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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts and Top Searches: Coincidence?

I dunno… maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be an increase in the interest in blow jobs, from the bi guy forum to my old friend, Top Searches, which still has a question about bro jobs hanging out on my dashboard and my post, “Asking for a Bro-Job” continues to be the most read scribble.  Even my protege, Cityman, said something to me about a surge in the number of guys hitting him up and offering (and asking for) head.

Makes me wonder if there’s something about this time of year that could be responsible.  Cityman opined that maybe it’s the holidays and dudes are just lonelier than, say, back in the summer.  I opined that in much of the country, winter is making itself felt – the weather’s getting colder and nastier in some places and maybe guys aren’t of a mind to be out on the prowl so much when it’s colder than a witch’s tit – so staying and, um, entertaining themselves via some mutual cock sucking is better than running around all over the place and looking to do the same thing – bad enough one has to go out in the cold to go to work and handle other necessary business.


Cityman had asked, rhetorically, what’s up with all the guys wanting to suck cock “all of a sudden” and I reminded him that cock sucking is still like the number one M2M thing to do and as I’ve said here time and time again, it’s high on the list because it doesn’t take a whole lot of time, doesn’t require any special preparation before the fact, can be done almost anywhere… and, oh, yeah, it feels pretty damned good giving and/or receiving.

That and there are plenty of bi guys who’d rather not fuck or be fucked.

When Cityman and I talk blow jobs, it’s rarely about technique; nah, we tend to get into the guts of it (definitely no pun intended), like what’s so appealing about it, whether or not cock sucking “should be” a required skill all bi men should learn – stuff like that.  We debate whether or not technique is all a guy needs or it’s having that desire, that love of participating in some oral satisfaction, that has the most meaning… or a combination of both things.  We get into that whole oral fixation thing and how odd it is that a guy will want to experience this, be justifiably scared shitless to do it – but then gives it a shot and now they kinda get hooked on it.

We discuss the social aspects and once got into an interesting conversation about how guys sucking each other off more often can go a long way to resolving population issues and even how going down on each other could take some of the pressure off of women to do it.

The guys on the forum get all into what size cock they like to suck and some share what it’s like for them to suck a dick, good information for all those guys still sitting on the bench and waiting for their chance to find out what all the hype is about sucking cock.

One of the things Cityman and I talk about often is why there are some guys who just won’t suck a dick; such conversations tend to get a bit involved because there’s no simple answer to the question, which can range from “I tried it and didn’t like it” to guys being very worried about their masculinity since, you know, sucking dick is such a “girly” thing to do.

Like I’ve been saying, if you think women are funny about such things, guys are even funnier and as evidenced by the number of guys who love to suck cock… but would prefer not to have theirs sucked and how this… behavior seems to be prevalent in guys who are bottoms.  One of the reasons behind that that I know about is some guys know that if they get their dick sucked and made to cum, they’re gonna be taken out of the game and now might not be in the mood to do any sucking themselves.  Another is that some guys cum pretty quickly when there’s a dude blowing them and, well, that’s pretty embarrassing so, sure, the best way to avoid that is to tell homey to keep his mouth off the dick, please and thank you.

Some guys have said that having their dick sucked doesn’t turn them on or doesn’t do anything for them and, as such, they’re of a mind that it’s always better to give than receive.  I know what such fellows say about this and I can accept what they have to say… doesn’t mean I really understand this other than for the reasons mentioned in the above paragraph and maybe even how some bottoms are really into being “submissive” and, I guess, in their minds, they’re the ones who do all of the cock sucking and it’s never a question about reciprocation for them.

So… it’s the holiday season, getting cold and stormy in many parts of the country… and guys seem to want to wile away the winter doldrums by getting into some heavy cock sucking.

Coincidence?  I dunno… it is kinda curious, though.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts and Top Searches: What… Again?

Scanning my Desktop, noting what’s been looked at since yesterday and then, damn, this:

“How to ask if someone wants a bro job.”

First thought:  What, again?

Second thought:  Did the person searching for this find the blogs I wrote about this when they searched?

Third thought:  Man, I wish there was a way to find out who’s searching for stuff so bloggers could respond to them if they wanted to…

Asking a guy if he wants to get bro-jobbed all depends on whether or not you have a clue that he’d be down for it and unless he said that he wouldn’t mind having some dude suck his dick and get him off, chances are you’re not gonna know.  Still, this is turning out to be one of my favorite “searches” other than intercrural sex – that’s fucking without penetration, to save any new readers from rushing to find out what the word means.

You can’t really go on what a guy might say so a guy in need of a bro-job could very well be dropping hints like hot potatoes and it’s not all that obvious that he’s dropping hints.  Even when you’ve known a, ah, potential bro-job candidate for a long period of time, that’s not a guarantee that if asked, he’s gonna just jump on the invitation and whip out his schlong.

As I’ve written before, I’ve heard guys going on and on about needing to have their dick sucked and their aching nuts emptied; are they just stating a matter of fact or are they dropping a hint?  Could be one or the other… could be both, too, and unless you ask him to be more specific, you’re not gonna know which thing he’s really doing… except, um, asking him, “Are you asking if I’d suck you off?” is a really touchy question to ask, wouldn’t you agree?  And, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve actually asked such “direct” questions in response to what I felt were hints, like, “Why are you telling me about it?” or even agreeing that, yup, having my dick sucked right about now would really work… then kinda sit back and watch how they react and wait for what they might say next – and if they say anything at all.

The real conundrum here isn’t figuring out if a guy would be down for it – that would be asking a guy you think might be in need of one and without, let’s say, something bad and/or embarrassing happening.  So how do you ask someone if they want a bro-job?  Very carefully.

You just don’t know how a guy will react.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: I Tried to Resist, But…

…I couldn’t, not when I saw on my Dashboard, “how to know when a guy wants a brojob.”

Still, it’s a legit question and the only thing I can point back to was the many times I’ve seen guys doing everything they could to get the hint across that, um, you know, if we were to, uh, suck each other’s cock, er, ah, I wouldn’t mind and I sure won’t tell anyone that we did this.  Lemme see if I can (once again) dissect this.

Are there any external signs that a guy might want a bro job?  Other than sneaking peeks at his crotch to see if he’s hard or not, you’d have to be knowledgeable in the art of reading body language and being able to listen to how a guy is saying something and not necessarily what he’s saying although that can be a clue as well.  While these things are and can be rather telling, before one puts such a suggestion on the table, one must remember that what you see or hear isn’t always what’s really going on.

Some of trying to figure this out depends on the situation at hand – what are the two guys doing and/or talking about?  See, back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for guys to get together to just hang out and gossip – yes, women aren’t the only ones who do this.  Now it’s a matter of whether or not the conversation migrates to things sexual or not and, at least in my experiences, it wasn’t ever a question of if a conversation would make that turn but when it would.

For me, that’s when things got to be rather funny.  If you’re paying attention to the other guy, again, his body language and a certain change in the pattern of his speech can, at the least, tell you that he’s horny and wants to do something about it.  Some guys fidget – they can’t seem to sit still and I’ve heard some guys say, out of the blue and totally unrelated to the conversation of the moment, “Man, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked right about now!”

What you don’t know is whether he’s actually hinting that the two of you should do this or he’s really thinking about how he can convince a woman to suck his dick.  Likewise, I’ve been in conversations where a guy will, again, out of the blue and totally disconnected from, say, talking about football, “What would you do if some dude asked if he could suck your dick?”

Some guys are just fucking hilarious when trying to drop hints and just as funny are the guys who sense where this conversation is going… but are on the fence about whether they should offer up their own thoughts on whatever funny question was asked.  For me, sheesh, such conversations and these hilarious twists would be… annoying; I’d be talking to a guy, the conversation gets “sexy,” and he’s dropping hints all over the place and as he does so, I’m thinking to myself, “Why don’t you just come out and tell me what you wanna do?  Jeez!”

So when a guy dropped the “I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked” thing, I’d just ask them, “What’s on your mind about it?” or sometimes I’d even say, “Yeah, that would work for me, too!” – and then watch them – again, their body language can be quite telling if you know what to look for.

To the question of, “What would you do if…?” I’d often take a moment to think about the guy I’m talking to and what I already know about him before answering in one of two ways:  If a guy wanted to suck my dick, sure, I’d let him do it or, if I’m pretty sure or have a good sense that this answer would, ah, offend him, I’d backpedal and answer with, “I don’t know what I’d do…”  And many times, I’ve learned that what I thought I knew about a guy wasn’t all there was to be learned about him, i.e., he’s usually pretty vocal and against guys doing it to other guys… but, secretly, he’s either done it before or is now looking to take the plunge.

Then, with either response, I’d watch his body language and if he appears to be disappointed or even “encouraged,” well, he could be suggesting that the two of us whip out our dicks and work toward making them very soft again.

Once, a guy was tap-dancing all around the place and it actually got on my nerves enough for me to say to him, “Why don’t you just ask me what you want to ask me and stop dancing around all over the place?”  Sometimes, one can be intuitive enough to sense a change in the mood and pick up on the fact that whatever machinations the other guy is going through really means that if you were to agree, it would be nice for us to suck on each other’s dick until we both cum.

And I won’t tell if you won’t.

You just know this is what he wants to ask and do should you be of a mind to agree – and now it’s just a matter of whether or not he’s gonna be brave enough to just put it out there.

Some guys disguise their, ah, desire for this with roughhousing; if a guy “suddenly” suggests that we should wrestle or otherwise initiates some light roughhousing, well, that could be a rather physical hint that he just might want some more, um, personal body to body contact.  The thing that always struck me as being hilarious was that most of the guys I hung out with knew I had a black belt in judo and they’d still want to wrestle and now for me it was a matter of being observant enough to be able to feel his erection as we tussled.  Or, like one guys did during one roughhouse session, um, he planted his face in my crotch and lightly gnawed on me; on the surface – and if you had been watching this, it looked like he was trying to distract me as I had applied a light arm lock, you know, to “shock” me into releasing the arm lock (not that I was really gonna hurt his arm).

I felt the… nibbles and just said to him, “If that’s what you want to do, ya might want to unzip me first – pretty sure my pants don’t taste all that good…”

His response?  “You’ll have to let go of my arm first…”

On the whole, there’s really no sure, definitive way to know if a guy wants to get into a bro job unless he either does or say something that leaves no doubt in your mind that this is what he really wants to do.  Again, sometimes what he says can be an indication and more so if he’s asking or talking about something that’s unrelated to whatever preceded this change in the conversation.  If a guy seems to be down in the mouth about something – girl problems, some shit going on with his job or even the frustration over not being able to get a job – and a few other things, it’s just kinda strange that when guys get stressed to a certain degree, sex just seems to be the right thing to relieve that stress and, sure, if some intoxicants are involved, well, there’s no telling what his lowered inhibitions are going to reveal.

Sure, if you sense that things are heading in this direction, you could just simply ask him, “Why are we talking about this?” or even “What is it that you really want to do?” while keeping in mind that he might be “offended” and start backpedaling.  Guys talk to each other about sex even if in rather general terms and a general sort of way; doesn’t mean he’s fishing for a bro job… and it could mean that he is and now it’s up to you to figure out what’s really on his mind and short of asking him directly, there’s still no dyed-in-the-wool to know or tell that he’s interested in a bro job unless, of course, he’s bold and daring enough to come right out and ask you – and some guys won’t because, as everyone knows (or should know), we don’t exactly handle rejection very well.

I’ve had guys ask me how they can ask another guy if they can blow them and without getting punched in the face and I’ve honestly told them that you just get up the nerve to ask them and be ready to deal with however the other guy reacts and even if he reacts badly to such an offer.

And, yes:  I’ve had guys ask me how they can ask another guy if they can suck his dick… and I’ve been the guy they wanted to ask and, yep, I’ve been taken by surprise by such a twist and usually because I just learned something about this guy that I didn’t know.

Guys can be direct and right to the point about wanting to do this… or they can drop hints, tap dance, and other rather funny things trying to get up the nerve and to the point where what they want to do, right here and now, is to get some cock sucking going.  I’ve sat and watched guys go through all of this and stop short of actually putting the suggestion on the table… then, the next time I’ve been hanging with them, they happen to mention that, um, you know, the other day?  I really wanted to suck your dick and was hoping you wouldn’t mind sucking mine…

And the only thing I could say in response was, “Why didn’t you just ask me?”

And that’s really the only way to really know if a guy wants a bro job – just ask him if that’s what he wants to do as well as deciding whether or not you, too, want to do this.


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Top Searches: “How to…”

“…get a blowjob from gay friend” popped up under Top Searches and this is one I can easily answer (not that the searcher is gonna see it) so here goes.  The best way to get a blowjob from a gay friend is to ask him.

Good luck, searcher!

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Top Searches: “Asking for a Bro-Job”

I’ve seen this for the last two or three days and I told myself that I wasn’t gonna write anything about it… and, obviously, that didn’t work – it’s just too good to pass up and it really is a good question – the answer, well, that’s a very different critter.

The bro-job is hailed as something new under the sun and involves straight men who are willing to literally give/receive a blowjob from another straight man… but neither guy is bi or gay… they’re just really horny and waiting to get some relief later ain’t working for them.  Many find this to be unusual and it isn’t unusual any more than it’s something all that new and in my experiences, it’s not something that a guy plans for – they usually kinda/sorta happen spontaneously and tends to happen more between men who have more than a passing familiarity with each other – they’re classically bros.

The premise is, “What would you be willing to do for a friend in need?”  But if you’re the friend in need, yeah, how do you ask your bro if he’d be willing to suck your dick?  This is where it gets iffy and a bit funny; I’ve seen guys do some pretty silly shit in this situation and it usually began with a statement that seems to come right out of the blue, like your bro suddenly talking about how horny he is or how he wouldn’t mind getting his dick sucked right about now.  I’ve heard some pretty interesting “hypothetical” questions and scenarios and I’ve heard guys wanting a bro job ask – hypothetically, of course, what I’d do if a dude wanted to suck my dick and asked if he could do that.

I don’t know about anyone else who has ever been in this situation but it always tends to make me instantly suspicious and more so when I’m having this conversation with a guy who, to my knowledge, ain’t into this as well as me being pretty sure that they don’t know that I am into this.  This is where it gets funny because I’ve usually responded like, “Really?  Well, maybe you should go find someone to suck your dick,huh?”  Then they start tap-dancing; they agree that, sure, they should go find someone to blow them but, man, you know how it is – you just can’t walk up to some babe and ask her to suck your dick (unless you wanna get punched in the face or kicked in the crotch) and the chances of being able to go home and ask your old lady to blow you are slim and none; again, you could ask but you’re not gonna ask because you already know she’s gonna flip out and deny your request at the worst or tell you to wait until later.

I’ve sat and listened to guys trying to convince me, an experienced cock sucker, how and why giving a guy some head isn’t really as bad as everyone says it is and, usually during this part of the tap-dancing, I’m just waiting for him to stop playing around and ask me what I know he wants to ask… but, again, it’s usually so much fun to watch them go through all of this.  I know that at this point, I could ask, “Would you like for me to blow you?” – but that just lets them off the hook and it’s both a matter of principle – if you want something from me, ask for it like a man – and it’s still pretty damned funny to watch them trying to figure out how to ask for it.

Like I said, this happens between guys who know each other and sometimes quite well… except the one thing you don’t know about your bro is whether he’d help you out or punch you in the face for having the nerve to ask him for some head.  Now, I’ve had some guys beat and dance around the bush for a while before coming out and saying something like, “Um, you know, if we were to blow each other, ah, uh, I wouldn’t tell anyone that we did it…”  I’ve sat, watched, and listened to them get right to the moment where they’re either gonna ask the question or not… and they don’t.

I’ve been with guys who are clearly and plainly very stressed out (and sometimes just a bit inebriated because they’re stressed) and I’ve asked them, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  In my mind – and because it’s one of my bros – sure, if he comes back and says (in some way) that sucking his dick would help immensely, sure, I’ll blow him and once I gave a stressed out bro a bro-job without it being asked for and because I knew it was what he needed in that moment.  After the fact, he wasn’t exactly stunned but he did ask, “How did you know?”

And I replied, “I just knew it…”

But just rolling up on your bro and directly asking him for a bro-job?  The only way I see that working is if you knew for a fact that your bro was into sucking dick and he didn’t have any qualms about doing it and with/to a close friend.  But, to the question of how to ask for one, you have some options, from coming right out and asking him to dropping hints all over the place and so many that a blind man could see them.  Doesn’t mean you’re gonna get that bro-job – you just might get punched in the face or wind up losing a friend for asking such a question.

I’ve been in those moments and the question has gone unasked… but later some guys have confessed that in that moment, they were seriously thinking about asking if we could blow each other and I’ve asked them, “Well, why didn’t you ask?  The worst that could have happened is me saying no…”  Or, sometimes – and depending on the guy – I haven’t said anything; maybe I just shrugged in a disinterested way or just given him a dead-pan look.

Bottom line, it’s difficult to ask a male friend who may not be into sucking dick if he’d blow you because you want and need to be blown.  Some guys are like, “Bro, I’d do anything for you ’cause we got it like that with each other!” and they mean it… but, um, maybe it’s not gonna include getting into a 69 with you and no matter how much fun that might be.  Could a couple of bros come to the conclusion that the thing they need to do to, with and for each other is to whip out the dicks and work them over?  Yep – it’s not impossible nor is it all that improbable – but that also depends on how much they trust each other or “I won’t tell if you won’t, man…”

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Top Searches: “Intercrural Porn”

And here I found myself thinking that I’d finally escaped the rash of Top Searches for intercrural sex that I’d been subjected to.  That area of my dashboard has been empty for the longest time… until today and, at first, I was gonna let this one slide until I got to thinking about it and asking myself if I’ve even heard of such a thing.

There’s a flavor of porn out there to satisfy the most freakiest of hungers and if this is true, then it’s possible that intercrural porn exists… but if it does, I’d imagine that it could be rather boring unless there’s some other stuff going on that would prove to be more visually stimulating.  There’s soft porn, the stuff that looks like the real thing is happening but is shot in such a way that you don’t actually see it happening – conveniently covered by sheets, discrete camera angles, stuff like that.

The actual act of intercrural sex – aka frottage for the guys – can be quite stimulating and exciting to participate in… I just don’t know if that translates to porn all that well.  Prior to frotting, sure, there can be kissing, fondling, lot of cock sucking but after that?  A guy lubes up his cock and his partner’s thighs to prevent friction burns and gets to work going through the motions of fucking without any penetration being attempted.  Would it be hot and stimulating to see two male bodies all sweaty and engaged like this but knowing that there’s no “real fucking” happening?  Since porn loves to overly exaggerate things, I’m sure that if you watch porn with the sound turned up, you’ll hear a lot of noises to go along with you’re seeing and maybe that works for some people.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Again With the Top Searches?

I’d just left the Reader, you know, just checking out what the people I follow have been writing, and went to WP Admin to look for spam that needed deleting and I saw this in Top Searches just before I was about to close my browser:  “big booty intercrural cock” and, well, you know the routine by now, don’t you?

First thought:  “What?  Again?”

Second thought:  “I don’t know who wrote this but it doesn’t make sense…”

Third thought:  “Okay, well, um, if the guy you might be having intercrural sex with happens to have a big booty, there’s, um, some value here…”

Fourth thought:  “Lemme write something about this – again…”

Those of you who have been paying attention to what I’ve written about this when the word “intercrural” shows up on my Dashboard as a Top Search item will remember that I often have a good time writing about this and that I’ve tried to explain this form of M2M sex and how it allows a man to be screwed by another man without the hassles of having a hard dick shoved up their ass.  I’ve even allowed that this form of sex works well for the guy doing the screwing based on the “If I don’t really penetrate him, it’s not gay” school of thought.  It’s a dodge and a cop-out kind of justification, of course, because it is gay.

Big booty intercrural.  Well, sure – if a guy has a big old butt and, in particular, a deep cleft between his massive butt cheeks, that’s a great environment for intercrural sex and more so if the guy working between those cheeks isn’t overly endowed and there’s no chance of accidental insertion.  Even if the guy is overly endowed, eh, there’s a chance of accidental insertion but I’d have to say that if the guy doing the humping doesn’t try to get in there, it’s no harm, no foul.  One way to look at this is to see is as masturbation without the use of hands and guys with big booties (and deep clefts) can be seen as more desirable for this than a guy with, um, less booty and not much of a cleft to probe around in.

“Big booty intercrural cock…”  I can’t honestly say that I understand this phrasing; was the author of this search wondering how big or small a cock has to be for this?  As I said, there’s the whole accidental insertion thing to take into consideration so the longer the dick, the greater the chance of this.  Again, I know guys who prefer being screwed in this fashion because they get all the “benefits” of being screwed without any of the pain of anal insertion and it’s easier to prepare for:  Just wash that ass really good.  I know that being screwed like this does feel good, even when the guy is pressed up against my hole, bumping and knocking on the door as it were.  Lubrication – and, as it seems, a “natural” relaxation of “the door” can allow a bit of penetration even when both parties would prefer that this doesn’t happen; guys with not a lot of booty (um, like me) can be of a mind that, okay, if the tip happens to poke in there, that’s fine – just don’t try to get any more than that in there, okay?  Sure, it’s a trust issue and one that has the possibility of being violated… and right along with your butt hole.  Guys with the big butts and deep clefts can certainly feel homey knocking on the door and if the dick is long enough to fill up that cleft quite a bit, there could be some tip insertion – again, whether this is a problem or not depends on the two guys and whatever level of trust has been established.

It’s an interesting way for two men to screw each other, butt and cock size notwithstanding.  Should guys screw each other like this and is it safer?  I’d have to say that while knocking on the door can carry a degree of risk, that depends on how well the guy being poked washed his ass and, of course, the greater risk comes in actually, uh, breaking the door down.  Does it allow for less of an impact on one’s sensibilities?  I’d have to say it does; the guy doing the screwing can convince himself that because he’s not dick-deep in the other guy’s ass, he’s not doing anything homosexual while the guy being humped can feel good in that, well, his ass isn’t getting painfully stretched out and since that’s not the case, this isn’t gay, either and more so when the dude cums, it’s going (hopefully) on him and not in him.  Ya might not think this is much of a difference but when it comes to one’s sensibilities in this, it can be a huge difference.  Yes, with some tip insertion, that nut just might go in him and whether or not sensibilities are offended depends on the guy on the bottom.  Yes, I’ve been inseminated via tip insertion and I don’t recall ever been offended by it since the whole head isn’t in there and, honestly, I’ve not heard of a guy being too upset by this although I’ve heard them caution, “Don’t stick it in too far!” not just because sticking it in too far will result in some pain that is to be avoided but sticking it in too far makes the act a lot more gay in the minds of some.

I keep hoping that I won’t ever see this particular search item again… but I know I will and, as always, I wonder why the searcher was looking for this…


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