Xbox One Gaming: Elite Dangerous: Horizons Part 3

19 Jan

First, I’ve changed my theme… for now – lemme know what you think of the Ryu theme!

I’ve pretty much “forgotten” about my other favorite games, including Watch Dogs: Legion, which I had gotten before I got Elite Dangerous; it was so bad that when I went to play my other favorites, I had to remember how to play them but this isn’t unusual for me because once I have a game that I can really get into, well, all I have is time to play it.

I’ve made great progress considering I haven’t been playing that long and compared to other players, I have a very long way to go. I haven’t bothered with playing alongside others because I haven’t worked toward any missions that I’d have to shoot stuff – yet. I have six ships now and one of them is a fighter and I guess once I build up my credits again, it might be time to go kill some shit. Until then, I’m continuing to do decent paying jobs using the different craft I have… but I gotta tell you what happened yesterday and during my third mission using my brand new Dolphin-class passenger ship.

The second trip was a bitch; I took a passenger to a planet in a system that I thought had a station but instead, there was a… device there that I had to scan for them. What made it a bitch was there was nowhere for me to land close to it and I’m surprised my ship didn’t take any damage because I was bouncing around all over the surface, slamming into the ground at times while trying to get the ship under control. I finally got into a bit of a hover and it occurred to me that I was supposed to scan it – so I did. My passenger was happy and I took them back where I picked them up and got paid 150,000+ credits.

It was worth the hassle and my ineptitude doing stuff like that. I was debating on changing ships to do other jobs and decided, what the hell – let’s take another passenger somewhere. I saw a job that was gonna pay a million credits and I was qualified to do it; I loaded them up, and selected Auto Launch to get underway. Auto Launch is a blessing; I’ve learned to fly my ships fairly well and I could manually fly out of the space-based stations even though they all rotate: Think about that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey and the PanAm clipper and as I might have mentioned, the game uses the same music as the movie. I could do it… but if I don’t have to, that works.

The ship lifts off and stops because other ships are in a queue to leave or enter the station when I look to my right and see, in bright red letters, “Illegal Passenger Onboard” and I thought, “Oh, shit!” That’s when I discovered that once you engage Auto Launch, you can’t cancel it or if there’s a way to do it, I didn’t know anything about it. I’m “panicking” because I see a green icon cross my screen and the identifier is for a Federal warship and I knew my ass was in trouble and more so when, in the many times I’ve left a station, this particular event never happened. I’m still furiously going through my options and trying to find a way to abort the launch but it’s too late: My ship leaves the station and I know that it’s going to be about a minute before the Auto Launch procedure releases me… but I’m already thinking about turning around and ditching my illegal passenger. I abort the job and I get a message from the pissed off passenger that says if I’m not gonna take them where they want to go, just drop them off at another station.

My plan was to take them back inside but just as I was free and clear to navigate, my onboard computer calmly says, “We’re under attack.” And before I could see even where the attack was coming from – and even though I knew it was the Federal warship – I got my ass blown out of the sky. As you can imagine, I was pissy about that because the game didn’t see fit to warn me about the illegal passenger until after I had launched and, again, I couldn’t stop it.

Because I had gotten myself blown up one time before – way back when I was still trying to figure out some stuff, I knew I was going to wind up at a detention facility and I had to laugh because I’m in jail even though y’all just blew my ass up and killed me and to make it worse, I had to pay in order to get my ship back, too. I could afford it and I do like that the game doesn’t make you lose anything in this situation but, yeah, I wasn’t happy about how that all went down. Now I have to fly back to my home base and hoping that the authorities hadn’t put a bounty on me or hit me with some fines. Neither thing happened but, yeah, I was still pissy about it and kinda mad with myself although, again, there was nothing I could do or knew about to stop the Auto Launch process.

I kept playing, safely ferrying passengers and as I went on about playing, I was thinking that despite my very rough start, I’m glad that I bought this game and accepted its challenges. As I was on my way back from one place and super cruising to the station, I was looking at my iPad and Facebook and saw a post from one of my other game’s group… and that’s when it hit me that I’d been playing the game before I got this one and, well, yeah – this one is so good that I just didn’t have any thoughts about playing that game… or any other game.

Because I have three Microsoft accounts, I can have three profiles on my Xbox and, per my habit and when I have a game I can really get into, I started a new game on my second profile because now it was time for me to use what I’d learned from my main profile – along with the gazillion mistakes – and apply them. I decided for this profile that I was going to delay having to leave the starting area for as long as I can since, once you leave there, if there’s a way to go back, I don’t know about it. I found that I could plot a course back to the starting point but since my leaving made them revoke my license and permit to be there, well, shit. So, for my second profile, I’m just gonna hang out there and do jobs and make lots of credits and for as long as I can.

One “mistake” I corrected was to buy a Hauler as my second ship; at the point where I get invited to an Engineer’s location so I can get fancy updates for my ships, a YouTube guide for this mission specifically says to get a Hauler to make the trip because it carries more fuel – and even though I can refuel at a star – but they also are able to travel greater distances. When I did this job, I ignored the advice and thought that the ship I was in – an Adder-class kind of freighter – would do just fine. Um, yeah, shit, I should have listened to that advice! At one point during the very long trip, I almost ran out of fuel a few times and I was thinking about what could be done if I did run out of fuel. I learned, after the fact, that there’s a way to have someone bring you some fuel but since I didn’t know that, all I could do was, upon arriving at a Fuel Star, was to keep diving in until I had enough fuel to continue.

I’m like two jumps away from my destination; my fuel status is beyond questionable… and the game let’s me know that where I am is the last main sequence star that I can refuel at and I’m having yet another, “Oh, shit!” moment. I know that if I get too close to the star, the least thing that can happen is my drive shuts down and the worst is I get burnt the fuck up. As I’m carefully skimming the corona of the star, I’m wondering which one of the game’s developers thought it was a great idea to emerge from light speed and the first thing you see is a fucking star but for now, I’m very happy that they put this into the game. I successfully completed the mission… but for my second profile – and knowing that, again, at some point, I’m gonna have to do this job – I went ahead and bought a Hauler as my second ship; I am not going to make the same mistake twice.

Finally, my son-in-law. I convince him to buy the game. He’s always recommending games to me, some of them to my liking, some of them not so much. I’ve been telling him about the game and how challenging it is because when it comes to playing games, he’s like me in that if it’s challenging, we just gotta go for it. I was telling him what I had experienced early on and after he watched a YouTube video about the game, he decided to get it but I had offered to get it for him because I really want him to play this game because it’s gonna test his skills. He made it through the tutorial which, uh, by the way, I technically didn’t and he was able to kill the one ship that had to be killed that I just couldn’t manage to do so he’s got one up on me in that regard. When we play together – and as we do for a lot of games – it’s never a contest to see who’s better or anything like that and I appreciate and respect his gaming knowledge in some games, like Borderlands, for example.

I can’t wait to see how he makes out with Elite Dangerous and I hope he gets the hang of it enough so that we can play this one together.

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