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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: It’s Still Hanging Around! – A Top Searches Rant

I had just finished putting an aborted blog in the trash – it made more sense in my head than it did when I started writing it – and when I returned to my Dashboard, my old friend (or nemesis) intercrural sex was sitting there waiting for me and in the form of, “best way to perform intercrural sex” and I thought, “Is this for real?” – but then I thought that maybe whoever initiated the search really doesn’t know, although I also wondered why they just didn’t Google it, just as I did a moment ago to find out what the female version of this is called and because, um, I kinda forgot it… sorta.  By the way, if you didn’t know what the girl version is called, it’s tribadism (or tribbing, per the Urban Dictionary), which is taken from the Greek word “tribein” (to rub)  or frottage.


Those of you who have followed this particular rant already know the answer to this but for two guys to have intercrural sex, it’s usually done by one guy sticking his boner either between another man’s thighs or in his butt crack but without any attempts to penetrate him.  It can be done in the “missionary” position; it can be done with either guy on the top or bottom; from the back while lying on their sides and face-to-face while on their sides.  I’m sure that someone has found a more, ah, creative way for two guys to do this and I have heard of guys doing this standing up – but these are what I believe to be the more common ways to do this… and the best way is usually whatever way works for you and delivers the desired results.  I would, in either way, suggest that a lubricant be used to avoid friction burns, especially if it’s being done between a guy’s thighs – that shit doesn’t feel good either way (and you know that I know this, right?).

For those who might be wondering why this would even be done, it’s when “Gene” wants to get his rocks off with “Glen” but one (or both) men don’t want any anal penetration to take place.  It’s like dry humping without the dryness, if you will and, generally, ain’t done while fully clothed unless, of course, one is fond up messing up their clothes… and I’ve heard that some guys don’t mind the messy garments as long as they can grind their crotch against another man’s crotch… but that’s something else.

I can remember a whole lot of times when the action has gotten hot and heavy with a guy and we’ve been sucking each other as if our lives depended on it but, damn, while it feels good, it doesn’t feel good enough to make us cum and while we could masturbate each other to a messy finish, um, doing some  fucking would fit the bill perfectly, well, until the other guy says that he wants to fuck… but don’t stick it in (or even try to stick it in) and, yep, I’ve sometimes been the guy who doesn’t want to be bothered with having a hard dick sticking out of my ass… but there is an alternative: It’s Intercrural Time!

My “best” ways for doing it is me on top, him on his belly and getting in between his thighs or, better, in his crack – or spooning while doing it.  When having it done to me, I find I prefer the ways that I’d do it – me on my belly or being spooned.  One guy I talked to about this years ago had asked why do it this way if there’s no penetration involved… and it’s not simple to explain.  Being penetrated (or doing the penetration) makes sense… if it can be accomplished and that’s not always as simple as porn displays – lots of reason why ya just can’t get it in.  Still, it’s the “going through the motions” that makes it feel good; if you’re the one playing in the spaces, you’re “fucking,” in close contact with the other guy and it just feels good; when you’re being done, feeling the other guy’s body against you or his weight on you and feeling his cock moving around in whatever space is being occupied, equally feels good.

I don’t know about other guys who have done this but I’ve noticed that in the times I’ve done it or have been done, I’ve gone from not wanting to stick it in (or having it stuck in me) to the other guy (or myself) saying, “Fuck this shit – put that motherfucker in me!”  But, as I’ve said, that’s sometimes easier said than done… but I’ve found that I best enjoy intercrural sex when my dick is pressing up against the other guy’s hole and his is probing mine.  Yeah, sometimes, it can be this way and the copious amounts of seminal fluid – aka precum – can make things slick enough that the head can begin to slip in a little – and that’s acceptable as long as there’s no attempt to insert more dick without the appropriate permission.

So when penetration isn’t desire or doable, intercrural is the thing to do and the best way is, again, whatever way works for you so you – and, hopefully, your partner – can bust a heavenly nut.  Additionally – and I know it’s probably just my preference – but I like it when the thrusting is done urgently but gently – remember the friction burns I mentioned?  I’ve had guys try to pound me in this fashion and it just doesn’t feel good to me and, gulp, the lack of adequate lubrication has done a number on me in places I’d rather not have friction burns and, hell, no – having my cock friction burned sure as shit ain’t my idea of fun.  You need a lubricant that will negate the friction, like baby oil even though if you’re fucking against the guy’s hole, yeah, ya just might get it in him easily enough but then it’s a matter of body control if getting it in is out of the question for either guy.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: I Need a Diversion, So… It’s Top Searches Time Again!

I’m in the middle of diagnosing Linda’s computer, which was updated to Windows 10 this morning… and now a key file is stuck in a loop and I’m trying to fix it before I have to resort to calling Microsoft Support for some help.  The fucked up thing – or things, really – is that I don’t know shit about Windows 10; I never bothered to do any reading on it at all and then I find out today that my trusty laptop, which has served me well for years now, can’t run the free Windows 10 update because of its processor and video card so if I wanna be up to date with Windows, I need to buy a new laptop… which I can’t afford to do.  Anyway, I’m checking for corrupted system files and while that’s going on, I need a diversion so I won’t stress myself out with this problem and I found this in my Top Searches thingy:  “How to intercrural for gay.”

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: A Good “Top Searches” Question

Those of you who have been reading/following me for a while have seen me write about intercrural sex before thanks to that Top Searches thing that’s probably on everyone’s Dashboard.  I finished perusing my email, maximized my Chrome browser so I could refresh the page containing my Dashboard, and then when that was done, I saw this:  “do women like intercrural.”

Good question, huh?  And I invite the ladies to chime in on this one because, honestly, I’m not sure that I could answer the question (not that the searcher asked me, right?)  I know it can be done and the only times I can remember when a woman – and I’ll use this word kinda generically for a moment – preferred intercrural sex was way back in the day when “the gang” was going nuts having sex.  We thought it was kinda weird because the girls who liked having sex with us went from loving to feel us inside them to telling us, “No!  You can’t stick it in me!” and it didn’t take much to figure out that they were now very much afraid that those of us who were shooting that baby-making stuff were gonna get them in trouble, a 1960s euphemism for getting them pregnant.

It was understandable since this was also the period of time where if a young lady got pregnant out-of-wedlock, they’d “disappear,” sent off to God only knows where because a family felt it was better to “get rid of” the shameless hussy who got herself knocked up than to have this reminder of their own shame still living with them with her belly swelling – and this was the same period of time when a lot of older people really believed that you could get pregnant sitting on a toilet seat after a man had sat there.  So, yeah, while it was disappointing that some of the girls didn’t want us shooting our stuff into them, they were okay with us just sticking it between their legs and making a creamy mess of their thighs.

There were also a couple of girls who were adamant about preserving their virginity until they got married… but the loved the “sinful” idea of a guy humping them, messy or otherwise, so they’d lie down, legs crossed and closed as tightly as their muscles would allow and say, “Okay, come on and do it to me – but don’t even think about sticking it in me!”  There were even a few girls who were smart enough to figure out that she let a guy stick his dick in her ass, well, she wasn’t going to get in trouble and her pussy would remain virgin, putting a different spin on telling a guy, “Make sure you get it in the right hole!”

When you add in the fact that this was also still in that period of time when parents were going out of their way to make sure their daughters were still virgin; if they even suspected that she’d been fucking, they’d haul her off to the doctor (or they’d make a house  call – yeah, those were the days) and if her hymen wasn’t intact, well, it had better been for non-sexual reasons; quite a few girls got beaten pretty badly, accused of having sex and getting their hymen broken when, in fact, the girl got it broken by climbing over a fence, riding her bike, something innocuous like that.

Either way, shit, we didn’t care – we were doing the nasty and shooting the stuff with a girl so it was all good… and you just knew better than to try to sneak your way into their pussies; not only could the majority of these girls fight as well as the guys, these girls had (a) evil fathers and/or (b) a lot of brothers way older than we were.  Besides, none of us were, ah, developed that much for us to be able to use a condom at the time (I couldn’t get one to stay on until I was 13) so even though some of us were swiping them from our dads (and figuring out what they were for on our own), at best, they made for some interesting balloons more than the contraceptive devices they were designed to be.

In more adult times and in my own experiences, I can’t honestly say that a woman would like intercrural; sure, there were some big-breasted women who didn’t mind being tit-fucked but I think it was more like there were men who want to literally fuck a woman everywhere she could be fucked:  Between her breasts, under her arms, under her breasts if she had really big tits, behind her knees, “classically” intercrural between her clenched thighs, or making a spermy mess of her ass crack.  Some women would allow it this kind of thing to happen if the guy asked; some would look at a requestor and turn him down for asking to fuck her in such a weird way; personally, I can only recall a mere few times when a woman wanted me to tit-fuck her and I’d do her bidding because, okay, whatever makes you happy, baby, and no, I’m not gonna say it was a bad thing to do.

But intercrural sex as a matter of course and preference?  Again, I can’t say that I ever met a woman who had such a liking/preference but I cannot discount that such women don’t exist because life and sex can often be stranger than we believe it to be.  I’ve heard of women who’ve been reported to get off in this fashion but, um, well, you can’t always believe everything you hear.

This was a good question… but one I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive answer for.

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Top Searches: “Intercrural Sex Story”

I was about to walk away from the computer when I saw this in my “Top Searches” section and it had me thinking about this and whether or not what I’ve experienced with this could be put into “story form.”  For those who don’t feel like looking up the definition of intercrural sex, it’s basically and typically when a guy fucks another guy either by having his cock “trapped” between the other guy’s thighs or between the guy’s butt cheeks and without any anal penetration.  This can also be done under the armpits and behind the knees and, yes, I’ve heard of guys who really get off doing it this way.

So why do it like this?  You get off like this when you want to fuck or be fucked… without actually being fucked.  This can come about when anal penetration is unwarranted and unwanted and it can be done in lieu of not being able to achieve anal penetration, like, some guys – and I’ll be damned if I know exactly why – can lose their erection trying to get into someone’s ass but the moment they stop trying to do it, their boner magically returns.

I know there are guys who prefer this kind of sex with another guy because, in their minds, it doesn’t threaten their sexuality (which isn’t accurate by the way); I’ve had guys want to do the nasty like this and they’ve told me that (a) they don’t want to be penetrated or do any penetration and (b) they’re not going to be considered as gay as long as no penetration happens.  I always thought this was a strange way to think or to convince one’s self that, um, they’re straight even though their actions say otherwise but, hey, if it works for them and some nuts get to be busted, hell, why not?

To be on the receiving end of this just feels good and that’s the very condensed description because if you’ve never been screwed, you can’t understand what it feels like to have a guy lying on top of you and humping for all he’s worth while feeling his weight on you, the heat of his body, and his erection sliding in between your cheeks and maybe even the head of his dick poking your hole – but with no real attempt to penetrate – and, yeah, buddy, it’s hard to describe what it feels like when he cums and you can feel his load making a mess of your crack and feel his dick delivering the goods.

To be on the delivering end, well, it’s not all that different from fucking someone except (a) this is a guy you’re doing it to and (b) you’re going through all of the motions without any penetration happening and if you don’t know what it feels like to fuck someone, well, there’s no hope for you.  As a bisexual, this is no big deal because penetration, while nice and “right” isn’t always necessary in order to get that sense of…. satisfaction? one gets when you’re humping someone and, at least in my opinion, it’s way better than dry humping someone.

And, yes, you can do this with a woman, too, but intercrural sex is historically linked to guy-on-guy sex.  I ain’t saying it can’t be a rush to titty-fuck a woman (it is, by the way) but boy/girl sex is considered to be normal behavior but when it’s boy/boy, well, intercrural is kinda like a loophole in the prohibition against intercourse with another man.  Is it homosexual sex?  Yeah, it is.  Is it technically intercourse?  Ah, well, no… but that depends on who you’re asking since intercourse requires penetration and I’ve heard guys put a spin on this, again, to maintain the integrity of their sexual identity:  If I don’t really stick it in you, then I’m not doing anything gay… right?

Yeah, you sure as hell are, fella but like I said, hey, if some nuts are gonna get busted in the process, why not – we can have some fun while you deal with your denial about what we’re doing.  In my experiences, I’ve had many times where what started out to be some mutual masturbation evolved into a blow job and, for some guys, these aren’t providing enough stimulation in order for him to come and knowing this, it never surprised me too much to have him “suddenly” say, “Hey, can I fuck you but not stick it in?”  Sure you can!  I’ve often been surprised when the guy says, out of the blue, “Hey, uh, you can fuck me… but don’t put in in my ass, okay?”  Okay – I can do that and more so when the required preparations for penetration haven’t been met…


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I Wonder How…?

It’s the calm before the storm; those of us who live on the East Coast are starting to hunker down as yet another major snowstorm is barreling down on us.  The Flyers are playing the Capitals and are down 2-1 in the second (but playing pretty good so far) and as I did my usual Dashboard check, I saw this:  “Intercrural porn – censored.”

First – and only – thought:  “I wonder how that’s even possible…”

Not only have I never heard of intercrural porn, but how do you do it and it’d be censored?  A late thought was along the lines of, “Well, I wonder if soft porn counts?”  It probably could but, in all the soft porn I’ve ever seen, it’s people going through the motions, simulating the real deal and even having the eventual orgasm is simulated.  So, no, maybe soft porn wouldn’t count… but I can’t see the thrill value for the porn industry to highlight intercrural sex because it relies on the raw visuals more than anything else; on the screen, it could be quite boring to watch once any oral sex is over and done with.

I’m of a mind that demonstrating intercrural sex would be an interesting addition to gay sex because it is a way for a man to fuck another man without penetrating him… but there has to be a reason why this isn’t seen in gay porn or, at the very least, any gay porn that I’ve ever seen…

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I’ve written a lot about my younger days, when having sex was a wild rush of exploration and sex with the fellas was often done as a matter of course.  I was sitting here sipping on my coffee and staring outside at the piles of snow all over the place and I started thinking about differences, not in behavior but in perception and how I could have done something way back in the day and saw it as one thing but as an adult, I see it as something else.

Today, I can look back at all the times we got together and wound up having sex – and I mean both girls and guys – and know that we were having group sex; we’d often have gang bangs, known back in the day as pulling a train; we’d have one-on-one sex, threesomes, foursomes and, of course, moresomes that when all of us were together would qualify as an orgy.

There would be oral sex, anal sex, intercrural sex, the occasional DP with girls who just couldn’t seem to get enough dick in them, and daisy chain fucking because it wasn’t all that unusual for you to be fucking someone and someone would be fucking you… and maybe someone was fucking them.  You haven’t lived until you’ve been a part of a ten-plus-person daisy chain of oral sex and could be either sucking dick or eating pussy and, yeah, even having your ass eaten and doing the same to someone else.

Experimentation… that time in my life (and the lives of others) where sex was brand new and with the addition of enjoying sex with the fellas, a most wondrous time, filled with illicit pleasures.  But then you grow up and think that you’ve left this childish behavior behind, not realizing that the possibility existed that you could experience those exact same things but now with an adult slant on them.  The mind easily draws a line between those things done as a young man and those things done being older – I’m not quite sure why this is other than sort of marking a place – I can’t think of anything better to call this transition from youth to adult; what I do know [now] is that nothing really changed other than the players involved and a lot more intensity in the lust felt and experienced.

In my teenaged years, I participated in no less than three full-blown, knockdown, dragged out, no holds barred orgies with an entire house full of horny participants with erased inhibitions thanks to plenty of weed and booze.  It was eye-opening to discover that the things I did as a kid had a grown-up version as well and such things added to what I knew about sex and, in particular, my sexuality, completely dissolving the notion that there was really no one else like me and hitting me with the hard truth that I was totally and completely wrong to think like that.

The first time as an adult that I wound up in a pile with two or more guys was… educational.  Sure, it was a situation where one could easily blame it on the alcohol, adding to my storehouse of information on how a person’s inhibitions could be lowered or even totally removed.  In that first time, I was being fucked while blowing another guy and the guy fucking me with gusto said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Man, I don’t fucking believe I’m doing this…”

Which was fine… because I couldn’t believe he was either since I knew – or thought I knew – that he was straight and had a girlfriend and would often say some pretty nasty shit about gay men – the ones who acted like girls.  The guy I was sucking wasn’t that much of a surprise; I knew he had been having sex with his brothers for “a while,” as he put it, a confirmation that if you never thought or believed that this kind of thing happened, you were sorely misinformed.  Still, it wasn’t about being judgemental and it’s kinda difficult to be this way when you have a hard dick in your mouth and copious amounts of sperm are being spilt as a result of your efforts.

The guy who had his straightness stripped away looked up at me while I took his anal cherry and said, “I don’t know why I never did this before… this shit is so fucking hot!”  And, yes, while I was fucking him, the other guy was reaming my butt out pretty good at the same time.

For them, it was a drunken diversion from their normal behavior but for me, it was just more of the same and a confirmation that the things I thought were childish just simply wasn’t; this kind of sex – and sex in a ‘group’ setting – just wasn’t about childish experimentation.  There were quite a few times when I’d be in a group of guys – and usually with intoxicants involved – and a fuck-fest would break out, often beginning with one guy pulling out his boner so he could get himself off and the other guys following suit… and then someone decided that some help was needed.  Sometimes it was asked for; sometimes it was offered and I would be in the middle of this and just marvel at watching guys my age behaving in the same way me and my friends behaved in my youth.

If you’re a bi guy, you haven’t lived until you’ve been in the position of riding a dude cowboy-style while another guy is sucking your cock while yet another guy is fucking your face.  Just like when I was a curious but inexperience kid, the illicit pleasures were still there… just greatly amplified.

Having sex with groups of guys is so eye-opening.  You not only get to have a firmer grip on your sexuality but you get a better of understand of the lust men are capable of even if they’re basically straight but under the influence.  You get to see just how emotionally labile a guy can be over the loss of a girlfriend, and the emotional jolt that can leave them open to suggestion or otherwise put them in a frame of mind that having sex at that moment – even with other men – is a good thing to do, something that will act like a salve against the emotional hurt.

Such interactions served to reinforce something I learned as a kid and as a teen:  When you get a bunch of guys together, there’s no telling what might happen and that sexuality, as we understand it, isn’t really an issue although it does help if you’re already of a mind to have sex with men; it helps if you’ve had any experience with this and I’ve always thought that any prior experience can be an open door to future experiences under the right conditions.

Yes, you can come to grips with your duality via one-on-one sex; it’s the mode that’s more comfortable.  I like to think that this is a lot more… intimate than the intoxicant and hormone driven group sessions; instead of having to deal with two or more grown men and dividing your attention as required in this, there’s only the one guy who requires attention.  Still, until you’ve been in a room full of men with hard dicks and their lust is literally oozing out of the pores of their skin, you can’t really get a good understanding of what drives men.  It’s that programmed imperative to fuck and to sow our seed in the fertile wombs of women… but being bi takes the imperative to the next level, where procreation isn’t the only reason to fuck and spill our seed – and women aren’t the only desired objects for this.

I’ve often said that being bisexual gives you a special understanding; for us guys, we get to find out what women go through when it comes to sex and what it feels like to be pursued and, yes, submitted and taken even with permission/agreement.  It’s an unusual position, being made to feel feminine, to have that first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be fucked and to have one’s mouth used.  And with this understanding, it lends itself to sex with women and it can even change your behavior because you know what it’s like to be fucked hard and even brutally hard; you know what it’s like to have cocks of all sizes rammed down your throat and being made to feel helpless – or getting totally pissed off and ready to kick ass and take names.

I don’t know about other guys but in those moments where I’ve had sex with multiple men, it really taught me a lot about myself, about sex, and about other men.  You get to understand what lust is, what it means, and even to what lengths guys will go do for the sake of lust, that need to release their seed and a kind of indifference when it comes to the person they do this with because emotional affinities aside, it’s really all about busting that nut any by any means necessary.

My sessions with multiple men were pretty awesome and often startling to be with guys you thought were straight but then find out that either they really weren’t or they could, with a little outside help, cross the line.  It would amaze me to see guys who got caught up in this with me have their very first experience and to see a kind of realization dawn on their faces as they have their cock and balls sucked by a man for the first time or having anal sex for the first time, being on the receiving and delivering end of it.

It’s not only awesome to be taken by a man, to share your body with him… but it is equally awesome to watch other men take and be taken, to see their lust and passion being released and experienced and, yes, more so for those guys for which this is something new to them… but something that has been heard about, merely a rumor until the moment they get to experience it.

And through it all, it can still make you wonder about your sexuality and whether your actions are truly a choice or really a matter of the true nature of what it means to be human and sexually active.  And then you go and have sex with a woman, as ‘nature’ intended… and then find out what it truly means to be bisexual and male…


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How Does It Feel?

I had returned to my Dashboard after commenting on another person’s blog and I saw, “How does intercrural sex feel?”  Ah, yeah… here comes the thoughts!

First thought:  “That’s a great question!”

Second thought:  “Whew, that’s a tough one to answer…”

The simple answer is that it feels good… but it doesn’t accurately convey everything that might be going through a person’s mind in that moment.  Yeah, it makes a difference depending on which end of this deal you happen to be on.  I know when I’ve been the one doing the poking, just because I’m not trying to penetrate the other guy doesn’t bother me because I’m just happy to be fucking and to feel their body reacting – and especially if I’m up against their hole – is such a nice thing to experience.  I have been doing guys like this and have had them say, “I wish you could put it in…” – and maybe in the back of my mind I’m wishing the same thing but in the front of my mind, if you told me to do it to you but don’t stick it in, I’m not gonna try to stick it in.  If you’ve changed your mind, well, now it depends on whether I want to go along with the change.

Most of the time doing it like this, I’ve not changed my mind… but this really isn’t the point.  The point is that when you combine the physical feel with the visual appeal, yeah, it feels good and those feelings are really beyond the ability of mere words to describe – and it gets even more difficult when you bust that nut.

When I’ve been on the receiving end, I know that saying that “it feels good” just doesn’t do what I’m feeling any justice.  Yes, I’ve had those moments when my brain says, “Damn it, he needs to stick that motherfucker in me!” just like I’ve had those moments when I’ve said to myself, “Damn, I’m glad he doesn’t have that motherfucker in me!”

Although I’ve read that intercrural sex is when one man fucks another man in the missionary position and with his cock between the other guy’s thighs, there’s that extra kinda naughty thrill to have one’s cock knob pressed up against the other guy’s anus, either in a faux missionary position or having him lying on his belly or even doggy-style… but that body-to-body contact works the best, in my opinion.

But as to how it feels?  I know that I like feeling a guy on top of me, thrusting against my body; I know that his pre-cum is making things a little slick and to the point where when he presses hard against my hole, I can feel a little of his knob going into me – and maybe he’s really trying to get that much of himself into my ass and if he does – I’m not gonna help or stop him – fine; so much the better but if it doesn’t happen, that’s fine, too, because I’m liking what he’s doing and I can’t wait to feel him spewing his spunk against my hole and all in between my butt cheeks.

If we’re doing it in that faux missionary position and he’s trapped between my thighs, that can be a little rough if no lube was used to make his strokes easier… but having his body against mine still feels good even if all he’s doing is grinding his cock against mine.  Personally, this isn’t my favorite position but it’s one I’ve been in a few times just the same.

Again, when I’m the one delivering the wood, I think a lot of what I’m feeling is that basic things guys have going on with them about having their dick somewhere and fucking – that all by itself feels good but to have my body against his or to level myself up so I can see my cock jutting out of his butt cheeks, well, that’s just more good feelings, feeling that are increased by hearing him telling me, “That feels good…” and increased against if he’s fucking back against me.

Sure, it’s not the same as penetrating or being penetrated and doing it like this – again in my opinion – is much better after some very generous cock sucking has taken place to further get everyone in the mood.

A lot of being screwed intercrurally isn’t about whatever you’re feeling – it’s also what might be going through your head while it’s happening.  I know I’ve had guys grinding against my asshole and I’m being reminded of what it feels like to be fucked, that very weird feeling of being submissive, giving in to his need to fuck and spill his seed.  Those thoughts can be a little disturbing since despite the fact that I’m being screwed, I’m still very much a man… but there’s a man on top of me with his hard dick poking me in the butt hole and I’m being fucked in a similar way that women get fucked – and if he’s using ‘sexual terms of endearment’ to voice his pleasure about how he’s feeling while doing this to me, yeah, it can make that “I’m a girl!” feeling a lot worse… or better depending on where one’s head is.

Whenever I’ve had this particular thought running through my head, it’s never made me question my sexuality – I’m not asking myself if I like this because I’m gay and simply because I know for a damned fact that I’m not… but I am doing something that feels good and if the guy on top of me is working that dick nicely, I might even bust a nut while he’s working to bust his.  There’s that moment when you hear him curse, feel his dick quivering… then that first jet of spunk… and there’s just no words to describe what I’m feeling at that moment other than to say it feels good.  Yeah, I might feel a pang of regret because either he didn’t want to put it in me or he couldn’t get it in me because I know what it feels like to have that cock swelling in my ass and delivering that load inside of me.

It can make you feel liberated; it can make you feel ‘helpless’ and submissive; it can even make you question why you’re enjoying this particular pleasure.  When you’re the one doing it, it feels naughty, perhaps even liberating in that you’re doing something that our culture sees as being taboo.  Maybe you feel dominant, giving you that rush of power that has been known to show up because you’re fucking another man and, yeah, in that similar way that you’d bone a woman; maybe you’re even questioning why you’re enjoying this so much as well.

It’s an interesting experience and even if he doesn’t get his dick inside you, you will find out what it feels like to be fucked.  If you’re doing the fucking, the real main difference is that you’re not inside the guy and even I’ve felt moments of ‘frustration’ because, instinctively, I’d rather be inside him than getting ready to shoot my load outside of the tightness of his ass.

But to the person who was searching for this I will as, as I do about these things, that if you really want to know what it feels like, find someone who’ll do this with you so you can try to describe what it feels like.  You can do this without any ‘loss of masculinity’ because if you’re head’s in the right place (no puns), you know it’s not about being less of a man because you’re being screwed – it’s about being made to feel good and, importantly, being so much in charge of your sexual pleasure that it doesn’t matter a whole lot how you receive it – or give it.

Is this for everyone?  Nah, I think not; it’s something I might recommend to guys who are curious about this but don’t want to take the risk – or experience the pain/discomfort of actually having anal sex.  You probably should do this with a condom on if you’re gonna be up against the other guy’s back door – it’s illicit fun but there’s no reason to be stupid about it in this day of HIV/AIDS and other STIs.  If nothing else, you learn a lot about this kind of sex; you learn some things about yourself as well.  If you’re like me, just because he can’t get it in isn’t seen as a loss because it can feel just as good to “go through the motions” so either way, it’s win/win because there really is something… special about being fucked by another man and fucking him like this.

How it feels will all depend on you, dear searcher!


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