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I’d Like to Thank…

Filledandfooled stopped by to let me know that I’ve been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blog award.  The easy parts are that I’ve already plastered this new award onto my blog template, will stick it in (hint, hint) here in this writing, and I will now thank Filledandfooled for the honor and for nominating me.very-inspiring

Like a lot of bloggers, I do have some goals when I’m doing this and, yeah, one of them is to inspire others to think and if they’re so inspired by something I’ve written, to write their own piece on whatever I said that inspired them or made them think.  That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because with the way the world is these days, it’s not so easy to know if you’ve made a difference or that you’re really reaching people and this award, along with the other, is proof that you are, in fact, making a difference, being inspiring, etc..  So… seven facts about me…

1.  I’m a classically trained musician and I can play several instruments.

2. When I was in high school, I earned enough credits to graduate before I got to the 12th grade – although I hung around for that year because I was having a ball!

3.  I’m a stroke survivor!

4.  In my younger days, I earned black belts in both judo and karate and in my tournament career, I was 107 and 1, losing the first contest I ever participated in (and I shouldn’t have lost that one).

5.  I’m a published author but you’d never find what I’ve written in your local public library.

6.  My favorite cereal is Oatmeal Raisin Crisp – it’s just so good!

7.  I finished fourth in a Billboard contest, submitting a song I wrote in memory of my late brother – and with a first-generation Yamaha portable keyboard at that!

Okay, so now I gotta pick 15 people to nominate for this award and let them know about it (this is gonna take a few and probably another cup of coffee); so here we go:




4. (just in case she thinks I’ve forgotten about her)



It’s now the next day since I started this listing of 15 bloggers… and I don’t think I can finish it.  It’s not that I don’t find anyone inspiring or worthy; everyone I follow falls into that category.  It’s just that all the exercising I’ve been doing is just beating the shit out of me so I’m gonna stop here, notify the six people above, and apologize to anyone I’ve left off of this list.

I will also thank Betty for nominating me for this award as well!


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Ooh…, Ahh…

It seems that I’ve received a nomination for the Sensual Blogger Award… and it seems that Nate has upped the ante the second time around (another great song by a legendary singer) with his awards.

So, first we thank Nate for his kindness and for the honor being deemed as sensual!  I know some folks probably think such awards are just bullshit but I don’t think that they are – it says something positive about your blog in that with all the blogs on WordPress, someone thinks your blog is the shit.

The award is now on my blog so now to answer the seven questions  Nate asked.

* You are tasked with creating a sex toy, what is that sex toy (be original)? It would be a rig that would apply stimulation to a woman’s breasts, her whole coochie, and her back door all at the same time and I’d call it “The Experience” – keep plenty of batteries on-hand for this one.

* One alien that you would have sex with?  I love science fiction… and I can’t think of a single alien I’d have sex with!  Well, Orion slave-girls from “Star Trek” would work or maybe a Deltan…

* Sexual position that you would like renamed and why?  The missionary position has to go!  It just sounds so parochial and prudish and even though it’s a nice way to hit that thang, it should be named something else so it doesn’t remind us of those days when we just had sex to have children and because some religious representative said so.

* What would you do to improve the impression of sex writers that most people have?  I’d probably go on a campaign (or a rampage, take your pick) to remind those with delicate sensibilities that just because we write about sex in many forms, our writings don’t necessarily reflect our personal views – we’re all not perverts just because we write like that (well, I am but that’s different ’cause I’m a certified Dirty Old Man).

* A place that you would have sex in/at if everything worked out?  The Oval Office.

* The one piece of sexual advice that you would like on your tombstone for all to see?  “Always lick it good before you lay the wood…”

* The top five items off of your sexual bucket list? I don’t have one and I came to that conclusion after reading someone else’s blog about their sexual bucket list; I asked myself if there was anything I’d want to do before shuffling off the mortal coil and nothing came to mind except just to have more sex before I go and while I still can.

* Bonus Question: I am in the mood for a single paragraph of erotica: can you craft a paragraph with the following prompts: a lusty lass, a broken down van, a hippie with a lisp, and police officer.

The stranger with the lisp had picked Chrissy up just moments before his dilapidated van gave up the ghost and the thought of being broken down on the side of the road with him was terrifying, which only increased the degree of horniness she experienced when she first laid eyes on him.  Now the interior of the van was hot and humid, so much that not only did the windows fog over despite the warmth outside, but it was actually raining on her as the man with the speech impediment first ate her into several astonishing orgasms and then offered up his surprisingly long, thick member for her to taste, which she did so greedily, blocking out the misshapen words of praise he uttered as she took him as deeply as she could, gagging on his manhood but accepting the discomfort knowing that very soon, he’d be inside her, using his massive hose to put out the fires within her… and as his swollen knob passed into her tight wetness, Chrissy could see, over the rising and falling of the man’s muscular ass, a police officer staring intently through the back window of the van, the officer’s eyes locked onto hers as he worked his hand on his member, which sprang to life once he stopped to investigate why the van was on the side of the road with the windows all fogged up and swaying on its springs…

Okay, um, that probably could have been better but…

I’m going to nominate:

Harukifan (

Pervertically Virtuous (

Naughty Novellas (

Erotica Everywhere (

Mischief Kitten (

Haven of Thought (

Filled and Fooled (

Seven questions that they or anyone else can answer:

* Name the one thing you’ve done that you’ve said you’d never do.

* You learn that your partner has a lover and they’ve brought their lover home to meet you – and it’s your lover; what do you say or do?

* If you could go back and reinvent your sex life, would you?

* What does being sensual mean to you?

*  What food or fruit just oozes sensuality?

*  Less filling or tastes great?

* Are we having fun yet?

Jeez, it has never taken me eight hours to write a blog…


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Um, so, er, if you go here and read this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been nominated for an award – Signs and Symbols.

I am, of course, honored to be considered for this and I’m gonna post my new award on my blog where everyone can see it!  So now it’s time to see if I can comply with the rules for this award…

  1. Thank the blogger that awarded you and if you like, post this most cool award in your post. Thanks to Speaking Out on Nate ( for this award and you’re damned skippy I’m gonna post it!Sexy Blogger Award
  2. Post 5 sexy suggestions for other bloggers to do, try, or think about.  Be fearless in your approach to sex; don’t let past failures dissuade you from trying something again; do something you’ve said you’d never do; do something you’ve always wanted to do and, finally, be safe doing it.
  3. Post a link to your sexiest blog post and why you think it is your sexiest blog.  Not sure this is absolutely, positively my sexiest blog – but I love this one: ‎and simply because if you don’t love eating pussy (or oral sex period), then I just think there’s something wrong with you.
  4. Nominate 5 other sexy bloggers and Let your nominees know they’re sexy.  In no particular order, they are:  Cinnamon (, Travellinginternationally (, Sunnydelyte21 (, Pyx (, Lifeofalovergirl ( – it’s a good thing ya only asked for five because damn near all of the people I follow are pretty sexy in thought and/or deed.

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More Honors!

I received this new award, courtesy of my girl Cinnamon) and I thank her for this.  So, now I get to pass it along and, yup, there be some rules and stuff:

1. Thank & link back to the person who gave you the award

2. Answer the form questions below.

3. Share ten random facts / thoughts about yourself.

4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

This is always like, “Duh…” –

Form Questions:

Favorite Song: I don’t have just one “favorite” song

Favorite Desert:  Strawberry shortcake with real strawberries and real whipped cream

What Ticks Me Off?:  These days, that could be just about anything…

When I’m Upset:  Don’t bother me for a few.

Favorite Pet:  If you mean of all time, that would be Mum, a Russian Blue cat I had.

Black or White: Yes.

Biggest Fear:  Not waking up

Everyday Attitude:  I dunno – that depends on how I feel the moment I wake up but, generally, it’s “everything’s doable, possible, and negotiable.”

What is Perfection:  Unrealistic because even if you were able to attain it, someone will come along and point out that you’re not perfect at all, so…

My Guilty Pleasure:  Sucking dick and eating pussy – you expected something else?

Ten random facts about me

1)  I always hear music in my head

2)  I delivered a baby in the back seat of the cab I drove

3)  I was baptized on an Easter Sunday

4)  Some friends and I walked across the frozen Delaware River to New Jersey and back when we were teens – dumbest thing I’ve ever done, too!

5)  I jumped off a bridge a few times.

6) I love root beer floats.

7) I literally ran into Kareem Abdul Jabbar at O’Hare Airport in Chicago; bounced off him and landed on my ass, too!

8)  I’ve had sex on an airplane.

9)  I tried to learn how to surf.

10) I dream in color.

Seven other bloggers that I think are creative:

Lafemmeroar   This woman is just wrong…

Mystercoach – Think of Don Quixote if he was a woman and fighting good and noble causes that are better left alone.

Lesbian Brooklynite – There are few lesbians I know that are so positive as she is while holding on to her femininity… and I think she’s borderline insane, too.

Sunnydelyte – Ah, man, that girl just makes me want to hug her!

Foxfur – For being man enough to admit that he’s man enough to be into men and not be ashamed of it.

Totsymae – It’s not her artwork that impresses me – it’s the insane way her brain tends to work.

Amor – Da brotha’s keeping it real in an interesting way!


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Just Lovely

I’ve been given the honor of adding another award to my blog!  My thanks and heartfelt appreciation go out to Amor for this honor:

 So, on to the award criteria:

1.  The Rules:  Rules?  We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!  Great, because there doesn’t appear to be any!

2.  Nominate everybody; well, that shouldn’t be all that difficult, huh?  So, in no particular order:


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