Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Sometimes…

30 Oct

…I’d find myself in the right place at the right time. Before male bisexuality turned into quite the clusterfuck, one of the hallmarks of being male and bisexual was, “Anywhere, any time…” and you just learned that even if you weren’t looking to get into something, something would find you.

October 1973. California’s Pacific Coast Highway. I’m on my way back to Merced after a weekend with family in Los Angeles and it was one of those days where making the drive was a feast for the eye; being from the East Coast, I was still in awe of California’s amazing scenery because while we had such places in our part of the country, it wasn’t like this. I’m zipping along, listening to the radio when, oh, maybe five or six car lengths ahead of me, I see a car suddenly shimmy followed by a burst of smoke, which was followed by the car’s back end breaking loose and I’m thinking flat tire and oh, shit, because it didn’t look like the driver was going to recover. I take my foot off the gas and I’m on pins and needles as the driver is obviously fighting the car to keep it upright and on the road… but they manage it. I decide to pull over to see if the driver is okay and thinking that if that had happened to me – and at about 80 miles per hour – I’d not only be shaken up but very much in need of a change of underwear.

The guy driving was out of his car and going to look at the right rear tire as I pulled up and stopped and I could hear him cursing before I even got out of my car. I ask him if he’s okay and he says he is; I ask if he needs some help and he says he’s got this but after rummaging around in the trunk, he’s got a spare, a jack… and no tire iron or lug wrench. I go to my trunk to get my combo tire iron/lug wrench but, well, damn: The lugs on his car were smaller than the ones on mine so that wasn’t going to work. Now the situation gets interesting; he needs the right sized tool and while we weren’t exactly “in the middle of nowhere” on the PCH, the next populated place was still maybe twenty miles away. The really good thing was that the guy knew exactly where he was and where he could go to get the tool he needed so I offered to give him a ride there and back and mostly because I’d want someone to do that for me if I was ever in that situation.

I learned that his name was “Charlie” and that he lived in Fresno and he had been on his way home from a trip to San Diego before this happened. I’d introduced myself and mentioned being stationed in Merced which isn’t that far from Fresno and we filled the trip to the next town with a lot of general-type chatter. We wound up going to a couple of parts stores before finding the right tool for the job but got back on the road pretty quickly. Back at his car, things were going well… until he broke a lug off of the hub; not that big of a deal but breaking two more was a big deal for a car with only four lugs. I didn’t think it would be safe to get the spare on with just one lug to keep it in place and he agreed so since I had to go through Fresno to get back to Merced, I offered to take him home rather to leave him stranded.

So off we went. Most of the two-hour ride was made in silence; he wasn’t happy about what had happened and was fussing to himself about what it was gonna cost him to get his car towed back home and all that… and there wasn’t much I could say about it other than to agree that this was some fucked up shit. At one point, I got off the PCH to make a pit stop at one of the many Sambo’s restaurants I’d discovered to, um, pay my water bill and to get a bite to eat. We kinda fussed about paying the bill but he insisted and I relented and we got back on the road. We hadn’t gotten that far into the “last leg” of the ride when he started talking about how lucky he was that I had came along when I did and how grateful he was that I stopped to help him when I could have kept on going and he wanted to show his appreciation…

By sucking my dick. Oddly enough, I wasn’t all that shocked by this; one of the things that gave me a huge jolt of culture shock being in California was how sexually liberated a lot of people were. I wasn’t expecting such an offer and we spent the next few minutes with me saying that it wasn’t necessary and him saying that he felt he needed to do more than just pay for our meal but he’d understand if I “wasn’t like that” and me saying that I was “like that” but it would suffice that I was able to help him out. We went back and forth for a few more miles before I caved in and pulled over at a place Charlie had pointed out. To be honest, sitting there “arguing” with him about this had made me horny and it didn’t help that he’d added to my caving in by pulling his dick out and stroking it. Shit. How and why does this keep happening to me?

Charlie didn’t waste much time helping me get my pants down and the seat pushed back before he swooped down and swallowed me whole, making me gasp and shiver at the contact. There wasn’t enough room for this in the front so we went through a bit of a “Chinese fire drill” climbing into the back seat which was roomy enough for us to get into enough of a 69 so we could suck each other. It didn’t take much or very long before Charlie was spurting his cum into my mouth and I moaned at the more sweet than salty taste of it and he hadn’t slowed down one bit with his mouth on me despite losing his load. He pushed me to the edge… then kicked me over it and it was crazy good and so much that in my thrashing around as I came, I’d hit my head on the window crank and barely noticed it other than to briefly think that it was probably gonna leave a mark.

The windows were all steamed up and the whole car smelled of hot, musky sex. I had considered the “debt” paid in full but Charlie didn’t quite agree; when he said that he hadn’t really expected that blowing me would be as good as he’d discovered and he wanted to do it again, I had mixed feelings about it. Yes, he gave me one hell of a blow job and I’d be lying to myself to say that I hadn’t had big time fun sucking him… but we were off the PCH in some place I didn’t know anything about and while I wasn’t worried about getting back to Merced, it was getting into the early part of the late evening. I didn’t get the chance to voice the concerns running around in my head because Charlie had me in his mouth again and my common sense got shut down and pretty damned quick at that. We’re going at each other again and it was even better than the first time but in the back of my mind, I’m having “visions” of CHP coming along and seeing my car rocking in place with the windows all steamed up and coming to investigate… which just seemed to make what we were doing even more exciting.

Charlie had unloaded into my mouth already and moved away so that he could focus all of his attention on me. I had wanted to fondle him but that’s when he actually smacked me hard on my hand before moving! Okay, message received, damn it. To say that Charlie was an amazing cocksucker didn’t do that any justice. I felt like he was sucking my soul right out of me as he alternated between eating all of my dick and sucking on my balls, something that I hadn’t experienced a lot of in past adventures back home… but seemed to be a “thing” with California cocksuckers. I didn’t know… and didn’t much care at that moment. I wanted to cum so bad it wasn’t funny… and Charlie was doing things to me to make sure that I wasn’t going to and, my mind being the way it was, I even took note of those things for, um, future reference.

God… he was so damned good at this! He had moved to get more… leverage? on me which brought him back within my reach… and his dick was hard again! Must be something in the water or something but he wasn’t about to let me get my mouth on him again and no matter how much I was really begging him about it – and, yeah, I was begging for real – so I just settled for stroking his lovely erection until my damn finally burst and knocked me silly enough that I was barely aware of his dick pumping in my grip and his warm spunk flowing over my fingers…

And praying that he wasn’t going to want to do this again. I couldn’t remember being so totally drained before… and this was definitely not my first rodeo. It wasn’t helping me one bit that Charlie was still gently sucking on me even though I’d gone totally soft after cumming and that part of my brain that just pays attention to everything noted how skillfully he avoided my overly sensitive knob until, I guess, he decided that he was satisfied and let go of me. Thank you, Jesus… because I knew I couldn’t take any more of him sucking me.

We stayed in the back seat for a long moment and I didn’t know about him so much but my body was protesting over having been kinda cramped up in the back seat and, yeah, he had drained me so well that I couldn’t move even though I knew I had to get my shit together and get us back on the road. Charlie was what I called “California Cool” about it; he thanked me for allowing him to thank me in this special way and one that he just loved doing when he could and I could feel myself blushing as we started getting things back together and he’s telling me what a joy it was for him to suck my cock. He actually had me laughing when, after we got going again, he said, “Whoever said Black guys were homophobic is a lying sack of shit! You are magnificent!”

We finally get to his place and I’m feeling a sense of… relief knowing that I only had another twenty or thirty minutes of driving to get back home to Merced. My day had turned out to be more interesting and tiring that I had expected when I’d left Los Angeles. I needed a nap but I also felt energized by the sex we had shared with each other. Nope – I did not take him up on his offer to come inside for a few because I knew that if I had, there was a good chance I’d not get home when I needed to be there and I was pretty damned sure that I wouldn’t be able to get it up even if there was still some time available. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take any more of Charlie “thanking me” for coming to his aid so I thanked him for everything including his offer to come inside with him and, man, driving away was something that I didn’t feel good about doing but I had to.

Two weeks later, I was in Fresno and just acting like a tourist because, for some reason, being in Fresno reminded me of being back home. I’d been spending the day taking in the sights and gorging myself on the local restaurant fare and just having a nice, easy Saturday doing a whole lot of nothing when I heard a very familiar voice say, “Hey, it’s you!” and then found myself being hugged by Charlie and feeling a bit embarrassed because I also felt myself becoming aroused, too. He’d let me know that he had gotten his car back home and it was fixed and I was genuinely glad that he got that taken care of… and hoping that he wouldn’t mention what we’d done… and hoping that he would. The good and “bad” part was that I had spent those two intervening weeks thinking about him and what it was like to suck him and be sucked by him. My very gay roommate, well, he wasn’t happy with me and when we’d have sex, he’d bitch about not having my full attention how much he didn’t like me being with anyone other than him even though we weren’t “officially” a couple or anything like that. A whole different story for some other time.

Yep… we wound up back at Charlie’s place and, yep, oh, my damn, the sex was even better than it had been two weeks prior. We didn’t fuck… because we didn’t need to; it was more than enough that we could really take our time licking and sucking each other although I will admit that having his finger buried in my ass just added to the oral pleasure he was giving me and pleasure that I felt he deserved to feel, too. I’d sucked a lot of dick and had had a lot of guys suck me… but it wasn’t even close to being what it was like being with Charlie. In between turning each other into piles of jelly, I was telling him about what I was calling “California Cool” and how both men and women I’d come across were just so… guiltless about having sex. He shrugged and laughed because, as he said, it was just the way things were in California and obviously so very different than the way such things went back east even though he said he’d never been to the East Coast.

I didn’t make it back home until Sunday afternoon and, to be honest about it, I hadn’t planned on spending that much time with Charlie but I also had to admit that I couldn’t seem to get enough of him and I kinda hated how he made me feel when he’d drain me and get me ready to go again when my mind had long since thrown in the towel. He was such a joy to suck and I even dared to say that he was… perfect. Just the right size and girth. He tasted… too good? and not to mention how envious I was over his ability to cum and get hard again quicker than any guy I’d ever been with. I felt so comfortable with him and so much that, during yet another break, we were in his kitchen and whipping up something to eat and drink when he came over to me and kissed me… and I found myself returning it and it wasn’t the yucky feeling I had associated with kissing guys. It felt right. Who knew?

“I am so glad that you came along when you did,” Charlie had said as we cuddled – yep, that – with each other. “You could have left me stranded on the side of the road and I can’t ever thank you enough for helping me, well, except in this way. You are just so cool…”

I felt myself blushing again; I just wasn’t used to someone paying me a lot of compliments over something that wasn’t that big of a deal for me. “I’m glad I stopped to help, too; I mean, how could I not stop? You didn’t have to, um, thank me like this but I gotta admit that I’m glad you wanted to – you’re amazing and I would have never known how amazing you were had I not stopped to help you out.”

Wait… did I just say that? Being with Charlie confused me. I liked him… a lot. More than friendly but not “being in love” with him but not absent any affection. Infatuated with him? Oh, you bet I was and I just didn’t think that it was a bad thing. He took what I said in stride and I had learned something from him because he wasn’t making a big deal out of any of what we’d been doing to each other. He had said, “Sometimes, things just happen when they need to and I believe that this needed to happen for the both of us…”

Then he proceeded to blow my brains out again.

Charlie and I saw a lot of each other over the next month and before he moved to San Diego. I was happy that he had this great opportunity to further his career and not so happy that it wouldn’t be easy for us to see each other; there was just too much distance between Merced and San Diego to make it practical. But it was okay; we’d had our time together and it was just so comfortable to be naked with each other and being intimate. No pressure and definitely none of the drama I had to deal with on a daily basis with my roommate. Again, another story for another time but this one is just a reminder that you just never know when things will line up and something wonderful will happen…

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