Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Does Bisexuality Release One’s Inner Freak?

18 Jun

I’d say “pretty much” in answer to this question. Taking a trip to the bi side is, for many, pretty freaky all by itself to engage in what’s always been considered forbidden sex. That first time being intimate with a guy or a gal can be excitingly freaky or so freaky that trying it again – or even finishing what got started – might fall off the table.

Years ago, someone asked me, “Are all bisexuals freaky?” and I allowed that while being freaky isn’t limited to bisexuals, sure, it seems like bisexuals lead the league in freaky. Some guys let loose their inner submissive, men who normally won’t tolerate fools or otherwise take shit off of anyone flip their bi switch to the other side and gleefully submit to another man’s lust and, yeah, sometimes, that guy will bring some friends to make a guy’s submission much more meaningful or, as a guy from the old site famously said, “Use me like the bitch I am!” From being gangbanged, spit-roasted, DP’d in the butt, to being “made” to orally service quite a few guys; while stuff like this is enough to make “the average guy” shit his pants, the very submissive bi guy is in his idea of freaky heaven.

Or the guys who let loose their inner cuckold and being taken to great heights of arousal to see his loving wife getting truly and royally fucked by another guy… or a few guys and he’s been relegated to sitting on the sidelines watching all that’s going on; maybe he’s allowed to jerk off, maybe he isn’t and some are most definitely relegated, demanded and expected to clean up whatever spermy mess the guy makes inside his wife and while he’s at it, suck the dick (or dicks) clean and as necessary.

That all by itself is enough to freak most couples out to even think about such a thing but for the guys who find their freak flag flying in this direction, eh, it’s just another day in their lives..

Some guys are a bit… tamer, for lack of a better word. Their idea of being freaky is to buy their lady the biggest, fattest, and monstrous strap-on dildo that money can buy… and look at her lovingly and say, “Give it to me good and hard, baby!” Now, it is to note that not all guys who enjoy being pegged are bisexual; as freaky as this may sound to some, being poked in da butt by the real thing is way too freaky for their sensibilities but, sure, being fucked by a “cock” that will never, ever get soft – and by someone who just have some motivation to “get even” for all the times they’ve been banged silly (or not; hold my beer…) and the pegging session is going to last as long as girlfriend has the stamina for.

If it’s group sex – like swinging, swapping, whatever you wanna call it – a bisexual just might be down for it and for the bi guy, the ideal situation is the dreaded – or favored – threesome and with another bi guy in the mix and sometimes, even if they’re not comfortable with diving into a pile of naked bodies, hell, yeah, it’s pretty freaky just to be in a room with a busload of other people getting their freak on.

Some go for the open relationship and if they can share things with their partner, so much the better and some take it to the next, and in my opinion, ultimate step and go for the poly relationship and surrounding themselves with people who are just as “freaky” as they are and in situations that could include some or all of the things I’ve already mentioned and, certainly, a lot more that I’ve either forgotten or just can’t remember at this point in time.

Back to that question I was asked. The follow-up question was, “Why?” and my answer was, officially, “I really don’t know!” but, unofficially, I did know… kinda; just one of those things where you can’t find the words to explain it but I did attempt to explain it and something like this:

The onset of bisexuality not only unlocks people, it frees them from the restraints social programming and our morality imposes and, as such, not only do they become more sexually (and even emotionally) liberated, it opens their eyes and minds to the myriad possibilities. Things that are historically and ethically forbidden now or otherwise believed to be impossible become more options, if you will, and options that serve to enhance and even support, drive, and nurture their newly-found liberation and freedom and not just for themselves should the bisexual in question be partnered up; many find it pleasantly freaky to share with their partners, you know, provided they’re of a mind to let their inner freak loose upon the world. Having said that…

Not everyone kicks their inner freak into 6th gear and puts the pedal to the metal… but it’s not surprising that a lot of bisexuals find themselves wishing they had one of those new 9 or 10-speed transmissions. Some are content to leave their freakiness at basic levels: Suck cock, anal sex (giving and receiving), eating pussy, tribbing, frotting – stuff like that there. Because the possibilities become greatly expanded, eh, some bisexuals aren’t of a mind to just do the “normal” stuff and taking things to next-level heights is, for all intents and purposes, a lot more fun and, yeah, even if doing next-level stuff might not be doable…

But their minds have been freed to allow them to think about it if nothing else.

These weren’t the exact words I used that day to explain something that’s not really easy to explain but they’re close enough for government work. I could see the person I was talking to processing all of this, often shaking their head and doing their best to compare this… freakiness to their own notions of what it means to have sex. While they processed, I added – and probably didn’t help them any – “You don’t have to be bisexual to be freaky but it probably makes it easier…” then added some examples of “perfectly straight” people flying freak flags and in ways that would give people of a more… prudish bent a major cardiac or cerebral event – a heart attack, stroke, or both and while having a need to get cleaned up south of their respective navels.

And, no, the extra information didn’t help their thought processes any and as indicated by them “giving up” and saying, “I don’t know if I could do some shit like that.”

And to keep not being helpful, I said, “That’s what a lot of people say.”

“Meaning what?” they asked and, I think, as if I were implying they could be freaky.

“Meaning that I know of a whole lot of people who said that there’s nothing another man/woman can do for them… and then they found out that they were wrong about that,” I said. “Likewise, I know of a lot of people who aren’t bisexual but say that they’d never have a threesome or anything like that… and they had their minds changed about some of the more, ah, freaky stuff.”


“As a heart attack.”

Still, as wide open the door gets when one discovers bisexuality, again, some people are happy to limit their freakiness to – let’s call them – the basics but it’s not as if they’re not aware of all the other freaky possibilities and I really can’t explain the mechanism behind this even though I know what it’s like to have that light bulb go off above your head and, suddenly, you’re thinking about things you’ve never thought of before (or had reason to think of) and seeing the many potential ways to make that door stand open even more…

And let their freak flag fly if they choose to and, yes, “all because” they got freaky and did something about their feelings of bisexuality. For men, is it pretty freaky to find yourself sucking on a guy’s cock and like the women you see in porn doing? Hell, yeah, it is. Likewise, is it freaky to find yourself being subjected to a woman’s lust and very intense intimacy and as can be seen in girl-on-girl porn? Does a bear shit in the woods?

How far and high one allows their freak flag to fly depends on how willing they are to push their sensibilities to the edges of their comfort zone. It reminds me of something I observed in the swinging lifestyle where oodles of couples declare themselves to be wild, freaky, and down for anything and, um, no, they aren’t; ask the straight guy in the mix if you can suck his dick or finger his corn hole during the proceedings and watch him freak out or, in a similar and “traditional” foursome setting (and you’re one of the ladies present), ask the other woman if you can go down on her or if she’d go down on you… and watch the reaction – it usually isn’t a good or nice one in either case.

Freaky. Down for anything. Sure, right… we believe you, uh-huh. It’s just that some – but not all – bisexuals, when they say they’re down for anything, they mean exactly what they said because having their eyes and minds opened makes the “impossible” possible; turns fantasy into reality, makes the undoable very damned doable and, yeah, it all can be more fun than a person should be allowed to have…

Which is why we’re, ah, encouraged to leave our freak flags tightly locked up, huh? The person I was talking to that day recovered their wits enough to ask, “Um, how freaky are you?”

My answer?

“You really don’t want to know…”

And they really didn’t. The lesson taught and learned – because everything is a learning experience – is don’t ask questions you really don’t want to know the answers to. Still, when it comes to flying your freak flag, you’re only limited to your imagination… and humans have some amazing and, dare I say, very freaky imaginations. Obviously, whomever you’re dealing with can and will limit how much of your freak flag comes out (if at all) but, yeah, bisexuals can be pretty damned freaky when they can be.

Because, if nothing else, it just somehow makes sense. An old song lyric goes, “Free your mind and your ass will follow…” and for many people – bisexual or not – their asses are following big time because their minds have truly been freed.

Now, for extra credit, ask yourself what it means to be a freak in the sheets; everyone has their own idea of this and an idea that is or can be tempered by their sensibilities, moral compass, their inner “Jiminy Cricket,” if you will. Some are of a mind that not having sex in the tried and true missionary position is pretty freaky while others feel that seeing a lot of people lined up and waiting to have their way with them is very damned freaky… and lots of fun, I might add.

Freak flags come in different colors; some fly fairly low, some can reach “outer space.” It’s all about what floats your boat and what one can do to make it float. It’s just my thought that bisexuals find it easier to let their freak flags just flap in the wind and the windier, the better. Their minds have already been freed – now it’s just a matter of how their asses are gonna follow.

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