Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: So What Does All of This Mean?

17 Jun

Depends on who you’re asking. What it really means, I think, is that we’re all human and, as such, we have certain needs that must be seen to and even though we’ve all been told of the one official way those needs are to be seen to and taken care of, we’re just too human to be restricted – or even forced – to only take care of those needs in one way only.

It just becomes a question of how one is able to take care of those needs and we are, as a species, very flexible when it comes to scratching our itches and, you betcha, if that calls for bending and/or breaking some long-held rules, well, okay.

Many have been trying to qualify and quantify bisexuality in an attempt to understand and explain it… and they’re having a hard time doing that and more so when everyone who is bisexual has their own thoughts, feelings, and even reasons for being the way they are. What it means to me is different from what it might mean to someone else but I’d say that, at a high level of thought, the one thing we’re not looking at is someone can be bisexual… just because they can be. It’s what works for them or they think it’ll work for them; it makes sense to them and probably more so if they have a better than working understanding about sex and other intimacies.

Or, um, if you don’t really mind, it doesn’t really matter. It’s… funny in that we’re raised to one day take control of our lives, to make decisions for ourselves and to find the best solutions and actions toward establishing our own sense of wellbeing and happiness and part of that is, uh, sex. Being intimate with others and, sure, being bisexual is just one of the three “known” ways to be intimate… except there’s that thing that says everyone has to be straight and without exception and given that we all know this, it kinda makes a little sense to wonder why some people just don’t want to be straight or try to figure out how someone can start out straight and wind up bisexual and even homosexual.

We’re trying to make sense of something that is and always has been normal human behavior and as if there’s some other reason that would explain this “deviation” from the expected social and moral norms. As I keep saying, it’s not that we don’t know that not everyone is straight – we’ve always known this… but we have this ‘need’ to try to define something or attach some kind of reasoning/justification for something we, on the whole, think or otherwise believe isn’t what it really is:

Just people being people; a species of social animal whose existence includes a hard-coded need to interact with each other both socially and sexually. And it’s not as if we don’t know this, too – we just don’t seem to want to believe it but that, in a way, doesn’t surprise me a whole lot because humans are… arrogant in that we believe that such “animalistic” behaviors are beneath us when, in truth, they never were.

We believe that the way we’re told to be really does trump what we can be and when we know that people are gonna do – and be – the way they feel they need to be. I mean, really – there is a reason why so many bisexuals are of a mind that being bisexual feels right, normal, and natural to them despite knowing what the rules say.

If it this means anything, it means that we’re… human and doing human things. We live, we love – and in any way that works for us – and we have sex and, again, in any way that gets our boats floating and rocking and, you betcha, that includes doing that in some very unapproved ways. People say that it doesn’t make sense for men and women to sex each other because they’ve been told it doesn’t make sense… which makes it difficult for those who think this way to get their heads around the fact that, um, it does make sense because, if for no other reason, it’s sex.

And even in this, we are wont to put a lot of conditions in place these days that, oddly enough, tend to conform with heteronormative behaviors and, well, that makes sense given that if we don’t know anything else, we know what those behaviors are… it’s just that not all of us are of a mind to do things that way.

And I really don’t pretend to understand why the people who are beating their heads against the wall trying to qualify and quantify bisexuality – in particular – don’t seem to want to look at that which is obvious:

People are bisexual because it is just as normal as being straight or gay is; what makes it so abnormal is the “fact” that it’s not supposed to be all that normal. I read a whole lot of stuff written by a whole lot of other people about bisexuality and it’s pretty damned rare for me to see something that says, “People are bisexual because they can be… if they wanna be… and that’s pretty normal.”

And more so since, um, humans have always been bisexual and homosexual… and heterosexual. Whatever works. With the rules or in abject defiance of those rules. We just want it to mean something other than what it really does mean:

We’re human. We can roll like that if we want to or otherwise have a need to. We don’t think it’s all that unusual that women suck cock… but we do when it’s men sucking cock and, yeah, we’re looking at who and not paying one bit of attention to what and the fact that if they wanted to and/or needed to, anyone can suck a dick or eat a pussy and, yep, can be screwed if that’s what makes them happy.

We’re just doing what we’ve always been doing and we’ve been doing it for so long that trying to find some meaning – other than it is what it is – is going to escape and elude us and, I think, because it’s something we’ve always been doing. It really just is what it is and for the only reason being we can do it like that. Born to do it? Yes. Have to make some decisions to do or do not? Of course – not everyone is suited for this and no matter what they believe.

What other meaning could there be? We’re human – isn’t that meaning enough? Apparently not, huh? We just want to believe there’s some other reason and the reason why we can’t find one is… because there isn’t one other than, you betcha – we can if we want/need to.

But everyone has to decide for themselves; everyone has to make sense of it for themselves. This means different things to different people – duh, right? That’s to be expected since – double duh – we’re not all the same inside our own heads. But we just don’t give much weight, credence, or consideration to the real meaning:

We’re human.

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