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Not really sure what to say; there's a lot about me that can be said but the basic thing is that I'm just a guy with a lot of things on my mind that I need to get said. I have to add that if you're not old enough to deal with adult issues or you find them offensive, you might want to stay out of my head...

Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Eager to Please

For bisexual men, finding a willing (and often, compatible) male partner can be daunting, frustrating, or seemingly impossible depending on where one lives.  From what I’ve been seeing here and there, if you’re looking for a guy to get busy with, Atlanta and San Francisco two of the places to be.  Alas, this isn’t about having to scrounge for plane tickets to these cities as much as it is about the kind of men one can run into in their searches.

There are the guys who talk a good game and even post highly suggestive pictures; ah, man, these guys can drive you nuts because they say all of the right things up to including setting up meets that, sadly, they have no intentions on keeping.  Why they don’t is varied but it’s been my experience that guys like this like the fantasy of throwing down with another guy but aren’t really inclined to make actions match the intensity of their words… or they get their jollies fucking with hopeful men.

There are the macho, overly aggressive guys who come across as pushy, demanding, insular, arrogant and other adjectives that singles them out more as royal assholes than potential sex partner.  It’s not a question if they can deliver the good as stated but, as I tend to say to these guys, “You can’t ask me any better than that?”  For them, it’s all about what they want to do and whatever it is you desire falls on deaf ears, is seen as insignificant or irrelevant; you try to get your two cents worth in and some of these guys will question your manliness in some very uncool ways.  Oh, these guys do very much appeal to other men but there’s no excuse for being rude and boorish, is there?

Then there are the guys who seem to always be pressed for time; they wanna do whatever as long as the festivities began five minutes ago and, for some reason, you just can’t seem to pick any time that’ll make them happy unless you just happened to be sitting outside their current location by pure chance when they hit you up… and then they’d get irritated if you took too long to park your car, get inside and naked, and get the party started.

There are the guys who are into… stuff that most would find distasteful and downright disgusting, like those fellas who are into water sports and scat and other things that even hardcore bisexual men would find very weird.  Any guy who’d want me to come over, put on a diaper, and then pee all over him is someone I’d rather avoid, thank you very much.

Now, the guys who are eager to please, well, they may seem like a godsend; they’re not pushy or demanding, not into weird shit, they’re most certainly not teasing you or leading you on and time isn’t an issue.  They want your dick and in anyway you care to give it to them… and these are the guys who scare me the most.  I know – that doesn’t make a lot of sense and more so when, at least on the surface, these men are the easiest ones to have sex with.  Whenever I’ve run across these men, wow, either they have a very bad case of “candystoreitis” – they’ve gotten that taste for this kind of sex and are now just buck wild about getting more – or they have the potential to get stuck to you tighter and closer than white on rice.

If you’re not of a mind to get involved with other men on deeper levels – like FWB – these guys could pose a problem.  Oh, don’t get me wrong here:  These guys are, typically, lots of fun to have sex with; what they may lack in experience and skill they more than make up with boisterous, infectious enthusiasm – you just gotta love the fact that they are so eager to please that they’re willing to do stuff they’ve told you they’re not into, like, getting boned in the butt, for instance.

I’ve learned- and, yes, the hard way – that the problems with these men isn’t the sex you can have with them:  It’s what happens after you do and some can be damned annoying when they start asking for more naked time with you and, for some men, time they don’t have to spend.  They can get on your last good nerve in so many ways that they’ll make you wonder why you bothered to bed them in the first place and, I’ll say often enough, you can wind up disrupting other plans for your time to give them the dick… just to shut them up and in the hopes they’ll stop bugging you.

Good luck with that.  Even when you make it known and clear that you’re not interested in any long term encounters – and they say that they understand this – yeah, good luck with that…

It’s not that this kind of guy can’t be managed – they can be… but at what cost to you?  Now, if your life isn’t all that busy, fine but if you’re like most guys – got a job, other friends, maybe even other or favored hookups, or a family, you just don’t have the time and, ultimately, the patience to accommodate the eager to please guy who’s gone from an exuberant sexual partner to being an albatross super glued around your neck.


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Damned Squirrel…

Linda and I have been living at our current residence for three years now and one of the cute things about the place is the number of squirrels on the property.  After awhile, you tend to ignore them; I can sit in the living room, look outside, and see them doing what squirrels do – rip and run all over the place, burying and digging up acorns, of which they have no shortage of given the number of oak trees around here.

They also drive our cat, Zane, bananas when they come up on the patio and sit there, as if they know that the cat who is now in full attack mode can’t get to them.  As I said, after a while, you tend to ignore them… until one of those rat bastards decided to build a nest on top of our truck’s distributor… and utterly and completely destroyed the fuel injector connector!

I’m going to the store, hop in the truck, turn the key… and the engine sounds like shit and the “Service Engine Soon” light comes on – what the fuck?  I was able to get to the store and back – didn’t have to go far and I drove kinda slow but now, shit, I don’t know what’s going on and more so since I’d driven it the day before, it was fine.

I let Linda know and told her we need to have the OBDII codes checked; a call to the guy who works on our truck was in order and he has an OBDII scanner.  The plan is simple:  Get the error codes, find out what they mean, and then figure out how to fix it.  He shows the next day and we plug in the scanner and get the codes, both of which refers to intermittent misfiring and possible coil issue and we’re both like, duh, we can hear that.  Time to look under the hood!

I pop the hood and we both look at the coil and the wife to the distributor – perhaps it somehow got unseated… then we see why the engine is misfiring:  As mentioned, the fuel injector connector, which sits in front of the distributor is totally and completely destroyed and the rat bastard has all kinds of leaves, paper, and other shit on top of the distributor!  The motherfucker chewed one of the hoses to the heater core, nibbled on the wires for the wiper motor, and even gnawed on the coil wire and I’m thinking – and saying, “Oh, no…”

Obviously, it has to be replaced and, at first, we’re thinking the whole damned wiring harness will have to be replaced… and those things aren’t cheap and I’m pretty sure they’re not easy to replace – the rat bastard chewed some of the wires right down to the harness.  It took me two and a half hours just to find out that (a) the damaged part was the fuel injector connector and the only way I learned that because in a car repair forum, a guy with the same truck we had reported the exact same problem.  I wound up having to order the part, grateful that it was 30% off the $96 price when ordered online… but I’m looking at a picture of the new part and immediately notice another problem.

The new part’s wiring is all white… and the destroyed connector is all color coded.  I spent another headache increasing hour trying to find a wiring diagram – but I found one.  Two days later, my part comes in but I can’t pick it up until the next day… and there’s bad weather coming and it was gonna be very cold and windy.  I let the mechanic know the part is ready for pickup and he’ll give me a ride to get it but when I suggested he wait until it warmed up a bit, he said, nah, I can do it now – ain’t no big deal.

My friends, we were out there fucking with the repair and it’s 14 degrees and with a wind chill factor that made it feel like 8 degrees; I’ve got my cold weather gear on and the mechanic… doesn’t even have a jacket on.  I never like being cold and since my stroke made me sensitive to temperature, I really hate being cold!  I wanted to haul ass inside… but I needed to make sure he did the job right and I wound up having to read the diagram; he could read it but it would have taken him longer by having to stop and read the diagram.

An hour and a half later, the new connector is in place and I’m miserably cold; I was thinking that had this been summer, we would have been done in twenty minutes or so but anyone who has ever worked on a car in cold weather knows that, after a while, your hands want to stop working.  I had my thermal gloves on… but he wasn’t wearing anything on his hands; even mechanic’s gloves would have given him some protection from the cold.

I start the truck… and it fires up and purrs, proof that the repair was done properly and, after a quick test drive, we both needed to thaw out (and him more than me).  The plan now is to peek under the hood to make sure that bastard doesn’t come back and rebuild its nest and for two days, it was all good…

Until I went to check under the hood… and found the connector ripped up again, albeit not as bad as the first time.  I had started the truck to make sure it would start because it’s been bitterly cold and you know how that’ll kill a battery.  I turn the key, the engine turns over… and it’s misfiring.  The connector can be salvaged but, shit, the distributor is covered with leaves and shit, which had to pull out.  Now we’re wondering what the hell we can do to stop this fucker from doing this; we tried pouring cayenne pepper in there (as recommended by web searches)f the asshole came back and while it didn’t do any more damage, there was yet another nest; we tried bleach but that didn’t stop it from building even bigger nest!

I reported this to the complex’s management and asked that the site exterminator be called in to catch this furry fucker and because we think they ain’t gonna do shit, well, we’re gonna poison that motherfucker but until we can get some, we did two things:  One, we had some old license plates and I covered the distributor and connector with them – then we sprayed the plates wit ammonia (another alleged squirrel deterrent).

And don’t you know the asswipe climbed back in there and attempted to build another nest?  Ah, but between the plates removing all that space and the ammonia soaking the plates, that seems to have done the trick and we’ve been going out to check and spray more ammonia until the mechanic is free to reconnect the connector.

We are still gonna poison that motherfucker because those connectors aren’t cheap and while the mechanic doesn’t charge me a lot, it still costs money.  What is amazing is that there are maybe thirty other cars parked in the area we park in- but those cars haven’t been attacked by squirrels – just our truck.  Normally, I’m not of a mind to murder animals… but this bushy tailed rat has earned his demise…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Choices We Make

When it comes to bisexuality, we can be jaded and single-minded in that we find something we like and stick with it even though, sometimes, we find ourselves regretting that, you know, like that definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Without an ounce of shame, I just love sucking white dick because, um, they taste good. Have I sucked dicks of other ethnicities?  You betcha… and while I’d admit to having a preference, it’s not locked in some indestructible material that cannot be changed at any point and for any reason that makes sense to me.

One of the things I see a lot of bi guys doing is, by whatever process they utilize, decide on a type of guy they want to have sex with, from race to cock size to body type but, by doing so, ignore the other possibilities surrounding them.  I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to want what you want and in the way you want it… but if you pick a certain set of qualities and run with them – and without even thinking about sampling the diversity – what, if anything, have you learned?  Sure, you’re gonna learn some shit… but are you learning and experiencing everything that can be learned and experienced?

Like guys who, for lack of a better word, get “fixated” on Black men.  I understand this but what I like to ask these guys is, “Would you ever consider throwing down with someone who wasn’t Black?”  Most of the time the answer is no; sometimes the answer is, “Maybe – I don’t know…” and sometimes they’ve said that they’ve never given it any thought, kinda long the lines of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with it!”

And that’s fine but as with anything that involves people, sometimes, the choice you make and stick with in this could have dire consequences and even I had to learn that while the many attributes men have – cock size, body type, etc. – if their mindset and attitude isn’t aligned with my sensibilities, all those “wonderful” attributes don’t mean shit.

Why does this matter?  Well, the general perception of bisexual men is that we will jump on any dick that comes within reach and indiscriminately so when the truth is that the guys who are like this are a very small minority; the majority of us actually do stop and think about not only the dick we want to ambush but the consequences of our actions as well.

A guy asked me once about my favorite kind of guy and I answered, “Any guy with a dick that’s clean, in good working order, and who’s gonna let me play with it.”  He didn’t like that answer and kept asking variations of his original question and in an attempt to nail me down to one particular demographic… then got a little miffed when he couldn’t do that and the reason why he couldn’t was because I’d had experiences across a wide spectrum of men – different races, different body types, ages, different cock sizes, attitudes and mindsets.

He’d said that he only got with Latinos, proclaiming and extolling their virtues as the best sexual partners ever; I asked him, “Have you ever gotten down with any other kind of guy?”

He said, “Nah, man, I ain’t gonna waste my time with those other scrubs!”

“Then how could you possibly know that Latinos are the best if you’ve no experience with other men?”

As it turned out, he made his choice based on what he’d heard from other guys instead of conducting his own “experiments” and coming to his own conclusions… and while everyone has the right to do things like this, I ask again what, if anything, do you really learn?  How much good and satisfying sex do you miss out on by picking one type of guy and never changing?

He’d said something like it’s all the same, that there were no differences, and nothing could ever change his mind about Latino men.  Well, until word got out that one Latino lover he had not only physically abused him badly enough that he required hospitalization, that is; he also got a major dose of syphillis and, rumor had it, had to get his dick and balls amputated to save his life.  If true, well, this guy learned a hard lesson about the choices he made.

We like to crow that variety is the spice of life… but if you only stick with one thing, how much variety are you really experiencing?  Now, if you’ve done ‘extensive experiments’ with other things and enough to eventually decide that, uh huh, Oriental twinks who are all bottom and with no body hair and sporting small dicks is what really what gets it done for you, fine… but to, say, pick Hispanic bears and never checking out any other kind of guy?  Have you really made the best choice and, importantly, was the best informed choice you could make and not one based on what others had to say?

I don’t think so… but that’s me.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Roadblocks

Kinda on a roll!  After my last post, my mind was going over the stuff that keeps a guy who wants to dive in from diving in; as I wrote, that’s a lot of stuff to think about.  Anyway, the one thing that stood out in my mind was reading forum posts written by guys who do, in fact, know what they want to and even who (read this as type of guy) they wanna get busy with… but there’s a perceived roadblock.

These guys pretty much say that while they want to have sex with other men in some way, the thing keeping them on the sidelines is believing they couldn’t have a relationship with another guy.  And, yes, those of you who’ve read my brain farts have seen me write, “Who says you must have a relationship?”

While there are those who insist that a relationship is fairly mandatory, it isn’t; that’s something borne out of our social conditioning and the part that says that if you’re not in a relationship with someone, you shouldn’t have sex with them.  And, while this seems to be morally correct, um, what gets overlooked is the fact that, perhaps, thousands of men and more are having sex with other guys and having a relationship be damned.

In most situations, all some guys want to do is find someone agreeable, go somewhere, and get it on… then “pack up” and go home – the classic one night stand.  It makes sense that if women aren’t fond of this, there are men who are equally not fond of the ONS because it tends to make one feel cheap, used, and unwanted after the fact.  We see ourselves as more than a piece of ass, more than a sexual object and, truth be told, we are, indeed, much more than this… and exactly that, too.

Ah… I can hear you disagreeing with this and if you are disagreeing, perhaps you don’t know as much about human nature as you think you do.  Even I learned that what I might think about this doesn’t reflect a certain reality, that being everything about us was evolutionarily designed for sexual attraction, from the homeliest to the most beautiful.

A guy I know was recently telling me about a problem he’s been seeing, i.e., guys he’s been getting busy with not only making demands on his time but getting pissy about him seeing other men; while this guy isn’t looking for exclusivity with anyone, just because he’s not of a mind to get “tied down” with one guy doesn’t mean the other guys aren’t looking to be exclusive to and with him.

I opined to him that while it takes a certain mindset to be able to step out of the box and be bisexual, there’s something most cannot get away from:  The need to be monogamous and, excuse me, more so when the dick/ass is so damned good.

In a way, this is what I’d call an occupational hazard, something that can happen given how people tend to think about such things.  If you find a guy you resonate with and the sex is good, it just makes sense that you’d want more of it and, then, keep it all to yourself if you can.  Some guys want to avoid this situation because it can get messy and there aren’t many people who can deal with more than one relationship at a time (if the guy in question happens to already be in a relationship).

Ideally, to avoid the perils associated with this kind of sex, you find one guy, prove him safe to have sex with, and stick with him and even insist that he not see anyone else… except, this forms an exclusive relationship – and I’m not talking about falling in love here – and to those guys who see an inability to have a relationship with a man as an even  bigger roadblock, well, you can probably see how this will make a guy hesitate to do what he knows he wants and needs to do.

What’s  the solution?  There is one… but most might not find it easy to implement:  The solution is to find a way to disassociate sex and relationships in one’s mind for this setting and to understand that while these two things work well together, the relationship side isn’t always needed for two guys to get together and bust some nuts.  One must also stop seeing the one night stand as a bad thing; a lot of guys hook up for as long as it takes to, say, suck each other off – perhaps a half hour or less.  Why?  Sometimes, their situation only allows for short and quick encounters and this can be true for any Friends With Benefits thing that could be established.

Some guys can do this; some can’t – oddly, their sense of morality says [again] that without a relationship in place, sex isn’t possible, a bit of a weird thought given that what they want to do is considered to be immoral, huh?

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  What Should I Do?

Even when I don’t visit the site/forum for bisexual men that was recommended to me some time ago, I get an email every time someone posts a new topic and I’m seeing a lot of new guys joining the forum and asking the question younsee in the title of this scribbling.  The new guys are sharing some history, saying a few words about their desires, questioning why they’re having these desires, and some are mentioning what they think they’d like to experience as well as asking the membership for advice.

When these guys ask, “What should I do?” they’re not asking about whether they should suck dick or engage in anal sex, mutual masturbation, etc.; they’re basically asking if it’s wise, prudent, or foolhardy to step to the edge of the deep end and drop in.  Given that some of the men asking this question are married or otherwise hooked up, wow, talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  The membership almost universally advises these men to not cheat on their partner and many of these engaged men do ask how they can realize their desires without cheating.  To this, there’s only one answer:  Get permission… and good luck with that.

For the guys who are unencumbered, it’s my thought that the reason why they can’t answer this question on their own is due to social implications – what would people say/think if they found out “Brad” had decided to go on a wild cock sucking spree?  And, yes, some guys have asked if there’s anyway to do these things without anyone finding out that they’re doing them; the answer is that it is possible but the longer you stay in the pool and get away from the edge they once stood upon, the greater the chance that, eventually, someone will find or figure out that you’re in the pool.

Chances are also good that someone you know – and someone who is also looking to play with dick – will discover you, which can be awkward… or not.  The fear of exposure is very real and it can root a man looking to explore these feeling in place as they imagine every worst case scenario their minds can conjure.  Yet, they keep asking the question and, at least from my point of view, justifiably so:  No one who has experienced the strong pull toward bisexuality might not understand how powerful that pull can be. I’ve said to some of these guys that if you can’t figure out how to jump in without “drowning,” don’t jump in at all; I’ve seen, way too many times, where a guy couldn’t figure this out, jumped in anyway, and paid a heavy price.

The question is one of, “Do I dare do this or not?” when the question they should be asking is how they can do this; the bad part is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – everyone’s situation isn’t the same and there’s a mind-numbing amount of stuff that one has to process while modeling in their minds a lot of situations that may or may not present themselves.  It’s no wonder why these men ask this question and wind up being cemented in place at the edge of the pool – this is just too much information to think about.  And, yes, it’s also why some guys who get overwhelmed with all this thinking winds up saying, “Fuck it…” and jumps in anyway to either sink or swim.

Some guys share that they’re not sure if they could suck a dick or take a hard one in the butt; comparatively speaking, that’s the least of their issues because one can learn to do these things… but if you don’t have a plan, well, um, you might find yourself being fucked and not in the good way you may have wanted.  Now, I don’t want anyone reading this to assume that diving in without a plan will always end in disaster; some guys do take that leap of faith, sans plan, and do quite well.

Sigh.  I sit and read these particular forum posts and to read how frustrated these men are just makes me shake my head sadly.  In all the times a guy has asked me this question, my response always begins with, “What do you want to do?” and, at some point, “How do you think you can accomplish this?” – and that’s the tough question and one that can take a lot of time to answer because their whole environment has to be dissected and examined very closely.  The compulsion to, say, suck a dick for the first time, again, is damned powerful and to the point where it can make a guy impatient and impulsive; to hell with the details and less talk, more action… and I’ve found myself telling them that, sure, you could just do it but, ah, what if…?

Then consider this:  No plan survives first contact – a military euphemism that’s quite applicable in this.  Basically, it means that you can craft a plan of action and one that, “on paper” is brilliant… but can fall apart when executed and catastrophically so and now you’re working on the fly – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t so, at least in my opinion, you don’t need one plan – you need several of them and creates by playing the “what if ” game and as I’ve pointed out already, it’s not easy and it’s frustrating, time-consuming, etc..

These days, my answer to this question is, “Think first, then act if you must… or can.”


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Any Time You Need a Friend

Quite a few years ago, a close friend of mine visited me and the first two things I noticed when I answered the door was (1) he was visibly upset and (2) he had been drinking… at 10:30 in the morning.  Once I asked him what was wrong, it all came pouring out – he’d been dumped by a girl he was feelings serious about.  Poor guy… but for him?  Not all that unusual since he rarely had a girlfriend longer than a couple of months.

My heart went out to him as, through all the tears and blubbering, he talked about how broken his heart was.  I went over to him and hugged him as he completely broke down… and the next thing I knew, we were on the floor and sucking on each other’s dicks until nuts were flowing not once but twice.  Afterward, well, um, I was stunned or, actually, still stunned; I was no stranger to sucking dick… but this guy… and someone I’d known for a very long time and thought – up until this happened – that there wasn’t anything I didn’t know about him?

We were sitting next to each other, me deep in thought and him looking confused (or whatever he had been drinking was kicking his ass harder) when he said, “I don’t know what made me do that!”

Shit, neither did I and while I wasn’t exactly feeling bad about what had happened, I was concerned about any impact on him; when a guy does this for the first time, it can be emotionally devastating so instead of asking him why he went after me I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah…, no…, fuck, I don’t know,” he said just before he leaned over and went down on me again; we, um, we spent quite a bit of time sucking each other until neither of us could get it up.  As we retrieved our pants and underwear, he seemed to be doing better as in not as buzzed or distraught as he had been hours earlier.  He looked as if there was something he wanted to say; I’m not sure what it might have been but what he did say was, “Thanks; you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”  He left and I spent the rest of my day figuring out what the hell made this happen.

Emotional distress combined with alcohol was the culprit that day – but that didn’t explain why he came over the next day and we did it all over again but in my mind, it brought up a rather pointed question:  How far would you go to help a friend?

Cityman and I chatted about this a little the other day as it relates to bro jobs, not so much in that bro jobs happen but in the  sense that if you knew your boy was in “distress” and you could sense that a blow job would be of great benefit to him, would you offer to provide it – and I’m not sure (at the moment) if being bisexual or not truly plays into such a decision to give or receive.

You see, the perception is that men are emotionally closed off; the truth is that we’ve been conditioned not to display, ah, let’s call them “tender emotions.”  We’re not supposed to cry but being angry, while not being cool or civil, is expected of us; likewise, we display lust (and to the chagrin and dismay of women at times) but displaying love, eh, not so much.  We keep a lot of emotional shit locked down inside us and that’s actually unhealthy for anyone to do but I’ve seen where a guy can be akin to a pressure cooker that’s about to explode and when he does, an explosion into anger isn’t the result and under a certain set of conditions, what happens is an unexpected blow job.

You’ve heard the saying, “Only a woman knows what a woman needs?”  The same is true about men and, I swear, I’ve been around guys whose pressure cooker is about to explode and I’ve instinctively known that the thing that will keep a bad explosion from happening is a different explosion and one initiated manually or orally.  I mean, fellas, how many times have y’all been hanging out and giving another guy the business because he’s been acting in a way that screams, “You need to get laid, son!”  You just know it even when he denies it, right?

Doesn’t mean that said guy is gonna get multiple offers to get his dick sucked unless, say, the booze has been flowing like Niagara Falls; any more, ain’t no telling what could happen.  But if you were hanging with a good/close friend and he was down in the dumps and you could sense that pulling his dick out and jerking him off would make him feel better, would you offer that form of succor?

Once, I was with a friend who was bent out shape and we spent hours talking about what was bothering him.  We parted ways with him feeling better but, maybe an hour later, he calls me and sounds troubled again; I ask him what’s going on and he replied, “Um, damn, can you tell me why I had an urge to suck your dick and why I really wanted you to suck mine?”

Keep in mind that he didn’t know I’m bisexual, okay?

He was upset and embarrassed by this and I did explain to him how under certain emotional stresses, yeah, such urges tend to show up unexpectedly; no, I didn’t think he was gay or otherwise weird; no, I wasn’t at all offended.  When he asked what I would have done had he given in to that urge to blow me I replied, “Nothing; I guess we would have been sucking each other’s dick because, after all, we are friends, right?”

I did tell him that this wasn’t the first time I’d heard something like this so it wasn’t something I found all that unusual.  He didn’t ask me if I’d ever done it and I didn’t volunteer that I had done it in that situation many times… but he did say, “I guess I know who my real friends are…”

When Cityman and I discussed this, he brought up the social implications of supplying that kind of help to a friend; would the friendship be destroyed or could an additional problem be created?  Both are quite possible and without getting into some boring detail, I’ll just say that it depends.  I’ve seen both things happen just as I’ve not seen either thing happen; some embarrassment, sure, but hey – we’re boys and I won’t tell if you won’t, okay?

Now – and in my opinion – the funniest version of this has been when I’ve been hanging with a guy and he rubs his crotch and says, “Man, I wouldn’t mind having my dick sucked right about now!”  Really… um, why not just come out and ask if I’d be interested in a 69 with you?  I’ve replied, “Yeah, I know what you mean!” – and then sit and watch his mind at work trying to decide if he wants to out the offer on the table or not.  I’ve sat, highly amused, and have listened to guys repeat this much-needed desire – hint, hint – but I’ve always been of a mind that if that’s what you want to do, man up and ask me; at the worse, I politely say no and, no, I won’t mention that you mentioned it.

Yes, some have manned up and have run it up the flagpole, hoping I’d salute it; sometimes I have, sometimes I wouldn’t even if you paid me because it’s not so much the situation as it is the person involved.  Yes, I’ve had some of them toss out this onto the table and I’ve not reacted to it, and they’ve said later, “You know, I was trying to find out if you’d be down for some head…” – and I’ve played dumb and said, “Really? I thought you were talking about finding some babe to blow you!” – and then shrugged in a nonplussed way.

While the bro job is being touted as a new and trendy thing horny guys are getting into, it’s not all that new and certainly not trendy.  I do think that since we seem to be able to sense this need in each other, there’s a “newer”‘sense of – let’s call it acceptance for lack of a better word – where two guys kinda/sorta say that they can do this (a) because that’s what friends do for each other in times of need and (b), uh, dude, I won’t tell if you won’t.  Indeed, a lot of guys are discovering that it can be easier to get your bro to blow you than it is convincing a babe to do it… provided you could find a babe who’d have this particular conversation with you to begin with; no offense meant ladies but y’all know how you can be about such things.

If your boy had this need and it would take care of whatever was bothering him, would you help him out?  Hell, for the ladies reading this, would you help your girl out if you knew you’d make her feel better if you fingered or even went down on her?  Or would you – man or woman – say that it’s not your problem and let that friend suffer because while you might be friends, the friendship ain’t that good or close?

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Goodbye, 2016…

It’s the end of another year and I’m damned glad to be around to see the end of 2016.  What will 2017 bring?  I dunno; if I knew that, I’d also know the winning Powerball and MegaMillions numbers!

I can’t say that I had a lot of expectations for 2016 and I sure didn’t expect to have to have my implanted device replaced; that was a bit of an eye-opener but that went well.  I guess you get to a point in life where any day you’re alive and well is a good one so there’s no sense in complaining.

To all of my followers and readers – and to all those I follow and read – have a safe and prosperous 2017!

See ya next year…


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