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Not really sure what to say; there's a lot about me that can be said but the basic thing is that I'm just a guy with a lot of things on my mind that I need to get said. I have to add that if you're not old enough to deal with adult issues or you find them offensive, you might want to stay out of my head...

Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Legacy, Revisited

While playing “Borderlands: The Pre-sequel” yesterday, I had a weird moment.  I was immersed in to the game, working through one of the many storyline quests in the game and going over my weapons to pick the most effective ones while devising a strategy to [once again] defeat one of my least favorite quests in the game.

I made my selections, decided how it was going to walk into the area and destroy everything that came at me, and then executed the plan with deadly and efficient effect, at his point, using a sniper rifle to clear the first area with precisely placed head shots.  I was in the zone and zoned out, the only thing I was really paying attention to was listening for Linda’s voice in case she called me for something.  Then it happened – I caught myself having a daydream that I’ve had a few times before.

I approach the rostrum to the sound of polite applause, just having been introduced as the last of three keynote speakers at an LGBTQ symposium on bisexuality.  As I stepped to the mike, I was thinking about my speech – man, were they about to get a surprise!  The other two speakers had similar messages and mine wasn’t even going to resemble theirs and it definitely as the going to be politically correct – that and I hadn’t wanted to give the speech in the first place but I was here so let’s shake up some shit, shall we?

I looked out at the sea of faces that were looking back at me, took a deep breath and began by saying, “Thank you…”  A pause, then I said, “It’s being said that bisexuality and bisexuals don’t really exist, that those who believe themselves to be bisexual are, essentially, confused and delusional.  They say bisexuality represents greed, displays a blatant inability to commit one’s self to a singular path in life, and that bisexuals are an aberration that cannot seem to pick a side and stay there.”

Yep, I had their attention and I continued.

“Yet, I stand before you today and say without shame or regret, that I am bisexual; I’ve always been bisexual and chances are good that I was reveling in my bisexuality before a lot of you were born – and neither were your parents.  So to those of you who say that bisexuals don’t really exist, aren’t you looking at me right now?  It’s a safe bet that I am not a figment of your imagination and that you’re not participating in a demonstration of mass hypnosis.”

The room is silent save the sounds of people breathing and fidgeting in their seats; I can tell some of the audience wants to get up and leave – they would be the people who moronically believe that bisexuals don’t exist – but they’re afraid to leave because it would single them out as some of the very people I’m talking about.

“I am bisexual.  The mother of my children, who I was with since I was 15 and stayed with until I was 50 is bisexual; two of our three children are bisexual; this alone should be proof positive that bisexuality and bisexuals exist – but we’ve always existed and right alongside those who are straight and gay.”

“I say, without shame or regret, that there are a lot of gay and even, ah, formerly straight men who know for a fact that I’m bisexual and if you’d like the details of this form of proof, see me after the close of things here and we’ll talk… or give you a first-hand demonstration of my bona fides, if you don’t want to believe the words that are now coming out of my mouth.”

“To those of you who are still being prejudically stubborn and holding on to this false perception of the world around you, I have only one thing to say to you:  Wake the fuck up and join the real world, will you?  I am not just throwing down the gauntlet; I am actually taking said gauntlet and slapping the shit out you with it for being so insular, pig-headed, naive, or just downright stupid to believe that bisexuals aren’t real.  That’s as insane as saying there are no homosexuals in this room, wouldn’t you agree?”

I pause and listen to the sounds in the room as I scan the crowd before me; I can hear more rustling as people adjust themselves in their seats, the murmur of voices, some who approve of what I’ve just said along with those who are wondering what gives me the right to speak to them in such a manner.  I want to smile but I keep my face impassive – not an easy thing for me to do – and continue.

“I have personally talked to thousands of people about bisexuality, from all walks of life, and over the world; I have also been personally and directly responsible for, ah, let’s say ‘converting’ quite a few men and women to bisexuality.  The women, well, yes, I’ve had to use words to effect their conversion but the men?  I think we all know how that was accomplished, don’t we?  Given that I know I have done these things, can you not imagine the look on my face when I started hearing that there were actually some people who, for some reason, insisted that bisexuality and bisexuals don’t exist?  Can you, for a moment, picture the totally dumbfounded look I had when I read that New York Times article that said they now had scientific proof that bisexuality does exist?  And can you hear me saying, “Are you fucking kidding me?” after I read it?”

“My message to you today is for those of you who still want to believe in the stereotypes and other misconceptions that have been around since I was a child, cease and desist; you are not doing is any real harm with your biphobia – and did you know that a phobia is defined as an irrational fear? – but you are making yourself look like ignorant bigots as you attempt to discredit a factions of human behavior, just as it was once tried to discredit homosexuality and, well, we see how well that worked.  I came here today to speak to you about this and to tell you that unless you’re planning an act of genocide that would make what Hitler did look insignificant, you will never, ever erase bisexuality and bisexuals.  Your demands that we all come out and make ourselves known to a largely homophobic world will be needed by some but ignored by those of us who refuse to allow ourselves to get caught up in your pettiness.”

“I stand before you and, to your faces, call you idiots for believing that sexuality is and always has been an “either/or” kind of thing when we, as bisexuals, have proven over all this time that, yes, the word you’re looking for, the word that your narrow, shallow minds refuses to accept is a simple, commonly used, three-letter word:  And.  It’s not about – excuse me, I was about to mispeak – it was never about having to choose a side, to just merely be straight or to merely be gay; for us, it’s about being both.  Not men or women but men and women and the why of it all is this:  Because we can.  Because we want to and, perhaps for some of is, because he have to… because everything else makes no sense; if you want to limit yourselves by being monosexual, fine… but do not keeping trying to drag us down into your limited diversity when ours is much more, ah, what’s the word I’m looking for… robust.”

“You call us greedy; yet is there anyone present right now who doesn’t want all they can get out of life?  We can’t commit to a relationship?  Calling bullshit on that one, too.  Confused?  In some form of great denial and so much that we can’t make up our minds whether we’re straight or, as you’ve said, really gay?  On this, I submit to you that, um, we are not the ones in denial; that would be those of you that, even as I speak, still believe that we do not exist or, worse, that we can’t exist because acknowledging that we do just turns your petty little worldview upside down and disproves everything you believe in.”

“In closing and, yes, I am very much aware that some of you are fervently wishing you had left when you had the chance, I have only this to say to you:  We are here.  We have always been here; I am here now and I am not the only one.  We will, like it or not, always be here.  Accept the reality of this; accept the truth and the evidence that has been right in front of you all along.”

“Thank you.”

I stand there for a moment, looking into the crowd and I feel so emotionally spent.  I randomly lock my eyes onto people and in some of those eyes, I see that their prejudice remains stubbornly – and stupidly – in place; in the eyes of others, I see a kind of shock and surprise because whatever they had been expecting me to say, well, ha, what I said wasn’t what they expected.  In even more eyes, I see some thinking, “Yeah… it’s about time someone stepped up and stepped off in their asses!”

I turn and walk off the stage to a smattering of applause… and the daydream ends.  I’m sitting on the sofa, the PS3 controller in my hands and the area I was clearing is totally devoid of bad guys.  I blinked and thought, “Damn…” then moved to the exit so I could start the next quest.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Anticipation

Everyone knows about that rush one can feel when they know they are about to get laid.  When you’re a bi guy, you get that rush in spades and more so when chances are good that you rarely get a chance to indulge in the other side of your sexual desires.

It is quite the rush; you search and search using whatever method you believe is going to work; you manage to locate someone you’re interested in (or maybe someone has found you); then comes the negotiation phase which goes from getting to know each other to some degree, going over likes and dislikes, even establishing one’s experience level by asking when you got started in this.  If this phase continues to go well, a date and time to get together is made – and while waiting for the other shoe to drop which, in this case, not being able to make the connection.  Still, barring this, now it’s all about awaiting for the date and time to arrive, whether it’s measured in minutes or, sometimes, days.

You know what’s gonna happen; that’s been established already but if you’ve been here before, you also know that there’s no real way to know how it’s all gonna turn out, although your imagination can fuck with your head about this, running scenario after scenario until you wind up wearing your brain out by overthinking things.  Your nerves are on edge; you live to feel the rush of anticipation but you’re also trying to remain calm about it.  While you want things to go well, eh, sometimes it doesn’t – and now you have to keep your mind from latching on to the possibility of failure and spoiling that rush of anticipation.  So one part of you wants to act as if this is no big deal – just business as usual – while another part of you is bouncing off the walls and literally screaming, “I’m gonna get me some dick!  Yay!”

Does it matter if you’ve had this particular guy before?  Nah, not really, except you might not be all that concerned about the possibility of cancellation; the guy is now a known quantity but still that rush is there because while you can look forward to more of the same as your first time with him, it’s always different enough that you can never really know how things are going to go and more so if the chance of being pleasantly surprised is quite possible.

I know what goes through my mind before the fact and it’s so complex and involved that it took me years to be able to explain it to myself beyond the use of simple terms, like, man, it’s such a rush just to think that in a certain period of time, I’m going to have my mouth on a guy’s dick.  I know that my imagination will go off the reservation no matter how much I need to be cool and collected about and the more I try to not think about it, the more I wind up thinking about it so now it’s about trying to not pay much attention to what this part of me is doing and carry on as usual with the things that must still be done.

The closer it gets to the time to meet him, a curious thing happens; I get more excited but calmer and I stopped trying to figure this out a long time ago and besides, if I’m driving to meet him (usually the case), then I need to be focused on being behind the wheel, which calls for being able to “ignore” the raving lunatic that lives in my head as well as the fact that the erection I’m now sporting is not playing nicely with my seat belt at all.  And, yes:  The farther I have to go to make the meet, the more intense the anticipation gets; there have been times when I’ve been as close to the meeting place as five minutes and you’d think that’s not enough time for the rush to get to “off the chain” levels but, no – my mind seems to have the ability to realize that it’s not going to take me long to get there so let’s get ramped up to 150%, shall we?

In either situation, when I get there – and despite decades of experience doing this particular thing – I am so amped up that I’m practically and literally vibrating.  Now, being able to see pictures of the guy before the fact is one thing but that moment you actually set eyes on him, well, that’s something else and now it’s about not letting my sense of aesthetics get in the way of things because, um, some guys look better in pictures than they do in person – and I know some dudes will use pictures from, ah, younger moments in their life which isn’t going to match them in the here and now so much.

Then comes the most unnerving part; getting to the moment when the pregnant pause comes into play.  There’s the usual small talk – glad you could make it, it’s good to see you, I’ve been waiting for this moment and other such sentiments before there is just nothing else to be said or even done – now it’s about who is going to make the first move.  It’s a scenario that my mind has gone over and with many permutations – and including this unintentional waiting game.  The anticipation is going batshit nuts; you want to leap onto him, want him to leap onto you and you don’t want to do anything that just might scare the guy – and, yeah, I’ve had this happen and I know I don’t react well to being startled; in fact, I can react very badly to it, something I’ve had to learn to control.

Now, if I’ve been in this moment ten times, nine of those times will reveal my impatience and gets me making the first move; I’ll either get undressed first or, if the rush of anticipation is at its most insane intensity, I won’t even bother to get him or myself undressed because, duh, I know exactly where his cock lives because I’ve been trying really hard not to stare at his crotch and whether he’s already erect or not.

After first contact – and no matter who gets the show on the road, the rush of anticipation changes to a different kind of rush – the one of exploration kicks in and that’s a different animal and one that may or may not be as intense as anticipation can be; too many variables to consider that would lend itself to anything resembling consistency.  Even I have felt the rush of anticipation dissipate to less than a dull roar in the exploration phase; sometimes he’s said or done something to make it all go away and, yes, sometimes, I’ve been my own worst enemy.

But I’ll get into this some other time…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  More on the Bro-Job

I will go out on a limb and say that there are probably a lot of people to whom the notion of straight men sucking on each other’s cock wouldn’t make a lot of sense because such  a thing is considered to be such a gay thing to do.  They’d be right about that, too; I’d stay out on that limb for a moment and say that some guys reading what I wrote yesterday probably shivered, felt nauseated, or even got a little miffed; they may even have said, aloud or in the privacy of their own minds, “Shee-it, ain’t no fuckin’ way I’d let some dude suck my dick!  Man, I’d kick a motherfucker’s ass good if he stepped to me and wanted me to suck his dick!”

I’ll hang out on the limb just a little while longer and say that there are a few women who might have read what I wrote yesterday and said – aloud or just to themselves, “Hmph – don’t know why a dude would stoop that low and do that shit when there are plenty of women who’d want to do that!  If my man did some shit like that, I’d (add something bad here)!”

Now doing an incredible balancing act at the edge of the limb, it occurs to me that those who would strenuously object to such a thing would be so deep into their angst that it would just flat out escape them where the why of this seemingly improbable act is concerned:  Um, because getting your dick sucked feels good and, yes, so does sucking dick and anyone – anyone – who has done either thing knows this for a fact, don’t you?

I have your attention now, don’t I?  If there’s someone reading this who has this angst, you might, at this moment, be thinking, “Well, yeah, that’s right but…” I’m sure all of the moral  arguments would ensue and that’s to be expected but I would submit to those  who might call bullshit on this that your argument is an emotional one and not necessarily an intelligent one and, no, I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence but you’re not really thinking about why this can jump off and that given the right conditions, a straight man could very well find himself participating in a bro-job and quite willingly.

It’s not as if we don’t know that there are men who are into sucking other men’s dicks.  But when we think of why such men exist, the commonly held notion is that they’re either gay or, like myself, bisexual so “logically” it doesn’t make sense for a straight man to want to get involved in any of this but, again, I’d respectfully submit that you’d be wrong about that even though, yeah, it does seem improbable given what we know about straight men – but it’s improbable, not impossible.  We have it in our heads that a straight man could never find a reason to change his stance about this but, yeah, people change their minds about a lot of things, don’t they?  They often surprise the shit out of themselves when their position is that they would never do something like this – and then find themselves doing the one thing they said they’d never do. 

Now, just because you might not be able to think of a reason why two straight dudes would want to do this with each other doesn’t mean that a reason or reasons don’t exist – because they do exist – all you have to remember are those four things Cityman provided for my writing yesterday and now the improbable can become plausible.  Here’s what you need to make it totally doable:  You need a reason and, initially, it only has to make sense to the originator; you need the other guy to buy into this reasoning and agree to it; then you need both discretion and an atmosphere of plausible deniability so that no one will ever find out that these two straight dudes went off the reservation and bypassed women for this very pleasurable act of mutual satisfaction.  You want specifics?  Go ask a straight guy what would have to happen – and no matter how crazy it may sound – for him to get caught up in a bro-job moment and, yes, invite him to use his imagination freely; again, going out on the limb, I’m thinking he could think of a reason because it’s really not that difficult.

While exchanging emails with Cityman about this, I allowed that I didn’t know any man who hasn’t, at the least, had a thought about this, even if it turned out to be a negative one.  I know, from my own experiences, that every time I’ve sucked the cock of a guy who had never had a guy do it before, they have said that they’ve always wondered what it would be like as well as wondering whether or not they could actually go through with it.  But what would make a straight guy decide that this would be a good thing to do?

Being horribly horny, not having an immediate outlet to deal with feeling like this, masturbation not really a viable relief source and, sometimes, being emotionally labile, like grief, feeling hopeless, and even being at one’s wit’s end, as it were – and these are a few of the things I can immediately think of that doesn’t involve some kind of intoxicant that qualifies as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant, like alcohol.  Oh, blaming it on the alcohol is a lame excuse?  Nope, it really isn’t, not when you understand what CNS depressants are capable of, oh, like, removing inhibitions; there’s a reason why they say that a drunk person is an honest person.  You toss in some booze and there’s no telling what person will emerge once inebriation sets in – you have happy drunks and mean drunks, right?  You see this because booze unlocks the safeguards we normally keep firmly in place and can reveal a side of someone that isn’t usually seen unless, of course, you hang out with them on a regular basis and have seen them drunk a lot.

Some recreational drugs can leave one susceptible to suggestion via hypnotic effects in addition to CNS effects, like Esctasy or the dreaded roofie (Rohypnol); if you’re down with smoking trees, um, you might want to think about what your ganja’s being soaked in to give it that extra kick, huh?  This stuff doesn’t affect everyone in the exact same way, of course, but when you ask why or how a bro-job can happen, I’m the guy with some answers that aren’t based on theory.

Some guys do decide that they’ve “had enough” of merely being curious about this and it’s time to check this out.  I mean, there must be something about this cock sucking thing since, apparently, there are a lot of guys out there doing it, right?  Logically, it makes sense that this is something that only women can do, right?  A guy has identified as straight all along but deep within the parts of his id that can’t be seen is a latency that he may or may not be aware of; it’s subliminal and intangible and that thing that’ll make a guy think, “I don’t know why I wanted to do this – I just know I had to do it!”

Kinda scary, huh, knowing that your own mind could be “conspiring” against your heterosexuality?  If one gives into this latency, it’s not because they lack strength of will or are otherwise “weak minded;” anyone who has felt the pull can tell you how powerful it can be and to the point that against their better judgment, they feel compelled to do it; again, they may know why they are because they’ve felt it all along and had been ignoring it until it wasn’t going to be ignored any longer or, like I said, they have no idea why they want to this but they can’t deny or ignore the fact that they want to do it.  Whether it actually happens or not depends on a lot of things, namely, finding someone to do this thing with but if a guy’s determined enough, he’ll find someone and, oh, yeah, looking to someone you’re really tight with actually makes a lot of sense.  It’s a little hard for me to explain this but the simplest version is that it’s better the devil you know than the one you don’t; a lot of guys would rather do the bro-job thing with someone they know rather than a stranger – but doing it with a stranger is also preferable because, well, yeah, there is one’s reputation among his peers to take into consideration; image is everything, after all.

Now, ladies – and in case you thought I forgot all about you – you might be reading all of this and saying to yourself that it still doesn’t make sense but for it to make more sense to you, let me ask you something:  Why do you suck cock?  And I’d like it a lot if you really thought about this.  Yes, I know y’all have a lot of reasons why you do so it’s not like you don’t know why you do it, right?  Now, consider this:  Does it make sense that a man would want to suck cock and for the exact same reasons why you’d do it?  And, yes, I will say it:  If you don’t suck cock – and your reasons why you don’t or won’t are known to you – does it make sense that if you don’t, there is someone out there who would, even another man?  Ya might not like the thought of that but, yeah, it can happen; if your boy is out there getting a bro-job, you might be the reason why he is.

You might, even reluctantly, agree with this but it still doesn’t answer your question why a man would want to suck a dick and, again, I’ll ask you this:  Why did you want to do it in the first place?  Again, you gotta know that I know a few things about this so I know that some women aren’t given a choice about it and I’m sorry that you had to experience it that way but the simplest reason is that you wanted to know what it would be like so, uh-huh, it does stand to reason that a man would want to know for the exact same reason.  Again, I apologize but sucking dick has never been just a woman’s thing to do and history proves this; otherwise, there would never have been any men giving each other blowjobs.

Then consider this:  You know that we watch you when you’re sucking us so does it really sound far fetched that a guy could watch you sucking him and wonder what it’s like to do that?  Have you ever had a man ask you what it feels like to you when you do it?  If you have, what does that suggest to you, hmm?  Yep, he  could be  asking just to be asking but sometimes, that might not be why he’s asking, okay?

Finally, I’ll end my limb-walking session with something I’ve written about before but is relevant to this.  Years ago, a group of us – mixed company – were sitting in my home and somewhere along the line, the conversation turned to sex and specifically about sucking dick, with several of the men present insisting that being sucked by a woman is different from a man doing it and that they wouldn’t allow such a thing because men aren’t supposed to do this to other men – and despite the fact that they knew that it happens.

I said to them, “Your body doesn’t care who’s giving it pleasure – but your mind does; if you didn’t know who was sucking your dick, would you object to it happening or would you only object if you saw who it was?”  The debate was on; I had thrown down a gauntlet (and, honestly, without meaning to) and, yes, with the help of the libations we were partaking of, blindfolds were constructed, men volunteered to have their dick sucked and without any lash backs or repercussions and it was put to the test.  Including my wife and myself, there were five couples present and every man present consented to have his dick sucked by everyone there – and it was on.  A woman would go down on a guy, then a guy would do it to the blindfolded guy, who wasn’t allowed to touch the person sucking them – then he was asked which person was the guy, A or B.  Not only did they all guess wrong – and even I did – but they were shocked to find out that for a few of them, it was the guy who sucked their dick and it felt better than when the woman did it.

A fight didn’t break out because of this but a lot of sex did – and, as far as I knew, I was the only real bi guy there but everyone had fun sucking dick (and eating pussy) that night.  Some guys said that they’d do it again, conditionally, of course; some said that they wouldn’t do it again but, really, they couldn’t deny that having a dude doing it felt good, and more so when the blindfolds got trashed and everyone went for the gusto without being visual impaired.

It happens and the real down to earth reason is that it can happen; you just need the right conditions and the right catalyst and there you go:  A bro-job is now in progress and between men you just find it hard to believe would want to do that.  It doesn’t mean that there’s going to be some massive explosion of guys doing the bro-job thing but, yeah, guys do it and their sexuality doesn’t have much bearing on it; any man can give or receive a bro-job and simply because it’s what the doctor ordered for that moment.  The reasoning can be complex in nature or it can be as simple as one dude turning to his bro and saying, “Man, I wouldn’t mind getting my dick sucked right about now!”

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Bro-Job

I shouldn’t have to explain what this means but, just in case, this is “simply” one of those situations where two guys decide to hand out blowjobs but, uh, supposedly, they’re both straight.  I invite you to check out this article, provided to me by Cityman, who is the guy I’ve been communicating with (and having fun doing it):“bro-jobs”-and-hooking-using-new-app

I read the article and found it amusing that a woman had set out to prove something that men have always known about but probably would never admit to.  The comments to the article were equally amusing and not unexpected; the prevailing thoughts here are that if you’re straight – but you will let a guy suck your cock or you’re willing to suck his – then you’re not as straight as you believe yourself to be.  It’s a sentiment I happen to agree with but I also understand the mindset taking place with all of this and it’s a mindset that is, in and of itself, an act of denial as well as one that provides plausible justification for two straight dudes to blow the hell out of each other but retain their masculinity and without ever having to apply the bisexual or – gasp – the heteroflexible label.

But the “bro-job” isn’t new; I was giving them as far back as the 1970s (and getting them, too).  What is interesting about this coming up now is that men have been slowly but surely changing the way they look at something as “simple” as getting their dick sucked; as I’ve written in the past, giving another man a blowjob and even laying some pipe is no longer being seen as a gay or “bitch” thing to do.  Indeed, if you’re not down with it, your masculinity could be called into question; instead of being a punk-assed bitch for wanting to suck cock or take one in the ass, you could be labeled one for not being man enough to throw down like this.  They are discovering something I’ve known all along: Sucking dick or even being fucked has no bearing on how you view your masculinity and, oh, yeah, doing it doesn’t necessarily make you gay because, duh, you don’t have to be a gay man to suck cock; I love doing it and I know good and damned well that I’m not gay, so there you go.

Cityman identified a few things about this and along the lines of how something that so unthinkable could happen between straight men and they are – and I quote him directly here:

  • The opportunistic blow ‘n go between buddies doing each other a quick favor
  • The drunk/high surrender to bicurious lust
  • The bros before hoes thug mentality
  • The unmistakable need for bisexual engagement – in other words, the conscious choice to fulfill one’s inborn preferences

I happen to agree with this 100%; he’s pretty much hit the nail spot-on.  Cityman went on to say, “What they all have in common, to varying degrees, is this:  If society’s rules were different, dicks would be getting sucked left and right.  If they could get away with it, they would.”  Again, I agree with his assessment but, um, they can and do get away with it because it’s always been possible even though society’s rules tries to make it impossible by slapping the taboo label on.  I said to Cityman that if I were straight but I wanted to suck a guy’s dick – and for whatever reason why I’d want to do that – the last thing I’m gonna give a fuck about is what the rules have to say about it; what I do need is for the other guy to agree to the proposition and if he does, it’s a sure bet he’s not giving a fuck about those rules either.

And now there’s an app for that?  Why am I not surprised?  You see, the biggest problem isn’t that straight dudes want to suck cock or whatever; the problem is finding like-minded straight dudes who wouldn’t mind a “bro-job” one bit and, again, it doesn’t really matter why he’d want one outside of the fact that getting your dick sucked is a damned good thing.  The thing about this that went through my mind was how many gay men are going to get this app so they can get some of this action themselves?

This isn’t an issue of sexuality as much as it is about men being opportunistic and an increasing willingness to “take advantage” of a situation if and when it presents itself.  The guys I’ve given “bro-jobs” to have pretty much universally said that as long as no one finds out about it, why the fuck not?  At the end of the day, it’s about image and one’s rep and it just wouldn’t do for a guy who is well-known to be as straight as the proverbial arrow any even “publicly homophobic” to let it ever be known that a dude cleaned his pipes or, horrors of horrors, he did some pipe-cleaning as well.  As I’ve also written about, I have sat and listened to guys rant and rave against any kind of sex with a man while in public but privately?  I’ve had some pretty good sex with those same guys and you can pick any of the four assessments provided by Cityman for the reason why.

Consider this, if you will.  You know what a “bromance” is, right?  Well, take that to the next logical step and maybe the “bro-job” will make more sense.  I wouldn’t dare say that this next step is always taken – I’m just the one who will tell you that the groundwork for it to happen has been laid down and all that’s needed is a triggering event to set the “bro-job” in motion… and it really doesn’t take a whole lot to trigger it.  One’s current relationship status has no bearing on this either; just because “Hank” is getting his share of pussy doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be down for a “bro-job.”  Simply, all it would take is for “Hank” to want to bust a nut and he’s not keen about spanking the monkey and there’s no “immediate” female resolution available, well, that and the bro he’s with saying, in effect, “Sure, bro – I’ll help you if you’ll help me, aight?”  And as long as no one else finds out about it – and that’s akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face – dicks will get sucked and, yes, maybe asses will get fucked.

Why?  Because it can be done.  It has always been done.  It’s being done right now so it is more than reasonable to assume that it will continue to be done but now, it’s all coming to the surface instead of staying off the social radar.  While questioning the sexuality of a guy willing to do the “bro-job” thing appears to be in order, at the end of the day – or, after the “bro-job,” if you will – all that matters is what the participants think and feel about their sexuality.  If “Hank” and “Jeff” “bro-job” each other and still insist that they’re straight, well, they can do that and even if they keep right on doing that.  The thing about this that always gets me laughing is that men who will, in fact, do this seem to believe that just because it’s not something they’d do all of the time, it doesn’t make them bi or gay and especially since they spend more time getting pussy.  What they don’t understand – or perhaps don’t want to understand – is that frequency has nothing to do with it… but the fact that you will do it at all does matter.  It’s not about percentages, like, “Hank” might admit that 99% of the time he’s “all about the ladies” and that slim 1% might involve a gratuitous “bro-job,”dude, you’re not straight, just predominately so; on the Kinsey scale, “Hank” would be what Cityman and I call a “K1,” where K0 is totally straight and K6 is totally gay.

The thing is that there is zero shame in this even though it’s pretty much a given that a lot of shame will be heaped onto the “bro-job” before too long.  The attitudes about men having sex with other men has been changing all along and the social resistance to this inevitable change is still there but weakening every single time a “bro-job” is offered and accepted.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: An Experience

“Open for me…”

At  this  point, I could do nothing but obey; I was thoroughly and completely trashed and at his mercy.  When he first propositioned me, it all sounded too good to be true but I was horny as hell and had thought, “Why the hell not?”  Yeah, I knew I had been seduced and masterfully so by this guy who had a hunger in his eyes that made me nervous, something I wasn’t used to when it came to this.  He had said, “You won’t regret it…” – and as I started undressing, I had a niggling feeling that I was, indeed, going to regret letting his words disarm me so easily and more so when I knew better than to believe the hype used to get me naked and vulnerable.  Even with alarms going off in my head, I got undressed and even shivered involuntarily as his eyes feasted upon my nakedness; this was either going to be very damned good or yet another mistake I’d have to live with.

I felt like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights and if I hadn’t really known what it felt like to be prey, I did now as I watched him undress as if he had all the time in the world and I guess he did since I was now frozen in place with my eyes locked onto his erection; as such things went, he was average in size and girth but it wasn’t his dick that had me trembling – it was what I saw in his eyes.  I wasn’t afraid but I wasn’t feeling ready to jump in with both feet, not as usual; I was relaxed and more nervous than I’d ever been in this situation.  He had wanted me and now he was going to take me and I was going to let him.

He started on my neck and ears; that alone had sent shivers of orgasm through me and I thought to myself, “Oh, shit, did I bite off more than I can chew this time?”  He worked my body, playing it with a familiarity that was pretty scary and displaying a mastery that said that this wasn’t his first rodeo and he more than knew what he was doing.  His mouth was on my nipples in turn, sucking them, biting them gently, one hand cupping my cock and balls, the other gently kneading my ass.  My hand moved on their own, touching him everywhere I could reach; I felt a familiar rush of pleasure as I cupped his balls and felt that curious hard/softness of his swollen cock.

He laid me onto the bed and started over on my neck and ears; I was moaning – God, how I was moaning! – and so much that I felt so embarrassed to hear the way my voice sounded and at how easily he had reached within me and unlocked all of my doors, exposing me in a way that I’d not felt before.  By the time he flipped himself around so that we could suck each other’s cock, I was already satisfied and, yeah, just a bit fearful because this was only the beginning.  But I had agreed to this and I knew personal pride and honor wouldn’t allow me to back away from this.  One moment I was lost in the dual sensations of sucking dick and being sucked; the next thing I knew, I was caught in the throes of my release and one that I never felt coming.  My cock, captured within his mouth, was pulsing so hard that my balls hurt and it felt as if I wasn’t going to stop shooting my load into his mouth.  How I managed to keep sucking on his prick amazed me, just like I was surprised that I didn’t clamp my mouth and teeth down on him as he brought me.  And I somehow knew that this wasn’t going to be over quickly and it was confirmed a moment later when I felt my cock shrinking and he showed no signs of stopping what he was doing.

If I hadn’t quite believed what he had said before this got started, I believed him now; he was taking me apart at the seams before he had gotten me off and now that he had – and was working toward getting me hard again – he was really doing a number on me when he lifted my legs some and I felt his tongue snaking its way into my ass.  It wasn’t the first time someone had done this to me; it was just the first time it had been done and it felt beyond good, wonderful, or any other adjective my addled mind could come up with.

I heard him say, “Hmm…” – and then I felt his cock swell in my mouth, followed by a thick load of sperm and it took every ounce of concentration I still possessed to drink it down and not spill a single dollop, something I was having problems with because he was still eating my ass with a fervor that reminded me of the way I ate pussy.  His skill was beyond doubt but what struck me more was how gently he was handling me with that odd way of being urgent without really pushing things:  I  now knew what it felt like to be royally fucked even though he hadn’t fucked me – yet.

I next heard him say, “Yes, that was so good…”  His cock was still quite hard in my mouth and, normally I’d be impressed by that alone but now?  With his mouth on my dick again and a finger embedded in my rectum?  I didn’t care one way or the other even though that part of my mind that, again, is never affected by such things, made it a point to let me know that I was getting my head handed to me and even laughing at me when it pointed out that I now knew how some of the girls I’d have sex with were made to feel.  And it was scary good.

I was sweating like a fiend; my throat was raw and dry, not just from sucking his dick but also because breathing through my nose was quite impossible and, um, yeah, I was babbling incoherently, unnecessarily begging – yes, begging – him not to stop.  I tried to keep sucking on his cock; it was in my mind to do just that but my body, damn, it was no longer obeying my commands!  Oh, yes, indeed, his cock was still in my mouth, still incredibly hard and he damned well took advantage of my helplessness by gently fucking into my mouth and the very least I could do was to keep my lips sealed around him as best I could – but.

He was gonna make me cum again and this time I could feel the onset of it, a terrible, cloying feeling as I felt my body gather itself, felt my dick swell within the confines of his too-talented mouth and I heard myself say, “Oh, no…”  I came hard; harder than the first time and so much so that for a few short seconds, I had stopped breathing.  No, I wasn’t merely holding my breath; I couldn’t draw a breath and as if my autonomic system had shorted out and shut itself down.  I felt panicky; I needed to breathe but this man was literally sucking the life out of me and as if my spurting cock was the straw directly connected to my soul.  I didn’t pass out but I wanted to; anything to stop the onslaught of sensations ripping through me and tearing me to shreds from the inside out.  I was so lost in it all that I never realized that he had stopped sucking me and had moved until he said, “Open for me…”

And I did, too, even though I knew that I had never “mastered” being fucked in the missionary position.  Despite being flexible, nah, my hips just never seemed to want to work that way; I was trying to get up the wil to roll over but I couldn’t move but my legs didn’t seem to have a problem obeying him, though.  He eased himself between my splayed legs and I could now feel his cock knob pressing against me and, for a moment, I really panicked because here he was pressing his dick into my ass and without the aid of any lubricant!  We both gasped as his cock entered me without much in the way of resistance; hell, I don’t even remember feeling that moment of discomfort as his cock head shoved my sphincter aside so he could put every inch of his erection inside me.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered into my ear as he laid his head alongside mine; I felt my arms and legs move to wrap him up in my embrace and the only thing I remember saying was, “Yes, please…”  My hips were protesting something fierce as he fucked into me and my mind had come back enough for me to note that even though I’d been fucked plenty of times in the past, nothing was comparing to being here, on my back, and this guy with the average-sized dick fucking me better than anyone ever had.

While I could hear him saying things, I couldn’t make out the words, even with his mouth right next to my ear; at one point, he latched onto my neck and sucked hard – that was going to leave a mark, not that I really care about that right now.  His dick felt so good and impossibly big in my ass and while I had this “urge” to fuck back against him, all I could do – all I wanted to do – was to be there beneath him and let him keep taking me.  One part of me want to feel him nut inside me while another part wanted him to hold off doing so; I mean, shit, his dick felt tailor-made for my hole, big enough for me to know I had cock in me but not so big that it was uncomfortable.  I was clinging to him as if my life depended on us staying connected like this; every time I felt his dick bump up against my prostate, I got such a rush of pleasure again nothing I’d never felt before but this was so fucking different!

He raised himself up so he could look into my eyes and for long seconds, I couldn’t break that contact even if I wanted to.  I glanced down between us, inwardly frowning over the position of my hips but gasping to see that he had me so wide open I could now see his dick sliding in and out of me – and the sight made me cum even though my dick lay limply against my stomach.  “Yes, it is good, isn’t it?” He asked me; he, too, was looking down between us and so he didn’t miss the sperms flowing out of me.”  “Oh, God, yes, it is,” I managed to say and I think if I had been any happier in that moment, I would have started crying, truth be told.

I could have stayed like this with him forever but human nature had other ideas, that and my hips were now promising to divorce me at their earliest opportunity.  He was ramping up to shoot his load in me; I knew it, I wanted it more than I had ever wanted a man’s seed inside me and I croaked out to him, “Cum in me; shoot your shit inside me…”  Our eyes locked again and he smiled; then his face changed to one of surprise as his dick swelled in the not-so-tight confines of my butt – and he came inside me and, damn, it was such a magnificent feeling even though, again, this wasn’t the first time a man had creamed my guts.  Even though he was spurting inside of me, he never once changed the way he fucked me, still with that urgent but not really way; he could have hammered me hard but, well, he didn’t and I felt as if he was never going to stop shooting his load into me; in fact, I felt myself hoping that his dick wouldn’t get soft so he could keep fucking me.

But it did get soft; I was both very happy and very pissed the fuck off about that.  When he pulled out of me, gods, I felt so empty!  The pillow under my head was soaking wet with my perspiration, as were the sheets beneath me; I had just gotten the fucking of my life and now it was all about basking in the afterglow – and even as corny as it sounded inside my head.  But he wasn’t done with me; he smiled at me and said, “Now, don’t move, okay?”  I mean, what the fuck else could he possibly do to me at this point and, even better, could I even stop him from doing it?

What I didn’t expect was him to go down on me again, just like I didn’t expect my dick to respond, either; I didn’t expect him to straddle me and sit down on my new erection as if he wasn’t shoving my dick in his ass.  “You didn’t think you were going to leave before I felt your cock in my ass, did you?”

I couldn’t answer him but I guess he ultimately had the answer he had wanted,  huh?   As he rode me, he kept telling me how good my dick felt in his ass and I knew that his words weren’t empty ones even though I wasn’t sure how I knew that.  He was enjoying himself and, damn, look at that, his dick was getting hard again.  He ground himself upon me and I reached up and closed my hand around his dick and started pumping him and I guess he really liked that because instead of sliding up and down on my dick, he kept moving in circles lest my hand lose contact with his prick.  I was beyond impressed, let me tell you; I was even jealous of his stamina and ability to get hard so quickly.  I was even more impressed when he grunted and a spurt of cum flew from him and hit me square in the face, his stickiness flowing over my hand and, was he giggling?  Yes, he was and it made me giggle, too, well, right up to the point where he clenched down on my dick and made me cum.

I was still doing something in his ass when he leaned over and kissed me, something I wasn’t normally fond of but felt good and right coming from this man and I held onto him until the rush of orgasm had passed, returning his kisses and enjoying the connection between our bodies.  Even after we both felt my dick slip out of him, I didn’t want to let go of him, didn’t want this to be over with even though I knew that I didn’t have anything left if, by chance, he wanted to do this all over again.  It actually did my heart a lot of good to hear him say, after we got untangled from each other, “I couldn’t do that again if I wanted to!” – even though yes, I did want him to do me again and despite the way my hips were feeling.

“That was magnificent,” I said after taking a huge sip from the ice-cold glass of orange juice he gave me.  “You said I wouldn’t regret saying yes to you – and I’m not regretting one bit of it.”

“It felt so good and right to be with you like this; at first, I didn’t want to ask you because I was so afraid you were going to reject me,” he said.  “But I knew it would be good with you – I just knew it.”

“I’ve never been taken so completely before,” I admitted as my body shivered at the memory of it all.

“We should do this again some time,” he said before leaning forward and kissing me deeply but gently.

I was in total agreement with the sentiment… But we never did do it again.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  One More of Those Interesting Conversations

I had just unloaded some spunk into his mouth, reveling in all the heady feelings and even feeling a little giddy knowing that his own semen was still being broken down by my gastric juices; it was a good moment, a needed moment and once I was able to have more coherent thoughts, I was debating on whether or not I wanted to give us both a half hour or so and start things all over again when he looked at me and said, “I don’t get you at all.”

Speaking was still a few moments away for me so I kinda looked at him and blinked as if to say, “What do you mean?”

“You’re married and if you weren’t lying, you have two other women you’re having sex with,” he began, “But you didn’t waste much time agreeing to meet with me so we could do this.”

“And?” I managed to say, my throat still dry and scratchy.

“And I don’t get it,” he said, idly cupping my balls.  “If you’re getting all that pussy, why do you need to do this?”

“Because I like doing this,” I said, a little uncertain about what he was really asking me.  “I’ve grown up having sex with guys and gals so…”

“But you don’t need to do this,” he said.  “Don’t you feel like you’re being greedy?”

Oh, okay, I’m starting to see what he’s getting at, that wall that divides bi guys and gay guys that, by all rights, has no business existing in the first place.  Before I responded, I took a quick moment to pat myself on the back because, years before, I would have been greatly insulted but now I’m just amused.

“Call it whatever you will,” I said, reaching down and giving one of his nipples a light pinch, “But I like sex; to me, there’s no such animal as too much sex and, really, when you’re bisexual like I am, what’s the point in not enjoying all the sex you can?  Some might say I’m greedy but I say that I don’t see a damned thing wrong with getting all I can get.”

“Besides,” I continued while pinching his other nipple, “I didn’t hear you complaining a little while ago, did I?”

He blushed and shivered in response to my words and my touch.  “No, um, I had no complaints at all; you’re very good at this, better than I had first thought.”

“Thank you,” I said, meaning the words.  “I know some guys who will do this because they can’t get a woman to go to bed with them – but I’m not one of those guys; I will do what we just did because I want to, might even say I need to but, for me, again, what’s the point in being bisexual if you’re not gonna be bisexual?  This isn’t a ‘measure of last resort’ for me; I love sucking dick – I always have loved it – so why pass on chances to do it when I don’t have to?”

“Good point, but if you love it so much, why not just settle down with a guy?”

“Because I love pussy, too,” I said, lightly touching his nipple and feeling it harden in response.  “I know, that might be a strange concept for some gay men who have never had any – and not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you – but it is what it is for me; I like both so why not get as much as I can and while I still can?  Besides, the last time I looked, women don’t have cocks.”

“Ladyboys do,” he said and I had to smile because, yup, I walked right into that one.

“Yep, they do, but I’m not of a mind to debate whether they’re really women just because they have tits,” I said affably.  “I’m not sure what goes on inside their head but, literally, a ladyboy is a guy with tits and nice hair; I apologize if I sound insulting but in this, I’m really old school about some things.”

“I’m not insulted,” he said.  “You bisexual dudes just confuse me, that’s all.”

“Why?  Because we’d rather not pick a side?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, I guess,” he said with a shrug.  “I’ve never been with a woman and I wouldn’t want to.”

“I can understand that; you can’t imagine what that could be like and you’ve probably heard enough horror stories to never want to find out – but I couldn’t see myself being limited to having sex with just a guy, either.  Why we are the way we are isn’t all that confusing if you don’t pay attention to the dumb shit; we like getting down with both and I can’t explain it any better than that.”

“It’s a waste,” he said – and he actually pouted as he stared at my navel.  “You could make a lot of men very happy.”

“And I have done just that,” I said, giving him  a pointed, lecherous look.  “I like sex and I’m obviously not picky about it so, um, are we gonna do this again or are we done?”

I did want to do it again but I just watched him thinking and could almost guess what was going on behind his brown eyes.  Guys who went both ways were an aberration to him and one that didn’t make a lot of sense and because he had conditioned himself to not make any sense of it; that he had  never had a sexual encounter with a woman didn’t help, either.  I understood it; if I had a dollar for every time I had this conversation with straight folks, I’d be kinda well-off.

He was battling with himself, his lust warring with his sensibilities; all the bullshit he’s ever heard about flighty bisexual men coming in conflict with the facts of the matter.  Not only had we sucked each other off once already but I could feel my body responding to being close to him and my eyes saw the flush of his skin and an increase in his body temperature, things that told me that he was getting aroused again.  His body wanted round two but his mind was fucking with him, maybe even making him feel bad about “slumming” and having sex with a guy who really wasn’t as gay as he was.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” he said.

“Okay,” I said – and I just waited to see which part of him would wind up being the victor in his internal war with himself; I always found it interesting when a guy’s words say one thing but his body is saying something very different. If his mind was winning the battle he would have moved from where he rested between my legs; he would have already decided that his sensibilities meant more in this moment than the lust he was feeling.  I’d already made up my own mind; if he wanted to go again, fine but if he didn’t, okay, I’d already had him so I’d lose nothing at all.

“God damn you,” he said as he lowered his mouth onto me.

“He just might,” I said, then added, “Get that dick up here so I can have it…”

We licked and sucked each other, not really rushing but not really taking our own sweet time.  I was once again in heaven with his renewed erection in my mouth even as I shivered at the feel of his mouth on me.  Still, in that part of my mind that’s unaffected by such things, I really did understand his dilemma and how my duality didn’t make sense to him; I even understood that he could be thinking that he’d made a huge mistake when he said he wanted to blow me, just as I understood that he knew that he hadn’t made a mistake any more than I did; his cock tasted and felt good, his sperm rich and tasty and, yeah, he was no slouch when it came to sucking dick either.

It’s not really about why one chooses to do this; it’s about being able to do it, to be in that moment that, in truth, one wants to be in.  It’s the difference between not having choices and having them and understanding that, sometimes, any port in a storm will do quite nicely and even if that port is a “greedy,” pussy-loving bisexual guy.  The only real difference between us was that after we were done with each other, I’d go home and, at some point, indulge myself in the pleasures only a woman can bring to the table; for me, it was as natural and as automatic as breathing because it’s sex, something to be enjoyed as much as possible and in anyway that’s possible and without putting a lot of roadblocks in the way.

We eventually finished each other off and just like the first time, it was glorious and damned satisfying – well, it was for me; I wasn’t sure about him because as we gathered up our clothing to get dressed, I could feel the battle cranking up within him again, could sense that he was feeling some kind of way about trading blow jobs with a guy who was – but wasn’t – gay like he was.  As I made to leave, he asked if he could call me again sometime and I said he could, thinking that it would be interesting to see if he would call me for more of the same.

And he did call me a week later and he actually gave me a piece of his mind, too!  He said, “I don’t like knowing that you’ve had that dick inside of pussy or that some woman has been sucking it – but maybe I’m perverted because I know where your cock has been since I last had it and I find it exciting.”


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  And Then, There’s This…

As nice as it can be to have a hard, throbbing cock in your ass and being in that primal moment when you feel him releasing into you, I maintain that there’s nothing more intimate and satisfying than to have that cock in your mouth and you should know what I’m gonna say next:  Those of you who have never sucked dick – and those of you who aren’t a fan of it – are missing out on something.  I freely admit that I’m quite jaded and even selfish; I don’t suck cock because of the guy it’s attached to, I do it because it makes me feel very good and very alive.  Yeah, yeah, I do want him to cum away from the experience (the pun is very much intentional) knowing that he got his dick sucked as well as humanly possible and if he doesn’t cum – and that does happen sometimes, um, it wouldn’t be due to a lack of trying on my part.

I don’t want his spunk on my face; I don’t particularly care for being mouth-fucked, either.  I’m so jaded and, yes, even selfish, that all I need for him to do is to lie still and let me suck that dick and for however long it takes for him to give up the contents of his balls.  If he does that quickly, fine; if it takes a while, that’s fine, too; if he can’t (again, it happens), that’s okay as well because sucking a man’s cock isn’t about the creamy surprise at the end – it’s about how it makes you feel while you’re doing it.  Having the skill and techniques involved is all well and good but if you don’t have the desire and the passion to blow him, you don’t have anything; as you’ve seen me write, if you don’t love it, you’ve missed the boat by a wide margin.

It can be hard work (no pun this time) and if you think of this as a chore, well, why do it at all?  If you spend more time thinking about how past experiences with this have gone badly, well, your head is in the wrong place (again, no pun); hell, if you don’t think it’s a manly thing to do, guess again; it takes some intestinal fortitude to put another man’s cock in your mouth and the same kind needed in order to put your mouth on a woman’s pussy for the very first time; those of you who have never tasted pussy, well, my heart bleeds for you – it really does.

I’ve learned, over the decades,  that what can make sucking dick a bad thing is the guy attached to it; some dudes just do not know how to get their dick sucked and as strange as it may sound, the best way is to be as still as you can be.  Yeah, at some point, your body is just going to respond by fucking into that nice mouth and that’s fine but that whole “slam the dick in there until they gag and vomit” thing isn’t cool at all and, yes, I’ve also learned that the guys who like doing this have never had someone do it to them; otherwise, they’d think twice about doing it to the person sucking them.  This is supposed to be a pleasure and not an exercise in torture…

I have never gone into a blowjob thinking that I’m going to make this good for him; my thoughts are about how it’s gonna make me feel once I close my mouth around him, what he’s gonna taste and feel like; I’m not really thinking about technique even though I’ve learned them all over the years; I’m not even thinking about how he might have said about how he likes to be sucked – but if he did, okay, so noted but this isn’t really about you.  You want to be made to cum and I do get that but this is all about the experience of doing one of those taboo things that can make other men soil themselves and can make women resentful.  It really comes down to who is really using whom in this; he thinks he’s using me for this illicit pleasure and I know I’m using him to satisfy my own lusts when it comes to this.

And my lust for oral sex is very strong; I live to eat pussy and suck dick because it’s just too much fun to do and to be a part of.  It’s so intimate and if I could personally thank the people who “invented” oral sex, I would gladly bow down – and go down – on them.  Given that men aren’t supposed to be sucking cock in the first place just makes doing it that much better; I’ve had cock in my mouth and the thought in my head that I’m not supposed to be doing this, let alone enjoying it and it’s never a deterrent but, at least for me, something to always look forward to.

Some might say that sucking a man’s dick – and you’re a man is nasty and of course it is!  And therein lies the rush of it all that lies outside of satisfying one’s oral fixation; it’s doing something that we’ve been taught shouldn’t ever be done between men.  But unlike when I first got started, the mindset is changing as more men find that they can, at the least, get into a 69 with another guy and suck each other silly and without any ill effects on their sense of manliness; nowadays, your manhood can be called into question if you don’t partake of some dick and, at least from my perspective, this is an interesting reversal of the stigma I’ve lived most of my life with.  There was a time that being called a cock sucker was a bad thing if you were a dude; back in the day, I learned how to use that insult as a weapon of my own.  Call me a cocksucker and I’d ask, “Is that an offer?” Then I’d laugh at their reaction, which was usually beyond being precious.

Still, I never let the ancient prejudices steal my joy of sucking cock.  Yep, one must do so with a great deal of care these days but, then again, sex has always been risky business, as Adam and Eve would eventually discover when God commanded them to “go ye forth and multiply;” some other folks would discover that doing it without multiplying was just fun to do and if you could do it outside the prescribed and preferred method, wow, it’s just as much fun and satisfying, so sinfully delicious, nasty, and delightful to be able to use your mouth to make someone else orgasm and release!  I could suck cock and eat pussy every single day if I could because it’s such a joy to do and a very intimate thing to be a part of and the only reason for doing it is simply because it can be done.


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