26 Jul

Okay, time to go where few dare to tread – gay Catholic priests.  First, I mean no insult to any Catholics or anyone of any religion so let’s quash religion hating right now.  With that said, let’s begin…

I just read an article on Yahoo about their ongoing problem with gay priests and the pedophiles and I have to say they’re not having an easy time of it.  They continue to quote doctrine in this, reminding their shepherds of the way things are supposed to be and denouncing the world that’s been changing around them.  I often talk about how people get stuck in certain mindsets and even periods of time and it seems to me the Catholic Church qualifies as an entity that’s very stuck.

The article said that in documents found, gays in the priesthood have been around since at least 1950 and, to this end, I’m not all that surprised.  If you think about the fact that religion tends to glorify and honor children – our most precious commodity in life – then, um, did you not think some men of the cloth would interpret this differently and take it somewhere else?  I understand that priests are to forgo all pleasures of the flesh – and a lot of them do – but, really, all of them?

Sexuality and sex surround all of us more now than at any other time in our history – we probably have TV and the Internet to thank for that as well as modes of travel that takes hours rather than months.  It’s not as much of a sexual revolution, like back in the 1960’s, as it is an understanding and acceptance that sex is good and we should all do it more.  It should also be a given that homosexuality, the bane of many religions, was going to crop up and flourish – and it has and no one’s immune to it – and certainly not priests.  As a bisexual man, ah, I can certainly understand the lure of the male form and there are pleasures to be had at the hands of your fellow man.

I’m sure this is one of those cases where gays in the priesthood have been around even before 1950 – they’ve now found themselves caught in the headlights because of their less discriminating pedophilic brothers.  Oops.  It seems to me that if priests can drink and smoke and the head of their church hasn’t ordered a lightning bolt from heaven to smite them for it, they’re having sex of all kinds, too.  As the article said, the Church isn’t cracking down on priests who are having “normal” boy/girl relationships or the ones who have fathered children – they’re after the “perverts” and any of them who are just adding to the current problem.

The lesson the Church is failing to learn is that this is how the world is turning in 2010; either change with it or get left behind or, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  If the Church were to, say, 86 the pedophiles (necessary) but make the gay priests feel as if they can still serve God’s will, they probably wouldn’t have a lot of issues.  The Episcopalian church, now redolent with gay priests/ministers/clergy, are getting with the program; yeah, they’ve still got some issues but the “battle” is being won simply because one’s sex and sexuality actually has nothing to do with worshiping God.  The Catholic Church knows this – they just ain’t about practicing what they’ve been preaching for all these centuries.  They are still locked into “do as I say, not as I do.”

Never worked with my children, why would the Church think this still works in the here and now?

I mean, do you really think the original twelve disciples were all straight?  Maybe… and maybe not.  I get the example priests are supposed to set for their followers.  Here’s the problem:  Some of your followers are gay, sorry to break that to you.  You teach us to love our fellow man and, yep, some have taken that literally because, yeah, loving your fellow man can be a lot of fun!

In a way, this kinda reminds me of parents who keep their horny kids on a very tight leash because they know if they get off the leash, sex will happen.  They can’t hold onto that leash forever and, occasionally, the damned thing breaks, the horny kids slip the “collar” and, sex.  Lots of it.  And in ways the parents either never dreamed of or thought their kids knew about.  And, despite this, most kids still turn out to be okay, if not, ah, well-fucked.  It’s all good most of the time, right?  Yeah, I know it can go wrong but we’re not talking about that today (or ever, maybe).

This is the situation the Catholic Church faces today.  They really need to get their heads out of the 1st century and into the here and now and adapt and adjust to the world they’re trying to preach to.  How hard can this be?  They’ve already lost whatever credibility they had when the pedophiles surfaced and that is literally a costly thing for them.  Makes more sense to, again, get rid of the pedophiles and tell whoever’s left to go ye forth and fornicate – but be back in time for Mass, aight?

They’re just too much Old Testament and not enough New Testament, more concerned about the wrath of God and bringing the fire and brimstone than they are spreading the love, which the New Testament does… right up to Revelations, one of the most scariest things I’ve ever read – even scarier than Stephen King’s “It.”  What I’m thinking is that if people feel as if Armageddon is gonna happen – and it’s starting to look that way these days – well, time to get the party started before Jesus returns and cleans house, huh?  In a weird way, that kinda makes sense, although the devout who might read this are crossing themselves while rolling their eyes…

I’m not saying that Church doctrine is wrong – it just needs to be severely revised.  Your Holiness, the genie is out of the bottle and if you know your mythology, getting the genie back in the bottle is pretty much impossible.  You’re not going to scare this particular genie back in there and any threats you can bring to bear will just make the genie laugh at you and stay away from the bottle… why haven’t you figured this out?  I mean, you’re in charge of a gaggle of men who are some of the smartest people on the planet, very learned individuals in things that just isn’t about religion or the pursuit thereof.  They haven’t shown you the handwriting on the wall?  They haven’t come to you with the bottle in one hand and tell you, “Uh, Your Holiness, we found this and it’s empty – and we don’t know where the cork is, either…”

With all due respect, good luck with trying to get the genie anywhere near that bottle again…

What strikes me as totally ludicrous is that religion teaches us to embrace change, something they themselves are incapable of doing so right there, your credibility has taken a major hit – us kids just ain’t buying into “do as I say, not as I do.”  You tell us we have to change – but you’re not going to?  Ever?  Then you expect your messengers – who are, by the way, out there with the people more than you are – to keep relying on blind faith to guide them when they can see the changes firsthand?  Then expect them to never change despite the glaring evidence before them?

Shoulda known that wasn’t going to happen, ye of little foresight.

Okay, clerical pedophiles.  Very heinous stuff and no one on the planet disagrees with this, except those for which doing little boys is actually fine and dandy and, yes, Virginia, they do exist.  This is kinda simple in that boys tend to be hornier than girls – we get that massive jolt of hormones before our female counterparts do and, ooh-whee!  Okay, so a lot of them are coming out and saying they got molested… did you really?  Or did you give it up willingly whenever you did and, when you heard of a way to get very rich, now you’re crying foul?

This ain’t about priests dicking five year olds – this is about them fucking young men who are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong… but are naive enough to get lured in and sexed in some way.  All of the molested opted to keep quiet about it – I get that, just as I get that, yeah, it’ll damage some folks big time but, as they say, that which does not kill us makes us stronger – and there are a lot of strong molested people… and they’re getting rich, too.

All of this defies the simple logic of it all.  It’s not supposed to be done – but it is.  The law cracks down as hard as it can and, no, priests should never be exempt from the law and I don’t care what His Holiness says; you committed a crime, you have to face justice and that jury of your peers – then pay the price for your stupidity in doing it – and getting caught.  That’s just the way it is.  Did some of those people crying foul give it up willingly?  I’m thinking they did.  What gets me to this end is if you knew it was wrong, why wait all these years to say something about it?  Just what did you think was going to happen if you did?  Maybe you go straight to your parents or the cops five minutes after Father Pete busts a nut in you, he winds up in jail and now he gets to play with the big boys in prison.

That a lot of these people, now adults, waited until they saw they could get rich to say something, well, that just sucks.  Reports about this reveal that people were, in fact, saying something about it… and the Vatican did nothing other than sweep it under the rug, maybe paid the victims off to keep them quiet, and even sent the offending priest to some place in the world preaching the Gospel to penguins or something.  They knew – they’ve always known so, to me, it’s a question of who’s really the bad guy here:  The priests who did this, the Pope who failed to squash this in the beginning, or the people who let themselves get fucked and didn’t say anything or got paid off to keep quiet.

This is how “bad” things perpetuate.  Something “bad” happens, things are kept quiet, money exchanges hands, threats made, and those who are ultimately responsible look the other way or maybe feel that their cloak of religious authority places them above the laws of man and shields them from it.

The article I read spoke about three Italian priests in the Diocese of Rome who are party animals – and they like men and other worldly pleasures.  I have to ask myself if this, in and of itself, makes them bad people or even bad messengers of the Word of God.  Somehow, I don’t think it does, although it does toss another egg on Pope Benedict’s face.  For the longest time, the Church itself has not been practicing what they’ve been preaching so why should the preachers do it?  They eschew worldly pleasures but, ah, isn’t the Vatican one of the richest places on the planet?  Their vaults hold unmeasurable valuables, don’t they?  And parishioners do pay tithes, don’t they, that 10% they tell us God said He wanted.

Like God needs to pay his Amex bill… right.  The Church, as an entity, is quite rich, it’s hierarchy enjoys quite a few worldly pleasure, don’t they?  They’re all not as pious as we’re led to believe but I’m sure they say, “Oh, it’s just this one thing – God will forgive me for this little indulgence…”

Uh, isn’t that the same thing a lot of us followers say?  See, I think religion screwed up when they told us that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and even though we are born into sin, they have been washed away.  What they knew – and what we eventually found out – is that they were telling us it was okay to sin – so we sinned and so did they because we all have been forgiven before and after the fact, especially if we confess them in whatever way we do.

And no one thought that priests – the messengers themselves – wouldn’t figure this out as well?  I’m sure some of the stuff being said in those confessionals would probably give me a permanent boner – and the priests, too.  The bad part is that while God, in His Grace and Glory, will and has forgiven you, the law, on the other hand, eh, not so much.  If you’re gay, no problem, depending in which country you happen to live in – do whatcha gotta do, dude.  Pedophile?  Well, we have a place for you that makes Hell look like a walk in the park and, oh, yeah, there are guys there who don’t exactly like pedophiles – but love doing certain things to them and killing you is the least of your problems.

It’s high time the Church just throws in the towel on this one.  Take your lumps – you deserve them, you sneaky bastards, then get with the rest of the world.  Banish the pedophiles and make them face justice – then let the gays among you do what they have to do to spread the word as long as they continue to do this well.

I’m sure they will.

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