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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Attraction

I wish I could show you the pic I saw that prompted this scribble. I could show it… but I’d wind up in WordPress jail so I’ll describe it to you:

Two “young” and fits white males, one kinda lounging at the edge of the pool while the other is in the pool and his mouth is scant inches from the other guy’s erection and with one hand holding it steady. The caption for this pic said something along the lines of this is what they liked to do when there were no parents around for the whole weekend.

My first thought was, “Yep, if you’re gonna blow your friend (or get blown), being able to do it without the risk of getting caught at it just works!”

My next thought was actually me remembering a question I’ve heard and have been asked a lot: “Why is sucking a dick so damned attractive? What makes a guy who ain’t even like that “suddenly” decide that doing this is the greatest idea he ever though of?” Which was followed almost immediately with the thought of, “I really can’t explain it…”

Now my mind is off and running and I was thinking about how guys, whether during friendly jesting or being pissed off with each other, would either tell someone to kiss their ass… or to suck their dick… but mostly to suck their dick. Once upon a time, it was a rather stinging thing to say to another guy if you were pissed with him or just one of the many ways to yank your boy’s chain and then both of you are laughing about it… but one of the things I learned is that sometimes, when and in the friendly mode, your boy says, “Aw, man, suck my dick!” he’s really asking or inviting you to suck his dick but in a way that doesn’t sound like a request or invitation.

I figured out a way to find out if the guy who uttered that well-used phrase was trying to be funny or not; depending on the guy and whatever I might have been picking up on him – if anything – I’d sometimes fire back, “You offering?” or something along those lines; sometimes they’d respond in some way that wasn’t being offended – usually stumbling through an attempted comeback and in a way that would tell me that, nah, they’re not really offering and it was a shame that they weren’t. But there were a lot of times when the guy would ask, “Are you serious?” and if I said that I was – and sometimes I was very damned serious – let’s say that 7 out of 10 times, dicks would get sucked.

Even I, in my youthful debauchery, often wondered why putting your mouth on a guy’s cock and/or having his mouth on yours was so damned attractive and more so when, in a lot of situations, it was an insult to tell a guy to suck your dick and backed by the implication that you had to be some kind of faggot or queer which, all by itself, was a greater insult. It wasn’t that a lot of guys would genuinely be insulted having that phrase thrown at them and it wasn’t that it was always that way to do some chain-yanking but it would often be a kind of backhanded way to let the other guy know that, um, you know, if you wanted to suck my dick, I wouldn’t be mad at you.

Even as a topic of male gossiping, most of the guys I hung around with spent as much time talking about cock sucking as they did fucking girls and whenever I found myself having a more… private conversation with some guys, I learned to not be surprised that they had a reason to want to know what it was like to be sucked by a guy and to do some sucking and in a lot of situations, they were surprised that the thought popped into their head to begin with and there were times when I’d be just as surprised as they were.

One guy did actually ask, “Can you tell me why I find the thought of sucking a dick so damned attractive and exciting?” and… I couldn’t even though, you know, being a cock sucker from way back, I knew what was attractive and exciting about it and I’d wind up saying the one thing I kinda didn’t like saying: “I don’t know – it just is.” I’d eventually get around to getting glimpses of the attraction and one of the things about it was, yeah, guys had no business doing that unless they were faggots or sissies and while it was generally accepted to be true, what it didn’t explain was why and how guys who weren’t faggots or sissies (and other derogatory terms) were so fucking interested in dicks going into mouths and bringing on that creamy finish.

I’d eventually conclude that it really was more of a “guy thing” than many people really believed it to be. Experimentation and all that was a given but in that weird way that said it was both okay and not okay at all but I’d guessed that since adults knew that boys would be… boys, it was just “easier” to let them get it out of their system rather than to waste time kicking their asses over something that they were gonna try anyway.

Those of you who suck cock knows what it’s like; ya know what you like about it as well as what you don’t like. It’s sensual, intimate and, I think, a lot more personal than fucking as well as something that requires a modicum of skill, not just in being able to provide a good experience but it can be a matter of personal pride because I don’t know anyone who’d want to be known as being lousy at sucking dick… or eating pussy, but that’s for another scribble.

You grow up doing it and, duh, it’s so very different from being much older and being very much aware of how things are supposed to be but also being aware that guys do suck each other’s dicks and, forever and ever, it’s just a thing that gay men do… but then a guy becomes… aware that the attraction about sucking dick isn’t really a totally gay guy thing. I could get into all that latent bisexuality stuff but I’m not going to for this scribble but, yeah, how it can become so horribly attractive to a guy who, chances are, never had a single thought about it just escapes me when it comes to being able to point to one or two definitive things that would explain why it is…

Other than it feels good to do it and feels good to have it done – and whether a guy is “into guys like that” or they’re just horny and in need of some immediate relief and jerking themselves off, while fun, isn’t enough. I really do wish I could explain it without making myself sound even more… idiotic than I probably am right now. I know this… I can’t explain it. There’s something insanely exciting to have your mouth hovering over a guy’s dick and having that thought that this ain’t supposed to be happening but it’s getting ready to happen. The feel of that spongy head going into your mouth then your tongue playing with it, tasting and feeling before engaging his shaft and let the sucking begin. I’ve written about oral fixation being something that very much plays into this but as you work your mouth and tongue all over his cock, yeah… doesn’t get too much better than that unless/until his mouth is on your cock.

It is so attractive that it’s all a lot of guys do and while it’s usually done mutually, it’s just one of those things that, for some guys, all they want to do is give and they don’t have any thought or desire about receiving… and I know exactly why… and can’t explain it although, in this particular situation, a lot of guys talk about how much they want to please the other guy and that’s all well and good and I do understand about the mood killer I wrote about a few days ago being a part of this.

It engages all of your senses and it’s the thing that’s both easy to do and not so much and depending on some stuff but, again, there’s not much that compares to the heady and even sinful delight of sucking and licking a guy’s cock and knowing what’s going to happen at some point; he’s gonna cum and while there’s always that “what are you gonna do when he does” thing to consider, even I’ve learned that when you can use your mouth to entice a guy to lose his load, it is one hell of a ego trip; it feels… powerful and I think it blurs the lines where who is having the most fun goes. I’ve even likened it to a battle of wills; he’s trying to hold off from cumming for as long as he can while knowing that he’s gonna lose at some point while, being the cock sucker, you’re trying to make him do it while also trying to prolong your enjoyment of having a hard cock in your mouth.

It winds up being a win/win for both guys. Let’s just skip over the fact that some guys make sucking their dick more difficult than it has to be and especially those guys who thinks that once they get their cock into your mouth, they’re the ones who are in control. And while there are guys who really do love being face-fucked and gagged and all that, I’ve been of a mind that there are a lot of guys who aren’t fans of that because it takes away from the art of cock sucking and, yeah: I don’t know about other guys but I find it hard to focus on the pleasures of it when I’m struggling to breathe and/or trying not to choke on my own saliva.

It can be a chore and it is too much like hard work but none of that detracts from the attraction and sheer fascination of cock sucking. When we get into the why of it, there are so many reasons that can be listed but the frustrating part is, again and forever, not being able to adequately explain why, for a lot of guys, the first thing they want to experience with another guy is cock sucking. Is there some kind of logic at work? Could be. Some “weird” kind of natural and normal thing in play? Most likely. While a lot of guys want to know what it’s like to fuck another guy and be fucked, it’s quite a distant second to guys wanting to know – and experience – what it’s like to have a dick in their mouth and getting that first taste of another guy’s sperm and/or having a guy’s mouth on them and, holy shit – I’m gonna cum and it’s a guy who’s making me about to this!

Attractive as anything I can think of and it can be so awfully satisfying that a lot of guys say that they become addicted to sucking dick. A lot of guys find that once you suck your first cock, it gets even crazier because it’s something that you just can’t get enough of doing and I know that they’re right about that… and I’ll be damned if I can explain it in any way that’s even close to being sensible.

It just is. For guys like me, the only thing better than sucking a dick is eating pussy and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that guys who are fiends for eating pussy are also fiends for sucking cock – they’re a lot more related than one might think. It’s easy to say that for a lot of guys, there’s “always” that curiosity about doing something guys aren’t supposed to do but, again, we know that they do and while there are a great many guys who obey the rules and never go there, there are even more guys who, for whatever reason makes sense to them, has to find out what it’s like to suck cock and be sucked by a guy. It fucks with our heads to the point where many of us believe that it’s different from when a woman does it, well, until they find out that it really isn’t all that different.

It remains the first M2M experience for guys and even for those guys who start with mutual masturbation, even I’ve wondered what makes a guy go from pulling on another guy’s prick – and it’s supposed to be the only thing to happen – to that overpowering urge to close your mouth around it and work it over until he cums… and you do. I get that blowing a guy – and being blown by a guy – is still considered to be “too gay” for a lot of male sensibilities but even that doesn’t explain the compulsion to stop spanking his monkey and replacing hand with mouth and tongue… or wishing that he’d stop “playing around” and just suck it.

It just is and I find myself being relegated to saying that it is attractive and all that because it’s supposed to be… because nothing I’ve been able to think of comes close to explaining any of this. There’s a reason why so many men, after their very first experience, say that it felt normal and natural for the two of them to suck on each other’s pricks… because it is even when the rules says it isn’t.

Methinks the rules are wrong and I’m not the only cock sucker who has come – and the pun is definitely and most certainly intended – to this rather obvious conclusion. Yeah… you mention cock sucking to a lot of people and their reaction just might be, “Ew – that’s nasty!” and I’m convinced that it’s so fucking attractive and alluring because it is nasty and forbidden.

Cityman asked me (a long time ago now) why and how a guy who has never given a single thought to having oral sex with another guy feels so compelled to do it… and I don’t really know why despite having a lot of plausible things I’ve learned along the way. I just know that it happens; I know it is both utterly and horribly fascinating and about the most eye-opening, mind-blowing (no pun this time) thing a lot of guys discover and as evidenced by the many times I’ve personally heard a guy say, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”

Um, ya thought that because it really isn’t as bad as it’s said to be. Some guys take to it like ducks to water and some guys just don’t and that, to, is what it’s always been. Cityman is of a mind that guys would get along with each other so much better if we all spent as much time as possible sucking on each other’s dick and causing the sperm to flow… and he might be right about that. It was once a very unmanly thing to do and now? There are those who insist that if you don’t suck cock and/or allow a guy to pleasure you with his mouth and tongue, well, something’s wrong with you and you’re not a “real man.” I think that in this context, what it really means that a “real man” isn’t going to be afraid to do something that men, over all of our existence, are told to never do…

And something we’ve been doing just the same. Attractive. Exciting. Really is better to give and receive and quite addictive and oh, so satisfying. These days, I like to say that any guy can fuck another guy… but cock sucking requires skill and technique and is, again, more of a matter of personal pride than being able to take a dick in the ass or to put a dick in said ass… and a lot more intimate and personal. Why?

Still don’t know and I’ve been trying to figure it out for damned near all of my life. I just know it is and there are a lot of guys who are finding out what I’ve always known.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Wait… What?

Two guys are in a bar but didn’t arrive together and don’t know each other; they’re just sitting in proximity of each other, ordering their favorite hair of the dog and they start talking to each other – sports, what a rough day they had, stuff like that. And somewhere along the line, the conversation goes from general shit to sexual shit and one guy looks at the other and asks, “Can we go somewhere so I can suck your cock and maybe you can suck mine?”

Wait… what?

This has always been something that has fascinated the shit out of me. I’ve always known that there are guys who are out there and on the prowl for some cock and/or ass and if you come across them enough times, you can get a feel for these… hunters and before they even get around to popping the question, you already know what they’re going to ask you and, if you’re inclined, you already know what your answer is going to be. Those guys aren’t the ones I find surprising…

It’s the guys who hits you out of the blue with the proposal and even they’re surprised that they asked. It’s not so much about whether or not the asked for cock sucking session happens… but I’ve always wondered what’s going on that makes some guys very damned interested in sucking dick. It’s just my “bad luck” that whenever I’ve thought that I had this figured out, I learn that I really didn’t. How does a guy who, by his own confession, go from not being interested in sucking dick to wanting to suck dick or, at the very least, want to talk about it?

I really don’t know. I know about latent bisexuality which, simply put, is bisexuality in people that’s been hiding in the background and then just steps to the front and for some mysterious reason that often surprises the person in question. I know that booze is infamous for lowering and/or removing inhibitions and, as such, letting some stuff out that wouldn’t be set free without the hair of the dog being involved. I know that some guys are just curious and, at some point, their curiosity gets the best of them and now it’s time to answer the question of, “What’s it like?”

But why cock sucking? It’s not that some guys don’t get this… urge to fuck another guy or to be fucked; trying to explain that one and when there’s no apparently “predisposition” in play is just as confusing and mysterious. But in the times that I’ve been that guy sitting at the bar and minding my business and another guy strikes up a conversation that turns into an offer to suck dick, well, where does that come from… and more so from a guy who, as he makes the offer, is more surprised that he said it than I am about being asked about it?

I still don’t know and, believe me, I’ve asked. A lot. The usual answer? “It just feels like something I want/need to do…” and with, “I don’t know!” right up there as well. It can be blamed on the alcohol… but sometimes, booze isn’t involved at all. Latent bisexuality coming forward? Curiosity has gotten the best of them? Or do I really have a sign on me that says, “If you wanna know what it’s like to suck dick and be sucked, ask me and I’ll be happy to help you find out!”?

A woman asked me why guys are so… fascinated and fixated on cock sucking and, at first, why so many guys were like that about women doing it… and I couldn’t answer her because I didn’t know other than to “stupidly” say, “Um, we like having our dick sucked.” What a lame answer and one that was followed by an even lamer answer: “It feels good!” I remember her just nodding – while trying not to laugh at me – before she asked, “So why are guys fixated on other guys in this?”

“I don’t really know… we just are,” I had said. It bothered me that I didn’t know and bothered me even more since, uh, I’m a cock sucker, too. I know why I am but for guys in general? Clueless. I have never been able to figure out why a guy wanting to experience sucking dick and/or being sucked by a guy has so much fascination other than it’s something guys aren’t supposed to want to do with each other, let alone do it. Again, I’ve asked so many guys, “Wait… why do you wanna do this?” and I’ve sat and listened to them trying to explain it – and especially if/when for them, this just came out of nowhere.

Maybe it’s borne out of the fact that there are few men who doesn’t know that guys get and give other guys blowjobs? I don’t personally know too many guys who, at some point, hasn’t asked a woman what it’s like for them to suck dick or, if they’re not brave enough to ask her, the question is bouncing around inside their head just the same. I can’t begin to tell you how many guys on the forums I’ve been in who want to suck cock – and for whatever reason they feel this way – and the first thing they ask is, “What is it like?”

It has always seemed to me that when a guy somehow gets interested in sex with men, cock sucking is the thing that they’re very interested in… and I still don’t know why. I’ve been aware that, sometimes, there’s a… progression at work where a guy will start with jerking off alongside another guy, to them jerking each other off, then on to sucking each other and “graduating” to fucking. It almost feels… logical. I’ve been with guys who’ve made it crystal clear that all we’re gonna do is jerk each other off and nothing more than that… and then the guy laying down the rules of engagement, at some point, is sucking my dick – and then telling me, “I don’t know what made me do that!” or, yeah, sometimes, we’re working each other over with our hands and the guy blurts out, “Suck it!” or something along those lines.

To me, well, I not only learned not to be surprised by this turn of events but experience also taught me that it just seems… logical to stop pulling each other’s pud and suck them. And, yes – I’m the guy who can’t resist trying to get my head around why this happens, not just to satisfy my ongoing curiosity but also because I’ve had a whole lot of guys ask me why this happens and when sucking dick is the last thing they’re thinking about doing or have otherwise decided they’re not gonna do it. Then they do. And they don’t know why.

Join the club… because I don’t know, either. I just know it happens. I know that cock sucking is the usual entry point for things M2M. I’ve heard enough reasons in my life that there are some… common things in play, from being really horny to guys being emotionally stressed over something and including their curiosity finally getting the best of them and, yes, of course, the guy was bisexual to begin with. But none of those things serve to explain, with any degree of satisfaction, why cock sucking is the thing to do or why so many of us come to the conclusion that this is the thing that has to be done and experienced.

You may be wondering, “Does it really matter?” Could I just be overthinking it? Probably… but in my defense, um, it’s something I get asked about and replying with, “I don’t know” isn’t a good answer… and I kinda don’t like not knowing and, yes, that part is just me. Even when some guy isn’t hitting on me, they’ll ask – and in a roundabout way – if I think it’s “weird” for a guy to want to suck another guy’s cock or that they wanna be sucked by another guy. This one is easy to answer: No – it’s not weird at all either way. What I can’t answer is, “Why do I have an urge to do this?”

What the hell are you asking me for? And the kicker, of course, is that being a cock sucker myself, I should know, huh? I know that it feels very good to suck a dick and I know about the science of oral fixation. I know that the satisfaction in this doesn’t always have to include cum but, okay, there is something about that, too. I know that regardless to what the rules are about this, the fact that there are rules against this can lend themselves to the fascination. It is just an extremely erotic thing to do to another guy… and none of that comes close to explaining why a guy with zero experience or interest can “suddenly” find himself very interested in experiencing it.

It. Just. Makes. Sense. And I’ll be damned if I know why it does and accept that I will never know. It very well can be, as is being said, that everyone is predisposed for this and that social programming and conditioning prevents it from happening as a matter of course and if this is true – and it seems to be – what breaks the conditioning? Why do so many guys do this for the first time and tend to say that it just feels right, normal, and natural? Even better, I’ve had guys ask me, “How did I just know what to do?” Well, hmm, it’s not like guys who’ve had women blow them haven’t paid any attention to what she’s doing, right? And it’s not like one’s mind is incapable of putting it all together and telling a guy, “This is how you do it!”

Doesn’t even explain how guys who have never had a woman suck them knows how to do it. What I know is that guys can get this… urge to suck a dick and to have a guy suck them. It could’ve been hanging around inside them all along and they just ignored it… or wasn’t even aware of it. I know there are… triggering events; I know that booze can unlock this and sometimes with stupid ease or with just a tiny bit of resistance. I do not know what goes on inside of any guy’s brain that makes them come to the conclusion that doing this with a guy makes all the sense in the world. It feels logical. It feels right, normal, and natural. And perhaps it really is and some guys really do get blindsided by this when, out of nowhere, it just pops into their head.

Why bother with this? Because, at a high level, people do know that guys blow each other… but what they don’t know is why they do. It seems to be a slam dunk because, duh, guys can be gay and this is what gay guys do… but not every guy who finds himself getting into this is gay… and they might not be bi, either. We believe that straight guys never want to know about this, let alone do it but, um, how do you think straight guys change into bi guys?

It’s usually because they get this… urge to experience it. It can hit them out of nowhere; it could be something that in that moment, just wakes up inside of them; they can have their inhibitions lowered or even displaced by stressful situations; and, yes, their curiosity can just get the best of them and it makes all the sense in the world to find out what it’s like to have oral sex with another guy – and at the very least of things.

Not all guys who try it like it… but there are a whole lot of men who try it and flat out get hooked on it and, yeah – they don’t know why they got hooked on it. I know guys make themselves crazy trying to figure this out and especially those guys who, as I like to say, are late to the party; those guys who have gone on with their lives and with the sure knowledge that they would never, ever find a reason to get into sucking another guy’s dick… then they find themselves sucking another guy’s dick and loving the shit out of it. It is biology? Nature? Nurture? All of the above or none of the above in some strange twist that no one can figure out?

What I know is guys are fascinated by this and many very much love having their dick sucked and, yep, usually by women. Ah… but what is it like to have a guy do it? We’ve heard the stories and rumors, both good and bad. Logic seems to suggest that, hmm, there must be something nice about it; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many guys doing it. A lot of guys do find out that having another guy blow them, in fact and in deed, isn’t as bad as everyone says it is – it really is just a blow job and the only difference is who’s giving it and, yeah, we know about the ongoing debate about who sucks dick better and all that. But what makes a guy who is very okay with another guy blowing them decide that being the one to do the sucking just makes perfectly good sense?

I don’t know. I just know that it does. Why does it often surprise some guys that they’re even putting it out there to some other guy? I don’t know that either other than to suggest that in that moment, their beliefs somehow get suspended or overridden by… something. Maybe us guys just “inherently” know that getting into some cock sucking is just another way to get our nuts busted and “just” a normal and natural response to the hard-wired imperative for us to bust our nuts… and by any means available and that includes breaking every rule, edict, and mandate that says we should never bust our nuts or take any pleasure at all to have another man’s dick in our mouths and enticing him to issue forth his seed… and consuming it.

There’s even some “history” behind that, too. In some cultures – even in the here and now, sucking cock and consuming sperm is a rite of passage… or, perhaps, just an “excuse” for men to do what men have always done: Suck each other’s dick and swallow the results of sucking it. Just kicking back and taking in the eroticism of watching another guy working your dick over with his mouth and knowing that he’s doing it not only to make you feel good but to make himself feel good… and to get you to give up your sperm and swallowing it is optional.

I don’t know why. I just know that it just is. We do it. Either with intent or it really can show up out of nowhere; it can be helped along by having one’s inhibitions removed and some guys, despite themselves, are just curious about it. It feels good to have it done and it feels just as good to be the one doing it. And perhaps the reason why is simply because this is something that men just learned to do in the very early days of humanity… and cock sucking with each other just stuck with us and it’s been a part of being male that, absent the restrictions against it, makes it feel right, normal, and even logical.

I don’t know the real answer to this any more than I know how a guy can look at another guy and know, with a very high degree of certainty, that he’s gonna be down for it – and they don’t know how they know this, either. “Gaydar?” Could be that it does take one to know one but, again, not all guys who are fascinated and/or fixated on sucking cock are gay and, of course, society is all up in arms about this because you cannot “easily” identify any man who, even out of the blue, is gonna have this incredible urge to have oral sex with another guy… and even those guys don’t know why, against everything they know, they’ll want to do it and agree to do it.

We just do. It makes sense… and it kinda doesn’t. I know that guys say never… and then they change their minds about that. Sometimes shit really does just happen and two guys wind up sucking each other… and it was the last thing of them would ever do. A convenient “cure” for being horny? It sure is… but that’s not really why guys are fascinated and fixated on sucking dick. We just are and even if a guy never gets around to doing it.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Don’t More Men…”

“…get into sucking cock?”

When Cityman and I talk about this, the question is rhetorical while pointing out something “important:” There are a lot more men who are, indeed, finding out the joy of giving and receiving head with other guys but the missing part that I think is rather glaring is there’s no way to tell how many men are doing just that.

Which, of course, gives the people going on and on about biphobia and bisexual invisibility as well as that stupid straight privilege bullshit fits. Not only does the ongoing stigma keeps M2M blowjobs underground, there are a lot of men who are quite content to suck cock and not be of a mind to let anyone else know about it. Add on the fact that a bisexual guy doesn’t present any overt signs that he’s bisexual and it just makes trying to figure out how many guys are enjoying cock pretty damned difficult.

So, yeah – it’s probably “safer” to conclude that there are a lot of men sucking dicks even if there’s no clear and definitive sign of it. It’s not really to say that “all men are closet cock suckers” and we’re guilty of it until proven otherwise; we’ve been so very guilty of making such blanket condemnations over the history of our existence or, if there’s one who’s like this, all are like this. It’s just that if you think there are a lot of guys blowing each other, chances are you’re not wrong about that… and I wish you much luck and success trying to enumerate this.

A lot of people are of a mind that such an act is unnecessary and even I’ve heard – and more times than I can count and/or remember – that if a guy wants a blow job, there are a lot of women who’d be very happy to blow him and, theoretically, this is correct… but for a lot of guys, it’s not about them being blown: They want to be the one sucking the dick and some are just fine not being blown in return but, sure – a lot of blowjobs are of the mutual kind because, as one guy said about it, “Why should the other guy have all of the fun?”

As I’ve mentioned a lot in the past, gay culture plays heavily into things and is directly responsible for the way many people look at sex between men or, if you’re a guy and sucking another guy’s cock, you must be gay and very much into men. This is a… fucked up way to look at this but, in a way, you almost can’t blame society for this blanketed way of thinking and more so when, again, you can’t look at a guy and tell if he’s really bisexual or that he’s one of those guys who enjoys getting with a dude for some mutual cock sucking but will insist that he’s straight – thank you very much.

What makes this… funny is that, these days, there are a lot of men who firmly believe that sucking cock cannot and should not be done without some kind of “emotional” connection and mostly of the FWB kind. While this does work for a lot of men, it remains true that a lot of men just want to suck cock and be sucked and not take things past “merely” liking each other enough to do this. Given that there are guys who are already in a relationship of some kind, adding on another “committed” relationship type thing is, well, it’s too much; it’s easier and more convenient for them to do the one thing that, again and these days, a lot of cock suckers aren’t fond of: The dreaded blow and go.

What’s funny about this is that there seems to be a lot of men who, for some reason, kinda/sorta forget how men tend to be at times. We can cite things like not having the time for an extended activity or other such concerns but the reality is that some of us just want to get the dicks out, make them hard, make them soft again and then “immediately” go on about our business – and thanks; maybe we’ll see each other again.

I’ve been of a mind to think in terms like this: It isn’t why aren’t there more men getting into sucking cock – it’s why are there so many men who want to do it but they ain’t doing it. The reasons why… well, I could easily spend the next couple of hours writing them all down for you; some are quite legitimate and a lot of them are products of an overactive imagination and some guys always thinking the worst. I read on the forum and on a daily basis where a lot of guys confess to wanting to suck cock but will also list every reason they can think of as to why they can’t or haven’t been able to, up to and including every cotton-picking fear they can think of, imagine, or may have heard of.

Of all the things two guys can do with, for, and to each other, this is probably one of the easiest things to do other than jerking each other off – and even that can take a bit of intestinal fortitude. It is the one thing that just fascinates the shit out of us – what’s it like to have a guy blow you and what’s like to have another guy’s boner in your mouth? Is cum really that much of an acquired taste and as everyone says it is? I say it’s “easy” because, again, other than jerking each other off, this is something that can be done almost anywhere, usually doesn’t take a whole lot of time, and doesn’t require any preparation other than washing your junk before the fact but sometimes spontaneity comes into play and, well, okay – hopefully there’s not going to be a whole lot of… funk going on down there.

Otherwise, the minimum requirements – and in my opinion – is the guy is of legal age to consent to sex, is healthy enough to have sex and, importantly, is willing to engage in it or, as I like to say, “Hey… do you wanna do it?” and the answer is, “Okay!” and now the only other thing to consider might include who is going to blow whom first or whether they’re gonna do it together – depending on the place and other stuff like that. But if there aren’t a whole lot of guys looking to get into this – and even more guys who have reasons for not doing it when they know they want and need to – the reason why it’s not happening is the thing of us making being able to do this harder than it has to be.

Everything has to be perfect, from the type of guy to the right place and time and even setting. Lots of emphasis on cock size and the bigger, the better and no strangers allowed; no spontaneity can be involved – blow jobs must be meticulously planned and well in advance. A guy’s race can be of import; specific conditions where being height/weight proportionate is concerned as well as one’s age. With or without body hair and whether one’s body hair is trimmed, shaved, or the guys whole body is just furry and wolfing so much that a weed whacker would be needed to hack through the dense jungle of body hair. And then there’s the whole cut/uncut thing that can be a “thing” for a lot of wannabe cock suckers who remain sitting on the bench.

If I’ve learned nothing else about this, it’s that if you’re sitting on your ass and waiting for things to line up perfectly, if you wanna get into some cock sucking, well, that ain’t gonna happen. Why aren’t more men into this? Many men have become extremely risk-adverse and, in a way, you can’t blame them given how much the dreaded disease card keeps getting slammed onto the table. What gets overlooked or, perhaps, deemed unbelievable, is that even the CDC says that the chances of catching something nasty via oral sex are low. Guys latch onto the fact that there is a chance and just not paying any attention to the part even the CDC doesn’t mention – and because, logically, there’s no need to: There’s an even greater chance that the only thing you’re gonna catch is a mouthful of sperm – somewhere around 96% at last glance. Also overlooked and due to such great concerns about this is the one solution that’s available: Condoms.

Duh. Okay, I do get it: Those puppies don’t taste good and even the flavored ones leave a lot to be desired since the flavorings are artificial and artificially sweetened. Yuck. A lot of sucking cock is about being able to feel it in your mouth and while there are condom that are really, really thin, the sense of touch might not be quite fulfilled with the guy doing the sucking or the guy being sucked. In addition to this, some guys have this… weird thing going on with them where even trying to put on a condom just makes their erection go away; even I’ve seen guys go from being “diamond-hard” to totally flaccid just trying to begin to put a condom on.

Bummer. Pretty damned embarrassing, to be truthful about it. Still, even with out condoms, the risks are minimal and, ha, sometimes, there’s never one around when you need one. I can well remember how guys used to carry one in their wallet which, um, is about the worst place to keep one. Then again, some guys aren’t of a mind to carry one or two with them because there’s nothing else more embarrassing than to reach into a pocket for something and that very obvious package comes out instead. Or their lady is doing the laundry and, wait – what the fuck is this in his pants pocket? A condom? Why does he have that in his pocket!?

Uh-oh. Somebody’s gonna have some explaining to do!

The “real” question in this could be should more men be into cock sucking? Would relations between men and women be improved if men were able to take the pressure to suck cock off of women and especially those women who aren’t really fans? Would women be… grateful to not always be under the gun in this? As Cityman has asked at times, would we – men – be “better off” to just let nature do what nature does in these things? And, as always, I don’t want the ladies to think I’ve forgotten about them… but the reality is that very few people are of a mind to question why two women would want to have sex with each other and many agree that if they choose to, they are well within their right to say no to the dick and, yeah, a man’s ham-handed and inconsistent ability to make a coochie happy and especially orally.

And the “real” answer is… I don’t know. Maybe. It’s theoretically possible. It is – and as Cityman has suggested at time – a ‘necessity’ in order for men to bond with each other? I mean, we do bond with each other without having to blow each other’s brains out… but would the bonding process be more… meaningful? if we were to give each other a blow job and without getting called onto the carpet for it? At one point, it’s just boys being boys but gets to a point where boys being boys isn’t a valid or proper reason for “Ted” and “Alex” to be watching the game and decide that a good way to wait for halftime to be over with would be to suck each other off?

Which, um, does happen, if you’re wondering. The question, overall, is rhetorical in that it’s way too easy to point to why there’s no awareness of the number of men sucking cock or, obviously, there are a lot of reasons why more men are not of a mind to do it. Or, um, maybe there are and it’s just a matter of no one knowing about it. Is widespread acceptance a must in order for more guys to suck dick? Many would say that it would be nice… but it’s never been a necessity – “I won’t tell if you won’t” remains a valid gentlemanly agreement and, besides, it is really anyone’s business who’s sucking dick?

Here’s the reality: Some guys do suck cock. Some guys don’t. Some guys say they never will… and they never will while some guys say that and find out what a lot of men find out: That shit is fun both ways. Better than jerking off but not so… complicated as fucking each other. And it’s even “better” when no one else knows that this is what they’re doing. It’s the thing that has society at large bugging like it has never bugged about anything before: Not knowing what guys are cock suckers and what guys aren’t. You can’t tell by looking at a guy; you could, if you were bold enough, ask him and chances are he’s gonna tell you that there’s no way he’d do some shit like that… even when he’s doing it. All that shit about such men really being gay? It’s bullshit: Guys suck dick and get sucked by other guys because that shit feels really good – and it’s still boys being boys or just a “thing” guys can do, you know, if they want and/or need to and, nope, there’s no other reason to get into other than it can be done. You don’t have to be gay to do it and according to some, you don’t even have to be bisexual to get all up into it.

You just gotta want to do it and/or have it done. And, nope – I won’t tell if you won’t. Keeping it on the DL? Not really as nefarious as we think it is; it’s really a matter of not letting the “whole world” know your sexual business. An unsafe sexual practice? Honestly, it could be because sex is inherently unsafe when you get right down to the brass tacks. But one should maybe question – and seriously so – why it’s okay for women to be cock suckers… and not so okay for men to be cock suckers… and therein lies the reason why there are so many male cock suckers that no one knows about. It’s not the question of why more men aren’t into this:

It’s not knowing how many are or want to be that really bakes society’s noodle and many are scared shitless because of not knowing this. Your best friend or next door neighbor or any other guys you know could be cock suckers… and you wouldn’t know it unless they let you know that they are. And those guys, mostly likely, have no idea or clue that if you could, you’d happily blow them and empty their nuts and in a flat, skinny second.

Because, um, that shit is a lot of fun and feels really good to have it done and to do it. A lot of guys are finding this out and, as I like to say, somewhere in the world and in the exact moment I’m writing this – and you’re reading it – there is a guy or two who are finding out what it’s like to suck dick and to be sucked and whether it gets “finished” or not. You just don’t know who’s finding this out; you don’t know who already knows this and you don’t know how many guys are sitting on the bench and waiting for their moment to get in the game and suck some dick and to be sucked in return.

You don’t even know how many guys are, at the very least, thinking about it and it’s not really a matter or question if they would go for it or not but, yeah, even if they’d say that under the right conditions, they just might go for it… or not. And for those who are very much afraid of this “new” trend, it’s a lot for them to be worried about. It just continually makes me scratch my head about how we can be so… pissy about something we know that men have always been doing and over all this time. As I told Cityman, it is said that we’re not supposed to do it… but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. It’s just that some guys find reason to do it… and you won’t ever find out that they’re doing it, well, um, unless or until some guy asks you if you’d like to have your dick sucked and maybe do some sucking in return.

It gets very real at that point, doesn’t it? It’s simple: You’re either gonna say yes and do it or you’re not going to and for whatever reason you don’t want to. Ah… but if, by chance, you did, well, why not? Millions of guys suck dick and get sucked in every moment of every damned day and over the centuries, at that so, hmm, it can’t be all that bad…

Can it?


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Guys Do It, Too

No one thinks twice about a guy who eats pussy… but guys who don’t? Must be something wrong with them or they’re just not devoted enough to their woman to put their mouth on her like that and make her a happy camper… or they don’t care so much that if they don’t do it, someone else will be more than willing to.

Guys who suck dick? Vile, nasty creatures who are, without a doubt, as gay as a three dollar bill. And now the world is very aware of the fact that some guys who suck dick aren’t gay and, depending on who you ask, they’re not even bi.

Idle thoughts running around inside my head and the resident CDOM – Certified Dirty Old Man – is having a good laugh at my expense and pointing out to me – and unnecessarily so – that guys do it, too. Before I started writing this, I asked the CDOM, “Guys do what, too? What are you talking about now?”

“Sucking dick. Blow jobs. Schlobbing the knob; polishing da dome, getting buffed,” CDOM replied. “Get to typing!”

And here I am… typing. I’m in that frame of mind that makes me wonder why so many people freak out knowing that guys suck dick… but with greater acceptance toward gay guys, eh, that’s just what they do but guys who aren’t gay? They have no reason at all to be sucking dick, the nasty-assed motherfuckers!

No reason? How about because they can? Or because they want to? How about it sounds like a good idea? Does, “I’m curious about it” count as a reason? How about for… philosophical reasons like, okay, women do it and if they can do it, we can, too? Does, “It makes me feel good!” count as a reason?

It gets… better (not) because this is something that makes a lot of people do the, “Yeah, but…” thing and the “but” is the presumption and even the rule that men aren’t supposed to do it or even want to do it… which, of course, doesn’t hold water since guys do suck dick and, you betcha, can and will lie back and let another guy suck his dick.

To some, this doesn’t make much sense. Hmm… I wonder how many times I’ve heard and/or have been told that there are plenty of women who’d be willing to give me head? Oh, it’s true – it’s damned true… and good luck with that one. First you gotta find such a woman; then you gotta convince her that it would be a good thing for her to do and despite whatever experiences she’s had in this. Y’all know the deal here.

As I’ve said time and time again, it’s not as if we don’t know that guys do it, too, because we do; we just continue to hold on to the… untruth that we’re not supposed to. I don’t know about y’all but which thing is the more real thing? Yeah… it’s not as if we don’t know about the reality of it all but it’s a reality that many refuse to accept. Another part of that reality is that while guys can suck dick, they don’t always do it… or even want to do it… and that includes some gay men as well. Why don’t they?

Ha… you’re asking me like I know the answer to that – and I don’t. Does because they don’t want to count as a reason? Because they don’t like it? That sounds like a good one, doesn’t it? If there’s a lesson in this, it’s just because you can do it doesn’t mean you have to.

Well, what about that acquired taste thing? Okay… what about it? We all know it’s a real thing and that it’s connected to tasting sperm and just like sucking dick, you’re either gonna like or you’re not going to or you’re even gonna be indifferent about it. Still, one of the… selling points in the world of M2M is cock sucking and spunk swallowing… or wearing it, you know, whichever thing gets you off.

Way back in high school, some guy got outed over sucking another dude’s dick – and read that as the guy who got the blow job made it his business to tell everyone he could that the guy sucked his dick. It spread through the school so fast it wasn’t funny and everyone was giving the poor kid the business for being a faggot and sucking the other guy’s dick… but no one said a word about the guy who got blown, well, until I said something about it.

“You know, it’s not that the dude blew the other dude… but it’s also about the other dude wanting to be blown in the first place so who’s the real “bad guy” here? The guy who sucked dick… or the guy who got his dick sucked?”

No need to tell you who those I was talking with decided – the bad guy was the one who did it and the guy who asked for it assumed zero blame for his role in it. I even remember saying, “I don’t know why y’all think that’s so weird since we know that there are guys who like to suck dick… and there are guys who like having their dick sucked… so why would it be so weird if the guy who wants to have his dick sucked doesn’t care who does it – as long as it gets done?”

They allowed that I had a point and, yes – some of them were looking at me with that, “How would you know?” look which I ignored. That was way back in the early 1970s… and here in the year 2020, we still look at guys who suck dick as being weird, gay, freaks, and perverts. I know – and from experience – that it’s a motherfucker to have to defend and justify yourself over this. I’ve had guys “kiss and tell” and that’s some fucked up shit but at some point, I just learned that while I could explain it and all that, I didn’t have to and then not really give a fuck what anyone said about me because of it. Of course, that’s not easy for a lot of guys to do because image – and reputation – is everything.

But, yeah – I suck dick. I’ve sucked a lot of dicks and probably more than a lot of women have or would even want to. So what? I eat pussy, too – and believe me, I’ve gotten more flak about that than I have about sucking dicks!

Go figure, right? Still doesn’t change the fact that guys do it, too, and for whatever reason makes sense to them and even if it still doesn’t seem to make sense to a lot of other people. They just can’t get their heads fully past that “men aren’t suppose to do this” crap and, again, which thing is really right? The prohibition against it… or the fact that guys do it, too?

Well, if you do, you must really be gay. I’ve heard that one… a lot. Nope, not gay at all and (at the time) if you need proof, go ask my girlfriend. Oh, you’re one of those kind of guys then! What kind of guys are you talking about? You’re one of those guys who goes both ways! And it never failed to amuse me at how shocked someone could get, like it wasn’t possible…

And exactly what a lot of people think today, here in the year 2020. If you think that bisexual women are like the mythical unicorn, so were guys who went both ways. How many times have I heard that guys have no good reason to want both? Too many times… way too many times. Hmm, let’s see… could it be that, at a rather simple level, it’s sex… and guys like sex? Does the phrase, “Try it – you might like it!” have any truth to it? I’m thinking it does since I happen to know that a lot of guys do try it and find it to their liking…

Yet, we continue to believe that this, all by itself, shouldn’t be true or, shit, the only way it can be true is if the guy is really gay. Um, no – not really and even more so when I know of guys who are avid cock suckers and will tell you that they’re not only not gay, they’re not even bi. How do they justify this position?

“It’s just a blow job, sheesh…” and yep, it really is just a blow job. It’s sex and even in the face of the belief some folks have that oral sex isn’t really sex – it’s just foreplay that leads up to actual intercourse and nothing more than that. There’s just no way anyone would be happy and satisfied just having oral sex, right?

Um, hmm, I also happen to know that there are a lot of guys who are over the moon happy just to have oral sex, whether it’s pussy or dick and fucking is just gravy or the cherry on top, you know, if you happen to like cherries… and some people don’t.

But I digress. A lot of people are like, “Well, if that’s your thing, it’s your thing…” and sometimes the unspoken version is more like, “I don’t care if you suck dick… as long as you don’t ask if you can suck mine!” Then again, I’ve heard guys say this… because they do want me – or some other guy – to blow them; they’re just not all that likely to admit it but, yeah, some have.

Guys do it, too. Lots of debate about who does it better and I guess that’s to be expected because we are some… competitive creatures. I know guys who get all hung up on this and like it really matters or means anything… and it really doesn’t. Fact: Some people are damned good at it… and some just aren’t. Fact: Some people are “naturals” at it… and some have to learn how to master it and be consistently good at it. Even among guys who suck dick, “being good at it” doesn’t mean what you think it means; a lot of guys have been deemed lousy at it because they don’t – or can’t – finish the job or they get the other guy to cum… and won’t swallow it or even allow it in their mouth. Or they can’t deep throat a dick. Haven’t gotten the hang of getting their teeth out of the way.

Stuff like that. I’m thinking that if guys are having this kind of conversation – and where it applies to other men – that’s a clear indication that guys, in fact, do it, too; whether they’re deemed to be good at it or not is that kettle of fish thing that’s more objective than subjective.

“Don’t you feel… weird doing it?” Another question I’ve heard way too many times. No – I don’t feel weird about it at all… because there’s no need to feel weird, that and that stuff you believe that makes it weird to you? I don’t believe it. I know about it – who doesn’t? – but, no – not buying it, not even renting it because I know it’s not true… and it never was.

And it still isn’t. But the thing here is that even if it were as true as some folks believe it to be, guys still do it, too. Because they can. Because it can be done. Because they want to. They like it; they love it; it’s just sex and better than jerking off. Is sexuality really an issue here? Depends on who you ask but, again, given that some guys are into this and say they’re still straight, I guess it’s not really an issue if you are of a mind to believe what a guys says more than what he’s actually doing.

Fact of the matter is you don’t have to be gay or bi to suck dick: You just gotta want to do it and then not be afraid to do it. Likewise, you don’t have to be bi or gay to want a guy to suck your dick; at the least, all you gotta do is just have the thought in mind that it might be fun and just might feel really good… and along with not being afraid to allow it to happen.

You don’t even have to “be into” guys like that either way even though a lot of people seem to be of a mind that, well, a dude gotta be into dudes like that. Not even. It’s really about what you think about sex and whether you believe what you’ve been told about how it’s not supposed to happen. I love oral sex; pussies, dicks, doesn’t matter. I love women… men, eh, not so much. But I know – and for obvious reasons – that it’s sex and the kind that can be mutually gratifying. And, again, I stopped believing what many people still believe a very long time ago. Does that make me weird? Gay or in denial about being gay? Or, is it possible that I just might understand some shit about sex that a lot of people can’t or don’t want to understand… and there’s no way I’m the only guy who understands it like this?

You decide.

My inner CDOM wanted y’all to know that guys suck dick, too… and I have no idea why it wanted you to know. He wanted me to share this with you… so I did.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Out of the Blue

Way back in the late 1970s, a guy I’d been playing basketball with and I were sitting on my front steps, enjoying both the shade and the somewhat cool breezes generated by the cars that whizzed down the street. We had started out playing each other one-on-one until other guys showed up to play and we teamed up together and took on all comers until we were eventually defeated (that took a while, though).

We’re talking about how we played, going over the few things we both screwed up along the way and on the heels of him telling me how cool it was when I dunked on this one opponent, he asked, “Would you be offended if I told you I wanted to suck your dick?”

For a very long moment, I just sat there looking at him, speechless; even my mind was asking, “What did he just say? Did he say what I think he said?” I recovered and said that, no, I wouldn’t be offended.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because you’re not the first guy who has ever asked me that question,” I said truthfully. “You just surprised me for a moment, that’s all.”

We were both silent for a moment and I didn’t know what he was now thinking about but I was thinking a whole lot of stuff including the now very rhetorical question of, “Why does this keep happening to me?” I set that one aside as the part of my mind that’s all cool and clinical about stuff reminded me that he only asked if I would be offended if he told me that. No intent was implied and he didn’t ask if he could suck my dick… but that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to come up.

Now it was just a matter to see where this might go. Enter that awkward moment where we’re both sitting there waiting for each other to say something and, well, back then, patience wasn’t one of my strongest attributes so after maybe two minutes had passed, I asked him, “Do you want to suck my dick?”

He blinked and as if my question woke him up; he took a deep breath and said, “Yeah… I think I do… and the funny part is I don’t know why I want to suck your dick – I just know I do, you know, if you really wouldn’t mind.”

My turn to get quiet as my mind started going back and forth in its decision making process and so quickly that, believe it or not, I couldn’t keep up with what was going on in my head. Do I say yes? Or do I say no?

“If you really want to, sure; let’s go inside,” I said, ending the debate in my head. After we both used the bathroom to freshen up, we’re sitting in the living room and the pregnant pause is smothering us like a very wet blanket. In my head, I’m laughing at this because we’re both sitting there staring at each other and waiting for someone to make the first move to get this going. Again, patience and I weren’t the best of friends so I stood up, drop my shorts and underwear, and crossed the short distance between us to stand in front of him with my now-hard dick leading the way.

“Wow,” he said. I’m looking down at him and watching his eyes go from looking up and me and looking down at my dick. I didn’t move because I knew he was in that moment of truth, the moment where he’s either going to do what he said he wanted to do or he wasn’t.

“Wow,” he said again – then reached to cup my balls in one hand. He kinda fondled them for a moment and although he whispered it, I heard him say, “Fuck it…” just before he took me into his mouth. His whole body was trembling as his tongue was trying to figure out what it was supposed to do at this point; I remained still and, to be honest, I’m waiting for him to freak out because his brain just found out that he’s got another guy’s dick in his mouth. He didn’t freak out and tentatively started to suck me and, if I had to guess, he had a silent “fuck it” moment and went from being tentative to going for it.

He sucked me for a pretty long moment before he sat back and released me; I’m still looking at him and I can see him thinking about whether or not he liked this or not. But, again, me and patience? Not friends at all. While he was thinking about whatever he was thinking about, I knelt down, unfastened his pants, pulled his erection out and got to work on him.

We wound up on the floor and going at each other side by side; he said he was gonna cum and that was fine with me so I didn’t stop and he unloaded in my mouth; once he was done, he went back to sucking me and it only took a few scant seconds for me to tell him I was gonna cum and, in fact, I was trying to move away from him; experience had taught me that, well, some guys don’t react well to find their mouth filled with cum. He grabbed me and kinda held me in place, ran his tongue over my knob and shoved me over the edge. At first, he gagged but recovered quickly and, moments later, he released me.

We’re both lying on the floor, gasping for breath and all that; he finally said, “I still don’t know why I wanted to do that… but I’m glad I did. Did I do okay?”

“You did,” I said.

“You’ve done this before, huh?” he asked.

“More times than I care to think about,” I said.

“Do you know why I wanted to do this?” he asked. “Why did this just hit me out of the blue?”

“I really don’t know why that happens,” I said after a moment. “It’s like something inside you seems to think that it would be a great idea while, at the same time, it’s confusing and more so when it’s never crossed your mind before.”

“It didn’t,” he confirmed. “All I really know is we’re sitting there talking about basketball and the next thing I know is I got this urge to suck your dick!”

“I really don’t know; I just know it happens,” I said with a shrug. Oh – did I mention that I don’t like not knowing something? I was kinda… pissed with myself because this wasn’t something new to me and I felt that I should know how and why something like this would just hit a guy out of the blue.

I guess he saw the look I had on my face because he asked, “You’re not pissed off, are you?”

“No, no – I was just thinking about something,” I said.

“Oh, okay,” he said. “Um, can we do it again?” he asked.

We did and, afterward, we agreed to meet again the next day to play some more ball… and to play with some other balls. After he left, I really did sit down to think about this “out of the blue” thing. Was it the flood of testosterone that’s in play and due to the exertion (and stuff) when playing basketball? Could be since this wasn’t the first time some guy – and even myself – would be horny as hell after a few games of basketball. It’s not as if some guys could be out there balling, get hosed down with all the testosterone in the air, and then go home and get laid if they had a lady to get laid with. But while a lot of guys did have a woman to go home to for this, sometimes that wasn’t the case.

Maybe it was one of those things where the body says, “I need sex and I need it right now… and sucking that guy’s dick is the sex that I need!” I thought that if the guy was already a cock sucker, well, it makes sense that he’d think like that… but it didn’t explain the guys who would find themselves sucking dick for the first time, did it?

That was about the time I realized that I needed to take back something I was fond of saying, that being, that a guy just doesn’t wake up one morning and decided that today’s a good day to suck a dick. It now seemed to be very possible that, well, they might not wake up with that thought… but somewhere along the line, it winds up being a good idea and after ripping and running on a basketball court.

I thought that maybe some guys already had it on their mind… and they somehow knew that I would be the guy who wouldn’t object to it or, perhaps more likely, it was just pure luck that I happened to be in the right place at the right time for the other guy to put it out there that he wouldn’t mind it if we were, you know, to give each other a blow job.

Maybe I was overthinking it; maybe it’s not all that “out of the blue” as it appears to be? I found that I couldn’t really agree with that one given the many times I’d heard a guy say, “I don’t know why I said that!” or, like the guy I’d been with said about not knowing why he wanted to. What was I missing? It really bugged me that I didn’t know but I was determined to find out.

Decades later, I still don’t know. Well, I don’t know well enough to state anything in a definitive way. Physical exertion and all that testosterone flowing can do it and, yeah, some guys had admitted that sucking dick had been on their mind and, yeah, I was in the right place at the right time. For some guys, it wasn’t their first time; if anything, it was their first time in a long time… but for a lot of guys? Very first time. No prior experience whatsoever.

Why, out of the blue, does this not only pop into a guy’s head but sounds like a damned good idea? I talked to a lot of guys; heard their “out of the blue” stories and, again, while some guys admitted to being curious about it, a lot of guys were still saying that they just didn’t know why, all of a sudden – and from their perspective – blowing the guy they happen to be with sounded like the thing that had to be done.

Some guys were able to tell me that when they had their “out of the blue” moment, they were stressed or in another emotional state, like being sad or upset, like the many guys who wound up losing a girlfriend or even failing to get the girl or being frustrated because they’re looking for a job and being rejected.

I even asked the guy I was with that day if he had a chance to think about why he wanted to do what he wanted to do… and even he said he still didn’t know why it just jumped into his head and, again, out of the blue.

And here it is, many decades later, and I’m still hearing about guys wanting to have sex with other guys and, for them, the impulse to do something just came out of nowhere; for many, it was like yesterday, they were happily heterosexual… and the next day, they now found themselves with a bad case of dick on the brain and they had no idea why, let alone where all this came from.

I was fortunate enough to talk to a lot of guys – and whether they took the plunge or not – and I still don’t know how the out of the blue thing just happens. One guy I was talking to was telling me that he’d been going about his usual routines and, one day, he just started thinking about sucking dick. I asked him questions like was he stressed? Upset about anything? Ever really thought about it before? And he answered no to all of my questions and all he could say was that he just knew he had to do it and that it kept bothering him until he eventually did.

Was it possible that for some guys, something inside of them just… woke up? Some guys said that they’d watch porn – the normal stuff – and some even said that they noticed that when watching the woman on the screen sucking a dick, it really got their attention; could it be that something like this just… stuck in their head somewhere and, at some point, just started to sound like a good idea but one that would just land on them… out of the blue?

I still don’t know. I allowed that, perhaps, some of the guys I’d talked to may not have been all that forthcoming but I also realized that I’d talked to way too many men for all of them to be faking the funk about this. I gave much thought to the fact that maybe they did know but they just couldn’t explain it. Lots of curious guys… and lots of guys who lacked that curiosity and the best they could do was to say that they didn’t know why they felt the need to experience this; they just did and, indeed, many were surprised beyond belief to find that they wanted to blow another guy.

Did close friendship play into this? Sometimes it did… and most of the time, it didn’t. Eventually, I gave up “actively” trying to figure it out; there are some things in life that just defies explanation and even reason; sometimes, shit just happens because it has to… or maybe because it’s supposed to?

I met that guy on the court the next day and as we agreed to. We’re playing one on one and right in the middle of the game, he says, “This isn’t what I really want to do.” We go to my place and some very frenzied cock sucking took place. In between those frenzied moments, he said that he still didn’t know why he wanted to do this in the first place and it bothered him that he didn’t know; I allowed that I didn’t know either and I hadn’t been able to figure it out.

“Things sometimes just happens because they’re supposed to, I guess,” he said just before our third time. “I decided that I’m not gonna worry about it.”

And, again, eventually, I stopped worrying about it, too. It happens and the mechanism is still unknown to me and I guess, all things considered, it doesn’t really matter why or how this can hit a guy out of the blue.

Maybe, just out of the blue, a guy just feels that right now is a good time for some cock sucking even if they’ve never entertained the thought or notion before. The mystery deepens with those guys who, today, would say they would never blow another guy or allow a guy to blow them… but later in the day? Tomorrow? At some unknown point in the future? All of a sudden and out of the blue, man, it’s just what the doctor ordered…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Inside My Head… While Giving Head

Gosh… I don’t quite remember when the first time I gave someone head – or whether it was a guy or a gal – and they asked me, “What are you thinking about when you do that?”

I’m pretty sure I looked at them with an odd look and said, “I’m not thinking about anything…” but the question had to have stuck in my head somewhere because I just seemed to start paying attention to what, if anything, I might be thinking about…

And, oh, my goodness! First, um, it’s not easy to learn how to… divide your attention like this; there’s the sensations and all that when giving head but with the added piece of devoting a part of my mind to look at what I might be thinking about. Yeah, yeah, I know – I shouldn’t have been thinking about anything other than what I was doing but I came to realize that I was, in fact, thinking… about a whole lot of stuff and some of it having nothing to do with what I was doing.

The problem is one of making sense of whatever I’m thinking about and that includes being focused on the giving head experience, from taste, smell, and sound as well as how it’s making me feel; listening to that inner voice – or one of them – yelling and screaming about how good it is to give someone head or, um, sometimes, asking me, “Why did you think this was a good idea?” That same voice – or maybe another one – is urging me to make them cum and no matter how long it takes.

Technique races like a blur through my mind and changes faster than a lightning strike; it’s analyzing cause and effect – if I do this, and they react like that, then more of the same, less of the same, let’s try something else. It’s thinking about the other person, listening to them and their body; past experiences are flying by at warp speed and whether they were most excellent or not so much by my standards or theirs.

Once I realized that when I’m giving head, I’m not as… mindless as I felt, I had to go back in time to see if I had been doing this all along… and just wasn’t paying any attention to it… and I realized that I had been and mostly along the lines of situational awareness and, sometimes, on top of the concern of getting caught having sex, being aware of any time factors that could be involved; there’s time to give head but not a whole lot of it – the clock is running so focus and give it your all before time runs out. Just being aware of what’s going on around me was, all along, occupying some parts of my mind as I sucked dick or ate pussy.

Well, shit. I even tried to quiet the thoughts in my head even though they didn’t really distract me and I found out that it was “impossible” to just shut my mind off so the trick was to beware of this, don’t pay a lot of attention to it, but pay attention to it… all while maintaining an intense focus on what I was doing and enjoying being in the moment.

“Do you think about what you’re gonna do before you do it?” was a question I got asked once and the answer was, “No, not really…” but it was a little white lie of sorts because I found my mind would automatically assess the, ah, logistics of giving head from the person and their body type and equipment, to a lot of other things that I couldn’t begin to put into words. I remember telling someone this more complete answer and she said, “You’re overthinking it!”

Maybe. See, I grew up in a time where – and especially with the ladies – if you didn’t eat pussy and couldn’t – or wouldn’t – eat it for a long time and with a purpose, the word that you wasn’t good at it would spread like wildfire and no self-respecting giver of head ever wanted to be tagged at being horrible at giving head. So being focused and with “evil intent” was a must and more so when you knew that if you didn’t do it right for them, you’d never get another chance to do it or anything else… and that included guys as well.

All of the thoughts are like background noise to me; I hear it, sometimes pick out the important stuff, and file the rest of it away for examination later… all while being in the zone and focused and I got to the point where I don’t think about the fact that my mind is still very active and doing its thing and, again, not always about what I’m doing.

Even when I’m in the zone and lost in the moment, I’m aware that my mind is still doing… stuff. I can get so deep into the zone that I actually lose awareness of what’s going on around me, like the many times I just missed the object of my oral lust saying, “Stop! Stop! No more!” or if/when they suddenly jump up or otherwise escape me, I’m temporarily baffled at why they did.

One woman was looking at me like I tried to kill her and said, “You’re dangerous…” and I felt… bad… but realized that being dangerous was a good thing, too. Oh… you like having your pussy eaten? Wait until you get a load of me! If you let me do it, know that I’m packing a lunch and dinner because if I have anything to do with it, I’m gonna be down there for a while. Another woman said, “You’re too intense for me!” and, again, I felt… bad – was there really such a thing as eating a pussy too much? Apparently there was but being intense also meant that she wasn’t gonna go back and tell anyone that I didn’t eat the living daylight out of them or didn’t try every dirty trick I’ve ever learned in order to get them to orgasm and one wasn’t gonna cut it… well, not for me.

The older woman who I credit with really honing my pussy eating skills told me, “If she’s not looking at you like you’re some kind of crazy person, you didn’t do it right. Now, do it again and make me love it and regret letting you do it!”

With guys, well, it’s different but the focus – the intent – is the same because, as I learned, there’s no really huge difference between sucking dick and eating pussy other than the obvious ones. It’s understanding the male anatomy and knowing that if/when he cums, it’s gonna be game over for him. Guys are… funny in that they want you to suck their dick so they can cum in your mouth… while trying not to do it… and now its a battle of wills because he’s trying to hold it back… and I’m thinking about defeating his purpose in this… or I’m thinking that he’d love to cum “soon…” and I’m having so much fun with his dick in my mouth that, sorry dude – I got other plans.

My mind is still paying attention and pointing stuff out to me; I hear him, I feel what his body is telling me and my mind is analyzing it… and I know I can’t stop it… so I don’t try to. One guy said, “Damn, man – you really get after it, don’t you?”

Yeah… I do… because giving head is such a thrill for me even though it’s also a lot of hard work. My mind is flailing away and thinking shit like am I doing it right for them? Doing enough? Too much? Are they gonna like it? Hate it? And, again, it’s impossible for me to stop such thoughts from showing up and it’s like I tell myself, “Shut the fuck up – I’m doing the best I can and we’ll worry about shit later!”

Sometimes, I’m even thinking, “You know you shouldn’t be doing this…” – that’s my moral compass getting a few words in and words that I learned to ignore by saying to myself – and with a mouthful of pussy or dick – “Yeah, I know… but I’m doing it anyway so shut the fuck up already! Damned party-pooper!”

Do I worry about the end results? Yes… and no. I figured out something about giving head and that was if I’m doing it solely to please them, chances are the results aren’t going to be good ones… but if I’m doing it to please myself, well, now, my pleasure can become their pleasure because I’m conditioned to give it my all and to have fun doing it… even when, uh, it’s not all that fun and it isn’t fun because some people just don’t know how to get head… but that’s okay since everyone has their own being in the moment moment and their lust and passion is going to make them do whatever in order to enjoy it and, euphemistically, bust that nut.

Someone told me, “You’re selfish when you give head! You shouldn’t be doing it for yourself – you should always do it for them!”

Yeah… fuck that. I learned early on – and thanks to the thoughts running around in my head – that if I’m not going to have fun doing it, what’s the point in me doing it? Sometimes, while giving head, my mind is evilly laughing and thinking, “They think you’re doing all of this just for them!”

And I’m not. Well, I am. No, not really. Give them head the way they want it? I can do that… most of the time but the thoughts that have been barnstorming in my mind and from the first time I ever gave head has always been, “This is so damned good! I want more! Gotta have more!”

This… prevailing thought just never goes away and whatever else I’m thinking about is, again, background noise. I figured that the only way I won’t be thinking of anything while giving head is if, God forbid, I happen to die while doing it. Otherwise, I’m always thinking about how much I love giving head and even if, shit, I didn’t start out wanting to do it. Some people have to be in a mood to give head and I’m no different… except, thanks to my mind always thinking about it, I can go from, “I don’t feel like it…” to being all into it in a matter of seconds and sometimes as “late” as getting that first lick in. Then it’s on… and my mind is off and running doing whatever the fuck its doing… while I’m having fun doing what I came here to do.

Go down on you. Suck your dick. Eat your pussy right off your body. Give you the impression that I’m an oral sex maniac… because I am one. Sure, I think about making it good for my, um, victim… and I know that I can’t make it good for everyone every time… but I can sure as hell try and listening to that voice in my head saying over and over, “Do it, keep doing it, don’t stop doing it until they tell you to stop or make you stop.”

And the funny part? I do it without thinking about it. Ya tell me you can’t cum like this? I’m thinking about all the ways I might be able to do that… while I’m trying to make you do it. Sometimes I fail… but I think I’ve succeeded more than I’ve failed and part of the reason for this is that I really don’t ever stop thinking. Make it good for them and so they don’t regret letting you be so… intimate with them… and have fun doing it. Revel in it. Feed the ravening beast that lives inside you – and you do not want to know what that critter is saying to me other than, “Feed me… give me more… I’m so hungry…”

What’s the one thing I tend to think about more than anything else? Whether or not I’m really doing it good enough for the other person and, yeah, sometimes, I think I haven’t. Sometimes – and for various reasons – I think that I haven’t been at my very best and now whomever I was going down on is going to think badly about me… and sometimes, they do… but I have no control over what they’re thinking. Shit… I can’t even control whatever I’m thinking about but I’m always thinking about making it good for them, giving them my very best effort and losing myself in the doing because giving head is such a joy for me… and, yeah, it kinda embarrasses me to think that I am a selfish giver of head but my pleasure is your pleasure… and I get a great deal of pleasure giving head.

I think it’s a… gift? to keep going despite any discomfort, oh, like having a woman slam her pubic bone into my mouth so hard I’ve had teeth loosened, gotten a bloody lip and sometimes being smothered and unable to breathe. Or having a guy with a really long dick driving it all the way in as far as he can get it and thinking about how much it might be bothering me or, sometimes, I’m not feeling the deep-throat thing all that much…

But still remaining focus and determine to finish them. Either they’re gonna stop or they’re gonna make me stop… and I’m thinking that I’m not gonna stop. Tired; body aches; nose being all stopped up; getting rug burn from pubic hair, getting it in my teeth or somewhere else I’d rather not have it. All the thoughts about this stuff and a lot more… but way below that prevailing thought:

I love giving head. Pussy, dick, doesn’t matter. The thrill of it; the nastiness of it. Success or failure not really an issue so much. Being grateful because the other person didn’t have to let me go down on them and since they did, it’s on me to give them my very best every time and even if I’m not really at my best. Scattered thoughts about the intimacy of what I call the ultimate kiss; thinking about the science of oral fixation and how orally fixated I am. And thinking about being selfish in that even if the other person somehow isn’t enjoying it, I’m damned well gonna enjoy doing it.

The thoughts never stop. A lot of people will say, if you ask them what they’re thinking about when giving head, “Nothing!” For me to say that? I’d be lying because I am always thinking so when I’ve been asked I just say, “I’m thinking about a whole lot of shit…” and leave it at that. See, some folks are of a mind that if you’re thinking, you’re not really paying attention to what you’re doing and I think I’m living proof that that’s not true and I do think about making it an untruth.

Do it. Suck it. Lick it. Do what you gotta do to make it feel good. Make it last… or not. Feed the beast. When you think you can’t do anymore, do more. Keep at it. What’s for dinner? Did I remember to do that thing I was supposed to do? Hey, remember to write down this song you just thought of while giving them head, okay?

You’d be surprised at what goes on inside my head when there’s supposed to be nothing going on… and sometimes I’m surprised as well, like the one time I was going down on a woman and something my (now late) uncle said about some dude’s breath smelling like wolf pussy… and it was everything I could do not to start laughing hysterically and more so when I was eating pussy.

Yeah… it’s like that inside my head at times. I just let my mind do its thing… so I can focus on doing my thing. Thinking about the irrational fear of being deemed not good enough; the fear of failing to please. I don’t like having those thoughts… but I can’t stop them… but I can use them to fuel my passion and desire for giving head and if they didn’t like it, there’s really nothing I can do about that. Give me another chance to get it right for you… and if you don’t, I understand and I’m not gonna be upset because even when I fail, I have fun… failing.

And if you’re not gonna have fun doing it, why bother? If you’re not going to take away any pleasure from doing it, again – why bother to do it? Can it be a chore? Yes… but I think it doesn’t really matter if it seems to be because it’s a privilege to be able to give someone head… because they could have said no and I’m thinking – even when I’m doing it – about how fortunate I am to be able to expose someone to my love and passion for giving head. Even when I’m not doing it, I’m thinking about doing it.

I’m thinking about doing it right now. The thrill of it. The sheer intimacy of it. The unmitigated joy in doing it. Thinking I might not be good enough… and thinking about doing everything I can to be seen as being good enough. Not so much thinking about being the best at it… but thinking about being good enough and good enough to be able to do it again. And again. And again.

Might need a cold shower…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “What’s It Like…”

“…to be a male cock sucker who isn’t gay?”

A guy asked me this and so long ago that I can’t quite remember when he did. I can remember us talking about being bi, the pros and cons, as well as his interests in this and while I’d had many such conversations and have been asked a lot of questions, this one stands out… because no one had ever asked a question formed in this way and, as such, I had to really think about the answer.

It’s… edgy. Exciting. Normal even though many don’t believe it is. It’s satisfying and it can be frustrating, not so much because some guys are just total assholes about getting their dick sucked, but mostly because once you get into it, you can’t get enough of doing it… but then you learn some lessons about there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and to the point where instead of it being an expression of one’s self, it falls into the obligatory category – you’re expected to do it even if you don’t feel like it.

As I stumbled and fumbled my way through answering his question – and in a similar vein as I wrote in the above paragraph – wow: His question really had me thinking about it and my… confusion was deepened because I couldn’t remember if I had ever had any thoughts like that before but that didn’t send me over the deep end because to me, it was just something that didn’t require a whole lot of thought or, as I say these days, it’s just as natural and normal to me as breathing is.

He wasn’t done asking good questions; he followed that question with this one: “When a guy cums in your mouth, do you ever think about all the children that won’t be born in that moment?” Whew… that’s some seriously deep shit, ain’t it? The funny part is that it did cross my mind in the past and it kinda made me feel… sad for a moment and for no reason I could make sense of. I told him that I had given it some thought but before I could finish getting the thought out, he hit me with yet another good question:

“How does it make you feel?”

Slutty. Girly. Seriously turned on and being in the zone. Focused; determined; frantically impatient and preternaturally patient… at the same time. It makes me feel good. Free. Anxious – but not in a nervous way but in an anticipatory kind of way because I know if I do it just right, he’s gonna cum in my mouth and that feels good. Nasty. Sinfully delicious while sometimes making me feel used and dirty. Fuck… when you are made to take a look at the emotions involved, yeah – sometimes, they’re not pretty to look at and, sometimes, that sense of feeling used and dirty isn’t because it’s just what you’re thinking and feeling because the other guy is, indeed, using your mouth for his pleasure and might not be all that concerned about how you’re feeling about doing it.

“Is the best part when he cums?” Holy crap – where is this guy getting these questions from… and why hadn’t I ever heard them before now? I stumbled and fumbled over my answer, not because I had to pull it all together but because the best parts of sucking a guy’s cock, to me, happens in stages, from the exhilaration of the moment I take him into my mouth, to the “I’m in the groove” stage, and on to the, “Oh, yeah… he’s about to do it” stage… then he does… and it’s about damned time or the… disappointment? because he gave it up too soon.

That sense of satisfaction of a job well done and done well… and the kind of let down because he’s done for the moment and there may or may not be a second or next time. The guy just nodded – and hit me again.

“Does it ever make you angry? With him or with yourself?”

Hell, yeah, it does! That one was easy to answer! I honestly told him that I’d often be angry with myself because I wasn’t of a mind to make a guy “work” for the pleasure of me blowing him or otherwise making him “earn” it. I told him that when I was growing up, pretty much “everyone” knew that if you wanted your dick sucked, come find me. It made me angry but I mitigated the anger with some “simple” logic: Why should I get mad about something that I love doing?

Being angry with the other guy? Occupational hazard since, again, some guys are assholes about getting their dick sucked and some of them get off on being able to demean and humiliate you and hearing, “Yeah… suck my dick, bitch…,” in my younger days, would result in a fight and some bloodshed and, in my older days, I’d just stop, tell the guy, “I ain’t your bitch,” and leave and, yes, I’d be so angry that recalling my youthful tendency to be violent would come to mind and in some very dangerous ways.

“So… if there’s some negativity that goes along with this, why do you do it?”

Another easy answer: Because I love doing it. It’s sex; it is, to me, more intimate and personal that fucking can be. It’s rebellious and lends itself to being a non-conformist to not only do that which men aren’t supposed to do but to have fun doing it. If he were to ask me that same question today, my response would be, “Anyone can stick their dick in your ass and fuck you… but not everyone is good at sucking dick.”

He asked, “Does size matter?” This question didn’t surprise me and, indeed, I had wondered what took him so long to ask it and more so when, in the early parts of our discussion, he let it be known that he didn’t have a “huge cock.” Another easy answer: No, not to me. I learned early on that any dick can be sucked and if it’s huge, well, you just gotta find a way to work with it… but while a lot of people are of a mind that bigger is better, eh, that’s not the reality I understand… but it’s not the size of the dick – it’s the mindset of the dude it’s attached to that can be problematic.

He nodded… and asked, “Does race matter?” Again, another easy answer: No, it doesn’t… and it shouldn’t. Followed by, “Do you have a preference?” Of course I do – I’m human like everyone else is and I happen to like sucking white guys… because they taste better. I even remember saying to him, “The question you should have asked is whether or not I stick with my preferences… and the answer would be no – I don’t.”

He nodded – again – and asked, “Why not?” Stupidly easy to answer since I had already figured that out: “If you always stick with that which you prefer, you set yourself up to miss out on sucking other dicks.”

“Is there a dick you won’t suck?” If he could see me blush, well, he would have seen me blush because, at the time, there was no way in hell that I’d suck an uncut dick. Nope. I’d rather have it in my ass than my mouth. Why? Ugly and for no good reason and the bad part was I knew this kind of thinking was… incorrect but I’d never been able to get it out of my head.

If he and I were having that conversation today, I’d admit that, at the ripe old age of 50, I sucked my first uncut dick and, yes, I was angry with myself because in the negotiation phase, I neglected to ask him if he was cut or not. I saw that he wasn’t – oh, shit – but I’d given my word that I would blow him and even in this, honor is everything. And it wasn’t as bad as my stupid imagination insisted it would be… and that just made me angrier to think about all the uncut dicks I left on the table unsucked. You live and learn.

He finally stopped asking me questions about myself… and asked one concerning himself: “Why should I do it?” Good question and the answer I gave him was, “Because you want to. I know that sounds like a lame answer but it’s the only one that really matters other than saying and admitting to yourself that you need to do it.”

“What if I don’t like it?” The answer: “Then you don’t like it and I know a lot of guys who didn’t like it… the first time… but they either kept on not liking it after one time or they saw that trying it again was warranted; then they either found that they like it… or they still didn’t like it. Should you like it? Tough question but, yeah, it would help, that and it doesn’t make much sense to keep doing something you’ve proven to yourself that you don’t like, does it? And, really, isn’t there only one way you’re gonna know whether you will or not?”

He agreed… and we spent the next hour or so sucking on each other’s dicks… which is the reason why we were having this conversation in the first place and I knew it the instant he asked about it… which is besides the point. His questions had me thinking about it in terms I hadn’t really thought about – or couldn’t remember thinking about; some of his questions had me revisiting the not so good aspects of being an avid male cock sucker.

Afterward, he was… pensive and thoughtful. I expected to hear him say that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it might be or that had he known it was gonna be like that, he would have done it way before now – and he didn’t disappoint here. His first words, however, were, “That… that was interesting…;” his next words were yet another question: “Why does it feel so right?”

Easy answer: Because it is even thought it’s said to be wrong. I sat and watched him run the gamut of emotions, from being surprised to starting to question himself about the wisdom/sense of doing what men aren’t supposed to do to each other. Another question: “I just seemed to know what to do… is that normal, too?”

The answer was, “Yes… and not really…” and I briefly explained the “new thing” I had learned about oral fixation and how the second thing we do after we’re born is sucking on a nipple – real or manufactured. He again nodded and I could “see” the pieces falling into place in his mind.

“What makes it not normal?” Another easy one: “It becomes not normal because we say it isn’t… which is why a lot of guys find their first time an eye-opening one because they just found out that everything they were told or believe was… incorrect.”

“I see…,” he said. “I just have one last question.”

“What’s that?” I asked – and as if I didn’t know what the question was.

“Can we do it again? Right now?”

We did and while, for me, it was more of the same, he was more… into it, letting his desire and lust drive him instead of letting his mind call the shots; he found his… groove moment. Afterward, he said, “There’s something I didn’t say anything about the first time.”

“Which was?” I prompted and, no, I had no idea what that might have been.

“When you came, I just swallowed it without even thinking about it,” he said.

“Some guys just do; some guys, well, maybe they want to but at the last moment they decide not to – lots of reasons for that including the acquired taste thing,” I said with a shrug.

“How do you decide on swallowing or not?” he asked. “Do you just doing it out of habit or something like that?”

A not so easy question. “To be honest, I go into sucking a guy’s dick with the thought in mind to swallow his cum… and sometimes, I don’t and sometimes, um, what I want to do is get him to that point, stop sucking him, and watch him spurting all over the place. It’s probably a habit and not a bad one in that sense. I know it’s expected and I’m okay with that but, yeah, sometimes, tasting his precum will tell me that the whole load isn’t going to taste very good so maybe I let him cum in my mouth and spit it out… or he won’t be cumming in my mouth.”

“So you don’t have to swallow it, right?”

“Not if you don’t want to. It can piss the other guy off but when it comes to this, it’s not about what he wants you to do with it but what you want to do with it,” I said, shrugging again. “Sometimes, eh, sometimes it’s just easier to swallow it but if you choose to spit it out, well, if he didn’t like that, he just ain’t gonna like it.”

“I might be able to go one more time,” he said, looking at his watch – which made me look at mine, too.

“I don’t know if I have one more left in me but, okay – if you have the time, why not give it a shot?” I replied.

Turned out that neither of us had much left in the tank but that, too, wasn’t really the point. He said, as we started looking around for our pants and underwear, “You know, just sucking on a dick that isn’t hard – or all that hard – can be just as much fun – did you know that?”

“I did,” I said. “I’ve been doing this for a very long time, ever since I was a kid and one of the things you learn – especially after guys start busting nuts – is that you can only cum so many times before you run out of gas… but you still want to suck on the dick and, well, it still feels good to do it even if nothing’s gonna happen.”

We thanked each other – for both the deep conversation and the multiple blow jobs. He said, “You’ve taught me a lot and I have a lot to think about now. If I have any questions, can I call you?”

“Yeah, you can – I suspect you’re gonna have some more really good questions,” I said with a laugh.

“I kinda feel… guilty; like I’ve done something terribly wrong… but I feel good, too.”

“Normal,” I said – and I didn’t have the time to tell him about the other new thing I had learned about and how the depletion of the “horny chemicals” can make one feel pretty shitty. “Does it make any sense to feel guilty about something you wanted to do?”

“I guess it doesn’t but it feels that way; will it pass?”

“It does but some guys tend to focus on that guilty feeling and can let that “Oh, my god, I did something horrible!” feeling just fuck with them,” I said.

“And if I want us to this again?”

“All you have to do is ask,” I said.

“Okay,” he said and I went home with his really good questions bouncing around in my head and, yeah, kinda berating myself because it never occured to me to think about those questions and in the way they had been presented. I do it because I love doing it and, as such, there’s not much of a reason to think about it.

He did call me later with another question… but one not related to cock sucking and it really wasn’t a question but he asked/said, “This isn’t all that different from eating pussy…” and I replied, “I don’t think it is; it gives me the same joy and maybe even more so and I even think sucking dick makes me better at eating pussy. Maybe not the exact same… principles, different anatomy, of course, but the pleasure and emotional satisfaction is, at least to me, pretty similar.”

But that moment with him kinda got me inside my own head going forward and made me “actively” think about what it’s like to be a male cock sucker who isn’t gay. It still doesn’t fuck with me nor does all the stigma and shit-slinging, the dogmatic responses, the fear displayed by others – none of that shit bothers me… it just made – and makes – me think about this passion of mine and it’s like a head-check of sorts so I can discover if I’m still of the same mind about sucking a guy’s dick- and I am. It’s a… deliciously nasty sinful pleasure and that’s about the best way I can describe it.

The only thing better is eating pussy…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Once More, The Disconnect

At times I keep coming back to this as I try to wrap my head around why the disconnect exists where women who suck dick is part of the deal but men who suck dick are still being looked at as the worst human beings ever born. I know why it exists – all that biblical stuff… but it still exists and despite everything we have learned about sex over the course of our existence.

I’m privy to the thoughts of a lot of guys about sucking cock, what they like about it as well as what they don’t like; I know their preferences – size, shape, thickness, even color – and I know of the cock sucking fantasies of those guys who have yet to have this experience, either for the very first time or the first time in a very, very long time. I see the questions guys ask about this, from how to do it to wondering why it’s so damned fascinating and, of course, I get to bear witness to the pros and cons of swallowing versus not swallowing.

I keep thinking that it’s not all that unknown – or even unusual – that men are – and can be – cock suckers and it’s not the sole province of gay men; yet, instead of accepting this as a fact of life kinda thing, the disconnect remains firmly in place, not that it stops male cock suckers from doing what they like to do, mind you, but, jeez.

I was thinking, as I sat and played No Man’s Sky, about what Cityman had said about this some time ago, that if guys blowing guys was both accepted and allowed, a great many men would be… less edgy and the women who aren’t fans of it get a reprieve from having to do it… and he even mentioned China’s overpopulation problem and overpopulation in general which could be held better in check if men were really and truly free to have sex with each other as an addition to having sex with women because, you know, women are just fun to have sex with.

But the notion of men sucking dick offends some women and, as I’ve mentioned time and time again, they’ll ask questions about why a man would want to do this… horrible thing and, I’ve thought, completely overlook the fact that men who suck dick are doing the same thing that they either like – or don’t like – doing, creating yet a bigger disconnect. I mean, come on – isn’t this kind self-explanatory? Haven’t you answered your own question or do they not realize that if they just thought about why they do it, they’d understand why men do it?

Apparently not… because the disconnect remains in place. I’d suppose that instead of the disconnect being removed because it really no longer has a place in human sexuality, the disconnect is being chipped away at little by little as more and more bisexual men are beginning to surface and express their desire to have a nice, hard dick in their mouth. We’ve held as true, for the longest time, that no man should ever have a reason to want to fellate another man… yet, and still, those who say that either overlook or totally disregard just how fascinating this is to a great many men, those guys who, for whatever reason, thinks or even asks himself, “I wonder what it would be like?” or “I wonder if it would be different?” – as in would it be different from a woman doing it.

The disconnect gets more… disconnected because many guys do, in fact, believe that it’s not only different, it’s a huge difference when, um, the only difference is who’s got their mouth around your cock. The disconnect gets… weirder from my perspective because I can remember a time when guys who sucked dick weren’t all that picky about it… but today? Yeah – there’s a reason why I say guys are funnier about this than women tend to be and a lot more paranoid about it – yep, time for the disease card to hit the table and I’ll leave it at that for now; no sense in beating this very dead horse anymore than it’s already being beaten.

But in this, the disconnect widens, not because of what we know but because of what we, for some reason, don’t seem to know.

It seems to me that the more one tries to explain why men are – and can be – fans of sucking dick, the less it’s being understood and many continue to be of a mind that guys sucking dicks just doesn’t make sense… and I keep rhetorically asking, “Why doesn’t it?” The question sticks in my mind because, once again, it’s not as if we don’t know that men do this; we even go as far to “give it a pass” where gay men are concerned because, um, they’re gay… but if a guy isn’t gay and he likes to suck cock and even be sucked in turn, well, what’s wrong with him – and the assumption that there has to be something wrong with him and that bothersome thing I’ve heard over the years that says, “That’s what women are for!”

Yeah… any wonder why this rather uncouth statement would piss a lot of women off?

Why, why, why? We are of a mind that there has to be a reason and one other than “because it can be done.” Fact is there are a lot of reasons… but reasons that, I think, tend to get rejected out of hand or otherwise deemed to be invalid… and such thinking really does make me question our collective intelligence or, perhaps, lack thereof when we, collectively, can’t seem to wrap our heads around the fact that they only real reason for guys to blow each other silly is because, um, it feels pretty damned good. The fact that it’s not supposed to happen just adds to both the “mystique” and thrill of it.

We’re so advanced as a species and capable of great things; we can decode the human genome – something that was once thought to be impossible – but we have yet to learn, accept, and understand that some guys are cock suckers and they’re not all gay; hell, some guys are cock suckers and will tell you in a heartbeat that they’re straight.

We continue to have a very difficult time breaking down the wall between what sex is suppose to be and how it’s supposed to be done… and what sex really is and how it can be done. A woman who is a cock sucking fiend gets a standing ovation… and a guy who is a cock sucking fiend can look forward to getting tarred and feathered – then drawn and quartered.

And it doesn’t make sense that we still cling to this. It may have made perfectly good sense eons ago… but today?

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Swallowing

Yet another big topic thing on the forum that keeps coming back with a degree of regularity. The myth is that all cock suckers swallow when the guy cums… the truth is, yeah, right, sure they do, uh-huh (insert lots of eye rolling here).

They say it’s one of those acquired tastes like liver and onions and a truth is that some cock suckers would rather eat liver and onions than to swallow sperm… and chances are good that, like a lot of people, they hate liver and onions with a passion.

I have been asked, over all these years, why swallow it? Why not just let the guy get to that point, stop sucking him, and let it fly wherever it’s gonna fly? My answer? “I really can’t explain it… so if I start sounding like an idiot, don’t hold it against me, okay?”

Okay… taste. It varies and what it’s gonna taste like depends on what the guy has been putting into his body and there’s a lot that’s been written about this that has guys reaching for naturally sweet things in the hopes that the sweetness will, at some point, take center stage over the “usual” salty taste – and I ain’t saying that it wouldn’t but that it’s, um, it could be both sweet and salty – or any other taste like bitter – all depends on where the stuff happens to land on your tongue as well as how much – if any – saliva you mix in to be able to swallow it and, as a result, toning down whatever taste is present. Experts say that the best way to avoid the taste is to have enough dick in your mouth so that when he cums, it lands – or maybe even bypasses – the back of your tongue where there are pretty much no taste buds.

That’s not as simple as it sounds when you take one’s gag reflex into consideration which is, I think, a reason why some who swallow will be aware that it’s on the way and they move the head toward the front of their mouth… where all the taste buds live. The other factor.

Consistency. It, too, varies from thin to really thick and while some don’t complain about the taste, the consistency – literally, the mouth feel – can be troublesome. It’s a whey-like consistency/mouth feel and I’ve heard it described as kinda oatmealy and even “musky” in consistency but for many, yeah, it doesn’t feel good in their mouth and now the impulse is to either swallow it quickly or spit it out. And, yes, I’ve heard some compare it to swallowing a large glob of spit – it’s warm and cloying and just yucky.

A woman asked, “Why do you guys expect us to swallow that shit?” and I responded by saying, “That’s a good question… and I really don’t know the answer.” I wasn’t dodging or try to avoid answering – I really didn’t know and I still don’t know but I have some guesses that has some roots in the history of oral sex.

I’ve read that there are some tribes around the world that believe that consuming a man’s sperm allows you to consume the essence of his manliness, like if one swallows the sperm of the tribe’s most fierce warrior, the warrior’s prowess can be transferred to the one who swallowed it… and I’m not making this up and even when I first read it my reaction was, “Oh, really? Not sure how that works but, okay, if that’s what they believe…”

There is something… nasty about it and beyond taste and consistency and I’ve heard some make jokes about the millions of potential children that won’t be born because it was swallowed… but, yeah, when you really think about that, hmm, there’s something that could be construed as… spiritual about it, maybe even metaphysical depending on how one might think about this. Having said that, there’s a reason why oral sex – and swallowing – as well as anal sex is religiously prohibited, not because it’s all dirty and nasty and all that but, simply, because if it’s not going where babies can be made, that’s just wrong.

Many cock suckers, both male and female, say that swallowing is the reward for all of their hard work; some say it’s a pretty decent ego trip because there’s this… tug of war going on. The guy being sucked wants to cum in your mouth but he doesn’t want to since, um, it feels good to have your dick sucked to begin with. The one doing the sucking is on the other side and the same tug of war is taking place: They want him to cum… and not so much and, depending on who you’re talking to, not necessarily for his pleasure alone because it does feel good to suck dick and that has a lot to do with the oral fixation we’re all born with:

The second thing we do after crying when born is to suck to feed; it’s an instinct with us and we link sucking with feeding… and being fed feels good. This ain’t all that hard to understand but, yeah, there are a lot of male cock suckers who ask why it makes them feel so wonderful to suck a guy dick… but the same wonderfulness is felt when we suck a woman’s nipples and, yeah, suck on her clit when eating her.

If ya didn’t know that, now you do. Let’s continue, shall we?

I once heard a guy say, “If nothing else, it gets rid of the evidence!” His statement actually had me thinking about that and more so when I’d heard stories of both guys and gals getting busted because some evidence was left behind and missed getting cleaned up, like the one guy I heard of who was getting his head handed to him by his lady when he came home with a suspicious-looking white, crusty substance in his eyebrows… and it wasn’t that salty residue left behind from perspiring.

Oops. Hah… maybe he should have swallowed?

Some say that swallowing makes the cock sucking more… personal and even more intimate because if you swallow it, you’re literally taking a part of that person – and a nod to those tribal beliefs I mentioned earlier. Many just bottom-line the whole thing:

It not only makes sense to swallow but it makes one feel good to swallow it, you know, if one can acquire the taste and all that. Of course I’ve been asked why I swallow and my answer is, “It makes me feel good…” which probably doesn’t really answer the question but, there it is. I don’t cotton to the notion or even “fad” of wearing it; a lot of male cock suckers are very much into facials (thanks for that, porn) and to get a face-full of spunk is the cat’s meow for them.

One of the things I learned about this – and way before it became a thing – is that to have a guy bust a nut in your face is even more humiliating and “disrespectful” than having someone spit in your face. It’s also a kind of humiliation and even emasculation to fuck a guy in the mouth and “make him” partake of your sperm or to let your cock “spit in the guy’s face” as it were. Some guys just love this happening… and some guys are of a mind that if they’re sucking your dick, the sperm goes in the mouth and nowhere else.

Then there are the guys who say that swallowing is way too risky a thing to do so while they’ll suck a guy’s dick, swallowing it ain’t ever gonna happen because of the risk… but what they don’t know – and I don’t know why they don’t know this – is that the moment you take a guy’s cock into your mouth, you’ve already taken on the risk unless he’s wearing a condom. They also don’t know or, perhaps, never learned about the role saliva plays – and it’s not just to keep your mouth moist. Saliva contains some fairly powerful enzymes that are designed to start breaking down whatever you put in your mouth and it’s powerful enough to kill some… stuff and what saliva doesn’t do a number on, the acid in your stomach will most certainly finish the job.

To this end, there is a danger and risk – but that depends on how healthy your mouth is. Any cuts or scrapes, cavities and gum disease can give something nasty a way into your bloodstream. Okay, enough of the science lesson.

Swallow or spit; swallow or wear it. Guys have a field day debating the merits of both things and responses tend to be all over the place as well as having some caveats attached, like really knowing the other guy and some being into each other is going on before any swallowing will be done or permitted. The…. angst is so bad that a lot of guys actually believe that if they give a “stranger” a blow job, they’re guaranteed to catch something nasty.

If you think women are funny about this, I ask you to believe me when I tell you that some guys make women appear to be not-funny about it. Sometimes the discussions, I think, are hilarious… and sometimes they’re pretty sad to bear witness to because some guys are just very afraid to do it. Some guys say that they’ll suck the color and skin off of a dick but the cum is supposed to go in their ass which is, um, inherently more risky than getting it in your mouth. And some guys refuse to suck another guy off because, give their love of anal sex, they know that if the guy busts in his mouth, that dick ain’t going in his ass any time soon if at all.

Swallow it, wear it, or spit it out. Guys are all over the place about this subject and if you don’t learn anything else about this, it’s really a thing of personal preference. The assumption is that if you suck dick, you must swallow the, ah, fruits of your labor which, of course, isn’t really true since spitting it out is proper cock sucking etiquette and if one really hasn’t acquired the taste, well, getting it anywhere other than one’s mouth just works. One topic that came up was about whether one prefers to take the cum directly into their mouth… or have the guy pull out and jerk off so he can put it into your mouth that way.

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank porn for this one; personally, I don’t think there’s anything that looks so… blatantly insipid than to see a porn cum shot with the cock sucker looking up at the guy with that… look on their face as they wait for him to finish jerking off and, hopefully, getting most of it on the waiting person’s tongue. I understand and accept that I’m very old school about sucking dick; I’m either going to swallow it or I’m going to spit it out… and I never know which thing I’m going to do until I actually do it and I’ll even admit to getting a guy to that point, stop sucking him, and use my hand… just because I want to see him shooting it. Why? Fuck if I know – why are you asking me? Well, that’s just me being facetious because if I do that, it’s probably because I already know that his shit ain’t gonna taste good and I don’t want it in my mouth to spit it out.

Just the way shit goes at times. I remain the guy who, at the risk of losing his man card, who’ll talk about this. I remain the guy who will tell women that, believe it or not, we suck dick for a lot of the same reasons you do it… and for a lot of the same reasons why you’d rather not do it which also includes that unwillingness to taste and swallow sperm. I remain the guy who will tell you that we do, in fact, judge the goodness or badness of a blow job based on what the person doing the sucking does with the sperm… and if things even get to that point. Many of us believe that if we can’t entice the guy to cum, we just gave a bad blow job and the other guy will wholeheartedly agree with this. Failing to “finish” the blow job is considered to be bad and for some getting their dick sucked, if they don’t cum in your mouth and swallow it, the whole blow job was bad.

Period. And I really do not know why we’ve come – not even being punny about this – to believe this. It’s just something I’ve been aware of and I know about both first-hand and via the experience of other cock suckers, both male and female. For some, swallow is just da shit; it makes sense; it makes one feel, well, really good to swallow it… and for some, not even close; they’d rather wear it than taste it and some guys, in particular, have such an aversion to sperm that they even have a hard time dealing with their own stuff when they jerk off or, gasp, should a woman, after getting creamed, asks the guy to go back down on her so she can get a more happy ending.

Some guys are of a mind that if they can get their heads around tasting their own sperm, tasting another guy’s sperm is easier… and there’s some merit to this approach except, um, with some guys, once they cum, every bit of their sexual desire just goes away in a damned hurry and now they’re sitting there with sperm all over their hand and thinking twice about putting it into their mouth. And the funny thing? They don’t know why… but I do… and I’m not gonna launch into another science lesson about male ejaculation at this time.

Do some guys swallow because it’s expected? Yup, they sure do. They don’t necessarily like doing it or otherwise get a thrill from doing it; it’s a chore, maybe even a necessary evil because, I think, there are few guys who would want it to be known that they’re a “lousy cock sucker” because they won’t swallow it or, at the very least, take it in their mouth.

It’s such a fascinating topic of discussion to be a part of and, yeah, still the guy who will point out that guys do have the same – or similar – pros and cons that women have about this. It is, in fact, a thing that all cock suckers, male or female, have in common but a thing that because of social angst and all that shit, isn’t so easily seen or accepted.

You either will or you won’t, you do or you don’t, as the old saying goes. Comes down (still not being punny) to preference but, yeah, for as long as I’ve been aware of things, it’s an expectation and a testimony to one’s skill when it comes (you get the idea) to sucking dick.

And as many who swallow tend to say, “If I’m gonna do all that work to get him to cum, I want the reward at the end!” and I get it because it can give you a great sense of accomplishment and, yep, the reward for a job well done.

That and if you swallow it, you’re not gonna leave much in the way of evidence behind… just sayin’.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: What’s the Big Deal?

This is one of those moments when some random shit just pops into my head. This time it was a memory of a guy asking me, “What’s the big deal about dudes sucking other dudes off?” The memory continued to run – and while I’m sitting here wondering why this came to mind in the first place – and I remember him going on and on with the usual “Adam and Steve” bullshit that one just gets so sick and tired of hearing.

The more he prattled on, the more I was getting… pissed? Angry? Fed up? I probably couldn’t explain my feelings at the time and I sure as shit can’t explain them now but at one point, I kinda lost it and said to him, “Why don’t you do it and find out what the big deal is? Damn, man – grow the fuck up or something!”

My mind paused the playback to remind me that even when you explain this to someone, chances are it’s going to be yet another of those, “Yeah, but…” moments because dudes blowing each other silly is still very much prohibited and, as always, despite the fact that it is well-known that there are guys who are, bluntly, cock suckers.

The playback continued with the guy looking at me as if I slapped him – and I might have wanted to – then recovered to say, “That’s some gay-assed shit!” – which prompted me to say, “Not every dude who sucks dick is gay and before you ask me how I know, just trust the fact that I know. I get so sick and tired of hearing this dumb shit…”

Now he’s trying to tell me about something I know about like I know the back of my hand and in the memory, I recall thinking that had I not been oddly bent out of shape, I would have laughed at the guy as he went on and on about something he clearly didn’t know a damned thing about.

“You don’t know shit,” I said, waving my hand dismissively at him. “You just think you know but all you’re doing is parroting the same bullshit everyone who doesn’t understand any of this always does! I thought you were smarter than that.”

Again, he recoiled as if I had bitch-slapped him and I think I was kinda shocked at how I was responding to him – I think; my memory gets… fuzzy on this one but I reckoned that my bullshit meter got pegged and red-lined because one really does get sick and tired of hearing this drivel and grossly uninformed drivel at that.

While he attempted to recover from my latest face-slapping, I said to him that all he had to do was to get a guy to blow him and he’d find out what the big deal is and if he really wanted to get the full gist of it, return the favor.

“You tell me how many guys you know who don’t like having their dick sucked,” I had said. “Some people get on my last good nerve with this shit and thinking that only women are supposed to suck dick even though everyone pretty much knows that gay dudes do it damned near all of the time. People can be so fucking stupid to keep believing something that ain’t true.”

Yeah… apparently I was feeling some kind of way about this back then. The guy I was talking to got very offended behind having his intelligence called into question and I wasn’t apologetic about it because, again, you really and seriously do get tired of listening to people ranting and raving about shit they know nothing about, let alone have any real experience with. Everyone has – and is entitled – to an opinion… and I think I remember remembering this while watching this guy thinking about whether or not he wanted to take a swing at me – and he didn’t and that was a good thing for him.

“Well, how the fuck do you know so much about it?” he asked.

“How do you think I know, huh?” I asked in return – then watched his brain put 2+2 together and his eyes bulge out so much I thought, for a moment, that they’d really pop out of his head.

“No shit…” he said.

“None whatsoever,” I said. “Tell you what; you wanna know what the big deal is? Pull your dick out and I’ll show you.”

The memory put itself on pause again and the “narrator” in my head said, “At this point, all you really wanted to do what to shut him up. You could have either just changed the subject or even just walked away… but you did neither thing and, just between the two of us, I find your… resolution to this situation interesting.”

Well, yeah – I remember that line of thinking and kinda shocking myself at having said it in the first place; but, again, you just get sick and tired – that and once you say it, ya can’t take it back.

The memory continued with the guy asking me if I was serious and I just looked at him as if to say, “Do I look like I’m serious?” Maybe I even asked him that – again, the memory kinda fuzzed out at that point… but he did pull his dick out and I did blow him – twice because the first time, he lost his load in less than a minute and during the second time, he had his mouth on my dick and going for what he knew or, perhaps a bit more accurately, going for what he was learning about why dudes blowing each other is such a big deal.

It’s funny to watch a guy change the tone of his… beliefs? Assumptions? Gets bitch-slapped really hard with the reality of things? Except I don’t remember thinking his after-the-fact reaction was all that funny. He was dazed, probably confused as all get out and I remember just watching him to see what other reactions he was going to have and, strangely, waiting for him to announce that I didn’t look like the type – yet another thing you eventually get sick and tired of hearing.

He didn’t say any of that; what he did say was, “Um, uh, can we do that again?”

“Ah… you see what the big deal is now, huh?” I asked. “And I’ll bet you don’t feel gay at all, do you? Never mind – that’s a rhetorical question I don’t need to know the answer to because I already know the answer.”

“I don’t believe that happened,” he said, you know, after he relearned how to speak.

“What about it don’t you believe? That it happened… or that you enjoyed it?” I asked. “Or maybe you can’t believe that you sucked my dick?”

“All of that,” he said, shaking his head. “I just don’t know…”

“Don’t feel bad – most guys react this way when they learn the truth of things,” I said. “Now… do you really want to do this again?”

Seems that he did. For me, this wasn’t about wanting or needing to do it; this was an object lesson and one that, sometimes, has to be given. I saw him a few days later and he admitted that he had to do a lot of thinking and it seemed to me that he wasn’t all that eager to admit that he was wrong about what he thought about this. Um, yeah – he wanted to do some more cock sucking and this time, yup, it was what I wanted and needed.

I got to listen to him say the things I’ve heard so many… unbelievers say. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. He didn’t know why he’d never done this before now. And, yeah, I didn’t look like the type and he took it well when I responded to this by saying, “Now you don’t look like the type, huh? Welcome to the club.”

But he did admit that now he knew what the big deal was in this – and that was the whole point of the object lesson. You can ask someone what the big deal is and maybe they can explain it to you but if you really wanna know?

Do it. Find the answer for yourself and if you really wanna know the answer. Just because you believe it shouldn’t happen doesn’t ever mean that it doesn’t happen…

Because it does.

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Internal Perspective

Jenny's Swinger Party and Dating Advice 🎉

23 year old real estate agent & swinger 💋

Domestic Discipline, Jenny style!

Unconventional journey to unimaginable fulfillment.


by Hannah


If I had a power color, it would be sparkle. Landon Brinkley

SeXXy Julie

Sordid Sex Stories & Erotica of a Cougar

Temperature's Rising

Still hot. (It just comes in flashes now.)

A Question of Lust

"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


Random thoughts from a random mind


Writing about recovery.

Wake Up- Get Up- Stand up

"We the People" need to stand together.

The Watering Hole

Where everyone comes to quench their thirst for insight to life's challenging questions.


Parts Of My Life

Date A Bisexual

Love one you loves


The Wise Serpent


Fetishes, Gender Issues, Sexual Politics, Erotic Memoirs

a worried whimsy

bouncing between happy and anxious

Trans Media Monitor

Keeping an eye on mainstream media in Canada

ann st vincent

My journey through marriage, open marriage, divorce, being a Mom, sexual rebirth, online dating, failed relationships, lots of sex, and finally experiencing a wonderful relationship.

The Self-Actualized Life

Have a fulfilling life sexually and every other way!

Larry Archer's World (

------ Erotica from the dirty mind of Larry Archer


is there a path to a successful open marriage?


The silent inside of an anonymous Indian rebelling against society

The (Bi)te

The uninteresting world of a young bisexual girl


What Perspective Matters Most Depends on Your Perception


Just my random thoughts and meanderings... I'll try to keep you entertained


when and why size matters


I write when the choice is to die if I don't

My SEXuality

Why am I afraid to tell you who I'am?

Confessions of a Cheating Housewife

...because love just isn't enough ;)