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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Is It Weird…”

“…to have someone who’s the same sex as you are going down on you and/or you going down on them?”

I’ve heard (and have been asked) this question a lot and my usual response is, “Yeah, it can feel that way and it does because the person doing it isn’t the person who’s supposed to it… you sure as hell ain’t supposed to be doing it.”

There are, of course, those people who firmly believe that no one should ever give or receive head… and I’m sure as hell not talking about them. It’s not like no one knows about cock sucking and pussy eating and we do know that anyone can suck a cock and/or eat a pussy provided they’re so inclined to do so. What makes it weird, again, is that in the same-sex mode, it’s not supposed to be done.

Which doesn’t and hasn’t changed the fact that it gets done… a lot. As I’ve said numerous times, it’s usually the first thing learned in bisexuality and I’ve continued to find it interesting that people can know that this can be done in the same-sex mode but find it weird when it’s them being in that moment of truth.

Okay, first time out of the gate, yep, it looks weird and feels even weirder before anything happens and, yep, forever and always, because it’s not supposed to go down – and the pun is intended – like this. That sense of weirdness continues once things get going until one realizes – and especially if someone of the opposite sex has ever gone down on them – that, hmm, this feels familiar! It should… because the act itself isn’t any different.

Things like technique and skill can be different but as I’ve written lately, the thing that makes it so weird is that we’re thinking about who’s doing it more than what’s about to be done. And, sure enough, if you’re the one about to give some head, whew, does that ever feel weird!

Don’t you feel weird sucking a guy’s dick?”

Um, no, not really… well, kinda but overall, nah… then again, I’ve had decades to banish any feelings of weirdness and, for the record, yeah – the first time I ate pussy was seriously weird but just like sucking dick, hmm, this shit is fun once you get used to it.

Despite the weirdness of it, many people find that once their gird their loins and say, “Fuck it!” in their head and do it, wow, how about that? This wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. Still feels kinda weird and as evidenced by the many times I’ve heard a guy say, “I don’t believe I just did that!” And a lot of people have had their minds blown to understand, in an instant, how “normal” it feels and some are equally mind-blown to realize that they just sucked a dick or eaten a pussy… and as if they’d been doing it all along.

Does it feel any different from a guy/gal doing it?

Yes. No. We think it does and that it should but, again, we’re thinking about who’s doing it. With some of the guys I’ve given their first male blow job, I often ask or tell them to close their eyes, not because I don’t want them to watch me working them over but because their eyes can send some conflicting messages: Your eyes tell you there’s a guy sucking your dick and your brain knows it and, well, a guy’s not supposed to be doing that. So close your eyes and if you can, don’t think about who’s doing it – think about what’s being done.

Ya almost can’t stop yourself from looking because it’s so weird to be a girl and there’s another girl giving you the business when you’re more used to a guy down there. I’ve suggested to guys to close their eyes but I’ve not been surprised to see that when I look up at them, their eyes are open and watching. And, by the way, I do love the looks some guys can get on their faces, from what I call the “no big deal” look to the “I don’t fucking believe he’s sucking my dick!” look.

And the “This feels good” look. I mean, who knew, right? A lot of people know and you’re just now one of many who knows. Weird? You betcha! Feels amazing to get it and give it? Usually but that depends on how long it takes for an individual to get over how fucking weird the whole thing is. Some get over it pretty quickly and some don’t – might take a few moments and, indeed, some still feel weird after the fact.

This is gonna take some getting used to, huh?

Pretty much, yeah. Some are “naturals” at it and there’s no real adjustment period but for others, yep, it’s gonna take x-amount of time to readjust one’s thinking about this. How come something that’s supposed to be so bad feel so good? Um, because it’s supposed to feel good?

Does it get easier the more you do it?

Usually but the “hard part” about this is convincing yourself to do it again but, yeah, “practice makes perfect” and all that. Again, a lot of it depends on how long it takes for one to get over how fucking weird it was the first time and dealing with the massive thoughts and feelings connected with doing something you weren’t supposed to do in the first place. Some do tend to struggle the second time around and a lot of it can be worrying about whether they’re doing it right (or it’s being done right) and whether it’s satisfying or not.

In this, I say to many that while worrying about it is pretty normal, it’s often a matter of personal pride in that no one wants to be tagged at being lousy at giving head or someone who can’t handle getting head. If you’re gonna do it, you wanna be good at it because, well, because. At some point, bleh – someone is going to think and maybe have the audacity to tell you that it wasn’t good for them and that’s not gonna feel good at all (a great understatement) but don’t let that fuck with your head and more so when you’re just learning this and if anything else, it should motivate you to work on perfecting your technique and even your ability to enjoy being the one getting head from someone who, again, ain’t supposed to be giving it to you.

What if I can’t do it?

Then you can’t. I’m not ever gonna lie to anyone about this when I say it’s not as easy as it might seem to be or as one might think. And I do mean it’s not easy to give head or to receive it in this way. That mental block that’s been installed into everyone just makes it too damned weird for either thing to happen even when it’s what you want to do. The thing here is if you find that you can’t, don’t force yourself to do it and by all mean don’t let the other person goad you into doing it. The “mistake” a lot of people make here is knowing that they’re having a problem doing it or getting it but the other person is expecting them to keep their word and do it/get it done and they’re gonna get very pissy if it doesn’t happen.

I’ll tell anyone that if you can’t, then don’t. Just stop. If the other person gets pissed about it, too bad and if they don’t understand why you couldn’t, that’s not your problem but they’re gonna make it your problem and you shouldn’t allow that, either. Some do stop… then get their stuff together and continue and some just can’t. All very normal because this is some seriously weird shit for one’s mind to cope with all at once.

And it’s my lifelong position that there is no shame at all if you can’t.

I feel so guilty – is that normal?

Yes, it is very normal: You just got finished doing some shit you weren’t supposed to do and what you did has always been seen as a very bad thing to do. I just happen to know that the guilty feeling that’s now kicking your ass isn’t always due to the moral dilemma. The short version is that along the way, you depleted a bunch of chemicals that, once the tank is empty, yep – you’re gonna feel pretty shitty and feeling “guilty” will make you believe that what just happened didn’t feel good… while you were doing it.

It’s my thought that guys feel this… depletion guilt more than women do and, honestly? If the ladies do feel guilty, they don’t make a big deal out of it and if they’d even admit it. You run your tank of feel good chemicals dry and it just stops you from wanting – and being able – to have sex immediately afterward. True enough, many learn to work through this moment and it ain’t that easy because your body is telling you it’s game over but your mind is saying that there’s still work to be done, i.e., getting them off. It’s a very ugly feeling and very much resembles moral guilt and, believe it or not, pretty much everyone feels it when having “normal” boy/girl sex but the difference here is that over time, you just learn not to pay so much attention to it even though you do feel like you don’t wanna do it again, well, not right now – give me a few, okay?

This feeling is more pronounced and noticeable because, yeah, y’all just got done doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing and the depletion ties in nicely with the moral dilemma.

Damn; why do you know so much about this shit?

Because I do and I made it one of my missions in life to understand this from it being weird as fuck and why you might feel horribly guilty. I felt them at one point in my life and I wanted to know why, to really get into the guts of the question I asked myself so very long ago. It’s bad because they say it is but it feels good but it can feel bad at the same time and morality, as we believe, isn’t always the culprit. I’ve talked to so many people over my life about these things to find out what they think, how they feel and why the way they think and feel the way they do and, yep, I’ve had over five decades to study this.

Yep… that’s a long time to be doing some shit I was never supposed to be doing from sex with guys to, yeah, even eating pussy which is something a lot of guys still don’t believe guys are supposed to be doing – just too weird for them.

I can tell you that sucking cock/eating pussy for the first time can be very damned weird. Hell, just being naked with someone who’s the same sex as you are can be very damned weird all by itself – and you will please note that I did not say “gender” because it’s irrelevant and has nothing to do with giving and receiving head from someone who, morally, you shouldn’t even be thinking about doing. The “Hearts, Not Parts” gang will most definitely disagree with this and tell you that none of this should be about the parts…

When giving head is about the parts. Cocks. Coochies. Breasts and nipples. Lips and tongues. All those parts including the actual skin you’re in. It’s weird as fuck and whether you can get over the weirdness of it to do it or have it done, well, that’s up to you to figure out. What I know is that you’re either gonna figure it out or you aren’t. No biggie. An untold number of people figure it out and the same number of people can’t and don’t. It’s either gonna fuck with you big time or it won’t.

Weird. Some even say that it’s weird but in a good way. Belief – and as I’ve been talking about here of late – plays into this as well: You either believe it can’t and shouldn’t be done or you believe that you just might be able to indulge in this “forbidden” pleasure. And people do, in fact, give and get head like this. Every day. Even at this exact moment. Everywhere in the world.

And if you accept that this is true (and it is), um, how weird can it really be? A few hundred million people or more can’t all be wrong about this, can they?

You decide, you know, if ya want to.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: A Forum “Beef”

I saw an updated forum post from a while ago where a member had a “beef” with all the conversations about cock sucking and the OP wanted to know why we – collectively – weren’t talking about all the other aspects of things M2M.

Fact is we do talk about all the other aspects… and some of the things we talk about make me get “that look” on my face at times but, sure, probably the number one topic of discussion is sucking dick and whether one has done it or not.

It’s usually the first thing a guy gets exposed to in this and I’ve said – many times – that it’s the easiest thing two guys can do other than jerking each other off. It usually doesn’t take a lot of time to do, doesn’t require any special preparations, and can be done almost anywhere and at any time. Not only does it feel good to have it done to you, it feels pretty damned good to do it and dealing with the, ah, sticky mess at the end is optional.

Given what I know about this, I’m not surprised that this is such a much-discussed topic of discussion and while a lot of guys like to fuck and be fucked – and we do talk about that – nah, we don’t talk about that as much as we do putting mouth to cock and for many of the members, if the dick never gets anywhere near their ass, that’s just fine and dandy.

We have quite a few members who are self-described “submissive cock suckers” – their whole “reason for being” is to take a guy’s cock, get it hard and suck it into soft submission. It’s all they’ll do with a guy and many of them don’t want to be bothered with having the favor returned. Sure, a lot of guys take the “suck and be sucked” approach because, sure – why should one guy have all the fun in this?

Then there are the guys who are sitting on the bench and salivating like fiends as they wait for their first cock sucking experience; they wanna know what it’s like, how it feels, what does spunk taste like? They wanna gain knowledge of techniques – is deep throating hard or easy? – and other things like are huge dicks better to suck or are smaller, more manageable ones easier and better? Which is preferable – spit or swallow?

Now, I can’t say that I blame that OP for saying what he had to say and as many told him in response, if ya wanna have a discussion about anything other than sucking dick, start a thread and let’s see who responds to it… and as he did when he posted this “beef.” Simple, right?

Some guys talk about how afraid they are to suck a dick – yeah, the disease thing… again – but even that isn’t enough to stop them from talking about doing it and having it done but I’ve even told those guys who are very worried about this that there’s a way to avoid catching something:

Cover the dick with a condom. Duh. We even talk about why so many guys won’t do this and the guys who do employ condoms will readily admit that a condom cuts out the mouth feel and even with the very thin ones… and even the flavored and so-called neutral tasting condoms don’t taste good.


We get so into talking about it that it can get down to how those veins bulging from a nice erection feels in one’s mouth; does the guy have to be shaved bald and smooth or is a forest of hair preferable? Suck on the balls or not? Give the guy “da finger” or shove a toy in his butt while blowing him or not? Do you feel very manly and masculine while sucking dick… or does it make you feel like “a little bitch” and in both a good and “bad” way?

And, speaking of good and bad, what does that mean? Is a blow job considered to be bad if the guy doesn’t cum? And if he doesn’t, does that mean you were lousy at it? What does semen taste like and if it tastes bad, what can be done to make it taste better? What often surprises me about this is how many guys don’t seem to know that semen and sperm aren’t the same things; semen – seminal fluid or “pre-cum” is just the fluid that sperm needs to get to where it’s going and it’s the medium that has everything to do with taste… and it’s going to taste like whatever you’re putting into your body. Some guys do know this but, yeah, it’s still an acquired taste which also includes consistency.

And while a lot of guys aren’t even interested in the science involved – including that yucky feeling after nuts gets busted – sucking a dick? It’s the shit, hands down and some guys would rather do that than to eat pussy… although, from a personal perspective, something’s “wrong” with ya if you don’t like burying your face in a woman’s coochie…

But that’s me. Yeah – and I do apologize – we talk about women in this, from the ones who like/love doing it to the one’s who just ain’t a fan of it and that this “general dislike” tends to push guys to being sucked by other guys who are, generally speaking, more gung ho about it because we know that we like to be sucked and made to cum… most of the time. I say this because I’ve seen and experienced guys who make women who don’t like doing it seem to be the greatest cock sucking fans of all time.

Fucking? Anyone can do that… but sucking a dick is an artform all by itself and not everyone really “masters” the skills and techniques. I’ve been of a mind that if a guy doesn’t learn anything else, he should learn to suck dick and learn to really like it and more so when, in many cases, there isn’t time for fucking. Sure… some guys are… snobs about it and some guys are of a mind that it’s a dick and as long as there’s nothing wrong with it, that works.

For some guys, it’s just a prelude to fucking; many feel that it’s better to give than receive. We talk about how it makes us feel to do it and we talk about how fucked up it can make us feel when we suck a guy off… and he’s out the door before he can be asked if we can do it again. There’s not many things we don’t talk about when it comes to sucking dick, from what fascinates us about it to what we don’t like about doing it. We talk about how intimate – or not – it is to give and receive head.

And we do, in fact, talk about it more than we talk about fucking… or anything else for that matter. Everyone has their own opinion about it, everyone has differing experiences and some have no experience at all… yet. Why?

Because sucking a dick is really that fascinating and pleasurable even if one doesn’t understand – or want to understand – why it’s like that… and for both men and women who are fans of oral sex, be it sucking a dick or eating a pussy until its owner taps out. Even the guys who don’t like being sucked have something to say about it…

And contributes to this topic being the most talked about – ever. When to do it. Why it’s done. Where it’s done. How many times do ya do it? Ever have more than one dick presented to be sucked?

You get the idea, right? As I’ve always said here, those who suck cock – and eat pussy – knows exactly what I’m talking about and those who don’t, well, maybe you’re missing out on something, maybe you aren’t but what I know is that it’s hard to understand something that you’ve never done – even if you know something about it. It has to be experienced and, as such, one has to find out for themselves why this is so damned exciting and fascinating.

Because it is. It always has been. And, yeah, I’m biased in favor of it and not ashamed to admit it. I love to suck dick and eat pussy; I could do it all day, every day if I could. I’m a guy – duh – and I do love being sucked whether I get finished or not… and I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that whoever’s going down on me didn’t have to do it at all so to be overly critical about it is just me being unnecessarily picky and petty. Likewise, someone who allows me to go down on them didn’t have to allow it but since they did, um, to give them less than my best feels… unappreciative and isn’t a lot of fun so, uh-huh – showing them how much I appreciate it is paramount…

And a whole lot of fun.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Orally Fixated

Yeah… that’s me. I know it – have known in for a very long time – and it doesn’t embarrass me to admit it. I love the shit out of oral sex – men, women, doesn’t matter and while screwing is really nice and all that, it often pales in comparison to being able to put my mouth on someone and, um, have my way with them like that.

One of the many questions on the forum about cock sucking, in particular, is why it’s so addictive; a lot of guys suck cock for the first time and they just can’t get enough of doing it and, conversely, I think some guys haven’t done it yet because they are really and truly afraid that they’re gonna like it…

And get seriously hooked on it.

The fellas ask, “Why do I like/love sucking cock so much?” and I actually know the answer because, um, yeah, I really did bother to find it because I had reason to ask myself the same question. Sure… giving a guy a blow job is very taboo and all that and doing it knowing that it’s taboo often makes doing it that much more exciting, you know, rebelling against the system. But the answer is a lot more involved and, in fact, not sexual at all… and no, I’m not going to get into the science and psychology of oral fixation except to say that we’re all born with it; it’s the second instinctive thing we do after we take our first breath outside of the womb. It’s why many of us were thumb-suckers and the reason why it sometimes takes a lot of effort to break children out of the habit.

Because sucking on something feels really good. Anyway.

I’ve learned a lot about sex over the decades… but nothing more exciting than eating pussy and sucking dick. It is, in my opinion, highly erotic and intimate and, as I would eventually learn, works extremely well where my oral fixation is concerned. Someone will ask me, “Why do you suck dick?” and there are two answers. The first is, “Because I can…” and the second is, “It makes me feel good to do it!” It’s the same answers for why I love eating pussy but, nah, people generally don’t ask a guy why he likes eating pussy because that, in and of itself, isn’t something that’s considered to be unusual even though there are guys who wouldn’t go down on a woman even if you put a gun to their head and were squeezing the trigger to its break point.

I could do it all day, every day, and I’d be so very happy to do it. I learned – and had to break down and admit to myself (which wasn’t easy) that when that particular call of nature says it’s time to get laid, my oral fixation, aka “The Beast” has to be fed as well. In my entire life, I’ve only been with two women who didn’t want to be eaten – ever. Guys? Well, sure and generally, dudes don’t want anyone who isn’t female sucking on their dick – and I only know of one guy who didn’t want to be sucked – ever.

In order to understand this in other guys, I had to understand it about myself and, again, it wasn’t easy to wrap my head around it so until I understood what oral fixation was, damn – I loved doing something and didn’t know why I did; the very curious kid I was would wind up being driven almost batshit crazy trying to figure it out but once I did, wow. I got hooked for life on it because my brain is wired to equate sucking with feeding and feeding – in this case, nursing – is equated with a very good feeling.

Except, um, sucking a dick and/or eating pussy ain’t like sitting down and enjoying a good meal and especially one that will – or could – give you a foodgasm – and I do like this word since, in reality, the two things are more related that we’re aware of or even pay attention to. Still, it was troubling how much I loved doing both things but, again, once I understood what oral fixation was, I was good with it and it got me to understand why there are those who don’t like giving head and that some are like this because they were made to not like doing it and, as such, having their oral fixation broken to the point where giving someone head becomes an obligatory chore and something done out of expectation.

Which just takes the fun out of it. Of course, there are always the horror stories, tales of emotional trauma and all that as well as it being pounded into the heads of many that putting your mouth on someone down there just ain’t ever to be done – it’s just too nasty, immoral and, for some, unholy.

Sure… it’s a lot of work and, depending on who you’re giving head to, a whole lot of work and one of the things I learned other than technique was persistence as well as patience and neither thing was easy to learn. And I learned something else about myself: I’m… selfish when giving head and by that I mean I don’t “just do it” to make the other person happy. Yeah, I want them to be happy but The Beast loves being fed and being able to feast on someone makes it very happy… which usually has the result of making the person its feasting on happy… or not so much sometimes.

There’s been a lot of talk on the forum over the last couple of days about being a “submissive cock sucker” and whether or not one has to be submissive in this. A lot of guys say that they are but I’ve learned – and because my brain is just wired like that – that it’s not always the act itself that is submissive – it’s what and how someone feels about doing it although, to be literal about it, when you’re gonna give head to someone, you’re actually submitting to doing it – but not necessarily being “made” to do it – it’s complicated. Some guys say that sucking dick makes them feel delightfully “girly” which makes a kind of sense since we are – and have pretty much always been – of a mind that this is something that is in a woman’s purview, not that a lot of women are comfortable with this – it’s just the way it has always been perceived.

Indeed, it wasn’t until more “recent” times when a guy sucking another guy’s cock was considered to be quite manly and I’ve tended to agree with this since I know it takes a lot of guts to suck another man’s dick. Guys will go down on a woman and not give it much thought… but dicks? Yeah – gotta think long and hard (no pun) about that one. Yet and still, a lot of guys experience it… and they often say one of two things. One is, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!” and the other is, “Why didn’t I do this before now?”

And then, “Why am I hooked on doing it?” Some guys get all into the taste and feel of it and getting the “reward” at the end… but the real culprit is oral fixation. A lot of guys ask, “What’s it like to suck cock?” and, duh, they’d love to know the answer to this without having to do it – and I came up with an experiment one can try:

Wash your hands and stick your thumb in your mouth… and suck on it and, sure, get your tongue involved. For most adults, this will make you feel pretty silly and more so if you were someone who never sucked their thumb. The trick is to not pay attention to what you’re doing to your thumb – pay attention to how it’s making you feel other than silly.

It works for eating pussy, too, I discovered although there is more stuff to lick and all that other than her clit – but the general principle is the same. I even noticed that sometimes, when one hurts a finger – a small cut, whacked it with a hammer, etc., – the first thing some people do is stick it in their mouth and suck on it.

Because it actually feels good despite whatever pain they happen to be feeling. And, yeah – I didn’t make the connection until I caught myself sucking on my finger after hitting it pretty hard on a door frame.

Okay. I had been told in my youth to never put my mouth on a girl’s pussy but not told why I shouldn’t. So, um, yeah – I had to find out… and while I now know there are reasons why you shouldn’t, um, holy shit – that was more fun than sucking a dick – and something else that I was told not to do or let anyone do. Well, um, that last “warning” came all late and wrong but, sure, there are reasons why you shouldn’t suck a guy’s dick.

But if those reasons don’t exist (and you’re sure that they don’t and as best you can establish), going down on someone is, at least for me, sheer unadulterated joy. Many are of a mind that it’s a one-way kind of pleasure and one for the person who’s getting head… but I learned a long time ago that when I’m doing it, oh, my, it is so intensely pleasurable! And while I’d say that I’m not arrogant or egotistical to the point where I believe that I’ve made everyone I’ve gone down on a happy camper I do know how happy it makes me to do it and, um, okay – if I didn’t get it right, gimme a chance to get it right – more fun for me and, hopefully, for you, too.

As I said, it was hard for me to accept that I was, in deed and in fact, a cock sucking, pussy eating fiend. A girl could tell me, “You can eat my pussy but you can’t fuck me!” and I was all for it. A guy would say I could blow him – but he wasn’t gonna blow me – and I was just as good with that because The Beast was gonna be fed and what makes it happy makes me very happy.

I can’t even begin to count the many times in a relationship where I’ve pounced on the pussy out of the clear blue sky, eaten it (and fed The Beast) and that’s all that happened… and because that’s all that was needed to happen. Before experience taught me to be more discriminating, sure – homey wants his dick sucked and I’m cool with him? Sure – pull it out and let’s get it done. If the favor gets returned, even more fun since, um, I’m not one of those guys who don’t seem to like being blown. You don’t even have to get me to cum because I’ve learned to be very appreciative of anyone who’d go down on me… because they could’ve chosen not to at all.

But if I can go down on you? Sheer bliss. Kinda doesn’t get any better than that. My oral fixation is what it is and I’m very okay with it. What’s that you say? It’s gonna take a while for you to cum this way? Okay… I’m just gonna keep going until you do or one of us taps out… and I’m determined that I’m not gonna be the one to tap out. Never got off this way? Well, let’s see what I can do about that! It’s not merely skill – it’s persistence and patience and a focus on finding someone’s good spots to turn what might have been a waste of time into something other than that.

I just don’t like it. I love the shit out of it. Always have, always will. There the eroticism and intimacy involved but I am very aware of how orally fixated I am when it comes to this. The Beast loves to be fed… and I do very much love feeding it. A lot of guys swear by, “It’s better to give than receive…” I don’t say they’re wrong about this but, um, receiving ain’t bad either. There’s a question of whether reciprocation is a real necessity – some say it is, some say it isn’t but I’d guess that depends on how one thinks about being able to fully share the oral experience… or if they even want to.

But that’s a topic for another time…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Let’s Do It Again

If I’m still writing about cock sucking, it’s because the forum’s membership has, once more, ramped up discussions about it and it remains the number one topic of discussion.

So… one day, Cityman and I were having yet another of our conversations about this and with the rhetorical question of, “Why don’t more men get into sucking dick?” at the forefront. He’s of a mind that men can achieve a higher level of bonding with each other this way and I don’t disagree with him except to say that while male bonding is an important aspect in our development, eh, when it comes to putting mouth to cock, our intentions aren’t always that altruistic.

In some of the conversations I checked out one of the things I noticed was how a lot of guys would answer a general kind of question with what they prefer to do and, of continuing interest, what they haven’t done. Granted, everyone has an opinion about, well, everything but I’ve noticed that when there’s a guy who, at least from my perspective, is looking for information that will help him make the decision to suck a dick or to leave it alone, sometimes, the responses given, in my opinion, aren’t always all that helpful, like, a guy who has never sucked a dick will put his two cents worth in about something he’s not actually done – but he has some thoughts about it.

Which, I guess, is better than asking a question and no one responds to it.

A guy asked a question about not being able to get away from sucking dick; apparently, he’s tried to give it up but has found that he can’t – does anyone else feel the same way? Now, this is the kind of question that can pop into a guy’s mind when it dawns on him that, holy shit, I’m hooked on this dick sucking thing! For whatever reason, he feels the need to step away from it but he can’t and more than anything else, he’s really wondering if there’s something very wrong with him or if this inability to give up cock sucking is fairly normal.

The answer is yeah, it’s pretty normal and to quote – or misquote – that famous movie line, “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!” Or something like that. If one responds by saying something about how much they like sucking dick – or that they’ve yet to suck one, nah – not helping a whole lot.

Back to Cityman’s rhetorical question for a moment or two. We’ve opined that if the stigma against male cock sucking were to just go away, that the people who remain squeamish about this would just understand that men have always been sucking each other off (which is why it’s a taboo in the first place), then perhaps guys blowing each other would be… easier? Just par for the course? There are a lot of guys who want to suck cock and, off the top of my head, there are three reasons why they haven’t:

  1. They’re terribly afraid of catching something.
  2. They’re very concerned about the stigma landing on them and getting their head handed to them.
  3. Some guys are actually worried that if they do it, they’re gonna like it… and won’t be able to stop doing it.

There are probably some more reasons I can think of – and could list – but I haven’t finished drinking my coffee yet – you know how that goes, right?

One of the more difficult informational things guys have a hard time responding to is, “What is it like to suck cock?” And I’ve seen few guys actually try to explain it and I know that even I have a hard time putting it into words. And even in this, you can see guys who’ve never sucked a dick offering their opinion on what they think it would be like if they ever got around to doing it. Helpful? I guess so… but while opinion is all well and good, the voice of experience is much more helpful… but then you gotta be able to answer such a question with as much objectivity as one can manage and not allow a potential answered to be colored by one’s biases, preferences and, yeah, bad experiences.

One possible answer to Cityman’s rhetorical question could be that more men aren’t getting into cock sucking because of what we don’t know about it and an overall inability to really state the pros and cons about it. What are the benefits if all men were “allowed” to suck cock? What are the downsides? And, I think, because we tend to focus more on the downside of this than we do any positive aspects, well, it’d be difficult to convince guys that it would be a good thing to just get out there and suck some dick and let some guys suck theirs.

It’s not helpful for a guy to ask the membership if he should kinda say, “Fuck it…” and just go ahead and suck cock like he wants to… when there are a bunch of guys telling him that if he does, he’s gonna get sick and die or offering up their reasons for why they haven’t taken the plunge and sucked a dick or basically telling him that he should get an exclusive boyfriend before doing it because to pick some random guy from some app or other source is dangerous.

Going about sucking a guy’s cock for the first time – and no matter how much information you manage to obtain before the fact – is still some very scary shit. As stated time and time again, it’s not like we – men – don’t know that guys do suck each other because we do know this. We can, um, go to PornHub or some other site and see it and in some pretty outrageous ways.

And, yet, even armed with this information and being aware of the potential risks – and how to prevent them from cropping up – it’s still pretty fucking scary. And, yeah – having a guy go down on you for that first time is just as scary… and no matter how many times a guy has had a woman go down on him. The perception is that there’s some huge difference going on here when, in fact, there isn’t. We’ve had a great sense of homophobia pounded into our heads and, sheesh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a guy say he won’t do it because he’s afraid it’s going to make him gay, I’d have a fleet of Lamborghinis to speed around town in.

It’s not what we know that stops this from being a “universal and accepted” thing for men to do – it’s what we don’t know and the fact that cock sucking is more subjective than objective and, even in this, there isn’t a clear cut way to put it into words. I can look inside my head and I know exactly why I love cock sucking… and you’ve seen me trying to explain it… and I still can’t really explain it because there just aren’t any words in any language that can get the job done. So, by and large, we wind up attempting to simplify it and with whatever words we have in our verbal arsenal. Sometimes it’s helpful… and sometimes it generates more questions than answers.

The biggest deterrent is social. The angst. The stigma. I tend to agree with Cityman that if this shit didn’t exist, a lot of dicks would get sucked. If there wasn’t so much fear mongering taking place, ditto. If there wasn’t all the psychobabble and this… nutty push for men to be in a relationship before giving up their cock to be sucked, yeah, maybe – just maybe – more guys would be blowing each other. If women didn’t have such a negative view about male cock suckers, sure, more guys would be doing each other and maybe even taking the pressure off of women to do this thing.

If we had a better and more open mindset about men blowing each other, a lot of men would be happily blowing each other. Those guys who haven’t done it and by their lack of actual experience wouldn’t be offering up their mostly uninformed opinions? Oh, they’d have a much more informed opinion…

If the social angst and stigma would just hurry the fuck up and go away. It continues to amaze the daylights out of me to see how much we – men – don’t know about this… and despite what is known about it. We suck each other off. We’ve always done this and if for no other reason than it can be done. It feels good to do it and to have it done. Yes, it is risky… but it’s well-known that sex has always been risky – again, there’s a reason why sex has forever been known to be dirty and nasty.

More men would be sucking cock if the belief that we shouldn’t do this were to fade into history. For a lot of men, the problem really isn’t doing it – the problem is fighting through the long-held belief that it should never be done. It’s just not all that easy to suspend belief and to override the social conditioning that prohibits this behavior in men. Then there’s that really fucked up double standard that says if “Jean” wants to eat “Helen’s” pussy, well, okay – that’s cool since there aren’t that many men who are really that good at it and our habitual emotional disconnect can make a girl being eaten a less than pleasant thing for her to endure and as opposed to how much emotion women can bring in this.

If the stigma didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be people running around and saying that men don’t (and shouldn’t) have to do this to each other because there are plenty of women who are willing to do it which, if nothing else, is theoretically true but, yeah, not so much… and guys who suck cock know exactly why this isn’t as much of a wholesale truth as is being offered in order to keep men from going buck wild and sucking each other off like it’s going out of style.

Whether a guy is into this up to their eyeballs or are still sitting on the bench and, really, making excuses for why they’re doing the one thing they say they’ve always wanted to do, sucking dick is still a huge topic of discussion… and some of the things we talk about concerning this isn’t conducive to easing a newbie’s concerns so that he can find out what a lot of other men have discovered.

Sucking cock is fun. It’s highly erotic. “Nasty” in a good way. It can be quite addictive (no pun or play on the word intended). A lot of guys do find that once they start sucking cock, being able to stop – or to not want to do it so much – is pretty damned difficult. While one can stop themselves from doing it, there’s not much that can be done about the desire to do it; it just does not ever go away and guys who manage to not do it often find that it takes a great effort of will not to give in to the greater desire to do it and go suck a dick.

Would sucking a dick – and having a guy suck your dick – make you gay? No, not really… but you might be surprised at how many men still believe this can happen. Why are some guys so afraid that if they do it, they’re gonna like it? Because they, too, believe that it’s gonna mean that they’re really gay since “everyone knows” that only gay men suck cock.


Misinformation is the reason why more guys aren’t sucking cock and as a matter of course; fear is the reason why more guys aren’t sucking cock and as a matter of course.

Doesn’t stop cock sucking from being a much talked about thing but it’s surprising that some of the things we talk about concerning this gives a lot of guys a reason not to do it more than it encourages them to give it a try. It’s probably why I get to sit and observe guys being so… conditional about it that they’re actually making it more difficult to do the one thing they say they want to do… and do a lot of.

And I still sit back with a high degree of awe and confusion over this because I do know that it didn’t used to be this difficult for two guys to get together and suck each other’s dick… and just because it can be done and it’s a fun and satisfying thing to do.

True enough, a lot of guys won’t do it because they fear reprisals from women. Cityman asked if women would be more at ease over not being subjected to being “pressured” to suck cock and, I guess, theoretically, one would think they would be and more so when girlfriend has her own reasons why she’d rather clean a filthy toilet before sucking a guy’s dick.

The reality is very different and while there are, in fact, women who don’t have a problem with guys sucking cock, all the shit we’ve been made to believe about this has made guys who love to suck cock a lot of enemies where women are concerned. And guys who want to suck that dick are very, very concerned about this – and they should be. The fear mongering and disinformation is so bad that, wow, some women don’t understand why a guy would want to suck a dick… even when they know why they suck dick… and it’s just “impossible” that a guy – and a guy who isn’t gay – would want to do something that said woman , you know, if she wants to, would herself do.

Why aren’t more men sucking cock? Because we’re still not supposed to. It’s forbidden. Taboo. Immoral. Many of us are just too afraid to. Until all of these barriers (and many more I’ve not mentioned) are removed, a lot of dicks will continue to go unsucked by other men and those that do get sucked will continue be done under the cover of darkness and under the radar.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “There are Those Who Do…

“…and those who don’t; those who will and those who won’t.” If there’s any more to this little ditty that, as many things do these days, just popped into my head unbidden, I don’t remember it.

Having said that, I can probably point to the conversation I had with Cityman the other day about cock sucking which included a general discussion about cock sizes and how easy – or not – some guys take to it. As these conversations tend to go, we talked about the guys who are… fixated on a type – sizes, colors, shapes, cut/uncut – and debated whether this fixation was a good or “bad” thing – and “bad” in terms of having such stringent preferences causing one to miss out on a lot of dicks they could potentially suck. We also talked about whether reciprocation is really “mandatory” or “optional” or maybe even an unrealistic expectation.

More on that in a few. We opened the discussion about how some guys can start out with this M2M thing and working through doing it all and at some point change their minds about whatever they “normally” do and just go with some cock sucking. This isn’t unusual so much because, sometimes, it’s the only thing you have time for or one just doesn’t feel like putting dicks in butts for some reason. What made this conversation a bit more interesting was centered on those guys who, even after getting some cock sucking experience under their belts, haven’t quite adjusted to it and by this I mean they find it rough going to really get into it.

As I was getting ready to write this – and the opening ditty was echoing in my head, I remembered a couple of things. The first was the old joke about two guys watching a male dog licking its nuts and the one guy saying to the other, “I wish I could do that!” and the other guy saying, “Well, if you ask him nicely, he might let you.”

Yeah… very old joke. I then remembered a bunch of us outside playing one nice summer day and one of the friendly neighborhood strays was “hanging” with us and decided that he needed to, um, lick himself and it was very clear he wasn’t doing it because his doggy nuts were itchy or in need of a cleaning. I remember we watched the dog, our eyes bugging out as the dog’s penis extended from its sheath, all pink and glistening in the afternoon sunlight, and the dog got busy licking it and, a few minutes later, kinda whimpered, shuddered, and after looking confused for a moment, stood up, his tail wagging something fierce, before trotting off somewhere.

We’d been transfixed… well, until someone started laughing and one of the guys turned and said to one of the other guys, “That dog had a good idea – let’s go!” And off we went to one of our hideouts to spend some time sucking each other’s dicks until no one could get it up again.

Except this one guy. Oh, he’d suck dick… but let’s say that he wasn’t as eager about it as everyone else was… unless the one guy who we all knew he’d suck and like his life depended on it was in attendance and, that day, he wasn’t. I think this was probably the first time having a preferred dick got my attention. Some “investigation” into why some of the guys who were in our “gang” would vanish when the order of the day was cock sucking revealed that the reason why they’d absent themselves from the activity was because their favorite dick to suck wasn’t among those available to be sucked.

And if one of those guys did hang around and joined the fun, I was then able to notice that he wasn’t, again, as eager to do it as everyone else was. Hmm. It would be some time later where I’d see this very same thing and almost as a matter of course; some guys “refused” to give head because the dick waiting to be sucked wasn’t their favorite kind of dick; some guys would go ahead and do it without much enthusiasm – not their preferred cock or doing it out of obligation/expectation and, of course, a lot of guys who just didn’t suck dick and wouldn’t.

Cityman and I wondered – and as we usually do – if learning and mastering the skills and art of cock sucking should be something all males in to M2M should acquire, you know, it’s in their toolkit even if they don’t use it. We opined that, sure, why not, since a lot of guys are into giving head but to the question of whether a guy should strive to love it more than just liking it – and doing it because it’s expected – the jury was out big time.

With my bias fully in place, I’ve always been of a mind that if you’re gonna do it, it makes sense to have fun doing it and to do your best to enjoy it.

Then Cityman changed to the topic of male size queens and rhetorically questioned why so many guys are all about ginormous cocks and only those kinds of cock. Outside of the “group thought” that bigger is better, I’m at a loss to explain this and more so when it’s easier to suck smaller cocks. We allowed that any cock of any size can be sucked, you know, as long as you can adjust to the size and then don’t try to do more than you’re physically able to do with it, well, those great big dicks are nice to look at, nice to have in your hand but sometimes not so easy to suck.

The main point was that if a guy only went after the really big dicks, he’s passing up many opportunities to suck dicks that aren’t “all that big” and if you’re an avid cock sucker, well, why would you go out of your way to limit how many dicks you can suck? What I know is that guys, when you ask them about this, will usually and mostly say it’s a preference although I’ve noticed that not many guys can explain why they have this preference. Still, it’s hard to argue against one’s preferences in this even when you can point out – and they can agree – that any cock can be sucked and smaller ones are easier to work over with one’s mouth… and even with this agreement, any guy who doesn’t have a dick down to their knees will not be getting their dick sucked.

I offered that this is… weird given how many guys are, in fact, into sucking cock. I can understand having a favorite guy you just love going down on; yeah, some guys are just a joy to suck and the size of his dick tends not to be of any real issue. Cityman spoke of a guy he knows who will only suck BBC and the bigger/thicker, the better. He shared that in asking the guy about this, the guy agrees that there are guys of other ethnicities who are very well endowed and willing for the guy to pleasure them; he just can’t explain why it’s BBC for him or nothing at all.

I can’t explain it either. It is what it is, of course, but it’s kinda baffling when one is an avid cock sucker but they choose to restrict themselves in this way… or some other way that, if nothing else, excludes a lot of cocks which are available to be sucked.

We then – and as usual – got into a discussion about the guys who will suck the skin right off of a dick… but you better not even think about returning the favor in kind. Is – or should – reciprocal cock sucking be a matter of course? Given the way a lot of guys behave in this, well, it really doesn’t work because sometimes you feel like having the favor returned and sometimes you don’t… but there are guys who, as Cityman is fond of saying, aren’t of a mind to use their dicks in the way they can be used. I’ve asked guys why they’re like this and some have said that they don’t – and never did – like having their dick sucked; some guys point to being submissive and that their mission is to give pleasure rather than to receive it in the form of having their dick sucked. I understand this… but I’d still want to have my dick sucked since, um, it feels really good.

Of course, Cityman has asked me if things were always like this and, of course, I reiterated my knowledge that it was quite unusual to run across a guy who would blow your brains out but wouldn’t want his brains blown out. I spoke to the way me and fellas went about this: If you suck my dick, your dick is gonna get sucked in return… and even the very gay guy among us never objected to getting sucked off and despite him being a total bottom.

Or, as he had once told me, “I love being the girl… but I like having my dick sucked, too!”

I mentioned to Cityman – and not for the first time – if he’s noticed any similarities with how women can be about sucking dick and wanting that oral favor returned and he said that he could see that as well as some guys being more funnier about cock sucking than some women can be. Of course, we wondered why this is… and it’s one more thing that I can’t explain other than this being another of those instant gratification things: I want what I want and in the exact way I want it and no substitutions allowed and it’s non-negotiable.

Cityman had said, “But, then, some guys are sitting on their asses and bitching about not being able to find a dick to suck, aren’t they?”

Yep… they sure are. But what that might really mean is that they can’t find the specific type of dick they want to suck and under the conditions they want to suck their preferred cock. I know about this; I even understand it… while it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and, yeah, because it’s not something I’d be of a mind to impose on myself. If I don’t want to suck a dick, there’s a reason why I don’t; either the guy is my kind of an asshole or, upon inspection, the dick doesn’t look as healthy as its owner has professed. Embarrassingly, yeah – I had to get over my disdain for uncut dicks and a quirk that did, in fact, prevent me from sucking a whole lot of dicks so to an extent, I was rather guilty of such… picky selectivity myself and get it in my head that even though I still think many uncut dicks are just outright fugly, it’s still a dick…

And any dick can be sucked. But to “come right out of the gate” with such hard-set and limiting preferences? I can’t explain it. I know what some guys say about it… and it still doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me and I do understand that I do have this, um, positive bias about sucking dick. If it can be sucked, then it’ll get sucked regardless to size and the ethnicity of its owner.

It’s just curious to see so many guys who are seriously funny about sucking dick and being sucked in return and more so when, in my experiences, it was, again, rare to run into a guy who was all that picky about sucking and being sucked. Times change… and this aspect of the dynamic has also changed and in ways I find extremely curious. Those guys who aren’t into it one way or the other? I get that. The guys who are into it but ultra-picky about things that, on the surface, shouldn’t matter a whole lot?

I’m trying to gain some understanding about this since I am very well aware that I can run into a guy who will suck the black off of my dick… and just won’t want the favor returned. Which, on the one hand, shouldn’t be that big of a deal but as Cityman and I discussed, how does it make you feel when you’re just as eager a cock sucker as the guy who’s blowing you… and he doesn’t even want you to fondle his dick? Is there anything behind the growing sentiment among bi guys that it’s better to give than receive? That being a submissive cock sucker means that having your dick sucked shouldn’t be done or, at the “worst” something to be endured… because it’s expected that if you suck a guy’s dick, your dick should also be sucked?

I don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of explanations toward this… and I still don’t know. It’s all about preference and I find myself having a dislike for the word and the context in which it is now being used. Once upon a time, a cock sucker preferred to suck cock… but today? If it’s not the right kind of cock and presented under the right and exact conditions, it’s a deal breaker to end all deal breakers. Once upon a time, it was “simply” a matter of if a guy sucked your dick, sucking his was pretty much a given even if done in a token kind of way; it was expected and, even so, either you were a cock sucker… or you weren’t.

It used to be stupidly simple… but not any more.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The “History of Head”

Every so often, I legitimately wonder about the origins of oral sex, thinking that somewhere way back in our past – and, it seem, lost to history and maybe even redacted from history – some people figured out that putting mouth to genitals was both doable and big time fun.

Started Googling to see how much information was available and, specifically, how far back into the past any information went – the earliest references I saw went back to 65 AD and various pieces of art that was discovered depicting oral sex being performed… and I’m thinking that if this behavior appeared before 65 AD, well, like they say, if it wasn’t written down, it didn’t happen but, again, more than likely, any references have been lost to history.

A lot of the stuff I scanned spoke to sex in the 19th century and, notably, the Victorian Age; a couple of things mentioned the 1950s and 1960s and the beginning of the sexual revolution… and a lot of stuff was more about giving and receiving head from 2000 and going forward; the thing I looked at – and before I started writing this – opened up with how alarming it is that those getting into oral sex are starting younger and younger… and that part had my eyebrows crawling up my forehead because in my own experiences, um, whoever wrote it has clearly missed some stuff.

Some of the stuff I read talked about how oral sex was – and probably still is – not seen as sex and how giving and receiving head was just an act of foreplay while some other references pointed to oral sex as a substitution for actual intercourse, you know, to avoid pregnancies and especially in teens.

And, strangely, quite a few of the articles I breezed through spoke mostly about fellatio and with a few references to cunnilingus (and one reference to analingus)… and there’s probably something about this that I’m just missing (and probably because I wasn’t really of a mind to sit here and read every last article).

I got to thinking about the origins of this because I was still kinda thinking about the number one thing bi guys learn as a first experience: Cock sucking. I even scoured through my early memories, growing up in the hood and the many boys who knew about it and knew how to do it, well, at least in theory… and I’ve never figured out how we even knew about the possibility for one’s dick to be sucked. I mean, I know how I found out about it but one of the things that really used to bug me in my youth was how did one of my best friends knew about it and was telling me about it and in such an excited way that he was literally bouncing around as he told me about it.

Which led to us doing it but that’s not the point so much. He knew. He knew how to do it… and if he was to be believed – and I didn’t have any reason not to believe him, he had never done it until that moment he put his mouth on me.

Cock sucking is a big and major fascination with guys – and like no one ever figured that one out, huh? Among bi guys, wow – I can go on the forum and there isn’t a day that goes by that there’s not something being discussed about sucking dick, from the number of guys who love the shit out of to those guys who are, frankly, so afraid of it that they haven’t done it… but they want to.

Discussions about eating pussy are rarely seen other than asking that rather insipid question of what one likes more or better – sucking cock or eating pussy. And I sit back and read what the fellas have to say about this, from their first experiences to, again, those guys who’ve yet to experience it.

Still makes me wonder, with great futility and frustration, what two guys in the history of humanity figured this out and what were the conditions under which this… discovery was made. Could it be that two guys were out hunting, which would take days chasing down prey, and to pass the time, one guy went down on the other guy or maybe one or both of them were horny as fuck, no women on the hunt with them and, well, we’re here so…

Yeah, I know – it’s like tilting windmills but my brain still likes to ponder why cock sucking – and specifically among men – either generates a great deal of excitement… or a great deal of fear. I know all too well the number of men I’ve talked to over the decades who wouldn’t hesitate to let a woman suck their dick… but mention a guy doing it? Oh, hell, no! But the ongoing angst against homosexuality was quite responsible for such a reaction and it never failed to escape me that people would rant and rave against such behavior, insist that it should never, ever be done, while with the sure knowledge that men do, in fact, suck each other’s dick.

Swallowing cum, another discussion point that gets a lot of attention. I’ve read some stuff where, in some cultures, partaking of another man’s sperm would imbue the receiver with that man’s power and even warrior spirit… and I’m pretty sure the guy delivering the goo wasn’t putting it in a cup or anything for it to be consumed by the up and coming – and potential – new warrior. It was – and probably still is somewhere – a rite of passage into manhood and, of course, what the Greeks and Romans were into back in the day is fairly well-known.

Some guys live to get that mouthful of spunk… and some would prefer not to get it. It continues to amaze me that, way back in the day for me, that this was an acquired taste was very well known and, for me, five-plus decades later, we still talk about it being an acquired taste and there are a lot of guys who want to know how to acquire it… without actually experiencing it. Now, a lot of guys won’t suck cock (or swallow sperm) because of the health risks – but I’m not really talking about this aspect so much but will mention, again, that the vaunted authority – the CDC – says that the chances of catching something via cock sucking is really, really low – somewhere around four percent. That seems to make potential cock suckers very nervous – but not see the other side of the coin and that being there’s a ninety-six percent chance of not getting something nasty in one’s mouth.

Have I ever mentioned how funny guys are about this?

Today, guys can watch yottabytes of porn and watch cock sucking all day long if they wanted to… but back in the day? Back when I was growing up? The only porn that was really available was those infamous dirty books, the kind your dad would purchase and take great care to not have them discovered… and we’d find them anyway and I thought that maybe this is how my best friend – and some of the other guys in the hood – found out about this amazing and exciting thing to do to, with, and for each other.

It has never failed to amaze me how many guys would be seriously adverse to doing this – you know we were told not to – but if they pretty much said, “Fuck it…” or gave into the peer pressure to do it, well, shit: That wasn’t bad at all! I know that having the rules about this hammered into our heads was enough… induced fear of being severely punished that some guys would do it, would actually like, but managed to convince themselves that they didn’t – or they wouldn’t dare check it out.

But for those who did? Best thing since sliced bread. Didn’t take guys very long to figure out that if ya couldn’t get a girl to do it, there was at least one guy who would give his left nut to suck your dick and, yeah, mostly the guy who was seriously eager to do that was usually very, very gay… but we did learn that you didn’t have to be gay to want a guy to suck your dick or be gay to suck a dick.

One of the things to be learned is why women either love doing it… or just flat out hate doing it and, um, acquiring that taste is only a small part of their dislike because, as much as I hate to say it, some guys are just total assholes when getting their dick sucked up to and including that “I’m not gonna cum in your mouth” thing that traumatized many a woman… and quite a few guys as well.

But it still never failed to escape me that as much as guys – in particular and specifically – ranted and raved about having their dick sucked by another guy, cocks were still being sucked and sperm was being consumed and especially under the “I won’t tell if you won’t” rule.

It made me wonder, even way back then, why we – as a whole – would pitch all kinds of bitches about this cock sucking thing when we – as a whole – knew it was going on and had been… and, I think, prior to 65 AD. Enter religion and its overall mandate in things sexy that sperm belonged only inside women and for the express purpose of making them pregnant – and any recreational sex was – and still is – a sin. The Catholic Church is very well known about their totally angst against any form of contraception and there was a time – and still might be for all I know – that one could be excommunicated for using any form of contraception… including sucking a guy’s cock until he cums and, yeah, even eating pussy as well as engaging in anal sex.

Still, this religious mandate and its related punishments haven’t stopped dicks from being sucked, pussies eaten, and asses fucked and I’m still of a mind that cock sucking, in particular, was such a fascinating thing to find out about because it wasn’t supposed to be done by anyone. There are still laws on the books in almost every state where oral sex is illegal – even among married people. The laws have been deemed unenforceable… but they’re still on the books just the same.

And even this hasn’t stopped one guy from sucking on another guy’s cock and, again, some guys are just… rebellious in that if you tell them it shouldn’t ever be done, it’s gonna be done.

It’s never escaped me how some guys are just a natural at it despite never having done it before the moment they did. It’s not as if guys didn’t know about it and it’s not as if guys never had a girl blow them… and perhaps having it done to them was all they needed to experience to know how to do it… while other guys, well, to be nice, you could tell they were having a hard time figuring out how to do it – but they caught on pretty quick.

Some hated it. Many more found out what men over a very long period of time has found out: Sucking a guy’s dick is a lot of fun. Sometimes it is foreplay, a precursor to actual intercourse but that doesn’t take away from the fact that cock sucking is a sexual act unto itself or I don’t think it is but many still do think it isn’t really sex.

I can get into the whole oral fixation thing which I believe plays into this as well – and that’s all I’m going to say about it right now. Cock sucking remains the first thing a lot of guys learn about sex with other guys and it still mostly preferred over fucking and, I think, because it’s easier to do. I’ve repeated said that it can be done damned near anywhere, usually doesn’t take a whole lot of time, and doesn’t require a lot of preparation other than hitting one’s crotch with some soap and water – and if it’s available. Some folks are of a mind that cock sucking lacks intimacy and, honestly, I have no idea why that gets said because sucking a guy’s dick is pretty fucking intimate and just as eating a woman’s pussy is… but as in all things regarding sex, we’re pretty funny about it.

Yet and still, for something that supposedly lacks intimacy and isn’t considered to really be sex, there are a lot of men who suck cock and submit to being sucked… and, sometimes, because they don’t have anything “better” to do. The angst against men blowing each other has been with us since forever and, once again, it has never failed to baffle the shit out of me to see women raising hell about men doing something to each other than they’ve done, whether they enjoy doing it or not so much.

We are almost eternally and permanently stuck in that place where we insist that “Bob” and “Ted” should never have a reason to blow each other and that “Alice” and “Carol” are supposed to do it and, of course, if the ladies are of a mind to not do it, well, that’s their right and your problem. We do, these days, keep the… competition going over who sucks dick the best – men or women and, again, we see a lot of women displaying so much hate over a guy who sucks dick.

Even in this, many of us remain of a mind to stick with the way things are supposed to be and not be of a mind to embrace the way things can be and have been since [at least] 65 AD. Men suck cock. Not all men who suck cock are homosexual… and some guys will tell you in a hurry that even though they give and receive head with men – as well as having sex with women – they’re not even bisexual; as far as they’re concerned, they’re still very much straight, thank you very much.

And, these days, men have gotten extremely funny about cock sucking and, of course and as I’ve said many times, it gets my attention because I can clearly remember a time when guys weren’t so funny about it and it was pretty easy and straightforward: You either wanted to get into it with another guy or you didn’t. I’ve sat back in the cut and watched other men get mind-numbingly conditional about cock sucking.

And yet, someone on the forum wrote and asked a question if we – men – are making this harder than it has to be. And I truly believe that we are… and I have no idea why… but giving and receiving head with another guy still remains the first thing a guy learns in this and remains a more… popular thing to do than fucking is.

Confused? So am I. Yeah, chances are that I am really overthinking this but in my own defense, I’m doing so with a purpose, well, a dual purpose, actually. When a guy asks what the big deal is about guys sucking cock, well, someone should be able to provide an answer; when a guy has questions about how to do it, answers are needed. When a guy has fears and concerns about it, someone has to be able to provide enough information to allay those fears and concerns. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just know that men do this – sometimes it’s about getting to the root of why we do this and how sexuality, such as we kinda understand it, doesn’t always explain why it can be big time fun to get naked with another guy and suck on each other’s cock until ejaculation is achieved.

And why, despite the great (but lessening) social angst about men sucking cock hasn’t done a thing to stop guys from finding out what it’s like to suck another man’s dick or that the only real difference between a man doing it and a woman doing it is merely the person doing it.

To bring this very long scribble to a close (and you’re probably thinking it’s about time), I was thinking about this and remembering how guys would often get into disagreements with each other and one guy would say to the other, “Aw, man… suck my dick!” – and the guy this was being directed at would get even more pissed off. I thought that this epitaph was uttered – and a lot – because of the perceived humiliation attached to the notion – and perceived sin – of men blowing each other.

And I got to thinking about the many times when that epitaph was uttered… and it was a carefully concealed request. I thought about a time where I was “arguing” with a friend and I hit him with a good one that made him laugh and made him say, “Man, suck my dick!” – and then I found out that he really did want me to suck his dick. Have I ever mentioned how funny guys can be trying to drop hints in this? Made it kinda difficult to know when a guy was saying this to you in a mean way… or he was really asking for his dick to be sucked. What it did do was get me to respond, “Are you offering?” which would either infuriate the guy who said it… or reveal that he was, indeed, offering.

Why? At the simplest of levels, sucking dick and having a guy suck your dick is – and always has been – a fun, sensual, and erotic thing to do and probably more so since we’re still being told that we shouldn’t do it to each other. Just like women, guys either love it or they don’t and sometimes they’ll do it because it’s an expectation and the expectation makes them quite indifferent about it and it becomes a chore that is best done as quickly as possible and, sometimes, without the, ah, creamy ending. There was a time where getting a guy to agree to exchanging blow jobs was stupidly easy compared to trying to convince a woman to do it…

Not these days, it seems… and I really don’t know why… but I’m still trying to find out because there are guys who are asking questions and there are few people providing credible answers.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Just Do It

Yesterday, I was looking through tweets on Twitter and two of them caught my attention. The first was a clip of a guy (young, white) with a big dick, jerking himself off with one hand while videoing his session with his phone in the other hand… while someone was videoing him videoing himself. The person who posted the tween asked – and I’m paraphrasing – why film the dude doing that when you could jump in there and, uh, help him out?

And I thought the tweeter had a good point.

Next tweet was one of yet another white guy eating another white guy’s dick… and I mean homey was very seriously going for it. None of the usual up and down stuff; dude had that dick buried in his throat and you could see the level of concentration he had as well as how he was using his mouth and tongue to do all of the work and, again, without really moving his head. A few seconds later, you could see when the guy being blown lost his load – he went from sitting fairly still to… twitching in the car’s seat and there was just enough of his dick not in the other guy’s mouth to be able to see it pumping… and the guy taking the nut never changed his facial expression – he was highly focused but you could see him swallowing everything the other guy had to offer before finally releasing him.

And I wondered, “Hmm… I wondering how many people would see this and see how erotic this is… and how many would see it and be repulsed by it since guy’s aren’t supposed to be sucking dicks in the first place?” And I laughed to myself right after thinking that since, duh, I saw it in HD so, yeah, so much for saying that guys aren’t supposed to be doing that, huh?

I admit to being biased about it since, well, you know, I know something about sucking dick but there are times when I will just sit and think about how someone else would look at this thing that, for me, is just and fairly normal for guys who are into it to do and trust me when I say that it took me a whole lot of years to be able to just sit and watch something like this objectively, to see it for what it is rather to read anything else into it, oh, like that’s really gay and being able to do that is, for me, quite important since I happen to know that a lot of guys who suck cock aren’t homosexual… and some of them would categorically deny that they’re bisexual, insisting that they’re still quite straight despite what they’re doing with other guys.

And as I tend to do, I wondered what two guys in the history of humanity figured out that sucking on someone else’s cock was a good and fun thing to do. Hell, I’ve wondered about the two people who discovered or “invented” oral sex in the first place but, alas, that’s been lost in history or maybe even edited out of the history of human sexuality. We just know that guys do suck dick and women do eat pussy and we do rant and rave about how it shouldn’t be this way even with literal photographic evidence that it is that way.

I entitled this “Just Do It” and, to be honest, that’s not what I really had in mind for a title – it was just the first thing that popped into my head and, again as such things tend to do, got me thinking about how weird we can get to actually be able to see one guy sucking another guy’s cock.

I asked myself, “If I opened the door and saw my bud with his dick out and stroking it – and filming it – would I stand there and watch… or would I want to literally take the situation out of his hand and use mine… or just blow him? My bias leaped forward and said, “Oh… that dick would get sucked!” without, um, considering that homey might take issue with having his dick pounced on like that… but sometimes it is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. I had a good laugh about it.

But that second tweeted video was interesting, not because I know what it’s like to blow a guy but in what the guy was doing, the art and skill he displayed and the intense focus written on his face as he enticed his companion to cum. It was, in fact – and in my opinion – a thing of beauty and yet another example of eroticism. I thought about the fact that if that was a woman blowing that guy, eh, not many people would be surprised by it and it’s so commonplace a thing that some might not even pay that much attention to it… but when it’s a guy blowing another guy, boy – does it ever get our attention and not always in a good way.

A few days prior to yesterday, Cityman and I were talking about sucking dick from how some guys do it to the sheer fact that guys not only like having their dick sucked but they like doing the sucking, too. We talked about those guys who would, at the drop of a hat – or a pair of underwear – suck a dick without giving it a second thought… but aren’t of a mind to have that delicious favor being returned unto them or, as Cityman likes to say, “What’s the point of having a dick if you’re not going to allow someone to do to you what you’re doing to them?”

That’s always a good question and one with a lot of possible answers. The main thrust (no pun) of our conversation was the eroticism of sucking dick and how normal a thing it really is; we talked about the cock sucking fiends and those who literally pay lip service in the form of foreplay or out of an expectation – you suck a guy’s cock because, well, that’s one of the things that’s supposed to be done and as a matter of course except some guys don’t like it – either way – and some are of a mind that “real men” don’t suck dick – but they do let other men suck their dick.

“Just Do It” still doesn’t convey the gist of this. Yeah… in a way it does in that if that’s what you wanna do, well, just find an agreeable guy… and just do it. When Cityman and I talk about this, we’re both of a mind that in things M2M, it’s something that all guys should learn and, if they can, master since for the most part, it’s the first thing a guy learns to do or has done to him in a guy/guy mode, that and it’s still easier than having anal sex, given the degree of preparation that must be undertaken and, well, that takes time… and time that isn’t always available. There’s much dissonance about it, you know, given what we’re told about this but as Cityman rightfully says, if you can do it, then why not just do it and have fun while you’re at it?

That guy in the second videoed tweet might not have looked like he was having fun blowing his buddy but looks are deceiving since you can’t tell what was going through his mind as he blew his bud and, might I add, in my opinion, masterfully. None of that staring into the camera shit that annoys the fuck out of me; no making goo-goo eyes at the guy being sucked or being overly demonstrative sucking the dick. Just get it in your mouth and working it with a purpose until the other guy cums and, you know, if it’s like that with you, don’t let go of the dick until all that spunk has been… ah, properly disposed of. None of that “sloppy blow job” stuff that you see a lot of, you know, with gobs of saliva oozing out all over the place or the one doing the sucking being face-fucked with near reckless abandon and as evidenced by the next video tweet I saw but, then again, I realize that I’m old-school enough to be of a mind that being face-fucked is different that giving a guy a blow job but, oh, well – to each his own and whatever floats boats and all that.

As I played Minecraft and pondered M2M cock sucking, I did have the memory of yet another clip I saw some time ago pop into my head where yet another white guy (and I really do wonder why I tend to see more white guys doing this than any other) who was sucking away on a guy’s dick – then his cheeks puffed out and homey got this look of utter surprise on his face when the other guy busted a nut – and just as it did the first time I saw it, I was damned near in tears laughing to myself and, again, thinking, “What did you think was gonna happen?”

Okay… I had to get this one out of my head. I suck dick. Love doing it and, duh, love having it done and I maintain that the only thing better than sucking dick is eating pussy. If you’re a guy and you’re into this and you can see a video of other guys doing it, well, there’s something both erotic and clinically interesting in seeing it being done and with the sure and certain understand that no matter what anyone really thinks about it, men do suck each other’s dicks and just as it is with women doing it, there’s an inherent beauty in it and provided the one doing the blowing isn’t pandering to the camera and I’ll even tell you why that bugs the shit out of me:

Instead of mugging for the camera, uh, isn’t your attention put to better use being on the dick that’s in your mouth? I think so and, yes, that’s just me. Someone explained it to me as a way to say to those who are watching, “Yeah… I could be doing this to you…” and, okay, I get it – still don’t like seeing it. My bias is… interesting but I am aware of how my bias plays out in my head and, again, I’m pretty old school about it. Just do it; forget that playing around with it – just suck the dick and make its owner wonder if he’s found himself attached to a cock sucking machine and maybe even “regretting” that he wanted to have it done. I read about and see how guys are sucking dick today and I think, okay, it is what it is and it fascinates me why guys suck dick the way they do.

Many say that they do it to please the other guy and that it makes them feel good to give that naughty pleasure and more than receiving it gives them. Me? Eh, not so much. I suck dick because it makes me feel good doing it – I’ve got some serious oral fixation that I just enjoy entertaining. Am I concerned about him feeling good? Yes… and not so much. Sure, I want him to enjoy it but it took a lot for me to admit to myself that, truth be told, I don’t really care if he’s enjoying it or not – but that I’m having fun doing it does matter. I’ve had guys tell me that I’m doing it for the wrong reason, that I should only be all about his pleasure and that my own shouldn’t mean that much…

And I will forever call bullshit on that one since I also happen to know that a lot of women don’t like doing it because too many guys don’t think about whether blowing them is fun for the gal doing it – and the shit we’ll do to make it not be any fun for her. So, yeah – call me a selfish cock sucker and if that’s the case, I’m good with that because I know, even if other guys don’t seem to, that I’m not going to be of a mind to do something that I can’t have fun doing and for my own quirky pleasure.

The title doesn’t really match the content and I’ll even apologize for that…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Yet Another of Those Moments

I had met “Ken” via an IRC chat room i had stumbled into and decided to lurk a little since the conversation was, at first, hot and heavy but then got stupid as the malcontents known to frequent sexuality-based IRC chats disrupted things. Just as I was about to leave, I got a private chat request from this guy that wasn’t some dude trying to hit on me or some other dumb shit I didn’t want to be bothered with and the proof he wasn’t one of those guys is that he actually said hello and politely asked me to accept the request to chat.

So I did and we introduced ourselves… and I’m guessing that Ken and I chatted with each other for quite a few days after our initial chat where he confessed that he was very interested in learning some stuff about having sex with other men – and stuff that wasn’t the usual crap to be found in an IRC chat room – and because of the way I had answered some guy’s question, well, he felt that I was the guy he needed to talk to.

We established enough of a rapport that when he suggested that we meet and talk face to face, I was all for it; the only hangup was he wanted to meet the following evening and I had something else to do – but the evening after was clear for me and he gave me the place and time.

I couldn’t wait to meet this guy, not because I was itching to have sex with him but it was so refreshing to talk bisexuality with a guy at such an intelligent level. Oh, there was some flirting and naked innuendos but it was nicely done – none of the usual raunchy shit some guys liked to engage in like cybersex, something I really couldn’t get my head around all that well but, eh, I wasn’t beyond using my way with words at times so a guy could read them on a screen while he got himself off.

I arrived at the meeting place – a Dunkin Donuts – early the next evening and waited for Ken to arrive… if he was really going to. I’d had my share of flakes and while I tried to be understanding about being stood up, who likes being stood up? As I sipped on a cup of coffee and nibbled on a Dunkin Donut – the one with the handle on it for dunking – I scanned the people coming and going looking for the white/Oriental mixed guy Ken described himself to be or, as he had put it, “You’ll know me when you see me!”

He was right, too; I spied a guy who had Asian features and the “mop of very unruly hair inherited from his mother” the moment he walked through the door. A bit shorter than myself and a bit more stockier – not chubby, not fat… stocky. I waved to him and his smile lit up the brightly lit place as he waved back, got some coffee and a donut, and joined me at the table.

As we greeted each other, wow, without the black coffee he had in his hand, he was already bouncing off the walls and I found his exuberance refreshing and a bit humorous – you just couldn’t do anything but like this guy. We exchanged other pleasantries as we drank coffee before he said, “Come on – let’s get out of here and so somewhere so we talk talk more privately – follow me!”

I followed him in my car,,wondering where we were going but not feeling “weird” about the area we were in; I knew it well because it wasn’t more than ten minutes from where I lived. A moment later, pulled into a driveway and kinda waved at me to park and as I did so, I was wondering why I’d never seen him before now but I tabled the thought as I turned the car off and followed Ken inside.

Once inside, he asked, “Would it be forward of me to ask if we can get undressed and lie next to each other while we talk?”

Okay… never heard this one before but I agreed and followed him to his bedroom and smiling because he was still bouncing off the walls. We stripped down and took a moment to at each other’s nakedness and he said, “Wow… you have a nice body! How do you stay so slim?” as he patted his belly and a belly I wouldn’t say was a “beer gut” but just part of his being a stocky kind of guy.

I thanked him for the compliment, told him I’d always been slim without having to exercise and joined him on the bed… and we really did talk. I listened as he told me about his earlier “fooling around” with guys when he was 13 or so and kinda frowned when he said that none of the cock sucking he did (three guys) didn’t count toward his interest in doing something as an adult, my cue to kinda spank his hand a little for such a misconception and telling him that if you did it, you can’t undo it and shouldn’t act as if it never happened.

He actually looked contrite but said he understood as that he knew he was just lying to himself about it. And we talked. Even in the relative dimness in the room, I could see his eye get dinner plate big as I shared some of my experiences with him and it was all I could do not to laugh at him for being so… impressed? Still, even with both of us buck naked, it was relaxing and comfortable just lying next to him and talking – it was like we did this as a matter of course and as been doing it for a long time.

I was so comfortable that he actually surprised me when he asked, “Is it okay if I touch you?” – and then quickly added that it was okay with him if I wanna ted to touch him. I agreed and for the next few minutes, we lay there touching each other; he literally started touching my head, then my face, his fingers touching here and there like his fingers were trying to memorize everything about my body.

I, in turn, touched him just as he was touching me and I like the fact that he was in no hurry to wrap his hand around my dick. Indeed, when he got to touching my nipples, I guess they fascinated him because he kept playing with them and making me pretty insane. “Would it be too forward for me to kiss your nipples.”

“Ken, we’re naked together in your bed and we’ve been touching each other for a while now so if that’s what you want to do, I think the permission is implied at this point, wouldn’t you agree?”

My goodness… how he smiled! His first kiss on my right nipple was tentative and if he wasn’t sure about what he had asked to do and for a moment, I thought that if this was some kind of act, it was a damned good one and he got points for it. I shivered as his tongue tasked against my nipple and I heard him mutter, “Wow…” – then had a field day licking and sucking my nipples. His hand had finally found my erection and he moaned in a very odd way as he played with my dick while still going at my nipples.

I had to do something to distract him or, um, well, he was gonna make me cum if i didn’t. So I sat up, used a hand to gently insist he lie back, and did to his nipple what he’d been doing to mine – and then used my hand to keep him in place lest his writhing cause him to fall off the bed. And, just as he did to me, I fondled his erection, making him squirm even more. A part of me wanted to go in for “the kill…” but this was his meeting and, besides, I was damned curious to know what would happen next.

So I stopped and looked at him and he was smiling and blinking and, jeez, he was just so cute! As I looked at him, I wondered again why this man wasn’t already some guy’s lover other than, as he had said, he didn’t have the time or patience for anyone who didn’t want to go at his pace. So I looked and waited; i listened to him get his breathing under control and laid back down close to him – I could feel the heat radiating off of him and it was pretty intense.

“I think I’d like to go down on you, if that’s okay?” he asked a few moments later and I nodded my consent. But he made a pit stop, kinda draping himself on me a little and getting close so he could whisper in my ear:

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…”

And I couldn’t help it – I started laughing. When I could stop, I said, “That’s usually what I tell guys who aren’t that experienced but, yeah, I know Imdon’t have to if I don’t want to but this isn’t about me – it’s about what you want to do and if I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t still be here.”

He was so precious and I appreciated his concern and consideration for my wellbeing and sensibilities and I stifled a laugh thinking about how he might react should he want me to go down on him…

I had kinda expected him to kiss his way down to my dick but he went right to it. He was tentative, like he either had forgotten how to do this or he was trying to figure it out. He looked up at me and asked, “Are all…?”

I knew what he was gonna ask so I cut him off by saying, “No – and some guys make me look very tiny…”

He laughed before returning to exploring me with his mouth. As an aside, most guys, when being sucked, prefer someone with experience and skill but there something… lovely about being sucked by a guy who, at the least, is doing it and seeming so I certain as Ken was. But that didn’t last too long; he found his footing and began to suck me in earnest and he was about to completely undo me so I gave him “the warning” and he stopped.

Whew! Ken had a glazed look about him and my dark-adjusted eyes could see how flushed he was and, yeah, his body heat was almost oppressively hot and had me sweating…well, on top of what he had been doing.

“I’m sorry if I’m nit that good at it… but I haven’t done this in a very long time,” he apologized.

“Do I look like I’m complaining?” I asked.

“No, you don’t,” he replied.

“Okay, then,” I said as I smiled at him.

“I guess it’s my turn now, huh?”

“It is.”

“You’re gonna make me cum, aren’t you?”

“I am… unless you don’t want to because, ah, you don’t have to.”

“Do it; I’ve waited for this moment for much too long…”

I unleashed The Beast upon him and The Beast showed no mercy and ate him alive. Oh, he was such a joy to suck! So responsive and surprisingly a bit more verbal than I had thought. His cock was easy to suck and he tasted so good; The Beast loved the way his body was responding as he fucked into my mouth… while saying he was sorry that he was losing control of himself.

Precious… just precious. The Beast toyed with him, savored his taste and feel and when he cried out that he was gonna cum, The Beast allows me to acknowledge his warning before shoving him right off them cliff and into the abyss.

And Ken came… oh, boy, did he ever! His whole body went board stiff and that first shot took me by surprise as it hit the back of my throat – then followed up with so much spunk that I had to hustle to keep up with it while wondering how long he’d been holding on to all of it.

The Beast fed upon him until he had no more to give and reluctantly went back to his cage to see what was going to happen next. I sat up, wiped the perspiration from my face and looked at Ken… then really looked at him to make sure he was still breathing. He was – he just couldn’t do anything but lie there.

From inside it’s cage, The Beast laughed hysterically.

“Holy shit,” Ken finally said. “Holy shit.”

“Are you okay?” I asked with genuine concern; just because Ken hadn’t freaked out before now didn’t mean he wouldn’t freak out now.

“Huh?” he asked.

“Are you okay?” I repeated – and trying not to laugh along with The Beast who,thought his response was funny as hell.

“No, not really but I will be. Um, I guess I should finish what I started with you, huh?”

“Only if you want to,” I said – and I meant it. Despite his three early-in-life experiences, I was treating him as if this was his first time and I take this situation very, very seriously.

“I really do,” he said,as he sat up… and plopped back down on the bed – he sat up too quickly. He cursed soft,y to himself, sat up, took a deep breath and pushed me onto my back gently and went back to sucking me – and I had to hand it to him because most guys, after the cum, can’t continue even if they wanted.

A few minutes later, I groaned that I was cumming and he hummed an “okay” against my swelling cock and I unloaded onto his mouth; The Beast thought it was funny that Ken initially gagged as my seed shot into his mouth; it can be such an asshole at times.

He release me and sat up – slowly – and asked, “Did I do okay?”

“Did you just make me cum?” I asked.

“Sure did!” and his smile was infectious.

“Then I’d say you did just fine,” I said, sighing happily – and hoping this wouldn’t be the last time we got together like this.

It wasn’t. Over the next year, we got together when time and other important things would allow. He learned that he very much like sucking cock and swallowing, liked it when our friendship got to the “fucking each other” stage but didn’t like fucking so much – for him, being fucked was much more fun for him.

The bad part? I knew it wasn’t going to last much longer because it seemed that whenever I found a guy I really resonated with, something would always happy to break things up. And it happened. I moved to the other side of the city and he took another job in another state the same day I had told him that I was going to be moving farther away. I think he took all of this harder than I did… and I took it pretty hard and more so because we never got a chance to “properly” say goodbye to each other, that and the distance that would get between us was a bit too great to make visiting each other a reasonable thing to do.

But as much as I enjoyed my time with him, it was as if every moment we were together as like the very first time. I had hoped and prayed that if he found someone else, he would be able to enjoy them as much as he enjoyed me… and my search for that one special guy began anew.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Thrill of It

What… you thought maybe I’d take Christmas Day off?

It’s colder in the various parts of the US, winter is upon us, guys aren’t as out and about as they were in the warmer days and as they settled in for the next several months of cold weather, thoughts turn to…

Sucking dick. Chatter about sucking dick has picked up, the need to do it, the thrill of doing it and to take the essence of a man as the reward for a job well done and, as usual, even the guys who haven’t gotten a taste of dick yet are in the spirit of it all; they want to do it, need to do it, can’t wait to find out what an untold number of men over many generations has found out…

That sucking cock is good, fun and, sometimes, a pain in the ass. Is it better to do it using condoms or better without one being between one’s oral receptors, replacing the heady taste of flesh with that of latex (or whatever they’re making them out of these days)?

Which works better? To be aggressive and assertive, going after the other guy’s prick with a great hunger or purpose? Or is it better to let him dictate how things are going and use the receiver’s mouth as he would a woman’s pussy?

How do you like your cum? Fresh from the source or as it oozes out of a woman’s coochie? Use a shot glass or other container to take it to the head… after giving head? On your knees? Lying down? Sixty-nine and side by side or top/bottom? A bigger thrill to sit before a glory hole and wait for a faceless prick to slide through the hole waiting to be sucked and finished?

How about the camaraderie of a bath house or sauna? The thrill of not only sucking cock but knowing that there are others present who are watching and, perhaps, even thinking about taking a turn at being blown and encouraged to deliver their cum? What makes you want to literally cum in your pants? Presenting yourself before a group of men, with cocks of varying sizes and thicknesses and prostrating yourself before them as you take them on one at a time until you’ve taken sperm from each and every last one of them?

Or maybe you prefer a more private and intimate setting and with someone you have a high degree of emotional connection with and giving them head has a deeper meaning other than just a thing to do?

The questions keep coming – no pun intended at this point. Why do guys get so head over heels about it and, conversely, why aren’t more women that eager to do this? Is it safe? It is even normal for men to fellate each other? Spit or swallow? Facial or not? Is being able to deep throat easy or hard to do? Which is preferable – with foreskin or without? Big fat dicks or average, more run of the mill dicks? A lot of cum or any amount literally feeds the bulldog?

With pubic hair or without? Shaved balls? Do you suck them as well? Done in concert with digital prostate stimulation? And the penultimate question: Is it better to give than receive?

I read about all of these things that men talk about concerning sucking dick and it’s just me but I wonder if they do, in fact, understand exactly what we subject women to when we want and need them to suck our dick. Do they understand that it’s not really as “glamorous” as their words might imply? That guys, when their cock is hard, can be insensitive pricks and to the point where a lot of women find this to be a chore that can rank below cleaning a toilet? That for women this is too much like work and not enough about a pleasurable thing as, perhaps, it once was?

And, as such, um, a quick release – and if one is permitted – is much better than having to wait for something that may or may not happen any time soon? Do some guys feel… inadequate when the man they’re trying to make cum doesn’t? And if he doesn’t, does it ever enter their mind that homey just might have jerked himself off before the fact so that now, it’s going to take a long time for him to ejaculate again and, thus, extending the cock sucking and taking thing to more extreme limits where time and physical endurance is concerned?

And that this… underhanded trick really isn’t a bad reflection on them as an eager cock sucker?

It’s getting colder in various places across the country and men – both the hunters and the hunted – are hunkering down against the cold and whatever inclement weather winter may bring their way and thinking about sucking cock and being sucked, the thrill of giving – and in this season of giving – as well as receiving. Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, they’re thinking of testicles that dangle, then draw close before the plum-shaped testes are set to deliver their load of life creating semen and sperm, to feel the vigorous pumping action within their mouth or the toe-curling, primal feeling when they’re the one’s doing the pumping.

Why are men so fixated on this? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s the taboo of it all, the inherent “nastiness” of fellating another man and enticing him to give up his seed and, as some might suggest, make the giver of the seed a part of them and as if to take the essence of another man in some spiritual sense. I don’t know why – I just know that there are those of us who are wholly fixated on it. Some like giving, some like receiving, and for some, both is a sensible necessity.

It just is what it has always been… and it is thrilling. It’s so deeply personal even though many are of a mind that oral sex isn’t really sex but for something that is supposedly not sex, there’s an awful lot of it going on and desired. Some guys say that they feel so… alive when they have another man in their mouth; some feel… feminine which suggests that they do, indeed, know what women may feel in this moment while others say that they’ve never felt so manly than when they’re sucking another man’s cock and taking his seed from him and not merely waiting for it to be delivered unto him.

For some, this is just a prerequisite, a prelude to actual intercourse while for others, it’s the only thing to do, that a big cock in the mouth is better than a big cock in their ass, that it is a more… visceral, primal experience than being fucked and inseminated is since they can use all of their senses when the prick is in their mouth.

They can taste it, feel it, smell the scent of him; they can see it in their mouth and hear his moans, curses, encouragement and the very obscene sounds of cock being sucked as well as their moans and very heavy breathing. Of all the things two men can do to, with, and for each other, this act is highly prized and is deemed to be an art that requires skill, ingenuity, patience and the ability to endure until that moment when they can feel the prick in their mouth swell, hear him curse, feel his body surrendering to the moment – then hot, salty, spunk is being pumped into their mouth.

And for many, it just does not get any better than this. There’s that sense of accomplishment and, oddly, also a sense of loss and more so for those men who wants to suck his cock again and again but understanding that while he could – because sucking on a soft cock can be just as delightful – he’s going to have to wait to taste his sperm again – and who among us doesn’t know what it feels like to have a raspy tongue against our overly sensitive knob? Excruciating, painful but not really so much. But don’t some of us figure out how to keep sucking on him by avoiding that very sensitive part of him, taking it slowly and easily and being patient until, once again, he begins to harden once more.

And the pleasure for both can begin anew.

To the question of why men love to suck each other, the answer begins with because we can do it and “ends” with that it makes sense to do it because it’s so much of a nasty thrill to do it. There’s the whole science of it – oral fixation – that is in play but absent this rather boring thing, it’s sex; it’s personal; it’s taboo.

And it feels good. It’s strangely logical: If it feels good when a woman does it, it stands to reason that it should feel good when a man does it – and there are those who are of a mind that when a man does it, it feels even better. It’s even educational; you learn that your body doesn’t care who’s giving it pleasure but your mind does, evoking the humorous thought that it’s mind over matter… and if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Because it really doesn’t. We do it because it can be done; it makes us feel good to do it.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Idle Thoughts

A part of my daily routine is to check Tumblr for spammers and/or anything of interest so I see a lot of dicks… and despite Tumblr’s “anti-porn” stance that doesn’t seem to be all that effective since porn is one thing and photographic art is something else and, um, I guess that a picture of a guy licking a big, hard cock and with love in his eyes is more artistic than pornographic.

I guess.

Anyway, I’m scrolling through, not really looking for anything in particular, but noticing again the sameness of the, um, art being presented. Same type of guys, the usual sexual acts – ass-eating, cock sucking, ass fucking – and when I was into my routine the other day, wow, lots of art showing guys sucking cock and I had idly thought that there must be some kind of “rhythm” or flow to this because the art of fellatio seems to be presented in bunches.

And not for the first time, I can see the beauty in it as well as being able to see why so many feel that men blowing men is just “wrong” or, I think, doesn’t “look right.” Not for the first time, I wondered about the first two men, lost to time and history, who figured out that putting their mouth on each other’s dick was a great thing to do.

A GIF clip appears as I scroll of yet another of those horribly handsome men deep-throating another of those really big dicks… and I can easily identify with it, you know, since I’ve deep-throated probably more than my “fair share” of dicks. There’s a beauty to it and one that’s probably not easily seen. I know what it feels like to do it, what it feels like to be swallowed whole – it just is what it’s always been but, sure, it looks… “wrong.” It looks like something men shouldn’t be doing, let alone enjoying but it’s being done just the same and being enjoyed.

Another GIF piece of art follows; another handsome man has his eyes locked upward and presumably looking into the eyes of the guy stroking his big dick and sperm is flowing into his mouth and onto his tongue and in that “flickering” way GIFs tend to do, a moment in time that’s frozen, captured, and repeated.

And a bit of my internal bias says, “That’s so inefficient… but it’s about the money shot, right?” Sure it is but, sure, I know what it’s like to have a man’s cock in my mouth as it pumps that creamy load and to the delight and pleasure of the cock’s owner, jilt like I know how deliciously nasty it feels when it’s my dick doing the pumping and there’s a guy on the other end. Maybe we’re watching each other as it happens, maybe we’re just too into the moment – doesn’t really matter outside of what the moment is.

One man giving oral pleasure to another man and the pleasure found in it from both sides. I hear myself sigh because consuming a man’s sperm, again, is what it’s always been between men while not really shaking that sense that it doesn’t “look” right. Then again, at the end of the day or the moment, it’s not about what it looks like, not about whether it’s morally “disgusting” or even more “disgusting” when one considers what is being released.

It’s about it being done, being enjoyed and, importantly, I think, those glimpses of art doesn’t really tell the whole story so much since not all men are mind-numbingly handsome and fit nor do they all have cock so long and thick to spark penis envy in other men. Any man can do it and can have it done to them provided they can get their mind around such a morally reprehensible thing to do.

Ideally, only women should receive a man’s sperm in this fashion and it’s an idea that is, in fact, about as wrong as anything can be given how patently untrue it is and I was looking at a lot of art that proves how untrue the premise is and the stereotypical displays notwithstanding.

Some guys are cock suckers. They revel in doing it and many aren’t opposed to having another guy doing it to them. It’s sex, pleasure, and maybe some deeper meanings are in involved, being felt and/or realized. The act is considered to be an art in the doing and, yup, in pictorial form and, yup, there’s a kind of beauty that can be seen…

If one allows themselves to see it – it’s just not all that easy to see the beauty and, indeed, art in something that we, as a whole, maintain that men should not do, let alone have reason to do.

We find, for the most part, that women orally pleasuring each other is highly erotic and that’s because it is. It not only “looks” right but if you understand how and why a woman would go down on another, it makes a lot of sense… but seeing a guy sucking cock lacks that sense of eroticism but some art of women doing the sucking, well, that’s okay.

I blinked for a moment, just a tad bit “surprised” that the beauty of seeing the, um, artwork depicting men sucking in each other’s dicks – and seeming to worship the dick being displayed – was still puttering around in my head. I find the stereotypical nature of the, uh, art to be disturbing, that it suggests that only white, extremely fit, handsome, and well to overly hung men are “the ones” who are capable of such a morally reprehensible thing.

I know this ain’t the truth of things, just as I know such representations shouldn’t annoy me given that I know the truth of it but they do annoy the fuck out of me and, yeah, I know it’s me and probably because if you’re gonna tell the story and show the art and beauty, tell and show all of it.

Show the men who aren’t all that handsome, who aren’t all that young or fit or without a dick that hangs down to their knees – and that’s when it’s flaccid. Tell and show that it’s not as much of a “gay” thing to do; tell and show that men don’t do this because of romantic interest and, jeez, show it in ways that doesn’t get people asking, “Who does it like that?” and like one piece of art I saw with a guy literally doing a handstand – and typically young, fit, and possessing a huge cock – while another handsome and big-dicked guy was blowing him.

All I said when I saw it was, “Really… is that really art?”

My thoughts drifted away from this to the many everyday kinds of guys who suck clock and those guys who want to but haven’t. I thought about how utterly fascinated such guys are and how it frightens and excites all at the same time. How it’s not that big of a deal while being one hell of a big deal and why our society still gets bent out of shape by men doing what men have been doing to, with, and for other men since those first two unknown and forgotten men went down on each other, using their mouths to cause each other to ejaculate and their respective seed stock consumed… or not but eventually.

I’m actually kinda “impressed” that I even remembered these thoughts about something I saw and first thought of days ago now but, yeah, sometimes, this stuff just sticks in my head until I get around to writing it down and, yeah, sometimes even I’m surprised at what I think about it in these terms and sometimes,chide myself for “waxing romantic” about it. But this blog is still about what’s in my head and today it’s about giving and receiving head and the inherent beauty of it that not everyone can see or appreciate…

Even if the art isn’t all that artful.

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