Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Who’s More Likely…

04 Sep

…to embrace bisexuality? Men or women? A damned good question and one that, at the moment, I have no idea why it popped into my head. Well, maybe I do know because I had changed browser tabs after peeking at the forum and a thought about new guys and guys still sitting on the bench flashed through my mind.

Okay… that’ll work for now. As to the question itself? Idealistically, anyone and regardless to sex – male or female – can be likely to embrace bisexuality and depending upon their need and how they’ve thought it can and will fit into their lives, plans, goals, expectations, etc..

Women may have the more… emotional advantage and, combined with their unique sense of logic, might be more amenable to explore bisexuality, not so much because of any physical needs but their emotional ones. Men, on the other hand, well, that’s kinda getting a bit… complicated as more and more men are, surprisingly, embracing their inner girl and opting for more emotional content than physical but that doesn’t diminish that physical need one bit.

Off the top of my head, um, it’s a draw; there are way too many other variables that have to be considered that, at least for me, makes coming up with anything that might sound definitive really hard to do. Of course, I get to see what a lot of men on the forum have on their minds about this and if you kinda put it all together, one might think that men are more likely to embrace bisexuality than women would be… and I don’t think that’s really accurate and, of course, due to a lack of information. I mean, I know what some women think about this but it’s not nearly enough data to make a real educated guess either way.

Then you tack on the fact that, today, a man or a woman isn’t even thinking about this but, tomorrow? It’s on their mind and what no one knows is why it’s now on their mind and, I think, enough to get their attention. Not in the way that they’re now thinking about this and to the exclusion of all else; it’s really like a whisper or, perhaps, some kind of subliminal message that just might be, as suspected, that’s generated by one’s subconscious.

Yeah… good luck trying to figure out how that works. And good luck asking them why they’re thinking like this, while you’re at it and if, by chance, you are privy to the fact that it crossed their mind in the first place. As a matter of fact, they’re asking themselves why they’re thinking about this and especially if they never thought about it before.

I’ve been of a mind that being more… welcoming? – is dependent upon what someone thinks, feels, and/or believes that they need in their life and the “best” way to get it. As always, it’s not as if there’s no one who isn’t at least distantly aware that stuff in the same-sex mode happens and it’s always amazed and fascinated me how a person can think through a whole lot of stuff and this particular thing just sticks out and now they’re thinking, “Hmm… I wonder what this is really all about… and should I look into it?”

The one thing I do kinda know is that once this thought gets stuck in their head, shaking it out isn’t all that easy and tends to generate an internal discussion where one side says going this route ain’t the way to go – moral and/or personal beliefs and all that – and there’s this other side that is, if nothing else, willing to investigate the possibilities or, what’s it gonna hurt to, at least, look at this? We don’t have to do anything but this is, for now, a thought exercise.

The funny part is that this “conversation” is taking place even when one’s mind is occupied with other things – the human brain is an amazing organ, after all. Why does this sound like either a good or bad thing? What, if anything, is really needed? Emotional comfort? Sex? Both? Sometimes neither; it is within the realm of possibility that just putting one’s mind in “bisexual mode” – accepting the reality of it – is all that’s needed for them to feel whole and complete.

No further actions are required. And it can happen to anyone; at any time; with or without reason… and even if, initially, a reason doesn’t make one damned bit of sense to them. Really… how many times have I personally heard someone say, “I have no idea why I’m thinking about this?” or saying, “I don’t know why I have this urge to do this!”

That’s okay… because I don’t know, either – I just know that it does. Anyone. At any time. No warning or advance notice. One moment it’s not there and the next moment it is. It either gets ignored or shoved to the back of the bus or it becomes an itch that’s not going to go away until one tries to scratch it on some way and, usually, by giving the thought some attention – a little or a lot, doesn’t matter.

Are such thoughts already “pre-programmed” into us? Can be “activated” in a lot of different ways… or just remains dormant “forever?” That’s what we don’t know although a lot of experts in human behavior and sexuality are of a mind that gay folks, again, got it partially right: We’re born this way and now it’s all about whether it’s active or not, whether it gets activated or never does.

Who’s more likely? No way of knowing. Cannot be predicted or even guessed at. Some might say that men are more likely given our, um, hard-wired need for sex and some might say that women are because of their equally hard-wired need for emotional content and connection. While both thing could very well be true, they can also be just as untrue.

Which makes this stupid “bisexual visibility” thing such a pain in a lot of peoples’ ass: No one “looks like the type” because anyone could potentially be “the type.” Anyone. At any time. For reasons that just might not make any sense to the person in question, let alone to anyone else.

“Nah, I’d never do some shit like that!” Yeah… and how many times have I heard this and the person uttering it is now up to their eyeballs in it? More than I can easily count. Or, “I don’t believe in that!” and, hmm, somehow and in some way, their beliefs have changed and now, if they say anything about it, it’s a possibility and whether it’s a slim one or not. This is about the time when someone will start stating a lot of conditions that would have to happen before they’d actually do something and, usually, in their minds, formed in such a way that tends to insure that they won’t be able to do anything.

Then they do something and now they’re even more bamboozled because whatever conditions they put in place to make sure they couldn’t do it, well, how’d that work for ya? It didn’t, huh? Uh-huh: How many times have I heard someone say, “I don’t believe I just did that!”?

A lot. Anyone. At any time. For any reason.

That’s the best I got…


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4 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Who’s More Likely…

  1. collaredmichael

    9 September 2020 at 04:52

    I’m going with females! No facts! Nothing except many conversations that would indicate a far more willing attitude towards bisexuality with many many females!


    • kdaddy23

      9 September 2020 at 15:00

      I think you may be right – I’ve always felt that women are more cool with it than guys are. Guys I talk to are sometimes very uptight about it while the women I’ve talked to tend to be like, “It’s not that big of a deal…” Then add on the many women who say that, really, they don’t need a man for much of anything so, at least on the surface, you’d think that would include… intimacy.

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  2. benleander

    10 September 2020 at 07:35

    I read a study once that bisexuality as about same prevalent between men and women but due to societal standards women are more likely to act on it. I think that’s something that’s currently changing though, at least in western countries.


    • kdaddy23

      10 September 2020 at 14:18

      I might have read that study as well and agree – again – that women are more likely to act. Guys… well, a lot of us think about it, talk about wanting to get into it and often stop short of actually diving into the pool and being concerned with things that, at least in my opinion, women don’t seem to worry so much about. They do have concerns but I guess they’re just easier for women to get past and then, I think, because their needs are more emotional than physical and, yeah, their emotions makes the physical much more enjoyable. And I’ve always believed that women handle bisexuality way better than men do.



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