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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Is This Trip Really Necessary?

I was reading another blog about how LGBTQ+ seems to be – or is – ignoring the B in their acronym and, as such, not helping things where bisexual visibility is concerned. The author mentioned a lack of media exposure as well and while he’s right about these things, it had me wondering if we, as bisexuals, really need this.

I was bisexual before LGBTQ+ came into existence (duh) and people were being bisexual just the same. I get that when it was established, their original remit was to shine a bright like on all that wasn’t heterosexual but even then, their main focus was on the L and G and, again, their need to get society to accept gays and lesbians was and still is an important issue.

But I gotta ask: What have they done for us lately? I read stuff other people write and they’re disgusted at how LGBTQ+ is just straight up dissing bisexuals along with my thought that a lot of this bisexual erasure shit is, in fact, coming from LGBTQ+ and the overall thought that we, bisexuals, have no place in the organization since, really, their problems aren’t really our problems.

Bisexuals are like the red-headed stepchild.

I question whether or not media exposure is necessary; we see glimmers of bisexuality showing up in movies and on TV; we see news articles where some celebrity has come out as being bisexual and the usual flak over this – are they really homosexual and faking the funk by saying that they’re bisexual?

I don’t see how this media exposure helps the guy or gal who is struggling with their sexuality except maybe to add to their confusion; TV and movies seem to portray bisexuals in ways that the writers and directors think bisexuals behave and, in my opinion, incorrectly so – but I understand there are something things that censors won’t allow to be seen but the main thing here is that bisexuals aren’t any different from anyone else except how they’ve chosen to love, have sex, and form relationships.

Otherwise – and as I’ve said over and over – you can’t look at someone and tell/know that they’re bisexual unless you’re able to ask them if they are – good luck with that one. It wouldn’t be unusual for a bisexual to categorically deny that they are and given the ongoing angst; my mother loved to say that you never give someone a stick to beat you with and bisexuals, and probably unknowingly, take this to heart and only reveal their sexuality to those they feel can be trusted… and who won’t give them a raft of shit about not being wholly heterosexual.

We talk about acceptance in and of bisexuality and, yeah, sure – I can see why it would go a long way if everyone on the planet could accept that bisexuality is real and even normal but changing the mind of the world is never an easy thing to do and while there are changes in progress, it remains a matter of fact that people are being bisexual without this high level acceptance.

Because no matter what the rest of the world is doing, people still have to do what they have to do… and bisexuals keep right on being bisexual. It seems that given our divisive and tribal nature, there will always be people who believe that everyone should be heterosexual and as commanded to and it seems to me that the more this “agenda” gets pushed and insisted upon, it gives bisexuality validity or, again, as I’ve repeatedly asked, what is everyone fussing about if bisexuality isn’t a real-deal thing?

And despite all this fussing, bisexuals are still going about their lives as bisexuals and without LGBTQ+ representation and media exposure. I don’t know and won’t speak for all bisexuals but being one myself, all I want to do is live out the rest of my life and if/when I can indulge in pussy and/or dick, just do what I gotta do to scratch that itch when I get itchy. And I can do that… and I’ve been doing it for over half a century.

And before LGBTQ+ even existed… and probably before the people who created this organization was born. We didn’t need them then… and I question whether we need them today, not that they’ve done a whole lot for bisexuality in my opinion. I recall reading something a while ago that suggested that bisexuals should divorce themselves from LGBTQ+ and form their own organization so that bisexuality issues can be better addressed and without any interference from the lesbian/gay agenda.

What do we want and need? Well, just leave us alone and stop confusing shit more than it already is for us. We want to just go on with our lives and as we see fit and not get all this static when we lean over the fence for some non-heterosexual stuff. If no one else know (or even gives a fuck) that bisexuality is real, we know it’s very damned real. While there are some who are onboard with this media exposure thing and believe that the LGBTQ+ organization really does have our back in all things bisexual, there are many who don’t give a fuck what LGBTQ+ is or isn’t doing.

They just want to go about their lives. Again, if a bisexual leans across the fence to indulge in some same-sex stuff, they just wanna be able to do it and discretely so – you never give someone a stick to beat you with and with all this angst and mudslinging going on, getting beaten is almost guaranteed.

All that’s really been done is to put bisexuals in a very bad light by applying a lot of stereotypical bullshit and bullshit that was once applied to homosexuals. Go ask a woman if she’d date a bisexual guy and listen to her go off about how she wouldn’t… but the thing she probably doesn’t know is that she has probably dated a bi guy and didn’t know it. Why?

Because bi guys aren’t really all that different from straight guys except for the dick thing. Ask a guy if he’d date a bi gal and you might get a different response and answer but some men might say that they wouldn’t… and all because of all the bullshit being stirred up and thrown all over the place about bisexuals not being able to commit to being monogamous and the implication that if you get involved with a bisexual, they’re gonna cheat on you and as a matter of course.

And, perhaps, deliberately overlooking the fact that people cheat on each other and regardless to sexuality. But I get it: If you’re trying to denounce something, you’re never going to say anything good about that which you’re trying to make go away.

They’re slamming the disease card on the table and giving everyone the impression that if you have sex with a bisexual, you’re instantly going to catch something fatal and die… and perhaps deliberately overlooking the fact that STDs don’t give a fuck if you’re straight, bi, or gay; if you get exposed to one, well, you’ve been exposed. They don’t talk about the STD rates for heterosexuals… except to infer that if it’s on the rise, you can bet your ass that a bisexual had something to do with it.

It’s so bad that people think that all bisexual men get fucked in the ass when, in fact, a lot of bisexual men don’t engage in anal sex; they’re happy campers just to be able to suck cock but all the recent drama about this implies and infers that if you suck a dude’s dick, you’re just gonna get infected with something.

And, perhaps, deliberately overlooking the fact that you can’t catch something from someone if they’ve not been exposed to it. Let’s talk about HIV for a moment. There a new category called “undetectable” and I’ll admit that when I looked into this and first heard it, it was confusing. What it means is that a person can have HIV… but there’s not enough of the virus present to become full-blown HIV. And I’m still thinking, “What the fuck? How is that even possible?”

Well, they explain it – go Google it – and, okay, it is whatever it is but it still makes sense to me that you can’t get HIV from someone who hasn’t been exposed to it… unless there’s another vector of exposure that’s not being talked about. What are they saying? Are they saying that, somehow, the virus might be present in everyone, that it’s always been there hiding in the bushes and just waiting to go live? And because it’s “dormant,” if you test someone, there’s not enough of the virus present to officially say that someone has HIV?

And if any of this is scaring the shit out you and where bisexuals are concerned, well, now you understand the shit we have to put up with… and shit that LGBTQ+ doesn’t seem to be addressing on and for our behalf. And don’t get me started on the media; they’re more likely to take stories and/or information about the rise of STDs and just run wild with it… and blame bisexuals for it.

Which, again, makes me wonder why people are insisting that bisexuality isn’t real; it confuses me to see bisexuals – who supposedly don’t exist – getting all the blame for the spread of something that has been a thorn in humanity’s side and probably since Adam laid the pipe to Eve.

There just doesn’t seem to be a point in “highlighting” bisexuality or asking society’s approval and permission for someone to be bisexual. As far as acceptance goes, sure, homosexuals have won some major battles in this… but battles that bisexuals don’t have to deal with and that gets us fingered (and not in a good way) for having a straight privilege.

And, perhaps, deliberately overlooking the fact that when we’re not doing something homosexual, we’re heterosexual and, for many of us, by default; we only act gay when we want to.

And it’s not that people can’t intelligently grasp that if there are straight people and gay people, um, there just could be some people who are both… except they can’t seem to grasp how this is possible and, to me, doesn’t speak well to our level of intelligence. But I get it: We went from “everyone has to be heterosexual” to “You’re either straight or gay!” and we want to keep believing this despite the fact that bisexuals have always been in the picture. They/we know it… and now we get into all that “pick a side and stay there” shit along with “Why don’t you admit that you’re really gay?”

Um, because we’re not really gay? I can only speak for myself and I do so without offense to homosexuals – I wouldn’t want to be 100% gay – it just doesn’t work for me because – and forgive me for crudely saying it – I love pussy too much to want to be a dick-only kind of guy.

What part of this can’t some folks understand? And, again, importantly, what does this say about our intelligence? Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been so mindfucked by the way things are supposed to be that you refuse to see that what you think isn’t really what’s happening and on the real?

And even with greater media exposure and LGBTQ+ deciding to get off their collective asses and rep us like they’re supposed to be doing, doesn’t it make sense that there will still be people who aren’t going to accept bisexuality… and any anymore than they accept homosexuality…

And because they believe that people should only be heterosexual? That what they believe will always trump the reality that’s all around them?

And do you understand why bisexuals just shrug off all of this insanity and keep on being bisexual and as needs want? I, for one and as a bisexual, don’t give a fuck about media exposure or LGBTQ+ even though I do understand what they’re trying to do. As far as acceptance goes, all I need is for those around me to accept that I am what I am if I tell them what I am. If they accept it, fine and if they don’t, well, that sucks… but it’s not ever gonna stop me from being bisexual. In fact, I’m bisexual even when I’m not doing anything homosexual and, again I am no fucking different from anyone else.

I pay bills and all that; I’m retired and disabled so I don’t have to work but, yeah, I did my 20-year career bid. I’ve done the parent thing. I watch TV, play video games, write this blog and a lot of other stuff that everyone else does on a day to day basis. The only difference is when I get my mind so far in the gutter there’s no escape, yep, I’m thinking pussy and dick – not pussy or dick. Why?

Because I learned a long time ago that this is what works for me. As an older bisexual, I am completely dumbstruck over all of this, you know, having come from a time where this shit didn’t exist for bisexuals. No one was paying any attention to us but, yep, we’ve got their attention now and it’s not in a good way and media representation, right along with LGBTQ+ isn’t doing a damned thing to say what’s good about bisexuality.

So fuck them. We don’t need them. We just need to live our lives as we see fit. They say we’re not real and, at least to me, they’re the ones with a problem because, again, bisexuals know good and damned well that bisexualit not only exists, it’s alive and well… and growing among people. Why?

Because it makes sense to be bisexual. Duh.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: So What’s It Really Like…

…to be a guy and sucking another guy’s dick?

Nasty. Forbidden. Taboo. Some say there’s no reason for men to engage in this and that it’s a job only for women if they’re of a mind to provide this pleasure.

I can go to the forum and see what other guys say about it and those who’ve dived in absolutely love it and, I guess, because we’re not supposed to do this and outside of the “obvious”fact that it feels amazing to suck dick and take the guy’s cum.

Some “get off” on providing the, um, service. They love being submissive in this “unmanly” sexual act and to the point where having the favor returned doesn’t matter to them and, indeed, some guy’s prefer that you not return the favor.

Your pleasure is their pleasure and that just makes sense.

We talk about the taste, scent, and feel involved; we talk about how vocal – or not – the other guy is; we look forward to the moment he loses control and gives up his sperm and how it makes us feel in that moment. Even in this, we debate the pros and cons of swallowing enough spermatozoa to repopulate most countries.

Nasty. Forbidden. Taboo. Perverted. Disgustingly deviant. Totally unnecessary. And all of these things makes giving another guy a blowjob. It’s exciting in its nastiness, so frightfully liberating, so physically and emotionally pleasing. Guys wonder why some women love sucking cock and find that it’s hard to explain and I’m the guy who’d tell them that if you really wanna know, go suck a dick and find out why women and men love doing it.

Some folks believe that oral sex isn’t sex – it’s just a prelude to intercourse and I hate to say this but they’re wrong. Among men, getting poked in the ass just ain’t an option, leaving cock sucking as the only thing to do so it’s all about giving and receiving as much pleasure as possible and in the time available.

Guys have their preferences for doing this, like the bigger and fatter the dick is the better while some guys, in my opinion, are more “smart” about it when they say smaller cocks are easier. Big dicks present an interesting challenge and one, it seems, a lot of guys want to face every time they get on their knees or whatever their favorite position is to transform the dick from soft to hard and back to being soft.

Me? I learned that size doesn’t matter – it’s irrelevant. Big, fat dicks do pose a challenge but it can still be sucked and manipulated until homey unloads. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s a little or a lot, nor does it matter if he loses it quickly or not.

The whole point is did what I do to him make him cum. If yes, I get to pat myself on the back but if not, well, let’s keep going until he does or, because of a lot of other circumstances, he’s unable to.

Disappointing but not so much because the dick did get sucked. To that end, so many guys are focused on the end result instead of just being in the moment – it’s not the destination but how you get there but if/when you get there, all well and good. Guys get bent out of shape if they can’t make the other guy cum and are quick to blame themselves for something that, in men, just happens and for a lot of reasons and reasons they’re not considering.

So while a lot of guy have loads of preferences, I only have one: To suck dick; anything else is just being unnecessarily nitpicky. Indeed, one must be careful in this and I might be a rabid cocksucker… but I’m not a stupid one.

Nasty. Disgusting. Forbidden and taboo. Something best left for women to do… and if they don’t, too bad, dude. Deal with it and accept no substitutes. Ever.

Heady. Exciting. Liberating. Nasty but in a damned good way. Makes you feel slutty, wonderfully or disturbingly girly and submissive.

The thing people don’t understand is that when men give each other blowjobs, we have so much in common with women whom suck dick… and women who don’t like knowing that we know just like they do about this. Always reminds me of that question I got asked years ago:

“Why do you suck dick?”

“Well, why do you do it?”

“I like doing it!”

“Okay, you just answered your own question – what’s the big deal? I do it for the same reason you do.”

Of course, the problem is I’m not supposed to do it or like it. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be because it’s:

Nasty. Disgusting. Forbidden. Taboo. Perverted. Perhaps even trespassing and co-opting that territory that is and traditionally for women only.

And I call bullshit on all of that. You don’t have to be gay to suck cock; you don’t have to “being in love” or “be into” a guy to suck his dick and get him to empty his balls. It feels good and bad; you feel manly and quite girly to be doing it and having the nerve to be enjoying it. Maybe your own dick is quite hard, maybe it isn’t and, oddly, guys being sucked this is a sign of being disinterested when, truly, all it means is that he’s totally focused on getting a mouthful of spunk more than he’s focused on whatever his dick is doing or not.

It’s an orgasmic experience and for those who believe than men don’t have orgasm and that ejaculating is equated with the make orgasm… and I’m here today to inform you that if that’s what you believe, you don’t know anything about men. I don’t know – or could begin to tell you – how many times I’ve had amazing orgasms while sucking on a dick. It’s kinda embarrassing but I’ve even busted a nut while doing it.

Because it can be just that damned good and for something so:

Nasty. Forbidden. Taboo. Disgusting.

Some say the visual of men blowing each other isn’t sexy and sometimes I agree with that and porn doesn’t help or even accurately describe what “real guys” – and read this as not being an actor and doing it to make a living – do when they have a willing cock in their mouth. It doesn’t have to look sexy – it just has to be sexy and it really is and in all it’s nasty, forbidden, taboo and disgusting glory.

What’s it really like? It’s everything I’ve said above and it is so much fun to do and personally satisfying on many levels and one is knowing that you’ve defied conventional thinking and beliefs.

Sometimes, it’s something we have to do and as a matter of recourse or substitution, if you will. Sometimes we do it simply because it can be done and to be able to bask in that forbidden nastiness because it feels so damned good.

Women don’t “own” this and you’d think that they’d be… relieved? that some guy isn’t pressuring them to blow them and some other guy is more than willing to blow them. Again, they feel some kind of way knowing that the guy talking to them, dating them, and even living with them is just as much of a sucker of cocks as they are… or used to be… or whatever way they feel about it.

To me, this is a major point of commonality; when a woman goes down on me, I know what the deal is because I can do that and I know the good and bad of it just like she does.

But again, I digress and my apologies for doing so but I’m a fan of sucking dick (and a pussy-eating fiend or fanatic – pick one). Why?

It’s nasty. Forbidden. Taboo. Socially and morally disgusting and perverted. I spit in the face of the rules; I thumb my nose at the angst that infects sexual and sexuality. Why?

It’s exciting. Liberating. So terribly satisfying.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Cocksucking

Okay, thanks to some shit going on with the iOS WordPress app, I’m forced to retype what I wrote on my iPad yesterday so here’s what was on my mind yesterday… and what should have been posted yesterday.

This scribble is rated R, X, XX – whatever – but as I was cleaning out the spammers in Tumblr, I was treated – or exposed – to scenes of men and women sucking cock and I though of a few things, like what are they thinking and feelings as they do it? Sure, given the sources of some of the things I saw, they could be sucking that dick because they’re paid to but, still, what’s going on with them?

I know what it’s like to suck dick; I believe, maintain, and hold true to the “fact” that the only thing better than sucking dick is eating pussy.

To those who aren’t into either thing, I mean no offense when I say to you that you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’re of a mind that this is too much work to be any fun, well, I don’t know what to tell you other than it is fun to do – you just gotta want it to be fun because it’s supposed to be.

I remember the dire warnings from my parents; my father told me to never put my mouth on a girl’s pussy… and it enticed me to find out why I shouldn’t since he didn’t bother to tell me. My mother issued he same kind of warning – don’t let a girl put your penis in her mouth… and, well, that one was quite late since I’d already had my penis in the mouths of both boys and girls.

Sorry about that Mom…

As I viewed cocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors being orally pleased, I thought about how good it feels while fully understanding thatI’m not supposed to be sucking on a man’s dick but there I am, in one position or another, making a flaccid prict into a turgid one, and then indulging in the feelings being presented to me and how all of my senses are involved.

Lots of moaning and groaning, cursing, words of, ah, encouragement; getting him to that point where fucking into my mouth is pretty much automatic and unavoidable and all the while relishing every “nasty” moment it, from the taboo and forbidden aspects and giving a few fleeting thoughts of not really knowing where his dick has been before I got it. Yeah, scary… but still exciting.

A lot of my thoughts and feelings cannot be pt into words; it is weird to be focused on what I’m doing, how he’s reacting… by my brain is multitasking the whole time. I getto a point where I want him to cum… while not wanting him to; Iknow that once he does, it’s game over for him… maybe. I can feel so good about suckinghis cock that, sometimes, I just keep doing it – carefully, of course, because I know how sensitive he is and it’s not gonna make him feel good, let alone allow him to once again hardern in my mouth.

Those of you who suck cock and like/love it knows what I’m talking about; those of you who don’t know – or don’t wanna know – you can keep reading to stop at this point.

So many thoughts; so many different yet familiar feelings. They’re good thoughts and feelings and they’re not so good – but they are what they are. What’s goingthrough the mind of the guy whose cock I’m having fun with? Is he enjoying himself? Maybe not so much? Do I need to do more to him, oh, like maybe eating all of his dick?

I know he’s watching me… and that can be exciting or of no consequence but I always wonder if he thinks I’m sucking his cock to make him a happy camper. Would it throw ice water on his mood if he knew that what I’m doing to him really isn’t about him? Yes, indeed, I want him to enjoy having his cock sucked but maybe I’m a little weird because his pleasure is secondary to my own.

I’m having fun even if he might not be. Shit happens… or it doesn’t. Still, I can feel his body reacting; his cock has been going through some changes like going from very erect to softening a bit before returning to full hardness. I can feel the little tremors running through and along his shaft; while I don’t know what’s going on inside his head, I do know that his body, as represented by his cock in my mouth, is enjoying things.

He’s like me in some ways – he wants to cum and he doesn’t – it’s a feeling I understand and know well when someone is sucking my dick… which, at least for me, makes doing this more exciting because I know what he’s feeling. Still, he’s trying not to cum while I’m working to make him cum and if I do this right, it’s a battle he’s gonna lose… not that he doesn’t want to lose, mind you.

All the while I am thinking about what to do when he does cum. Do I wanna taste his jizz and swallow it? Let him fill my mouth with it and just let it dribble out? Do I want to stop sucking him when I know he’s close to that point of no return and use my hand to finish him off and just watch his sperm flow all over the place?

It depends. See, I know he wants to unload in my mouth and if I swallow his stuff or either let him cut loose in my mouth (and spit it out), that’ll get me a lot of Brownie points with him; still, and in my mind, this ain’t about what he wants and staying “true to form,” I’m not going to make a decision until it starts to happen.

Sometimes, I really don’t know what I want to do with his stuff when he gives it up to me. It can be a confusing moment: Have I done enough “right” things to entice him to lose it? Is he one of those guys who possesses masterful control and can hold it back for as long as he wants to? Maybe he’s feeling frustrated or is overstimulated?

I don’t know… either way, I’m still very much enjoying his cock in my mouth. He’s either gonna cum at some point or he isn’t and both things are fine and not so much something I have any real control over. All I can do is to keep sucking his dick until he pops his cork or asks me to stop.

Focus on the task at hand which is to keep making myself feel wonderful while trying to make him feel the same way. He’s about to lose it and now it’s start to get real… for real. Cursing, egging me on to finish him; thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth and, oddly often, in sync with what I’m doing; maybe he’s doing too much mouth fucking for me to handle which doesn’t happen often but, sure, everyone as a limit. It’s my cue to just hold still and maybe he’s got his hands on my head to make sure I don’t go anywhere.

Things are literally coming to a head; I can feel his cock starting to grow thicker and get a little harder; I can feel those “pre-cum tremors”makinghis cock tremble in my mouth and now it’s a matter of when, not if, he’s gonna cut loose.

And he does and if I have my eyes open and his dick isn’t buried in my mouth, not only can I feel his spunk shooting into my mouth, I can see it pumping away – to me, jeez, that’s such an erotic thing to see. Even with him pumping whatever sperm he has to offer, I still haven’t quite decided to swallow or spit… but, okay, let’s swallow it and hope his stuff doesn’t give me the shits later – but that’s later; right now it’s about milking every drop from him, feeding on him in a rather vampiric way.

More moaning and groaning and he’s starting to soften – do I let go of him or do I wanna gently keep going so we can keep doing this until he shoots another load? Sucking a soft cock is just as much fun as sucking a hard one but I look up at him – I wanna see the look on his face at this point and in this moment and if he’s grimacing, it’ll be best to stop and cut him a break.

Not that I want to cut him some slack but, I, too, know what it feels like to have someone still sucking your dick post-ejaculation. That’s okay because if we have time, I can always let him rest up before going after his dick again. If he’s gonna blow me, well, it’s my turn to experience what he just got finished experiencing, which is a whole different set of thoughts and feelings on my part.

But I’m still basking in the delicious feelings flowing through me after sucking his cock and enticing him to fill my mouth with his seed. It’s so wrong while feeling so terribly wonderful. Maybe I’ll wind up burning in hell for doing this… but I’m not dead yet so there’s nothing to worry about in that regard and if that’s what’ll happen, I’m thinking that I’m going to hell for something I love doing.

Did he enjoy himself? In a way, it doesn’t matter if he did because I had fun doing it but, yeah, sure – who wants to be know as a lousy cocksucker? So whatever he says may be the truth or he’s just being polite when he says that he liked what I did.

Again, it doesn’t matter because I had fun doing it and, if anything, I’m pissed that it’s all over with… or sometimes tickled pick (if you can imagine that) that it’d doneand over with – some guys just make cocksuckingan unpleasant thing to do and it’s not alway easy to put that shit out of yur mind so you can enjoy what you’re doing… and even if you’re now wishing he was someone else.

Occupational hazard – it comes with the job.

If he’s not sucking my cock, I don’t have any real expectations – I’m grateful that he’s returning the favor because he really didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. The battle begins anew; he wants to take my sperm from me and I want him to… and not really. Even when he’s giving me great pleasure with his mouth, I’m wanting to have him back in my mouth – why should he have all the fun associated with sucking cock?

And more so if he really tasted good.

Some folks put a lot of “conditions” and requirements for this, like cock size and even how much jizz they expect to receive… but I never do. Big or little doesn’t matter; a “gallon” of spunk or just a few “teaspoons” doesn’t matter either. Did I get to suck dick?

Yeah… andthat’s the part that makes me love and enjoy it s much as I do.

The only thing better than taking a hard cock and making it soft again is eating pussy and you have no idea how much I love doing that… but I digress.

After the fact, there’s only the memories of the moment. Could I have done it better? Make it last longer for both of us? Am I really as selfish as I believe myself to be because I didn’t just spend however much time it took for him to give up his spunk (and he took mine) just to make him a happy camper. To that end, should I just set my own desires aside and in favor of his?

Fuck that. Not only no but fuck no – where’s the fun in that? Honestly, the only time I give a fuck about this is when I’m eating pussy – women aren’t easy to impress or please this way and I know that if I don’t munch on her with her satisfaction in mind, I might not get to eat that pussy and or any time soon. Still selfish in a way because, whew, eating pussy is good for the soul!

Just like sucking cock is and can be…

A postscript of sorts. Now that I’ve had to retype the blog I wrote on my iPad, I’m glad it didn’t publish or otherwise behave right – it’s so full of mistakes and typos that it ain’t funny so I got to correct them.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Hmm…

The other day, a WordPress blogger wrote this piece – here’s the link:

You’d have to read it and the comments to really get the gist of what she was talking about but as I was staring at my Dashboard – while listening to the Weather Channel’s talking heads talking about all the rain in the southeastern US, why we haven’t seen a lot of hurricanes in the Atlantic, so on and so forth, I was looking at the first two parts of her blog’s title and thought, “From what I’ve been seeing, there are a lot of guys who aren’t suppressing their feminine characteristics a whole lot and, yeah, the lack of acceptance of bisexuality does evoke a lot of self-loathing…”

I’m a member of a website for bisexuals, both male and female, and while you don’t hear from the female members that often, the guys are writing up a storm, sharing their histories and their stories, asking a ton of questions, speaking about their sexual fantasies, as well as debating the merits of large cocks over small ones and whether or not swallowing spunk is a good or bad thing.

Quite a few of these guys have adopted the female/submissive role in sex – they identify as bottoms or when it comes to sex with other men, they prefer to “be the girl” from giving head to being screwed up to and including dressing the part. Even the guys who are still sitting on the bench and waiting to get in the game are giving voice to their feminine side which also includes a lot of moaning and groaning over not being able to find the right kind of guy so they can let their inner girl out and let her strut her stuff.

There are guys who are still in the “traditional” male/dominant sexual role – aka tops – but if you listen to the bottoms talking, eh, there doesn’t seem to be as many around as either “there used to be” or to anyone’s liking; even the guys who are more versatile in their pursuit of cock don’t seem to be that well represented on the site although I suspect, in these two cases, there are probably a lot of guys lurking, just kicked back and reading what everyone else is writing about and, well, they just don’t have anything to say or add – or they’re afraid to.

Not sure what’s the case here but, by and large, the bottoms rule the roost in terms of participating members and it’s been serving to remind me of something I wrote about a month or so ago about that period in time when women, um, highly suggested that we – men – be more in touch with our feminine side… and I still feel that they had no idea, at the time, that men would take that suggestion beyond what they may have really been asking us to do.

What they meant was they wanted us to not be so emotionally closed off and as “being a man” has always dictated for us as good and proper male behavior; be strong, never waver, never show weakness, all that stuff and, um, yeah – a lot of guys took that suggestion and just ran with it and I guess you could say that the best way for a guy to get in touch with their feminine side is to experience what women experience when men just want to screw them, select her as a mate/partner, or all of the above…

While still being very male in the other aspects in their lives and, methinks, giving birth to that nonsense about bisexuals having some kind of straight privilege but the obvious flaw, in my opinion, is that anyone who thinks this way doesn’t know jack shit about bisexuality and instead of looking at the whole picture, they continue to only look at what men do to and with each other when our dicks get hard.

I’d suppose that there are those who would prefer bisexual men to behave – and openly so – in a similar manner that effeminate gay men can behave and that’s the only way we should express ourselves sexually or, stick with the dick and just leave women alone. Yeah… like that’s ever gonna happen. Still, one of the things I’ve seen since I’ve been “studying” all of this is how, once upon a time, being male and “being the girl” for another guy was just a very gay and ultra unmanly… but things began to shift until, one day, I found myself reading a lot of stuff being written on website profiles where guys looking to get with other guys were preferring their, ah, partners to be very, very male even when taking the dick in some way.

Even in this somewhat startling change of mind, being a “femme” kind of guy was – and still is – very much frowned upon and, at least in my view of things, continues that suppression of those feminine tendencies that, apparently, no one wants to see. When I saw one guy write in his profile that he expected any man who gets with him to take the dick like a man, I’ll admit that this… oxymoron of a statement kinda baffled me.

You want another guy to suck your dick and swallow your jizz and/or you want him to assume a position and be fucked and, yeah, just like a woman… but you also expect that guy to do it with male stoicism and in a non-demonstrative way. Now, is there anything about this that really makes sense? At the time, I didn’t think so but after a few years of seeing other men telling other men to “man up” and take the dick like a man, okay, in a very weird way, it started to make sense because, if nothing else, that attitude, while being kinda rude in my opinion, seemed to foment a move to remove the “sissy” aspect of being the guy on the receiving end of the dick and making this kind of sex more… manly.


Let your inner girl out so you can suck that dick and take it in the ass – just don’t really “act like a girl” while I’m dumping a lot of sperm into you, aight? It seems… out of place to watch videos of “thugs,” those urban tough guys who, at least on the surface, ooze machismo out of every pore of their skin… on their knees giving sloppy blow jobs and taking huge, thick cock in their ass and it, again, paints a weird picture: You don’t want the guy you’re fucking to behave like a girl… while you expect him to perform like one.

Sound confusing? It should… because it is but I’d guess you’d have to pay attention to what might really be going on instead of what you can see – a cockeyed kind of push to let men know that you can let your inner girl out and not be seen as less of a man because you can deal with a dick with the best of them.

That ongoing thing about men suppressing their, ah, more gentler aspects is starting to falter if not fail although I think the angst toward those bi guys who, in their “alter ego” are quite feminine in their behavior when getting the dick, is more of a bitch-slap in the face of “traditional” effeminate gay men and, perhaps, trying to send them the same message: Act like a man even when you’re taking the dick like a woman would.

And a lot of bottoms do just that; letting their inner girl out in a more manly kind of way while many more bottoms seem to be saying, “Fuck that – if you want me to be the girl in this – and I want to very much be the girl – I’ll behave any damned way I want to and if you don’t like it, your services won’t be required!”

Even those guys who “take it like a man” talk about how it makes them feel; submissive, girly, feminine… but without losing their sense of masculinity. Some guys are really letting their inner girl out to play by dressing the part which, oddly, makes sense: If you’re gonna treat me like a girl and like I wanna be treated, why not dress the part, too? What makes this even more confusing, if you will, is that when such a guy isn’t dealing with some dick, what you see if you passed him on the street is just another guy going on about his business being a guy: Working, paying bills, being a husband and father and, hell, yeah, chasing women like it’s illegal and letting nature take its course when the women allow themselves to be caught.

I hear a lot of talk about “internalized biphobia/homophobia,” something that’s been suggested that some or a lot of bi men experience – they hate the fact that they’re bisexual even though they have a love for men – and sometimes love in the literal sense. Now I’m really confused – you don’t like the fact that you like men and dick… but you’re getting some dick whenever and if you can? Had to think about this one, too and, yeah, it kinda makes sense because some guys really do struggle with the fact that they’re very much into something that the social programming says they shouldn’t be into… and more so if they’re not really gay.

Personally, I wouldn’t call this a phobia but, yeah, sure, it’s one hell of an internal conflict that might resemble fear and in the form of fearing that loss of their masculinity but a lot of guys dealing with this inner conflict are very much aware that even if they’ve got a mouthful of dick, they’re still a man. If anything, I think that guys suffering from this conflict want to play with dicks… as long as doing so doesn’t result in losing their sense of self.

My protege and I were talking about this one day and he mentioned that, sometimes, when he’s giving a blow job, he feels quite girly and, you know, being a man, it’s a very weird and unsettling feeling. I told him that, yeah, I know what you mean since I’ve felt the same way when doing the exact same thing and we got to talking about why a guy would feel this way in the first place and I opined that, historically, cock sucking has been a woman’s thing to do. We – as men – know this and it’s not that far of a stretch to understand that when a guy does something that is seen as a womanly thing to do, well, he’s gonna feel girly when he’s doing it.

Doesn’t mean that makes any guy who sucks cock less than a man but it does indicate how mindfucked we are about this and the premise and long-held belief that if a man has sex with another man, he must be some kind of girl because only girls have sex with men.

Really? Even when we know for a fact that this ain’t even the truth? Does such an incorrect statement further the cause to suppress feminine behaviors in men? Sure it does. Does it still work as it might have in days gone by? Not really because while it might take a guy some time to put it all together, they eventually see that they can, in fact, suck cock and get fucked and without losing their sense of being male and in every way that might mean to them. Doesn’t mean that guys who are bottoms – in particular – are all gonna start dressing up and/or behaving like women as a matter of course and it’s still considered an insult to call a bisexual out as really being homosexual – and no one likes being called something they know themselves not to be so, nah, I don’t find this reaction to be unusual.

Much to the chagrin to those who still think we’re clueless and ignorantly in denial about our true homosexuality even though bisexual bottoms are, in fact, in touch with their feminine side and not too differently from those really – and sometimes overly – effeminate gay men. So, yeah – we can be the girl when it’s time to take the dick… still don’t have to really behave like one or, yup, man up and take the dick like a man even if you’re on your knees (or whatever) and sucking a hard dick as if your life depended on it while wearing your latest Victoria’s Secret purchase and your wig is starting to get a bit turned around if not about to fall off your head.

Should bi guys be more openly feminine and especially those who are bottoms? Well, no… because image is still everything even if this is “simply” the male ego standing up and letting everyone know, “Hey – guy over here!” because what homey does behind closed doors and shuttered windows ain’t anyone business except his and the guy who’s giving him the dick to play with.

So much for suppression, huh? I very much recall a period of time where some effeminate gay men became “straight-acting” gay men and I’d say out of necessity and as a survival trait because we just do not care for men who behave like women in any way. Could it be said that these men – who still exist today, in case ya didn’t know that – are suppressing their masculine side and affecting a straight privilege? Bisexuality detractors don’t seem to want to talk about this one… and probably because many of those detractors and mudslingers are, themselves, gay and they don’t like that bi guys can “get away” with something that they somehow can’t do themselves but it get it – they embrace their homosexuality and wear it like a badge of honor and many are very much unashamed of being homosexual and, well, maybe they feel that we – bi guys – should be more like they are…

Except, we aren’t like them so much give that, er, um, because we still have that very masculine thing about women and pussy that we’re not of a mind to give up… and because we don’t have to and to be blunt, it ain’t our fault that some gay men aren’t fans of pussy and its owner, is it?

So while publicly our inner girl might be in time-out, privately? Inner girls are coming out in droves and so much that it’s believed that bottoms greatly outnumber tops; there are more guys who want to be the girl than there are guys who want them to be the girl and if you ask me – and you didn’t – I wouldn’t say that this represents any suppression of feminine tendencies at all. We condition male children to suppress their inner girl at all times and just like we’ve been doing all along but there are a lot of men who are breaking that conditioning because being the girl and taking the dick is what works for them and even when the other part of them is more than happy to give women the high hard one and in the expected male fashion.

Acceptance? Well, that’s a different kettle of fish but what should be noted is that despite the lack of that “overall” acceptance, bisexuals are still being bisexual without it, aren’t they? The folks who are having a hissy fit over the gender binary, I guess, feel that the male/dominant and female/submissive roles in sex shouldn’t exist anymore but this, too, is a learned behavior in that time honored give and take thing. While the roles are, indeed, interchangeable – like some guys love women who will initiate sex and take the lead – the folks who insist that everyone be straight kinda does us a favor by maintaining that men are tops, women are bottoms and, indeed, keeping those roles of being dominant and submissive very much alive and if nothing else, we’re just doing what we know how to do and, sure enough, there are men who are the man when having sex with women and they’re the woman when having sex with men.

I don’t see what the problem is; not a whole lot of suppression going on that I can see other than some guys kinda/sorta not wanting their inner girl to come out – yet. Some guys do have a sense of self-loathing over having broken their conditioning but what I think is really going on is that there’s a great deal of continued loathing toward anyone who isn’t totally straight and, now, totally gay. To this end, haters are always gonna hate and I’d guess that it makes those folks feel some kind of way to know that there is a demographic segment who isn’t suppressing much of anything when it comes to being physical and emotional and not in a singular or, dare I say, monosexal way.

And many of the men in this category sure as shit ain’t suppressing their inner girl; it’s just a part of them no one gets to see as a matter of course.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Some “Common Sense”

I’ve never bothered to do a count but there are at least hundreds of guys on the forum who are starving to suck cock and it makes sense that the one question on their minds is, “Is it safe?”

The only safe way to suck a dick is to wrap that puppy up in a condom… or two if you’re really paranoid about it; otherwise, you take your chances and hope that the only thing you catch is a mouthful of cum.

The fellas were talking – again – about the chances of contracting HIV via oral sex and as previously noted, even the vaunted CDC says there’s a four percent chance which suggests that there’s a ninety-six percent chance of not getting HIV from giving a blow job, with or without swallowing that load.

I find it… disturbing that some guys aren’t bothering to do a little due diligence and learn some shit about penis health so that when they are addressing the dick, they can use some of their senses to inspect the dick for what might be an issue. I find it equally disturbing that their focus is on HIV when, in fact, that’s not the only bad thing out there that can get in your mouth, from chlamydia to a dose of the clap… and you don’t have to suck a dick to get any of that stuff.

Some of the guys were putting what I’ll call a myth (for now) out there, i.e., if you give a stranger a blow job, you stand a better chance of contracting HIV versus having that one steady guy you know well… and that’s a misconception because even with that steady guy you’ve been with for quite some time, ah, do you always know where his dick and even his mouth has been?

Disturbing. This is what my version of common sense tells me:

If I have any doubts about the other guy, I just won’t do it and I don’t care how badly either of us wants it to happen… and even if he straps up for it and because shit happens when you think it’s not going to.

Inspect the dick and I mean you look at it like it’s gonna bite you or something. If you know anything about the male anatomy – and if you don’t, ya might want to learn it – use your eyes to look that puppy over from tip to base; look for scars, abrasions, and cuts and especially on those guys who shave their junk and while you’re eyeballing his junk, use your sense of touch – gently cup his balls and as the doctors say, palpitate his sac and his actual testes to feel if he has any lumps.

If he has foreskin, peel it back and give it both a good look and sniff – you’re looking for smega, a cheese-like substance that is a natural lubrication; it can be white to yellow in color and your sense of smell will kick in because when exposed to air, smega just fucking smells horrible. Use your sense of smell to give his skin a sniff; it’s normal to get whiffs of that musky male scent and you can tell if he washed his junk before the fact – he’ll smell like whatever soap he used. If his shit smells – let’s say – unusually sour, well, that could be anything, from something he ate or drank so it’s something to be mindful of.

Grab his shit at the base and pull up on it and see if some pre-cum appears; it should be crystal clear; you might pick up a hint of something with your nose but, again, it’s something to be mindful of since seminal fluid – pre-cum – tends to smell and taste like whatever the guy has been putting into his body. And while you’re pulling his pud, feel along his shaft for any lumps and if you happen to feel some, well, ask him if he knows he’s got a lump there; maybe he does – might be nothing but if you don’t ask, you won’t know… and you need to know.

This whole inspection can take seconds… but you’re not really ready to give homey one hell of a blow job because the other thing you have to think about is how healthy is your mouth? Are your gums starting to recede? Got any cuts, scrapes or abrasions in your mouth? Any cavities? Does your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Are you one of those people who suffer from a constantly dry mouth?

See, the risk when sucking cock isn’t all about what comes out of his dick; it’s whether or not you have something going on in there that would allow something bad to get into your blood stream. Now, when you watch porn and you see someone giving a very sloppy blow job, um, all that spit ain’t about making it easier to suck it – saliva has some seriously powerful shit in it that’s designed to start breaking down anything you put in your mouth and what your saliva doesn’t kill, the acid in your stomach will most certainly finish the job – and this is one of the reasons why the CDC says there’s only a four percent chance.

If you’re sure his cock is healthy and that your mouth is up to the task – but you still have a lingering doubt, put a condom on it. We know about flavored ones and they’re just a matter of taste; personally, those flavored ones taste horrible since they use artificial flavors but I guess it’s like drinking diet soda – you drink it enough and you eventually get used to the taste. For your own “peace of mind” if you can find the unlubricated ones, your mouth and tongue will probably thank you. Lubricated condoms also contain a spermicide and neither substance tastes very good and, for some, will make your mouth and tongue go numb and just trash your ability to taste what you’re doing and affecting what you’re feeling.

Yeah… it’s another acquired taste. Some guys avoid condoms because, for one, they’ve learned that they’re allergic to the material they’re made out of – which is why you look at his shit for any signs of a rash, by the way. Another thing is that some guys, when you put a condom on them, they lose their erection and, nope, I’ve never found out why this happens although I suspect it’s a disconnect perpetrated by that lump of grey matter inside their skulls more than some physical issue.

Bottom line: If you feel it’s safe enough to suck that dick, then go ahead and suck it and have fun… but with the understanding that unless it’s covered up, the potential for something bad happening is still there and one good example is finding out you have a cold sore after some cock sucking. Does it mean he infected you with something?

Nope. Cold sores come from the herpes simplex virus and, don’t ask me why but it lives in all of us… but only becomes active under certain conditions like when you have a cold but the reality is you can get one at any time and all it takes is enough of a pH change in your skin to, for this, dry your lips out and wake the virus up – and now you have a cold sore to deal with. Some guys’ skin might be “out of balance” down there and for a whole lot of reasons and while your pH is fine and dandy, his cock in your mouth can change that and even his pre-cum/spunk can be just the thing to tip the pH balance in your mouth and – poof – one cold sore.

One other thing. It is quite possible to suck a guy off and wind up with a case of the runs. Again… did he just jack you up with some nasty shit? Nope; his jizz just upset the water balance in your gut and because of changes in pH – yeah, it’s back! If the environment in your gut is too acidic or too alkaline, it upsets that water balance; your gut says, “Hey – it’s like a desert in here!” and your body sends more water to your gut… and now you have the runs. Male sperm tends to run more toward the alkaline side of things because it has to counteract the acidic environment of a woman’s coochie and that environment is hazardous to sperm. The guy’s diet, along with some medications can make his jizz more alkaline than normal and enough to upset that water balance in your gut and, well, you know what happens next.

You’re thinking, “How does he know all of this shit?” I know it because I’ve had reason to learn it and because I don’t want to catch anything nasty via the oral route and in all the time that I’ve been sucking cock – both the strange and the familiar, the worst things I’ve experienced have been an occasional cold sore and bouts of the runs and, yes, that includes all the pussy I’ve eaten in my life. In fact, I’ve gotten more cold sores eating pussy than sucking dick but some jizz, yeah, well, okay, I’ve found myself sitting on the toilet after the fact, thinking this is fucked up but I did have fun doing it.

Too much information? I think not; it’s information that plays into one’s decision making process when contemplating sucking a dick even if one doesn’t finish it off. Guys get cold sores, have the runs, and don’t know why and now they’re ready to kick the other guy’s ass and thinking he’s infected when he really isn’t. If you’re aware of this, it plays into one’s common sense that should tell them that, again, if you have any doubts, either cover the dick up or just leave it alone. Guys have to understand that you don’t have to swallow that nut to experience something; the moment you put that dick in your mouth, you’re exposing yourself and him as well but, as I said, saliva does a wonderful job of killing stuff you put in your mouth before it gets to your stomach and once something gets there, its ability to survive a bath in hydrochloric acid isn’t very good.

Fact is you stand a better chance of catching something sticking your uncovered dick in a guy’s ass than you do sticking it in your mouth and, oh, yeah, before I forget – do you really believe it’s safe every time you slide into your lady’s coochie? Do you even know what’s going on between her legs other than her monthly period? No? Ha… you might wanna find out and I’m not saying anything bad about women so let’s get that straight right now but I can assure you that they don’t endure those GYN exams because they don’t have anything better to do.

Back to sucking cock. It’s not just a question of how healthy he is – it’s also about how healthy you are, too; gives you a reason to see a doctor regularly and, without outing yourself as a bisexual, just asking him to check to see if you’re still healthy enough to have sex and if you have problems with your teeth and gums, get your mouth checked out, too. If you’re the kind of guy who gets sick fairly easily, that might indicate that your immune system isn’t as robust as it could be; if you can’t remember the last time you had a cold or the flu, your immune system is probably quite robust but common sense suggests that it doesn’t hurt to make sure that it is.

I’ve heard some guys say that all of this is too much shit to be concerned with and I agree – it is a lot of shit to stuff into your head but it can be the difference between sucking cock with no issues and having some issues… and all because you don’t know anything about it. When you’re in a situation where you have only a few seconds to decide on sucking that dick or taking a pass, sure, who wants to have all this science shit running around inside their head? I’m just the cock sucker (and pussy eater) who’ll tell you that there’s some shit you need to know and learn if you don’t want any, ah, lasting problems down the road.

Even urinating after getting a blow job is a smart thing to do and maybe you’ve noticed that after you load a woman up with some spunk, one of the first things she does is go pee – and it’s because it flushes the urinary tract out.

End of the day, having some knowledge about this is a good thing. The risks are still real but between using some knowledge and applying some common sense, you can be a very happy and safe cock sucker.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Risky Sex

This might sound like a public service announcement but all sex is risky and while we hear about the risks and are encouraged to avoid them – and by not having sex – when we all jump into the pool, we’re also accepting the associated risks. Not all of the risks are health-related unless broken hearts, shattered dreams, unfulfilled expectations, and aborted friendships and relationships are considered to be medically related conditions.

In the world of M2M sex there’s great awareness of the risks or, the enhanced or extra risks and guys are right to be concerned about them and it seems to be apparent that making sure men thinking about getting jiggy with other men are very aware of the risks goes a long way to make sure that the home boys keep their dicks in their pants and out of each other’s hands, mouths, and backsides.

It’s not that a lot of bi guys sitting on the bench haven’t gotten the message – it’s why they’re still sitting on the bench. In the majority of conversations I’ve read by guys on the forum, this is their number one concern – getting caught in the act or otherwise outed is second; getting disappointed is somewhere on the list and not too far from the fear and frustration of not being able to find a Mr. Right that’s close to them but not all that close.

Hand jobs, blow jobs, anal penetration, rimming, and even frotting all carry some risks and to the point where some guys can give themselves Pyrienne’s Disease and actually break their dick by spanking the monkey too hard and now they’ve got this… bend in their shit from a slight one to holy shit – how does he have sex with that thang!

Any of these things can be done using condoms and an oral dam would be just what the doctor ordered for those, ah, tongue between the cheeks moments. Like fingers and hands in your butt? Literally put a glove on it! Got that favorite toy you like using on yourself? Wrap it up in a condom before wearing your ass out with it and giving your prostate a good and proper beatdown.

These are all common sense things that all men who have sex with men should always do to protect themselves and others – but this really isn’t the point of this scribble that still might look like a PSA.

The real point is the fear factor and it is insidious to the point where, listening to some guys, if they even touched another guy’s cock, he’s gonna catch something he might not be able to get rid of easily or at all. I’ve heard of and have read about a lot of guys who love to suck cock but with the “Don’t bust a nut in my head, dude!” caveat in place because everyone knows how dangerous it is for men to swallow another man’s semen (imagine me rolling my eyes as I type this one). Sure, they could slip a condom on the dick but if you think tasting sperm is an acquired taste, so is sucking cock encased in a condom – those things just don’t taste good at all.

But, eh, they don’t – well, they don’t as a hard-set rule of conduct and engagement and it’s not like guys still do what guys in my generation were known to do – always carry a condom on you even though it can be kinda embarrassing to, say, pull out your wallet for something and there’s that very obvious outline and impression stamped into it.

Hey! Dude got a condom in his wallet! Snorts, laughs, giggles, eyebrows bobbing up and down and in true Groucho Marks style, wink, wink. What I wonder, however, is whether or not guys realize that the moment their lips meet dick, they’re already exposed to any potential risk – no need to wait for the creamy finish to become exposed.

Some guys do realize it and if condom-flavored dick isn’t a taste they’ve acquired, they do the simplest thing: Don’t suck the dick. Smart, safe, and about as frustrating as anything can be to want to very badly do this but it’s not really all that safe to do so.

Guys will pass on taking a hard one in their butt in favor of having a fake one in there… but those puppies also bring their own level of risk to the table and more so if you’ve seen what guys can stick in their butts from stupidly big butt plugs to phallic-like objects that takes the male form to very extreme levels. But I’d have to say that some guys see these objects as being less risky than having a fuck buddy sliding in and out of there, leaking pre-cum and prior to cutting loose with enough spunk to repopulate the world.

And there are guys who are scared to death of such toys and I’d say rightfully so. Still, it’s being said that if you can’t take a fake in the butt, taking the real thing in there won’t be all that easy and, okay, that makes sense… but just like the guys who don’t want cum in their mouth, a lot of guys assume that if they pull out before they bust that nut, they’ve dodged the risk of either of them catching something nasty.

Nope, not true at all, even when the recipient does all he can to clean his hole and even that proposes some minor risks, like using solutions that kill all the good bacteria in their and bacteria that’s needed for, um, normal functions as well as drying out tissues that aren’t meant to be dried out and increasing the risk of tearing and abrasions.

Like I told my protege during a discussion about this, the moment the head of your dick makes contact with that hole – even when properly prepared – you’re assuming the risk unless you got your shit all nice and wrapped up.

I see guys fretting over all of this and they either keep their horny asses on the bench or they don’t… and I’ve asked them that if you’re so concerned and/or worried about this, why aren’t you using protection? One thing about wrapping a dick up is an unusual phenomenon where a guy goes to wrap his cock up prior to use… and his boner vanishes; take it off and his boner reappears and, nope, I have no freaking idea why this happens.

Some guys talk about the loss of sensation, even with the thinnest condoms on the market which is probably the culprit in the loss of erection thing I just mentioned. Guys on the receiving end of a wrapped up dick speak to this loss of sensation thing; you know you have a dick in your mouth or butt but, ya know, you just can’t really feel it all that much and some guys even talk about not really being able to feel the other guy busting his nuts wide open and, well, um, one of the reasons for doing this is to feel that happening.

I even know women who aren’t fond of a wrapped up dick and for some of these same reasons but they have the extra incentive to insist on their use when they’re not of a mind to become someone’s mommy. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Back to guys. It is presumed that the more you know about a guy, the more you lessen your chance of risk – and this makes sense but only if a guy is going to really disclose every little thing he does with his dick. There was a lot of emphasis on getting tested before sex with anyone new could take place, which is also smart and sensible but, um, go find out what this battery of lab tests cost and more so if your insurance ain’t all that good or you don’t have any. There are places where one can get tested at no cost but the “problem” here is having to wait an inordinately long time for the results and if you’re sitting back and waiting for them, you’re not having sex with anyone.

Oh, yeah, there’s the embarrassment factor to go along with this and a lot of guys don’t go to a doctor as regularly as they should and they’re really not of a mind to tell a doctor that he’s been having a lot of sex with other men as well as women because, you know, image is still everything.

The moral of all of this is that if you wanna be safe having sex, don’t have sex… which kinda defeats the purpose, huh? It’s always a trust issue and it’s not trusting that the dude doing something to you is gonna rock your world and in amazing, memorable fashion; nope, you’re trusting him not to present a whole lot of risks, both physical and emotional.

More guys get jacked up emotionally than they do physically in this because getting with some dick always sounds like a good idea, right up until you find out that it wasn’t the dick itself you had to be concerned with: It’s the guy it’s attached to that’s the biggest problem. I’d say that this alone is why a lot guys want that investment from another guy right up front and taking a pass on spontaneous sexual opportunities… except, even in a invested situation, the emotional damage can be severe and not so easily fixed.

Having someone really giving a fuck about you doesn’t always insure that any sex you have with them will be risk-free – we just trust that it will be and there’s no guarantee that it will be either way. Why? Well, it’s kind of an easy answer: Guys behave differently when their dicks get hard. Before the dicks come out, homey can be as cool as the other side of the pillow but when his dick comes out and gets hard? Jekyll and Hyde time and now you find yourself having sex with a guy who isn’t as nice as he appeared to be before the fact.

In this, guys get to understand why women can be the way they are about giving up the booty because there is nothing worse than being sexed by someone who, in that moment, wasn’t the nice guy he was before the fact… and not all guys can take this in stride and look at it as an occupational hazard even when you think you know all you need to know about him; you just don’t ever take into consideration that people change, not just over an extended period of time but literally from one moment to the next.

So how does one avoid the risks? Again, stop having sex – period. Oh, wait… that’s a physical and emotional health risk, too! You just have to be smarter to minimize the risks and a lot of them can be dealt with at the price of a condom; minimizing the emotional risks, well, that’s actually harder to do but a good rule of thumb is when in doubt about him, do nothing and don’t let him goad or otherwise pressure you into doing anything when your instincts are screaming at you to keep walking or to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Guys get caught up in statistics and I see guys on the forum providing stats on the likelihood of being infected by something and things get a bit more alarming when sexual behavior between men is being highlighted and emphasized. The numbers talk about the number of reported incidents, which makes sense; ya can’t cite an incident that hasn’t been reported. The numbers speak in terms of percentages, like, there’s a 4% chance of getting something nastier than spunk in your mouth… and it freaks a lot of guys out and keeps their mouths closed… but maybe without twigging to the fact that by that number alone, it also suggests that there’s a 96% of not getting anything nastier than a mouthful of sperm.

The numbers talk about reported incidents of infections via anal sex as well as the percentages involved – and I don’t have those numbers at hand (go look them up) but while there is a higher level of risk versus oral sex, it’s not 100% guaranteed that if you run up in a guy’s butt, you’re gonna get infected. The people slamming the disease card onto the table would have you believe that just knowing a bisexual guarantees you’re gonna catch something and if you think that sound ridiculous, you really need to go read what some folks are saying about this. Women are convinced that if you let a bi guy bone you, yep – infected. Instantly. Irrevocably.

The thing that I find interesting is that guys fret over a lot of this… and don’t give a single thought about the risks involved having sex with women and, yep, that includes the woman you’ve been with for years. It tells me that a lot of guys aren’t aware of the science, which, sure, makes sense because it’s pretty fucking confusing and who among us even bothers to give a single thought about all those juices flowing out of the coochie when you have your face all up in it? We can be so clueless that we’ve narrowed it down to if it smells fishy, have the lamb instead; don’t even look at it, dude.

Except, they maybe don’t know that girlfriend’s stuff could be not in the best possible condition… and even she doesn’t know it; some things that could be wrong with it have no symptoms where something like an UTI or yeast infections can be very obvious to her. Still, dudes don’t know the chemistry of a woman’s body any more than they understand their own unique chemistry; you might be surprised of how many guys don’t know that semen and sperm are actually two different components of male ejaculate… and the danger isn’t in the sperm itself – it’s in the seminal fluid.

Guys… ever be washing your shit and get soap in that slit? Yeah… not a fun thing to feel but that simple irritation could pose a problem having sex. See, it isn’t what you know about any of this that can be problematic – it’s what you don’t know. Shit… most guys have no idea why after they bust a nut, they lose interest and want to take a nap and even feel fairly crappy after doing something that was loads of fun before that nut got busted.

It’s such an unknown thing that some guys actually think there’s something wrong with them. The keys to minimizing the many risks having sex poses is to be more educated. Guys, for instance, talk about not sucking cock because they don’t know if the dick is infected and they can’t tell… and as if there’s no way to tell… but there is. Grab his dick, give it a few tugs and when the pre-cum oozes out, give it a look; if it’s not crystal clear, leave the dick alone; if it oozes out and it has a smell to it – and one that can’t be explained by whatever homey’s been eating and drinking, leave the dick alone – just put it back where you got it.

Look at his dick – and I mean really look at it. Any scrapes, abrasions, signs of scabs or scarring? You might wanna take a pass on it. Gently cup his balls – do you feel any lumps in there that aren’t his actual testicles? A good time to start asking questions and ditto for anything that feels unusual to you when you wrap your hand around his erection.

Most of all, learn to trust your instincts. Some guys just feel… wrong. You can’t point to any one particular thing and once you rule out any apprehension on your part, if he doesn’t feel right to you, don’t have sex with him. He might not infect you with anything but he could cause you a lot of emotional distress.

And buy a case of condoms and with the thought in mind that some people, both men and women, are deathly allergic to them. Could be anything from a very itchy rash to an anaphylactic reaction that can cause anything from hives to respiratory distress – nothing sucks more than needing to breathe and you can’t. If you’re looking for that FWB kind of guy, insist on knowing everything you can about him from anything he’s done and experienced in his past to what he did before he knocked on your door.

And if he’s not willing to divulge such information, just don’t have sex with him even with protection. Sex has always been inherently risky and will always be risky. Be aware of what’s being said about this by folks like the National Institute of Health, the CDC, and other medical professionals but don’t let the numbers scare you a whole lot and more so when, again, the price of a condom can take care of a lot of that stuff.

Protecting your mental health from the risks of sex is another kettle of fish and as I’ve mentioned and that’s a bigger trust issue and in these things, it’s the things you can’t see about a person that’s more potentially risky than that which you can see – just because homey looks good doesn’t mean that he really is as good as he looks and I’m talking about what’s going on in that space between his ears and not what he has dangling between his legs.

Women will tell you: There’s nothing worst than finding out you just gave it up to a total asshole and, again, he wasn’t so much of an asshole while you were talking to him. Even when the sex was off the wall, guys with shitty attitudes during and after sex can leave an even shittier taste behind and one that’s not easily dealt with.

Sometimes, the biggest sex risk is running into the most very wrong guy. If you can’t abstain, be smart about what and who you’re doing or want to do you. It’s assumed that casual sex has the greatest risks involved but relationship sex shares a lot of those same risks – we just tend to think that it doesn’t or it shouldn’t be all that risky.

And keep in mind that not all of the risks involve catching something nasty. It’s a crap shoot and always has been and that even includes handling it all by yourself. It’s all risky.

Just thought y’all might wanna know this because at the end of the day, knowledge is always power; forewarned is always forearmed and all that. You wanna do the nasty? You’re gonna take a risk and it’s really just a question of being willing to take your chances and just like all of the people who are, even at this very moment, doing the nasty in some way.

They’d have you believe that bisexual men are a prime disease vector when the truth is, we all are and sexuality be damned. Why? We’re human and biological creatures; we have more germs and shit running around in us than you can shake a stick at. We accept and know that one’s ass is a filthy environment and for obvious reasons; your mouth is second on that list, you know, in case you really didn’t know that. A lot of those germs and shit that we need to keep us healthy might not be so healthy to someone else and to that end, no one has figured out how to completely sterilize the human body inside and out without killing the person in question.

So we wash, brush, go through gallons of mouthwash; we watch what we eat – sometimes – because diet plays into the risks. We go – or should go – to a doctor for routine checkups to make sure that, on the whole, your body is healthy enough to have sex and if needed, get your mental health checked while you’re at it; did you know that doctors actually give you a test on this when you visit? And it’s as simple as asking you why you’re there to see them and how you answer can tell them about what’s going on in your head.

It sound silly… but it’s a test and one that you could actually fail without knowing you did. Ever wonder why, when you go in for a procedure, they ask you why you’re there even though they’re looking at the paperwork that tells them exactly why you are? It’s a test… and “I don’t really know” is a very bad answer.

Gee, I’m just full of all kinds of good stuff, huh? Minimizing the risks is about being aware and, yeah, being willing to accept them in order to be able to enjoy having sex at all. Ya ain’t gotta take my word for it – start Googling stuff and get your own answers and develop your own POV on this risky but fun thing we call having sex.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Eraser? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Eraser!

I keep finding myself coming back to this dumb-assed bisexual erasure bullshit because it’s some pretty insane shit being perpetrated by people who, I guess, think they know the real deal about sex and sexuality, only to prove that they don’t know shit about it.

They know what they think – they have an opinion, at best, and while I’d not say that there are some, ah, demographic segments who just might have issues with bisexuals, it still comes back to one rather pointed thing or question, if you will:

If this ain’t real, why are there a lot of people trying to say that it isn’t?

There aren’t too many days where I don’t see a raft of biphobic bullshit and those people spouting it are just parrotting some shit that I heard way before any of them were born… and maybe their parents weren’t either. I even see where some say that if bisexuals don’t respond to the allegations against them, well, they’re just feeding into the biphobia and, I dunno, erasing themselves?

I remember telling someone that when it comes to this shit, I don’t let it fuck with me… and they accused me of being part of the problem. Say what? Okay… so you’re telling me that since I’m not buying this bullshit they’re trying to sell everyone, I’m somehow making it or giving it more validity? And when I’m as bisexual as the day is long? How do I become complicit in this shit and because just because someone has a problem with it and I’m not even going to allow them to make their problem my problem… and, duh, I seriously don’t have a problems with bisexuals since, you know, again, I am one.

I see this… and it’s like some of us are suffering from some kind of mass hallucination and one where that which is real is somehow not so real. Okay, yeah, sure – I get it: There’s the way things are supposed to be, the way we’re all told is the only way to be… but the reality has always been, well, saying it’s different just really doesn’t cover it, does it?

I’ve sat and watched very intelligent people make total asses of themselves preaching against something that they have no real understanding of and they stay steadfastly true to their misconceptions and misperceptions even when you can offer them proof that, yup, there are people who goes both ways for sex, love, and both as it suits their needs and purposes.

“Well, it shouldn’t be…” I’ve always heard. “I’d never (or couldn’t) do some shit like that!” For shits and giggles, ask them why… and here comes the old, moldy rhetoric and stereotypical claptrap, mixed in with the usual religious dogma and it’s clear that what they believe somehow continues to carry more weight than the reality of things… and you’d think that, after all this time, we’d learn not to behave like this, that we’ve evolved to a point where we are aware of our own insane behavior in such things…

Apparently not.

It makes those highly intelligent people say, “Yeah, but…” a lot and I wonder if they’re aware of how… insipid they sound saying stuff like that. You either believe it or you don’t… and if you don’t, what world are you living in? One guy said, “I don’t have to believe that shit if I don’t want to!” and, true enough, he doesn’t… still doesn’t make it a very real thing, does it?

I’ve heard both men and women state emphatically that nothing would ever make them go both ways… then they do… and now they’re singing a very different song but publicly, well, it’s best not to let anyone – or too many people – know that your mind, thoughts, and even beliefs got, let’s say, corrected.

Decades before this biphobic shit got started, I’d see both men and women who I knew for a fact went both ways… and would get quite indignant if you were to infer that they did. But I got it back then and as I’ve said, image is everything; people tend to look at you strangely when you’ve been known to speak out against such behaviors… and now you’re on board with it?

Hmm… how you doin’?

Some bisexuals are uncomfortable with being bisexual; they’ve taken the rule book and set fire to it and, um, shit, there might be repercussions behind doing that… but they eventually get comfortable… then here comes this biphobia, bi-erasure bullshit and now they’re questioning everything about themselves all over again… and for what?

“You’re just confused,” someone said to me.

“About what, pray tell?” I asked.

“You’re really gay – why don’t you just admit it?”

“Um… because I’m not really gay?”

“I think you are.”

“I think you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about – but, okay, if it makes you feel better, keep thinking that; I know what I am and no matter what you think.”

“Prove that you are!”

“Oh, you really don’t want me to do that, now do you?”

They didn’t… but I knew that. That people would be “happier” to stick to that which they believe over some very definitive and undeniable proof just continues to amaze me to no end. There’s a lot of talk about bisexuals and mental illness… but if you read what the biphobics and all those folks reaching for an eraser are saying, it really does make you wonder who is really suffering from some kind of mental illness, huh?

People are quick to pull the disease card and slam it on the table and, true enough, those things are real… but they’ve always been real and a potential risk for anyone who has sex. It is a very effective deterrent and to the point and extent that there are bi guys who are of a mind that if they even touch a “strange dick,” they’re gonna come down with every disease known to man and maybe a couple that haven’t really been discovered yet.

Hell… my own protege cracks me up with this one; he’s so paranoid about catching something that when I say to him, “Well, use condoms…” he gives me that “Yeah, but…” stuff. Like, we were discussing busting a nut in a guy’s butt and his fear of doing so even when that’s what the other guy expects and I pointed out to him – and truthfully so – that the moment you slid it in him uncovered, you took on the risk. He’s no dummy – he’s a really smart guy and he said, “I know, but…”

Not that the risk isn’t real… but when a lot of the world around you is constantly slamming the disease card onto the table, yeah, it’ll make you pretty paranoid but, um, how much does a condom cost these days?

But, yeah, once upon a time, homosexuals were the poster children for sexually transmitted diseases and infections; it makes me wonder just how many straight people, both men and women, have gotten burned having sex in the approved fashion? Eh… the biphobics don’t talk a whole lot about that, do they?

How many straight people aren’t of a mind to be monogamous when, by all “rights” they’re supposed to be? How many straight folks are “habitual cheaters?” The biphobics don’t talk about that a whole lot either. How many straight people are involved in acts of domestic violence? Are suffering from severe bouts of depression and subject to suicidal thoughts – and actually off themselves? Use drugs or are hitting the bottle like most people drink water?

The biphobics don’t say much about this, either… and because they think it best serves their insane purpose not to mention it, that anyone, regardless of sexuality, can wind up experiencing any or all of this shit and depending on what life can throw at them?

Nope; bisexuals are the most fucked up people since… homosexuals – oh, yeah, that’s right – they were thought to not be real, too, weren’t they? And many people still don’t believe that homosexuals exist except as a bunch of very deviant, immoral, and perverted fudge-packing motherfuckers and carpet munching bitches.

Is this sounding crazy? It should… because it is… and I’m not sure if those suffering from biphobia understand how totally insane they sound when they start spouting their bullshit… and I really don’t know why any bisexual would even want to pay attention to that shit other than to tell the biphobics to seek professional help for their obviously delusional state of mind.

People shouldn’t be bisexual… yet they are. No one should ever have a reason to switch up and get their sexual and emotional jollies in that very prohibited same-sex way… yet people do have reason. To any or all biphobics who might be reading this, bisexuals aren’t the ones who need a reality check – ah, that would be you.

We are real – get over it. You can’t erase us and what you’re really doing is similar to that very childish thing where a kid covers their eyes and believes that no one can see them – think about that one for a moment. You don’t wanna know that bisexuals are everywhere and covering your eyes isn’t going to make any of us go away or, as Rocky the Flying Squirrel used to tell Bullwinkle the Moose, “But that trick never works!” when Bullwinkle went to pull a rabbit out of his hat… and, nope, no rabbit even though he said, “This time for sure!”

Yeah, my age is seriously ratting me out on this one and some of you might not understand the reference but the hidden “message” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… and trying to invalidate bisexuality and because you think it should be ain’t ever gonna work.

It didn’t work when we tried to invalidate and erase homosexuals… so what the fuck makes you think it’s gonna work now? You don’t have to like it but telling yourself – and trying to convince others it ain’t a real-deal thing – well, what does that say about you more than it does about us?

Think about that one, you know, if you’re even capable of doing it. And even if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but…” and ready to start pointing out why you think/believe it’s not real, why it shouldn’t be and, most certainly why you wouldn’t do some shit like this, stop and think about why you’re about to make yourself look like an idiot before you once more embarrass the fuck out of yourself and rambling on about something that, chances are, you don’t know jack shit about… other than some bullshit you heard and bullshit that existed before I was born… way back in the mid-1950s… and here we are in the 21st century… and still perpetuating this dumb shit.

Yes… you can believe whatever you care to; I’m just the bisexual who’s gonna tell you that what you believe isn’t real and I am living proof, myself and a few hundred million or more people who are just like me.

Real-deal, card-carrying bisexuals. Indelible. Unerasable. Live with it because we’ve always been here and always will be.

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