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KDaddy’s General Observations: 04 April 23

The other day, I got into a rather lively conversation with a Facebook friend – and a real friend – about something she wrote about Trump being unfairly persecuted and, well, it got interesting to wind up having a lot of political rhetoric and assumptions – and a couple of accusations – thrown my way and all because I had said:

“No one is above the law.”

Well, now, a couple of Trump supporters chimed in with the expected bullshit of Hillary not being indicted and arrested for what she did as well as other stuff some Democrats did in the past that they didn’t get jacked for and spouting other rhetoric that spoke to Trump not being made an example of and I said that he should be because it sends a message to other politicians that if you break the law, you will face the consequences.

Someone said that I’d found him guilty of the charges. I said that I said no such thing nor did I imply it because everyone, even him, is innocent until proven guilty. I wasn’t surprised that they had nothing to say about the Republican Part and their members in Congress trying to interfere with the process and I asked them if they thought this was okay.

I’m reading all of this and it’s pretty sad because I still can’t figure out why they think Trump’s vision of America is right and the direction we need to take. I had pointed out to those poor people that this man violated his oath of office because he failed to protect American from domestic enemies and… they had nothing to say about that. I mentioned the investigation into his election tampering in Georgia and instead of speaking to this, more dogma about witch hunts, miscarriage of justice, so on and so forth but is it not a miscarriage of justice when someone is being investigated for crimes… and there are people who are trying to circumvent the system?

Ranting and raving about how corrupt the system is and, um, okay – a lot of political figures have lent their actions to this. I allowed that if President Biden did this, they’d be howling in glee and demanding his removal and arrest and the funny thing about this conversation was my being accused of bias.

How biased is, “Innocent until proven guilty; go have your day in court, and if found guilty, face the consequences but it not guilty, not a problem…”

I’m thinking that if your response to this is to go on a political tirade and dredging up things from the past, you’re not paying attention to the right stuff. I pointed out to them that George Bush lied to Congress about weapons of mass destruction. The UK Prime Minister, at the time, backed George on this one but when the truth came out, the Prime Minister was ousted from office and… nothing was done about the felony George Bush committed. Nothing. No cries for impeachment, no charges of any kind once he left office.

They didn’t have anything to say about that. Politicians – and one person tried to convince me that Trump isn’t a politician – tend to behave like the laws of the land do not apply to them and they can do whatever and, at the worst, get a slap on the hand; I asked them if they were okay with this behavior and… crickets. The one who accused me of bias was told that given the tone of their “rebuttal,” wasn’t their own bias showing? I thought so but, apparently, they didn’t.

Look, I’m a life-long Democrat but this shit going on with Trump isn’t about political parties: It’s about allowing the system to work the way it was designed to work and how insane it is for the Republican members of Congress doing what they can to circumvent the system and, as I read the other day, interfering with the DOJs investigations. Trump supporters insisting that he’s innocent of any wrongdoings when the various media outlets have been having a field day writing about what he’s allegedly done. They say there’s no proof but I’m thinking that grand juries don’t get called up and hand out indictments and there’s no proof or evidence; it’s been documented how he called the governor of Georgia and wanted their election results changed in his favor.

Last I heard, that’s not only illegal but it’s a federal matter. Still, the very scary part of this whole clusterfuck is that by the time it’s all said and done, he just might get away with everything. I asked his fans, “How can you be okay with this?” So, I guess, he’s turned himself in to be arrested and I read something this morning that they might not take a mug shot and… what the fuck? I get arrested, I get printed and mug-shot, and now it’s all about whether or not I can plead not guilty and await trial or I’m going to be stuck there until my trial date comes up. That’s just how it goes… except for the high and mighty, huh?

Still, if he went, that’s what he was supposed to do. He’s not guilty until he’s proven guilty. I told his fanatics that I’m willing to wait and see what happens and my concern that… nothing’s going to happen. It’s already unprecedented that a former POTUS got jacked on criminal charges and, oh, that’s right, charges that, as long as he was president, he couldn’t be charged with which, I thought, was one of the reasons why he did what he did to stay in office but that’s just my opinion. The latest news blurbs are, I’ll say, hinting that the charges against him in New York have been leaked and said there’s 35 charges against him and, okay, how the fuck does that happen when they were sealed?

And all the while, he’s been… rabble rousing about this miscarriage of justice and being unjustly persecuted and I am still wondering how he thinks he can make America great again when he’s strongly pitching bitches about the system that is at the foundation of what America is, namely, liberty and justice for all. A former official in Maryland’s government got jacked for misappropriating fund and getting $250,000 when he left office. He got arrested; he was supposed to show up in court back in March of this year and… he didn’t show. A warrant for his arrest was issued and, somehow, the FBI got involved and either killed this guy or he might have offed himself.

People who knew him were saying that he was innocent and not the kind of person who’d do the things he’d been arrested for and, oh, this guy was a Republican. My thoughts were, first, it’s a shame that he died but if he was truly innocent, why did he not show up in court and wind up in Tennessee? I’m thinking that the better choice was for him to appear in court and let the system work the way it’s designed to work and not be on a morgue slab.

It’s unprecedented that a former POTUS has been indicted in a criminal case; unprecedented that he’s been arrested and processed; it’s going to be even more unprecedented if he’s found guilty of any or all of the charges against him and my fear is that if he’s found guilty, it’s unlikely that he’s going to spend ten seconds in a prison cell; saw a thingy that said that he could wind up at Riker’s Island if found guilty and sentenced to prison time. Yeah, that’s not going to happen; another blurb about him wanting his case moved to Staten Island but these are all ploys lawyers use to keep their client from having to face the music. This is one of those things that should be televised so that we, the people, see the system at work.

The bottom line is that no one is above the law and it sends a very bad message when politicians, regardless of party affiliation, think, feel, or believe that the law does not apply to them and if they break the law, nothing should happen, or they have the political clout and money to make sure that nothing happens. And I fucking do not know why there are people who think this is okay and why this is about politics when, in actuality, it’s not about politics:

It’s about the law. He’s got a lot of legal shit he’s gotta answer for that makes this New York thing seem petty by comparison but is it really petty to bring someone who’s been indicted before the bar of justice? And how can we be okay with anyone who tries to circumvent the system because they think they’re coated in Teflon?

I haven’t heard a peep from my real life Facebook friend and her cronies since I asked them how they can be okay with this. Maybe they think I’m not worth arguing with – and I wasn’t arguing but stating matters of fact – and their response to whatever I said is laced with political bullshit and a couple of harmless jabs at me for having the audacity to challenge their beliefs. They think this man has done nothing wrong and that he’s the right man to be running this country and pointing the finger at Biden for shit that’s going wrong when, in fact, Biden’s been trying to clean up the mess Trump made and left – but you probably can’t get too many Republicans to see this, let alone admit to it.

If your answer to, “How can you/we be okay with this?” is to go on a political rant, I’m thinking that you’re not looking at the thing you should be looking at. I told them that I didn’t give a fuck about Trump one way or the other but I do give a fuck about people like him acting like they’re above the law and we, the people, let them get away with it.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: 21 March 23

Not really a political rant but Donald Trump needs to go to prison for his crimes and especially for his role in January 6th and attempts to fuck with elections. The other stuff going on are… white collar crimes and the type where there’s no real victim but a crime has been committed just the same; people who commit these crimes tend to… not get punished that harshly or the punishment doesn’t fit the crime all that much.

The problem here is that this man is making noises about running for president again. Being indicted is one thing; being found guilty and sentenced is something else but if this never happens, what does happen is that he becomes a martyr that his “cult” and the whole of the Republican Party can rally behind and keep doing all the crazy shit we’ve been hearing about in the news like making it a crime to be a female impersonator and, all of a sudden, Republicans got religion again and, as I previously wrote, trying to take this country back to the 1950s and the moral values that we did, in fact, move away from because they were outdated and a hinderance to the advancements we obviously made.

You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me. Here’s the other thing: If he doesn’t get his ass handed to him – and like regular people would if committing the crimes he’s being investigated for – then… he gets away with it. All of it. Even if his bid for another run at the White House is “bullshit,” he’s gotten a lot of people riled up and acting like this man has never, ever, done anything wrong and the allegations against him are false and he’s the real victim.

Like hell he is. His bid for the presidency should be shut down and he needs to spend some time in a cell with Bubba but because he’s a former POTUS and has this cult fucking shit up in his name, I fear that he will get a slap on the wrist, a bunch of fines, and… that’s all, folks.

This cannot be allowed. No one is above the law. No one. Except politicians. Let’s see… if I got caught up in a police sting/raid scooping up prostitutes, yeah, that’s a misdemeanor and I’d be subject to a fine, jail time, or both and, socially, that’s a huge black mark upon me. Every day becomes a “walk of shame” for me for getting caught buying pussy when “there are plenty of women who’d give it away for free.”

I’m thinking that if I got caught committing anything that even smelled like voter fraud and election tampering, I’d be in prison already and get there in a hurry. We have seen, however, that those who have lots of money… gets away with a lot of shit that us poorer folks wouldn’t. If I were running for, say, mayor where I live but they dig up the fact that I got arrested – for anything – I won’t be elected because, oh, back in 1979, I got busted for soliciting a prostitute. If I had sexually assaulted a woman, well, I wouldn’t be running for mayor because my ass would already be in prison, right? Right.

No, that never happened but perhaps you see where I’m going with this. I wouldn’t be allowed to get away with shit like this. I would never be able to run for public office, my chances of getting a good paying job would be severely limited and, again, every day becomes a walk of shame and I wouldn’t dare show my face in public and subject myself to stares and people whispering about how fucked up I am as a human being and one who dared to think that I could be a good mayor or some other public official.

We have seen public officials get removed from office from shit they did; we’ve even seen them be barred from running for office. Locally, and a lot of years ago, a County Executive got caught up in an FBI sting that was looking into corruption allegations in the county I live in and caught red-handed, indicted, arrested, and went to prison for a short bid. He got out. Ran for County Executive again. And won. Why? Because what he got busted and jailed for was a white collar and victimless crime even though what he did victimized everyone who lived in the county. Now, he couldn’t run for, say, a federal office but locally? Sure. What he did wasn’t a felony.

But at the highest level, it seems to me that Republicans in Congress are… cockblocking the legal processes being directed at Trump. Last I heard, that’s call obstruction of justice and that’s a felony at the federal level and just like lying to the FBI is. It seems to me that these cockblocking Republicans are forgetting that they have a duty to the American people to not only uphold the Constitution but to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic and, um, maybe it’s just me but Donald Trump is a domestic enemy but, ah, what you suspect is always one thing and what you can prove in a court of law a very different thing and this asshole has an army of lawyers who are doing everything they can think of to circumvent the legal process and everywhere he’s being investigated, facing indictment, and even facing arrest.

New York City was reported to be circling the wagons because of the pending arrest of Trump for the shit he was indicted for there. I don’t blame them because his cult is going to lose their fucking minds and wreak all sorts of havoc in the Big Apple and making him more of a martyr than he seems to be at this moment. I seriously question the intelligence of those who believe that this man has done no wrong. Innocent until proven guilty it’s hard to prove him guilty when there’s a army of people trying to circumvent that process.

When I read that NYC was going to arrest him, my first thought was, “Oh, shit…” and not in the surprised sense; no, I was thinking that NYC was wise to prepare for shit to go south. Okay. It’s not like the cops are going to go wherever he is and slap the cuffs on him and bring him in to be processed. Nope. He’ll show up – with all of his lawyers – get processed and… be on his way. He could be considered a flight risk but they probably won’t revoke his passport or make him sit in the pokey until he personally has his day in court. I’d be surprised if he even showed up in court personally but, maybe he will because that will be “good press” for his cult and the Republican Party who both believe he’s done no wrong and should be leading the country again.

I’m thinking that if I did what he did in the Stormy situation, I’d be in prison already. He let someone else spend some time as a guest of the state for something he did. I know about loyalty and all that but, fuck that – I’m not going to prison for something someone else did but if Trump doesn’t know how to do anything else, he knows how to cover his ass and how to wipe any dirt from his hands on someone else who, really, is dumb enough to let him do that to them.

He cannot be allowed to get away with the things we have evidence that he’s done. There are member of Congress cockblocking the attempts to legally prosecute him for, as I said, fiddling while Rome burned and trying to make us believe that he did everything in his power to prevent the overthrow of the government so he could illegally remain in office while trying to invalidate the election results. I don’t know how he gets away with this… but he probably will and still be allowed to run for the office again.

We, as Americans, should be wholly outraged over this. Congress has no business meddling in the Department of Justice’s business and what, exactly, makes them immune against the charge of obstructing justice? And I do not understand why we are willing to make this man a martyr, which I feel is going to happen and I sure as hell don’t understand why there are so many people who believes in him and wants to erase all the progress we’ve made by rolling us back to the moral values of the 1950s.

While he was in office, he damned well knew what he was being investigated for and accused of. The law says that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted for… stuff and stuff that doesn’t meet the criteria for impeachment which, by the way, this dude is the only president who’s been impeached – twice. I’m wondering why we’d want someone who made this kind of history back in that office again.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are people I know on Facebook who… has me rethinking some shit about them. They all support the Republican Party and Donald Trump and… why? The ones I really know insist that he had nothing to do with the attempt to overthrow the government and don’t seem to understand that because he did nothing, he had something to do with it and it violated the oath he took. And Congress, who I tend to see as the real enemy in a lot of things, is acting like they’re not sure if he really violated that oath and Trump’s supporters are trying to make us believe that he did everything in his power to prevent what happened from happening.

If you or I did some shit like that, you know, interfering in an official investigation, we’d be in the pokey already on obstruction of justice charges and conspiracy at the least. You and I wouldn’t get away with this… but politicians seem to be able to and if there’s some political reform that must be dealt with, it’s shit like this because the premise of law in this country is that no one is above the law.

We’ll see, won’t we? He was supposed to be arrested today and I’ve not seen where that’s happened yet. Trump-loving Republicans are saying that we have lost our way but what we have lost is… our minds if there are those who support this man and stand ready to make him a martyr or… he gets away with shit.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: This is 2023

This is… kinda a political rant. Kind of.

I was born in the 1950s and had the morals of the time mashed into my head. From kindergarten to the sixth grade, we said the Lord’s Prayer and recited the Pledge of Allegiance every day until some woman succeeded in having prayer removed from schools and by the time I got to, oh, maybe it was the eighth grade, we were no longer reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of our school day.

We learned about the American Revolution and we learned about the Constitution and what it meant as well as being able to recite the preamble from memory. One of the things a sharp social studies teachers laid on us was what “separation of church and state” meant and it all pointed back to one of the reason why the Pilgrims left England: While King George was sitting on the throne, it was very well known and clear that the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England was really running things and citing and mandating doctrine and being all up in the king’s ear.

The Founding Fathers didn’t want religious leaders dictating policy to the newly established government because it was, again, one of the reasons they left and right along with having the freedom to worship as they wanted to and to be able to speak as they wanted to without winding up in a dungeon or worse. Still, one of the things that confused me was understanding that much of our morality (at that time) was based on things religious and that included the great angst, prejudice, and hatred toward homosexuals. Racial prejudice was… just a part of the life I was born into but at the political level, a candidate’s ability to do the job they were campaigning for often included their religious beliefs; someone who didn’t have a “confirmed” belief in a major religion wasn’t likely to be elected.

I used to “eavesdrop” on my elders and the arguments they’d often have about politics, Democrats, and Republicans and they would be pretty vicious and I’d learn some new cuss words, too. It seemed to me that Republicans were all about doing things “the old way” and were very resistant to change and they were all about making the rich… richer and if poor people had to suffer, well, too bad. Democrats, on the other hand, didn’t have a problem with changing things and not fans of the rich standing on the backs of the poor; indeed, in school, we learned about… class systems and that the Founding Fathers did not want this happening in the new country. I’d hear adults arguing that a class system did exist while others insisted that, okay, that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

The TV show, “Leave it to Beaver” was very popular at the time because they were the “All-American family” and became the example of what being right and moral mean; there were quite a few shows that reflected what I would learn was called “The Moral Majority” and that meant all of the people whose “job” it was to be the watchdogs of our moral righteousness and strong religious beliefs. Ah, but here comes “Flower Power” and what was called “The Great Sexual Revolution” where hippies and other malcontents were thumbing their noses at morality and even deemed to be anti-American because of the protests over our involvement in Vietnam. Things were changing and there were many who resisted this… departure from morality and religious beliefs. Democrats wanted to change things and Republicans wanted things to stay the same and as things were before some folks got “rebellious” and even having the nerve to speak out against religion.

Even I had reason to question the morality that was pounded into my head once bisexuality came to visit me. I would learn that our morality, such as it is, isn’t exactly wrong but this is the danged United States of America and a country where, supposedly, we are free to be whoever – and whatever – we wanted to be. I remember the clusterfuck of Roe v. Wade and how it became part of our politics and I was aware that the arguments against women getting abortions was too much like the Catholic Church’s prohibition against any form of contraception while women were starting to (once again) stand up for their rights, burning their bras, and making a fuss about things and rightfully so, I thought.

I grew up in a family that, on both sides, was 100% Democratic. If you were a Republican or even believed in what the Republican Party was preaching, well, running into one of my relatives would be a bad thing but, as I was taught, that’s why you don’t talk about politics or religion. I remember when they lowered the age to vote from 21 to 18 and I was hyped to be able to vote and my maternal grandfather had told me that if I was going to be a Republican, well, my ass was going to be in trouble. I believed him, too – his nickname wasn’t “Temp” for nothing. Still, it was my choice and decision to make and I’d had a lot of time to check out both political parties and chose to be a Democrat because this was now the 1970s and the 1950s were “far behind” me.

Now, back then, not all Republicans were… hidebound assholes who were doing everything they could to keep things in a 1950s kind of way while continuing to make the rich even richer and doing whatever they could to get rid of things that people who weren’t rich needed. I watched helplessly as the social programs I grew up with were done away with because Republicans said they cost too much money and, well, from what I could see, anything that wasn’t putting money in rich people’s pockets could not be tolerated but, again, some Republicans were not totally in line with the Republican Party doctrine. Hell, some of my home state’s governors and members of Congress were Republicans who were, well, doing good things and like the Democratic Party was trying to do. I met them, talked to them and, okay, they’re Republican but not like the others.

I’ve never been a political animal. I normally don’t pay attention to politics until – or unless – I have reason to. Governments were being corrupted by outside groups who were paying members of Congress to enact laws that favored them but might not have been good for everyone and all kinds of scandals were appearing and at every level. As I continued to get older, eh, bleh, I felt that we were moving away from the way the Founding Fathers intended this country to be and religious beliefs, in the form of our very persistent morality, was starting to run things and, well, that’s not what’s supposed to be happening, right?

Then… Donald Trump. I was totally shocked that he won. One of the few times when the person who lost the popular vote by a landslide became president. the Electoral College, for “the longest time,” was suspect and allegations of voter fraud was a common allegation when an election didn’t go the way someone thought it should have gone. Okay, he was running for president again and I remember he failed miserably but this time, he… made a move from being an Independent to having the backing of the Republican Party and… everything I used to believe in went right into the shitter.

Stay with me. George Bush “the second” was a Republican and one that made the list of worse president to hold office and along side Jimmy Carter, a Democratic, who was said to be… toothless and ineffective as president but, yeah, George Bush made it to the number one spot… only to be replaced by Donald Trump. He wins the election and I thought, shit, this is going to be some fucked up shit but I had no idea how fucked up it was going to get until COVID-19 paid us a visit. In my opinion only, Trump was like Nero and just kicking back and fiddling while Rome burned. But wait – it would get even worse and there isn’t a one of us who couldn’t see it and especially the people who voted for him because the crazy-assed decisions he was making was pretty much fucking everyone in the ass and without lube or even kissing us first.

Then January 6. An attempt to not only overthrow the government but to subvert and imply that he lost his bid for relection due to voter fraud and the likes this country has never seen before. Making bids to throw out the election results and reinstate him as president and he’s still at it. The rabblerousers were coming out of the woodwork to back him up and, well, I didn’t know about anyone else but this man was insane and he failed in his oath to protect the Constitution and this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. It was, in part, the same oath I took when I enlisted in the USAF. And he had the unmitigated gall to sit back and do nothing while the Capitol was under attack and, as reported, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

There’s been a… feel of a lot of people who, by chance, happen to be Republican and believers in the way Trump wants to do things, that would love this country being rolled back to the 1950s where our strong religious beliefs mandated our morality. In a country famous for free speech, I am reading and hearing about books being banned and the shit going on in Florida right now keeps me getting my WTF face in place. I have no fucking idea why the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade or why this landmark case happened in the first place because the Constitution guarantees our liberties… or I thought it did because I was taught that it did. I keep reading about him making a bid for the presidency and… we cannot allow this to happen. We cannot allow the Republican Party to make their unchanging agenda our way of life and like we’re back in the 1950s again. A politician’s religious beliefs cannot and should not carry any weight in the decisions that governments, from city to state to federal, has to make for the American people. By the people, for the people.

All politicians have to be severely remind that we don’t work for them: They work for us. They’re supposed to represent our interests without their own interests getting in the way of things. I get that there are a lot of people who wish that things were the way they used to be but I think it’s common sense that we cannot progress or even evolve if we keep doing things the way they were done and believed way back when I was born. I used to watch that BBC show (and, no, I am not talking about Big Black Cocks) that looked in on Parliament in the UK and, holy shit – what a fiasco! It was entertaining and, for me, it was like watching white kids getting away with cussing their parents out and knowing that if I even said a word that sounded like a curse to my parents, well, I would seriously regret it. I thought that Parliament was the circus to end all circuses but, okay, this was how they did things but Congress, with all this Democrat versus Republican crap, is starting to look like the UK’s Parliament as far as a circus is concerned.

The Republicans believe that their way is the best way to run this country and their way had proven time and time again to be more detrimental than anything else unless you were rich or a rich corporation. I’ve been seeing a lot of shit about the Second Amendment and, well, I don’t know where these people went to school but their interpretation of this Amendment isn’t what I was taught it was and what it was meant to be. I know Joe Biden. I have sat and talked to him personally when he was out talking to us and when he was running for reelection in Congress. He’s… a piece of work but I wouldn’t say that as a member of Congress, he didn’t represent us and like he was supposed to. His… antics as a US Senator are very well known and it… galls me to hear people denigrating the man and… they have no idea who he is but those of us who live in the State of Delaware? We know Joe. He’s one of us. The guy who replaced him when he became Vice-President had – and still has – some very big shoes to fill. He’s not perfect and, well, yeah, he’s not perfect.

One of the things I learned was how a POTUS who was going out of office would leave… a mess for the incoming POTUS to clean up or try to. I thought I was “crazy” thinking that the outgoing guy was sabotaging the incoming guy and especially when it was a party change. But, yeah, it was happening, and I remember George Bush taking credit for everything Bill Clinton had done but how Barack Obama got blamed for messing up everything that George did and, yep, Trump and his followers were taking credit for the good things that Obama had done and when Trump left office, left one hell of a mess for Joe Biden and his administration to clean up – and he’s being blamed for a mess he didn’t make. Trump is stirring shit up and other Republican in office are rolling us back to the 1950s and because they believe that they’re right… and they aren’t.

We can’t go backwards, nor can we be… stuck in the past. Don’t get me wrong: There’s a lot of things that I wish were like “the good old days” but I have to face the reality that those days are gone. This is 2023 and Republicans trying to regress us back to the era that I was born is… irreprehensible. I learned that it’s true that those who refuse to change will be left behind and in the way things have been changing in the country, there are a lot of people who don’t like… being left behind; they’re happy with the way it used to be and, again, based on the prevailing morality of the 1950s. Americans all over the country are… losing their ever-loving minds and over, well, damned near everything.

When Trump took office, I feared for this country for the first time in my life. I… fear for this country given how Republicans are working very hard to make their view of things the only way America can be and based on some now-outdated shit. What worked back in 1950 cannot keep working in 2023 and beyond. We cannot allow Donald Trump and the Republican Party to undo everything we have worked hard to do.

I have a friend who I love with all my heart and soul. I see her posting her support for Trump and the Republican Party and I find it hard to believe that a woman I know to be a damned intelligent one is… drinking the Kool-Aid. She knows Joe because she lived here for a very long time and I had never, ever heard her say anything bad about him but now? I… don’t know who she is now but, yeah, I still love her because it’s not her political views that matters in this but I see them and, wow. I don’t know how or why she supports that crazy shit happening in Florida or she’s saying the stuff she is about transgendered children and a need to protect them from abusive parents and fine with denying existing trans children the things they need to make their transition a successful one. She’s not the only one I know of who, I guess, likes how the Kool-Aid is tasting. People that I respected because they were, to me, level-headed and looked at things clearly. It’s not that I don’t respect them but it’s just sad to watch what they’re saying and doing.

I had to get this out of my system. If any Republicans are reading this and you’re offended by what I said, I’m not going to apologize for it because… you should know better. I wouldn’t dare say that Democrats “have all the right answers” because they don’t and some of them are just as guilty of holding America back as the Republican Party has been. Donald Trump wants to be… dictator for life. The Constitution does not allow for this, and we cannot, in good conscious, elect a man who sat and watched insurrection and sedition happening and didn’t do a damned thing about it.

I was born in the 1950s and I have no desire or need to relive the things that went on back then. We’re supposed to be better than that. We are supposed to be one nation, yeah, under God, with liberty and justice for all and… we aren’t so much at this point in time and if we allow people to keep regressing us back to the past and the way it used to be, I fear for this country…


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Political Insanity

I’ve been voting since I turned 18 and I’ve seen a lot of political madness over all this time… and nothing like I’ve been seeing today and with the 2020 elections growing closer. We are a house divided and nothing divides us more than politics; I can remember when politicking was… fighting fair, to put it that way, and with candidates putting more focus on convincing voters that they were, in deed and in fact, the right person to hold an office and with little in the way of digging up dirt on the other candidates…

Then I saw it all change and political candidates were more focused on digging up all the dirt they could and kinda/sorta just paying lip service to about why they should be the candidate to get voted into an office. Lots of truths mixed in with even more lies; even more stuff being taken out of context or otherwise misconstrued, not to really prove that one person was the better choice but to totally and completely assassinate the character of whomever was vying for the office.

Nothing seems to make us more insane than when it’s time to elect officials – any officials – for public office. The ongoing rift and dirty tactics between Republicans and Democrats has gotten so much worse and now that it’s become evident that foreign influences are – and probably always has been – involved in how we govern ourselves, my god… what the fuck is going on here? As I’ve written before, there are a lot of people I personally know who are expressing political views and to the point where I really don’t know who they are any longer. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t check Facebook or Twitter and see the insanity going on over this upcoming election and to the point where not only are people unfriending each other, whole families and friends are at war over things.

I’ve seen so much spin doctoring that it makes me dizzy; I see the direction Trump’s campaign has been going in as well as his antics and other behaviors that still has me wondering how he got elected in the first place. I’ve seen it written that this man is, hands down, the worst president this country has ever had and so much that he makes George Bush Jr. look like a stellar example of a good president. What amazes the shit out of me is that it’s been proven that this president not only knew of the dangers of COVID-19 and before it reached our shores, he choose not to do or say anything about it and has continued to downplay how terribly serious this has proven to be… and, yes, I’m wondering how he got “cured” of contracting the virus that is still sickening and/or killing not only Americans but people across the world.

It appalls me that there are so many people who believe that he’s been doing such a good job as president when there’s so much evidence that says that, bluntly, he sucks at being president and, even better, there are a lot of members of the GOP and RNC who, now, thinks it was a very bad idea to do whatever they did to get him into office and it’s clear that the country is suffering behind his indifference.

I’ve known about Joe Biden for a long time since he has represented my home state for that long time. I’ve met him, talked to him and, coincidentally, I happened to be at the hospital to have dinner with my mom who worked there when his family was brought in after the horrific car accident. Yeah… Joe is a character and then some and, yeah, he can be an embarrassment at times because he just isn’t known for having much of a filter in place… but I don’t know about other Delawareans, but I can’t say much in a bad way about his record as a politician and someone who spent decades representing us. He wasn’t always right… but he wasn’t always wrong. Our proudest moment, as Delawareans, was when he was selected to be vice-president and even then, um, Joe was still being Joe and if I can’t say anything else about the man, he is consistent.

Would he be the best choice to be president and the de facto leader of the free world? Maybe.. and maybe not. If you listen to and believe some Republicans, he’s the worst choice ever and in our history… and I’m having a hard time imagining how he could be or do any worse that the guy currently sitting in the Oval Office – and I’m not saying that because I’m a Democrat or because Joe is okay with me:

No: This is my intelligence trying to get a grip on this mess and everything that I’ve been seeing and hearing over Mr. Trump’s time in office is screaming at me and saying that to believe he’s been the “greatest president ever” means something is very wrong with me. I’m not gonna say that he hasn’t done good things while in office… but I’m of a mind that this country just might not do or be as well as it can be if he gets elected to serve another four years. Not with his attitude; not with his rather callous approach to the hot-button topics we’ve been going through – and we’re going through them because even he admitted to not giving the pandemic any real or serious importance… because he didn’t think it was important or, as it’s being suggested, he just didn’t give a fuck about it.

I don’t know about y’all but I’m thinking this is a problem. I sit and look at stuff about what the polls are saying but given that Mr. Trump got into office and in a way that, in my memory, only happened once before (but I’ve been told it’s actually happened twice before): The person who won the popular vote hands down didn’t become president. The last time, well, before the last time, we saw Al Gore run away with the popular vote even with some hanky-panky happening in Florida confusing things – and he didn’t become president. Then we saw it happen again: Hillary Clinton had the popular vote in the bag… but the Electoral College decided otherwise and she didn’t win.

And some people, at least from what I read today, are thinking that history is about to repeat itself again and back-to-back at that… and it seems to be scaring a lot of political experts and, I think, for good reason. We’ve learned that our political system is very broken and badly so; we even acknowledge that we seriously need to do some shit in order to fix it… and all we’ve done is talked about fixing it.

Still, what I’ve been seeing from people I know and who are on either side of the political fence, dear lord… what has gotten into them that they are more than willing and able to let their political views and beliefs destroy friendships and families? I read something written on Facebook from a very dear friend against Biden… and putting a very dizzying spin on something that Joe said way back when he was a mere US Senator and on a topic that, today, has no relevancy that I’m aware of since what she was losing her mind over was relevant decades ago. I sit and read – and with great sorrow at times – her going off the deep end with her views which, yeah, is her right but, at least to me, without the great intelligence I thought I knew she had and employed. She must’ve had written something that made Facebook fact-check it, found it to be false, and not only deleted it but told her that it was deleted… and she lost her shit over it.

I really did wonder why and more so when Facebook, in particular, went out of their way to make it clear that any fake news or unproven facts would be summarily deleted. She went on an unbelievable rampage about her freedom of speech rights being violated when, um, yeah – all Americans have that right to say whatever the fuck they want to… but that doesn’t mean that everyone is gonna find out that they said or even accept it.

I thought I knew her… and I really don’t. I see other people who continue to rabidly believe shit that valid sources keep proving to be untrue and, fuck me: I don’t know what kind of drugs or whatever these folks are on but I know I don’t want to be subjected to whatever it is that is making them, well, insane. This whole political situation is more polarizing than talking about sex and religion normally are and, of course, politics has always been one of those things that’s best left out of conversations.

When my beloved mother was alive, whew – she’d often be totally bent out of shape because her husband – a real fan of Donald Trump – would just keep fucking with her about how he believed in Trump and even I thought some of it was just him pushing her buttons since I knew – we all knew – that my mom was a very confirmed Democrat. What made this worse, at least from where I was sitting, was listening to him blaming Obama for my mom’s illness and blaming political entities for not providing her the care she most definitely deserved. I was in the room with him not too long after my mom came back from having life-saving surgery – and a surgery she shouldn’t have survived at all…

And he was almost yelling that she wasn’t getting the best possible care because of political considerations and, again, Obama was somehow directly responsible. I thought I knew this guy and I’ve known him for a very damned long time… and found out that I really didn’t know him at all, not if he believe that Donald Trump was going to make my mother any better than she could be. And he believed it more than he believed the science of medicine that was being explained to him.

That day in her room? I have never wanted to kick someone’s ass as much as I did his at that time. I couldn’t – and didn’t – understand why his politics seem to be more important that the fact that my mother – his wife – could have died on the table or before she even got on the table or even why he thought the government could do something about it. He’d disagree with what the doctor was telling him and, again, believed that the doctor’s political affiliations had something to do with it. The man was straight up losing whatever mind he had and despite how he was ranting and raving about politics, I really did understand that this was just him being very and seriously worried about her health and continued existence.

But, damn; is it just me or did everyone pretty much lose their minds once Mr. Trump took office? I have never seen the kind of shit I’m seeing before and I’ve seen quite a few very heated contests for office from local to the presidency. Shit… we had a county executive get stung by the FBI, removed from office and sent to prison… and he got out, ran for the office again… and fucking won! Anyone remember the mayor of Washington, DC? He got stung and outed for a lot of “evil” shit done in office, was removed, did a little time. got out, ran for the office again.. and he fucking won and against all odds and even common sense.

But this shit we’re seeing now? Like I said, I’ve never seen anything even close to this. I’ve never seen people be so polarized than they are right now; there’s a man sitting in the office that a whole lot of people, if they didn’t know it before, knows that he’s an asshole and the worst kind of asshole and, no – this isn’t my politics talking; this is what I’ve been reading and hearing from others. I know and even kinda accept that there are some things a sitting president will know about at it will be determined and decided that the American people, well, they don’t need to know about it and there hasn’t been a president who hasn’t been “guilty” of this and, yes, sometimes, it has cost the lives of those in the military and we’ve never really done a whole lot for those who have put their lives on the line – and have made the ultimate sacrifice and because of some political crap.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it – or knew it – and we now know that our president knew about it… and did nothing; he is still acting like this is no big deal to him. He’s fired a lot of people who didn’t agree with his views or plans; he’s castrated the organizations whose job is it to not only prevent this shit from happening but who’s supposed to do something about it. He really did tell people that we didn’t have to wear masks if we didn’t want to and against the expert advice given him that said that, yeah – mask up if you don’t wanna get sick.

Even his fellow Republicans are very unhappy about the way he’s been dealing with this… and if that doesn’t tell voters something, I don’t know what would. Him fighting with Congress and specifically Nancy Peloski? Actually nothing unusual about that since she’s a Democrat and in Congress, the war between Democrats and Republicans have always taken place and just the way shit happens in those hallowed halls… but even this business as usual thing has gotten out of control.

Do I think that Joe Biden can right the ship? I really don’t… what I do know is that if he wins the election, he’s going to have one seriously hell of a mess to clean up and even that isn’t all that unusual: Every president who has held the office has left a big, smelly, pile of shit for his replacement to deal with – just part of the job. Politics aside, I think no matter how the election goes, we are in deep trouble…

And our lives, as Americans, will never be the same ever again. I do not believe that political ideology is going to do a damned thing to restore or better our way of life. Republicans have always had their idea of how shit should be and Democrats historically have an opposing view of those ideas. We lose our collective minds over left wing versus right wing shit and we put so much importance on these disparate points of views that we’ve lost sight of what we should be doing: Doing the best we can do for each other and regardless to politics and more so when there’s a virus that’s still running wild and unchecked and killing us…

And Nero appears to be fiddling while Rome burns and I’m having a very hard time trying to understand why any sitting president would do such a thing – and then think they’re doing what’s right. And, yeah – if this had happened on Obama’s watch and he behaved in this manner, you bet your ass I wouldn’t say he was doing a good job… because he wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone how they should vote and I can easily sit here and think about stuff that’s both good and bad about both men fighting for the office.

I am officially worried… and everyone should be. Politics, such as they are, aren’t going to fix shit and our government has been historically and glacially slow when it comes to seeing to the well-being of the the people who votes any of them into office. Congress seems to be more worried about shit that affects them personally than they are in doing the job they were elected to do – to represent the people who voted them into office and to speak for us. Oh… they’re speaking alright… and some of the shit they’re talking about and going about doing is disturbing and more so now than any other time I can remember.

I was told, lo those many years ago, that if you don’t vote, you really don’t matter. I have, over all this time, listened to people bitching, moaning, and complaining about elected officials not doing shit the way they’re supposed to and, as such, going out of their way to not cast their vote and believing that it won’t ever make a difference. A lot of people sacrificed their very lives so that we could be able to vote and to insure that our right to do so is, can, and will forever be upheld. Maybe my vote – which has already been casted – won’t make much of a difference when it’s all said and done… but I voted… because it’s my right to and I’d take a very dim view of myself if I didn’t exercise that right that so many sacrificed so much to make sure I had. If none of my candidates win, it won’t be because I didn’t vote.

I’ll leave you with this to consider:

“Whilst men are linked together, they easily and speedily communicate the alarm of any evil design. They are enabled to fathom it with common counsel, and to oppose it with united strength. Whereas, when they lie dispersed, without concert, order, or discipline, communication is uncertain, counsel difficult, and resistance impracticable. Where men are not acquainted with each other’s principles, nor experienced in each other’s talents, nor at all practised in their mutual habitudes and dispositions by joint efforts in business; no personal confidence, no friendship, no common interest, subsisting among them; it is evidently impossible that they can act a public part with uniformity, perseverance, or efficacy. In a connection, the most inconsiderable man, by adding to the weight of the whole, has his value, and his use; out of it, the greatest talents are wholly unserviceable to the public. No man, who is not inflamed by vain-glory into enthusiasm, can flatter himself that his single, unsupported, desultory, unsystematic endeavours, are of power to defeat the subtle designs and united cabals of ambitious citizens. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

–Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents 82-83 (1770) in: Select Works of Edmund Burke, vol. 1, p. 146 (Liberty Fund ed. 1999).

This is the long version of this: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I think it’s appropriate in this context and, yeah, if you think or otherwise believe that the “wrong” person is holding an elected office they shouldn’t have, it’s not because of how people voted – it’s because they didn’t vote.

No matter how this cluster fuck of an election turns out, go vote. Be that good man or woman who chooses to do something rather than to do nothing.

PS: If anyone is of a mind to give me some shit about what I’ve written, don’t bother wasting your time doing it; I really and truly do not give a fuck about political affiliations and I’m not even that rooted in whatever I think about politics. Your objections are guaranteed to fall on deaf ears and no matter who you are supporting… or not. I expect to get flamed and I just want y’all to know that I’m fire-proof because none of this shit is worth getting pissed off about and it sure as fuck ain’t worth alienating anyone over.


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KDaddy’s General Observations: Political Animals

I rarely get involved in political discussions. I’m a life-long registered Democrat and have not missed a chance to do my civic duty and vote and, yeah, sometimes, the best candidate – in my mind – is sometimes a Republican, not because of their party affiliation but they have the best “credentials” for the job at hand.

I was checking Facebook last night and my feed is overflowing with discussions about Trump’s impeachment… and some of the stuff I saw was pretty vicious and I’ve seen a side of some of those Facebook friends I actually know that, wow, I mean, who knew that they could go from being really cool to rabid, foaming at the mouth, political animals?

Okay, this is what I know: Presidents of the United States often do some shit they shouldn’t do or, at the very least, is legally questionable. Famously – or, rather, infamously – Bill Clinton got impeached for getting his dick sucked by someone who wasn’t his wife. He didn’t get removed from office but, okay, Congress felt he did something wrong enough to be impeached.

The system, believe it or not, worked the way it’s supposed to. Enter Donald Trump…

You know, I thought that the second George Bush to sit in the Oval Office was one of the “worst” presidents ever and, well, my mind has been changed about that one given how our current president has been behaving and in light of the things he’s being accused of doing that Congress has deemed to be illegal and, hmm, for only the third time in our history, a sitting POTUS has been impeached and is facing removal from office.

Not going to be impeached – has been impeached. Republicans are having the expected hissy fit and pointing the finger at Democrats and saying all kinds of shit – but there’s nothing really new about this factional in-fighting, is there? Those really rabid and foaming at the mouth Republicans that are, wow, friends of mine on Facebook are losing their minds, flinging shit at Democrats and standing by someone who, according to Congress and, specifically, the House of Representatives, has fucked up big time and has been called onto the carpet.

They impeached him – the system continues to work the way it was designed to. The House is a mixture of political parties although, okay, sure – the Speaker of the House is a Democrat and a much despised one but as a body, they voted to impeach the president. Now the Senate has the duty to put him on trial and, holy shit… the Republicans, who apparently control the Senate, are doing everything they can to throw wrenches in the proceedings which, I guess, makes sense given that the president – who has been impeached – is a fellow Republican. Evidence is being excluded, potential witnesses being bullied, all sorts of not-so-cool shit and, oh, yeah, this president is on social media and behaving in ways that reminds me of the many hood rats I see on social media – and this is not a good thing seeing the leader of the free world ranting and raving like he’s lost his mind.

One of the foaming at the mouth Republicans on Facebook is someone I know very well and, yeah – I had biblical and very carnal knowledge of her. She is one of the smartest women I’ve ever met as well as one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met and when I see what she has to say about what’s going on, well, I’m shocked but, then again, not so much because I do happen to know how passionate she can be about things.

It is really something to sit back and watch how people are reacting to these events. Late last year, my mother almost lost her life and had to undergo some very serious surgery to keep her here with us. Her husband, who was understandably upset over what was going on with her, got to ranting and raving over the way the hospital staff was dealing with my mom… and blaming Donald Trump for her plight and that the surgeon in charge of her case was deliberately mishandling her care because, “obviously,” the doctor was following Trump’s orders and, you know, like this doctor – who saved my mother’s life when she should have died – is a Republican and knew my mom is a Democrat and one who had to be “eliminated.”

I’m not kidding about this at all. That my step-father would get to foaming at the mouth in this way – and because Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office – just blew me away because, frankly, I’d never seen him behave in this manner. At one point, I asked him what the hell did Donald Trump have to do with Mom’s dissected aorta… and he looked at me like I was the one who didn’t understand Trump’s involvement in this.

Even my protege and friend has been going off the deep end over Trump’s presidency and I’ve seen some foam on his mouth, too… and I’m just dumbfounded over his reactions and to the point that, during his last rant about Trump, I actually told him I didn’t want to hear anymore about it and that’s not something I normally do.

Politics have always brought out the worst sides of people but what’s going on now has me slack-jawed and wondering what the fuck is going on. From the beginning, the Trump presidency has been… suspect and all manners of foul play has been thrown out there and more so since it’s not all that often that someone running for the office gets their ass kicked in the popular vote… but wins the election anyway.

The last time that happened, um, the person who won was a Republican. Sure, some shady shit was suspected and an investigation was kicked off and, okay, yeah, some shady shit seemed to have happened but nothing was done about it and even some proposed reforms in the Electoral College were put on the table but never enacted. Still, President Bush didn’t get called on the carpet before Congress, even when it was proven that he lied to Congress so he could start a war in the Middle East.

Democrats were shitting their pants over that and the Republicans were like, “Nothing to see here – he didn’t do anything wrong!” But what the current president is reported to have done makes what Bush did seem like a traffic violation (although lying to Congress is a very, very bad thing) and, well, yeah – he’s got to answer for it and as our laws say he has to. Republicans are up in arms and claiming that Democrats are just hating on this president who has done so much good for the country and has done nothing wrong or illegal.

I’m thinking that if this was true, hmm, what’s going on right now wouldn’t be going on at all, would it? It’s being reported that no POTUS that has been impeached has been removed from office and some talking head even brought up Richard Nixon who was told to, “Resign or be prosecuted…” and “Tricky Dick” chose to resign rather than to be impeached and removed from office. Why? Because he did some illegal shit and got caught.

Bill Clinton did some… immoral shit and got caught. It’s being bandied about that Barack Obama did some illegal shit, too… except if he did, um, he didn’t get caught doing it and Congress didn’t even start riffing about impeaching him (that I know of).

Mr. Trump? Yep – he allegedly has done some illegal shit that even include obstruction of justice and Congress is doing their job for a change and calling him on the carpet to answer for it. His impeachment is now a foregone conclusion – it’s happened even if the foaming at the mouth Republicans believe it should have never happened. The Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, appears to be cock-blocking like never before. They can’t stop the trial from happening – the law says that since Trump has been impeached, the trial has to happen and it’s already being said that the end result will be that Trump will not be removed from office even if, again, the other two presidents were impeached but not removed.

I’ve never seen such polarizing political behavior before in my life. I’m seeing, again, people I know personally on social media showing me a side of them I wasn’t aware of… and it all makes me wonder what the fuck is going on and kinda worried about the fate of the United States of America since the whole fucking world is watching this debacle.

What do I think? I think the system is working like it’s supposed to and if there is enough evidence for the House of Representatives to impeach a sitting president, yeah, that’s some fucked up shit for this to happen and, yes, I’d say the same thing if the sitting president was a Democrat. Did I think Clinton should have been impeached for getting a blow job? No… but Congress did and he got impeached.

The system worked to perfection. The system is working in this current political cluster fuck, too. The people – and in the form of the House of Representatives – has called for action to be taken against this president and after the expected hemming and hawing and political in-fighting, action was taken. How this turns out is anyone’s guess but I’m just wondering why all the people losing their minds over this just doesn’t settle down and let the system work the way it’s supposed to.

It’s wishful thinking on my part, I know but I sleep easier at night because I trust the system more than I trust either political party so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what happens next. Will the Senate trial determine that he has to be removed from office or will they, as they’ve done two other times, not remove an impeached president?

News at 11, I guess.


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A Rare Political Rant

Just typing in a tag for politics made me want to throw up, a testimony of how distasteful I find the subject and why I rarely write about it but today, as I viewed some political stuff on Facebook, I was reminded at how clueless some folks are about how our government works and how we tend to lay blame for many things on the head of a sitting POTUS as if they are personally responsible for shit that didn’t go as expected.

And I wonder if no one remembers or understands that nothing can happen inn this country without Congress signing off on it… or rejecting it.  A president can issue Executive Orders that cannot be rescinded except by a president… but, for example, the clusterfuck that is Obamacare didn’t become one because of what the president out before Congress; it’s the changes they made that took something that should have been “easy” to enact and turned it into a, well, clusterfuck.

The current crop of presidential candidates, well, I just don’t know what to say about them except to suggest that if Donald Trump is “the best” the Republican Party can do, yeah, we just might be in trouble.  Bernie and Hillary are doing battle on the Democratic side, mud is being slung and all that and it’s questionable at best at which one of them can do the better job if elected.

But I do want to remind folks that our “common enemy” isn’t a POTUS; it’s Congress and their apparent inability to do things in the best interests of the people they represent and not their own selfish, politically motivated agendas.  I wanted to remind you that no matter who wins, whoever has the majority in Congress will determine what presidential things get done… or relegated to the trash heap.  And if some dumb shit gets passed that you don’t like, do not forget who passed it… and it wasn’t POTUS; our system of checks and balances was designed to not make any sitting president be a king or queen and it does work – even if they like to play “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” a bit too much.  Still, compromise, more often than not, is called for; it’s just that when its reached, sometimes that’s not the best thing for America or Americans.

You wanna blame someone for the somewhat sorry state of things?  Look no further than Capitol Hill.  The candidates will be promising the moon and stars and talk about all the stuff they’re gonna do… but only if Congress lets them; thus, political reform begins not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – it begins with those people who make up the Senate and the House of Representatives and the need for term limits in those august bodies.

Finally, there is this:  If you don’t vote, you don’t matter; it is better to vote – and “guess wrong” than to sit back and bitch, moan, and complain about the state of things and you literally didn’t lift a finger to try and make a difference.  Yes, the system itself needs to be overhauled and be as foolproof and secure as possible to prevent fraud, something those idiots in Congress should be addressing, by the way.  But voting is our right and whether we win or lose, we should always exercise our right to vote.

Political rant done; see ya again in four years…


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: And They Wonder Why We’re Invisible?

I’m once again gonna talk about a couple of things that (a) I don’t particularly like talking about and (b) being PC says you aren’t supposed to talk about – the current dust up taking place in the state of Indiana and the law enacted there that will allow businesses to refuse service to people based on religious beliefs.  I read the articles about it and as I frowned and shook my head, I thought, “And they wanna know why bisexuals want to fly under the radar?”

For the records, I don’t bust asses because of religious beliefs… but this thing, at least to this writer, is legalized discrimination and opens the door for all kinds of discrimination based on religious beliefs – any religious beliefs – and, again in my own opinion, opens the door for businesses in Indiana to wrongfully refuse service to people; all they have to do is think or believe that the person or persons they’re dealing with aren’t straight (or otherwise religiously undesirable) and, nope, “We don’t serve your kind here.”

Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with this?  Okay, it’s obvious that some folks are religiously against anyone who isn’t straight – I get that and while I respect their beliefs, it’s just a bad way to behave.  Some of the things I read say that some Christians (in particular) should be outraged at this law because one of the things we learn – or, at least, I learned – is that to be Christian means to be tolerant and to not display or otherwise buy into any behavior that’ll get you a smack on the wrist from God; what do you think, “Love thy neighbor” means?  The thing here is that despite being urged to embrace this, a lot of religions still preach against homosexuality (as well as all those other sins we just love to do anyway) so as far as some folks are concerned – and this includes the legislative branch of the government in Indiana and the governor that signed it into law (after modification) – God is telling them that it’s okay to discriminate against those damned homosexual sinners.  The problem gets deeper because there’s what the Good Book says and means… and then there’s the way people interpret those words and their meaning and I seriously doubt that these two things are or have ever been the same.

It means that the owner of “Bill’s Flowers” somewhere in Indiana could see two women come in, get it in his head that they’re lesbians looking for flowers for their wedding, and deny them service because their alleged sexuality offends their religious beliefs… and I’m straight-up asking if this is in any way right or, is this any way to run an airline (old joke – you had to have been there)?  One of the reasons why this country came into existence was that those early Pilgrims who came here were escaping from religious persecution and, ultimately, made it a part of our Constitution that we can be free to practice our religion and worship without that persecution… but now, and at least in the state of Indiana (and until its Supreme Court comes back and says the law is unconstitutional), they’re doing exactly what the Pilgrims were escaping from:  Using religion to persecute others or, really, more of that “If you’re not like us, you’re against us” mentality that, as an individual, just makes me sick to my stomach; you’d think that given our history, we would have had enough of discrimination but, ah, apparently not.

So if those folks advocating that all bisexuals should come out in the open and stop hiding, um, in the face of what’s happening in Indiana, do you really wanna know why bisexuals aren’t rushing to do this en masse?  For those bisexual haters who riff about that so-called “straight privilege” we have (and that we shouldn’t have it and then because they don’t have it), um, it seems this would work more for us than anyone who appears to be gay or transgender huh?  I feel sorry for all the gays and transgender in the state of Indiana because if y’all think you had it hard before, your government just made it harder for you to be the people you want to be… and I’m damned glad I don’t live there.

The county executive here in New Castle, Delaware, has prohibited county workers to travel to Indiana on county business; the governor of our state – and we’re one of only 18 states that have laws in place against this kind of discrimination – has spoken out against Indiana’s governor about this and other states are giving homey the business for putting such a law in place.  Of course, LGBT and other human rights advocates are speaking out against this as well and I’m guessing that the heat is really gonna get turned up on Indiana’s governor in the media and it wouldn’t surprise me if the federal government were to add some heat of its own.  The US Supreme Court just might have its docket jammed packed about this action and, again, I’m just waiting to read about Indiana’s Supreme Court’s thoughts about the constitutionality of this new law – it should be interesting, huh?  Indeed, it’ll be interesting to see how many businesses that have dealings with Indiana are going to give them grief behind this.

Every state has the right to enact laws that are in the best interest of the people who live there so it’s not as if Indiana didn’t have the right to enact such a law – it’s just a question of whether or not this is really (a) the right thing to do and (b) if it’s really in the best interest of the citizens who live there… but if they’re allow to use their religious beliefs to discriminate, um, how is that in the best interest of the people?  The only people who are best served by this seems to be anyone who has a religious reason for not liking homosexuals and, yeah, anyone they believe not to be straight.

If the bisexual haters are wondering why we’re invisible, this action by the state of Indiana should suffice to give you part of the answer.  Is Indiana morally and legally in the right with this?  Only time will tell but I personally think it sucks – and that’s not the bisexual talking; it’s the human being talking who thinks that discrimination makes us all less civilized than we think we are…


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I don’t usually write about politics but one can’t help but notice that we – the US – have been having a few issues with Russia ever since the Olympics in Sochi, issues that some pundits are saying could be a prelude to another world war and with Russia as the target… and I’m kinda wondering just why in the name of God are we raising so much hell and slapping on sanctions over what appears to be a matter of internal Russian politics?

Just wanted to say a few words about this because as crazy as shit is in the world today, this issue makes things dangerously insane…


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