Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Oddballs

Once upon a time, homosexuals were the oddballs of humanity, a section of people who, for inexplicable reasons, eschewed the “normal” man/woman sexual dynamics and established a dynamic that was similar to the accepted (and mandated) norm but obviously quite different.

Once upon a time, homosexuality was an accepted practice (for lack of a better word right now), once considered a rite of passage, an indicator of status, and even a form of worship to the gods at the altar of Sappho.  Indulgence wasn’t mandatory but in some early cultures, if you didn’t indulge, you might have been considered an oddball for not going with the flow and aligning with the status quo.

Over time, the practice went underground – what, you think the down-low is some new invention? – because religion decreed such behavior to be a sin and those early cultures were converted – and sometimes by force and under pain of death – to this new way of thinking.  If you engaged in homoerotic behavior, well, things wouldn’t go well for you should this predilection be discovered and the punishments were both harsh and final.  Even if things didn’t get… terminal, one could find themselves shunned, banished, ostracized, reviled, cursed, and just too different and our built-in fear of the other – that which is not like us, that which is different, created a minority demographic and one that was feared to the point where homosexuality was declared a mental illness; some of the “cures” would have made Torquemada’s dick very hard over the sheer inhumanity of those cures for homosexuality.

But homosexuals started to fight back until they were no longer the sexual oddballs of humanity; sure, they’re still outside of the accepted norm thanks to their same-sex debauchery (the nasty critters) but, really, despite how they like to live and love, their goals aren’t all that different when you get right down to it… but those damned bisexuals are a different story!

The nerve of them wanting to have it all instead of being like everyone else and choosing a side… and staying there!  What’s wrong with these oddballs?  Where did they come from?  Are they even real?  Don’t they know that they’re upsetting the natural order of things?

Once upon a time, these very same questions were asked about homosexuals.  What I often find both sad and amusing is that it was once said that homosexuals didn’t exist and that they couldn’t exist, the same thing people are saying about bisexuals… and it’s said that we are in denial about things?  Society chooses, and for reasons this author may never really understand, to repeat the exact same mistakes they made with homosexuals by denying and vilifying the existence of bisexuals when it stands to reason that if homosexuals have always existed, um, so have bisexuals.

And isn’t it interesting that a lot of the angst against bisexuals is coming from those who were, at one point, probably the most reviled people on the planet, namely those former oddball homosexuals?  Once again, the fear of the other has raised up to strike out against that which is different from the accepted norm.  Don’t misunderstand; there are still many who continue to see homosexuals as a crime against nature but, okay, ya can’t beat them, ya don’t wanna join them, but ya can finally admit that outside of who they choose to live, love, and relate with, well, again, they’re not all that different since they, too, pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Those damned bisexuals, however – the greedy bastards – want it all, the best of both worlds and some of those inconsiderate and immoral motherfuckers have the audacity to spit in the face of conventional thinking and say that things like monogamy makes no sense to them and that, gasp, humans aren’t naturally monogamous but conscripted to be this way!  Something must be done about these heathens, these blasphemer, these hedonistic non-believers in the one true way to exist!

As you may be aware, the smear campaign against bisexuals is going hot and heavy… but just like the campaign against homosexuals, eh, this campaign isn’t running on all cylinders because, damn it to hell, despite all the efforts to date to debunk bisexuality, shit, there are actually more of them than we could have known about – what the fuck is going on here?  Is there anything we can do about these oddballs and make them go away and stop rocking the boat with their greediness?

No, not really; again, that was tried with homosexuals and it didn’t work, did it?  Indeed, doesn’t trying to make bisexuals go away fit the definition of insanity that’s making the rounds these days?  It’s not as if bisexuals are the only sexual oddballs these days… or ever, for that fact… but just as homosexuals once were, bisexuals are the “new” threat to the accepted norms, threatening the sanctity of monogamy and, my God, promoting heathenly behavior like polyamory and that new thing called the bro job that men are doing!

Are we – bisexuals – really oddballs?  Are we a threat to the status quo, a greater offense to the so-called natural order of things?  Or are we really not all that different from those who say we’re different, that we have the same objectives in life that they do but without the restrictions they’ve placed on themselves?


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Give Da Drummer Some!

Give Da Drummer Some!

When I was in the third grade, I learned to play trumpet under the watchful eye of Mrs. Frankel; I clearly remember being in the music room with the others learning trumpet and because we were standing up, I, um, passed out because I had locked my knees instead of being relaxed.  Not an auspicious moment but kinda funny.

The church around the corner – and what’s ironic/funny is that today, it’s my cousin Aretha’s church – had a beautiful five manual organ and that instrument just fascinated me so much that the church organist, a really nice lady, started teaching me how to play it, even though I was way too short for my feet to reach the pedals and my arms too short to reach the upper three manuals.  Music just came naturally to me; learning how to read music (and, later, write it) was just too much fun.  Being a trumpeter, wow, there were so many great trumpeters, from Louis Armstrong to Al Hirt, who got my attention for playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” for the TV show, “The Green Hornet,” which also introduced America to Bruce Lee as “Kato.”  And I wanted to learn how to play it just like Al Hirt did!

My music teacher, Mr. Bowie, himself an amazing trumpeter, didn’t think I could do it – you should see the sheet music; it made my eyes hurt the first time I saw it!  But I was determined and I spent many hours in the practice room just totally messing it up and being more than envious when Mr. Bowie would take my trumpet and play the piece with stupid ease.  I finally got it, even played it for the school talent show… and then I got interested in playing the drums.

To shorten this just a bit, there were a lot of drummers who inspired me; I had gotten my hands on a kit and spent hours driving my mom nuts teaching myself how to play it, which just came easily to me and, eventually at the ripe old age of 15, I was in a band with four of my friends and playing gigs all over the place, including the world-famous Apollo Theater in New York.  In high school, I played trumpet for marching band and orchestra and drums for jazz band – but only after becoming a member of the National Association of Rudimentary Drummers; passing that test wasn’t easy, nor was learning how to execute all those rudiments.

A lot of years later, my favorite group, Spyro Gyra, changed drummers, a guy named Joel Rosenblatt… and his drumming style was mesmerizing.  When I went to my first SG concert, wow, Joel’s Tama drum kit and setup was insane for a drummer in a “jazz” band; that and how easy and smoothly he handled that kit just blew me away and inspired me to put together a new kit of my own while challenging me to duplicate his style which even today makes me nuts but, yeah, I got to the point where I could play along with Spyro Gyro’s music without having to work so hard.

At another SG concert, I got to meet Joel and the rest of Spyro Gyra, including keyboardist Tom Schuman – playing his parts on their music was equally challenging but so much fun.  They quickly learned I was a fellow musician and I was able to spend a few precious moments talking drumming with Joel and keyboards with Tom and I think both were genuinely flattered that I was all into their styles of playing.  Hell, I’ll even admit to daydreaming about sitting in with SG and playing Joel’s kit, pictured (hopefully) in my featured image.  And, yes, I can play that kit…

Joel left Spyro Gyro to pursue other interests after over a decade with the group and while they’ve tried several drummers to replace Joel, well, those guys are good… but they ain’t Joel…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Suspension of Belief

Yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Let’s get to today’s thought before I forget it…

“How do I have my first time?”  It’s a question many budding bisexuals ask and, usually, the question should be, “Who can I have my first time with?” – but since the question is usually one of how and ‘how’ is a doing kind of thing, the second thing one should do (with the first being deciding they want to do it) is to suspend their belief in everything they’ve been taught about sex, how to have it, and who to have it with.

It occurred to me that many first timers never get to have that first time because our social and moral conditioning can’t be bypassed.  They know, with a very high degree of certainty, that they want to take the plunge; they’ve dreamt about it, have thought about the pros and cons over and over, and the siren call to action is maddeningly overpowering and while you’d think that the primary stumbling block would be finding a kindred soul to, ah, swim with, our social and moral conditioning is quite powerful.

Some actually find that person to have that first time with and… nothing happens.  No, it’s not cowardice, not really fear in the sense we understand fear… but unless the budding bisexual can suspend their beliefs, they’ll not only get cold feet but it’ll feel as if someone poured liquid nitrogen all over their tootsies.  We are taught and made to believe that homosexual sex should never be done for any reason or circumstance which, of course, is totally contrary to what one is feeling about this and I’ll take a moment to point out that the conditioning against this sexual behavior says it shouldn’t be done, not that it can’t be done and there’s a very important distinction here.

While some can suspend their beliefs long enough to dive in, it’s not as easy as it may sound because, as even I learned, there always that voice bitching at you and reminding you that going down on that guy (or that gal) is forbidden, sinful, against all the rules, so on and so forth and it took me a very long time to learn how to put a gag on that voice so it would stop fucking with me so I could suck that dick or whatever else I was doing that the voice was telling me I shouldn’t be doing.

How does one go about suspending their belief?  Damned if I know!  Belief is such a personal thing and if there’s a one size fits all, surefire way to effect suspension, I’m not aware of it.  I suspended mine with a “simple” question:  If I’m not supposed to do it, why do I want to do it… and keep doing it?  For me, it was an intellectual exercise and a lesson in logic and the more I questioned what I believed – and I mean seriously questioning it including why I believed what I believed – the more I was able to suspend my beliefs… because what I believed didn’t match up with the reality of the situation.

Bye-bye, beliefs; see ya after I’m done…

Would this work for someone else?  I dunno but what I do know is that many who have successfully taken the plunge has managed to suspend their beliefs in order to act upon their feelings.  Remember back a few paragraphs when I said there’s an important distinction between shouldn’t be done and can’t be done?  People should never run with scissors, right?  But people do it.  People should never tempt fate but we do that every day, don’t we?  We even get hit with a bit of a contradiction:  We shouldn’t take risks… but many of us hold true to the axiom of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We’re also told to never question what is… but part of suspending belief works like this:  Why is it okay for “Martha” to suck “Ed’s” cock… but it’s not okay for “Dave” to give head to “Ed?”  The answer is because we are told that it’s not okay and while most of accept this without question (and as we’ve been told to), all it does is beg another question:  “But, why?”  And here’s the kicker:  None of what we believe changes the fact that people have been doing it all along, does it?

It begs a controversial question:  Are folks like me just totally devoid of morality… or is what we believe not really the truth of things?  This’ll fuck with your head big time because you’re now questioning millennia of belief and social conditioning and doing so invokes a “war” between one’s emotions and their intellect, which is evidenced when someone says, “Yeah, I know people are into that shit, but…”

But what?  But that shit ain’t normal or natural?  Not the way sex is supposed to happen?  And, yet another kicker, if any of this is, in fact, true, um, why are so many people either thinking about doing it, let alone actually doing it?  Is is actually possible that several billion people are dead wrong about this… or is it more of a possibility that what we believe isn’t the whole truth?

Of course, dear readers, you’d have to make up your own minds about such things; my “job” is to shed some light on the subject and to attempt to answer the question of why people are bisexual, what goes on inside one’s head when they have to answer the question, “Do I really want to do this?” or, classically, “How can I do this?”

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It’s That Time Again

One of the first things I did today was to message my cousin, a guy who when we were growing up, everyone thought was my brother, a happy sixtieth birthday.  One of the things I used to tease him about was that for two days, we’d be the same age so he should enjoy it while it lasted because two days from now, he’s back to playing catch-up.

In two days, I’ll be sixty-one and I’m thinking, wow, I’m like an old guy now… but I remain so thankful for my life, that I’ve been so enriched by everything I’ve experienced and continue to experience.  It’s not been without some bumps in the road, like surviving a stroke and discovering an aneurysm that had it gone undetected, could have ended my life in about thirty seconds had it ruptured.

God is good; life is good… and it goes on.  I’m not going to engage in any hubris and say that I knew I’d be here because one of life’s goals is to hang in here for as long as you can and with all of your facilities intact and functioning as well as being willing and able to do… stuff.  Like, I’ll take a break from watching the stuff we DVR’d last night to wake up the Xbox One and spend some time wasting bad guys, chasing my lady around and getting a few thrills messing with her because I do love her so very much and it’s my job to make her laugh and to feel loved and desired.

I remember being asked when I retired and then became disabled what I was gonna do now that I don’t have to bust my ass earning a living and I answered, “I’m going to keep living – what else is there to do that’s more important?”  And, God willing, on 21 September 2017, I’ll be back to tell y’all what it’s like to be two days from staring 62 in the face…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Pressure

Here’s the situation:  You’re horny… but there’s a problem.  If you’re hooked up with a woman, girlfriend isn’t feeling a romp – the reason doesn’t matter a whole lot; if you’re single, well, you already know that the dating/casual sex scene is about as successful as finding a lake in the middle of the Gobi Desert or Death Valley.  Your little black book app is just taking up space on your device and, here of late, it’s pretty useless and a trip to scope out the local hangouts will just cost you time and money just to sit somewhere and risk getting a DUI charge as you go home empty handed because none of the available women in the joint wouldn’t tell you what time it was to save your life.

So, now what?  There’s always the great fallback:  Whip out your dick and either work it with your hand or with one of the many gadgets and devices on the market, like the Fleshlight, one of those perfect molds of a woman’s goodies you can slide your raging erection into or, as I recently saw, spend an unknown amount of money for a device created in the Orient that you can attach to a surface via a vacuum mount, insert your bone, push a button, and the damned thing starts stroking your cock for you!

Yeah, that thing actually exists (…

Spanking the monkey has always felt good but, damn, you’ve spent a lot of time lately taking matters into your own hand and perhaps so much that now it barely takes the edge off of your horniness – it’s not as exciting as watching paint dry or grass grow, even if you employ, ah, visual aids and crank up some porn on the same device where all those totally useless dating app’s reside.  Your eyes are locked onto the scrumptious sight of a woman working over a large, hard dick with her mouth or maybe you’re mesmerized by the sight of said dick spreading that pussy wide and deep or, shit, yeah, stretching her asshole out to seemingly impossible proportions.

You’d like to be the guy filling up that pussy/ass but what would really work right about now, as the lactic acid begins to build up in whatever hand and arm you’re using to jerk off with, is getting your dick sucked… and things are such that you might not give a fuck if the person sucking your cock is the ugliest woman you know of…

Or one of the many men who don’t seem to have any issues with sucking cock… but, nah, you ain’t wired like that, are you, even though you’re not even aware of the fact that as you watched that porn clip (or whatever), your eyes actually never left that cock being employed, did they?  You’ll tell yourself that you only had eyes for the gorgeous woman… but even if that were true, your eyes still saw that dick being sucked, saw it invading her body, and watched the money shot as said cock sprayed her with sperm.

It’s not like you don’t know that there are guys who like dick… and some of those guys aren’t gay; you might even recall some moments when a guy actually had the nerve to proposition you, offering a no-reciprocation blow job, but you turned it down… but the thought slips in that if that dude were around right now and offered to suck you off, well, um, wouldn’t that be better than sitting or lying wherever you happen to be and furiously pumping your dick and for an outcome that’s gonna be less satisfying?

You even remember reading about some new shit they call a bro job, a situation where two straight dudes are, at the least, giving each other blow jobs to ease the very pressure that’s threatening to tear you apart from the inside out.  When you first read this, you called bullshit; what straight dude in his right mind would want another dude sucking on his dick, let alone returning that favor?  But now, as your less than spectacular release hits, you realize that having your bro giving you some head – and, shit, maybe giving head yourself, isn’t as far-fetched as it appears to be.

And it’s not as if you don’t know that there are guys who are quite fond of having a dick in their ass…

One part of your mind repeats the litany of such things being wrong, dirty, perverted, and immoral… but there’s now a part of your mind that asks a simple question:  If there are so many men into playing with dick, just how bad can it really be?  Not that you’d be that desperate to want to find out but, yeah, there must be something to it if, again, straight macho dudes are checking it out.  And wasn’t your best bro, Brad, kinda staring at your crotch the other day as the two of you inhaled six pack after six pack in an attempt to drown your sorrows over the very severe lack of pussy?

Perhaps… but, nah, you’re gonna do the right thing and hold out for some magnificent, wonderful pussy even though it’s already been a couple of months since you last had some and, realistically, you know that ya might not see any pussy outside of that porn site you’ve bookmarked on your phone for a while.  That jerk off session really didn’t take the edge off as much as you had hoped; even though it’s only been a few minutes since you busted that nut, your cock is still semi-erect and in need of more attention… and of a kind that your hand or your device of choice just isn’t gonna be able to provide.

And, you remember, as you unconsciously adjust your junk in your pants, that you’re supposed to meet Brad at his place to suck down some brewskis while watching week one of the new football season on his new 70-inch SUHD TV.  If you’re married, eh, you’re wife isn’t gonna give you any grief abut hanging out with Brad because if you’re with him, you’re not bugging her for sex; if you’re single, well, hanging with Brad is better than sitting at home alone…

And wouldn’t it be interesting to see if Brad starts peeping your crotch again once y’all get into that second six pack?  Nah, you convince yourself that the last time, you were buzzed and just imagining things, even as you feel your cock respond to the thought that maybe, just maybe, Brad will get buzzed and bummed out enough to suggest… nah, he really wouldn’t do that, would he?  But as you head over to Brad’s place and the seat belt is kinda painfully pressing into your cock, the real question that has to be  answered is that if Brad was of a mind to blow you, would you allow it and would you, could you, do the same for him since both of your are suffering under similar pressures?

As Brad welcomes you in, you shove the “unnatural” thoughts to the side but with a placeholder to worry about it if it comes up and with a tiny bit of hope that it will present itself.  As you crack open your first cold one, you’re dimly aware of one single part of your consciousness, that part holding place, that whispers, “Hey, that would be much better than the nothing you already have…”

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Winds of Change

After writing “Six Little Words” earlier this morning, I was in a bit of a funky mood after looking at what used to be… and then thinking about what’s going on now.  I’ve seen bisexuality go through a shift, from a time when same-sex activities were greatly frowned upon and hidden in dark places to where things are a lot more overt, like more and more men and women are saying that while “the old ways” have a time honored purpose, individual needs have outgrown those old ways, and the stigma and shame of seeking same-sex satisfaction is being summarily ignored.

Well, more than it once was; even in my generation, many bisexuals have said, “Well, if I’m going to hell for this, I’m not going by myself so there will be plenty of company…”  Maybe it’s just for the thrill of eating the forbidden fruit, maybe it’s just more people exercising their individuality and recognizing that the old ways cannot take care of every single need and that those needs can be taken care of without the “usual” fussing.

Oh, there is still much resistance to this; not everyone can or even wants to explore bisexuality and those who may treating this as if it’s some new, trendy thing (think of the bro job I’ve been writing about) are finding out that this is a life changing event and not some new, cool way to bust nuts and otherwise get your freak on.

Because I’ve been at this for most of my life, I have the advantage of seeing how things have changed and, at a very high level of thought, the logic of it all makes sense:  If you want to and you can, then why not?  Yes, yes, there are a billion reasons for why you shouldn’t even if you wanted or needed to and it is, to me, confirmation of something I learned decades ago, that logic and common sense just do not stand up well to emotional input and this can be seen when you discuss this with someone and they say, “Yeah, it makes sense, but…,” followed by a plethora of reasons why it doesn’t; even when you ask, “If you could eliminate or minimize the negatives, would you do it?” you still might get, “Yeah, but…” as a response and because even though we can intellectually justify this, it still feels wrong.

“Six Little Words” reminded me of how easy it was to throw down like this, requiring just a yes or no answer and if you did, fine, and if you didn’t, that was okay, too.  Today, it’s my opinion that we make this more difficult than it has to be but I guess we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t and invoke “different strokes for different folks;” I’ve seen a shift in the thinking where budding bisexuals are in more of a “relationship” type of thing where, in the past, you didn’t need to be into someone in order to have satisfying sex with them but I’ve also seen another shift where many bisexuals are saying that, yes, they want the sexual experiences but, no, a relationship, well, a FWB would be nice but anything more than that would just complicate things.

Dealing with adult expectations in this removes a lot of the simplicity, for example, “Ron” and “Jeremy” both agree that a blow job would just what the doctor ordered but it may not be “as simple” as dropping their socks and grabbing each other’s cocks because conditions can enter the picture, like “Ron” is fine with things as long as “Jeremy” is wearing a woman’s panties or some other thing found to be personally enticing and exciting.  Individual “freakiness” tends to trump just doing it and while this actually makes sense – we are all different, after all – yeah, this was a lot simpler when all we wanted to do was just have sex.

People are finding their niches, like top and bottom, femme or butch, and then sticking to them to the exclusion of all else and as if a reason can’t be found to further enhance the diversity of this kind of sex… but even this isn’t all that unusual in the grand scheme of things sexual because we always want what we want and in the way we want it… or if the way you’re already doing things isn’t broke, don’t fuck with it.  And that’s fine but I can read every day where this… pickiness is causing some budding bisexuals a lot of frustration as they look for that ideal, custom designed situation but, in my opinion, without having the actual experience because as I always say, thinking and doing aren’t the same things; thinking is way easier.

But in the midst of this change, we are still finding our way, not really throwing caution to the wind but more like telling the old rules and admonishments against this to take a hike because they’re no longer gonna allow ancient dogma to interfer with their desires.  Some see this as a major decline in our morality but I don’t believe that it is; it’s just that many folks are just tired of having certain limits placed upon them and impeding their pursuit of happiness; if “Cindy” and “Jessica” can find comfort and pleasure having sex with each other as well as men – and it serves to keep them grounded and all of that good stuff needed to make it through each and every day, then why not?

Again, you can probably think of a lot of reasons why this shouldn’t be done… and if you feel that way, take a moment and ask yourself why you do.  We insist that such things shouldn’t happen… but not only have they always been happening, it’s     escalating and bursting out of the closet and is threatening to make the DL a thing of the past.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  Six Little Words

Yesterday, I was having a weird moment, one where I was bored even though I was doing something – playing Borderlands:  The Pre-Sequel, a game I’ve been playing ffor so long now that I can play it and not really pay attention.  While transitioning from one area to another, which takes a few seconds, I was looking outside at the trees waving in the breeze and having been outside earlier, man, it reminded me of the late summer days before Labor Day and before the first day of school.

It also reminded me of a lot of those days when I might be hanging out with someone and neither of us could think of a single thing to do other than sit around wondering what we can do.  Now, I knew in those moments what usually happened and now it was just a matter of hearing (or saying) six little words… but six words that, while small in size, tended to speak gigantically:

“Do you want to do it?”

At this point, if you didn’t know what “it” was, there was no hope for ya.  The answer to this question was always, “Do you want to do it?” – yeah, answering a question with a question is considered bad form but we did it anyway.  This would be followed with, “I want to do it if you want to do it…”  What was funny about this was that we both wanted to do it and if you couldn’t tell by the way we were both fidgeting, well, um, a quick peek elsewhere would indicate a desire to do it.

All of that for a one word answer:  “Okay!” and now it’s all about finding a place away from prying eyes – and those damned nosy, pesky adults – so we could do it… but that wasn’t usually a problem; where I grew up, there were more places to do it than you could shake a stick at and whichever one was closer worked.

In the here and now, I’m wiping out about a dozen bad guys on the screen and smiling to myself as I remembered that great rush when doing it was just moments away even though every admonishment about never doing it with a boy would rattle around in my mind like a marble in a tin can, all loud and obnoxious and distracting but not able to defeat the rush of doing it.  I mean, what’s the big deal anyway?  Grownups said it was bad, evil, nasty, and a sin before God for which one could spend eternity burning in hell… but none of them were willing to explain why so many people were doing something that was supposedly really bad… and they sure as hell wasn’t gonna explain why something so bad felt so good to do.

Um, not that any of us were gonna ask an adult that particular question unless we were in a mood to be asked some questions that would prove to be painful were we to answer them…

I tossed a “Homing Tesla” grenade into a room and patiently waited about a second for it to explode and electrocute the bad guys I knew were in said room before charging into the now empty space, my weapon reaching out and touching the next set of bad guys with evil, lethal intent… while thinking about the mood or atmosphere when we’d get to where we were gonna do it and get rid of our clothing.

Then it was about getting it going and that incredible 69 thing was found to be a great opening act with boys or girls… but unlike with some of the girls, there was no talk about not shooting that stuff into someone’s mouth or promising not to do it; we just laid down and got to the business of sucking each other’s dick until that stuff got shot, which we found to be so much fun that fucking each other, while nice, wouldn’t be on the list of things to do… well, not right away, anyway.  If it happened, okay, but if all that took place was repeatedly sucking each other off until neither of us could get hard again, well, that worked and the, ah, mess was way easier to clean up and hide; ya didn’t have to explain to anyone why some parts of your underwear were, um, kinda crunchy and flaky.

I’m now facing the boss at the end of this quest and while I almost mindlessly start going about reducing the boss’s long life meter to a sliver of its original length, I was thinking about being in that moment, sucking on and dick while having mine sucked, just lost in the sensations even as the marble in the tin can is still noisily rattling around and feeling that moment of triumph and pleasure to feel the other guy shooting his stuff into my mouth and, hell, yeah, that incredible “I feel like I’m gonna die!” feeling as I shoot my stuff into his mouth.

The boss is history and now it’s spilling out a major load of stuff – cash and weapons but, damn, the pickings are slim this time around but I can gather them up and do other things with them as I head into the next room that has more goodies to be looted.  I head in there and snatch them all up, some I can use in the next phase, some that will be hopefully turned into better weapons or, barring that, sold for cash – no such thing as too much money when you play this game.  I’m on autopilot and doing what I need to do…

And thinking about being in the moment when he’s lying on top of me and moving his dick in and out of my butt, how nice it all feels and especially when he shoots his stuff in there, which is different from when one is on top and doing the shooting; that damned marble is still rattling around albeit not as loudly as before but, eh, who cares about that?  We just got done doing it and we’re outta there and right back to where we were before those six little words were uttered and maybe even immediately understanding that those words will be uttered again and with the same results… after a bit of cleaning, of course…

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