Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: 30 August 22

30 Aug

There was a guy I knew back in the teenaged years who gained some notoriety because he, rumor had it, could cum three times before going soft. The word had spread among us because “all of a sudden,” the girls who were more amenable to giving it up to you were refusing to because “Jay” could cum, stay hard, keep fucking, cum again, ditto, and at least one more time before finally getting soft.

According to the girls who were… enamored of him, it wasn’t that he had that long, fat dick that was “mandatory” because whatever he lacked in that area he made up for with this amazing ability. Needless to say, we didn’t like Jay all that much, not because he wasn’t a friendly kind of guy but he was responsible for a lot of us experiencing The Drought… and right up to a moment when he began to fall out of favor with those girls who were once singing his praises for his amazing stamina and how much cum he was putting into them.

The word was that girls were now very afraid of Jay getting them pregnant because, again, he could cum and keep right on stroking and not giving his cum a chance to… clear out. Girls were also complaining that he was taking way too long to fuck them, and it was making them sore for days on end and we heard these complaints and snickered a lot because homeboy went from being a “good” kind of freak to a “bad” one. Were the rumors and stories about him really true?

At first, I didn’t think so but after a while, there were too many girls talking about him for this to not have some truth to it and more so when girls I had screwed several times were talking about (1) not giving me any and because they were, (2) looking to get a shot at Jay to see if what they’d heard was true. But apparently, it was true and, yeah, we, as a peer group, didn’t like him all that much because he was getting all of the primo pussy and getting those girls hooked on him.

Other than that, Jay was a very likeable guy. That didn’t stop some guys laying into him about being a freak (not the good kind) and that went on enough to see him get forced out of our group and I felt sorry for him because I learned – and because this… ability had piqued my curiosity something fierce – that his being able to do this consistently wasn’t any fault of his; Mother Nature had just “gifted” him with this and while this sounded like a fantastic thing, it was turning out to be a curse for him when one of the girls he had “stolen” from the rest of us had a pregnancy scare and, well, that word spread amongst the other girls faster than the speed of light and precipitated his “fall from grace.”

I ran into him one day and a couple of months after his “fall” and the poor guy looked like he was looking for a Mack truck to come by so he could step out in front of it. He looked depressed and haggard and like he wasn’t sleeping well; he was walking with his head down and the smile he usually wore on his face had been replaced by a frown and if I had felt bad for him after hearing how he was being dissed by even the sluttiest girl we knew of, I really felt bad for him because his male friends had also turned their backs on him.

So I spoke to him and it was painful to see him flinch; word was some of the guys who weren’t getting any decided to take their frustration out on him. He flinched and I held up my hands in that “I ain’t gonna do anything” gesture and asked him how he was doing… and he responded with a sigh that chilled me to my bones. At first, he didn’t want to talk to me but I kept at him until he eventually told me why he was looking like someone had stolen his lunch money and killed his dog… but he didn’t tell me anything that I hadn’t known already since the word of his “fall” had raced like wildfire amongst us guys.

But I knew that it might help him to tell me what was going on with him. Not only had he not gotten laid for quite a while, he was also struggling with being kicked out of our peer group and he didn’t know what to do about any of it since he didn’t have a friend he could talk to… and I volunteered for the job. Over the next week or so, I made it a point to hang with him – and let the others see that I was and that I wasn’t worried about whatever they were saying and he opened up to confirm that he didn’t understand why everyone hated him for something that he had no control over and there wasn’t anything he could do about.

And he needed to cum. He specifically said this and I’d asked him if he was jerking off – and like any of would readily do when that need was upon us and he said that it wasn’t the same and since it wasn’t, that just made him even more depressed and did I know of a way he could do it so that he could get back to feeling better about himself.

And… I told him that I knew of a way, but I wasn’t sure if he’d find it to his liking by telling him, “Well, um, I could suck your dick and it might help.” Why did I say this? Because I not only had a lot of compassion for him and his plight, but it was also the only thing I could think of and, years later when I would think about this, I’d see that it was the thing to say and do. His reaction to my response seemed to hit him like he had never considered such a… solution and I probably shocked the shit out of him by letting him know that I sucked dick.

Wasn’t I afraid of this freakish thing about him? I told him that, well, I kinda was but not really since if he agreed, this wouldn’t be the first time I’d sucked a guy’s dick and, yeah, I had to tell my story to him. He bombarded me with a lot of questions including the ones about being gay and I laughed and said that if it was really gay, um, he was kinda responsible for a few of our group being “gay” since he – Jay – was getting all the pussy that we weren’t getting but while that was… bothersome, none of it really affected me all that much since I was sucking dick and guys were sucking me.

He seemed to latch onto this like it was a life preserver and, honestly, I kinda knew he would but, also being honest, I had no idea how I was going to handle blowing him if what everyone said about him was really the truth. Part of me was hoping that he’d turn down the offer, but he didn’t, and it took us another couple of days before we had a time and place for me to do this for him.

He was eager and nervous as we sat on his bed and I kept telling him to relax as much as he could and let me know when he was ready but I could see that, um, part of him was quite ready. After a couple of minutes of him asking me questions I’d already answered for him, he said that he was ready, and stood up to strip out of his clothes and my first thought was that he had a nice dick and of a size that would be stupidly easy for me to suck. I’d stripped down and as he laid down, I settled in next to him, asked again if he was ready and – again – suggested that he just relax, close his eyes if he needed to and just don’t think about it.

He nodded that he was ready and I went right to work on him. I really wanted to help him with this and, um, I was horny as hell on top of it. He was tense at first and I could feel it because I had one hand on his belly and, as such, I felt the moment he finally relaxed and “got into it.” I’m sucking him – it felt so good, too – and he’s gently fucking into my mouth when a few minutes later, I heard him say, “Oh! Oh!” and…

My mouth got flooded with cum. The first shot kinda startled me and by the third big shot, I was of two minds. One part was yelling, “Oh, hell, yeah!” and working quickly to swallow all of his goo and another part was saying, “We’re in trouble…” and that bore itself out when he’d stopped cumming… and his dick wasn’t even close to starting to get soft. That one part was screaming, “That what the fuck I’m talking about!” as I continued to suck him while the other part was saying, “Um, you might want to stop and call it a day…” and, well, in retrospect, I should have stopped but I didn’t.

He did, indeed, blast three huge loads of cum into my mouth and stomach before he got soft. The rumors were true! Even the part of me that had been losing its mind over being able to keep blowing him was feeling some kind of way about it. I had so much of his cum in my stomach that I felt full and that was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time. The other part of me that was against continuing to suck him said, “So much for going to Gino’s for something to eat, huh?” Yeah, I wasn’t going to be doing that and I was feeling so… overwhelmed that I had missed him asking me to lie down so he could see if he could suck my dick.

Which he did and he didn’t do bad for his first time but what touched me was him saying, after I came, “I wish I could do that.”

“Do what?” I managed to say.

“Cum and get soft right away,” he said. For a moment, I thought he was going to start crying but he didn’t.

“It’s not your fault,” I said – and because I was too… distressed to say anything other than that. One part of me was “poking” me to blow him again and the other part was saying, “Don’t even think about it!” and… we did the side-by-side 69 thing and it was good and it was bad because I was now so full of his cum that the next load would very likely make me throw it all back up.

And I almost did. Jay is… happy. Relieved. Rather proud of himself and for good reason since sucking a guy’s dick – let alone sucking him off – was, well, really bad. I wasn’t… feeling all that good; his cum in my belly felt like a brick and I was burping over and over and, sheesh, I was tasting all of that cum again. I shut down that part of me that was saying, “One more time! One more time!” and I unanimously agreed with the other part of me that was saying, “Shut the fuck up already!”

Jay was acting like he’d gotten a new lease on life and I was glad that he was feeling better even if it was all I could do not to upchuck all over the place. He had told me that he had considered… killing himself and hearing this shocked me into forgetting my, ah, gastric distress and before I could say anything about that he said, “Don’t worry; I’m not gonna do that because you showed me a way to get off that I didn’t think I would like but, yeah, I really like it!”

And then he asked me what I was doing tomorrow. One part of me said, “You know you’ve created a monster, right?” and the other part was saying, “Go for it again! That was fucking amazing, dude!” and the next day found me not sucking him off but being fucked by him and if I hadn’t really understood what all those girls were now complaining about, I understood it now. I had “stupidly” thought that him fucking me might have a different result for him but, nope; he filled me way past overflowing with cum three damned times before he got soft. He had wanted to stop fucking me after the first dump truck load of cum but, apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment because I had told him to keep going because, um, he felt good in me and a sentiment that changed after the second time Mount Jay erupted and making me more of a sticky mess than I already was.

Even the part of me that was gung ho to have sex with him was having second (and third) thoughts and by the time he unloaded in me for the last time, I was just… there and had been before he filled me up the second time, to be perfectly honest. I could have begged off but this was… a matter of honor; I’d given him my word that it would be okay for him to fuck me and that I wanted him to and, nope, I’m not afraid of what’s going to happen. And I wasn’t afraid… but I was of a mind to not do this again with him any time soon. He… wore me the fuck out and my ego wasn’t all that happy to admit that, but I told myself that this was better than him being all messed up in his head and thinking about hurting himself and, really, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so totally and completely fucked and satisfied.

Hell, he handled me fucking him better than I had handled him doing me and I hated admitting this to myself but, still, it was for a good cause that was more than having sex with a guy and a guy who was born a certain way that I could now understand could be a good and bad thing. Jay had gotten his confidence back and would profusely thank me for that and not making him feel like the freak of nature everyone insisted that he was. He even got back to having sex with girls but, as he said, with the condition that (1) he wore a condom and (2) he’d stop to not only change it but to give the girl a break in the action.

Some of the other guys, ah, had the “Jay Experience,” too. I was… glad that he was now able to slack his great lust on someone other than me – and not that it was really that bad but, yeah – sex with him pushed me to my limits and beyond them and I had had some serious thinking to do about that.

Jay had gone missing. No one seemed to know what had happened to him and his parents were beyond frantic. The word on the street was saying that someone had offed him but that was bullshit and some of the guys eating a lot of sour grapes over Jay again getting “all the good pussy” and they weren’t. We’d finally found out that Jay had gotten a girl pregnant, and they ran away so they could be together and, well, that whole deal was seriously messy but, in the end, – and as it was being told – their parents had agreed to sign for them to be married.

I had hoped that everything was now right for him. His… condition was both a blessing and a curse and depending on one’s point of view and something that all the negative shit coming from our peer group had him thinking about taking his own life… over something he couldn’t do a damned thing about. Having sex with him… pushed me beyond my known limits whether I was blowing him, or he was inside of me and making one hell of a mess. It was good sex but, yeah, holy shit. I was so… jealous of him being able to fuck and cum repeatedly (and a hell of a whole lot) and I – and probably no one else – could do that. It was… easy to not like him for this but, at the same time, being somewhat proud of myself to be able to bear up under things when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to.

I had some shit to deal with myself about that. How far do you go to help a friend? What was I willing to endure for such a worthy cause. Was there really such a thing as sucking too much dick, swallowing too much cum, and being fucked too much? And the jury said, “Yeah and not really because you know you enjoyed every bit of it so don’t lie and say you didn’t.”

I’d done a good thing. The funny thing is, as I’m thinking and writing this, is that I feel… full and my butt feels… squishy. I know this is my brain “fucking” with my body because I’m not only remembering this, I’m reliving it in my head and my body is just… reacting as it did when I took it upon myself to introduce Jay to a way to have sex that proved to be a boon to him…

And to me, as well… because sex with him was pretty damned good. I would realize that it wasn’t a thing of it taking him “too long” to cum; as far as that went, it didn’t take him “that much longer” than it did any other guy I’d suck or be fucked by; it was just that he could cum like you wouldn’t believe and his refractionary period just didn’t kick in and like it does for so many guys and that allowed him to keep right on going until it eventually kicked in and he’d finally get soft.

A freak of nature? Probably and I’d often hear about other guys who were like this, and I was… thankful that I never ran into them and experienced them because Jay was, for me, the experience of a lifetime. Yes, I found that I was a glutton for punishment in that sense and it took me a while to deal with this because there’s physically “too much” but that… love of having sex with guys proved to be more “powerful” and demanding and to the point where it just “made sense” to hang on in there even when my body would say and ask, “Haven’t you had enough?”

And understanding that I hadn’t so much. When I sat that I’ve seen bisexuality save a guy’s life, that’s some real shit. When I say that a guy experiencing sex with another guy is a life-changing event, that’s also some real shit. And… what are friends for?

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