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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “What Do You Get Out of Doing This?”

I had a guy ask me this after what I’d call a “marathon cock sucking session” that had him suck me off once… and I’d blown him three times and was trying to get him up a fourth time so I could make sure I’d drained him dry. Turns out the third time did him in for the duration and he was more than a good sport about letting me continue to indulge myself because I’d long since discovered that a dick doesn’t have to be rock hard to enjoy sucking on it.

“You’re a dick-sucking freak!” he said. “I know you said you liked doing this but I had no idea you liked it that much!”

“Hey, it’s not your fault that your dick is a pleasure to suck,” I said with a laugh. “I don’t run into many guys who’s dick feels and tastes so good that I don’t wanna stop sucking!”

“Something I don’t understand, though,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“What do you get out of doing this?” he asked.

His question locked up my brain for a moment, first trying to remember if anyone had every asked me this question and then trying to figure out how to answer him. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the answer; I just wanted to get it out of my head without sounding like an idiot… which was known to happen.

“Every since I sucked dick for the first time, I was hooked on it,” I began. “The head of his dick in my mouth felt weird but good and all soft spongy and it was… exciting because, as you probably heard, boys weren’t supposed to be doing this and all that.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said, rolling his eyes and laughing.

“The rest of him was even more curious; his dick was very hard but soft and smooth at the same time,” I continued. “I was trying to hold it in my hand and it was hard, soft, and hot and it just felt weird and wonderful… and more wonderful than weird. When he came in my mouth, hah, I had no idea that could happen so there was no way I was expecting it; one moment, I’m licking and sucking his dick – he’s moaning and cussing and all that stuff that was making it hard for me not to start laughing. The next thing I know, he groans really loud and then I felt something warm, kinda thick, and both salty and sweet in my mouth and there was so much of it that I did the only thing I could think of – I started swallowing it.”

“Why didn’t you spit it out?” he asked.

“To me, I had a split-second to decide about that. I remember thinking, ‘What’s this?’ and maybe I should spit it out but by the time that crossed my mind, there was a whole lot of it in my mouth and, well, I started swallowing; I say that I swallowed out of self-defense because it was either swallow it or choke on it.”

“That makes sense,” he said with a nod. “You were hooked, right?”

“Yeah… and so much that I couldn’t wait for another chance to do it again,” I said, shaking my head – and he noticed that.

“You’re shaking your head like you regret it,” he said.

“No, that’s not it; this is me being embarrassed about how I went crazy sucking dicks,” I said. “I couldn’t wait to go outside the next day so I could tell all of my male friends what happened and to, um, demonstrate it for them and, as it turned out, I wasn’t the only one who found out about this. Later on, I found it amazing that those of us who were now up to our eyeballs in this seemed to know about it at almost the same time. What was “funny” was that it wasn’t until I busted my first nut – with a girl – a few days later that I found out that the stuff that was oozing out of her was the same stuff the guy had shot in my mouth – the baby-making stuff adults were telling us not to let girls get anywhere near because if they did, they’d get in trouble.”

“Trouble as in getting pregnant?” he asked.

“Yeah – that’s what we called it back then,” I said. “Before the end of the year arrived, all of us who were deep into this was busting nuts and we were having a field day doing it in each other’s mouths and butts and every chance we got, whether it was one-on-one or there was a bunch of us hanging out. After that first time, I had asked myself how could something so bad feel so good and it didn’t take me long to figure out that it’s supposed to feel good… because it always felt good to suck a friend’s dick and swallow his stuff.”

“Damn – I wish I had grown up when and where you did!” he exclaimed.

“You would have had just as much fun as we did,” I said. “It was naughty but way too much fun not to keep on doing. We all knew what could happen if we ever got caught doing it and while that stopped a lot of guys from joining in, the fact that it was so “dangerous” and “nasty” was, by itself, good reason to not stop.”

“Did you ever get caught?” he asked.

“I did, once, but I’ll tell you that some other time,” I said. “Some of my friends did get caught and it didn’t go well for them, to be nice about it. There were a lot of times when I’d be spending the night with a guy and we’re going for it, well, like it was illegal – and it was – then a parent would bust into the room… but not before we heard a noise and stopped. Whoever barged in would say something like stop all that damned noise and go to sleep or else and they’d go back to whatever they were doing… and we’d wait a couple of minutes and go right back to what we were doing and thinking that, yeah, they had no idea what we were doing!”

“I’ll bet they did,” he said.

“That’s what I eventually figured out,” I said. “They knew but since they didn’t catch us doing it, the worst I’d heard say was, ‘You boys better not be doing anything you ain’t supposed to be doing!’ and that told me that, yeah, they knew exactly what we were doing.”

“While a lot of us stepped away from this in favor of fucking girls, not all of us did and I sure as hell didn’t,” I said with a slight shrug. “It felt too good to suck a boy’s dick or to have him screwing me or the other way around, of course. What I didn’t know until I got very much older that sucking dick had me orally fixated, you know, like how good it feels to suck your thumb?”

“I used to suck my thumb until my parents made me stop,” he said, nodding in understanding.

“Mine made me stop, too, but, um, I substituted my thumb with sucking dicks,” I said. “What I get out of it is a great deal of pleasure and that’s the easiest way I can explain it.”

“You don’t do it to make the other guy happy?” he asked.

“To be honest, I didn’t care if it made the other guy happy or not and it took me a while to wrap my head around that,” I said. “Sure, a lot of guys I’d suck made it seem like that was all about them but, I dunno, I just never saw it that way so much. Sure, I wanted it to feel good to them so they could cum but, again, it took me a while to realize that that wasn’t the “main reason” for sucking dick, well, not for me. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that if I’m happy sucking their dick, that’s gonna make them happy, so…”

“That’s an interesting way to look at it,” he said to which the only thing I could do was shrug.

“Well, I knew that guys – most guys, anyway – liked having their dick sucked so if that was happening, they were already happy; the only thing left was whether or not they were gonna cum. I think or, really, I know that I was a popular cock sucker because I always swallowed their cum; sometimes it tasted really good and sometimes pretty bad and when it was, I’d just spit it out. It made some guys mad but I’d just tell them that their stuff just didn’t taste good and they should be glad that I sucked them off at all. But most guys were too busy feeling good about busting a nut to know or care if I swallowed it or not.”

“It became a bit of an ego trip,” I went on to say. “With my mouth, I could make “tough guys” beg and squeal like they weren’t all that tough; they’d tell me that they didn’t want to cum yet and I’d make them do it anyway or, sometimes, they’re yelling that they gotta cum… and I don’t let them. To me, sucking dick was also… power. Some guys would be like, “Yeah, suck my dick!” and be all arrogant and like they were in charge of what was happening… and I was very happy to show them that them being in charge was an illusion and make them “pay” for their arrogance; it felt good to see them go from being cocky and full of themselves to lying there gasping like a fish out of water and trying to get away from me.”

“Like I was trying to do,” he said. “I kept asking myself if you were ever gonna stop or was I gonna have to ask you to stop!”

“You could have and I would have stopped but since you didn’t…” I let the sentence go unfinished but made sure he could see me pointedly staring at his crotch and his very tasty dick. He saw where I was looking and shivered and I pointed that out to him and just said, “That right there is one of the things I get out of sucking dick; seeing a guy get to feeling some kind of way to think – or worry – that I’m going to suck them again.”

“I see your point,” he said. “But there’s no way you made every guy you sucked happy, right?”

“And I’d never say that I always did,” I said. “I used to feel pretty shitty not to make a guy happy but I got over it.”

“Wait – how do you get over something like that?” he asked.

“By telling the guy that even if he didn’t like what I’d done, I had fun doing it and, to me, that’s all that really mattered. I’m sorry you didn’t like it all that much and I mean that but, you know, if you want to, I can try to make you happier,” I said. “Some guys would give me a second chance, some wouldn’t and that was fine because if nothing else, I got to do what I wanted to do.”

“I never looked at it like that,” he said.

“Most cock suckers wouldn’t,” I said. “I’m… special? Different? I don’t think about this like other guys do and I long since gave up trying to figure out why I don’t. I love to suck dick; I can and have done this all day and even several times a day when I could and can. Guys don’t always make it “easy” to blow them and I’ve had some bad cock sucking experiences but not so bad to make me dislike it or to give it up. It’s just too much fun and gives me a great deal of pleasure and not all that different from eating pussy. which is my all-time favorite thing to do.”

“You’re not all that ashamed of it, are you?” he asked.

“Why should I be?” I asked in return. “Why should I feel ashamed or guilty for doing something I not only love doing but wanted to do in the first place? That’s never made sense to me.”

“I see your point. Um, have you ever got mad behind someone calling you a cock sucker?” he asked.

“Oh, hell, yeah – I’d get fighting mad and pretty quick… until I realized that, duh, I am a cock sucker,” I said and shrugged. “I had to sit and think about that one; did it make sense for me to get pissed for being called something that I damned well knew I was? Nope, it sure didn’t. Having said that, if you called me a faggot, one of two things might happen.”

“And they are?” he prompted.

“I’m either going to ignore you… or punch you dead in the face,” I said. “I’m a lot of things but faggot ain’t one of them. People are stupid; they think that guys who suck dick are always gay and believe me: I love pussy too much to ever want to be gay and before you ask – and I know you’re going to – I don’t much care whether I’m getting pussy or dick and if I can have both at the same time, so much the better… for me, anyway.”

“How’d you know I was gonna ask you that?” he asked.

“Because everyone does,” I said. “I know what most people are gonna think about this; if I’m sucking dick, I must be gay and they get pretty baffled to find out that, nope, not even gay… but I like dick. Not as much as I like pussy but, yeah, dick works, too.”

“Doesn’t bother you to admit it, does it?” he asked.

“Again, why should it? Even if someone else can’t accept the truth of what I’m saying, I know it’s true so why should it bother me? Also again, it used to bother me but I saw that there was no point in letting some else’s… ignorance bother me and if they don’t like it, all they can do is not like it. I’ve lost a lot of friends behind this but it is what it is.”

“Every get into fights about it?” he asked.

“A few and that’s kinda funny,” I said. “Some guys just assume that I’m gay and all girly and that they can just kick my ass… until they find out that I can fight and that I can not only street fight but I know judo and karate… and I know how to hurt people really bad. I’ve broken noses, a few arms, dislocated knees and delivered other kinds of damage because, well, I’m not gonna just stand there and let you beat on me – that’s just fucking insane. I might get hurt… but I won’t be the only one. You put that kind of hurt on some folks and word gets around that picking a fight with me because I like to suck dick isn’t going to be in your best interest… and even if you brought friends to back you up.”

“Holy shit,” he muttered to himself. “Remind me to never make you mad, okay?”

“If you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing,” I said. “But if you start it, I’m gonna do my best to finish it and by any means necessary.”

The conversation dropped off at this point; it’s an aspect of things that I really don’t like and if the mood between us was starting to wake up again, to keep talking about this wasn’t going to help that at all so I was very glad when he changed the subject by asking me if I wanted to go get something to eat.

“You mean something other than you?” I asked, waggling my eyebrows at him.

“I don’t think I could get it up even if that was the case,” he said with a laugh.

Turns out that he could get it up again after all. It was late in the day before we had had enough of each other and I headed on home and I was insufferably pleased with myself when he told me that I’d given him the best head he’d ever had from anyone. I never let that go to my head but, yeah, it does make me feel pretty good to hear it. As I drove, I was smiling to myself for a few minutes before I kinda settled down because I knew when I got home, there was going to be two women there waiting for me to make love to them and my long day was going to get even longer…

And that, too, made me smile…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Wow…”

That was the first thing “Gary” was able to say as I sat up, let his cock fall from my mouth, and licked my lips to savor the salty-sweet taste of his cum and all while taking a very close look at him.

He was beet-red, breathing heavily, hair plastered on his head an in an amusing way; he looked… surprised with the classic dinner plate eyes that were blinking pretty fast and jaw dropped in… disbelief? It was hard to read him at this moment but what I was seeing wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before with guys experiencing a blow job from a guy for the first time.

“You okay?” I asked as I watched his chest rise and fall as well as seeing the moment his wide open eyes lost that “glassy” look.

“Yeah, wow,” he said again. “I had no idea this could be so… intense.”

I wanted to laugh at this because I knew that I had taken it easy on him; subjecting him to how intense I could really get when sucking dick could have had some unwanted reactions.

“Hmm, did I mention that it can be one hell of an experience?” I asked.

“You did… I just didn’t think it would be like that,” he said.

And I wasn’t all that surprised that he said that because a lot of guys somehow have it in their head that having a guy suck them off is so very different. Before the fact, I did my “duty” and talked at length to him about what he was getting himself into when he let me know that he was very interested in finding out what it was like to be sucked by a guy and do some sucking himself and his hope that I was “the guy” who’d be willing to show him the ropes, as he had put it.

Another of those… disconnects. I can tell you what to expect but sometimes it doesn’t really prepare a guy all that much since a lot of guys are very much of a mind that a guy sucking their dick is so very different from a gal doing it… and even when I had told Gary that the only real difference was who was doing it. I had listened to him telling me how long he’d been trying to do this and how many times he had failed in the past; I could tell by the way he was talking that he was unsure about whether or not he really wanted to experience this as well as expressing his concerns about not being able to “return the favor” and as he said he also wanted to experience.

“We’ll worry about that later,” I had said. “Let’s get you through the first part and the first thing I’d like for you to do is to relax and just breathe normally.”

Gary had no problem being naked with me or seeing me just as naked; some guys can’t get past this part easily but as I sat next to him and as he was lying on his back, my biggest concern was him being tense and breathing rapidly enough for him to hyperventilate and pass out… and I’d seen that happen quite a few times.

“There is nothing I’m going to do that a woman hasn’t done to you,” I said. “Don’t worry about cumming in my mouth because that’s exactly what I want you to do so if you needed “permission,” it’s given, okay?”

Gary just nodded. I carefully put my hand on his thigh to, one get him used to being touched in this way by a guy but to also feel how tense he was – and he was practically vibrating under my hand which has me saying to him – again – “Relax. Breathe. If you think it’ll help, you can close your eyes and when you’re ready, just say you’re ready, okay?”

“Okay,” he said. “Jesus… I don’t believe this is happening!”

“Remember, you can say “stop” at any time and for any reason,” I reminded him; I had noticed that I didn’t feel his body trembling as much as it was a moment ago and that his breathing was… better. He wasn’t hard… yet but that wasn’t something I found to be unusual.

“Ready,” he said a few moments later. “I don’t fucking believe this…”

“Okay, here goes,” I said quietly. I began by just touching him; his chest and nipples and just feeling my way down his body; I rested my hand on his stomach and felt the muscles there fluttering and said, “Relax…” I looked up at him to see him nod and I really do wish you could have seen the look on his face. I took his dick in hand and used my other hand to cup his balls; that his body reacted like he’d been shocked was expected because, again, a lot of guys just believe that it’s different than being touched this way by a woman.

Then I just went down on him, planting a few kisses on his knob and shaft before taking all of his limpness in and swirling my tongue around; I felt him beginning to harden quickly before he gasped at the contact – so much for him telling me that he didn’t think he’d be able to get it up. I sucked him slowly which ran counter to the way I just wanted to devour him but this was his first time and fully giving in to my own lust, again, could have a negative effect on him.

“God, that feels good,” he said. “Don’t stop.”

So I didn’t, not like I was going to unless he said stop in the way that really meant stop. It didn’t take him very long before his body was automatically fucking into my mouth and I just let him do it as he wanted to while alternating between applying suction or not and letting my tongue just wander over his dick. So far, Gary was handling this very new thing and, I thought, way better than he believed he’d be able to. For me, it was all very comfortable and, in a way, kinda clinical because this wasn’t about me – this was all about him and despite what I was doing to his dick, I was very much paying attention to him for any signs that he was in distress… and signs that I’d seen way too many times before.

“Oh, shit… I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out… and for me, it wasn’t necessary for him to announce that since I’d been feeling those little tremors running through his dick and how often he was softening just a little before getting hard again. I knew he was watching me suck his dick and I didn’t have to look up to know he was so I just nodded and picked up the pace a little and, yeah, even indulging myself by taking him deep over and over. His body was so “out of control” at this point; his breathing was fast and heavy and he was thrusting into my mouth a bit faster. Oh, he was so very close and now it was about shoving him right over the edge.

I felt his dick swell in my mouth and just before I heard him groan and curse; that first shot of cum blasted into my mouth and, oh, my, there was a lot of it; yeah, so much for him saying that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to cum like this. I just held him in my mouth as he emptied his balls, moaning, groaning, cursing and going back to fucking my mouth a little until he was back to being limp in my mouth.

That’s when I sat up and looked at him and heard him say, “Wow…” Yep, he was going to be fine… but this wasn’t over with and I’m not talking about him sucking my dick. I’ve seen guys be in this moment then the clarity returns and, sometimes, that’s when the shit hits the fan as the guy realizes what just happened and how totally forbidden it is and for some, when this moment goes bad, it really goes bad. And it’s part of my duty to make sure it doesn’t go bad and with Gary, it began with me asking him if he was okay.

We talked for a few minutes because I found it helps some guys to deal with what just happened when they can tell me how they’re feeling and what, if anything, they might have been thinking. You might think, “What is there to talk about?” and in a way, you’d be right but, again, unless you’ve seen this go horribly wrong, just letting the guy talk things out is a good thing. When I tell you that I’ve seen guys suddenly break down and have a crying fit or, jeez, throw up, I’m not even kidding about that; I’ve seen guys have full-blown panic attacks and very major guilt trips.

For Gary, none of the bad stuff appeared… but I knew that this didn’t mean that once he had the time to really think about it, it could pay him a visit and exactly why I had made it clear that if he had any problems later on, he should call me. For now, Gary was fine and that’s all that mattered. Still, there was yet another moment of truth waiting for him and he knew it because he had asked, “I guess it’s my turn to do you, huh?”

“Not if you don’t want to or can’t,” I said. I had let him know that sometimes and after a guy cums, whatever else he had plans on doing might not happen because they were no longer in the mood to do anything else.

“It’s only fair, right?” he asked.

“It’s not about being fair at this moment,” I said. “You’re going through something a lot of guys have major problems going through and if you find that you can’t or don’t want to suck me, then I’m not expecting you to and I’m more than understanding.”

“How can you be so cool about this?” he asked.

“Because I have to be,” I said. “I’ve seen way too many guys have their first experience and the other guy has left them hanging or some other dastardly shit like that… and I’m not trying to be that guy – I do have a reputation to uphold.”

“Just give me a minute, okay?” he asked.

“Take your time,” I said. “You’ll know if you’re ready or not and, again, if you aren’t, it’s no big deal.”

I thought I could see the moment in his eyes when he decided to suck me and just before he politely asked if I’d lay flat for him, which I did and without taking my eyes off of him because experience had taught me that if a guy didn’t freak out being sucked, when attempting to suck a dick, that’s when the freak-out can happen.

“I’m not sure what to do,” he said, looking up and back at me.

“Remember what I said? That easiest way is to go about it as you’d want someone to do it to you?” I reminded him. “You don’t have to just go for it in one fell swoop; you can do what I did and just touch me until you feel comfortable and ready. Don’t worry – you can touch me in any way you want to.”

“Right,” he said… and he started touching me, tentatively at first, but with growing confidence. I didn’t laugh – and like I wanted to – when he asked me to turn over so he could “massage” my back and mess with my butt cheeks for a moment or two before asking me to turn back over. For me, it was important to just let him do whatever he felt like doing at this point and not do or say anything that might be perceived as putting any pressure on him. By this time, I was seriously hard and I watched him just staring at my dick for a long moment before he wrapped his hand around me and cupped my balls – and almost exactly what I’d done to him.

“I don’t believe I’m about to do this,” he said – either to me or to himself or maybe all of the above. At this point, it was important for me to stay still as he worked it all out in his head to make the go/no decision and I actually felt him “flinch” a little as the decision was made and he lowered his head and kissed the head of my dick, then licked it, and then took it into his mouth and, yeah, I gasped despite not wanting to do or say anything that might freak him out in this moment.

He wound up taking a bit too much of me and it prompted me to say to him, “Never try to do more than you’re able to do, okay?”

He nodded his understanding and kept sucking me until it was becoming difficult for me to stay still along with some moaning and groaning of my own and interspersed with telling him how good it felt and that sentiment was no bullshit confidence builder. The longer he sucked me, the more confident and, dare I say, bold he got; at one point, he stopped sucking me to suck my balls which, honestly, I didn’t expect but, again, this was about what Gary wanted to do more than anything I might have wanted. I could feel “the pressure” building up inside of me and more so when I really don’t know what it is about guys who are new to sucking dick that just makes me want to lose it in a hurry.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I said to him and as I had promised I would. In my experiences, there is nothing that can be worse for a first time guy than to suddenly wind up with a mouthful of cum and one that he didn’t know was, well, coming. This is also that moment when a new guy has the option to stop or keep going… and I never really know what he’s gonna do; I’ve been with guys who prefer not to get that mouthful, get the warning, and they just keep going anyway or, yep, they stop. No biggie either way because, once more, this is about him.

Gary nods and moans his understanding of the warning… and kept at it until all pretense of being in control of myself got kicked to the curb – and I came in his mouth. I can tell you that it’s very difficult to do this and keep an eye on the new guy for any signs of distress but I somehow managed it and saw that… look he got on his face and that “chipmunk cheek” thing that some guys do in this moment; he was deciding whether the taste agreed with him or not and also deciding to spit it out – and as I told him he could – or swallow it – and I had told him that he didn’t have to. Gary had a moment as he swallowed and for a moment, I was “afraid” that he was going to throw up… and on me – yep, that’s happened before and it ain’t pretty.

But he didn’t and to his credit, swallowed my cum and kept sucking me until I got soft.

“Did I do okay?” he asked and I knew he was asking because he did think he’d be any good at doing this, to which I had said that the only way to find out is to do it.

“You did okay and then some,” I said honestly and truthfully.

“It’s not that bad,” he said.

“What isn’t?” I asked.

“Doing it and, um, tasting it,” he said. “I just hope you liked it.”

“I did and, to be honest, I’m not sure if you were being truthful when you said you’d never done this before,” I replied. Yeah, I know he hadn’t but I’ve seen guys take to this instantly and like they’ve been doing it all of their lives and while it took him a few moment to adjust to it, yeah, it was like this wasn’t new to him at all… plus I wanted to make him laugh, which he did.

“Wow, that was… something,” he said as he lay down next to me. “So now what?”

“That depends on you,” I said. “How are you feeling?”

“Good. Excited. Tired.” he said. “I had hoped that this would be everything I thought it would be, you know?”

“Yeah, I know… and was it?” I asked. This is a key moment and one where guys tend to beat themselves up over doing something that they wanted to do but knew they weren’t supposed to.

“It was and thanks, before I forget,” he said. “I don’t know why it took me so long to actually do this!”

“A lot of guys say that,” I said with a laugh but, then again, I knew he’d say something to that effect.

“Um, ah, do you think we can do this again?” he asked.

“If you want to, it’s fine with me,” I said. “This is your moment.”

And, yes, he wanted to go again and for both of us, it was better than the first time; it never fails to amaze me how some guys just adapt so quickly to this and I gave him major props for wanting to 69 this time although I had suggested that side by side would be best… at this point.

We’d showered together afterward and we talked or, really, he talked and I listened and this, too, is something I’ve always deemed to be so very important after a first experience. The funny part was when he noticed how closely I was paying attention to him and he said, “You’re looking at me like you’re expecting me to explode or something!”

“That’s not far from the truth,” I said. “Like I told you, I’ve seen guys go through some major shit after their first time and none of it is good so it’s important to me to know that before I leave, you really are okay.”

“I feel good and okay,” he said after a moment of thought. “As a matter of fact, what are you doing tomorrow?”

I laughed and said, “I have a sneaking suspicion about what you wouldn’t mind doing.”

“That obvious, huh?” he asked and joined in the laughter.

This was a good “wow” moment for Gary and one that I was glad I was able to provide. You just don’t toss a guy into this and expect him to sink or swim and when it’s likely he’s going to sink. You take the time to explain it all and in as much detail as possible so that the new guy can make an informed decision on whether he really wants to do this or not. You always give them the chance to just walk away and without fear of repercussion as well as not putting any pressure on them to do anything at all. It takes a lot for a guy to think about taking the plunge and even more to actually go through with it and that must always be respected and appreciated. I remember Gary telling me after our fourth or fifth time together that I could have done anything I wanted to him…

And I told him that while I appreciated that, it would have been the wrong thing to do at the time because, first and foremost, none of that first time was about me other than wanting to provide it and in the most enjoyable way possible. When he asked me why that was so important to me, I told him this:

“Because I didn’t have the benefit of someone explaining it all to me; I got… tossed in and it was probably pure luck that I was more than okay with it,” I said. “I just don’t think it’s right to just throw a guy into the deep end and not knowing or caring if he can swim or not because, like I told you, I’ve seen this go very, very wrong and that’s not gonna happen on my watch if I can help it.”

A very immoral act but one done responsibly… because no other way makes any damned sense.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Still Number One

I look through the forum every day, you know, to see what the fellas are talking about and, hmm, what a surprise: Cock sucking is still the number one topic of discussion. Yesterday, I went through all of the forum posts that have ever been created and, yup, the majority of them were about sucking dick even though I was looking for posts that I hadn’t seen since I joined the forum.

Last night, Cityman and I got into yet another conversation about it and it was funny from where I was sitting because he was trying to bullshit me by saying that he’s finally gotten used to guys blowing him and learned how to relax… and I called him out for it and, yep, busted his ass for acting like I just met him the other day and didn’t know a thing about his bisexual journey. What makes it even funnier is that he shares the pictures guys send him and the majority of them are dick pics and we both critique them for aesthetic appeal and potential suckability and, um, how they might fit into one’s backside.

It – again – triggered thoughts to flow through my mind about something that guys are both eager to experience while being… leery about as well as the disconnect that’s apparent when some guys assume that just because they’ve had their dick sucked by someone, being the one doing the sucking should be easy. Yeah, sure it is. Among those thought was a conversation I had with a woman who asked what it was about guys wanting to suck dick and the “premise” that if a guy wanted to do that, he’s gotta be gay and, well, I’d love to tell you that I was able to definitively answer her question but, nah, I don’t think I did so much but did make it clear to her that all guys who suck dick aren’t gay. Her contention was that it was a woman’s thing to do and, as such, guys had no business turning to other guys to get sucked or do some sucking themselves…

And I asked her, “Are you kidding me?” And she said that she wasn’t so I did the obvious thing: Asked her to give me some head… and you can probably imagine how she reacted to that and it wasn’t in the positive. I then said that she just proved a point where guys blowing each other is concerned because, oh, maybe 8 out of 10 times, if a guy asks another guy to blow him or if he can suck his dick, the answer is gonna be yes… and where and when.

“What about the other two times?” she asked and, yes, I thought she only asked the question to cover up being called out on her reluctance to do the thing she said women are supposed to do.

“Some guys are just scared to get into it,” I had said. “And, of course, some guys don’t believe in it.”

To her question of why some guys find doing this so damned attractive, all I could say was that I didn’t know too many guys who’ve had their dick sucked by women and has wondered what it’s like for her to do it. Tack on guys shooting the shit with each other and, at times, getting ranked on and homeboy responds with, “Aw, man – suck my dick!” – and the guy saying it just might be dropping a hint that, yeah, you should really suck his dick. We know that having our dicks sucked can feel wonderful… but what would it be like to do it? For myself, it’s always been frustrating trying to explain this to someone because it’s one of those things where I know the answer – can’t explain it the way I know it. It’s not about being gay or even being bi but sometimes it’s just… convenient. Add in some inhibition-reducing booze and, yep, the one things many guys are scared shitless over now sounds like a good idea.

Like so many other women I’ve had this conversation with she said, “I don’t get it.” I had sighed and, as I’ve done so many times in this asked her, “Well, why do you do it?” Oh, you should have seen the look on her face and, if nothing else, she got a taste of what it was like for me trying to explain it. She said she liked it (of course) and I just asked if it made sense that if it’s something women can like, guys can like it, too… and she gave me the expected, “Yeah, but…” response and the but, of course, was that guys weren’t supposed to do it at all.

Which, also of course, doesn’t change the fact that guys do it and like doing it. It’s still the first thing a lot of guys experience when diving into things M2M and it’s one of those things where one of two things are likely to happen: They’re either not going to like it either way… or they’re gonna get seriously hooked on it. Yeah… very much taboo and all that and because it is, it tends to lend even more excitement in the doing and as I’ve written many times, of all the things two guys can do, it’s probably the easiest thing other than jerking each other off and with the “usual” thing of it being something that can be done almost anywhere and doesn’t take a long time to get to the creamy finish.

The forum was once more populated with comments about sucking dick and the usual array of responses that ranged from guys who are more about doing it than having it done and those guys who are still waiting for their first male cock sucking experience. I was thinking that if some women were to look at what we’re talking about concerning sucking dick, they might think we were all gay and, if not, well, we must be insane to want to be sucking on each other’s dicks and, gasp, swallowing sperm or getting shot in the face and all that. I wondered if they’d see the commonality in the fact that a lot of guys prefer to suck on long, thick dicks or that there are a lot of male cock suckers who’s entire reason for doing it is to make the other guy very happy and, as such, takes a lot of pleasure in making them happy. I thought that if they could see the ongoing debate about men being better at it than women, hmm, some ladies might get offended while others might be… amused but the one thing that might be rather clear to them is that, duh, women aren’t the only ones who can very much be into sucking dick; maybe they’d be able to pick up on the commonality in place where all the reasons why we don’t always like doing it and that it’s for a lot of the same reasons why a lot of women don’t like doing it up to and including that it has to be the right guy and with a lot of being into in place before mouth meets cock.

Maybe they’d see that we can be just as funny – and even funnier about it – as some women can be. I can’t tell you how many forum members there are currently but I can tell you that there are two types of guys – the ones who suck dick and the ones who haven’t done it yet. It can be broken down further into the guys who are of a mind that it’s better to give than receive and the guys who are of a mind that giving and receiving is the best thing ever. We talk about screwing each other but those discussions tend to pale in comparison to the thrill of sucking dick and, yep, it’s just so utterly fascinating and for reasons that even I can’t really explain other to say that, yeah, it’s is all that and then some. The passion that can be read and inferred when reading about this is, frankly, something to behold and even the fears a lot of guys have about it doesn’t do a whole lot to dampen that passion and as such, those who don’t suck dick and wouldn’t even if their life depended on it might be shocked to see potentially thousands of men who are head over heels over something that’s not their cup of tea.

To say that we’re all into it is yet another gross understatement. For many of us, it’s the thing to do and is deemed to be just as satisfying and more than fucking can be. Cityman… yeah, I gotta love the guy and him trying to be all nonplussed about getting his dick sucked and doing some sucking of his own but that doesn’t really surprise me a whole lot because some guys are literally of two minds about it; totally into it when it’s being done and not so much when it isn’t and in that, “I can take it or leave it” way that I find hilarious. Admittedly, it does take some getting used to and, yep, gonna say it again: It’s scary to be there, your dick all out in the open, and there’s a guy lowering his head to it and the sight alone – even for guys who’ve had women suck them – is just such a weird thing to see. But doing it? Even scarier and in both situations, wow, it gets even more weird because there’s that part of you that doesn’t seem to know what’s gonna happen once you close your mouth around his cock… but, yup, if you’ve been sucked before, you know what’s gonna happen and, it gets better because you want it to happen but not really being sure how you’re going to react to winding up with a mouthful of cum since, as everyone knows, that’s a seriously acquired taste.

And many guys find and learn that once they suck a dick – with or without cum – well, holy shit. It just does something to a guy and it gets kinda scary for a guy to find himself wanting and needed to suck a lot of dicks; when we say that cock sucking is “addicktive,” it’s no joke. Cityman often “complains” about how girly it makes him feel when sucking cock and, well, yeah – it can make a guy feel that way because everyone knows that cock sucking is – and always has been – solidly in the female domain of things, you know, if they even wanna be bothered with doing it so it’s difficult for a guy to wrap his head around the fact that he actually likes doing something that, again, only women are supposed to do. I like that Cityman feels that if men were officially allowed to blow each other openly and all that, a lot of pressure would be taken off of women and, as such, would go a long way to closing the rift between us that has always existed.

Other than that, cock sucking is still the number one thing for us to do… because it just fucking feels good to give it and receive it. As many have said, it’s just “nasty good” given the taboo surrounding it. Many male cock suckers just live for the moment when their efforts gets the guy to cum and being very aware of him just losing it as he gets kicked – or sucked – over the edge and his cock is pumping like crazy and, as many cock suckers say, delivering that creamy reward for their efforts. And for, um, orally fixated guys like myself, the only thing better than sucking cock is eating pussy.

Gives me delicious chills just thinking about it…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Be Quick About It!

One of the more popular topics on the forum is, of course, sucking cock along with the question of whether it’s better to swallow cum or get as far away from it as one can get. One of the companion topics is – hold onto your lunch – eating you own cum.

Swallowing another guy’s spunk isn’t as “easy” as it may seem and, yeah, yeah, the taste and consistency of it can be daunting and literally hard to stomach. Way, way back when I first started this blog, I had a follower who was a minister and we’d have the most interesting conversations about sex and relationships. One day, we were talking about blow jobs in general and whether swallowing was mandatory or optional and when we got around to including men in this, it included opinions about whether a guy should eat his own cum and, as I recall, as a way to know what it’s like and allowing one to understand why women can be kinda funny about it.

Whenever I see new comments to this particular blow job companion topic, one of the things that just pops into my head is that I personally don’t know of many guys who have, at the least, wondered what their spunk tastes like and I long ago lost count of the number of guys who, again personally, told me (or I saw them do it) that they managed to taste it and it was either a good or bad thing for them. And to get this out of the way early, yes – I’ve tasted my own, um, quite a few times because, like other guys, I wondered what it tasted like and there’s only one sure way to find out: Jerk off, cum, and get it into your mouth.

Except… for – generally – a lot of guys, this is way easier said than done and because of our old friend and consistent party-pooper: The refractionary period of sex in males. So many guys trying to eat their own cum have such a difficult time doing it because as they ejaculate, the refractionary period is already starting to kick in so that by the time they get over the rush of ejaculation and there’s spunk all over their hand, tasting it, well, that ain’t gonna happen. Guys have come up with ways to do it, like shooting it in a glass and consuming it that way – after the initial yuckiness of the refractionary period subsides and, personally, I give guys who do it that way a whole lot of props because – and maybe it’s just my opinion – it tastes better when it’s still warm… and not so much once it cools and gets to congealing and to me, that’s more of an acquired taste than when it’s nice and fresh.

A lot of guys want the answer to how to do this and there’s only one way that I know of: Be quick about it. In this, timing is everything and there’s a very small window between the moment one finishes cumming and the refractionary period sets in like quick drying concrete to make it happen. Don’t think – just do it and if you can do it while it’s still pumping out, that’ll be even better. A lot of guys, well, a lot of guys will wait until they finish cumming to try to gather it up for tasting… and it’s usually too late and it’s gonna take a great effort of will to get even the tiniest of tastes; in their head, they very much want to do it and they’ve planned to do it “no matter what” but, damn it to hell, the refractionary period kicks in so fast that, again, by the time they get through the rush of ejaculation, it’s already game over.

Time to clean up the mess and be… unhappy with yourself because you’ve once again failed to be able to do it. I try to tell guys that not being able to do this isn’t really their fault but, yeah, in a way, it is but there’s not a whole lot a guy can do about this because the mind is always willing but your body? It has other ideas and the best any guy can do is try to work through this very ugly-assed feeling. Some guys can do it… and a lot of guys just can’t or, as mentioned, some guys find that if they save it, they can get that taste after the worse of the refractionary period has passed – and whenever that happens to be.

You may be wondering why a guy would want to taste his own spunk to begin with… and I will honestly tell you that I really don’t know – it’s a guy thing; at some point in our development, we hear that tasting sperm is an acquired taste and I’d say it’s probably a “safe bet” that one can wonder why it is and, well, there’s only one way to find out, right? In a way, it’s a no-brainer and more so for any guy who has gotten themselves off. I’ve heard some funny stories about how some guys wound up eating their own cum and simply because they had no facility to clean things up and then because they found or had reason to jerk off in places where no facilities were available. What do to about it? Wiping it on your clothes, well, yeah, you could do that and, say, if a guy was out in the woods, using leaves to do the clean up isn’t that effective and should a guy grab the “wrong” kind of leaves, yeah… that could get interesting and in ways that isn’t really all that interesting.

Not hard to figure out how some guys manage to get a poison ivy rash on their dick, is it? In these situations, it’s bad enough that the refractionary period is kicking your ass but now you gotta get rid of the evidence and, as some guys have related, they just bit the bullet and licked those fingers clean and, sometimes, not without a bit of, ah, gastric distress involved. That’s not because one’s own spunk is “bad” in that sense… it’s just your body doing what it was designed to do: Deliver the sperm… then shut the fuck down and do not allow even the merest thought of doing anything else.

I remember the minister asking me how I managed to do it and I allowed that once I got it into my head to taste it, when I came, I just did it… but I had to make myself do it and some, er, gastric distress was involved. Of course, way back then, I didn’t know shit about the refractionary period of sex; I just knew – and as guys tend to find out – that after I came, I’d feel good… and rather shitty. He had said that he had tasted his own spunk and allowed that, nope, it was quite the effort to be able to do it but, like guys who have managed to do this, he found out what’s liked about the taste and what isn’t liked.

We can get into creampies but once a guy, um, makes a deposit, even the thought of going back down there can be daunting. I knew a lot of guys who’d have sex with a girl, load her up with spunk… and get bent of shape when girlfriend says, “I didn’t cum – eat my pussy some more!” Uh, yeah – let’s not and say I did, okay? Okay… pussy-flavored spunk is also an acquired taste and if you were the one loading up the coochie and you can’t even think about going back down on her, you have that damned refractionary period to thank for that as well. It’s way easier to lap up another guy’s spunk out of the coochie and despite the acquired taste and simply because you weren’t the one making the creampie. Some guys find out what their stuff tastes like via snowballing; unload into someone’s mouth and get to swapping more than just spit with them and I’d guess that it’s “easier” that way because one just might be more focused on the kiss than what’s going in their mouth that isn’t tongue.

Some of you might be turning a bit green at this point and for that, I do apologize.

Some guys will get all inverted and all that so that they can jerk off and shoot their load, ah, in the direction of their mouth at best which is probably “easier” in a way but probably not so much; you can get it into your mouth this way… but you still have to be able to swallow it and, you betcha, that motherfucking refractionary period ain’t hearing any of that and, at best, I’d say, makes getting down – and keeping it down – an unpleasant experience.

So if a guy is that keen and eager to taste his own stuff, again, the best advice I can give is to be quick about it; don’t think about doing it – just do it… and it’s still easier said than done. Does it really make it easier to take another guy’s load in your mouth? Yes… and not really but, yeah, you can get an understanding about the acquired taste aspect that isn’t just about taste but consistency as well. That “creamy load” isn’t always all that creamy; it can be thin and “watery” and, a little known thing that makes swallowing spunk an issue is that seminal fluid – the medium our actual sperm combines with for, um, delivery – is alkaline and can be so much so that it can upset the water balance in your gut and, well, hopefully, there’s a toilet nearby. See, some guys think that this reaction is psychological but it isn’t. Many guys have said that after swallowing a load – their own or someone else’s – they feel nauseated and, yeah, some guys have tossed their cookies. Not because the spunk was bad in that sense but because of the alkalinity… and our bodies don’t react well to things it finds to be too alkaline.

Add this little understood factoid with the refractionary period and, yep – even if a guy manages to get it in their mouth and swallow it, uh, it might not stay there and if it does, it might not make one’s stomach all nice and happy. Given all of this, you still might be wondering why a guy – any guy – would even entertain the thought of swallowing his own spunk… and I will say again that it is a guy thing. Not all guys think about this, mind you, and not all guys who do think about it do it but, yeah, some of us do learn how to keep the refractionary period at bay long enough to swallow our own spunk. It takes x-amount of time to be able to condition yourself to ignore that incredibly ugly feeling and, yeah, the more you do it, the more one is able to ignore what their body is telling them. It’s one of those mind over matter things… but not a “simple” thing of if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter because in this, it sure as fuck does matter.

If a guy is gonna do this, it’s just better to be quick about it; it also helps if one is able to pay attention to themselves in the moment that they ejaculate so they can get an idea of when that period kicks in and the instant their minds go from, “I’m gonna taste it!” to “Oh, fuck, no – I ain’t doing that!” What makes this iffy is that this fucking thing doesn’t always hit us at the same time or in the same way every time we cum; sometimes it takes “a minute” before it kicks in and sometimes it’s kicking our ass before that first spurt comes out and sometimes it doesn’t bother us all that much at all… you just don’t really know what thing is going to happen – or not happen – until you cum and now, again, there’s a very short window to gather it up, get it into your mouth, taste it for a moment, then swallow it… or spit it out if that’s the case.

Some guys just do not understand why they can’t do it. It’s easy to associate some guilt to this because, well, yeah, we shouldn’t be thinking about tasting sperm – our own or someone else’s. And while it does feel guilty and nasty because of the admonishments, that’s not what’s really going on but, yes, if a guy believes that he can’t do it because it’s wrong and all that, well, that’s how it’s going to feel to him and being able to taste his own spunk ain’t gonna happen unless he can find another way to do it… and even then there’s no guarantee he’s gonna like it. And even if you know what I know about this, eh, it might not make it easier to do and, yes, even when I do it, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t feel that butt-ugly shitty feeling fucking with me because I most certainly do – I just learned, over a lot of time, to ignore it and, yeah, to be quick about it.

I would tend to agree that if you can taste your own stuff, you can gain an understanding of why some people are head over heels about getting a mouthful… and why some people would prefer not to… but only if you can manage to be quick about it and be able to do it without thinking about it and then before that motherfucking shitty-assed feeling descends on you and makes you wish you hadn’t gotten yourself off in the first place.

Sounds easy. It isn’t all that easy to fight against how your body is designed to react once you bust a nut; the science of it isn’t all that difficult to understand, you know, if one wanted to be bothered with trying to understand it but the truth is that a lot of guys don’t understand it or even know what it’s called. There probably hasn’t been a guy who hasn’t wondered why he had in his mind that he was gonna have a whole lot of sex but when he busts his nut, yeah, let’s not and say we did. Once that happens, we’d rather do anything other than whatever sex we were having and there are women who don’t seem to understand why we behave the way we do after sex, from not wanting to cuddle with them to jumping up and doing anything else. It’s not that we don’t want to – it’s that we can’t and guys who can keep going after they cum have, more than likely, unknowingly learned to work through that period and/or it doesn’t kick their ass all that badly and, again, sometimes it stomps a huge mud hole in us… and sometimes not all that much.

But when it comes to tasting and swallowing our own stuff? I think the effect is more… pronounced, for lack of a better word and one can very quickly go from, “I’m gonna do it!” to “What the fuck was I thinking about?” and in mere seconds and even slices of seconds and, as such, making it very difficult to do if not damned near impossible. But to be sure, if it’s something you wanna do bad enough, you’ll find a way to do it.

I’ll end this by once again apologizing for any sense of being green around the gills you may have experienced but I remain the guy who has the answer to why so many men want to be able to do this and can’t do it… and it’s not because they don’t want to. To the question of why a guy would want to in the first place? I really do not know; I just know that some of us want to know what our own stuff tastes like.


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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Utterly Fascinating

On the forum, the membership talks about a lot of stuff including things that don’t involve sex or sexuality, like cars, books, favorite movies, etc.. The one thing we do talk about a lot is… sucking dick. Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah, yeah, so what?” and I wouldn’t fault you for waving this off as one of those “tell me something I didn’t know” things but today’s scribble isn’t so much about guys doing it as it is – and as the title says – how utterly fascinating cock sucking is for a great many men.

One of the things I know and learned about being bisexual is that it tends to make one a bit more introspective and taking long, hard looks at themselves and what, if anything, they do as a bisexual but even more important, why they do a thing like why does sucking a dick is, pretty much hands-down, an incredibly thrilling thing to do. Not everyone understands the science and psychology behind this nor do they have much knowledge or even interest in the origins of cock sucking and even I know about the jumble of thoughts and impressions that can run around in one’s brain that makes thinking about this beyond “it feels good to do it” can tend to overload one’s thought processes.

The guys who suck cock can’t say enough good things about doing it; the guys who have yet to suck one are either very hyped to getting around to doing it or, because they’ve yet to find someone they can trust enough, are in a funky kind of a mood and, well, some have almost given up on being able to take a guy’s prick into their mouth and work it over until the prick’s owner cums.

Those of you who suck cock knows exactly what I’m talking about, from what is liked/loved about it to what is disliked; those of you who don’t or won’t, well, no “shame” in that but I’d say that it probably wouldn’t make it easy to understand why this fascinates the living daylights out of those who do. So many folks remain of a mind that a guy sucking another guy’s cock is the second nastiest thing ever to guy’s fucking. Those folks maintain that no human male should ever want or feel the need to fellate another male or be fellated by one and when it comes to getting one’s dick sucked – and I’ll do my usual begging for forgiveness thing to the ladies – a guy should go find a woman who’d be wiling to blow them and if she refuses, well, you’re just shit out of luck, dude.

As I’ve said before, it’s very difficult to put into words what it feels like to have a guy’s cock in your mouth, from the actual tactile and other sensory things to what’s going on inside one’s head about it. A member asked – and I’m paraphrasing – why do guys get off when sucking dick and the way the actual question was framed kinda says to me that the author is looking to see what the membership has to say about it because chances are he’s trying to figure out exactly why it thrills him so much. The membership tends to ask this question and in many different forms and it’s not always the guys who’ve yet to give a blow job who ask such questions; you can understand why they’re asking since they’ve not done it yet but when a guy says that he’s sucked dick but asking about why it feels so damned good to do it, there’s some introspection going on and, yeah, there was a time in my life when I was driving myself a little cray-cray trying to figure that out.

I’ve heard a lot of people say and opine that men blowing each other isn’t sexy or erotic but it most certainly and definitely is both sexy and erotic… but we’re all made to believe that it isn’t and shouldn’t be. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I don’t know why dudes would even want to get into that shit!” and, again, for the reason I just mentioned. If you were to tell them why, chances are good that no matter how good a job you do explaining the why of it to them, you’re gonna get one of those, “Yeah, but…” responses from them because it’s just inconceivable that there are men who get quite the rush from doing something that, again, only women are supposed to do and, yeah, if a guy gets off from sucking dick, he’s absolutely, definitely. and positively is as gay as a $3 bill (as the saying went back in the day).

I very much enjoy these conversations with the membership and reading the various responses; some guys tend to speak more about the why of cock sucking more than the what of it and more so because the what is, well, self-explanatory: Take the dick, open your mouth, insert dick, get to sucking until the guy it’s attached to cums or you stop so he can cum somewhere else. The what is easy; the why? Yeah… not even. The science behind oral fixation is a bit hard to wrap one’s head around because there’s also a lot of psychology attached but it’s kinda easy (for me, anyway) to explain that… but the psychology behind what is so utterly fascinating and satisfying tends to defy explanation and more so when every guy who sucks cock is different and, as such, the psychological effects and impacts on them will be different although, at a high level of discussion, there’s a lot of this… psychology that we do kinda/sorta share even if you just look at the fact that all of us will say that sucking a man’s dick makes us feel very damned good.

We agree that sucking dick and being male is both normal and natural and it’s not as if none of us understand the moral implications that says it’s normal or natural… and we all know it’s a lie and one that even guys who’ve not sucked a dick are aware of. For those of us who are old hands and master cock suckers, the thrill of sucking dick just never, ever get old even though we’ve been with guys who have – and in ways only a man can do – make sucking their dick fall into the bad decision category but, sure – until that moment arrived, sucking the guy’s cock was just da shit to end all shits. There are guys who, like myself, agree that the only thing better than sucking cock is eating pussy and there are guys who, unlike myself, who kinda don’t know why both of those things are utterly fascinating but, yeah, as men, we’re supposed to eat pussy and it somehow makes sucking dick just as joyful and, dare I say, rebellious?

It’s not a sexuality thing… it’s a guy thing. Any guy, if he’s of a mind to and/or has reason to, can suck a dick and there are guys who are cock suckers who will tell you and in no uncertain terms that, yes, they suck dick… and they’re straight… and we’d tell them – and in no uncertain terms – that they’re not as straight as they say they are and, at the very least, they’re bisexual. The facts of the matter are that guys are just seriously weird about why they suck dick; they like doing it but there’s the ever-present disconnect that says that it’s not only been forbidden since way back when but it’s also a very gay thing to do. This is the part where I say that in this, ah, gay men haven’t done us any favors when it comes to this but, on the other hand, they most certainly have because they have long since proven that men are very capable and wiling to suck another man’s cock and not lose any sleep over it.

We conveniently assume that some… gayness is always involved but it’s a guy thing; boys being boys and we are known for our fascination with dicks – our own and those of other guys. Our tendency to get all bummed out with penis envy is very well known but what probably isn’t that well known or understood is why some of us just know that if we were to put it in our mouth and suck it, it’s going to be all that and a case or two of chips. It’s why a guy who has never entertained such a thought usually gets totally blindsided to find himself thinking that, you know, sucking a dick might not be that bad of a thing to do. It’s not quite the same as having a guy suck your dick and, nope, it’s not that easy to allow and not the no-brainer it might appear to be but to this end, oh, yeah: It’s quite the visual to go along with the tactile sensations to open your eyes, look down, and see another guy going to town on your dick.

But why is the guy doing it having such an amazingly good time doing it? You’d have to ask him and as I’ve said many times before, don’t be surprised if he can’t offer up a concise and complete explanation for why this just turns him the fuck on and like not too many other things can do.

It. Just. Does. The utter fascination with cock sucking gets all bound and tied up with a lot of shit that, again, just defies explanation. I know why it turns me on so damned much… can’t really, precisely, or exactly explain it. How I feel when I do it, well, that depends on how I’m feeling which can be from, sheesh, okay, let’s do this and get it over with to a level of excitement that there are no words for but is as real as anything else that can excite me. What I’m thinking when I do it can be all over the place up to and including asking myself why I’m doing it in the first place. I know… sounds weird, doesn’t it, but when you try to look at why male cock suckers and those males who want to be cock suckers find this so utterly fascinating, yeah, it can get pretty weird and in some very weird ways.

There is always that thought in my head that says, “You shouldn’t be doing this and you sure as fuck ain’t supposed to be having fun doing it!” Of course I know this… and so does every guy who sucks cock and, yep, the guys who are waiting for their first cock sucking experience knows this… and it does absolutely nothing to stop the thought and/or action from being both fascinating and thrilling. It is true that some guys will suck cock for the first time and… it wasn’t all that and it was all a bad idea and a total waste of time and energy. But for most guys? When I say that a guy can be like a kid with a pocket full of money in a candy store? It’s some very real shit and putting it this way is an understatement. The forum members have a running joke that cock sucking is “ad-dick-tive” because it is and many guys find that once they suck a dick, they just cannot do it enough to make them happy and some find that they have to reign themselves in; otherwise, they’d be out there trying to suck every dick they can come across.

And either they don’t know why or they can’t explain it to anyone. But what can be of great interest is finding out what other guys find so utterly fascinating about sucking dick and if for no other reason that to “confirm” that they’re not the only one who is so utterly fascinated about doing it or wanting to do it. And if there’s one of those rare common denominators going on, it’s that those of us who suck dick – and those of us who have yet to experience it – find it utterly fascinating. We all don’t do it (or want to do it) for the exact same reason and we don’t always agree on the “best” way to suck a dick… but for all of us, it is da shit.

For many of us, it’s the only thing we will do with and for another guy. Lots of reasons like it’s safer than anal sex, less troublesome – remember, it can be done almost anywhere and at any time, and with little or no preparation before the fact – and outside of having one’s jaws a bit achy, there’s not much pain involved. It is the thing that is most satisfying and gratifying and not just physically; emotionally, it is very much the same things and, nope, not all of us cock suckers agree on what that encompasses because despite being cock suckers, we’re still all very different people.

For some, it is so utterly fascinating that they won’t do it… because they know and can be “afraid” that they’re gonna like it way too much and, for some, liking it way too much means that they just might be gay but, I think, being so focused on this aspect that they “forget” that, again, not all men who suck dick are gay… and some of them are admittedly straight. Mind games, of course, but we do have a way of being able to justify what we do in this even when it sounds like abject denial. The moral and social stuff is… bothersome; it makes some of us feel a need to justify – and not to ourselves – why and how we can be so utterly fascinated and into doing such a prohibited thing.

That it’s always been a guy thing isn’t explanation enough. Sexuality can lend itself to explaining some things… but not all of them since, again, there are straight guys who suck dick and nothing you’re going to say to them about their sexuality is going to change their mind about still being straight but doing a very non-straight thing. More mind games, of course, and they are what they are… and, still, none of this has ever stopped men from being fascinated by and actually performing some cock sucking. Some of us maintain that it’s better to give than receive and for some of us, not receiving in a reciprocating way? Well, who does that? Again, there are a lot of… surface reasons for why we suck cock and the fascination it holds for us.

It remains so utterly complex and complicated to put into words and the best any of us can say to this is: It. Just. Is. So mind-blowingly good and fascinating. I know guys who say that not only would they not ever get into this, but they don’t even think about it… and I like to fuck with them by pointing out that if you’re going “out of your way” to not think about it, it’s a safe bet that you are thinking about it – just not thinking about doing it. Our belief system in these things is very damned powerful and, as I’ve said time and time again, powerful enough to make us not believe in something that we know is very real: Guys can be cock suckers and don’t have many qualms about having a guy show off his cock sucking prowess. The fact that we can have so much to say about this, for me, just confirms our utter fascination with cock sucking… not that I needed it to be confirmed but I think you know what I mean.

Some people have a very hard time understanding this where men are concerned… and I understand why they do and I know what’s at the root of their inability to understand it. I write about it so that if, by chance, you’ve ever wondered why guys can be so utterly fascinated with cock sucking, well, maybe now you have some idea about that. We are so utterly fascinated because cock sucking is so utterly fascinating; it… does things to us and in a way that even the best of us can’t really explain other than to say that it feels very damned good to do it. Partaking of da spunk is optional but doing so just adds to things and, no, I cannot really explain why getting a mouthful of spunk and swallowing it can make a cock sucker feel even better other than it lends itself to a great sense of accomplishment… and I’m probably understanding it.

And some of us have been so utterly fascinated with cock sucking that we’ll even try to suck our own dick… and some of us have actually managed to do it. If you ask me why – and I kinda hope that you won’t – just take it from someone who could do it once upon a time that it is crazily satisfying to be able to suck your own dick and since it’s something that not all guys are capable of doing, well, um, the next best thing is to suck some guy’s cock and if he wants to return the favor, shit yeah – why not? Go for it!

The fascination can be so… involved and surreal that I’ve had a newbie cock sucker stop sucking me long enough to say, “I don’t believe I’m really doing this and liking it!” Yeah… it’s like that. I’ve been sucking dick for a very long time… and I still get that very exhilarating feeling and thought while doing it… and even when I’m not doing it. I have been trying to nail down why this is so fascinating for myself and other men and that’s despite knowing and understanding that I will never nail it down once and for all.

I just know that it is. I know that for other guys, it just is. Some of us say that it’s not something we’d do all of the time but, uh-huh, if we could, we would; what that statement really means is that we wouldn’t do it all of the time like gay men are thought to do all of the time. More mind game but being straight, bi, or gay, means something in this… and nothing at all because it’s always been a guy thing. Boys being boys and all that. Guys today have almost the same fascination with cock sucking as I had discovered damned near 60 years ago. The only thing that has really changed is that unlike those days gone by, a lot of guys are now able to speak to their fascination with sucking dick and, yeah, we have the Internet to thank for that.

And some of us really want to know why this is so utterly fascinating if only for our own unique understanding of ourselves.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: More of “What’s the Big Deal?”

A friend and I were wandering around the city, enjoying each other’s company as well as a decent day of summer weather. Lots of other people out and about and, well, it was just another day in the city. We had no set destination as we walked and talked, greeted and spoke with people one or both of knew and just enjoying the moment when we happened to pass by a gap between two buildings where there used to be a building.

My friend – let’s call him “Eddie” – was in the middle of telling me about this movie he had watched when he suddenly stopped walking and talking and made me a bit on-guard when he had also grabbed my arm to get me to stop moving. I quickly looked around but didn’t see anything that could’ve cause Eddie to pull up like that but he was pulling on my arm and saying, “Look! Look! Look at that shit over there!”

Since he’d been yanking on my arm like he was trying to dislocate it and trying to get me to turn, I turned in the direction he was facing in and there, in kind of broad daylight and out in the open, I saw what he had seen: One guy leaning up against the wall of one building while another guy was down on his knees and busily sucking the leaning guy’s dick. Considering where we were, I didn’t find this to be all that unusual; just the other day, I had been coming back from the corner store and passed by one of the many alleyways that lead to backyards and saw one guy bent over while another guy was giving it to him hard and fast and without a single care that it was daytime and the alleyway wasn’t the “closed” variety so anyone who walked past could see them.

Eddie, who was from a different part of the city, stood transfixed with his mouth hanging open and as if he’d never seen such a thing. I had said to him, “Come on, man – this ain’t anything new around here…” but he refused to budge and if the scene we were witnessing wasn’t enough to blow his mind, the guy who was getting his dick sucked looked up and to his right and saw us standing there… and he had the nerve to not only smile at us but he waved to us, too, before – and I could only assume – the guy blowing him hit a good spot that got him fucking deep and fast into the cock sucker’s mouth and with a fairly loud groan, busted his nut in the guy’s mouth.

I was trying to get Eddie to move his ass; the area was one of the more nicer ones but, eh, some guys would “take offense” to being seen doing the unthinkable but, thankfully, this wasn’t the case. The guy on his knees finished swallowing the other guy’s spunk, sat back on his haunches and when he saw the guy he had been sucking looking in our direction once more, he looked… and really sent Eddie’s mind for a huge loop by asking, “Yo, you wanna be next? No charge, my brothers!”

I thought Eddie was gonna have a stroke or a heart attack and it was all I could do not to start laughing at the look on his face ; instead, I said to him, “I told you to come the fuck on, didn’t I?” then grabbed his arm and started walking away, pulling him – dragging him, actually – along with me… and steeling myself for what I knew was gonna happen next. The short version is that Eddie just flat out lost his shit; he kept asking me over and over what the fuck did we just see and if that shit happened all the time around here and, of course, how much he couldn’t believe that he saw what he saw.

You act like you’ve never heard of dudes blowing each other,” I said. “Yeah, it happens a lot around here and so much that nobody really pays any attention to it.

“Yeah, but, in broad daylight?he asked.

“Pretty much,” I replied.

“Why do dudes be doing that shit anyway?” he asked, making me look at him with an incredulous look of my own.

Are you serious? Do I really have to explain why it to you?” I asked.

Nah… I just don’t know what the big fucking deal is; that shit is nasty!” he exclaimed.

Apparently not,” I said. “Okay, look: A lot of guys around here are into getting some dick and since it started getting hot, they obviously don’t care where they do their dirt or who sees them doing it. They do this over where you live, don’t they?”

Yeah… but not out in the open! Shit… dude knew we were watching him and just kept right on going – what’s up with that?” he had asked.

All I could do was shrug and say to Eddie, “If you were getting your dick sucked and somebody was watching it happen, well, if it was feeling really good, you might not be of a mind to stop and run away or some shit like that.”

I wouldn’t do that shit to begin with!” Eddie said. That shit is so nasty!”

We’d gotten back to my place and I sat down on the steps with Eddie plopping down next to me so hard that I thought he may have hurt his tailbone. I took a deep breath and said, “I’ll say it again – apparently not all that nasty, huh?”

Eddie looked at me as if he couldn’t believe how nonchalant I was about it and I told him again that especially when it gets summer hot, dudes just do it anywhere they want to and so much that nobody really says anything about it. He’s sitting next to me, mouth opening and closing like the proverbial fish out of water and, yeah, the look on his face told me what he was trying to get out of his mouth.

So, fuck, if that dude had rolled up on you and offered to suck your dick, you would have gone along with it?” he asked – and now I had a few seconds to decide whether to answer truthfully or not – and decided to hit him with some truth.

I wouldn’t be all out in the open like that but, yeah, some guys around here have sucked my dick… and I’ve sucked theirs,” I said – then settled in to see how he was gonna react to that bit of shocking news… and as expected, he didn’t react well at all, well, the look on his face showed his “bad” reaction but given the way he was sitting and kinda facing me, um, his body was saying something very different…

At that time in my life, I wasn’t that much of a fan trying to explain something to someone that, first, isn’t easy to explain but, secondly, should also be a bit of a no-brainer. Dudes have been having sex with each other since forever and it would always fascinate the shit out of me to see the truth of this clash with the beliefs almost everyone has about this. I sat on that step for almost two hours talking to Eddie about why guys – and any guy – would want his dick sucked by another guy and trying to convince him that, yeah, I was very much into it… and it’s not that big of a deal.

I asked him a simple question: Don’t you like getting your dick sucked? He said that he did (and I would have really looked at him strangely if he had said that he didn’t) but he came back with his idea of certainty that a dude doing it was both nasty and a huge difference. His predictable response only served to make me do what I always did – I sighed heavily while shaking my head to once again find myself having a “birds and bees” conversation like this. I had felt like I had a nest of bees buzzing around inside my head because Eddie did allow that he knew that even some guys in his hood had sex with each other but I guess what really had fucked with his head was actually seeing it all out in the open and, perhaps, being offered a blow job.

Telling him my “secret” didn’t help matters for him either but, alas – there are times when telling the truth is better than telling a bald-faced lie and more so when, in the past, I’d done that but then had to explain how I knew so much about this. Eddie kept saying that he just didn’t know what the deal was with dudes sucking each other… and I remained incredulous that he still hadn’t put two and two together… but I knew why he couldn’t and I was once again totally dumbstruck over how what someone believes can override certain realities, like, oh, guys suck each other’s dicks and they fuck each other; always have, always will and, no, Eddie, it doesn’t mean that they’re gay faggots.

And then, predictably, I had to endure the, “You don’t look like the type!” crap that I’d long since learned to not like hearing but for Eddie? Instead of my usual reply of, “What does the type look like?” I had asked him, “Do I look like the type of guy who doesn’t like having his dick sucked and getting sucked off?” He had gotten this blank look on his face like he didn’t know how to respond to my question even though he did manage to say, “But what does that have to do with you sucking dick?”

“Makes sense to return the favor,” I had said and, again, I think my nonchalant response kept his mind spinning around like a washing machine on the final spin cycle. “You’re making a very big deal out of something that’s not really that big of a deal, man.”

Eddie – predictably again – launched into a dialog about what he didn’t believe in and that there was no reason on earth for him to want or let a guy suck him off which just set him up for my next question:

“If that’s true, why is your dick hard?” I had asked him and made it a point to let him see me looking at his crotch and the very obvious bulge.

You could have bought Eddie for two cents at that point; he went through a gamut of emotions from being “shocked” to being pissed off and, yeah, trying to convince me that his dick wasn’t really hard and, yeah, if you’re thinking that I laughed at him, you’d be right about that… and that did nothing to improve his mood. However, there was a limit to my patience and in between peals of laughter, I decided to bring this circular argument to an end.

“Look, if you really wanna know what the deal is, lemme suck your dick; I know your balls have to be killing you about now. And before you start protesting, all I’m going to say is that I can sit here and talk to you about it for another few hours and you’re still not going to get it or understand it… or I can show you what the deal is. If you wanna know – and ease that pressure in your nuts – fine… but if you don’t, the conversation is over and we’ll never speak of any of this again. Ever.”

I have to admit and confess that one of my favorite things about being in one of these moments is sitting there and watching the other guy thinking. I’ve learned over the years that they’re usually thinking about two things: What they’ve always believed and, um, hmm, busting a nut right about now wouldn’t be that bad of an idea and especially when, like Eddie, their dick wasn’t just hard: It was incredibly and painfully hard. I saw the exact moment when Eddie made up his mind on which of the two options he was going to take and he confirmed it when he started asking me, first, if he had to suck my dick and, next, if anyone was gonna find out about it. I told him that, no, he didn’t have to suck my dick and, no, I wasn’t going to tell anyone what happened, not that given that we lived in two different parts of the city, I was going to run into the peeps he hung around with and had no reason to tell them something that wasn’t any of their damned business.

He sat and thought for another minute or so then stood up and asked, “So we’re going inside, right?”

I laughed and thought about saying, “No – I’m gonna suck your dick right here on the front steps!” but that would have been very mean of me so I didn’t say it. Eddie was as nervous as a person could be and an image of a cat with a long tail eyeballing rocking chairs popped into my head and almost had me laughing again. I had said to him, “You can close your eyes if you want to; it usually helps a guy.” He had just nodded and he offered up no resistance as I unzipped him and had a bit of a struggle getting his erection out. I gave him an, “Are you ready?” look; he kinda nodded, and I took him into my mouth. His whole body was as tense as piano wire but after a minute of gently sucking him and taking him deep a couple of time, I felt his body relax; I took a peek at him and saw him looking down at me which, honestly, didn’t surprise me at all.

“You’re really sucking my dick…” he said. I just nodded and kept right on sucking him and getting into it. It didn’t take him that much longer for him to start fucking into my mouth and “the usual” cussing and calling on Jesus and, after that, it didn’t take that much longer before I felt his dick swelling in my mouth and followed by a pretty big first shot of cum. After making his load disappear, I sat back on my haunches and just looked at him for a moment before asking, “Do you know what the deal is now?”

All he could do was nod and he even managed a small smile. The first word he said to me was, “Jesus… you’re good at this!”

“I should be; I’ve been doing it damned near all of my life,” I replied and nonchalantly so. “But see? Not all that nasty, is it?”

“Fuck you, man,” he said with a smile. “So, um, now what?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Do I have to suck your dick?” he asked.

“I told you that you didn’t have to. Okay, getting your dick sucked by a dude is easy… but sucking a dude’s dick ain’t all that easy, well, for the first time,” I said. I stood up and stretched and I didn’t miss the fact that Eddie was staring at my crotch and the erection I was sporting. I looked at where he was looking and said, “Yeah, I’m gonna have to take care of that…” and I didn’t say it to put an idea in his head; I meant every word I had said to him about not having to suck my dick in return… but if you ask me if I had an idea that he was thinking about sucking me, I’d be lying to you if I said that it didn’t cross my mind at all: It just didn’t matter to me whether he did or not and more so since I’d proven something to him.

“I’ll try it!” he blurted out and all I said was, “Okay and there’s no shame to find out that you can’t bring yourself to do it.”

Eddie wasn’t exactly a natural at it but he figured it out pretty quick and minutes later – and as I had promised him, I warned him that I was gonna cum and now would be a good time for him to stop. That he didn’t stop didn’t surprise me and I came in his mouth and even though he had a “bad” moment for a couple of seconds, he swallowed my spunk.

“How’d I do?” he asked.

“I’m not complaining one bit,” I said honestly. “But I can’t help but notice that your dick is hard again and, well, I can’t let you go home like that…”

By the time we finished sucking each other’s brains out, Eddie confirmed that he now knew what the deal was when it came to dudes sucking each other off. It’s only a big deal – and a bad one – if you make it that way and it has always done my heart a lot of good to see a guy have his beliefs about this totally and completely changed. As we kicked back and partook of the six pack of beer I had, wow – he was so… bubbly. Excited and even telling me that he wished he didn’t have to go home but it was now quite dark out.

“There’s always tomorrow,” I said with the same nonchalant, “no big deal” way that reflected how I really felt about it. “You needed to know some real truths, my man… and I don’t know about you yet but I’m glad that you’ve learned them and that, yeah, it’s nasty… but in a very good way and, well, you know what the deal is now.”

Eddie reluctantly went home and I spent some time thinking about all of what had taken place. On the one hand, I was pleased that I got yet another chance to give a guy his first male cock sucking but, on the other, I was a bit… disturbed at how many guys were content to keep believing something that wasn’t really true, that being, gay dudes weren’t the only ones who sucked dick and doing it didn’t make you gay. When I had moved into that neighborhood, one of the first things I found out was that there were a lot of guys in the area who, in one way or another, found out that getting with another guy and sucking each other off wasn’t that big of a deal and, if nothing else, it was convenient. Being the new guy in the area, it turned out, painted a target on me but I was so used to that so when a guy would, in some way, hint at us sucking each other off wouldn’t be a bad idea, sure – why not? Many were, I guess, pleasantly surprised to learn that doing this was very old news for me and some were, let’s say, fortunate to find out that fucking me wasn’t all that bad and neither was getting fucked themselves.

But in the majority of times? It just amazed me at how many dudes were interested in finding out what the deal was with sucking dick and, more often than not, wound up getting everything they ever believed about it changed and with me feeling… privileged to have changed quite a few minds in the time I lived there…

Because it really isn’t that big of a deal. What words would often fail to convey, some cock sucking most certainly would speak loudly and make believers out of the non-believers or serve to satisfy one’s curiosity about what it’s like and what it feels like to do the unthinkable and forbidden. My time with Eddie was, for me, just another day and not all that different from any other day but for him? It was a revelation of sorts to go from not really understanding what the deal was about this to finding out that the deal about this is, truthfully and in fact – and even in deed – not that big of a deal after all.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Not Really Different”

After almost an hour of hemming and hawing, “Charlie” had finally made up his mind that he really did want to find out what it was like to have a guy suck his dick. I had already known that this was the decision he was going to make, just as I had known what it was he had wanted to talk about when he passed me a note as we passed each other in the hallway where we both worked that simply said that there was something he wanted to talk to me about. The other dead giveaway that indicated that he was going to get into it was the fact that as he rambled on and on about why he didn’t want to find out what it was, his dick was clearly very hard and he was fidgeting the whole time and trying to adjust himself.

He’d gotten to the moment where everything he could have said had been said and now it was time for him to shit or get off the pot; it wasn’t as if I didn’t understand why he wanted to go there since, in past conversations, he’d often tell me how dissatisfied he was with his wife when it came to giving him head, which eventually lead to a conversation that started with him “innocently” saying that he had heard that guys were better at giving head than women – was it true and did I know anything about that?

I was sure that he suspected that I did know and how he divined this was still one of the mysteries I had yet to make sense of but I played along with him and confirmed that, yes, there was some truth to the “rumor” and it was one I had also heard – and left it at that, not because I didn’t want to reveal how I really knew about this but, yeah, I’m not beyond giving someone enough rope and watch them get all tangled up in it.

Charlie had made his decision; he stripped from the waist down and seemed to be embarrassed about his erection bobbing up and down after he took off his underwear. I saw this and acted as if I hadn’t, asked him if he was sure about this and when he confirmed that he was, I took a deep breath, kinda emptied my mind, and proceeded to suck his dick. He moaned and groaned; cursed and babbled somewhat incoherently and couldn’t seem to “make up his mind” about being still or fucking into my mouth, not that either of those things mattered to me. On my part, I was fully into it and relishing everything there is to relish about sucking a man’s dick and knowing that everything I was doing would get him to the point of no return… then toss him right off the edge of the abyss… and that was going to be any moment now.

Charlie continued to curse and otherwise express his disbelief that this was happening at all; I heard him, of course, and dutifully ignored his ramblings, not all that much because I was very busy working to get him to cum but, yeah… I have always found such things to be very funny and, yeah, sucking a guy’s dick is some very serious business. I could feel the tell-tale tremors racing along his cock shaft; the rest of his body seemed to be… confused and as if it couldn’t make up its mind to stay put or to get away from what I was doing to him. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, heard him cry out, “Oh, shit!” – and a moment later, his spunk was flowing into my mouth and, as was my habit, I didn’t let a single dollop of it get away from me and continued to gently suck him until his dick was completely soft again and with a lot of reluctance on my part, I released him, sighed, and sat back on my haunches to await his reaction.

The first thing Charlie said once he got his shit together was, “It’s not really different…”

Of course it wasn’t but I had told him that; I’d told him that the only difference between men and women sucking cock was… it was either a man or a woman doing it. I understood why he thought it would be different because a lot of guys are of a mind that it’s not only different but it’s a great difference. I had tried to explain to him that things like technique and whether or not someone liked or loved to do it did, in fact, make a difference but on the whole? Nah, not really different at all and that whole “who’s better at it” thing is more… subjective than objective and purely based upon what one considers to be good or bad when it comes to getting blown. Charlie’s main complaint about his wife was, classically, that she would never finish him off and the one time he had accidentally came in her mouth, she had read him the riot act and accused him of doing it deliberately and not wanting to hear that it happened before he actually realized it was gonna happen.

I had said to him that if there was one difference that tended to stand out, it’s that most male cock suckers will finish the job, take the cum in their mouth, and swallow or politely spit it out… but making the other guy cum is part and parcel when it comes to guys giving head to other guys. He had asked if it was true that guys will do what some women won’t do and I had said that, yes, it’s true but it’s also true that some guys are as funny about it as women can be but, yeah, for the most part? If a guy is going to suck your dick – and that’s all that’s supposed to happen – it’s a safe bet that the guy blowing you is going to finish you off and if you’re up to it, do it again. But is it all that different?

Not if you think about what’s being done and more than thinking about who’s doing it. I had explained to Charlie that there are some… subliminal differences or, kind of plainly, men “feel” different than women do – it’s not that easy to explain. I explained to him that guys are very visual and, at least for the first time, seeing a guy working your dick over – and when you’re used to seeing women doing it – can send one’s brain into a tailspin because, of course, everyone knows that men aren’t supposed to suck dick so seeing it is… different. But the act itself? Eh, not so much.

Charlie had asked me how long did it take me to get used to seeing a guy sucking my dick… and I had laughed for quite a bit of time until I got it out of my system and explained to him that given that I’d been sucking dicks ever since I was a youngster, I got used to it pretty quickly but, truthfully, the thrill of watching a guy – or a gal -suck my dick just never gets old. Did I think that men did it better than women? I had said that, honestly, who was better at it wasn’t something I paid any attention to and more so when I’ve had amazing blow jobs from both men and women and some that weren’t all that amazing but the real reason why I didn’t think in those terms is because I learned to be very grateful that someone wanted to suck my dick to begin with – because they didn’t have to.

“I can’t get over the fact that it wasn’t as different as I thought it would be,” he had said.

“A lot of guys think it’s gonna be different until it hits them that it actually isn’t all that different,” I had said. “We think it’s gonna be different because it’s not a woman doing it. I’ve thought that some guys, for some reason, want it to be different and because it isn’t, they can be a little disappointed.”

He felt the need to tell me that he wasn’t disappointed but he was somewhat confused because, yep, he really had thought that it would be as different as night and day. I had suggested that he not let the lack of difference bother him so much and that it was okay to take note of how different techniques can be since everyone who sucks dick learns all the tricks and techniques while developing their own style and those things will be different… but the act itself never changes. I allowed that there is a different between a cock sucker liking it and loving it but, nah, it’s not a major difference between men and women since any cock sucker is going to either like doing it, love the shit out of doing it, or would rather be doing anything other than sucking a dick.

To his question of why some guys get it into their head that it’s gonna be different, all I could do – at first – was to sigh and say to him that it’s always been perceived as being not only different but very different because guys are not supposed to suck each other’s dicks… or do anything else with each other. I mentioned again that we get so totally focused on who’s got their mouth on our dick but not so much about the what of it. We can even get it into our head that a blow job should be a certain way and certain things done, like, deep throating, sucking balls, stuff like that… but the reality often doesn’t match up to what we might have going on inside our head. The real and true bottom line is if there is a “major” difference, it’s that some folks are going to be really into sucking dick… and some aren’t gonna be all that into it and to understand any differences in this, well, he was gonna have to ask as many cock suckers as he could ask about why they suck dick to begin with – and be prepared to hear a lot of very different answers and reasons.

Other than that? Nope – not really different if you can just look at the act itself and not who’s performing it and that’s not always an easy thing to do; it took me quite a bit of time to look at blow jobs in this way and to get myself out of the “trap” of thinking in terms of good or bad and, again, just to be happy that someone wants to suck my dick to begin with. Is it really different when a woman sucks a guy off and a guy does it? Not really… but it sure feels different and there’s no real disputing this because, well, you know what guys aren’t supposed to do. Charlie and I sat and talked about this for quite a bit of time; he was trying to wrap his head around having a guy suck him off for the first time and I was watching him closely for any signs of distress because I had long since learned that, um, some guys don’t react well after the fact.

I would suppose that a guy who is of a mind that being sucked by a guy is something very different could be… disappointed to learn that the only real difference is who’s doing it and maybe even wonder why so many people makes this such a big deal and in that right or wrong kind of way. That aspect does, as it turns out, inject a great sense of it being different while, at the same time, exposing the fallacy that only women are supposed to suck dick even though, yeah, it’s not like it’s unknown that there are – and always has been – male cock suckers and, if you wanna get specific about it, not all guys who suck dick are gay. Charlie had even asked me – after a second blow job and performing his first one – if it was different if a gay dude was doing it… and I told him that the only really difference is that the guy blowing you is gay; other than that? Still not all that different. He’d asked if gay men are inherently better at it and I shrugged because it was something that I never had reason to pay attention to since, uh, the thing I was paying attention to was getting my dick sucked but if I had to say something it was even a bit wishy-washy to me to say that some gay guys are really good at it and some not so much but such things were still arbitrary in my mind because no matter what I might be thinking, it doesn’t ever change the fact that the gay guy didn’t have to do it at all and if anything, it’s always good when someone wants to.

“It’s about perspective,” I had said to him. “It’ all about what you think about it, what you think the differences, if any, are supposed to or might be from your point of view. I know that a lot of male cock suckers are very, very eager to suck a dick… and some just aren’t that eager – and that’s not all that different from female cock suckers. If there are any real differences, it’s why someone sucks dick but, again, other than things like that? Having a dude blow you isn’t any different from having a chick blowing you when you look and think about the act itself.”

“Yeah… it can feel very different and it most definitely looks different and, yeah, most of the time, a guy experiencing this for the first time just “knows” that it’s going to be different and, well, I’ve already told you why that might be. But later today – and when you’ve had some more time to really think about it – you just might see that it really isn’t all that different. The kind of bottom line is that it’s going to be up to you to decide if it is different… or it isn’t or whether what we did was good or bad and I’m not talking about the moral implications, okay? The main thing is did you like having me suck your dick? Did it meet any expectations that you may have had and, since you mentioned it, was it really all that different from a woman doing it?”

“Well, one difference was clear to me – you let me cum in your mouth and didn’t complain about it,” he had said with a laugh.

“I can understand that,” I allowed. “But how many times in your life have you had a woman get you off like that and didn’t complain about getting a mouthful of spunk? Would it change your perception to know that some guys aren’t going to be happy if you came in their mouth?”

“They wouldn’t be happy about that?” he had asked.

“Not one bit,” I replied. “Maybe you thought or believed – and as many do – that if a guy sucks your dick, he’s always going to suck you off and swallow your cum… but that’s the perception and not always the truth. Hell, sometimes even I don’t want the guy to cum in my mouth and I’d say that, to that end, that doesn’t make me any different from any woman who doesn’t want you to cum in her mouth, right? The important thing for you to do, when you’ve had more time to process all of what has happened, is to not overthink it; don’t fall into the trap some guys fall into trying to find a difference when they don’t really exist. Sucking a dick is… sucking a dick; anyone can do it and no two people do it the same way and, shit, even I don’t suck the same dick the same way. Techniques can be different; the way they go about it can be different like taking it slow and easy versus making you feel like they’re trying to suck your dick right off of your body and, yeah, whether they finish you off and swallow, spit it out, or just let it fly all over the place are differences… but the act itself? Not all that different.”

“The reason why they’re doing it can be different; what they expect when they do it can be different; it’s not that there are really no differences at all because people who suck cock are obviously different… but the act itself never changes and the sex of the person doing it, how they do it, so on and so forth, are the only differences. It all depends on what you’re looking at and what you’re thinking and even that can be very different… but sucking a dick is still sucking a dick.”

“All that remains is whether you liked the blow job or not.”

Guys can make getting their dick sucked… weird. There is a perceived difference because we’re “programmed” to pay more attention to who has their mouth on our dick which doesn’t always allow us to think about the act itself and that anyone can do it if they’re so inclined to do so. Who’s good, bad or better at it is arbitrary and these things are paid a lot of attention or even overthought to great degrees. It’s… inaccurate to say that men are more hyped about doing it than women are since women can be just as hyped and things like who does it better all depends on what “better” means to the person having their dick sucked. It’s only really and truly different when it’s a guy sucking your dick for the first time so, yep, who’s doing it is gonna be different… but what’s being done?

Not really different.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Does It Feel So Good?”

I decided to write about this when a forum member asked why it feels so good to suck cock and another member chimed in with the sentiment of not being concerned about why it does – just be happy to do it whenever you can… and while I’d say this is a typical kind of response to such a question, well, there’s reason to be “concerned” about why it feels so good to do it.

I know and understand the science of it… because I know it. The biggest thing about this is that very odd feeling a lot of guys get when they discover that they might have a “thing” about dick and now they feel as if they’re the only one who feels like this – and I still haven’t figured out exactly why this feeling is so prevalent despite having some ideas about it. One one hand, a guy looking to suck dick for the first time might be wondering why guys do it in the first place and whether they’re gay or not. As mentioned a lot of times, I don’t personally know that many guys who haven’t asked a woman they know who sucks dick what it feels like to her to do it… only to be told – and if she even bothers to answer – “It just feels good.”

Even if a guy gets around to finding out that, oh, yeah, it does feel good to suck a dick, the question of why it does tends to go unanswered in one’s mind but, in reality, we’re back to that equally odd thing where you know why it makes you feel good to suck a dick but you can’t really put it into words. It always seems to happen that once a guy sucks a dick and finds it to his liking, holy shit – now he wants to suck every dick that can be sucked and if you don’t know what that feels like, it can feel pretty fucking insane and to the point where I don’t know that many guys who haven’t taken a moment to ask themselves why they’ve become a cock sucking fiend and, often, after only sucking one cock.

The intangibles notwithstanding, when guys are asking themselves why this “unholy thing” is so amazingly good, they are able to look at what it is they like about it and, kinda specifically, how it makes them feel. Many find that it’s a scary good feeling – and scary because, well, you know that guys aren’t supposed to blow each other to begin with so the “illicit” aspect and being “naughty” enough to break the rules is pretty damned exciting. Sure, it tastes and feels good but this is really only the tip of the iceberg… and the part that’s easier to put into words. You suck another guy’s dick and get him to cum – and what you do with it when he does also lends itself to why sucking cock feels so damned good – but there’s an “ego rush” knowing that you did such a good job sucking his dick that he came but, yep, the deeper reason is cached in things intangible so one’s mind cuts through the complexity and comes up with something that’s easier to explain: “It makes me feel good to make him cum.”

Why? Because it does… and sexuality, such as it is, really has nothing to do with it because, again, everyone knows that gay men suck dick and everyone is now becoming more aware that there are a lot of guys who aren’t gay who, in fact, suck dick… and they fucking love doing it… and they really can’t explain why they do.

“Am I the only one who feels this way about sucking cock?” Not only does a guy wind up asking himself this question, he might really want to know if there’s any other guys who feels the way he does and even for the same explainable reasons or close enough for government work… and it’s kinda important that they know that they’re not the only one. Now, here’s the funny part: At some point when they’re growing up, they find out that there are guys who suck dick but there’s this… disconnect because knowing that there are guys who suck cock isn’t “the same” as themselves doing it. Sometimes, just having the thought of it in your head can make one… feel some kind of way from weird to being so excited it isn’t funny. I very much remember having the “Am I the only one who likes this?” feeling and, yeah, the funny part was that, duh, I had this feeling… while my friends and I were sucking each other like there was no tomorrow so, obviously, I wasn’t the only one… but it sure felt like it.

And it just somehow makes sense to want to know if other guys feel the same way about it and what makes them feel the way they do. That we’re going to suck cock whenever we have the opportunity to and be happy about it, well, it’s a given… but why does it feel so good to do it? “Because it does” isn’t that good of an answer and this question can really bug a guy and have him deep-diving inside his own head looking for the answer and more so if he’s of a mind that he’s now a very serious cock sucking fiend. It stands to reason that at some point, trying to chase down the exact and precise answer to this question becomes such a complicated and even frustrating thing to do that one’s mind just “automatically” simplifies it, boiling it all down to, “It feels good because it feels good” and even pointing to those things that are easy to point to. The mind also knows what’s not liked about sucking cock but, eh, since that’s not fun at all, let’s not think about those things all that much and focus only on what is like and how good those things are to feel – while not making one’s self insane by continuing to put what’s really going on into words.

Those of you who suck cock knows exactly what I’m talking about; those of you who don’t, yeah, well, ya might not be able to understand it like we do and, at best, you might be able to understand it from a theoretical aspect and even then based on what gay men are known to do and those thoughts would be applicable… except bi guys aren’t gay guys because the one thing we have going for us that some gay men might not have going for them is that eating pussy makes us feel the same way as sucking dick does… except there is that thing that says we’re supposed to eat pussy but, yep, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be, it does make the thrill of sucking cock even more thrilling.

There’s just much more to this than defying the ages-old taboo and there isn’t a guy who “gets off” sucking dick that doesn’t know what those other aspects are and what it means to them… and the majority of it cannot be put into words. It is important for a male cock sucker to know that he’s not the only one who feels the way he does about it and it’s just as important to find out if there are other guys who has similar feelings to their own. For some guys, the part that really feels good is when the other guy cums; from the feeling of the guy’s cock pumping away, to hearing him moaning, groaning, and cussing to the way his cum tastes and how much of it is being delivered. For some guys, eh, that part is just part of the deal but what floats their boat is taking a soft cock in their mouth and feeling it getting nice and hard; it’s that very curious softness of a hard dick that just turns on all of the lights and pushes the right buttons and getting one’s sinuses loaded up with that musky scent – and a scent that’s loaded with pheromones – well, shit, yeah, that feels so damned good.

A lot of guys speak to how good it makes them feel to be a submissive cock sucker and being used for the other guy’s pleasure so why it feels so good does go beyond the mere physical aspects involved; some guys speak to how alive it makes them feel to suck a dick and yet another of those sentiments that defies further explanation. Some guys say that it makes them feel deliciously slutty and whorish; some guys say that sucking cock actually makes them feel more manly and masculine… and for as long as I can remember, wanting to find out how other guys feel about it carries a lot of importance even if solely for the purpose of them have the best understanding of themselves and why they’re the kind of cock sucker they are…

Because it does feel good; it can feel very damned good; the feelings can put one’s vocabulary to the most severest of tests trying to come up with adjectives and other descriptions that might lend themselves to putting it into perspective and even words – and not just for the purpose of explaining it to someone else. If you can’t explain it to yourself, it almost stands to reason that you’d not be able to explain it to someone else and, again, one’s mind tends to “bottom line” the whole thing and makes a male cock sucker say stuff like, “I suck cock because it feels good and it makes me feel good!” and anything beyond that? Well, it might help if you have some time to listen to whatever else the guy has to say about why it feels so good to him… because that might take a while and there’s a good chance that, at some point, he’s not going to be making a lot of sense and just might get you to say, “Why don’t you just say that it feels good and leave it at that?”

Because while it’s true, it’s not really that good of an answer to the question of why it feels so good to take a man’s cock in your mouth and suck on it until he cums… and it can feel very damned good to suck on his dick after he does and he’s back to be soft.. Um, because it does; because it’s supposed to feel good; what the fuck are you asking me for? It’s satisfying and in so many ways that you really would have to ask a whole lot of cock suckers why they find it so satisfying; you might even pick up on some commonality but you most certainly will find out that not only is there much more to whatever they might say, getting to the real root of why it feels so good can be an effort in futility.

Just being happy about being able to do it when it can be done… doesn’t answer the question. Obviously, there are some guys who just don’t wanna be bothered with knowing or understanding why they’re cock suckers and that’s understandable since there is, again, so much of this that is so complicated and complex that even the science can’t really and truly explain it and delving into the psychology involved? Yeah… not many are of a mind to want to be bothered with that stuff and it’s a sentiment that even I tend to feel – and I understand a lot of the psychology. It’s too much shit to be thinking about… but it is something that we, as male cock suckers, do think about.

It’s just that I know exactly why it feels good to me to suck a man’s dick and unless you don’t have anything better to do, um, don’t ask me to explain it if you’re not going to accept me saying that the reason why it feels so good is because it feels so good and that it feels so good because it’s supposed to feel so good. I know what a lot of guys say about this… and I know there’s even more that they just cannot explain to anyone and that includes themselves. I even know that it’s really a sex thing and not solely a sexuality thing and that anyone, regardless of sexuality, can suck a dick… if they’re of a mind to do it and, yes, the same goes for eating pussy. Sexuality kinda “defines” who is supposed to do what and those roles are clearly defined when you’re talking about heterosexuals and homosexuals… but gets confusing when you toss in bisexuals and I’m of a mind that because we tend to be focused on the sexuality aspects, we just overlook the sexual aspects and don’t want to be bothered with the details that speak to why sucking cock feels so good to those who like to suck cock. You ask someone about sucking cock and most people can easily tell you what they don’t like about it and why they don’t but if you wanna see them go through some shit?

Ask them why it feels good to them… and listen to what they say.

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Insider Information

There’s a poll on the forum that basically asks about whether one likes to cum first when trading blow jobs then get the other guy to cum or if one likes to make the other guy cum first and then get off afterward or, simply, when it’s time to suck some dick, who gets sucked first if a 69 isn’t happening, say, right off the bat?

Growing up, yeah, sometimes, we’d be ready to go for it but not until it was decided who was gonna suck dick first… and I’m not really sure why we’d wind up having to make this decision other than it’s kinda obvious that someone has to kick it off – and this was before our “group mind” discovered the 69 position and it was quite the revelation – who knew there was a way to suck dick together? Yeah… we didn’t early on but we intuitively knew that someone had to get the show on the road and, often more so when depending on where this was happening, time and the chance of being discovered were important considerations.

It’s kinda embarrassing for me to say that in the majority of times, I tend to be either eager or impatient – pick one – and would settle the who’s gonna go first issue but, sure, if the other guy wanted to go first or beat me to the punch, okay. The one thing that we didn’t have to contend with a whole lot was losing our loads to each other and now it’s game over. I think that, realistically, it would be game over but being young and all that made recovering from cumming a short moment to endure. We’d make each other cum and sometimes we’d need a couple of minutes before going for it again.

When you get older, whew. Our enemy, the refractionary period of sex, would show up and take one or both guys out of the game; whoever got sucked first or, really, whoever came first would find it difficult to keep it going until the other guy could cum and there were quite a few times when myself or the other guy have emptied our balls… and that’s all, folks, unless one was able to fight off the “I don’t wanna do this anymore” feeling; walking away and leaving the other guy hanging wasn’t what I’d call cool or even fair in that sense and nothing would make me feel “cheated” more than having sucked a guy off… and now he remembers that he left his dog in the shower or some other reason to get the hell outta there… and I’m left with beating my meat.

These days and given the “top/bottom” mentality a lot of guys have, if you’re a bottom, well, you get to go first and some guys are very much okay sucking the other guy off and if there’s no reciprocation, they’re good with that. Some guys – and because they know that when they cum, it’s game over, man, game over for them – prefer to not be sucked or even touched at all. Now, some guys will tell you that they love to service other guys and they live and exist to suck cock and it doesn’t matter to them if they cum or not but I’d have to say that if both guys are cock suckers, it’s not all that unusual – and might even be an SOP – standard operating procedure – for dicks to be sucked 69-style; if nothing else, it satisfies the “mutual satisfaction” thing that is, indeed, important to a lot of guys who suck dick.

Whoever cums first might find themselves out of the game and as I’ve written, it can be a very ugly and nasty feeling. Ideally, both guys should work toward nuts getting busted at the same time or close enough for government work so that if they wind up out of the game, at least they managed to go out together… except, that’s not a guarantee it’s gonna happen like that. But absent the 69 SOP, who sucks whom first becomes an important consideration unless the guy who gets sucked off first has taught himself to work through that damned refractionary period so that he can keep his end of the bargain and suck the other guy off. But, yeah, since there’s no telling whether a 69 is going to result in both guys cumming within scant seconds of each other, yeah, things can still grind to a halt and whoever didn’t cum might be hung out to dry if the other guy doesn’t, ah, manually finish things.

Not that this is that bad of a thing but it doesn’t feel as good as being sucked off and depending on how one cares to look at this, the original agreement to suck each other off has technically been broken. Even I had to learn not to get pissed off about this when it because obvious – and well before I understood the science involved – that no matter how badly the guy wanted to finish me off with his mouth, he just couldn’t because he seriously didn’t feel like it… and there’s not too much that’s worse than having someone sucking your dick and you know they’d rather be watching paint dry or anything other than sucking your dick.

It’s not an easy thing to learn to keep having sex when your whole body is telling you that you don’t want to. Whether a guy knows the science behind all of this or not, there’s a reason why we try to hold off from cumming for as long as we can up to and including employing cock rings and other devices to aid in this; it’s why a lot of guys are deep into edging and a form of ejaculation denial; it’s not totally about being able to enjoy the heady feelings of sucking dick and being sucked for longer periods of time as it’s also very much about the sure and certain knowledge that once they cum, stick a fork in them because they’re done.

When it comes to trading blow jobs, the very much dreaded and despised “blow and go” tends to happen and, yeah, it can be quite literal. Guy A gets sucked off by Guy B and now Guy A has this overwhelming compulsion to leave which, um, yeah, that doesn’t quite work when this happened at Guy A’s place – but the feeling is there just the same. Guy B is waiting to have his dick sucked or is expecting more stuff to happen and more often than not winds up feeling some kind of way about being left unfulfilled and now he’s crying foul and all that but not considering that Guy A hasn’t fulfilled his end of the bargain because he literally has no desire to – and no matter what his brain is telling him.

Once I found out what was really going on with this and that there’s not a whole lot a guy can do about it, yeah, it’s a bummer that the other guy is out of the game and might not return any time soon, I just learned not to get upset about it. On the other side of this, if a guy is blowing me and has gotten me to cum, oh, shit, making myself return the favor and doing it like I mean it wasn’t an easy thing to fight through but I also knew that if I didn’t fight through it and get the job done satisfactory, my rep as a cock sucker would take a very bad hit that could result in getting turned down somewhere down the road, not just by the guy I failed to suck off but by any guy he would almost be certain to let other guys know that I came and didn’t keep my end of the deal.

Honor is everything… and that fucking refractionary period doesn’t give a rat’s ass about honor or your rep in the cock sucking community. The “funny” thing is that we make this… gentleman’s agreement to suck each other off and it’s not like we don’t know what’s gonna happen if one of us cums before the other does and, again, a 69 might alleviate this situation… and it might not. What does matter is that the agreement wasn’t fulfilled as promised… and some of us can get pissy and even petty about this because you gave your word that you were gonna suck my dick until I came… and you didn’t. Even in the early days, whew, some arguments would jump off because one guy got his rocks off and the other guy didn’t and giving him a hand job in lieu of sucking him off wasn’t part of the agreement.

Some guys and myself included are of a mind that if we agreed, promised, or whatever to suck your dick until you cum, that has to be upheld and no matter how shitty we might be feeling if/when we’re the first to cum and half-assing it? Unthinkable. I’ve even said to guys, “Gimme a moment…” because I need to catch my breath and get my head back in the game because in my head, I want to suck that dick until he cums even when my body is saying it doesn’t want to do anything other than take a nap or something. If there’s something that has the potential to teach you how to work through this, it’s having sex with women since even if you cum, you’re expected and required to keep it going until she has the very big one and, yep, sometimes that means going back down on her… and your cum is oozing out of her and your body just ain’t feeling it. Failing to do whatever you can to get her off is not a good thing and, at the very least, going back down on her keeps it going for her… and hopefully gives you enough time to be able to get enough of an erection to stick it back in her.

There is no way that I know of that can cut the refractionary period down or make it go away and the funny thing is that – and as I’ve said in the past – sometimes it’ll hit us and trash the shit out of us… and sometimes it just doesn’t. Sometimes it can take a guy partially out of the game but, yep – he’s still capable of continuing and whether his dick is still hard, partially hard, or not hard at all. That ugly, nasty, yucky feeling just didn’t hit that hard but, yeah, it usually does…

And very much plays into blow jobs that aren’t done in the 69 position and a lot of guys insist that it happens like that because they know that being the first to cum and you don’t have the other guy’s dick in your mouth to encourage you to keep at it, well, that’s gonna be a problem. I’ve gone first and made guys cum and they’ve told me that they don’t feel like doing anything else but they’ll go down on me anyway and I learned to appreciate the will he had to fulfill his part of the bargain and if he can’t, well, he just can’t and it does help that I know why he can’t.

Being made to cum is great… but honor is still everything. I tend to “not care” about guys who say that it’s not important for them to have their dicks sucked in return because I know why they don’t want to be sucked or touched – and it’s not just them being a submissive cock sucking cum slut: You make them cum, stick a huge fork in them and I can’t keep from saying it:

Game over man, game over! The only way to avoid this is to not cum which is fine and dandy with guys who firmly and fervently believe that it’s better to give than receive. Sure… I’ve given both guys and gals head and that’s all I had in mind but if they wanted to return the favor, I’m not every gonna tell them no or that it’s not necessary or some other very untruthful thing I could say. But if it’s a guy I’m going down on and he cums, I know the chances are good that he’s not gonna feel like doing anything to make me cum… but I have also learned that if he goes down on me first and I cum – and I gave my word that I was gonna suck him off, too, well, now it’s about being able to set that nasty-assed feeling aside and not only keep my word but to have big time fun doing it.

Because it kinda defeats the purpose of agreeing to trade blow jobs. It makes little sense to get upset with a guy over something that, by and large, he has no control over: He cums and it can be turn out the lights – the party’s over. Maybe it’s only for a few moments, you know, give him a few to get his shit back together or he just won’t be able to continue. It’s important, I think, that us male cock suckers understand that if he can’t continue, it’s not because he doesn’t want to or his inability to keep it going has anything to do with you: He’s now under the influence of something he can’t do anything about unless he’s trained himself to ignore what his body’s telling hm… and not all guys can learn to do this.

It’s what makes us “funny” about sucking dick. We want to cum… and don’t want to; we want the other guy to cum and not so much. Yes, the longer we can hold off from doing that, the longer we can enjoy the feelings and whether we’re sucking or being sucked because we know that once we cum, well, you know.

If there’s one thing guys talk about regarding sex with men, it’s this thing. They wanna know why it happens and what they can do to keep it from happening and, again, there’s no way I know of to stop it from happening although I do know there are some, ah, legal and prescribed medications that somehow manage to short out the refractionary period. What I don’t know is whether or not a guy who takes Viagra or Cialis runs into this once they cum – I’ve never taken it. It doesn’t really make you horny – it just makes it possible to get an erection and maintain it until you cum and, of course, with the side effect that you could cum… and that boner ain’t going anywhere and you probably do not want to know how the folks in the ER is going to make it go away… but even then, does a guy still find himself suffering through the refractionary period?

I’ll have to find out…

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Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “Why Do Some Guys…”

“…suck cock like they’re trying to take off some skin?”

I so very much enjoy talking to Cityman and especially when the topic of discussion is cock sucking and not just because it’s my all-time favorite thing to do with a guy. He was giving me some after the fact impressions concerning a get-together with one of his fellas and talking about the [obviously] damned good blow job he got from the guy.

We got into a discussion about the differences I’ve been aware of and what some guys have shared with me. One thing I had noticed and experienced – and had related to me – was that some guys wanted to make sure that the guy they were sucking knew that there was a guy sucking his dick and the thought here is all about the “usual” complaints a lot of guys have about women and cock sucking so blowing a guy is about not only doing it without a lot of bargaining and other stuff but to do it totally and completely without complaint or hesitation.

Then there’s the thing where, um, heh, heh, having a guy’s cock in your mouth is just nasty good fun; it just friggin’ feels good to suck a dick and feels even better to get him to cum. Our discussion delved into the realm of liking it versus loving it; there’s “merely” sucking a dick because, usually, it’s an expectation and then there’s making love to a dick with your mouth, lips, tongue and getting one’s hands involved and, well, I’d have to say that if I were to take every reason I’ve ever heard about guys sucking dick, it boils down to if you’re gonna break some rules and suck cock then, damn it, suck the color/skin right off that motherfucker!

In for a penny, in for a pound.

While we’re talking about this, I’m doing my own thinking about sucking dick and, oddly enough, a line from the movie, “John Wick” popped into my head and it’s one of my favorite lines of the movie that contains the words focus, will, and commitment – and it popped into my head because I’d seen the movie the day before. Cityman and I are getting deep into the passion of cock sucking and those three words were rather apt when it comes to “being good” at it but I added another word: Desire. I’ve always allowed that almost anyone can learn the various techniques involved in sucking a dick… but if one doesn’t have desire, focus, will, and commitment, well, it’s just sucking dick… but not sucking dick, if you see where I’m going with this. Also a bit oddly was something that my late mother used to tell us growing up, that no matter what you decide to do in life, be the best you can be at it.

I’m sure she didn’t have this in mind when she said it but it’s relevant. I said to Cityman that I don’t know a male cock sucker who’d want to be known as being a lousy cock sucker but it also occurred to me – and experience has proven at times, that when you’re sucking a guy’s dick, well, shit… you’re not always gonna make him happy. I also thought about some of the guys on the forum who feels that it’s their sole purpose in life to suck a man’s dick and make him happy even if it means foregoing or sacrificing their own pleasure – and pleasure other than what one can feel while sucking dick. Those guys say it’s all about the guy you’re sucking… and I tend to disagree with that, not that it’s wrong or anything like that and even I learned how frustrating it can be when the focus is totally on the other guy and trying to please him and, for whatever reason, well, he ain’t all that happy.

I’d learned that if there’s someone you should be sucking a dick for, it should be you first and foremost and if you make the other guy deliriously happy, that works but if he’s not all that satisfied a customer, yeah, that’s not gonna help some stuff – but you got to suck some dick and no matter how it turned out, it made you very damned happy to do it and, besides: If this guy wasn’t totally thrilled with your efforts, that doesn’t mean that the next guy won’t be all that thrilled. I know a lot of guys get bummed out or won’t even try to suck dick because they have it in their head already that they’re not going to be good at it or every guy they suck will think that homey ain’t good at it. I know a lot of guys get even more bummed out when they suck a guy’s cock and the other guy doesn’t cum – and now they’re blaming themselves and thinking that they’re not good at it and, again, thinking that this is what the other guy is now thinking.

Guys ask what it takes to be a good cock sucker; they talk about technique and being submissive but what it takes is having the desire, focus, will, and commitment to be the best sucker of cock one can be. Sucking a dick can be a lot of work; yeah, I know, duh, right? The “goal” is to do whatever you gotta do to get him to cum – and what you do with his cum is up to you – and, for the longest time, I’d been of a mind that while getting him to cum is a goal, it shouldn’t be the sole focus and I’m not sure if I’m gonna explain this part correctly but if you don’t feel absolutely wonderful doing it, you won’t have that… push to make him feel absolutely wonderful while you’re doing it and to the point where him busting his nuts wide open is more a when thing than an if thing. Tack on something that I think is the real reality of sucking dick, that being, with or without cum showing up, it feels amazing to do it… and amazing to have it done. Guys, whew, guys get into all this “good and bad” stuff and a blow job is almost universally considered to be bad if the guy being sucked doesn’t cum… and it’s always the cock sucker’s fault that he didn’t.

Well, shit – why didn’t he cum? Lots of reasons for that and two of them that immediately comes to mind (no pun here) is not enough stimulation and too much stimulation and for one more thing, what, if anything, the guy being sucked has going on inside his head and more so when guys are… kinda weird in that on the one hand, they wanna cum… and they wanna hold off from doing it for as long as possible… and, for the most part, that’s where their head if (still not supplying puns) and they’re focused on the end of things… but not what’s going on so much. So, if you’re the one doing the sucking, you need the desire, focus, will, and commitment to want to do it and no matter what happens… or what doesn’t happen… and you need some really serious patience and perseverance along with an understanding that, sorry to say (but not really) that some guys just do not know how to get their dick sucked so if there’s no cum forthcoming (you know what I’m gonna say, right?), it’s not always the cock sucker’s fault.

If there’s been a knock against me as a cock sucker, it’s that I’m a selfish one… and I don’t deny it one bit. See, I figured out that it’s impossible to make every guy you suck happy… but it’s easy to make myself happy doing it; if I’m over the moon about doing it – and I normally am – then my happiness – that desire, focus, will, and commitment – will, in the majority of times, makes the other guy really happy and entices him to cum. I say that I don’t suck dick to make the other guy happy… and other guys tell me that I’m doing it wrong but in my own “defense,” I’ve rarely – very rarely – failed to make a guy cum for me… but even when I’ve failed to get him to cum, you betcha – I had one hell of a time doing it.

Which is the whole point in sucking a man’s dick; if you don’t have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to have fun doing it, chances are he’s not going to enjoy it a whole lot. If you have those four things – and along with patience and perseverance – you stand a better chance of having to peel him off of the ceiling, him doing all he can to get away from you, and begging for someone to save him because, in your mind, there is no one who can save him; he can call on God, Jesus, his momma – anyone that comes to mind… and no one is gonna come (yeah, yeah) to his aid. And if you get him to cum (and even if he somehow doesn’t) and it feels to him like you’ve removed some skin or he’s looking down at his dick to confirm that it’s still attached to him, chances are you did it right for the both of you.

Desire. Focus. Will. Commitment. There’s sucking a guy’s cock… then there’s sucking a guy’s cock. There’s doing it because you have to and are expected to… then there’s sucking a cock because you sure as fuck want and need to. It’s a… hunger; I liken it to having a starving, ravenous Beast inside of me that is always demanding to be fed and I can never feed it enough or fast enough to really and truly make it happy. And, yeah, um, I’m like that when eating pussy and even more so, you know, just saying since to have women looking at you like you just tried to kill them, it also requires desire, focus, will, and commitment; if you look at going down on her as a chore, chances are good neither of you are really gonna enjoy it.

Things like skill and technique can be learned… but I’m of a mind that if you don’t have the desire to begin with, attaining the focus, will, and commitment will not be all that easy to acquire. I think that male cock suckers do have focus… on who they’re sucking; they get focused on the dick itself and based upon preference… but I also think that a lot of them aren’t thinking a whole lot about what – the inherent pleasures that comes (uh-huh) with having a dick in your mouth to begin with. It just feels fucking amazing to have a guy’s cock in your mouth and having them presents a challenge: Do you have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to get him to cum? Yeah… maybe he won’t… but not because you didn’t do your very best to get him to do that and, again, even if you fail to get him to cum – it happens – it’s never to say that you didn’t have yourself one hell of time just the same because if you didn’t have fun doing it, well, why are you doing it?

I get that some guys say that his pleasure is their pleasure and that’s all they need… but that places their happiness in the hands and whim of the guy they’re sucking and, to me, that’s putting the cart before the horse. If you don’t have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to be as good of a cock sucker you can be and to make yourself deliriously happy to be sucking a dick – with or without cum – why are you sucking dick to begin with? For him? And if he doesn’t appreciate your efforts or otherwise does or says some shit that can tend to steal your joy?

Oh, yeah… the first time I failed to make a guy happy? I was devastated; I felt inadequate and pretty shitty because, apparently, I wasn’t good enough to make him cum and like he wanted from me. It took me a while, when I thought about that moment, that I wasn’t all that thrilled about sucking his dick to begin with; I wanted to but I hadn’t wanted to… and it was my fault that I hadn’t wanted to. The fact was that I wasn’t having fun sucking his dick – I was just doing it because I knew how to do it… but it lacked drive, for lack of a better word. After that first failure, I had to ask myself what I had done wrong and the best way I can explain it today was that I didn’t so much have the desire (first and foremost), focus, will, and commitment to make sucking his dick – or any other dick – one hell of a fun thing for me to do. So I stopped thinking about him/the other guy… and started focusing inward, to find my desire to have a dick in my mouth – how it felt and tasted and how it was making me feel and understanding that if it wasn’t making me feel good, I was doing it wrong. Like I said early, I do not know a male cock sucker who wants to be known as being lousy at it… and I hated being told that first time that I wasn’t good at it which made me totally forget about the many other guys who said that I was very good at it.

Desire. Focus. Will. Commitment. Understanding that no matter how good I am at this, I’m not going to make every guy I suck a very happy camper… but making myself that way? Easy. Yes, I want whoever I’m going down on to be pleased and all of that… but I learned that this doesn’t start with them: It begins with me and even understanding that whoever I’m going down on isn’t of a mind to make it fun for me since they want it to be good and fun for them to be getting some head and more so when there are some people who just ain’t gonna do it at all. And since it’s almost a certainty that they don’t have my pleasure or best interest in mind, well, isn’t that on me to make very damned sure that I’m having a good time giving them a good time? I knew it to be so and that it takes desire, focus, will, and commitment. One might even say “determination” and that’s me being determined to have one hell of a good time going down on someone because if I’m not doing that, why am I doing it?

Doing it for them isn’t that good enough of a reason even though it is one. A lot of people are of a mind that giving head is a chore and, yep, it can be… if you really don’t have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to not make it a chore but a pleasure – for you – to end all pleasures and accepting that, yeah, sometimes, they’re just not going to be all that pleased with your efforts and you might not be pleased that the outcome didn’t pan out… but that should never, ever change the fact that you had big time fun doing it and that your desire to do it – your inner ravening Beast – was made happy… for now and is more than ready to be fed again and the sooner, the better. Can’t get enough of it; can’t do it enough; I say that I can suck dick and/or eat pussy all day, every day because I have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to do so.

And if you feel like you’ve lost some skin and/or looking at me like I’m some kind of oral sex fiend, well, that’s because I am because I have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to be such a fiend… because it makes me feel very damned good being a fiend and if my being a fiend makes you feel good, well, that works, doesn’t it? Whether someone decides that I’m good or bad at it, well, it is what it is for them and whatever ego I have left, well, it might not be all that pleased about things but even that isn’t allowed to impact the four things I know I have that makes giving head more fun than fucking someone can be.

Because if I don’t have them, why am I doing it? If I’m not doing it to please myself first and foremost, why am I doing it? This isn’t so much about reciprocation but even in this, I learned – and because I suck dick and eat pussy – to be appreciative of the fact that someone is going down on me… because they didn’t have to. A lot of guys insist that the rule of cock sucking is that it’s better to give than receive and if you’re not really getting any real pleasure in the giving, well, sacrifices must be made… and I say, “Fuck that! I ain’t giving up my desire to suck dick (or eat pussy) just to make someone else happy or kid myself that there’s “no need” to derive any pleasure of my own in the doing.

I had sucked a guy off one day and it was a great effort getting him to cum. He had said that I could have been better and that I should have done this, that, or the other and I didn’t get upset about his critique at all. I said to him, “Yeah, okay, but I got to suck that dick… and it got sucked, didn’t it? You came and if that wasn’t fun for you, well, I don’t know what to tell you… but I had fun doing it; you might not be all that happy but I am.”

Ooh… he didn’t like that one bit and insisted that my job as a cock sucker was to make him happy and in any way he thought that meant. Yeah, no… you got the wrong guy; I suck dick to make myself happy; I’m not a means to your end – you’re the means to my end because, as a sucker of cock and eater of pussy, I have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to make myself happy and transfer my happiness onto you and if that didn’t happen the way you wanted or expected to, well, hmm, sorry about that (but not really) because I had fun doing it just the same.

Because to do it and not having fun doing it just does not ever make sense. It’s the difference between liking it and loving it; doing it because it’s expected and doing it because there’s nothing else you’d rather do than to give someone head and subject them to your very passionate desire that comes (um, still no) with being able to do it in the first place. It all begins with me and I’ve learned that you very much need the desire, focus, will, and commitment to not only be the best giver of oral sex you can be but also to enjoy doing it and immensely so and even “insanely” so.

Even if the other person thinks you’re not good at it… but that’s also why you learn all of the tricks and techniques, too, and, uh, no – when I’m giving head, I don’t play fair… there’s no fun in it. My job, if you wanna call it that, is to go down on you and make you feel good and good enough to cum, orgasm, whatever you wanna call it; my ability to do this for you totally and completely depends on my desire, focus, will, and commitment to, first, make myself feel stupidly and insanely happy to do it and transfer my sheer joy to you. I had a woman once ask me, “When you’re going down on me, you aren’t really thinking about me, are you?”

“I am… but kinda not really,” I had said. “I do want it to be good for you and I’m committed to that but, yeah, I’m thinking about how damned good it makes me feel to be doing it and if I’m feeling that good about doing it, it’s gonna make you feel good, too – does that make sense?”

She thought about it for a moment and said, “You’re dangerous…” and I was actually taken aback by this because, at first, I didn’t understand what she meant by that; did she mean that I was terrible at it but once I thought about how, in this situation, how deeply I get into eating pussy – how focused I am on how being down there is making me feel – well, okay – I got what she was saying, that I was intensely focused and that my desire, focus, will, and commitment to enjoy every damned moment of being down there was being applied to her and with results that she was happy with.

I’ve had guys tell me, “Holy shit… you are one hell of a cock sucker!” along with, “You’re better than most women!” I don’t let any of that go to my head because I have failed to please and it won’t be the first or last time… but I love what I’m doing when I have a guy’s dick in my mouth and no matter what he’s expecting and, yeah, because I have the desire, focus, will, and commitment to having the time of my life sucking on that dick and, sometimes, to the point where when the guy cums, I sometimes get surprised… because that’s not what I’m focusing on.

Did I take off some color/skin? I sure hope you feel like that and in a very good way. Do you feel like I tried to eat your pussy right off of your body? If so, um, it’s probably because I was trying to do that and you have my desire, focus, will, and commitment to thank for that if, you know, it made you happy and pleased… because just being able to do that to you in the first place made me very damned happy and pleased.

Otherwise, is there really a point in doing it if you’re not gonna feel or be this way about it? I’ll leave this up to you to decide, dear readers. Your reasons for doing it – or not doing it – are yours and yours alone and I don’t know what they are… but I do know why I am the way I am about it…

And now you know.

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