his bro is close by – sure, they could hang out to ease the depressing feeling of being so isolated and restricted in their ability to socialize… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the bro job card came out nor would I be surprised to find that both guys were thinking about putting the card on the table but were afraid to turn it over.

I’ve always believed that if you leave two guys to their own devices in certain situations, there’s no telling what is being thought about… and certainly no telling what might happen. I know I’ve been hanging with a guy and have felt a lot of sexual tension in the air and I’ve even been reasonably sure that I’m not the source of it but I know it and so does he. The moment passes and later the guy tells me what was on his mind at that moment – but didn’t know how to bring it up, let alone know how I would react to it. Depending on the guy, I’d either shrug it off and even act like I didn’t notice the sexual tension surrounding us… and sometimes – depending on the guy – I’d say, “Yeah, I felt it… why didn’t you just say what was on your mind? I would have been okay with it…”

They happen because, sometimes, needs must. Easier to deal with things right then and there than to wait until one’s “normal” way to relieve the pressure can be obtained, found, whatever. I don’t think it’s a thing two strangers just meeting for the first time would do unless one of the guys is, ah, more predisposed to sucking dick and the other guy is “just” a target of opportunity. If and when it happens, it tends to happen between guys who know each other – they’re bros, homies, friends, road partners – and, situationally, there’s nothing else to do, they’re stressed out in some way, or just plain and seriously horny…

And their bro is, more than likely, the one male on the planet they feel they can confide and trust. It happens. Probably happens a lot more than people might think it does and, again, sexuality isn’t always at the root of this. If there’s a WordPress blog being written about it, I haven’t seen it.

Are women subject to this phenomenon? Probably… not that you’d get them to admit it one way or the other but I’d say that theoretically, the potential is there and dependent upon how close they are. If so, the “bro job” just doesn’t happen between men but, yeah, sure – makes sense that men can be the focal point in this.

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Top Searches: The Indecent Proposal

So, yeah, once again, Top Searches revealed a search that says, “Offer a bro job” and, well, it’s not as simple as just asking a guy if you can suck his dick… because it’s not easy to figure out what guys just might say, “Okay – let’s do it!”

Or ya might get your feelings hurt… or your jaw, eye, you know, some body part you’d rather not have experiencing pain. Guys are always asking this question and, I supposed, hoping or otherwise expecting that there’s some sure way to drop this indecent proposal on another guy and he’s gonna agree to it. That we – men – have a very long history of not dealing with rejection well doesn’t help matters any.

In the past when this bro-job thing has gotten my attention, I’ve offered that you can do one of two things: Just ask a guy if you can blow him or start the long, laborious and often hilarious process of dropping all the hints you can and hope that (a) the other guy picks up on them and (b) he says, “Yeah, suck my dick, brah!”

The funny thing is that the other guy might even be aware that you’re trying to find a way to ask him if you can blow him… and he’s not gonna let you know that he knows what you’re getting at – and whether he’s interested or not. As previously mentioned, even I have sat there and watched guys jump through all of these hoops and have not given one indication that I know what he’s asking.

The difference between myself and other guys is that, um, if I think you’re okay, chances are good you’ll be sucking my dick… after I have a few laughs at your expense. Still, it’s not that men, in general, are opposed to having their cocks sucked; for many, letting a dude blow them is a measure of last resort as well as an act of severe desperation something that should be avoided. So you could be dropping that indecent proposal on a guy and he really wouldn’t mind getting sucked off right about now… but it’s a question of whether or not the guy is willing to make such a desperate step.

While a lot of guys do not think it’s “gay” to have a dude sucking dick, well, it’s all well and good… as long as you haven’t become the object of some guy’s oral lust. Now shit gets real and in ways a lot of guys tend to think that no one would ever approach them like that and, again, the kicker is that it’s quite possible that the guy being propositioned just may have wondered what it would be like but, nah, ain’t gonna do that.

But you never really know until you find a way to pop the question… and that’s the scary part – not knowing, even if you’re asking a guy that you’re pretty sure you know very well. I’ve seen guys who “famously” rant and rave against all things homosexual treat themselves to a bro-job and while you may think this is… counterintuitive (for lack of a better word), it really isn’t because there aren’t that many men who don’t know that, push come to shove, if they need their dick sucked, there’s a guy out there who’d be more than willing to do it.

So you’d think that a guy displaying “homophobic tendencies” might not be a good person to ask… and you could be wrong about that… but there’s no way to really know… unless you ask. Conversely, you might think a guy who is… friendly in this area would be the right person to ask – except, one can be quite friendly in this regard because it makes sense to be but doesn’t mean he’s gonna pull out his cock to be sucked by the guy asking him.

I often and futilely wish that the people searching WordPress for this can read all the stuff I write about this and maybe they do – there’s no way to determine this that I know of. You’re either going to “man-up,” look at the guy you want to blow, and tell him that you want to suck his dick and why you do (and hope for the best) or you’re gonna take the indirect route by dropping hints all over the place and hope the guy catches them and is agreeable.

Or, if the thought and fear of being rejected is too great for you to deal with, don’t say anything about it and settle for spending some time jerking off and thinking about sucking your bro’s cock until he loses his load.

Have I offered them? Yep! Have I been turned down? Yep! Have I had guys say, “Well, okay, if you really want to…”? Yep! Have I dropped hints? Kinda – you gotta learn how to steer a conversation in the right direction so that you can get a peek inside the other guy’s head and then try to guess whether he’s agreeable or not. Have I used the direct approach? Sure have and as such things go, it either worked or it didn’t. I’ve even had guys say no to my indecent proposal but come back later and accept it after they’ve had a moment to think more about it.

One such guy showed up like a week after my offer and said, “Yo, um, if you still wanna suck my dick, I’m cool with it…” I’d actually forgotten we even had that conversation but I quickly remembered it… and gave him a memorable blow job… and even got one from him.

Still very much remains true that if you don’t ask, you won’t know and even if the answer is, “Oh, hell no! What’s wrong with you!?” I get the urge and need to suck dick but too many guys are just too afraid to pop the question out of fear of being rejected and, perhaps, wind up losing a friend… so I also get why guys who want to offer a bro-job are fervently looking for a way to do it that doesn’t end in rejection and loss.

And there’s no way to do it that is 100% foolproof and guaranteed to produce the desired result. It’s not merely a thing of wondering if you can even ask the guy; you have to be very sure that you can ask him if you can suck his dick – and a lot of guys aren’t sure that they can ask for what they want. It’s a kind of confidence thing that comes with being able to accept and deal with the consequences of your actions. It’s not easy to propose this, get rejected, and wind up losing a friend… and maybe have this guy put the word out on you that you like sucking cock and if you’re not prepared to accept these consequences, don’t offer a bro-job.

When this bro-job thing surfaced, I guess the thought was that guys all over the place were now offering up their dicks to be sucked and regardless to their sexuality; the truth is that bro-jobs do happen… they just don’t happen as a matter of course. I’ve heard it asked, “Why would a straight dude want another guy to suck his dick?” and, on the surface, this just doesn’t make sense, does it? However, if you think it really doesn’t, I’d suggest that you don’t know as much about men as you think you do. Again, it’s not that “Pete” wouldn’t want “Eddie” to give him a blow job – Pete’s thinking about the implications and his image more than anything else; if he went along with this, would people think he was really gay and other things along this line?

Gets really funny at this point because they automatically assume that someone else is gonna find out that Eddie sucked him off and that’s not likely to happen unless Pete or Eddie says something about it to other people… which ain’t very likely because the one condition to offering and/or accepting a bro-job is, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

It takes a certain amount of… courage to accept such an indecent proposal and when this is gonna be something very new to you and, let’s face it, not all men are courageous enough to want to. I think, however, that if the guy making the proposition can explain why he wants to suck homey’s dick and in a way that speaks to the depth of their friendship, well, that could work… maybe; you have to be able to answer the question of why home boy should let you blow him and if you can’t convince him that he’d not be making a huge mistake, well, you’re hosed.

And, sometimes, you can explain it eloquently and logically… and he might still say no. There’s no doubt in a proposer’s mind that he wants to suck that dick but there’s loads of doubt over how the proposal will be accepted and, once more, if you’re not willing to deal with the consequences of putting an indecent proposal on the table, then don’t.

And, if you’re wondering, I’ve gotten such proposals and I’ve said yes or no depending on whatever’s going on in my head about the guy asking and I will ask, “Why me?” and how that question gets answered goes a long way toward whatever decision I might make. One guy offered me one, I asked why and he responded with, “Sounds like a good idea to me.”

It was a good enough answer for me to say, “Okay…” because, if nothing else, it was an honest response. Another guy told me, “I just think you’d appreciate it…” and I did… because his answer to my question was honest. Even “I’ve always wanted to suck a dick…” is a good answer as long as I can be convinced that the sentiment is an honest one but if I don’t think it is, the answer will be, “Thanks, but no thanks – doesn’t mean we’re still not friends so don’t go thinking that, okay?”

And even I’ve been known to change my mind – but this is me and how I approach the bro-job thing and your results, if you choose to pursue this, will most certainly vary.

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Top Searches: “Giving Brojob”

No, couldn’t ignore this one and my first thought was, “Are they serious? Who doesn’t know how to suck a dick?”

But, yep, I had to retract that first thought because I know there are guys who really don’t know how to suck a dick… and even if they’ve ever seen it done.

Wow… what a glaring disconnect… but, okay, first, ya gotta want to give one, then get the other guy to agree to receiving one. Take his dick out; put it in your mouth; imitate whatever you’ve seen about blow jobs, whether it was being done to you or you saw it in some porn flick. Keep doing it until he says he’s gonna cum and very quickly decide to let him cum in your mouth, you’re gonna swallow it, spit it out, or remove yourself from the dick as to avoid having to swallow it, taste it, or wind up spitting it out.

There – you just gave a brojob and, hopefully, the bro you gave it to is happy that you did!

Sound easy? It really isn’t for those who have never sucked a dick before. Brojobs appear to be difficult for those who have, um, prior experience but the difficulty isn’t in the doing – it’s getting the other guy to agree to receiving one and more so if you don’t know that he would be or, gasp, you thought that he would be and you thought wrongly.

Shit, giving one is easier even when you gotta figure that out on the fly…

Am I “surprised” by such searches? Nah, not really – but they do amuse the shit out of me but it’s also… kinda cool that there are maybe guys who wanna find out what it’s like to suck dick and while there are guys who’d tell you that such a thought has never, ever crossed their mind, well, I know that it can since I’ve talked to a lot of guys who have said that they’ve wondered what it would be like… not that they’d actually do it, mind you.

Uh-huh. Sure you wouldn’t. We’ve just been talking about this for the last hour because we can’t find anything else to talk about, right? No – I believe you (no, I really don’t but you don’t need to know that)! Yeah, you can be curious about it without really finding out – who says you have to do it (but I’m thinking that you really want to – but you don’t need to know that, either)?

And it’s always funny to listen to these guys go from “I’d never do that shit” to coming up with many scenarios that would find them with a hard dick in their mouth and/or a mouth around their own woody. I’ve almost hurt myself trying not to laugh listening to guys who have “a friend” that asked them about it and they’re trying to get an answer for “their friend.”

Really? No, no – I believe your friend asked you about it (no, I don’t) – I’m just surprised you’re asking me about it and that “your friend” asked you to find out and you didn’t get all medieval on his ass for having the nerve to ask you, that’s all. What makes you think I know the answer (I do… but you don’t need to know that)?

Huh? How do you find the answer? Well, truthfully, I’d say that if you can’t find someone to give you the answer, um, you’d probably have to do it yourself – it’s the surest way to get the question answered, you know, not that you’d really do that, right (and I can see in your eyes that you’re thinking about doing just that)? Although, it doesn’t make sense to me that you’d be willing to put yourself through something like that just to answer “a friend’s” question – y’all must be some really good and close friends, huh?

It’s hilarious to sit, watch, and listen to guys doing this and, yes, they really do even if they’d deny it. I know what’s on their mind and why it is and while they’re going through this comedy routine, I’m thinking about whether or not I wanna be involved or not and, no, I’m not beyond fucking with them by saying something like, “Why are we talking about this?” or, sometimes, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

Oh, such fun with a matter that is really a serious one for the guy who is looking for his first oral sex experience with another guy. I don’t and won’t get serious unless he does but until he does, why shouldn’t I have some fun at his expense as he flounders around like that fish out of water instead of just putting the proposition out there?

Okay, I said something about this – again – and I’m all better now, thanks.

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Top Searches: “Offer a Bro-job”

Yeah, I know… here we go again, right? I see this and I have differing thoughts about it and this one was different; the others are about asking for a bro-job.

I had to think about how many times in my life that I offered one and, admittedly, I’ve not offered that many – I can count them on one hand and not use all of my digits. Compare that to the number of times I wanted to offer one, well, I’d have to borrow a few people’s digits – take a number and I’ll be with you shortly.

There are two components to offering and I’ll do my best to explain them. The first part is having the urge to suck a dick or being in a situation with a bro where it becomes clear that offering him a bro-job is warranted and that can be anything from him being really stressed out or the moment is so incredibly boring and/or you’re trying to figure out what to do or where to go and you’re both coming up with blanks.

The second part is much harder because, in most cases, you’re not sure how he’s going to react to such an offer – that’s about the time when you realize that you don’t know your bro as well as you may think. You’re about to reveal something about yourself that he didn’t know although, in some cases, maybe he suspected that you’re not as straight as you may have said but, eh, what you suspect is one thing, what you can prove is something else.

If he’s ever said anything about guys having sex with guys, that’s not always a good indicator that he’ll accept or reject the offer; in the few bro-jobs I’ve offered, I’ve heard the guys either go off about how fucked up it is for guys to be sucking dick and getting fucked to having more… neutral opinions about the whole thing or they take that “not in my backyard” stance. It’s an instant lesson that teaches you what someone says and what someone will do aren’t always the same thing.

The next thing to be considered is whether or not offering a bro-job – and no matter how that goes – will hurt or improve the relationship with your bro. It’s said that friends shouldn’t have sex with each other because it could ruin the friendship but, on the other hand, if you can’t have sex with a friend and someone you know fairly well, um, isn’t that better than having sex with a total stranger and trying to get a feel for that person and on the fly? Most people say that it isn’t – you just don’t screw around with your friends.

And while all of this (and much more) is bouncing around inside your head, you’re also working hard on putting the words together that won’t make you sound like an idiot if – or when – the words come out of your mouth. As I recall, the first time I offered one, yeah, I sounded like an idiot, stumbling over my words and all that and the guy put me out of my misery and said, “If you’re asking to suck my dick, just say it – damn, you sound really stupid for a smart guy!” At first, he politely refused the offer but a few minutes later and, I assumed, giving it more thought, he accepted, it happened, we were both happy and life went on.

Going forward, I’d just come out and say it – get right to the point and heart of the matter then brace myself for whatever reaction would follow. Sometimes, being direct works… and sometimes it doesn’t; it depends on what you know about your bro and, again, that’s the same time you realize that you don’t know him all that well.

As a piece of advice, I’d say that if you really have no idea how he’s going to react, um, don’t make the offer… but this depends on why you wanna suck his dick. If you’re just horny as fuck and sucking a dick is the solution, eh, I might not ask a bro if he’d be interested in helping me scratch this itch. However, if this is one of those situations where your bro is feeling some kind of way – lost his job, his girl, stuff like that – and you’re feeling compassionate toward him and something inside of you is saying that giving him a blowjob might make him feel better, well, okay – roll the dice and make the offer as long as you understand that his might not react in a good way about it.

Okay, um, your bro is emotionally distraught over something and you’re feeling his pain right along with him… so why does offering him a blow job seem to make perfectly good sense? The answer is… I’m not really sure! I guess that in this particular situation, there are only so many things you can say and sometimes, what you say, damn, maybe it helps him to feel better, maybe it doesn’t and even your most heartfelt sentiments can sometimes sound empty. He’s your bro and if you’ve been bros for a while, it’s implied or even made known that, hey, if there’s anything I can do for you, just ask, man, and if I can do it, it’ll be done.

Now how that gets narrowed down to offering him a bro-job escapes me but after running this through my mind a lot of times, I saw that I’d sit there talking to him and going through everything I can think of to do to ease his pain and, well, sucking his dick is on the list along with the thought that getting your dick sucked and your balls emptied is a great stress reliever.

It’s just weird how that winds up being the one solution that makes sense when, in some ways, it probably shouldn’t make sense. It’s risky in the sense that you could wind up trashing a good friendship while effectively outing yourself… then there’s the fact that he could accept and you blow the living daylights out of him, he feels better (you do, too) but did that really solve his issue? Or by doing it, does it clear his head some so he can work through things?

It’s a lot to think about and the only thing that you know for sure is that you want to suck his dick because you’re horny, out of sympathy for him, or just because there ain’t anything else to do. What you don’t know is, again, how he’s gonna react and respond, just like you don’t know what’s gonna happen if he refuses or how things are gonna be if he accepts and it gets done.

Too many variable, too many potential outcomes (not even a pun) and that’s even if offering him a bro-job has been on your mind for a while and you’ve had time to think about all of this. Some folks are of a mind that bro-jobs happen spontaneously and, sure enough, some of them do; sometimes they happen “accidentally” and by that I mean, um, sometimes, your inhibitions and his have been lowered in some way and he’ll say something like, “Damn, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked right about now!” and you hear yourself offering to do it… and ya might even have an immediate second thought: Who just said that? Was that me?”

But some potential bro-job offer come to the forefront after a lot of thought because of the way you feel about him or because of what you’ve been seeing and hearing about things are going with him and his life. You have x-amount of time to think it through as best you can and now it’s all about waiting for a good time to make the offer… and how the words are gonna go from your brain to your mouth. Be direct and just tell him what you want to offer him or start dropping silly-sounding hints and hope he picks up on them and gets him to ask, “What the fuck are you talking about, man?” or something to that effect.

Then it’s shit or get off the pot time. Whether he accepts or not doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to explain why you wanna suck his dick and more so since he’s probably sure that you don’t have a cock sucking bone in your body… until you make it clear that you do.

I once had a guy offer me a bro-job and the funny thing about it was, to me, there wasn’t a “reason” for the offer; I know I wasn’t bummed out about anything, wasn’t stoned and we were playing basketball at the time so it wasn’t like we were bored and had nothing to do. On his part, it puzzled me to hear him explain that, one, he’d never given any though to sucking dick and never had a guy blow him. His actual words were, “I don’t know why but I really want to suck your cock – is that okay with you?”

I asked him why, of course, and the gist of it all boiled down to him thinking that it was something he wanted to do to and for me even though he’d never thought about it, let alone done it. I accepted, not because I wanted to get blown but because I could tell how it was stressing him as well as understanding how important it was, even if his explanation didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

When considering offering a bro-job, it might help to give some thought to how you’d react if one of your bros rolled up on you and made you an offer and what will go through your head once you hear it; it’s kinda like putting yourself in his place, as it were, and more so if the offer comes out of left field and from someone you had no reason to believe was into sucking dick.

Maybe this will make it easier to make the offer, maybe it won’t… but “conventional wisdom” says when in doubt, do nothing – it’s always better to be safe than sorry, better to err on the side of caution. But if the situation seriously says that sucking his dick is what will work, just put the offer on the table… then hope for the best while expecting the worst.


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Top Searches: This One is a Little Different

So… I see this one: “boobs growing sissy tumblr” and were it not for Tumblr’s name being a part of this, I probably would have ignored it but, since it did, it instantly brought up thoughts about what I sometimes see on Tumblr in reference to sissies.

The “meme” – and if you wanna call it a meme – very highly suggests that to be a proper sissy, you must take the hormones, grow some boobs while the hormones make your dick shrink so that it can be call a clit and because, um, since you’re not man enough – and in any way that might mean – your only purpose in life is to become a girl and then, “predictably,” a sex slave to a Black man with a dick so long and thick that most naturally born women would faint or run away in great fear just to think about that monster invading their bodies.

Let’s see… while the hormones are doing their work, a proper sissy then has to learn how to artfully apply makeup, do their hair, dress like a cartoon version of a slut and place her cock in a cage, you know, lest some vestiges of masculinity rear its ugly head and makes the budding sissy want to use it and as nature intended it to be.

Which cannot be allowed since your sissy trainer – and usually cast as a sissy’s wife or girlfriend – is saving her coochie for your new master with the King Kong sized dick, you know, like a real man is supposed to have… and you’re on your way to not being as male as you were born. You’re not only expected and required to keep your “boi pussy” pristine and bleached – and while shaving or whatever to keep the rest of your body baby-butt smooth, you are also expected and required to master every cock sucking skill known to humanity as well as train your pristine and newly bleached boi pussy so that Mr. Stupidly Big Dick can ravage your boi pussy and like every sissy must submit to.

Tumblr often gets flooded with sissy stuff and especially those “sissy hypno” videos that, supposedly, implant a subliminal message in your brain to make you stop being the guy you are so you can become the girl you’re supposed to be. Perhaps it’s coincidence but there’s a thread on the forum about sissy hypno and cock sucking videos that the OP is asking who watches them and, I guess, unmentioned, who wants to be a sissy? I’ve seen them and I think they’re hilarious and more so since they contain naturally born women doing things like sucking dick and getting screwed – in their pussies and not their asses – while the videos imply that you want to be her and you should be her… since you’re not man enough to be a real man.

I’m gonna have to hit the forum and take a quick look to see how the membership is, generally, responding – be back in a moment!

Okay, I’m back! So it seems the OP is asking if anyone is influenced by these videos and videos that one member said aren’t serious but just a new take on porn… but a couple of guys, at least by their response, seem to be taking these videos with a degree of seriousness and, so far, all respondents (and, if I remember correctly, the OP) are bottoms with one guy who might be a top because he said that he likes girly guys.

But I wonder if anyone of them would really opt to take the hormones and erase their masculinity? Or are they, as bottoms, just fascinated by those men who are making the transition to be more feminine in their appearance? As always when I see such things on my Dashboard, I wonder why the searcher is searching for stuff like this. As I’ve probably said in a scribble before, the more amazing thing is the number of men who are not only turned on by sissies… but they seriously want to be one.

And exactly as Tumblr posts portrays them.

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Top Searches: I Wonder if There Is Such a Thing

Every so often, I’ll see something on my Top Searches about intercrural sex – it’s sex without penetration and, among men, usually done between one’s thighs or between the booty cheeks so that both guys can get a taste of what it’s like to fuck a guy – and be fucked by a guy – without doing it in that obvious place or when said place hasn’t been properly prepared for penetration but needs must. Today, I saw, “intercrural gay thigh sex story” and I thought, “Hmm…”

What I don’t know if there are any stories about this that involves men and outside of personal stories. In some forms of written erotica, sure, you can probably find a lot of them where women have sex like this – called tribbing (and I’ll be damned if I know why it’s called that) – not that some women don’t have clitties big enough to achieve penetration, mind you, but it is what it is. So, yeah, you can watch girl-on-girl porn and see this form of intercrural sex… but I don’t ever recall seeing men doing it as a “main course or event” kind of thing.

I know that some guys prefer sex with other guys like this and, way back in my youthful debauchery, sure, there were some guys who wanted me to do it to them… but don’t stick it in, okay? Which was different than, “Don’t stick it in too far!” because, sure, you were sticking it in them and not too far as requested. But even without actual experience, you become aware that having something stuck in your ass isn’t going to be comfortable – that shit just hurts! – and as anyone who has ever had a rectal thermometer can probably tell you… so it stands to reason that if something that thing and slim can cause some discomfort, it’s not too difficult to imagine how painful a hard dick is gonna be.

And some guys who have to get their prostate checked tend to cringe over the matter and, sadly, refuse to submit to the digital rectal exam, not just because it feels “gay” to have someone’s finger in their ass but, as mentioned, even a finger will hurt like nobody’s business going in there… even though, when a doctor does it, nah, that finger is in and out before you’re really aware that it happened. It does feel… interesting, though.

Anyway, outside of someone’s personal stories, I don’t know if there’s such a thing as an “intercrural gay thigh sex story;” I’ve written a lot of M2M erotica and I know I’ve never written a single word about it even though I’ve always known about and have participated in it from both side of the deal.

Not that there are a lot of guys who’d admit to having intercrural sex – aka “frottage” – with another guy because, you know, someone would think that’s really gay but what tends to surprise me is that the guys who are into this tend to think and believe that it isn’t and simply because the dick ain’t going in the ass… and they’re quite wrong about that. Many guys say it’s simulated sex just like dry-humping a girl is… except, um, at the very least, you’re using someone else’s body to masturbate but, yeah, there are those who believe that masturbation isn’t sex, either.

Hey, whatever makes you sleep easier at night, right?

I can tell you what it’s like; I can even tell you the best ways to do it and safely; what I can’t tell you – and because I really don’t know – is if there are any stories that feature this happening between men.


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Top Searches: Not Again!

Fuck. I told myself that I wasn’t going to do anything about the “how to ask for a bro-job” thing… and here I am.

How do you do it? You have some choices: Be direct and just ask… or find a way to ask without asking or putting things in such a way where the other guy will have reason to think that, hmm, that might not be a bad idea or, better, get him to think that what you want to do to and for him is his idea… and good luck with any of this. I had a “bro” say to me, “You know, um, it would make both of us feel good if you were to let me suck your dick…”

And sometimes, it can be just as “simple” as that… except you can’t be sure of how the other guy is going to react and there you have it: The really scary part. Not knowing if you’re gonna get cussed out, punched in the face or he’s gonna say, “That sounds like a good idea – I was just thinking about how much I need to have my dick sucked!”

As mentioned, I’ve sat and watched bros tap-dance like the late, great Fred Astaire trying to figure out how to make this happen and, more often than not, comically so. No matter how well you think you know a bro, this thing will tell you all about what you don’t know about him but, yeah, sometimes, you really do know that he wouldn’t object to getting a blow job from you – and how you know this defies explanation but, um, shit – ya still gotta figure out how to broach the subject and ask him, don’t you?

I’ve sat, watched, and listened to bros flounder around trying to get this out of their mouth that I’ve put them out of their misery and said, “Why don’t you just ask me what you wanna ask me; it’s not like I haven’t figured that out, by the way, so just ask. Jeez!”

And even when the question gets asked, the other guy still has to say yea or nay, right? And there’s no telling how he’s going to respond as he uses his brain’s amazing speed to weigh all the pros and cons he can think of so he can answer one way or the other – and in the space of a few, real-time seconds… even if their inner jury is still out deliberating on this and the verbal answer comes back at, “Nah, I’m good – maybe some other time?”

Or, to buy some more time to think, he might ask, “Why would you even think about asking me something like that?” – then sit back and watch the poor guy trying to explain something that, in reality, isn’t easy to explain and, yeah, sometimes, even if you’ve already made up your mind to let him have your dick – it’s just fun to watch someone sweat and squirm over the matter.

So how to ask. Find a way to ask. Put it all out there and on the line and tell him what you wanna do to him and why you want to do it. Drop all the really hilarious hints you can think of until there’s no question in the other guy’s mind what you’re trying to get at – and then hope like hell he’s agreeable or you’re not about to get cussed or punched out.

If you think women can behave “badly” if you were to ask them to blow you or if you can eat them – and because you wanna go down on them for the sake of doing it – guys can behave in ways that’ll make your worst possible nightmare look like a pleasant dream.

Or not. You just don’t know what he’s gonna say or do and if aren’t prepared to deal with the consequences, don’t ask him if you can suck his dick or ask him to suck yours.

Finally, the really funny situation: One guy is itching to ask if he can give his bro a bro job… and his bro really wants one and, indeed, wants to also give one… and now both guys are trying to figure out how to ask… and how to say, “Go for it, bro!”

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Top Searches: Jeez…

As always and as usual, this Top Search thingy caught my eye… and I wasn’t even really looking at it; it just jumped off the screen at me and smacked me dead in the eyeballs:

“sissy well and truly blacked tumblr”

Yeah… Tumblr has been known to put this particular thing on display and in ways that, as both a man and a Black man, sometimes offends the shit out of me because the theme – or even meme, if you care to call it that – always seems to run along the lines that if you wanna be a sissy, your best bet is to transform yourself and become a subservient, submissive sex slave to a Black man with the biggest dick imaginable… and do so without complaint or hesitation.

It equally offends me that the sissies being shown are all white males and if you could see the kind of stuff that’s written to go along with the visuals, it’s either horribly fascinating and in that bad car accident kind of way or, like it does for me most of the time, makes me scratch my head and say, “Really? Really?”

There are sissies – duh. There are sissies who do have a very bad case of jungle fever – or a very good case, depending on one’s POV. But this is, to me, a targeted thing and if it’s supposed to be sensational, well, this theme or meme has certainly made the grade. But sissies come from all walks of life and it makes me wonder about the played-out interracial thing; I could understand it when, back in the day, interracial couplings were just not to be thought about, let alone done… but today? About as common as anything can be because we’ve gotten over the dumb shit when it comes to things interracial.

It’s not that this stuff populates Tumblr like it owns the place; what gets me shaking my head are the number of guys who are on-board with the messages connected with being a sissy… and there are a lot of them. When I happen to see this stuff – and despite my Tumblr settings, it keeps getting through, I’ve seen as many as over one hundred thousand comments in support of sissies who hunger to be well and truly blacked…

And it makes me wonder just what the fuck is going on. All of it suggests that if you’re a Black man, it is your sworn duty to get a sissy and do whatever the fuck you wanna do with them up to and including sharing your sissy with all of your gigantically big dicked friends. And, to facilitate this, you can count on the sissy’s wife or girlfriend to make sure that her less-than-a-man man makes the transition to be more useful as the bitch she says he really is because since he has a little dick and can’t please her sexually as she demands, his only purpose in life is to be a sissy and sex slave for ravenous Black men who are, allegedly, more than willing to put you in your place and keep you there.

I’ve seen a lot of postings where it’s insisted and even recommended that if you wanna be a sissy and a Black man’s sex slave, you should get your woman to teach you how to be a woman, from makeup and clothing to even submitting to hormonal treatments so you can grow breasts naturally and your tiny, worthless cock gets even smaller and non-functional except to take a piss… and don’t forget the cock cage, which seems to be standard and mandatory equipment.

It either makes me laugh because it’s incredibly funny or just infuriates me because of the senseless stereotypes involved but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter because if a guy wants to be sissified and sexually enslaved to big dicked Black men, well, that’s what he wants to do and more power to him. But I’d be remiss if I saw this and let it go by without saying what was on my mind about it when I saw it.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts and Top Searches: Coincidence?

I dunno… maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be an increase in the interest in blow jobs, from the bi guy forum to my old friend, Top Searches, which still has a question about bro jobs hanging out on my dashboard and my post, “Asking for a Bro-Job” continues to be the most read scribble.  Even my protege, Cityman, said something to me about a surge in the number of guys hitting him up and offering (and asking for) head.

Makes me wonder if there’s something about this time of year that could be responsible.  Cityman opined that maybe it’s the holidays and dudes are just lonelier than, say, back in the summer.  I opined that in much of the country, winter is making itself felt – the weather’s getting colder and nastier in some places and maybe guys aren’t of a mind to be out on the prowl so much when it’s colder than a witch’s tit – so staying and, um, entertaining themselves via some mutual cock sucking is better than running around all over the place and looking to do the same thing – bad enough one has to go out in the cold to go to work and handle other necessary business.


Cityman had asked, rhetorically, what’s up with all the guys wanting to suck cock “all of a sudden” and I reminded him that cock sucking is still like the number one M2M thing to do and as I’ve said here time and time again, it’s high on the list because it doesn’t take a whole lot of time, doesn’t require any special preparation before the fact, can be done almost anywhere… and, oh, yeah, it feels pretty damned good giving and/or receiving.

That and there are plenty of bi guys who’d rather not fuck or be fucked.

When Cityman and I talk blow jobs, it’s rarely about technique; nah, we tend to get into the guts of it (definitely no pun intended), like what’s so appealing about it, whether or not cock sucking “should be” a required skill all bi men should learn – stuff like that.  We debate whether or not technique is all a guy needs or it’s having that desire, that love of participating in some oral satisfaction, that has the most meaning… or a combination of both things.  We get into that whole oral fixation thing and how odd it is that a guy will want to experience this, be justifiably scared shitless to do it – but then gives it a shot and now they kinda get hooked on it.

We discuss the social aspects and once got into an interesting conversation about how guys sucking each other off more often can go a long way to resolving population issues and even how going down on each other could take some of the pressure off of women to do it.

The guys on the forum get all into what size cock they like to suck and some share what it’s like for them to suck a dick, good information for all those guys still sitting on the bench and waiting for their chance to find out what all the hype is about sucking cock.

One of the things Cityman and I talk about often is why there are some guys who just won’t suck a dick; such conversations tend to get a bit involved because there’s no simple answer to the question, which can range from “I tried it and didn’t like it” to guys being very worried about their masculinity since, you know, sucking dick is such a “girly” thing to do.

Like I’ve been saying, if you think women are funny about such things, guys are even funnier and as evidenced by the number of guys who love to suck cock… but would prefer not to have theirs sucked and how this… behavior seems to be prevalent in guys who are bottoms.  One of the reasons behind that that I know about is some guys know that if they get their dick sucked and made to cum, they’re gonna be taken out of the game and now might not be in the mood to do any sucking themselves.  Another is that some guys cum pretty quickly when there’s a dude blowing them and, well, that’s pretty embarrassing so, sure, the best way to avoid that is to tell homey to keep his mouth off the dick, please and thank you.

Some guys have said that having their dick sucked doesn’t turn them on or doesn’t do anything for them and, as such, they’re of a mind that it’s always better to give than receive.  I know what such fellows say about this and I can accept what they have to say… doesn’t mean I really understand this other than for the reasons mentioned in the above paragraph and maybe even how some bottoms are really into being “submissive” and, I guess, in their minds, they’re the ones who do all of the cock sucking and it’s never a question about reciprocation for them.

So… it’s the holiday season, getting cold and stormy in many parts of the country… and guys seem to want to wile away the winter doldrums by getting into some heavy cock sucking.

Coincidence?  I dunno… it is kinda curious, though.


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