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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  In the Midnight Hour

It was a dark and stormy night.  No, really, it was!  It started out as an interesting Saturday morning because during the break between band practice and our home game starting, um, me and one of the girls snuck off for a different kind of break and it wasn’t the first time we’d had such a break.

We got done and returned to the band room to get into our uniforms so we could take the field for pre-game and the national anthem.  The game was going our way; we were well on our way to our second undefeated football season, we had a great halftime show and even the visitor’s band kicked it nicely.  Game’s over, another stunning shutout for us, a final reminder of rehearsals for Monday, and an hour later, I’m at home relaxing…

Until one of my fellow band mates called and asked if I could come by and help walk him through a piece of music we were to perform in jazz band.  I wasn’t doing anything so I went over and we spent hours going over his piece of the song.  In marching band and orchestra I played trumpet but for jazz band this week I was the drummer and while ya might think I couldn’t help him with his sax piece, he was having an issue with the timing through one set of riffs we were to perform.

At one point, we almost jumped out of our skins when a huge bolt of lightning flashed, followed by a blast of thunder that seemed to shake the whole house and I said that maybe I should try to head home… but his parents said it would be best if I stayed put because it was raining so badly that all you could see out of the windows was a lot of rain, like, you couldn’t see cars parked at the curb kind of rain,

A call home to advise my mom I’d be staying put until the storm passed and the two of us spent the intervening time talking music, gossiping, stuff like that.  After a nice dinner, the storm was still raging anditmwas decided that I’d spent the night just to be safe, that and the street he lived on was underwater thanks to backed up drains.  He was elated, saying he’d been wanting to ask if I could do a sleepover with him; I’d just shrugged, smiled, and said something about being a captive audience.  The thing I’d noticed, though, is that he went from being kinda laid back to being just a little weird or, honestly, not acting like the guy I knew from school.

The storm isn’t showing any intent to ease up and with nothing else to do, we went to his room and got ready for bed.  He’d offered me a set of PJs to sleep in but, um, when I tried them on, well, I was too tall for them and we both spent some time laughing at how ridiculous I looked.  So, clad in only my T-shirt and underwear, we climbed into bed and, I swear, if you didn’t know we were boys, you’d swear we were a couple of very chatty girls!

If you think girls can gossip, whew, you probably haven’t heard guys do it…

After a while, we ran out of stuff to talk about around 11 or so, right about the time we were told to stop yapping and go to sleep. So I’m sleeping and, wow, I’m having one hell of a dream and one that was feeling really good, if ya know what I mean.  I’m not sure what made me open my eyes but when I did, uh, nope – that really good feeling wasn’t because I’d been dreaming – it was because my band mate wasn’t happily sucking on my dick!

Okay, didn’t see this coming… or maybe I did when I noted the change in his mood but dismissed it, forgot it, whatever.  He’s kinda draped across me with is back to me and he’s sucking me as slowly and as gently as he could so as to not awaken me except, of course, he didn’t know I was wide awake now and watching him.  For a moment, I played with the thought of saying – and very loudly – “Hey!  What are you doing?’

I decided against it though because, duh, it was pretty damned obvious what he was doing.  Do y’all know how hard it is to fake like you’re asleep when something like this is going on?  I was trying very hard to keep myself still, resisting that natural urge to fuck his mouth, squirm, blurt out an obscenity, and other such stuff that was made even more difficult because, oh, shit, he’s gonna make me cum!

I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping as I shot my load into his mouth; likewise, I couldn’t do a damn thing about how my body was reacting to my release but despite those things, he continued to assume I was sound asleep as he gave me a couple of parting sucks, rolled over, and settled down himself.  I thought that had he turned and faced me, he would have found me staring back at him and that would have probably made things more interesting because I was more than motivated to return the favor.

But I didn’t; I just faked like I was turning over in my sleep (in case he was still awake) and really went back to sleep, all the while thinking that just when you think you know someone, you learn that you really don’t.

The next morning after breakfast, I’m ready to head home and he volunteered to walk me halfway, not that I had far to go to begin with.  We’re walking along when he stops, looks at me, and says, “I, um, I’ve got something to tell you.”

I played dumb; wasn’t hard to figure out what that something was so I asked, “What’s that?”

“Um, ah, shit, while you were asleep, I gave you a blowjob,” he said, his face coloring.

“I know,” I said, seeing no reason to mess with him about it.  “I thought I was dreaming but when I woke up…”

“You were awake?” he asked.

“Yeah, and you don’t know how bad I wanted to do the same thing to you,” I said.  “It was really good, too.”

He was smiling and, I guess, feeling relieved over my response and when we reached the halfway point,,we,agreed that we should spend the night together again and soon.

And we did two weeks later and let’s just say neither of us got any sleep that night…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Blow Job

The room reeked of males caught in the throes of sexual excitement, all hot, musky, pungent, and heavily dosed with pheromones as “Ryan” and I sucked on each other, both of us intent on making the other cum while holding back our respective loads for as long as possible.

As usual for me, as I happily sucked Ryan’s nuts, I’d found myself thinking about how the two of us had wound up in this moment, almost laughing despite now having my mouth full of Ryan’s short but fat dick.  I thought that I wouldn’t say that our beingnhere like this started out innocently; nope, I’d known for almost a month that Ryan had something to tell me and, if I was right, something he wanted to ask me.

As much as I had wanted to know, I was usually patient and willing to wait until Ryan finally said something.  Three days ago, as we sat in a nearby park eating the subs we opted to have for lunch – and after deeming that the cafeteria’s offering didn’t exactly qualify as human consumable food – Ryan finally got around to haltingly talking about sucking dick and asking the usual questions, like, had I ever done it or thought about doing it and if a guy wanted to blow me, would I let him do it.

My patience had long since expired so instead of answering his questions, I suggested – with emphasis- that he stop beating around the bush and ask me what we both knew he wanted to ask.  With his face as red as a proverbial beet, he told me he really liked me and if I’d let him blow me, that would make him happy.  Now, at this point I could have teased and played with him but, nah; I’d already decided that if he wanted to do what I thought he did, well, okay, i wasn’t gonna say no.  So, I said, “Sure, why not?” and we made a plan to hook up over the weekend.

It almost didn’t happen.  I’d been on my way to Ryan’s crib when this fine neighborhood honey finally decided, after months of chasing her, to let me in her panties; a hastily made call to him revealed that I’d have time to screw the girl and get cleaned up because Ryan’s parents hadn’t left yet.  After taking care of the business with the girl and rushing home to get cleaned up again, I found myself knocking on Ryan’s door, being let in, and led straight to his bedroom where we got undressed and got right to the business at hand after exchanging pleasantries.

We lay down beside each other into that more comfortable sixty-nine position and when Ryan closed his mouth around me, well, I almost laughed when I heard and felt his moan – I was sure he could taste and smell the pussy on me despite washing up; there was, after all, a reason why a blow jib was also known as a hummer.  It fueled his lust and he took it out on my dick which, of course, prompted me to take my soaring lust out on his.

As I’ve mentioned, Ryan’s cock was short but fat and it had taken me a bit of time to convince him (while we were plotting for the weekend) that it didn’t matter to me if his dick wasn’t long and that for blow jobs, shorter was easier to suck.  I grinned inwardly, as I sucked on his knob before taking all of him in, thinking that if he didn’t believe me when I told him, he’s probably a believer now.

He was such a pleasure to suck and his ability to give head wasn’t anything to sneer at.  We were both getting close; I could feel those little tremors racing along his shaft, could taste all that pre-cum oozing into my mouth and, damn it, I wanted to get him off and taste his cum… but I also didn’t want him to cum so I could keep sucking his cock.  Still, I felt Ryan stiffen, felt him groaning with my dick in his mouth, and felt and tasted the sperm jetting out of him, just a scant second or two before I flooded his mouth with spunk.

It was a little “difficult” but we kept sucking at each other until we began to soften; then we kinda pulled away from each other and spent a few moments getting the kinks out before looking at each other and grinning like idiots.  We were both hot and sweaty and his bedroom was humming with the fresh scent of sex and we both kinda stretched out on our backs but stayed close enough so we could fondle each other, while extolling how good that was and complimenting each other on both skill and desire.  And, yes, he even mentioned that smelling and tasting pussy on me had really turned him on just as I had thought.

Neither of us had to ask if there was gonna be a round two – that somehow was an unspoken given – so we took some time to raid the fridge for food and drink before returning to the bedroom and starting the long process of making each other cum again.  I thought about how easy it was doing this with Ryan, not because for me his cock was perfect for sucking but we weren’t trying to impress each other or make each other exceed their ability to suck dick.

We just lay there side by side, licking and sucking and massaging each other’s butt cheeks until after what seemed to take forever, I came, followed by Ryan just moments later.  He made me laugh when he shyly apologized for not producing a lot of cum; instead, I just smiled and asked, “You came didn’t you?”

And, as it turned out, not a moment too soon.  We were both very much aware of how musky and funky Ryan’s room was now and we’d opened the windows and he even turned on a box fan he had in his closet to air the room out… and before his parents had returned from wherever they’d been.  I’d not met them so Ryan introduced us – they were very pleasant – and they evennthanked me for coming over to keep Ryan company while they were out, not that he wasn’t old enough to be home alone and look after himself.

I politely turned down an invitation to stay for dinner, told Ryan that I’d see him in school on Monday, and went home a very happy camper.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: First-time Head

The first time a guy gets a blowjob from another guy can be… interesting.  Sometimes they’re so nervous that if you didn’t know that the guy’s been sucked by women, you’d swear it was his first time ever.  Some are blasé about it; after all, it’s not as if they’ve never been sucked before, right?  Ha, some are pretty confident that you could suck their dick for hours and not get them to cum.

When male mouth meets dick, well, in my own experiences, I’ve found it hard not to laugh at times at the reactions, from being totally astonished right up to a near-immediate release of gooey spunk.  Some guys grin, some have a look on their face that says they don’t believe that what just happened did happen; some are so stunned that they were induced to cum that you’d think they had slipped into some kind of fugue state as their brain processes what was for them something once thought to be impossible.

If you pay close enough attention, you might even see the exact moment when they realize that getting sucked off by a guy (a) wasn’t as bad as they were led to believe and (b) perhaps a bit different from the same experience with a woman (not that women are bad at it, mind you).  Some guys are pretty shook up and, yes, at times, not in a good way which is kinda expected since they just had everything they thought they knew about a blowjob smashed like a broken pane of glass; it’s one thing to know that guys give other guys head – something else to actually experience it – and the guilt that often shows up can be a bitch to deal with because, damn, you just did what you were told never to do and, to make matters worse, you liked it…when you weren’t supposed to.

In contrast – and while giving a guy his first time being blown by another guy is quite special in my opinion – the first time a guy sucks dick can be just as interesting and even a bit traumatic for some.  It’s one of those things, like so many other things in life, where doing it seems to be a really great idea and one that’s quite arousing… until you’re actually face to crotch with another guy’s dick (hard or soft, doesn’t matter at this point).  It’s a moment of truth and one that I believe is much more difficult than lying back and having “Ed” eating your dick like a cherished delicacy.

Some guys just dive right in; in their mind, they’ve said, “Fuck it…” and get started before they can change their minds.  Some are what I’d call reluctantly cautious; they’re in the moment but can’t chicken out (male ego, ya know) and they start slowly, first with some manual manipulation then to a kiss or a lick (or both) before deciding that, okay, that didn’t kill me so let’s try actually sucking.  As I’ve related, I’ve seen this moment go south, from guys deciding that as much as they wanted to do this, nope, can’t do it right up to being physically ill and complete with emesis – that’s throwing up in medical terms.

One guy I talked to years ago told me about his first time sucking dick and he had said, with lots of nervous laughter, that everything had been going fine; he’d gotten over that initial moment of revulsion and was having a grand time sucking when, the next thing he knew, his mouth was flooded with sperm.  I couldn’t help it – I laughed until my sides hurt and when I was able to speak, I asked him, “Well, what did you think was gonna happen if you kept sucking on his dick?”

When he stopped laughing, he told me that he knew that the guy might cum but, at the same time, hadn’t given it any thought.  He learned, as so many guys have learned, that to watch some porn and see a guy busting a nut in a woman’s mouth is one thing… but to feel sperm flowing into your own mouth for the first time, well, that’s more than an eye-opener.  Some guys just deal with it – they spit it out or swallow it; some guys find that, um, yuck, while sucking dick is nice, er, dealing with the results is kinda unpleasant.

A bunch of us we sitting around getting pretty plastered one hot summer day and I’ll say eventually, we got to talking about sex, which led to everyone having a tent in their pants.  One guy was crowing about his prowess, someone else called him on it, and the first guy had said, “Aw, man, suck my dick!”

To everyone’s surprise, the other guy said, “Can I suck your dick?” – and then we were equally stunned when the first guy kinda shrugged and pulled out his dick (and, no, it wasn’t as big as he’d said it was, if you’re wondering). Just before the second guy lowered his head, he told the first guy not to cum in his mouth; I was buzzed but not so buzzed that I not only knew what was gonna happen but what was gonna happen after that.

I get why the second guy said that but, uh, didn’t he think that because he asked first guy not to cum in his mouth, that’s exactly what was gonna happen?  We sat watching this, our dicks as hard as granite – who knew these two guys were into this? – and, sure enough, the first guy gasped and cursed and the guy doing the sucking got “that look” on his face as the spunk started flowing and what I found funny is that the second guy swallowed it all first… then jumped up and punched the first dude dead in the face – and the fight was on.

I saw the second guy a few days later and he told me that, for one, he had no idea what made him ask to suck that other guy’s dick since he’d never done it before.  Yes, he did think that because he told the first guy not to cum in his mouth, his request would be honored and respected.

All I said was, “Really?”

He had a contrite look on his face but later confessed that he did like sucking dick and swallowing the load, while unexpected, wasn’t really all that bad and, oh, yeah, he’d appreciate it if I didn’t mention any of that to the fellas – and I didn’t (and, no, he didn’t “bribe” me to keep quiet, if you’re wondering).  Almost forgot to mention that the fight kinda ended as a draw and no one really got hurt – it was pretty funny, though…

A lot of guys who suck dick for the first time do discover that, hmm, it’s not really all that bad, that it can be rather erotic and quite stimulating.  The taboo of sucking a guy’s dick lends a certain “nasty but in a good way” excitement to the moment just as the guilt behind disregarding the taboo can be devastatingly bad.  Some guys understand that, okay, if a woman can suck a dick, then a guy can, too; some finally get to understand why some women aren’t all that fond of sucking dick… but why some women are fanatics about doing it.

Some guys give a blowjob that one time and never do it again; some guys get totally hooked on it and are often surprised that they’re hooked – those of you who suck dick can better understand why, right?  Maybe it’s just my opinion but a guy’s first time being sucked by a man and doing some sucking isn’t something to be taken lightly.  We tend to frown upon men who are into this and, in past times, have viewed them as being unmanly… but any guy who has survived his first time will tell you that it takes guts, balls, nerve, courage, whatever, to suck another man’s dick and make him cum.

Certainly, friends, it’s not something every man can do or would even want to do… or even should do, for that matter.  In my own experiences, I’ve actually tried to talk them out of it since I’ve seen first hand how badly this can go both physically and emotionally…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Okay…

Those of you who’ve been reading and following me know that when I was ten, my father, in one of his drunken rants, told me that no matter what, I’d better not ever put my mouth on a girl’s pussy.  He didn’t say why I shouldn’t do that and made it sound like the worst thing that could ever be done short of getting a girl pregnant.

Ten minutes later, I found out it was one of the best things about having sex and in the following fifty years, I have  only refused to eat a pussy once and only because it was sick with infection.

The word was that you could have the biggest, fattest dick and could fuck for a long time before you nutted… but if you couldn’t and didn’t eat pussy, you weren’t shit and were considered to less that shit if you did eat at the Y… but only spent a few measly seconds doing it.  Those of you who’ve been reading and following know that back in high school, I got tagged with the “unkind” nickname of “Taster’s Choice,” thanks to the sexual zodiac patch I proudly wore on my Wrangler jacket, the sign of Libra and depicting a woman sitting on a man’s face.  My peers laughed and said many terrible things to me about that patch… but while they were having fun at my expense, I was getting the pussy they weren’t even close to getting because I not only ate the dreaded pussy but I’d camp out between a girl’s legs until she couldn’t take it anymore or I couldn’t do it any longer.

At ten, I was determined to find out all I could about this eating pussy thing and took every opportunity to learn from the best teachers:  Women.  And I took those hard lessons to heart and with much – and maybe even too much – seriousness, up to and including studying the anatomy and chemistry of pussy.  It was well known that Black men didn’t eat pussy, that no self-respecting man would ever put his mouth on something that bled on a regular basis, and that many a Black man would publicly and categorically deny even thinking about munching on some bearded clam.  I wasn’t one of those guys and, as you might imagine (or even know for a fact) that Black men do, indeed, eat pussy – but, ah, let’s keep that in the down low because I don’t want anyone else to know that I’ve been fronting to save face.

Once word spread that I was a pussy-eating fool, shit, girls who wouldn’t give me the time of day to save my life were suddenly interested in finding out for themselves if what they’d been hearing was true… and those who weren’t inclined to believe what I would say wanted to find out in the only way it can be definitely and finally proven:  Come and eat my pussy and let’s see if you’re nothing all hype and no substance and if you are as good at it, I might even let you fuck me.

Okay, I have no problem with that so, thank you, open your legs, and find something to hang onto and I hope you’re not in a hurry because I’m gonna be a while before I get finished.  What’s that you say?  No one has ever made you cum like that before?  Okay, that’s good to know… so let’s see if that’s as impossible as you think it is.

How much do I love to eat pussy? So much that there are times when all I want to do is to eat it even though it is a very challenging thing to do – and, sometimes, damaging thing to do; I’ve had bloody noses, black eyes, scratched to varying degrees of bloodletting; I’ve been choked until I’ve almost passed out, have come as close to drowning as a person can come without being in a body of water. I’ve pulled and strained muscles, have even eaten pussy with stitches in my chin, and despite toothaches.

Why?  Because eating pussy is just way too much fun not to enjoy – does one need another reason other than that?

Word has always been that if you wanted to keep your woman, you’d better eat that pussy and as if your very life depended on it because if you didn’t, she will find someone else who’ll do it like this for her.  Women have made it clear, that you’d better lick it before you can stick it and they aren’t joking and telling you that if you don’t lick it good, you won’t get to stick it and it’s no idle threat on their part.

Oh, and if you don’t lick it, everyone will find out that you don’t have what it takes to show a pussy a good time with you mouth, lips, and tongue.  Maybe it’s just me but if she’s not looking at you as if you either ran her over with a tank or as if you tried to kill her, you didn’t do it enough.

It’s not a chore – it’s a damned intimate pleasure and one that I am so glad my father was wrong about…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  The Only Thing Better…

…than sucking dick is eating pussy.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times:  I have no idea – and perhaps no one does – what two humans discovered/invented oral sex but I, for one, am grateful that they did.  Likewise, history doesn’t mention, because it wasn’t recorded or it was and was conveniently made to disappear, what two human males decided that sucking in each other’s dicks was a fun way to achieve ejaculation but I’m just as grateful for those two forgotten men.

Like my last post, it’s visceral but primal, an act that for the sake of morality has, historically, been a woman’s thing to do but, legally, an unenforceable law since making a man cum like this is an act on contraception and impermissible under some aspects of religious dogma… which never stopped it from happening between men and women… or between men.

There is nothing that looks so… wrong but feels so damned familiar than to have your dick sucked and the person doing it is male; likewise, it doesn’t seem to be right when you’re the guy sucking the other guy but, again, only eating pussy can be more orally satisfying.  As I’ve also said a thousand times, those of you who don’t suck dick, well, you’re missing out on something.

Our morality says that if you’re gonna get your dick sucked, find a woman willing to do it; we believe this edict, abide by it, and even have it in our minds that having a man sucking on your dick is different from a woman doing it and while even I can admit that there are some subliminal things going on that there are no words for in any language, um, there’s no real difference, not at the core of it, but we all know that the notion of men sucking each other is one of the big no-no’s, that there is no reason why “Adam” and “Steve” would ever want to lie down with each other and initiate an orally induced release of sperm.

Yeah, right… sure there isn’t.  There is the one reason we’d rather turn a blind eye to because it reveals the lie we’ve been told and believe:  That shit just fucking feels good, giving and/or receiving, well, once you get past that initial moment of revulsion and a moment caused due to the moral lie, that men just are not to do this thing.

Ever.  It’s inexcusable and patently immoral to take a man’s flaccid penis into your mouth and, using various techniques, get him erect and then continuing the process of getting him to ejaculate – in your mouth, somewhere else on your body, whatever your particular preference happens to be… and then for you to lie back so he can do the same thing to you.

I won’t lie about it; there are times when I’ve had a mouthful of dick and have heard the voice of morality in my head asking, “What are you doing?  This is forbidden!” – and I’ve silently replied, “I’m sucking dick and loving it – now, go away and leave me alone so I can make him cum in my mouth…”

I have opened my eyes and have looked down to see a man happily devouring my dick and that same moral inner voice will remind me that this isn’t the way this is supposed to work… and I’ve told it that I’ll be happy to debate the matter in full later, well after he induces me to bust a nut.  Now, go away and let me enjoy this, will ya?

I have heard guys say to me, as they’re sucking me, “We shouldn’t be doing this…” and something that I know all too well but, ah, he’s still doing it and those of your who do not, cannot, suck dick might to understand why the two of us would continue to do something that we both know we shouldn’t be doing at all.

That shit just feels so damned good, giving and receiving – what other reason is needed?

Yes, yes… we could get all into things like who sucks dick better, men or women, the pros and cons of technique, the etiquette of spitting versus swallowing, the pros and cons of bigger versus smaller and we do – well, those of us who suck dick – let these things influence us and can make us overlook the obvious which is noted in the last paragraph.

There is a… delight that can be experienced when a guy sucks dick (or gets sucked by a guy) for the first time and realizes that it wasn’t as bad or as nasty as he’d been led to believe.  Of course, that all depends on the other guy who can make the experience a joy… or the worst nightmare imaginable.

For those of us who do suck cock, let me say this in closing:  If you look at sucking dick as a chore, you’re looking at it the wrong way.  You shouldn’t ever allow past “bad” experiences steal whatever joy and pleasure you can experience when mouth meets cock.

The only thing better than sucking dick is eating pussy… and I might write about that (again) later…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: When In Rome…?

This is the first blog I’ve actually written on my computer in a while; it’s almost on its last legs and I need to replace it but it’s not easy when you’re on a fixed income.  So, I got it working better, using a lot of tricks learned in my years working with these things, and I had an idea for something I wanted to write about but as my Desktop came up, I saw some Top Searches items and, instead of frowning, I kinda welcomed them with open fingers.


What got my attention was, “blogs of bi guys first time swallowing semen” and I immediately thought, “Well, unless a bunch of guys decided to write about their first time doing that, um, this search might come up pretty empty… because you only have one first time doing something.”  I let my mind work on the subject and I know when you’re negotiating with a guy for sex and it’s been established that you both suck cock, the next question usually is, “Do you swallow?”  Now, I’m not gonna say that if you don’t it’ll be a deal breaker but sometimes it is, the thought being if you’re gonna give a guy some head – and, let’s say there will be no fucking happening – then if you’re not gonna swallow his load, what’s the point?  Those of you who do swallow know exactly why you might not want to partake of that protein shake – I know why I wouldn’t want to – but it begs the question of whether guys looking to get their dick sucked just automatically assume that some swallowing is gonna jump off?  Maybe they do and there’s plenty of precedence for this, beginning with the very first time a man gulped down another man’s seed and said in the language of the time, “Hey, that wasn’t all that bad!”

As usual, this ain’t a “how-to” kinda thing nor am I gonna get into a biochemical analysis about it but I had to say something because the Top Searches never fails to amuse me or give me food for thought.  On to what I originally wanted to write about…

You’re hanging with the fellas, knocking back some brewskis, chilling, shooting the bull… but things are starting to get a little boring.  One of the fellas has managed to get his BAC way over the legal limit to drive and announces to the room, “Man, I could go for having my dick sucked right about now!” – then pulls out his cock and starts slowly stroking it and, for the sake of this hypothetical scenario, your horny bud is sitting next to you on the sofa, okay?  While you’re trying to process the fact that homey pulled his dick out, one of the other fellas comes overs, drops to his knees, and starts blowing the guy next to you after mumbling, “Hey, why not?”

Now, do you take in this scene, freak out and go from totally buzzed to stone cold sober – and then beat feet outta there… or do you pull your dick out and see who wants to suck your dick?  Or, for extra points, do you stay zipped up and just sit there and watch… and how long would you remain a spectator?

There are probably guys reading this and thinking they’d haul ass… but would you be surprised to know that if there were six guys hanging out, only one of them would get in the wind?  You might even think that this scenario really doesn’t happen… but you can believe me when I tell you that it does and if you’ve been following me for a while, you already know how I know.  Today, they might call this the “bro job” but in my experiences, eh, this is what can happen when you get a bunch of guys in one place, they’re getting juiced or smoked up, and they’re bored and/or looking for something to do. I’ve seen guys reveal a side of themselves that no one knew about; I’ve seen guys who, normally, wouldn’t think about letting a dude suck their dick literally shrug and, once, even say, “When in Rome…” and I’ve sat quite a few times in stunned silence to once more see dudes who I thought had zero interest in dicks get to sucking dick like they’re old pros at it… and, yeah, some of them were not having their first experience making a hard dick soft again.

I remember one occurrence of this phenomenon jumping off and I was stunned silent as guys I believe to be pussy-only pulled out their dicks and a blowjob orgy got going and I had thought, “What the hell just happened?”  As I pondered this, a guy I knew for a fact wasn’t into dick – and because I had probed him a few times to see if he was down – came over to me, shrugged and said, “Yo, we might as well join the party, huh?”  The “event” lasted for quite some time, too; everybody got sucked and did some sucking no less that three times and of the eight men present (including myself), only two of us had prior experience sucking dick… but you couldn’t tell by the way those other six dudes were eating sausage and, yes, drinking down spunk like it was ambrosia, including the one dude who said he didn’t want to swallow any – but he succumbed to peer pressure after it was suggested that he was a punk-assed chicken to not do what everyone else was doing.

The alcohol and weed might have gotten that party started… but I’d say the effects had worn off early on in the proceedings and sobriety didn’t call an end to the near-constant rise and fall of cocks.  When everyone was totally spent and could no longer get it up, we all kinda sat around looking at each other a mixture of guilty and goofy looks and, as expected, one guy announced to one and all, “Yo, this never happened, right?” – then took a much-needed nap after we all agreed that we didn’t know what he was talking about.

I’ve sometimes seen this happen, no one leaves and stays to watch the show; on one such occasion, one dude sucked every cock in the room, including some of the guys who had said when the show got started, “I ain’t into that shit!” – but when it was their turn to get blown, uh, I guess they changed their mind rather quickly.  I had to give it to the guy; as much as I love sucking dick, even I wouldn’t have taken on the task to suck the other nine cocks in the room… but this guy did and, um, whew, he was pretty damned good and swallowed down every load given to him.

One guy, fresh from busting that nut, turned to me and asked, “What the fuck just happened?  I ain’t even into this shit!”

“I don’t know,” I admitted, “But it was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he replied – then added, “You ain’t gonna say anything about this, are you?”

“Say anything about what?” I asked with feigned innocence.


Even though I’ve seen this happen more than I care to think about, it has always manage to surprise me to be in a room with a bunch of guys who, without question, loves pussy and women… and see them some time later either getting blown by a guy or doing some cock sucking himself – and I’m not even gonna get into those moments when dudes were getting fucked in the ass – and guys who professed to be very afraid of doctors and latex gloves.  It’s not exactly like mass hypnosis and I know there’s a term for this – I just can’t think of it right now – but it’s just weird to see guys not really interested in dick become very interested because they’re high, bored, and horny.  I’ve gotten to see peer pressure at work; there’s always that one guy who says, “I ain’t doing that shit!” – and winds up doing it after having his case jumped into and, uh-huh, being accused of not having the balls to get busy with the rest.  I would wonder, “Would a dude really suck dick just to save face?” and the answer is, “Yeah… because image is everything.”

And if you’re wondering, yes:  Guys who refused to be a Roman got talked about in some very unkind ways.  I didn’t blame them for sticking to their principles and have told them that…but some of them did say, “Man, I wanted to… but I just couldn’t!”

After yet another instance, I was talking to one of the participants while we were both taking a break and he had said, “Man, this shit is contagious, ain’t it?”  And I had to agree that it was and even more so since I wasn’t even thinking about playing with dick when the shit jumped off.  Once, a guy pointed this out to me:  “Have you noticed that every time this shit jumps off, it’s always the same two or three guys that get it going?”

And I admitted that I hadn’t noticed that but after a moment of thinking, yeah, he was right on the money about that and, oh, yeah, if you were wondering, no – I never started the party and, honestly, I was always amazed at how I always seemed to manage being in the right place at the right time when this “group horny” thing came up.  Now, it didn’t always happen when a bunch of us got together but while I didn’t know about the other dudes in the room, I could certainly feel the sexual tension flowing and I’m guessing that the only reason cocks didn’t get yanked out was that no one really wanted to be the one to start something because, again, image is everything and it’s difficult to be publicly outspoken against dudes sucking dudes… but secretly want to play with another dude’s cock.

I’ve been one-on-one with these guys, just hanging out, and I’ve had them bring up – and out of the blue – the last time things got “out of hand” and, um, what do you know?  They weren’t interested in a group kind of thing but, er, ah, if dicks got whipped out and sucked now – because there’s no one else around, well, uh, I won’t tell if you won’t, okay?  Once, I asked, “What makes you think I’m even down with that?”

The guy said, “I ain’t down with it either… but it’s something to do, ya know?”

I’ve even pushed back by saying, “You first…,” – and I wound up getting the black sucked off my dick temporarily – not bad for someone who just told me minutes ago that they weren’t down with it.  And I have to point out that not only were these guys not closeted homosexuals, most of them weren’t even closeted bisexuals.  Nope, they got horny, their dicks started getting hard… and it just made sense to take advantage of what was on hand.  I’ve seen (and participated) in circle jerks, daisy chains of cock sucking, as well as some butt-fucking and while I never complained, I always found myself asking, “What the fuck just happened?”

I eventually learned to just chalk it up to “boys being boys when they get really bored and really horny;” again, there’s a scientific term for this but I still can’t think of what it is despite being on my second cup of coffee – I might remember it later.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts:  And Then, There’s This…

As nice as it can be to have a hard, throbbing cock in your ass and being in that primal moment when you feel him releasing into you, I maintain that there’s nothing more intimate and satisfying than to have that cock in your mouth and you should know what I’m gonna say next:  Those of you who have never sucked dick – and those of you who aren’t a fan of it – are missing out on something.  I freely admit that I’m quite jaded and even selfish; I don’t suck cock because of the guy it’s attached to, I do it because it makes me feel very good and very alive.  Yeah, yeah, I do want him to cum away from the experience (the pun is very much intentional) knowing that he got his dick sucked as well as humanly possible and if he doesn’t cum – and that does happen sometimes, um, it wouldn’t be due to a lack of trying on my part.

I don’t want his spunk on my face; I don’t particularly care for being mouth-fucked, either.  I’m so jaded and, yes, even selfish, that all I need for him to do is to lie still and let me suck that dick and for however long it takes for him to give up the contents of his balls.  If he does that quickly, fine; if it takes a while, that’s fine, too; if he can’t (again, it happens), that’s okay as well because sucking a man’s cock isn’t about the creamy surprise at the end – it’s about how it makes you feel while you’re doing it.  Having the skill and techniques involved is all well and good but if you don’t have the desire and the passion to blow him, you don’t have anything; as you’ve seen me write, if you don’t love it, you’ve missed the boat by a wide margin.

It can be hard work (no pun this time) and if you think of this as a chore, well, why do it at all?  If you spend more time thinking about how past experiences with this have gone badly, well, your head is in the wrong place (again, no pun); hell, if you don’t think it’s a manly thing to do, guess again; it takes some intestinal fortitude to put another man’s cock in your mouth and the same kind needed in order to put your mouth on a woman’s pussy for the very first time; those of you who have never tasted pussy, well, my heart bleeds for you – it really does.

I’ve learned, over the decades,  that what can make sucking dick a bad thing is the guy attached to it; some dudes just do not know how to get their dick sucked and as strange as it may sound, the best way is to be as still as you can be.  Yeah, at some point, your body is just going to respond by fucking into that nice mouth and that’s fine but that whole “slam the dick in there until they gag and vomit” thing isn’t cool at all and, yes, I’ve also learned that the guys who like doing this have never had someone do it to them; otherwise, they’d think twice about doing it to the person sucking them.  This is supposed to be a pleasure and not an exercise in torture…

I have never gone into a blowjob thinking that I’m going to make this good for him; my thoughts are about how it’s gonna make me feel once I close my mouth around him, what he’s gonna taste and feel like; I’m not really thinking about technique even though I’ve learned them all over the years; I’m not even thinking about how he might have said about how he likes to be sucked – but if he did, okay, so noted but this isn’t really about you.  You want to be made to cum and I do get that but this is all about the experience of doing one of those taboo things that can make other men soil themselves and can make women resentful.  It really comes down to who is really using whom in this; he thinks he’s using me for this illicit pleasure and I know I’m using him to satisfy my own lusts when it comes to this.

And my lust for oral sex is very strong; I live to eat pussy and suck dick because it’s just too much fun to do and to be a part of.  It’s so intimate and if I could personally thank the people who “invented” oral sex, I would gladly bow down – and go down – on them.  Given that men aren’t supposed to be sucking cock in the first place just makes doing it that much better; I’ve had cock in my mouth and the thought in my head that I’m not supposed to be doing this, let alone enjoying it and it’s never a deterrent but, at least for me, something to always look forward to.

Some might say that sucking a man’s dick – and you’re a man is nasty and of course it is!  And therein lies the rush of it all that lies outside of satisfying one’s oral fixation; it’s doing something that we’ve been taught shouldn’t ever be done between men.  But unlike when I first got started, the mindset is changing as more men find that they can, at the least, get into a 69 with another guy and suck each other silly and without any ill effects on their sense of manliness; nowadays, your manhood can be called into question if you don’t partake of some dick and, at least from my perspective, this is an interesting reversal of the stigma I’ve lived most of my life with.  There was a time that being called a cock sucker was a bad thing if you were a dude; back in the day, I learned how to use that insult as a weapon of my own.  Call me a cocksucker and I’d ask, “Is that an offer?” Then I’d laugh at their reaction, which was usually beyond being precious.

Still, I never let the ancient prejudices steal my joy of sucking cock.  Yep, one must do so with a great deal of care these days but, then again, sex has always been risky business, as Adam and Eve would eventually discover when God commanded them to “go ye forth and multiply;” some other folks would discover that doing it without multiplying was just fun to do and if you could do it outside the prescribed and preferred method, wow, it’s just as much fun and satisfying, so sinfully delicious, nasty, and delightful to be able to use your mouth to make someone else orgasm and release!  I could suck cock and eat pussy every single day if I could because it’s such a joy to do and a very intimate thing to be a part of and the only reason for doing it is simply because it can be done.


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